* ahoneybun partys00:54
sgclarkI got brave and installed unstable CI on my laptop. So far nice and smooth00:56
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ovidiu-florinahoneybun Riddell I've talked to the maintainer and this is now fixed: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34649807:06
ubottuKDE bug 346498 in general "KWallet migration agent should check if there are old wallets before starting" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]07:06
Riddellovidiu-florin: thanks, that could do with an sru I guess07:19
Riddellstable update07:20
ovidiu-florinRiddell: I don't think I understand07:24
valorieovidiu-florin: it is paperwork that has to be filed07:24
valorieand he wants YOU to do it07:25
* ovidiu-florin still doesn't understand07:25
kfunkovidiu-florin: work!07:27
ovidiu-florinok, you all are not making any sense07:27
ovidiu-florinare you moking me?07:27
valorieno, Riddell is trying to get you to file some bureaucratic but necessary paperwork called an SRU07:28
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates07:28
valorieno joke07:28
ovidiu-florinI'll have to read about that07:29
ovidiu-florinbut I can't right now07:29
ovidiu-florincan I do this this afternoon?07:29
ovidiu-florinI'm at work right now07:29
Riddellor I'll do it07:30
ovidiu-florinI didn't say I won't do it07:32
ovidiu-florinjust that I'm at work right now07:32
ovidiu-florinand I cannot alocate the time to document myself about it07:32
ovidiu-florinright now07:32
* valorie {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ovidiu-florin07:33
valoriehappy release day, everybody07:33
ovidiu-florinI'll skim through it in my lunch break07:33
ovidiu-florinhappy realease day07:33
ovidiu-florinParty tonoght? on Hangouts?07:33
valorieI'm in #ubuntu-release-party07:35
* ovidiu-florin joined07:35
valoriesame questions over and over, basically07:35
ovidiu-florinwhat questions?07:41
lordievaderGood morning.07:45
valorie"is it out yet?"07:49
valorieand "when will it be out?"07:49
valorieone million times07:50
valoriemy lil netbook is now on latest07:50
ovidiu-florinin Party?07:50
valorieonly took like 4 hours07:50
valorieyes, in party07:50
sitteram I out yet?08:02
valorieno, you're still in the closet08:03
lordievaderToday Kubuntu decided not to release Vivid but a wild sitter instead :P08:05
sitterquite the plot twist there08:05
soeeyofel: devs on #plasma confirmed that with Plasma 5.3 "show desktop" behaviour has changed, and it hides panels also, so it is not a bug :)08:16
lordievaderHides panels... hmm, gotta remember that.08:18
Riddellso who can test i386?08:54
Riddellsitter: are you going to play us a live stream of david hasslehoff like in the good old days?08:55
valorieRiddell: I just upgraded my Atom netbook successfully08:55
valoriefrom an old 14.1008:55
valorietook a couple of hours just to upgrade to latest 14.1008:56
viphi ho08:57
valorieI guess I'll start the other laptop upgrading too, before toddling off08:58
Riddellhi vip, fancy running an i386 test?08:59
Riddellgood luck valorie :)08:59
vipRiddell: why not, but only under vbox09:08
sitterRiddell: no hoff today I am afraid09:11
Riddellvip: vbox is all good thanks :)09:12
ahoneybunyay \o/09:13
Riddellit's sant jordi's day!09:14
* Riddell hands a rose to all the ladies in the room to fit in with the local somewhat chauvenistic culture09:14
ahoneybunit's also a Doctor Who fan holiday09:15
Riddellum, why's that?09:20
yofelsoee: well, okay...09:20
Riddellhi markey_work, excited about the release?!09:22
ahoneybunRiddell: Impossible Astronaut Day, the day that Song came to kill the Doctor09:23
Riddellooh that's not good!09:23
ovidiu-florinSo it's out? 09:41
lordievaderahoneybun: Is that today? Hmm... doesn't promise good things.09:42
mparilloovidiu-florin: <infinity> flexiondotorg: Aiming for mid-afternoon London time, ish.09:44
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vipRiddell: i386 installed, with updates at installation, polish09:49
Riddellvip: lovely, please tick off non-english http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/338/builds/92414/testcases09:53
vipRiddell: I can't log in10:02
vipafter login.ubuntu.com, there's: Complete the registration by filling out the form below. If you already have an account, you can log in now and add your OpenID under "My account".10:03
vipand no form below10:03
Riddellvip: do you have an account on launchpad?10:03
* ahoneybun is logged in10:03
vipRiddell: probably yes10:04
Riddellvip: are you using that?10:04
Riddellvip: or just tell ahoneybun what to tick :)10:05
