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mptAnother day, another message from Launchpad telling me that someone I’ve never heard of has given me access to their PPA07:59
mptDoes Launchpad let you personalize the message when you give someone PPA access?08:00
stevehello #launchpad11:29
stevejust wondering if somebody can clarify/confirm some unexpected behaviour for me please11:30
stevei was looking at bug on ubuntu launchpad earlier, and (accidentally) changed it from public to private11:30
steve(i changed it back)11:30
stevebut it struck me as odd that i could do this, given it wasn't my bug11:30
steveis that meant to happen?11:30
* mdeslaur is interested in hearing answer also11:41
wgrantsteve, mdeslaur: It is intentional, and useful in emergencies.12:26
wgrantIt should certainly be much harder to do accidentally.12:26
stevewgrant: interesting, thanks for the reply12:27
stevewgrant: to be fair, it was pretty easy to revert once i'd done it the first time ;-)12:27
stevebut it did leave an embarrassing log in the bug12:27
wgrantAccidental changes are unfortunate, but less unfortunate than having something be public that shouldn't be while you find someone who has perms to make it private.12:28
mdeslaurwgrant: so who is allowed to switch it back, anyone who is subscribed, or just the person who made it private?12:28
stevethat makes good sense12:28
wgrantmdeslaur: Anyone who can see the bug can change its privacy.12:28
mdeslaurah, sounds good12:28
mdeslaurthanks wgrant12:28
mdeslaurthanks steve for bringing it up12:29
stevemdeslaur: thanks for your help, sorry for tainting your bug history ;-)12:29
mdeslaurI FEEL DIRTY!12:29
stevehehe :)12:29
tgm4883What does "failed to upload" mean on a LP build?15:58
maxbit means look at the uploadlog for more info16:01
cjwatsonin this case it looks like it coincided with a librarian outage16:01
cjwatsonI suggest just retrying the build16:01
tgm4883cjwatson: will do16:02
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dreamcat4^help. this is blocking me from tracking master branch ---> http://awesomescreenshot.com/0294upi64622:58
dreamcat4^i need launchpad to take code direct from github, for daily builds PPA (create .deb file)22:59
cjwatsondreamcat4^: Judging from the failure log in https://launchpad.net/~adamsutton/tvheadend/git, the other end has used submodules at some point in its history so it isn't going to work anyway.  The most practical answer is likely to be to wait until Launchpad has Git mirroring and recipe support ...23:04
dreamcat4^cjwatson: thanks for investigating this.... so what if i could convince the tvheadend dev to re-push tvheadend without the submodules in it's git history ?23:11
cjwatsondreamcat4^: That's very unlikely, since it would require everyone to rebase.  (And TBH I think it would be an unreasonable request.)23:12
cjwatsonThat sort of thing is very disruptive in Git.23:12
dreamcat4^cjwatson: ok. so do you have any estimate / timescale when launchpad may get it's new git mirroring and recipe support ?23:12
cjwatsondreamcat4^: We should be rolling out native Git support by the end of this month, hopefully.  Mirroring and recipes will take a little longer and I don't have specific estimates for those, but they're not that difficult once the core stuff is in place.23:13
cjwatsondreamcat4^: Of course you don't actually *need* recipes, they're just a convenience to have Launchpad automatically assemble the source package for you.23:14
cjwatsondreamcat4^: But I can see that if you're trying to do daily builds they would be pretty useful.23:14
dreamcat4^cjwatson: ok. yes indeed that is the case. i could look into google compute engine (to build deb and upload it to LP)... but it's significantly more complex than doing a recipe23:15
dreamcat4^cjwatson: and not entirely sure i want to put my LP login credentials into some GCE config file23:16
dreamcat4^not that i've even looked into GCE yet.23:16
cjwatsonNo, quite.  I wouldn't.23:19
dreamcat4^cjwatson: there are also post-commit webhooks on github. they can POST to a public URL, whenever new commits get pushed up to github23:22
cjwatsonAware, yes23:25

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