toan__when the user launches the app again, the app can be shown again and resume from the last working state00:00
cuestionhello folks.... do we know when KUBUNTU 15.04 will be downloadable? announced was 23th of april 2015 ?00:01
toan__cuestion, here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/00:02
cuestionthanks a lot...this is still the beta version or now the first "official3 version?00:04
GunnDawgcuestion: the "official release" will be tomorrow00:05
GunnDawgcuestion: You can download the latest rolling image which came out today, but the official release will be tomorrow. Things may or may not change between todays image and tomorrows00:05
cuestionok....will it be the same link to dowload...or will it appear under DOWLOAD section of the home00:06
GunnDawgcuestion: I suspect it will be under the downloads section00:07
cuestionperfect so many thanks for your important work00:08
valoriecuestion: you can dl the daily then zsync to the final if you want00:12
valorie!zsync cuestion00:12
valorie!zsync | cuestion00:12
ubottucuestion: Use zsync to update your Ubuntu CD image without needing to download the parts that didn't change. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage00:12
toan__ubottu, where's the best place to get development and bug updates of kubuntu?00:14
ubottutoan__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:14
cuestionso many thanks00:17
valorietoan__: add backports and perhaps beta ppa00:20
valoriebasically you get everything you need if you just do your updates when the little shield appears in your taskbar00:21
valorieit's so good lately I hardly ever use the cli to update/upgrade anymore00:21
GunnDawgOut of curiosity. In the past, how much actually changed between the release day +1 (today) release, and the release day image (tomorrow)01:08
valoriehard to say01:10
valorieevery release is different01:10
valoriefrom our side, not much I think01:10
GunnDawgI'm just debating installing todays image out of boredom and nothing else to do on a Wednesday night, heh01:10
JeZxLee15.04 is missing one of the panel widgets I use "Network Monitor" - will it come back soon in an update?01:11
GunnDawgJeZxLee: I suspect it will.01:11
valoriehmmm, I have a network widget01:11
valorieI don't recall ever losing that01:12
GunnDawgvalorie: is it possible for me to do an in place upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 (todays image) so I keep my installed programs? (skype, steam and steam games, etc, etc)?01:12
valorieJeZxLee: is it perhaps in the "hidden icons"?01:12
valorieGunnDawg: you'll have to upgrade to 14.10 and then to 15.0401:12
valoriehard to say if that's worth it01:12
GunnDawgvalorie: yeah probably not eh01:13
valoriehidden icons is the little /\ thing01:13
valorieooops, how did it get so late01:14
valoriegotta go....01:14
GunnDawgtake care valorie01:14
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Joepinelo everyone02:35
JoepineAnyone have an idea what time the new release will be made? :)02:36
tuv0kwhen it's ready02:36
tuv0ksame question every six months, same answer02:36
Joepineinterestingly enough the release date is set for the 2302:38
Joepinethat ascorbic character of yours must go down a treat02:40
tuv0kI don't get what yuo are trying to say?02:41
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lishanghello all03:25
Unit193!cn | lishang03:26
ubottulishang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:26
JeZxLeeYes! - oh sorry I got excited03:42
massiveoniheya, any sign of the full release of 15.04?03:47
GunnDawgmassiveoni: releases tomorrow03:47
massiveoniive seen that it releases on the 23rd, but it never said what time, or which timezone03:50
massiveonilol, its noon on the 23rd for me03:50
GunnDawgthey dont specify a time. It will be available for download on their site when it launches03:51
massiveoniyeah, i guess its a 'its done, when its done' thing03:51
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JeZxLeeUbuntuMATE 15.04 is kind of interesting, might check that out03:55
JeZxLeeKDE is my favorite though03:55
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alimangood morning. guys i have a little problem. i use vlc for watching movies. i have some of the downloaded movies and the sound is not working. the intro has sound but when the movies actualy starts no sound06:22
valoriealiman: are you sure it isn't the file itself?06:24
alimani dunno. it is the 2nd movies already. i hope i wont find more06:24
valoriealso you might try with a different player such as dragon06:24
valoriewhich is actually ours06:24
valorievlc is not a KDE application; that said, it should work06:25
soeemaybe some codecs missing, do you have installed: kubuntu-restricted-extras ?06:26
alimanvalorie, thxit is working with dragon. i think vlc is the prob06:27
valorieoh good thought, soee06:27
alimansudo apt-get autoremoveshould remove unneeded files right?06:28
alimanso if i use this command i dont need to go to home and show hidden files and delete what i dont need?06:29
valorieautoremove is better06:30
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micmordSince April I have a vivid Vbox daily upgraded. Now I got problem (again) with sddm, it takes several seconds to start and it freeze after few time (about a minute). Yesterday I tested a fresh install of 92413 iso and sddm works fine. Can anyone explain this?07:16
valoriethere seemed to be some mystery situation between systemd and sddm07:18
valorieI'm glad it's fixed07:18
micmordMaybe the problem is on "virtualbox-guest-x11"07:20
wldcordeiroSometimes I've noticed that when Kubuntu locks instead of showing the sddm lock screen it shows a different more plain one.07:20
wldcordeiroAlso if you disable kwallet it doesn't really go away but now the wallet manager is broken. :(07:21
valorieI just heard that is fixed, wldcordeiro07:22
valoriebut it won't get into today's release of course07:22
wldcordeiroThe lock screen or kwallet valorie ?07:22
valoriemigration at least07:22
Naphatularound what time will 15.04 be up?07:41
lordievaderGood morning.07:45
valorieNaphatul: unknown07:47
valorie"today" is as much as we know07:47
lordievaderIt is released whenever it is ready and the announcement sent.07:53
MensfeldHi guys! At what time the 15.04 is going to be released?08:19
lordievaderVivid is released whenever it is ready and the announcement sent.08:19
valorieMensfeld: when it's ready08:20
valorieoops, lordievader beat me08:20
lordievaderHihi, was still in my history ;)08:20
valoriegood old up-arrow to the rescue08:20
valorieI'm distracted by the history of the Hubble space telescope I'm watching08:21
valoriesuch gorgeous images08:21
valorieI have a friend who programs for that project08:21
lordievaderWhooo, link?08:22
valoriehopefully viewable outside the US08:22
lordievaderSeems not :(08:23
valorieperhaps your public TV stations will rebroadcast it08:25
valorieor something like it08:25
lordievaderI doubt it.08:25
valorienova isn't always great, but this was a really good one08:26
* lordievader Vivid is released whenever it is ready and when the announcement is sent.08:28
lordievaderThat'll do I suppose. Set it to an alias :D08:28
Unit193/say, not /me08:28
lordievaderAh, it is /say, was looking for that XD08:29
lordievaderThat is better indeed.08:29
lordievaderThanks Unit193 :)08:30
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yossarianukreally in 2 minds for my work desktop - Debian 8(KDE) or Kubuntu 15.04....09:17
yossarianukhome I have 15.04 and it is nice, few rough edges at present though.09:17
alimanguys how can i change my desktop wallpaper09:41