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | Applications 15.04 Status http://goo.gl/JnVN6h | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Release Party! ༒
* sitter raises an eyebrow10:09
vipRiddell: I didn't know, i've to log-in with launchpad account; site says only about ubuntu one accoutn; anyway, ticked10:10
Riddellvip: it's the same account10:10
Riddellvip: yay welcome to the elite world of kubuntu testers! :)10:10
Riddelland oem I know is broken so that's all the tests we need to tick release!10:11
ahoneybunmight have missed a few things (internet went down)10:12
vipRiddell: oh, thanks10:14
ahoneybunvip: did you get it ticked?10:18
ahoneybunoh yes10:19
vipahoneybun: yes10:19
ahoneybunthanks vip10:19
viphope it is done right10:19
ahoneybunshould be fine vip10:19
lordievaderNice nice. We are ready for release?10:20
viplordievader: for me? nope ;) i'm waiting for two bad bugs to be fixed10:20
viphate them, personally10:21
lordievadervip: I was reacting to queubot ;)10:22
viptell him not to release :-)10:23
lordievadervip: What bugs are you talking about anyways?10:23
viphttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=341959 and https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34344810:25
ubottuKDE bug 341959 in general "kwin shortcuts don't work when using meta + shift + <number>" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:25
ubottuKDE bug 343448 in Panel "Mouse proximity doesn't show panel when "Windows can cover" option is set" [Normal,Confirmed]10:25
vipoh, thank you 10:25
vipI can (almost) live with them, but if I could, I would install kde4 back10:27
BluesKajHowdy all10:51
Riddellhi BluesKaj 10:53
Riddelljust in time for the party10:53
sitterterrible day to quit smoking -.-10:54
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BluesKajHi Riddell , party chat ...ubuntu-parteeee ? -:-)11:01
Riddellsitter: it's always a good day to quit smoking11:25
sitterRiddell: the symbol update in plasma possibly was in kdecoration11:41
sitterat least the last update on apr10 failed because of the move from lxc to docker11:41
sitteruh uh uh11:43
sitter[W] merger: Apparently there is no branch named kubuntu_vidid_backports!11:44
sittermerger was broken for backports11:44
sitterI need to refactor the branch names into some lib or something11:44
sitterway too much duplication11:45
sitterwell then, test covered now11:49
* sitter fears the amount of fail that will cause11:49
soeeRiddell: how about theh kdeinit5 crahs fix, is it in 5.3 ?11:52
Riddellsoee: I think so11:58
soeeRiddell: cool :)11:59
* Riddell spots http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/vivid/release/12:05
BluesKajI'm still not happy with plsama 4 integration with plasma 5. The kate text editor and dolphin file manager fonts on the toolbars are still too small to read on this large monitor even after setting up the fonts on system settings with root permissions...but I've only complained about this 20 times , maybe I'll have to keep reminding those devs that have small screens  that there are others who use large ones in this day and age12:54
Riddellkate is kf512:56
BluesKajyes Riddell, but it doesn't change it's fonts in system settings like it should, so it's acting like it's still plasma 412:58
BluesKajhere at least, maybe I'm missing some libs ?12:58
lordievaderBluesKaj: Large screen as in high resolution, or as in large physical size?13:01
sebasBluesKaj: consider understanding that the solution to a software problem is not necessarily "I don't complain enough to the developers"13:01
lordievaderAlso why system settings as root?13:01
sebassystemsettings as root makes zero sense (if you're not running your desktop as root)13:01
BluesKajlordievader, both13:01
lordievaderHow high?13:01
lordievaderResolution I mean.13:02
BluesKajwhen i want to edit sources.list for example and save the settings ...resolution 1920x1080 minimum13:03
lordievaderOn this 2560x1440 fonts were fine and readable with default settings.13:04
BluesKaj this is a 42" monitor/TV13:04
lordievaderTV? TV's are usually quite crappy in displaying text.13:05
BluesKajamd I'm 3.5M away13:05
BluesKajit displays very well if the font can be increased enough 13:05
BluesKajjust increase the dpi about 10% more13:06
BluesKajit used to work on plasma 4, suddenly the tes=xt inside the file will accept the setting , but not the toolbars etc13:07
BluesKajanyway , I have to go for a few mins ...bbl13:09
RiddellSput: do you have a reference for the bug fixed in 0.12.1?13:38
Riddellhttp://bugs.quassel-irc.org/ doesn't seem to list any13:39
