gsilvasorry, only saw now your message, wxl. What do you mean by taking comms? No, I don't02:02
wxlgsilva: whomever was in charge of comms/marketing usually put the official press release together which would be copied to the mailing lists02:39
Unit193"Release announcement"02:41
wxlwell yeah depending on who was in charge we'd call it that :)02:41
wxlgsilva: make sure to talk to rafaellaguna about translations02:46
ianorlingsilva: why does 15.04 link to power pc on altenrate installer page when they are LTS only05:15
wxlianorlin: Kamilion: want to confrim bug 1446247? i see no way to get the battery indicator, either05:56
ubot93bug 1446247 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu 15.04 - No power indicator in applet indicator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144624705:56
Kamilionjust a tick, will fire up my bay trail05:58
wxlnm it works on battery monitor it seems :/05:59
wxlyou just have to add it05:59
wxllooks crappy though05:59
Unit193Install -plugins, add the lxpanel plugin.  In the next release (series), xfpm will have the tray icon back, and removed the lxpanel plugin due to going gtk3.06:03
wxlinstall lxpanel-plugins?06:05
wxlthere's lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin but i don't think that's what you mean Unit19306:07
Unit193!info xfce4-power-manager-plugins06:07
ubot93xfce4-power-manager-plugins (source: xfce4-power-manager): power manager plugins for Xfce panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 33 kB, installed size 202 kB06:07
Unit193!info xfce4-power-manager-plugins vivid06:07
ubot93xfce4-power-manager-plugins (source: xfce4-power-manager): power manager plugins for Xfce panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.3-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 26 kB, installed size 129 kB06:07
wxlalready installed06:07
Unit193Oh hey, this package is missing it now.06:08
wxlwhere do i add the plugin?06:08
wxlwhat specifically are we looking for?06:08
Unit193wxl: Nono, the -plugins package lost it in a recent upload.06:09
wxlUnit193: it == ?06:09
wxlthe lxpanel plugin?06:09
Kamilionsounds like it.06:10
Unit193Yeah, dpkg -L it.06:10
Kamilion33KB -> 26KB06:10
Unit193it wasn't supposed to.06:10
wxlhm and my 14.04 doesn't have it installed06:10
Kamilion!info xfce4-power-manager-plugins trusty06:11
Unit193Added in vivid, wxl.06:11
ubot93xfce4-power-manager-plugins (source: xfce4-power-manager): power manager plugins for Xfce panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.0-3ubuntu4.1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 99 kB06:11
Kamilionutopic, you mean?06:11
wxladded in vivid, but broken right out of the gate :)06:11
Kamilionor is that something else?06:11
wxli'd like to say i've gotten used to Unit193's mysterious prose, Kamilion, but it's ok. #1 he's in ohio and #2 it's pretty freaking late over there, so i forgive him.06:12
Unit193-rw-r--r-- root/root     62864 2015-01-21 07:21 ./usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/lxpanel/plugins/lxde_power_manager.so06:12
Unit193wxl: Jackson Doak broke it last upload.06:12
Unit193Thu, 23 Apr 2015 02:12:56 -040006:12
wxldamn you Noskcaj06:13
wxli mean darn you.06:13
wxlUnit193: got a link that that recent upload at hand?06:14
Kamilionk, so I'm guessing I don't actually need to confirm that now, lol06:14
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/1.4.3-0ubuntu1 bad, and the good one is: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/1.4.2-0ubuntu5/06:14
Unit193wxl: Well, he may not have broken it, but it's not working and he was the one that uploaded. :P06:15
wxlit's in utopic06:15
wxlwell the package is requested in the seed06:16
wxlbut not trusty06:16
wxlwell admittedly he pulled from an upstream release06:16
wxlnow to dig that up06:17