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mparilloaliman: Right click on open desktop. Desktop settings?09:45
alimanmparillo, hmmm i only have 1 wallpaper there?09:46
mparilloSo you can get new wall papers or open an existing image you have.09:48
lazureusHi all, does anybody know which package I have to install to get Qt assistant for ver.5 in kubuntu 14.04 ?10:05
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bwowksooo...when is 15.04 coming?10:50
bwowkI'm so anxious10:50
BluesKajHowdy all10:51
massiveonidoes anyone know, how long until 15.02 of kubuntu will be released? ive already downloaded the 15.04 of ubuntu, but i cant find kubuntu11:04
massiveonisorry 15.04 not 0211:05
BluesKajmassiveoni, 15.04 here, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/11:07
massiveoniim downloading that one now, i didnt know if that was the full release or not11:08
BluesKajmassiveoni, what was ?11:08
massiveoniblueskaj, what do you mean11:09
BluesKaj<massiveoni> im downloading that one now, i didnt know if that was the full release or not11:09
massiveonii didnt know if that one in that link was a beta11:10
BluesKajthe url i posted is the full release id you update and upgrade ...the repsos for the full release as you call it are probly being hammered11:11
massiveoniok cheers11:12
alvinYou can download the latest beta/rc and then use zsync to bring it up-to-date11:14
BluesKajalvin, yup did that yesterday, it's mostly up to date now...but the latest image isn't released yet11:17
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release_15_04hello folks, for today the release of UBUNTU and KUBUNTU_15_04 was announced ... I cannot see anything on the websites ... do we still have to wait or does anyone know what is happening ?11:52
BluesKajrelease_15_04, word is another 2 hrs minimum wait time11:53
BluesKajTobzi, thanks11:55
TobziBluesKaj: np11:55
release_15_04thanks, Tobzi, but later on with this beta-versioy?n using the update function I will have the "official" release which was announced for today...I mean it is better to wait until tomorrow to use the official image?11:56
hateballrelease_15_04: If you're on 15.04 beta you dont need to reinstall, you can just dist-upgrade12:00
BluesKajTobzi, the ppl at the ubuntu-release-party say the devs didn;t want anyone to post a URL to the latest until it has been 'properly' announced.12:00
BluesKajTobzi, release_15_04 , so the release is still not official12:01
release_15_04@ BluesKaj - thanks !  But when will be the OFFICIAL kubuntu 15.04 be given to the public,I mean today is 23th of April 2015?12:03
lordievaderVivid is released whenever it is ready and when the announcement is sent.12:03
BluesKajrelease_15_04, join #ubuntu-release-party for the official anouncement12:04
release_15_04@hateball - thanks a lot !12:04
release_15_04@BluesKaj, thanks, I will do so12:04
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release_15_04@hateball:   but using dist-upgrade from the latest beta of kubuntu 15.04 will be as goog as waiting for the official release?12:36
DragnslcrYes. The only thing upgrading to a new Ubuntu version really does is change the version name in the configuration files for the package system.12:38
DragnslcrChanging that name tells your system to download and install the new/updated packages that are part of the new Ubuntu version.12:38
hateballrelease_15_04: Yes12:46
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hyper_chhmmm, kubuntu 15.04 keeps forgetting all settings13:04
hyper_che.g. in dolphin I manually added some places13:04
hyper_chafter reboot they are gone13:04
hyper_chor I set the desktop background to folder view13:04
hyper_chafter reboot it's gone13:05
hyper_chdpkg-reconfigure locales doesn't offer the selection screen for which locales to use13:07
alvinhyper_ch: You're thinking of Debian. In Ubuntu, add the locales you want to /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and then run dpkg-reconfigure locales (Don't ask me why)13:21
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kubuntu_user231hi all!13:25
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cediddiHi everyone, anybody knows the release hour?13:39
hyper_chalvin: and how do I set which one should be default?13:39
alvinhyper_ch: /etc/default/locale I think13:40
hyper_chalvin: /supported.d/local has only one entry13:40
alvinBut in /etc/default/locale you need to specify thins like "LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8""13:40
hyper_chbut when I do dpkg-reconfigure locales it generates a lot more13:40
alvinthat directory (supported.d) probably contains more files13:41
hyper_chit generates en_AG, en_AU, en_BW, ........13:41
alvinOh, ok.  I believe that's normal13:41
alvinKDE will ignore those settings anyway...13:41
hyper_chalvin: it's not kde13:41
hyper_chit's the shell that keeps complaining13:42
alvinI only have 2 lines in /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local (and I see now one of them is wrong...)13:42
hyper_chperl: warning: Setting locale failed.13:42
hyper_chperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:13:42
hyper_ch        LANGUAGE = "en_US:de",13:42
hyper_ch        LC_ALL = (unset),13:42
hyper_ch        LANG = "de_CH.UTF-8"13:42
amariIn my laptop kde forgets the brightness setting after reboot, is it normal?13:42
Riddellcediddi: any hour now!13:42
alvinYes, it's a very common error, that 'locale failed' Are you in an SSH session?13:42
hyper_chalvin: no13:43
hyper_chit's local13:43
alvin(And do those locales even exist. KDE invenst invalid locales for where I live, so I have to change them every time to something that does exist.)13:43
alvinok, in that case. What did you put in /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local?13:43
hyper_chalvin: well, that's what I get by default without having added anything13:44
hyper_chI added now de_CH.UTF-8 UTF-813:44
hyper_chstill same13:44
alvinIs that German?13:44
alvinShouldn't the language be de_CH then? Instead of en_US:de?13:44
alvinSo, the question is. Where does LANGUAGE come from, right? I'd expext en_US.UTF-8 if you want English. Or C, maybe?13:45
hyper_chwhat do you mean?13:47
alvinWell, something has set your LANGUAGE to en_US:de13:48
hyper_chalvin: that was the installer13:48
hyper_chthere's just way too many things not working13:48
hyper_che.g. it gives some strange error at boot up only because I run raid113:49
hyper_chthe usb keyboard isn't working for the luks password entry13:49
alvinMaybe you have the same problem as here. The installer sets my language to de_BE.UTF-8, which is incorrect and probably does not even exists.13:49
hyper_chhaving two attached external screens make plasma load really, really slow... when I just boot up notebook it's loaded in 2-3 seconds... with two external screens it takes like 15 seconds13:50
hyper_chon the main screen when I set the background to folder view13:50
alvinBut I don't believe the installer is at fault here. There's a KDE script that sets locales based on what is put in System Settings. And that part needs work13:50
hyper_chit doesn't survive reboot13:50
hyper_chalvin: well, same happens on debian.... when I chose as language english yet swiss german keyboard, it also gives some errors like that13:50
alvinYou should test by using LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 perl -v for example13:50
hyper_chbut I fix it with dpkg-reconfigure locales where I can set what languages to install and which should be default13:51
alvinYes, but that works in Debian. Not so in Ubuntu13:51