Sputno, there was no bug filed13:41
RiddellSput: how can I test that the bug is fixed?13:41
* Riddell files https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quassel/+bug/144761313:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447613 in quassel (Ubuntu W-series) "wrong timezone being written in some databases" [Undecided,New]13:42
Sputbasically you need a quasselcore using postgres running on a server that does not run in UTC, and check if timestamps are correct on backlog reply13:42
Sputunfortunately, today we found another bug related to postgres restarts not handled properly, which will result in a 0.12.2 in the next few days :( the 0.12 cycle is cursed for some reason13:43
Riddellok we'll see if that gets past the SRU gatekeepers :)13:43
BluesKajgood ol' konverstion, but then i don't need a core /server 13:44
SputQt5 silently changing behavior in its psql driver has caused us lots of trouble already13:44
SputBluesKaj: konvi also doesn't store/replay backlog :)13:46
BluesKajyeah, but who cares :)13:46
BluesKajsuppose quassel is good for devs etc 13:47
sebasSput: btw ... do you have any info about https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=774860 ?13:47
ubottuDebian bug 774860 in quassel-core "quassel-core crashes on client connect" [Normal,Open]13:47
sebasseems quasselcore's current debian packages crash on multicore systems13:47
sebas(I can reproduce, works fine on a singlecore raspi)13:47
Sputnope, I'm not aware of that problem (and the backtrace isn't really helpful)13:48
Sputcan you reproduce on a recent core? 0.8 is ancient13:48
sitterRiddell: bluez-qt be red13:49
Riddellit should be blue!13:49
RiddellScottK: bug 1447613 and bug 1434052 has srus for your pleasure13:50
ubottubug 1447613 in quassel (Ubuntu W-series) "wrong timezone being written in some databases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144761313:50
ubottubug 1434052 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Vivid) "kwallet wants to migrate empty kwallet4" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143405213:50
ScottKRiddell: OK.  Did we release yet?  I'd rather hold off until after that.13:51
RiddellScottK: not as far as I know13:51
* Riddell checks #ubuntu-release-party13:51
Riddellno, it's not out yet13:51
BluesKajno official anouncement yet13:51
sebasSput: I haven't built a recent core, but I can try that on my laptop13:54
sebasSput: perhaps the packager needs a poke to just issue an update13:54
Sputsebas: mostly asking because lots of changes have gone into the whole core connection stuff post-0.813:55
sebasyup, makes sense13:55
ScottKDebian releases on Saturday, so odds of new packages in Debian go up after that.13:55
Sho_Sput: Doing anything with Qt Quick in Quassel these days btw?13:56
sitterSho_: did I tell you about your combobox vs. lineedit height?13:56
Sho_sitter: Yep but when I wanted to react you had gone13:57
SputSho_: nope13:57
Sho_sitter: It's possible it's our fault, IIRC we have custom code to size the input line because it's a KTextEdit pretending to be a KLineEdit instead of an actual line edit13:58
Sho_sitter: I don't have the nick combo enabled so I didn't notice so far13:58
Sho_sitter: That said I'm not sure I like the height of the combo box much13:58
Sho_Sput: I started working on a new Quick-based text widget for Konvi, but progress has been slow lately for lack of time14:00
sitterSho_: do you want a bug report for that? mind you, I doubt people actually notice I only noticed by chance when taking a screenshot of that particular area14:01
sitterfor me it's more a "cannot be unseen" problem ^^14:01
Sho_sitter: No, I'll look into it today because it bugs me now too14:02
SputSho_: yeah, lack of time is a known issue :)14:02
* lordievader goes to torrent iso's14:05
Sho_sitter: Would you prefer the combo to be the size of the input line or the other way around, personally?14:09
lordievaderTime to seed :D14:09
sitterSho_: latter, less wasted space IMO14:10
Sho_sitter: that confused me :)14:10
Sho_sitter: but basically qMin instead of qMax, right?14:10
sitterSho_: nono, qmax :P14:11
Sho_Then I don't get the wasted space comment14:11
Sho_Because the combo is larger than it needs to be14:11
sitterSho_: by that I meant less space that isn't used for anything14:12
sitteri.e. it would be used by the bigger input line14:13
Sho_sitter: But that dead space above the input line exists only because the combo box is raising the ceiling14:13
Sho_If the combo is smaller it goes away14:13
sitterSho_: shrink the combobox then14:13
