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innosamHi, i was looking to build cloud-init from source as debian packages. Anybody have idea on, how to do that?05:21
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alexpilottismoser harlowja: just got the plane tickets for Malta18:59
harlowjamalta, i don't think i be at that one :-P18:59
alexpilottismoser: cpopa will be there as well18:59
harlowjaunless smoser  pays for me to go, lol19:00
alexpilottiaka next week :-)19:00
harlowjasounds nice 19:00
alexpilottiharlowja: I’ll feed him some beers and try to convince him to buy your ticket :-)19:01
alexpilottiso what about we do some hangouts?19:01
alexpilottiI mean next week?19:01
smoseralexpilotti, hey. awesome. i was just thkning 'why didn't allesandro respond to me'19:01
alexpilottismoser: we like to live dangerously and we handle event logistics at the last possible moment :-D19:02
alexpilottismoser: whene did you write me? I might have missed it!19:04
devicenullI dont suppose anyone here knows how to convince dpkg to actually reconfigure things in ubuntu?19:06
devicenullit seem that whenever I run 'dpkg-reconfigured -f noninteractive cloud-init', it just updates the debconf database with whatever I have in 90_dpkg.conf19:06
smoserdevicenull, what did you want it to do ?19:20
devicenullwell, that's what it does.. I wanted it to set the metadata config to Ec2, None19:21
devicenullI just resorted to overwriting 90_dpkg, which actually works19:21
smoserdevicenull, i think thats as intended.19:22
smoserie, debconf-is-not-a-registry19:22
smoseryou can seed package installation19:22
smoserbut after that, i think its supposed to behave like it is19:22
devicenullwell, I'm not sure what the point of the 'noninteractive' frotnend is then19:22
devicenullI dont use ubuntu much, so I could be doing something wrong here19:23
smoserdevicenull, i'm sorry, this has always been confusing for me too.19:26
devicenullahh, so debconf values are generated based on what's actually configured on the machine19:29
devicenullrather then debconf being the source of truth, and updating files based on what debconf says19:29
harmwgod I hate openstack19:41
harmwshould a vxlan deploymnt contain any vxlan specific iptable rules?19:41
smoserdevicenull, that is my understanding, yes.20:27
smoseron first install, cloud-init wil read preseed values20:28
smoserbut after that, debconf-is-not-a-database. (but it is still confusing to me)20:28
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