hyper_chthose things are just no-go13:52
alvinIt works. I set that 'local' file, change /etc/default/locales and DO NOT TOUCH the KDE system settings where you set the language.13:53
alvinbtw, plasma5 should be better in that regard13:54
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dune_inHi guys! Got a question - where is Kubuntu 15.04? I received a news via RSS about Kubuntu 15.04 but it's says "Acces denied" (http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.04).14:21
BluesKajdune_in, join #ubuntu-release-party and you'll see the official release anouncement there, wwhen it happens.14:29
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hyper_chanother bug: when you set desktop to folder view14:33
hyper_chand try to shift-delete items, it won't work14:33
dune_in@BluesKaj, thank you!14:38
BluesKajdune_in, yw14:39
hyper_chhi BluesKaj14:40
BluesKajhi hyper_ch14:41
hyper_chBluesKaj: how can I make in 15.04 that my desktop settings stick: I want folder view and after reboot, it's back to the other one14:42
hyper_chand does plasma 5 not offer anymore kdialog?14:44
BluesKajhyper_ch, , not sure about folderview, i don't see it in widgets in 15.0414:44
hyper_chBluesKaj: right-click desktop -> folder view settings -> layout "Folder View"14:44
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BluesKajhyper_ch, I just have folder and desktop , no folderview in layout14:47
hyper_chBluesKaj: http://images.sjau.ch/img/7b2a0272.png14:50
hyper_chBluesKaj: also when I add places to Dolphin, after reboot they're gone14:54
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iangabrielany java developers out here?14:57
BluesKajhyper_ch, unfortunately my prntscrn doesn't work when a drop down is open, but I can assure you i don't ahve folderview in layout14:57
hyper_chBluesKaj: I started print screen, set delay of 5 secs and then gave drop down14:57
hyper_chBluesKaj: you're not on plasma 5?14:57
iangabrielhow do i install a   tar.gz?14:58
hyper_chBluesKaj: why can't I report plasma bugs at kde.org?15:04
hyper_chkonsole is also very unstable15:09
hyper_chit freezes every few minutes15:10
hyper_chtbh, I'm not really happy with the state of 15.0415:10
BluesKajhyper_ch, have you dist-upgraded lately? , suggest you update upgrade and dist-upgrade15:12
hyper_chBluesKaj: fresh install from this morning15:12
hyper_chblank install, not even upgrade15:12
BluesKajno matter run the commands anyaway15:12
hyper_chfirefox and ca-certs15:14
BluesKajhyper_ch, have you checked the driver manager to makesure you have the recommended graphics driver etc?15:17
hyper_chas said, it's a lot of small annoying things15:17
hyper_che.g. not keeping settings for reboot15:17
hyper_ch(desktop and dolphin places), lots of freezing of konsole, kontact crashes rather often, .....15:18
hyper_chalso when booting up, I can't enter luks password with the attached usb keyboard15:18
hyper_chI have locale problems.... konsole is totally weird and the dpkg-reconfigure locaes doesn't work15:19
BluesKajI'm getting few crashes of apps when exiting them , but that's about all other then the prinscrn not working when there's ab active drop down , even with the delay15:19
hyper_chBluesKaj: removing a resource from akonadi -> crash15:19
BluesKajhyper_ch, open ~/.config/akonadi then find  akonadiserverrc and StartServer=true , change it to false15:22
hyper_chwhat will that do?15:22
hyper_chwell, that's not a big issue... bigger is the dolphin places and desktop folder issue15:24
BluesKajit'll prevent akondi from loading15:27
Riddell** Kubuntu 15.04 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.0415:28
hyper_chBluesKaj: you can't run kontact without akonadi15:28
hyper_chswitzerland keyboard setup has been an issue for the last 3 years or so15:30
hyper_chBluesKaj: in what file is the setting stored that desktop background should use folders?15:30
Riddellhyper_ch: at least now it doesn't crash, and I've some thoughts on things to try to fix it15:30
hyper_chand where are the dolphin places locations stored?15:30
hyper_chkonsole froze again15:31
BluesKajhyper_ch,  kubuntu 15.04 officially released , then nvigate to plasma 5.3 and add the ppa15:32
qdata15.04 download too slow; canceled - they must be getting hammered15:33
hyper_chBluesKaj: I already have that15:33
hyper_chdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/beta/ubuntu vivid main15:33
hyper_chthat's the one, right?15:34
hyper_chBluesKaj: yeah, got that already15:35
donniezazenI wish Kubuntu would autostart ssh-agent and set SSH-ASKPASS=ksshaskpass like Fedora KDE does. Pretty handy for developers.15:44
rebornis Plasma 5 good stable to go?16:08
hyper_chso, I can't browse with the Select Icon thingy in the KDE Menu Editor16:11
Riddellreborn: it's awesome to go!16:13
MoonUnit`hyper_ch: yeah it's a bug16:14
ubottuKDE bug 346316 in general "Browse icon button in edit application no listed add icons" [Normal,Unconfirmed]16:14
hyper_chMoonUnit`: why can't I report plasma/desktop bugs?16:15
hyper_chso, anyone can tell me what file to edit to add places to dolphin?16:17
hyper_chkonsol frozen again16:17
JeZxLeewhen is Kubuntu 15.10 going to be release?16:18
JeZxLeejust a joke :)16:19
hyper_chanother konsole freeze16:19
hyper_chanother one... I think I have a pattern now16:20
hyper_chwhen I maximize it with double-click on the top bar... it freezes16:20
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.kde.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | Kubuntu 15.04 is out http://kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.04 - the most beautiful desktop alive!
rebornSame the system requirement, yes?16:24
hyper_chdolphin problem solved... still plasma desktop folder view16:29
hyper_chwhere is supposed to be saved that file?16:29
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excalibrDid dolphin get fully ported to kf5 in this new release?16:55
MoonUnit`nope http://developer.kde.org/~cfeck/portingstatus.html16:55
excalibrah thought it would make it in time for 15.0516:56
jpwhitingshadeslayer: the problem is the package with -lts isn't marked as a replacement for the one without -lts16:57
jpwhitingor as an upgrade for it either16:59
airsynthHi! I hope this is happening to someone else: Plasma on Kubuntu 15.04 is crashing constantly. Does anybody know how to solve it?17:24
airsynthNo one? Really?17:27
BluesKajairsynth, just arrived , what's your issue ?17:35
hyper_chhmmmm, where are the system icons saved? since the brows button doesn't work17:44
hyper_chtuv0k: 15.04 when editing that applications menu you can't use the browse button to search for other graphics17:45
drwhyper_ch: /usr/share/icons/17:45
hyper_chdrw: thx17:45
MoonUnit`hyper_ch: weird though, before last week you could browse the icons17:46
hyper_chMoonUnit`: I can't17:46
hyper_chdrw: and where to put there? the interface uses categories17:46
BluesKajhyper_ch, installed plasma 5.3 beta ...no desktop, no panel, nothing,  just the cursor shows up :)17:47
acz32does anyone know how to disable holidays in the calendar/clock widget? i unchecked show events in the preferences but it still lists holidays beside the calendar17:47
MoonUnit`don't know if its a kde or kubuntu packaging bug.17:47
drwand seems I can browse for icons, but am running 5.3beta from the kubuntu beta/backports ppa17:47
hyper_chBluesKaj: welcome to my world :)17:47
hyper_chdrw: I am also running that on a fresh install17:47
BluesKajwell , I'm gonna install the default image , no ppas for now17:47
hyper_chor where is the menu file saved, then I could edit that one17:47