* sitter did not realize its the comobobox' fault14:13
Sho_Which means ignoring Breeze's preferred size for the combo, which is technically evil14:14
Sho_But I think it's hilariously large for a piece of main chat UI14:14
sitterRiddell: kwallet and bluez-qt red14:19
Riddellsitter: hmm should I have done the stop until the script finishes?14:22
sitterRiddell: you should remove upstream patches :P14:24
sitterRiddell: which script btw?14:24
Riddellsitter: kubuntu-initial-upload for 5.3.014:25
sitterah yeah, you should have run the integration pause job14:26
sitterno matter though as the build queue is filled up with builds from the merges anyway14:26
sitterplasma addons red14:29
Riddellhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Kubuntu-15-04-Officially-Released-Based-on-Beautiful-Plasma-5-Desktop-479175.shtml screenshots15:11
Riddellmparillo: worth a wire post? ↑15:11
BluesKajRiddell, is that officially sanctioned or is it premature ?15:25
shadeslayerwhoop whoop15:25
shadeslayercongrats on the release everyone15:26
shadeslayernow onto 15.1015:26
Riddellhow's this? http://www.kubuntu.org/15:26
Riddell** proofreaders please check ↑15:26
Riddell!testers | proofread ↑15:26
ubottuproofread ↑: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip for information15:26
shadeslayerlooks good15:27
Riddell** Kubuntu 15.04 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.0415:28
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | Applications 15.04 Status http://goo.gl/JnVN6h | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | 15.04 is out - release the plasma!
tuv0kthats nice!15:29
tsdgeosRiddell: can you reproduce that konsole crash on quit all the time?15:32
Riddelltsdgeos: yes I can15:32
Riddelltsdgeos: do you get it?15:33
tsdgeosnot at all15:33
Riddellhmm, I wonder if it's just me15:33
Riddellanyone else get a crash on konsole close?15:33
tuv0knot here15:33
Riddellsitter had it15:34
tsdgeosRiddell: how are you quitting?15:34
Riddelltsdgeos: alt-f415:39
Riddellor typing "exit"15:39
tsdgeosah may be that i don't use breeze15:41
tsdgeosnope, not that either15:42
tsdgeosmaybe it's the kwin breeze, will try later if i get bored15:42
* Riddell blogs http://jriddell.org/2015/04/23/kubuntu-15-04-the-most-beautiful-desktop-alive/15:49
Riddelltsdgeos: I doubt it, otherwise other apps would get the same, it's only on apps that use kuniqueapplication15:49
Riddellawooga, it's all out!15:50
Riddellthanks ahoneybun, allee, BluesKaj, claydoh_, Darkwing, debfx, Mamarok, mitya57, Mirv, mparillo, ovidiu-florin, sgclark, Quintasan, ScottK, shadeslayer, starbuck1, vangelis, yofel and anyone I might have missed !  great team effort this cycle :)15:52
mparilloRiddell: Is softpedia jumping the gun?15:52
RiddellI'm really pleased with how plasma 5 is doing15:52
sgclarklooks great!15:52
Riddellmparillo: they did but it's all out now so cannae be too fussy :)15:52
shadeslayerI've also posted on HN, go upvote15:52
mparilloWiring away.15:52
shadeslayerhttps://news.ycombinator.com/submitted?id=shadeslayer < top link here15:53
starbuck1Riddell, allee, BluesKaj, claydoh_, Darkwing, debfx, Mamarok, mitya57, Mirv, mparillo, ovidiu-florin, sgclark, Quintasan, ScottK, shadeslayer, vangelis, yofel: congrats on the release!15:54
mparilloNow that it is out, I will create a clean new 14.10 VM to test whether I need to revert: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VividUpgrades/Kubuntu16:03
Riddellmparillo: why might you need to revert?16:04
mitya57Thanks to all of you as well! :)16:08
mparilloI was unsuccessful with the hosts magic.16:13
mparilloSo I might need to revert to the krunner version.16:13
Riddellmparillo: hmm no, it worked fine for me16:14
mparilloBut today I should not need the hosts magic, correct?16:14
Riddellmparillo: right16:14
Riddellalthough it hasn't updated yet http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release16:14
mparilloDon't worry, I will not revert without posting here first.16:14
Mamarokerm, what is that Snappy thing? no more deb packages for Unity? sounds strange..16:17
RiddellI guess it means you could install ubuntu and like android or windows etc just get updates for the whole OS16:19
RiddellI guess 16:19
RiddellI need to read about it16:19
Riddelland some package system on top of it16:19
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | Applications 15.04 Status http://goo.gl/JnVN6h | plasma 5.3 http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/plasma-status/build_status_5.3.0_vivid.html | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | 15.04 is out - release the plasma!