Unit193+New stable release of xfce4-power-manager.06:17
Unit193+* Miscellaneous bug fixes:06:17
Unit193+ - Handle autotools m4 stuff properly06:17
Unit193+ - Plug a memory leak (Bug #11538)06:17
ubot93bug 11538 in Ubuntu "hoary, python2.4 rebuilds of following packages needed" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1153806:17
Unit193+ - Add support for ConsoleKit206:17
Kamilionnothing that sounds like it was intended to be removed.06:17
Kamilionunless it was the CK2 changes that broke it06:18
wxlfellow bug hunters i direct your attention to http://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-battery-plugin/06:18
wxlor is that the wrong thing?06:19
wxlit is06:19
Unit193checking for optional package lxpanel >= 0.7.0... not found06:20
Unit193checking for optional package lxpanel >= 0.5.6... not found06:20
Unit193wxl: dpkg -L lxpanel, got dev files?06:21
Unit193If not, lxpanel is at fault.06:21
wxldon't seem to Unit19306:21
Unit193Nice.  Job.  I already fixed that once. :/06:22
Kamilioncould be this commit that changes the minimum versions.06:22
wxli doubt it06:22
Kamilioni don't see much else in the commit log06:22
Unit193Kamilion: I said in the move to GTK3 (Xfce 4.14 roadmap) lxpanel plugin is removed and tray icon is added.06:23
Kamilionlots of translations updates06:23
Unit193But that's unrelated, and Wombat.06:23
Unit193Vivid should have it, except there's no lxpanel development files.06:23
wxlso dev files in lxpanel? got an example of what needs fixed Unit193, or you on it?06:23
Unit193wxl: Isn't it too late? :P06:24
wxlUnit193: not for updates06:24
Kamilionit's never too late until it's too late.06:24
Kamilionso just nike.06:24
Unit193wxl: I'd suspect https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/0.6.2-0ubuntu2 needs to happen again, but I haven't confirmed.06:25
wxlUnit193: you mean usr/include and usr/lib/*/pkgconfig?06:26
Kamilionis the override_dh_install still there?06:27
wxlUnit193: /usr/include/lxpanel does include some headers and such and /usr/lib/*/pkgconfig/lxpanel.pc exists06:28
wxlso i don't think that's it06:31
Unit193wxl: Oh?   Good.  Right, so what's the deps in the pc file?06:31
wxlas that seems to be what was included in utopic06:31
wxlUnit193: glib-2.0 libfm06:32
wxland i certainly see no reason why lxpanel shouldn't be supported according to the required packages: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-power-manager/tree/README?id=xfce4-power-manager-1.4.306:33
wxlwhich is still consistent with trunk for that particular requirement06:33
Unit193wxl: Have pbuilder?06:34
wxlUnit193: yep but not on the vivid vm. i can grab it.06:34
Unit193VM will work.  So try building xfpm, then install libfm-dev, then rebuild.  I suspect that'll fix it.06:35
Unit193wxl: The deps in the .pc file used to include libmenucache, but lxpanel didn't dep on -dev so we had to add that in build-deps of xfpm.  Now it looks like lxpanel switched that out for libfm-dev, and again never added the dep.06:36
wxlwhere does the plugin actually get built?06:37
wxli don't see it in configure unless i'm missing something06:37
Unit193wxl: Actually, just run configure and see if it finds lxpanel.06:37
wxlUnit193: yeah but i don't see it in the configure itself. i see no check06:37
Unit193wxl: I pasted a couple above, you'll see 'checking for lxpanel...'06:38
wxli saw that much06:38
Unit193Ah, so you mean actually in the script, look in configure.ac, easier to read.  In checking, it'll look at lxpanel.pc for the deps, and if not met lxpanel isn't found.06:39
Unit193(I had to hunt this crap down the first time.  I'll be glad when lxpanel's plugin in xfpm is gone.)06:40
Unit193...Wait, how did I get sucked into doing this now? 0_o06:40
wxlok got pbuilder06:41
Kamilionbecause you're the one with the knowledge06:41