MoonUnit`drw: i'm on 5.3b too but still can't browse them.17:48
hyper_chI used mini to install to achieve single-disk raid1 with luks encryption17:48
drwah, you mean the browse button when you go into change the icon? if so, then yeah I have the same thing :(17:49
MoonUnit`drw: yup17:49
hyper_chdrw: so, where can I put a .png file so it can be used through one of the categories?17:49
drwselect "Other Icons" from Icon Source17:49
drwthen browse button is enabled17:50
MoonUnit`drw: i bit annoying i use the numix icons but some of them are hard to see so wanted to change them.17:50
drwbut clicking it does nothing...:(17:50
hyper_chah, put it into  /usr/share/icons/default.kde4/22x22/categories/17:53
shadeslayerjpwhiting: it's not meant as a auto upgrade18:13
shadeslayerjpwhiting: it's meant as a "I know what I'm doing and will install the LTS backports"18:13
murthyI am upgrading to 15.0418:18
JeZxLeequestion: it is safe to use that Plasma v5.3 PPA on Kubuntu 15.04 64Bit?18:26
MoonUnit`JeZxLee: as always ymmv, i'm using it with no problems so far.18:26
hyper_chMoonUnit`: "no problems" /me checks backlog18:27
drwI haven't had any issues using the beta/backports PPA version18:30
hyper_chI have countless issues with it18:31
JeZxLeeanother question: where can I set desktop effect compositor to OpenGL in settings?18:38
lordievaderJeZxLee: Under the display settings.18:38
drwDisplay and Monitor -> Compositor18:39
jpwhitingshadeslayer: and yet if you install from a point release iso you get those lts backports automatically, so it's not always opt-in18:44
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JeZxLeesorry, one more question - when running old 14.10 how can I tell update manager to stop telling me to upgrade to 15.04 ?19:21
travnewmaticJeZxLee, i'd suggest changing from normal releases to long term releases in update manager settings19:21
travnewmaticif i were to put a .kwinrule file somewhere19:22
travnewmaticwhere should it go?19:22
rosco_yI just installed the MySQL Client package in Ubuntu.  Do I need to also install MySQL Server?19:22
murthytravnewmatic: I think this is the one in 14.10 /home/phoenix/.kde/share/config/kwinrulesrc19:28
murthythats my user name19:28
donniezazenrosco_y: what for?19:30
travnewmatichmm this is frustrating19:30
travnewmaticapparently plasma 5 has moved away from the old thing which allowed programs to show in the system tray19:31
travnewmaticto a new thing19:31
travnewmaticwhich the programs that i use dont work with yet19:31
travnewmaticthe exception being skype19:31
travnewmaticso no system tray icons by default for pidgin, or hexchat, or dropbox19:32
travnewmaticalso why after the update is dolphin still using plasma 4 icons19:32
murthytravnewmatic: I am updating my 14.10 to 15.10, so cant check right now. You could use the strace on the app to trace the file location19:32
MoonUnit`travnewmatic: i use trayer to see them.19:32
murthyjust missed19:33
murthyI was to post that now :)19:33
travnewmaticthats cute and all19:33
travnewmaticbut i dont want something on my desktop that i have to minimize all of my windows to get to19:33
travnewmaticthats bullshit19:33
travnewmatici guess i'm wondeirng where to direct my frustration19:34
travnewmaticthis seems to be something that the applications are in charge of19:34
travnewmatickde made a new thing (which isnt ncessarily bad) that the applications need to adjust to19:34
Pandorianjust upgraded to kubuntu 15.04, how do i revert back? it won't start after login in my Virtual Box19:34
tuv0krestore your backup19:35
murthyPandorian: wait19:35
murthydo you see any error messages?19:35
Pandorianit just freezes before even opening any panels19:35
Pandorianburing the boot, something about bios19:35
rosco_ydonniezazen: sorry I missed your query--I found the answer and I've been busy since :)  I installed mysql server and client on my machine, so I'm good to go.  Thanks anyways!19:36
murthyPandorian: like acpi?19:36
donniezazenrosco_y: good.19:36
Pandoriancan't remember for sure, i think so... it won't start at all now after i had to force shutdown the VBox... need to free up a bit of memory before i can restart it again19:37
murthyPandorian: If it freezes after login. Can you get the .xsession-errors file from the home directory from a tty?19:37
Pandorianin any case, my desktop configuration is all different, incluidng wallpapers etc.. it's all messed up it didn't even warn me that this would happen19:38
donniezazenPandorian: I don't think there is a way to go back from Plasma 5 to KDE 4.19:38
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
Pandorianmurthy, how can i get to terminal to view the log file?19:38
Pandoriani'll take a look19:39
murthyPandorian: are you there?19:39
Pandoriani didn't realize that this is upgrading to Plasma5, i seperate VBox installation already running Plasma5 lol19:40
Pandoriani have*19:40
Pandorianthis is so messed up, all my work configuring KDE4 is now doomed and it was so beautiful (19:40
murthyPandorian: can you try something19:40
murthyPandorian: Try login after deleting this file .Xauthority    in the home directory19:41
Pandoriank i'll try19:41
doctorxhello all...19:43
doctorxtrying to figure out a problem... not sure if i got a bad download or something else... i burned  iso to usb key, but during boot to install, i get freezes...19:44
doctorxi am wondering if the nouevo drivers (sp?) are to blame?19:45
murthydoctorx: did you check the md5 sum of the iso?19:45
doctorxi ran the internal check from the install and it said one file failed... i am redownloading now.  just in case19:46
doctorxif it is the oss nvidia drivers (however they are spelled), how do i specify vesa driver only?19:46
doctorxi run an nvidia titan, and i had a similar problem with bohdi linux... this is why i was asking19:47
doctorxbut never with kubuntu19:47
murthydoctorx: I think you can blacklist in the modprobe19:47
murthydoctorx: check this directory /etc/modprobe.d/19:48
murthydoctorx: handle with care19:48
doctorxok... redownloaded and md5 matches... going to give this a try first.19:52
murthydoctorx: do you want to how to black list a driver?19:53
doctorxyes... also, can you specify vesa from the grub boot line?19:53
murthydoctorx: I need to check about the vesa stuff, but I will tell you about the blacklisting19:54
murthydoctorx: get the driver name from the list from lsmod command19:55
=== len is now known as Guest148
murthydoctorx: put a file with any name containing this ...19:55
murthyblacklist <driver name>19:56
murthyand update the initramfs19:56
murthyto remove from the blacklist simply delete the file and update the initramfs19:57
murthydoctorx: ^19:57
murthyI will give an example19:57
murthyThe following is a file created by the nvidia driver to blacklist the nouveau driver. https://paste.kde.org/pqdxrbojp19:59
Pandorianmurthy, it didn't freeze this time, the panel loaded but disappeared right after - i thought this was supposed to be a stable version lol19:59
murthyPandorian: What did you do?20:00
Pandorianwhat you told me20:00
Pandorianremoved .Xauthority20:01
=== user01 is now known as MENOTU
murthyPandorian: Did the panel appear after that?20:01
Pandoriannope, it just disappeared, and then i tried to get into the console mode and everything froze again at that point and i had to just crash the Vbox session20:02
doctorxthanks for the info...  murthy20:04
murthyPandorian: May be the vbox display driver is not working properly, can you try with some other program like qemu20:04
murthydoctorx: yw20:04
doctorxi was able to boot this copy... i guess i had a bad burn/iso before... thanks for the info still20:04