Riddellplasma 5.3 backports http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/plasma-status/build_status_5.3.0_vivid.html16:28
mparilloRiddell: Now that I see Vivid in http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release that means I should be able to upgrade through Muon without the hosts magic?16:29
Riddellmparillo: yep16:30
shadeslayerFWIW Riddell has wandered off for a few hours16:32
sgclarkyippie approved for akademy :)16:37
mparilloThen I cannot share the good news, that I was able to initiate the distribution upgrade through Muon without hosts magic. Yesterday, I would click on the distribution upgrade box in Muon, enter my password, and nothing happened. Today, after entering my password, I see the distribution upgrader start. IIRC it takes over an hour in my VM.16:38
ovidiu-florinhow can I check the current status of the build of libkf5filemetadata-dev ?16:46
ovidiu-florinfor Kubuntu16:46
yofelovidiu-florin: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kfilemetadata-kf5/5.6.2-0ubuntu1 has the build status16:52
ovidiu-florinbaloo-kf5 - 5.9.0 requires libkf5filemetadata-dev 5.9.016:59
ovidiu-florinhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/plasma-status/build_status_5.3.0_vivid.html first one16:59
yofelah - but kfilemetadata is on the same page17:00
ovidiu-florinlet me look in to it17:00
ovidiu-florinI've missed that17:00
ovidiu-florinthe log says Built successfully17:01
ScottKRiddell: Looks like your SRUs got accepted.17:01
ovidiu-florinwhy is it marked as failed to build?17:01
yofelovidiu-florin: I retried baloo, kfm wasn't built yet when baloo failed17:01
ovidiu-florinyofel: how did you do that?17:02
yofelif you click on the architecture you get to the build page, there's a retry button there (if you have permission to do that)17:02
ovidiu-florinwhy is kfm marked with red if the build was succesfull?17:02
yofelit says at the top "version incorrect" - that build page is for plasma 5.3, not kf5 5.917:03
yofelthat check is from the time when packages that got released at the same time actually had the same version...17:03
yofelhow simple the world was back then..17:04
frecelis anyone else running kubuntu with nvidia drivers installed?17:09
frecelbecause I have a ton of kwin issues17:09
snele_is kubuntu going to be affected by this? http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-15.10-DEB-To-Snap17:17
BluesKajplasma 5.3 beta isn't working out on my other HDD, lost the screen altogether and Xserver is running, but only the cursor show up...guess I'll revert to the new image and forget the plasma beta 5.3 17:28
soeewhy oh why desktop right click is not working for me ... :(17:54
murthyBluesKaj: Plasma 5.3 beta works well for me18:19
soeethere is P3 final i thnk  :)18:19
soee5.3 final18:20
murthyIs it packaged?18:20
soeei have it in updates today18:21
murthyI am using beta backports ppa, need to check again18:23
soeeim not sure if all packages are there already but: http://wstaw.org/m/2015/04/23/snapshot1.png18:26
murthyThis is from regular or backports?18:28
BluesKajmurthy, well that's the ppa i used , guess it depends on the the HW and drivers then18:28
murthyBluesKaj: You mean the nvidia?18:29
BluesKajnvidia here, yes18:30
murthyBluesKaj: I am using the proprietary driver18:31
BluesKajthis from the beta backports ppa18:31
BluesKaj340 here18:31
murthyYa, beta ppa for me also. also there was a strange thing. There was an processor microcode update18:32
BluesKajyes I saw that too18:32
murthyI installed the same 340, I think that was the recommended one.18:32
BluesKajanyway I'm reinstalling the officail default image in about 5 mins 18:33
murthyBluesKaj: soee says there is a 5.3 final, have you tried that?18:33
BluesKajin the backports ppa final ppa or final packages in the beta ppa?18:35
BluesKajwell, Ill go take a look in the VT/TTY 18:37
murthysoee: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/plasma-status/build_status_5.3.0_vivid.html18:38
murthysoee: some packaging are yet to be done18:38
soeemurthy: the 5.3 packages have been installed from next-staging ppa, just noticed i have it enabled ;)19:00
murthyright 19:02