* wxl hunts down the .dsc06:41
* Kamilion is learnerating too06:41
Unit193My brain stopped working a while ago, it's heavy because I didn't sleep.06:42
Unit193wxl: Hint, pdebuild is nice.06:42
wxlmeanwhile, pbuilder --create drones on…06:43
wxlnuttin. got the xfpm deb06:46
wxlwaiting on builder create :/06:46
wxlUnit193: so just apt-get source and pdebuild then, right?06:47
Unit193wxl: Swap the menucache dep for libfm-dev06:48
Unit193pdebuild creates the dsc, so you don't need to first.06:48
ianorlinalso there are refrences and links to powerpc on the alternate page06:49
Unit193Ewww, nononono.06:50
ianorlinalso xombrero is actually in the 15.04 repos so should the need for ppa be mentioned on the bottom of alternate06:50
Unit193You said two bad words!06:50
Unit193The, err, PPA is better IMO.  Feels funny saying that though.06:50
ianorlinI don't have much expierence06:50
wxlUnit193: do yo uwant me to rebuild -plugins or xfpm itself?06:51
ianorlinlast time I tried it was quite crashy06:51
Unit193ianorlin: Right, so vivid has it, good.  The PPA one is newer, contains a dbg package, and is built against gtk2 so flash works.  webkit is better in vivid, so xombrero crashes less.06:52
Unit193wxl: Same thing, xfpm is the source, so -plugins is then built from that source.06:52
wxlUnit193: oh. gots it. so i need to add libfm-dev to lxpanel.pc?06:52
Unit193checking for lxpanel >= 0.5.6... 0.7.206:53
Unit193wxl: Umm. No.06:53
* wxl cries06:53
* wxl told you he didn't understand packaging06:53
Unit193wxl: So everything is now in https://sigma.unit193.net/source/ to get the plugin to build.  The correct fix is to fix it in lxpanel, and then rebuild xfpm but hey, whatever.06:54
Unit193dget that dsc.06:54
wxlUnit193: i know you'll hate me for this but i want to fix it :)06:55
Unit193wxl: Right, so  vim xfce4-power-manager-1.4.3/debian/control  and change the build-dep from libmenucache-dev (or whatever) to libfm-dev.  Problem is, ftbfs.06:56
wxlah k06:56
Unit193.libs/lxde_power_manager_la-lxde-power-manager-plugin.o: In function `power_manager_plugin_new':06:57
Unit193/tmp/buildd/xfce4-power-manager-1.4.3/panel-plugins/power-manager-plugin/lxde-0.7/lxde-power-manager-plugin.c:82: undefined reference to `lxpanel_plugin_qdata'06:57
Unit193collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status06:57
wxlUnit193: anytime. thanks for the help. :)06:58
Unit193That was in -ot. :P06:59
Unit193And sure, but that leaves you in the same ship.06:59
wxlall good06:59
wxlyou got me far enough along06:59
wxland this can wait regardless06:59
Unit193ianorlin: So rather my opinion, but of course repo > ppa.  Am I making any sense? :P07:03
ianorlinwxk get it to build yet?07:42
ianorlinwxl ^^07:42
ianorlinah marked ready so may be SRUing this one07:43
ianorlinah yeah don't think this can get resolved on release really07:45
Kamilionso there's another ppa for post-release updates?08:15
gsilvahi everyone o/14:02
gsilvano news about the release, wxl, ianorlin, Unit193 ?14:12
wxlgsilva: we seem to be waiting on kylin but the official announcement will be made on #ubuntu-release14:14
gsilvacan you guys let me know?14:14
gsilvawhen the official announcement is made*14:14
gsilvahi, melodie. Forgot to reply to your email. sorry, I overslept today and the day isn't going very well14:16
melodiehas someone noticed any issue with lxappearance?14:16
gsilvaWe can meet later tonight, around 22 or so14:16
melodiegsilva no worry14:16
melodieyes, this could be ok14:16
gsilvacool ;)14:17
melodieI am here to ask about lxappearance14:17
melodiewell I myself went to sleep very late as you could see per the mail I sent back to you, but strangely I didn't get up that late, and I am feeling tired14:17
melodiebut I still want to do lots of little things that take time, in my computers14:17