taratorHello everybody! I've just upgraded from kubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 and getting a whitescreen after restart. Lightdm (is Kubuntu still using it?) is running. Can anybody give me a hint, where I can take a look?20:04
murthydoctorx: enjoy20:05
doctorxI am always looking to learn more20:05
murthydoctorx: You can always come here20:05
soeetarator: nope, switch to sddm20:05
murthytarator: I think sddm replced lightdm? I am not 100 percent sure20:06
soeetarator: type: sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm20:06
soeechec sddm and apl20:06
murthytarator: from a tty end lightdm process and run startx command20:06
murthytry what soee says20:07
Pandorianthats what i was thinking because my other Plasma5 VBox installation was giving me problems at the beginnign too, i had to restart it many times before it actually stopped crashing the panel, and it still does that sometimes... which is why i abandoned plasma5 and went with KDE4, had it perfectly tuned with no bugs, and looking good and now it's dead lol20:07
taratorok... I disabled lightdm (systemctl disable lightdm)20:07
taratormurthy: thanks.. I give it a try...20:07
Pandoriani wish i had a time machine20:08
Pandorianisn't there some automatic backup of distro-upgrades ?20:08
taratormurthy: ok... start x gives me a strange desktop... definetliy not Plasma :) looks more like xfce or something...20:09
murthyPandorian: I think you could switch some rendering settings to workaround20:09
darthanubisPandorian: always backup before doing something you may regret20:10
murthytarator: have you tried what soee recommended20:10
taratorI tried to reconfigure plasma-desktop which gave me an error...20:10
taratornow I'am installing plasma-desktop (apt-get install plasma-desktop)20:11
Unknown_UserDumb question. How do you load and apply an ICC profile for color correction in Kubuntu 15.0420:11
Unknown_Usercolord-kde-icc-importer doesn't actually seem to do anything.20:11
murthytarator: no have you tried reconfiguring sddm?20:11
keithzgPandorian: If you're using VBox, you should *really* be using snapshots. That's your time machine right there!20:12
* keithzg loves snapshots so, so much20:12
murthyme too20:12
Unknown_User[And I have "Enable color correction" checked in the Display settings Control Panel thing.]20:12
taratorok... the previous desktop was fluxbox...20:12
Pandoriank i'll try to remember that20:12
taratormurthy: yes, I tried...20:12
keithzgPandorian: Seriously it's one of the biggest advantages of virtual machines. You can even snapshot while the VM is running and resume that *exact* moment (although it's better to snapshot while the machine is off).20:13
Pandorianhow is windows running inside a linux vbox?20:13
keithzgIt's quite good.20:13
Pandorianmaybe i should switch around20:13
Unknown_Useroyranos worked just fine with 14.whatever, but now -I guess- the KDE control panel's interface changed, so its control panel thingie doesn't seem to work.20:13
keithzgLiterally use that every day at work (software development firm; I'm mostly the sysadmin but I also do testing, and our software is Windows-based).20:13
murthytarator: Did the upgrade complete without interruption?20:13
taratorok... I think there are many packages not installed... does anybody know a command to install the "standard" packages?20:14
taratormurthy: I'm not sure... Now I don't think so... I think I hit the restart button too quick...20:14
taratormurthy: (when it appeared... :-< )20:14
murthytarator: ah20:15
taratorkeitthzg: Windows runs great in VirtualBox.20:15
soeetarator: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:15
murthytarator: I think thats the problem. The restart notification appears even before the upgrade process completes20:16
murthytarator: I think its the same old command  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:16
murthytarator: wait20:16
murthytarator: let me check that20:17
keithzgtarator: Yup, and actually in my experience Windows runs better as a guest in Virtualbox on a Linux host than on a Windows host.20:17
Unknown_UserOh great.20:19
taratormurthy: ok I installed kubuntu-desktop, but I think there is a lot more missing... Login-Manager looks very basic and strange... after Logging in to plasma desktop, I only get a black screen and an autostart application (which at least looks like Plasma 5 and nice :-)20:19
murthyPandorian: have you tried different display settings?20:19
Unknown_UserI change the look and feel of the window decorations, and the window manager crashes.20:19
Pandorianmurthy, how do i change display settings?20:20
murthytarator: I think you need to restart. But do that only if you are sure your installation is not broken to point of boot failure20:20
murthyPandorian: checking20:21
taratormurthy: I did restarts regularly... now it looks, like it can't display images (they are all black...)20:21
murthyPandorian: I am upgrading my system to 15.04 and so the apps are not opening at the moment so I cant tell the exact details20:22
murthyPandorian: but..20:22
Pandorianmurthy, the panel loads then disappears and then everything freezes again, before i can do much20:22
Pandorianother than from the terminal20:22
murthyPandorian: try to choose between different gl and render stuffs20:23
murthytarator: Image where?20:24
murthyPandorian: are you able to open the krunner?20:24
taratorany images on the plasma desktop (there are only black boxes, where there should be images....)20:24
murthytarator: do you have any graphics card?20:25
murthytarator: I mean right now in the system20:26
taratorit's a laptop... Intel hd400020:26
taratormurthy: I really think, that there are some packages missing...20:26
murthytarator: can you play a video ?20:27
taratormurthy: yes videos are working20:28
taratormurthy: for example, when I open the start-menu, it's simply black.20:28
taratoralso there is no desktop background...20:29
murthytarator: open gwenview in terminal and check if there is any error messages in it. before that you need to enable the debug messages. run kdebugdialog and enable gwenview in that20:29
taratoralso my buttons are black...20:29
murthytarator: I think you better do one thing20:32
murthytarator: there is a command to check the integrity of the installed packages, it will tell you if a package is corrupted20:33
PooCocktailSupreplasma 5 w0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t20:34
Linuturkcongrats on the 15.04 release :)20:34
PooCocktailSuprelet's pop the champagne baby!!!20:34
PooCocktailSuprebeautiful. fucking. desktop.20:34
murthytarator: the command is sudo debsums -s20:36
murthytarator: wait till the process finishes and note down any errors that it displays. The errors are possible corrupted packages that need to be reinstalled20:37
murthyPooCocktailSupre: yep20:37
PooCocktailSupreyup yup yup20:37
Unknown_UserWish the KDE4->KDE5 upgrade didn't blow away all of my hotkeys, desktop layout, and the like.20:38
Unknown_UserThat's a big thumbs down./20:38
travnewmatici have some keyboard shortcuts to redo on my end too20:38
PooCocktailSuprethink of it as a fresh install20:38
travnewmatica fresh install with a gimped system tray20:38
travnewmaticthats the biggest thorn in my side now20:39
Unknown_UserPooCocktailSupre, if I wanted a fresh install, I would have made one. I'm too old to waste my time re-mapping my keyboard shortcuts.20:39
Unknown_UserAnyone know where the switch to enable 24 hour time is?20:39