murthysoee: do you use chrome?19:04
soeemurthy: chromium19:04
murthysoee: ok. Chome doesnt show the download progress in 15.04 beta. is this happing in chromium?19:06
murthyI mean the download progress animated Icon19:07
soeeat the bottom of browser  ?19:08
murthyya also at the dedicated page19:08
soeemurthy: it shows icon ant teh downlaoded item description19:09
soeetried this http://sourceforge.net/projects/typo3/files/latest/download19:09
murthythen it must be chrome19:10
soeeovidiu-florin: we didnt make in time with new website?19:10
murthyya i thought to ask the same question19:11
murthythe website is awesome19:11
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KDDAanyone know of a good site to upload videos without signup?19:23
Riddellsgclark: approved by whom?19:48
sgclarkis that a problem?19:49
Riddellof course not19:50
* sitter tickles Riddell19:50
sgclarkRiddell: ^19:50
* Riddell tips a bucket of cava over sitter 19:50
soeehigh 5 to all after Vivid release :)19:52
sitterRiddell: mh, shouldn't you unpause integration again?19:52
Riddellsitter: oh good point!19:52
sitterBuild Queue (312) quite the madness that is19:53
RiddellFinished: ABORTED19:53
sgclarkI know the feeling...19:54
Riddellsitter: I've been requested to package kamoso and the bits for it actually should compile now so I guess I can do them tomorrow, is it easy to get into ci?19:56
sitterRiddell: create kubuntu_unstable and tell me about it19:58
sitterthe jenkins job creation needs me to run a scripty since I haven't found time to automate this on a schedule yet19:58
ahoneybunawesome work everyone :-)20:01
ahoneybunRiddell: one of the projects at akademy will be to work on the artwork for Muon Discover don't you think?20:02
soeei had to remove my configuration .config .kde to get right click on desktop work20:08
murthysoee: the kubuntu desktop standard install meta package in 15.04  is this right ?  kubuntu-desktop20:17
soeewell it is meta package so it installes are files it defines20:18
SputI have a user reporting that Quassel freezes on startup on kubuntu 15.04... can anybody reproduce?20:22
KDDASput: quassel working fine for me20:25
SputKDDA: thx20:25
darthanubisI'm on plasma 5.3beta20:25
Sputah, you're here :)20:26
darthanubisthis still persists btw20:27
darthanubisthose are my only two issues atm20:27
Quintasanpraise the lords20:28
Quintasan15.04 got very positive reviews here20:28
RiddellQuintasan: where'shere?20:29
Quintasanpolish it media20:29
Quintasan"New Windows can only dream about this kind of desktop"20:29
Riddellari-tczew: tried it out yet?20:30
ari-tczewRiddell: only as a live session. I'll install fresh vivid next weekend.20:30
QuintasanSame here.20:31
Riddellmparillo: I added Quintasan's link to an article for press we can do a wire post in a few days with all the ones we find http://wire.kubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=305&action=edit&message=1020:32
Riddellhi Etriaph!20:32
EtriaphCongratulations everyone!20:32
EtriaphHi Riddell :D20:32
Riddellthanks :)20:32
EtriaphDo I need to do anything from my 15.04 beta 2 install to reach full release level?20:33
ari-tczewEtriaph: just upgrade packages20:33
Riddellapt full-upgrade20:33
EtriaphExcellent, thanks :D20:34
EtriaphOh, nothing was to be done, even more good news :D20:34
EtriaphIf I want to try to tackle a bug that's currently open for Dolphin, where would I grab the source from?20:35
ahoneybunapt-get source dolphin20:35
ahoneybunif it is the version in our repos20:35
ahoneybunEtriaph: ^'20:36
EtriaphI haven't been able to add places in dolphin and it's driving me a bit batty20:36
Etriaphahoneybun: Thanks, got it now, maybe it'll jump out at me.20:38
Sputdarthanubis: I have no clue what would be causing this.20:40
darthanubisthanks for looking at it20:41
SputI will include a fix for the QCoreApplication warning into 0.12.2 which whould be arriving very shortly. I don't think it would be causing your issue, but at least worth a try...20:44
Sputdarthanubis: you could play around with the --icontheme option; I have never seen the "Theme tree" output from your paste here20:48
Sputmaybe there's something fishing there20:48
Sputfishy even20:48