melodieI met an issue in Bento 64bits which I upgraded to Vivid in my tower. Lxappearance would not start, and when started with debug there was something about the obconf plugin of lxappearance. Once removed the problem is solved, lxappearance starts14:19
melodieI would like to know if the same can be seen in Lubuntu Vivid, or if it is only me?14:19
melodieif in Lubuntu as well I'll go do the bug report14:19
melodienever mind if no one can check, I'll grab it and launch it in vbox14:23
wxlwill do gsilva14:26
wxlmelodie: just you14:27
melodiehi wxl14:27
melodiewhat are you saying?14:28
wxlno problems with lxappearance here14:28
melodieit seems to me that lxappearance does not work the way it used to, in the actual version14:28
wxllxappearance starts fine here14:28
melodieexample, I just changed the gtk theme in it, I am using graybird from the shimmer-theme, but it is not changed in the settings.ini in the gtk-3 folder14:29
melodiedo you have lxappearance-obconf installed in your system?14:29
melodiewxl can you check that?14:29
wxlmelodie: oh, no. we just use lxappearance14:30
melodiewell if you add lxappearance-obconf, then does it start or doesn't it?14:30
melodiethis is the bug I try to pin point, for a start14:30
wxlwell hold on i see  alot of references to obconf14:30
melodiethe gtk 3 settings ini will come after14:30
wxllxappearance-obconf that is14:31
melodieit is supposed to add the obconf tab in the lxappearance gui14:31
wxlthe tab is called obconf?14:31
melodiewell it is meant for this purpose, and obviously hasn't been updated, so maybe this is the problem?14:31
melodieI try to check in my Trusty install (here) just a sec14:32
wxloh interesting14:32
wxlit is a separate package and is installed14:32
wxli see14:33
melodieyes, I have it in bento trusty too14:33
wxlit adds things like window border, etc.14:33
wxlwhere's this settings.ini?14:33
melodieyes, exactly!14:33
melodiein .config/gtk-3.014:33
wxlnone there14:33
melodieand in /etc/gtk-3.014:34
wxli only have bookmarks14:34
melodieomg Lubuntu uses a custom profile14:34
wxlthere is one in etc14:34
melodiewhat about /etc/gtk-3.0 ?14:34
melodieI wonder if lxappearance has been patched for lubuntu - unlikely right?14:35
wxlwhich is not consistent with the setup of lxappearance14:35
wxlyou mean changed from upstream?14:35
melodieprobably not?14:35
wxl!info lxappearance vivid14:35
ubot93lxappearance (source: lxappearance): LXDE GTK+ theme switcher. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6.1-1 (vivid), package size 76 kB, installed size 852 kB14:36
wxlstrange versioning14:36
wxlusually there's a 1ubuntu1 or something which would lead one to know the status of patches14:36
wxlit's possible that -1 indicates that one patch exists14:37
melodienormally not14:39
melodieit usually means it's the first package done with this branch14:39
wxlmelodie: of course that patch could be as little as changing some debian control file crap14:39
wxlso if i were you i'd compare whatever version you have with the revision info https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/vivid/lxappearance/vivid14:39
melodieI think I can ask help from the dev of lxappearance when he will be on his chan, as if there is no bug in lubuntu, it might be something which can be found with strace or with gdb, just I'm not qualified to debug the right way14:40
* wxl notes that it's behaving right trusty, too14:40
wxlin trusty14:40
melodiein Trusty I don't have any issue at all14:40
melodieI have to check the settings in /etc14:42
melodieok, so I'll see with Lstranger a bit later, thank you.14:43
melodiewxl I might have found the cause of my issue15:25
melodieI have to check something to be sure15:25
melodiewhat is the right command line to output the content of "strace" to a file instead of stdin ?15:42