Unknown_UserAlso, why does the volume get set to max when *some* system sounds are played, but not *all* of them? Or is this something unique with my hardware? :/20:39
keithzgI remember it being under language and location stuff but I could be remembering wrong20:40
* keithzg is at work right now, and is keeping everything at work on the LTS, thankyouverymuch20:40
Unknown_Userkeithzg, Yeah, under Language & Loc, now we get to pick formats by *country name*, rather than the format we want.20:40
Unknown_Userkeithzg, stick with LTS. This is a mess.20:41
taratormurthy: this is how my plasma5 looks like: https://www.asap-soft.com/owncloud/index.php/s/T5dKBdd9dNmk8IO20:41
drwUnknown_User: 24/12 time is based on locale in Region Settings -> Formats...might need to override your locale default there20:42
keithzgUnknown_User: I'm not *that* upset personally with Plasma 5, it's just not ready yet to be default. I'm actually more worried about systemd, which is the main thing that has *%(I#('d things up on my laptop I was testing 15.04 on.20:42
Gallowwalkerwhy the new look of kde is so bad20:42
keithzgGallowwalker: You can switch back to the old plasma and window themes, though, to be fair.20:43
Unknown_Userkeithzg, Yeah, systemd's feedback on why a daemon failed to start is... less than helpful: "It failed to start!". What's more, systemd start is twice as slow as upstart.20:43
taratormurthy: Ok, there are some missing files from libgphoto...20:43
taratorhow can I make a reinstall?20:43
Gallowwalkerthe 14.10 look is just perfect20:43
Unknown_Userdrw, Which of the hundreds of countries do I select from to get a 24-hour clock?20:43
Unknown_Userdrw, and, moreover, which do I set to get a 24 hour clock, but an American calendar? :(20:44
murthytarator: I will give the command , but wait till the process finishes so that you will get the complete list of errors20:44
taratorit finished...20:44
keithzgUnknown_User: Yeah systemd is just . . . unfortunate. It's too bad upstart lost. Although ironically it lives on in ChromeOS, 'cause Google is steering far away from systemd.20:44
Unknown_Userdrw, You can see maybe why I might think that having the old method as an option is superior? :)20:44
Unknown_Userkeithzg, It's a damn shame noone but Gentoo uses OpenRC. It's quite nice.20:45
murthytarator: the command to reinstall a package is sudo apt-get install --reinstall <packagename>20:45
drwUnknown_User: try selecting Region: No change20:45
Unknown_Userkeithzg, After this Kubuntu upgrade, I'm strongly considering backing up /home and doing a Gentoo install on this. They have to have done KDE5 better than this.20:45
lordievaderUnknown_User: I couldn't get KDE5 to compile on my Gentoo...20:46
Unknown_Userdrw I don't have my system locale set to be 24-hour. I set that in KDE4.20:46
lordievaderIt complained about a Qt5test not being founf.20:46
Unknown_Userlordievader, Yikes.20:46
taratormurthy: meh... didn't help... I think there are some other packages missing...20:46
lordievaderDecided to stick to KDE4 for the time being.20:46
murthytarator: you reinstalled the package?20:46
Unknown_Userlordievader, Ah, kde5 isn't even in the tree. Cool.20:47
murthyrestless fellow20:47
Unknown_Userlordievader, I didn't upgrade Kubuntu for the KDE change, I upgraded for the kernel change. :P20:47
keithzgUnknown_User: So you were like "ooh, new kernel! . . . wait, systemd, Plasma5? ARGHH"? :P20:49
Unknown_Userkeithzg, Well, I knew about the systemd thing. I suspected that the KDE5 transition wouldn't *break* things for me. :P20:50
Unknown_Userkeithzg, I'm amused by the slowness of systemd. Exactly the opposite of what its proponents were proclaming.20:50
lordievaderSystemd ain't that bad. If coupled with dracut it is quite nice.20:50
Unknown_Userlordievader, I use dracut + OpenRC on my Gentoo systems. It's very nice. Fast, debuggable, and easy.20:50
keithzglordievader: Unfortunately systemd is too much like Apple products, which is unsurprising considering it's largely the GnomeOS camp that's been developing it. It's great when it works, but it can be *really* unhelpful when you're trying to figure out why it's broken...20:52
Unknown_Userlordievader, My experience with systemd so far has been that it's slower than Upstart, provides less information when a service fails to run, and is actually *harder* to discover the spelling of a service.20:52
taratordoes anybody know how to check missing installed packages?20:52
Pandoriancan i just install the kde4 from the terminal over plasma5?20:52
rbergI OTOH did not enjoy working with OpenRC, not that I have much exp with systemd at this time20:52
lordievaderMeh, lots of getting used to.20:52
Linuturkis krunner invisible for anyone else? I can launch it with alt+space, but I don't see the actual prompt. I can type stuff in and launch things20:53
Unknown_UserLinuturk,  works for me.20:54
keithzglordievader: Oh, getting used to it is definitely part of it. But it's not just unfamiliarity, it's also quite terse at times and more generally opaque than upstart (or classic SysV init, but I *entirely* understand why people---especially maintainers and packagers---want to move away from that).20:54
Unknown_Userkeithzg, they can move to OpenRC. :P20:54
Pandorianmurthy, can i just install the kde4 from the terminal over plasma5?20:54
Unknown_Userkeithzg, Very disciplined shell scripts with great support scripts.20:54
* Unknown_User shuts up about init systems.20:54
lordievaderUpstart could also be very non descript in its errors. <service> failed to start... Ermm okay?20:55
* lordievader shuts up too20:55
murthyPandorian: I am not sure if it is possible20:55
Unknown_UserSo, anyway. Anyone know how to make colord actually, yanno, do color correction?20:55
murthyPandorian: have you tried the things that i told you? about different display settings?20:56
Pandoriantheoretically it should be, i mean i can install Unity and remove KDE and install XFCE instead, etc.. right? so why not remove plasma5 from terminal and install some other dekstop enviornment? why is that a big deal?20:56
Unknown_UserThe system claims that I've loaded the ICC profile that I want into it, but I have no clue how to actually apply that profile to a monitor.20:56
keithzglordievader: Yeah, but I've had similar problems on both and in the systemd instance, it doesn't tell me it failed to start until I query its status... anyways, I do hope most of the issues get ironed out, and I do love systemd on SailfishOS. IMHO that's where it's most suited, and servers are where it's least suited.20:56
* keithzg shuts up about init systems too now ;)20:56
* Unknown_User wonders about that. ;P20:56
murthyUnknown_User: If its a kde stuff, you could try in #kde20:56
Pandorianmurthy, no not yet... let me know how to get into the display settings from terminal or krunner, not sure krunner will let me because it usually freezes beyond the login point20:57
keithzgUnknown_User: Does your monitor actuallys support such stuff? Very few do. Although IIRC that support is only recently being integrated (I swear I remember reading about it on planet KDE, but can't find so at the moment) so may not be fully implemented yet anyways.20:58
Unknown_Usermurthy, I used to be using oyranos for this, but their repos are like totally gone. I'll poke my head in #kde later, but this sort of feels more like a #kubuntu thing20:58
hyper_chso I'm not the only one having issues20:58
hyper_chI still fail to see the point why good old system v init needs replacment20:59
Unknown_Userkeithzg, colord supports this sort of thing, as did kded4. I had this working with oyranos and Kubuntu 14.whatever. I guess the KDE5 Control Panel format changed, as the Oyranos control panel thing doesn't appear anymore.20:59