darthanubishmmm, just using default breeze dark theme20:49
prth\o/ Thanks a lot everyone for this awesome & must-have release!20:55
prthAlso the accompanying video is really cool20:55
Riddellthanks prth :)20:56
* ronnoc echoes the senitments above ^ - well done!21:10
soeesomeone is fixing 5.3 build ?21:12
Riddellthanks ronnoc!21:26
EtriaphDolphin is an interesting web.21:40
tarator_Hello, after upgrading from Kubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 my system is broken somehow. I think the upgrade didn't finish properly. The plasma desktop is black and there are no images shown. https://www.asap-soft.com/owncloud/index.php/apps/files/#//plasma.png21:45
mparilloRiddell: First, *Congrats* A big release. Second, I added http://news.softpedia.com/news/Kubuntu-15-04-Vivid-Vervet-Screenshot-Tour-479196.shtml to the draft wire post (though it looks like he just re-published his previous tour). Last, after http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release had vivid, the indicator and Muon Upgrader worked great wiithout hosts file magic.21:46
tarator_I think, there are some packages missing. can anybody help me out?21:46
ejatcongrats to all kubuntu ninja !! :)21:48
Riddellmparillo: awooga21:50
Riddelltarator_: apt install kubuntu-desktop21:50
tarator_Riddell: tried that already... didn't help21:51
tarator_Riddell: before that the login-manager didn't even start21:52
tarator_Riddell: I think there are some packages missing. Is there a list of "default" packages, i could try to install?21:53
Etriaphtarator_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop21:53
tarator_Etriaph: already tried that (also sudo apt-get install --reinstall, and purge and then install... no success...21:54
tarator_which login-manager should I use lightdm, or sddm21:55
EtriaphI use sddm21:56
tarator_me too... but also sddm doesn't show any images. It's black and grey...21:56
tarator_similar to here: https://www.asap-soft.com/owncloud/index.php/s/T5dKBdd9dNmk8IO21:57
tarator_Is there no command to rerun the upgrade/installation process?21:58
EtriaphTry creating a new user and see if that changes anything.21:58
soeehttps://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/GeFychM9ee8 :)21:58
tarator_Etriaph: ok. tried that without success (which is not really surprising, since the login-screen shows the same symptoms...)22:00
EtriaphI didn't upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04, I reinstalled.22:00
EtriaphAlso moved my ~/.kde/ out of scope to get init for potentially new configuration.22:00
tarator_reinstall is not an option on an production pc....22:00
tarator_however... since this is not a user-specific-problem moving .kde wouldn't help.22:01
EtriaphI'm mentioning how I made the move.22:01
tarator_Yes I know... 22:02
tarator_I can't believe, that there's no package list, or reinstall command...22:02
Etriaphkubuntu-desktop is a meta package for all of the dependencies for a KDE desktop I believe.22:03
EtriaphSomeone correct me if I'm wrong?22:03
tarator_but actually purging and reinstalling it doesn't really has an effect... only this one package is purged/installed....22:04
KDDAI think its a config issue22:06
KDDAmaybe try renaming your home folder and letting Kubuntu rebuild it22:07
EtriaphKDDA: He said he created a new user to no avail, also the login display has an issue with images as well.22:07
tarator_KDDA: I tried it with a new created user. (new home-dir) without success22:08
tarator_KDDA: see here: https://www.asap-soft.com/owncloud/index.php/s/T5dKBdd9dNmk8IO22:08
KDDAcan you boot a live cd succussfully?22:08
EtriaphKDDA: Good thought.  :D22:08
tarator_you mean with kubuntu 15.04?22:09
KDDAcan you boot into a working desktop22:09
tarator_I don't have one yet.... but I really don't think, that this is the problem...22:09
tarator_The upgrade didn't finish completetly...22:10
tarator_some packages are missing....22:10
tarator_I need a package-list of the default installation packages.22:11
Etriaphtarator_: If you did an upgrade that won't be possible; there's no way to know what was on your PC before you did the upgrade.22:11