melodienever mind I found15:48
wxlgsilva: looks like we're good to go15:55
gsilvaokay, need to finish one thing before and I'll start the job15:56
wxlgsilva: you get the press release taken care of?15:56
gsilvaphillw said to ask Kris that15:56
gsilvaAssuming you're referring to the social media thing15:56
gsilvaOr you're talking about this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Announcement/15.0415:57
wxlwell when silverlion was around we had a consistent message— the press release— which would be used everywhere, including the mailing list15:57
wxlgsilva: like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Marketing/Press%20Releases?highlight=%28lubuntu%29%7C%28press%29%7C%28release%2915:58
gsilvaNo, I haven't done that15:59
gsilvaDon't we have a comms guy?15:59
gsilvaI thought this wasn't from my team15:59
wxlyeah i guess we do :)15:59
wxlhe's not on irc15:59
wxlsent an email16:03
gsilvaShould I wait for him?16:04
wxlmake the wiki ready16:04
gsilvahere we go then16:13
gsilvaDone, wxl16:23
gsilvared alert: Kris says he doesn't has access to Facebook and G+ groups16:26
gsilvawxl, do you know who has access to the administration of Facebook and such?16:33
gsilvaMy share is done, btw16:33
wxlgsilva: kris should be in charge, but phillw and i can both help16:46
gsilvaHe says he doesn't has access to those two groups16:46
wxlgsilva: as it relates to facebook, i'm pretty sure he's smoking something16:52
gsilvaDon't know, but he has emphasized that16:52
gsilvaUnless he's not aware about what to do16:52
wxlgsilva: did he go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/lubuntu.official/?16:53
gsilvawxl, we need a comms leader...16:56
wxlgsilva: kris is supposed to be!16:56
gsilvaAnyway, he is taking care of that, although he pointed out that the website hasn't published anything16:56
gsilvaI know, but I meant a dedicated one16:56
wxlyeah well start recruiting16:57
gsilvaWasn't silverlion in charge of that?16:57
wxlyeah but he l;eft16:58
wxli thought kris was THE GUY now16:58
wxlmaybe this might be good for a discssion on lubuntu-admins16:59
wxlmake sure he's included16:59
gsilvaAnd he's mad at me16:59
wxlhe's also a mod here https://plus.google.com/communities/10273774186093458600917:00
gsilvaTold him and I'm not insisting anymore. Focusing on my thesis for no17:01
wxlis he on irc??/17:01
gsilvaAh, he announced on Facebook and G+, although he can't announce on the official Lubuntu Page17:03
wxlhaven't seen anything on the lists yet17:03
wxlofficial lubuntu page = lubuntu.net?17:03
wxlman i feel like i should be talking to him directly17:04
gsilvaHe posed on the official lubuntu page (on Facebook) and hence an admin can simply share or copy-paste the thing17:05
gsilvano, official page on Facebook17:05
gsilvalubuntu.net is not done yet17:05
wxlthere's a lubuntu official GROUP on facebook17:07
wxlbut not a page17:07
wxlwell i guess there's this https://www.facebook.com/Lubuntu.Official.Page?fref=ts17:07
wxli have no access to it17:07
wxlkrismaguire: i have no access to that lubuntu PAGE17:09
wxlyou are admins of the google+ community and facebook GROUP but i don't know about that page17:09
wxldid you also get twitter, reddit?17:09
wxlthe mailing list?17:09
krismaguiredone twitter, don't have access to the reddit17:11
krismaguirewhich mailing list does it go to?17:11
wxlhold on and i'17:11
wxlll fix that17:11
wxli'd send it to lubuntu-admins, lubuntu-qa and lubuntu-users17:12
wxlthe former two are on launchpad17:12
wxlif you're not a member of qa, don't sweat it, i'll approve17:12
wxlgsilva: we should add to the pre/post todo to make sure we have access to everything :)17:14
wxlkrismaguire: what's your twitter handle?17:14
wxlkrismaguire: reddit17:15
krismaguireI don't have a reddit17:15