lordievaderkeithzg: From what I understand ICC profiles are applied to the videocard.20:59
hyper_chfunniest bug for me: trying to resize konsole and it freezes20:59
Unknown_Userkeithzg, I *wish* I could load an ICC profile into my monitor and never have to deal with this crap in software, but -alas- I am not so rich as to have such a sweet monitor.20:59
* lordievader wonders if he had oyranos working in Kubuntu.20:59
Unknown_Userlordievader, fancy monitors will consume an ICC profile, too.20:59
lordievaderHmm, guess my monitor ain't that fancy.21:00
mefistoupgrading from 14.10 to 15.04 the installer seems stuck at "Installing the upgrades" stage. should I wait, or quit and try completing the upgrade in terminal?21:00
Unknown_Userlordievader,  Neither is mine, despite how much I paid for it. :P21:00
hyper_chwhat are icc profiles good for?21:01
lordievaderUnknown_User: Hehe, there is allways a model slightly more expensive and slightly better :P21:01
lordievaderhyper_ch: Calibration profiles ;)21:01
hyper_chpeople believe in that? :)21:01
murthyPandorian: There is an option "OpenGLIsUnsafe=false" in the kwinrc file in ~/.kde/share/config/      you could try changing it to true and see if that works to get a stable shell for the moment21:01
lordievaderhyper_ch: For graphic designers, etc, these things are holy.21:01
hyper_chgood that I am not one of those21:01
murthymefisto: wait21:03
murthymefisto: I am having the same thing, but the process is happening in the background21:03
murthymefisto: in the taskmanager can you see the process vivid?21:03
mefistomurthy: yes its there21:04
murthymefisto: thats the install process. You can run the command ps aux to see the last run command/process21:05
murthymefisto: by now you may not be able to open the konsole, its happening for me, I am using a tty21:06
rbergdoes this kde 'IM Contacts' work reliably for anyone? (still on 14.10)21:06
rbergit seems to conenct once then when I roam my laptop if never connects again and spins and spins21:07
taratormurthy: I have some other missing files: /DEBIAN/postinst (from sigram package)21:08
murthytarator: I think thats not important21:09
murthytarator: Did the process complete?21:09
taratormurthy: yes the debsums process only takes 2-3 minutes...21:10
murthytarator: wow you must be having a super computer21:12
taratorhmmm... I don't know... or something really is messed up...21:12
tarator(haven an i7 dualcore... so not that fast...)21:12
murthytarator: If the process had finished, paste the list of error messages. use paste.kde.org21:12
murthytarator: mine is a pentium 4 ht21:13
taratorok... one moment...21:13
murthymefisto: Now i am having second thoughts. Can you wait while I check?21:15
taratormurthy: this is the complete list: http://goo.gl/5XhxEN21:16
murthytarator: so you reinstalled libgphoto2-2?21:19
Unknown_Userhyper_ch, For me, I have a wide-gamut monitor. If I want to display sRGB stuff on it, then the thing pushing the pixels needs to know to change the colors so that they will look right on my monitor. *sigh*21:20
murthytarator: if so tell me the full command you used. I am guessing you might have reinstalled libgphoto2-2 instead of libgphoto2-2:i38621:20
hyper_chUnknown_User: I have some cheap asus 24" screens :)21:20
Unknown_Userhyper_ch, This stuff Just Works(TM) on Mac and Windows. It should also Just Work(TM) on Linux. Guess that software is far less sexy than the Desktop Search and the like. :/21:20
taratorok... the thing is, that I also have installed libgphoto2-621:21
Unknown_Userhyper_ch, Yeah. I'm not sure if I would purchase another wide gamut screen in the future. Mine's also an ASUS 24".21:21
=== guy is now known as Guest65696
murthytarator: The corrupted package is libgphoto2-2:i386, so this has to be reinstalled21:22
hyper_chUnknown_User: one is attached to hdmi the other one to vga output on my notebook :)21:22
taratormurthy: ok, when using apt-get install --reinstall libgphoto2-2:i386 doesn't exist... but libgphoto2-l10n replaces it... it says...21:24
taratormurthy: I'm installing it.... but it doesn't help...21:25
taratormurthy: ok... can I get somewhere a list of the default installation packages?21:26
murthytarator: what does sudo apt-cache search libgphoto2 says?21:26
murthytarator: you could check the dependency of kubuntu-desktop meta package21:27
mefistomurthy: is your upgrade showing any sign of progress?21:29
murthymefisto: no, I checking on that21:29
taratormurthy: http://paste.kde.org/p8vqgxvs621:30
Pandorianmurthy, just tried it, now it's totally black frozen after login21:34
taratormurthy: thanks for your help... I think I have to reinstall the whole crap.21:38
murthytarator: yw21:39
taratormurthy: I have problems EVERYTIME upgrading the kubuntu version... that really sucks.... it costs me a whole day almost every half year....21:39
taratorI think I gonna try another distro this time..... good nigtht!21:40
murthytarator: If thats the case you could try more stable version or you could put a message to the kubuntu qa team21:41
murthyPandorian: You can ask a kubuntu dev at #kubuntu-devel for help, they might help you better21:43
Pandoriank thank you21:44
sizziff__I did not like 15.04, 14.04 better21:49
amari15.04 is indeed buggy, I already had 2 plasma crashes :P21:51
EtriaphI've been running it for a month with no plasma crashes.21:53
sizziff__I too had crashes21:53
sizziff__fonts in 14.04 more better then in 15.0421:55
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest31721
Adnanjust installed kubuntu 15.0421:59
Adnani was ubuntu user till now21:59
GunnDawgAdnan: And your thoughts? I have yet to install it21:59
murthymefisto: are you there?22:00
Adnanas i said i was ubuntu user, I ran into some problems22:00
Adnani can readily install chrome from .deb in ubuntu, but kubuntu has some dependency issues22:01
soeeimpossible :)22:02
Adnancan't install pulseaudio equalizer too :(22:02
Adnanis there any site similar to askubuntu for kubuntu?22:04
soeewhat dependency problems you have ?22:04
EtriaphAdnan: Ubuntu == Kubuntu with a different desktop choice.22:04
acz32how are you trying to install them.22:04
Adnanfirst tried to install by double clicking on deb, then from terminal22:04
Adnanno i did dpkg22:05
acz32so you went online and downloaded some .deb from the net22:05
Adnanit was some libgccy11 thingy dependency22:05
acz32then install it. what's the problem?22:05
Adnanfrom official google site :)22:05
Unknown_Useracz32, That's how you install Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/22:06
Adnantried to resolve that dependency problem, but terminal says it has no install candidate22:06
Unknown_UserThat .deb installs Chrome, then sets up the Google Chrome repo.22:06
acz32Unknown_User: ok, never used chrome/chromium before22:06
acz32i would install chromium. that would probably get any dependencies needed for chrome22:06
acz32but i haven't used either so it's just a guess22:08
Adnanthen what i did was that i shut down my laptop. then after i restarted, the same old "radeon" graphics error pops up on boot22:08
mefistomurthy: i'm here22:08
murthymefisto: dpkg seems to be stuck during the installation of a pulseaudio package. I have just killed the dpkg process and I am running the command dpkg --configure -a. I will check if this works22:08
murthymefisto: Can you wait?22:08
Adnanit can't find a backlight driver for radeon22:08
mefistomurthy: sure22:09
Adnani can wait... it's just that now I have to force power down my laptop 3~4 times to get the display22:09