murthyI think I have found a problem. The upgrade process seems to be stuck . Its because of dpkg ask for input from user whether to replace the modified rc settings file. but the gui is not shown and hence the process waits 22:12
EtriaphGrab an ISO and try to boot from the live CD.  If that works out well, then we move onto the next step.22:12
murthyI would recommend asking users to update via terminal22:12
tarator_ok...I gonna try a live cd... although I don't think, that this does help me...22:13
tarator_murthy: how can i reconfigure all the packages?22:13
Etriaphtarator_: Without being physically at your PC, the only thing we can do is trial and error.22:13
murthydpkg --configure -a22:14
murthythats with the sudo22:14
tarator_yes... but making a live-cd doesn't work out that quick (having no cd drive)22:14
tarator_(or empty usb stick :-)=22:15
tarator_murthy: tried that, but it finishes after 5 seconds...22:16
tarator_without doing anything...22:16
tarator_Etriaph: but there should be a list of the desktop-env-packages for a fresh install... i could try to install it...22:17
murthytarator_: I think there is another parameter to reconfigure , i forgot, i will get it22:18
murthytarator_: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a22:19
tarator_murthy: -a unknown option22:20
tarator_which logfile could i check?22:21
Etriaphdpkg-reconfigure doesn't require -a22:21
Etriaphsudo dpkg-reconfigure --force22:22
tarator_Etriaph: tried reconf for package sddm or kubuntu-desktop. but they finish after a few seconds and nothing happens...22:22
tarator_For which packages should I call it?22:22
Etriaphkubuntu-desktop to start.22:23
tarator_tried it, but didn't help... (only lasts 3 seconds)22:23
EtriaphI'm not sure what I would try next.22:25
EtriaphI didn't follow the upgrade path so I never ran into this issue.22:25
EtriaphInstalled, chose not to format my /home partition, and backed up my old configuration from 14.1022:25
EtriaphYou'll need someone who knows the packages better than I.22:26
tarator_what's the kuiserver? (QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication...22:27
valorietarator_: have you tried `sudo apt install -f`22:30
valoriewhich will force any packages needed to be installed22:30
valoriesometimes even `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` again after that22:30
valorieone time I had to do that cycle a few times before all was well22:31
tarator_valorie: hmmm... nothing happens here...22:32
valorieoccaisionally adding in `sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove` helps too22:32
valoriethen try `systemctl restore sddm`22:32
tarator_valorie: nada... nothing will be installed/removed.... systemctl restart sddm ... problem persists...22:33
valoriesounds like a graphic driver problem to me then22:35
valorieand I have no clue22:35
valorieplease talk to the #kubuntu chan where user support happens22:36
tarator_meh... that's really a pitty... it really semms that only some graphics-manipulating libraries are missing... anything else works quite nice...22:36
tarator_valorie: came from there... :-(22:36
valoriesorry, I forgot we were in the -devel chan, where this is off-topic22:36
valorieif some libraries are missing, then install -f would have installed them22:36
EtriaphWhat graphics card vendor do you use tarator_?22:37
tarator_Intel hd400022:37
valorieplease lets move to #kubuntu22:37
Etriaphvalorie: Oh, just saw that, sorry :D22:38
murthyUpgraded my primary install to15.04. Its the best OS i have ever used till now. My heartly thanks to team Kubuntu, team kde and all those who worked hard to make this possible.23:01
Riddellmurthy++ :)23:03
valorieI agree, this is awesome23:07
stoocotRiddell: Hi. Which source you use for bluez5, that is required for beta 5.3 installation?23:07
valorieeven on my little slow netbook, and the 5 year-old laptop23:07
Riddellstoocot: ah,for that you probably needs bluez from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ubuntu/transitions23:08
stoocotUnfortunately I tried this ppa and bluedevil depends on bluez-obexd that requires libical1 which is libical1a under Ubuntu 23:11

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