murthymefisto: I think i found the problem22:09
Adnanpray tell22:10
Unknown_UserAdnan, Heh. I'm having trouble with the radeon driver, too. If I switch the input on my DisplayPort monitor, X crashes and can't be restarted.22:12
Unknown_UserDidn't happen with 14.whatever22:13
Adnaneven though kernel 3.19 is supposed to clear these things up22:13
mefistomurthy: when you killed dpkg did that stop the installer gui?22:13
murthymefisto: I think yes. but that is not needed22:14
Adnansoftware center can't find psensor... seriously?22:15
murthytarator_: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure --all22:22
Etriaphtarator_: Chat in here about this issue.22:38
tarator_Intel HD 4000 ... and I installed Intel graphics driver from their homepage...22:38
tarator_on kubuntu 14.10....22:38
tarator_there should be an error-message somewhere... which logfile could I check?22:40
EtriaphI would start with .xsession-errors22:41
EtriaphAlthough, you're seeing it in sddm too22:41
tarator_in /var/log/sddm.log I get: QSGTextureAtlas: texture atlas allocation failed, code=50122:42
rosco_yI just installed 14.04, and everything looked fine until I (foolishly) changed my wallpaper.  Now, after a restart, the wallpaper is back to the default, albeit a little cut up around the edges, and the popup menu for the desktop no longer works--doesn't anyone recommend not installing the NVIDIA proprietary drivers?22:42
rosco_yI'm currently using the default drivers, which seemed fine22:43
rosco_yI'm not a gamer, so I don't need perfomance graphics22:43
rosco_yI am using multiple displays, and I rotate one of them 90 degrees22:43
rosco_yIs anyone having good/bad luck with the NVIDIA drivers?22:44
rosco_yI know I've been frustrated with them in the past.22:44
rosco_yI just want a solid system that doesn't need to be rebuilt every week.22:45
GunnDawgrosco_y: I am using the 346 Nvidia Drivers with no issues.22:45
murthyrosco_y: I am using the nvidia binary driver22:46
rosco_yGunnDawg: ty.22:46
rosco_ymurthy: are you finding it easy to configure?22:46
murthyrosco_y: Configure what?22:46
Etriaphrosco_y: Me too, no issues here.22:46
rosco_yI'm afraid by installing too much stuff that I don't need, I'll make my system fragil22:46
rosco_yI guess the issues I had in the past were related to configuring multiple displays22:47
JeZxLeeanyone using encrypted LVM ? when I turn on my desktop, Kubuntu 15.04 ask for encryption passphrase 2 times ?22:47
GunnDawgrosco_y: I also run multiple displays. Just open up the Display Manager and arrange the monitors how you need them22:47
rosco_yok, now I'm remembering.  I was able to set them up in the nvidia software, but I had to do it everytime I started my system22:47
murthyJeZxLee: I think its a known issue22:48
rosco_yGunnDawg: I was using the Display Manager like your mentioning--it was working great, now it's suddenly getting wacked up.22:48
GunnDawgrosco_y: configure them in nvidia software, then hit the Save to X Configuration File. Then the settings should stick. I had the same issue22:48
rosco_yGunnDawg: Thank you.  I think I will try them.  In the worst case I'll have to reinstall ubuntu, doesn't take that long--just read a book for awhile....22:49
rosco_yThank you GunnDawg, murthy--your feedback has helped!22:49
GunnDawgrosco_y: no problem22:49
murthyUpgraded my primary install to15.04. Its the best OS i have ever used till now. My heartly thanks to team Kubuntu, team kde and all those who worked hard to make this possible.23:00
tarator_ok... good night... I'm gonna do a complete reinstall tomorrow....23:06
acz32murthy: it does look pretty good from the screenshots i've seen23:08
murthyacz32: beauty, performance, functionality....23:09
GunnDawgI've read good and bad reviews since releaes and scared to tamper with my 14.04 install23:09
Unknown_UserGunnDawg, None of my KDE4 settings were imported.23:10
Unknown_UserSo watch out for that.23:10
GunnDawgUnknown_User: I kind of figured that. I'd probably fresh install anyways if I went to 15.04. Would not expect any carry over23:10
murthyI am going to post some screenshots of 15.04 on google plus pages23:11
Unknown_UserGunnDawg, I totally expected carryover. The same folks wrote both pieces of software; they should know how to carry over settings.23:11
Unknown_UserIt's inexcusable.23:11
GunnDawgUnknown_User: I suppose so. I've never given it much thought as I very rarely do in place upgrades on ANY of my operating systems. It's always been a fresh install for me.23:12
Unknown_UserGunnDawg, I've only done in-place upgrades on my Linux systems. That's a pre-req for any Linux distro that I use. It's too much of a pain otherwise. :)23:13
Unknown_UserI mean, if Gentoo can manage it... ;)23:13
GunnDawgUnknown_User: I'd have to upgrade to 14.10 and then to 15.04 anyways if I were to do an in place upgrade right? Not worth it imo23:13
* Unknown_User has been using the same Gentoo install since 1.4 (~2003)23:13
Unknown_UserGunnDawg, I have no idea about the upgrade path from older than 14.10 to 15.04. One would think that you'd be able to do it all in one swoop, but who knows. (Certainly not I.)23:14
GunnDawgI've been told I cannot upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 but instead would need to upgrade to 14.10 beforehand.23:14
Unknown_UserI mean, realistically, there's no reason to *not* be able to upgrade from any vaguely-recent old version to the newest one. :P23:14
Unknown_User[But, I'm not in charge of making the Ubuntu upgrade plans. :P \23:15
GunnDawgUnknown_User: Well dang it. Why not?! ;)23:15
Unknown_UserEyenoe, rite?23:16
nfki'm sure i'm not the first one, kf5/plasma2 has gone bonkers, please help23:30
nfkwas learning the system just fine when it crashed and did not restart on its own so i did killall -u myself to get back to sddm and now when i log in i'm greeted by black screen, restored windows that were open before stuff happened and systemsettings5 annoys me with some message about having no saved states or something23:32
nfkworst yet the fubar was probably not under .kde/ that i have backed by git so i'm basically hopelessly effed23:32
Unknown_UserYeah, I've had KDE not save its state upon system shutdown. Not sure what that's about.23:33
nfkmore importantly, how do i get back to something working? at this point i don't mind nuking stuff, just not my whole user data so i need some precision guidance by someone who knows where stuff is23:34
Unknown_UserSuper unsure why you'd break the reliability of configuration persistence, but I'm not in charge. :)23:34
Unknown_Usernfk, Maybe ask at #kde or maybe #kde-devel?23:34
Unknown_Usernfk, No. Not you. I meant "you" in the "one" sense. Sorry.23:35
nfkthose places are always totally helpful </sarcasm>23:35
Unknown_User*shrug* If you want to know the nitty gritty of KDE's config files, that's where I'd go. Just be patient and all. :)23:35
Unknown_UserMaybe the mailing lists, too.23:35
nfki'm not sure if i have ever received a response on something i have asked in the past and i have waited for many hours and repeated the questions multiple days in a row23:36
Unknown_User*shrug* I've had good results in the past. Helps to have a very precise question and to also pose the question when someone who knows is on. (Obviously, that second part is the same as saying "It helps to be lucky." ;) )23:37
nfkit's hard to be precise when some windows flickered and then plasma 2 had an empty panel that neatly animated itself away to never come back23:38

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