wxlwould you like to get one then? :)17:15
wxlso question, krismaguire: are you now the official comms guy or are you temporary or what? i'm so confused :)17:16
krismaguireI'm temporary!17:17
wxlah k17:17
* wxl sighs17:17
wxlso silverlion's coming back at some point?17:17
krismaguireWhy the sigh matey?17:18
wxloh well, we'll figure it out17:18
wxli just wish we had someone who could just stay ;)17:18
krismaguireReddit handle: krismaguire17:19
krismaguireThis is my first ever release, it's mental!17:19
wxlyou've been invitedcx to moderate the subreddit krismaguire17:21
ianorlinis pre release insomnia a thing cause I had trouble getting up17:21
wxli wanted to lay in bed all day17:21
wxlbut that's because my dog is so darn cuddly and cute :)17:21
wxl…and i was cold17:21
wxlalthough i did stay up way too late working on bugs17:22
ianorlinI mean I was up until 2 am which is quite late for me17:23
wxlyeah that's later than i go17:23
wxli'm usually out by 10-1117:23
ianorlinme too17:24
krismaguireWell, it could have went worse17:26
krismaguireplus I now have a reddit account :D17:27
wxlkrismaguire: about that, nice knowing you17:27
wxlseriously reddit is even worse than facebook when it comes to time suck17:28
wxlthe time waster subreddits are just chock full of wonderful memes17:28
wxland the comments are often better17:28
wxland the serious subreddits have LOTS of great content17:28
krismaguireYeah I read a lot of reddit for my vaping stuff :)17:32
Unit193http://lubuntu.net - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.10/release/lubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso  notice a problem there?18:54
wxlyeah well none of us have access to lubuntu.net Unit19318:56
Unit193Mhmm, still.18:57
melodiewxl the issue I had met came from the openbox testing version from a ppa (lubuntu-devel) which I was testing18:59
melodieI sent a mail to the developer looking after this package, as he is also the maintainer of Openbox for the Debian repositories18:59
wxlokie dokie melodie19:00
melodiein the same shot I found one more bug in the package which lead me to be locked out during a moment19:01
melodieso it was not that fast to find19:01
wxla nice reminder to always check version numbers first :)19:02
melodiewxl not at all19:04
melodieI have installed that ppa on purpose because it contains a long wished new feature19:05
melodiethis is about testing19:05
wxlright, but if we would have checked numbers between us we would have figured out where the problem lied19:05
melodiethe glitch I found is the reverse depends, it misses to automatically uninstaller libobrender and another package19:05
melodieyou could not know I was using an openbox testing version19:06
melodieno harm done19:06
wxlwe would not have matching versions19:06
wxlat which point you could apt-cache policy and see where yours came from19:06
melodienever mind as long as I could finally find what it was about19:07
melodieI also had to fix one of my virtualboxes, as it is always messy19:07
melodiesince it's not free software! :-(19:07
wxlthat's what kvm is for19:10
melodienot all my machines are kvm capable19:22
melodieI think only one perhaps, and since I got it I haven't learned how to use it19:23
Unit193KVM is the best way to test UEFI.19:23
wxlyeah i just discovered that19:24
melodieUnit193 none of my machines has uefi19:24
melodiehi btw :)19:24
Unit193...Hence why it's the best way to test it, exactly my point...19:24
melodiekvm capability, is in the cpuinfo flags, right?19:25
melodieintel i5 in this one19:26
melodiekvm or not kvm ? :)19:26
ianorlinheck my 5 year old laptop can't run kvm on it19:36
silverliono/ wxl19:53
wxlsilverlion: sorry i dsiappeared20:10
silverlionall that matters is that you rejoined20:10
wxlso any idea about lubuntu.net20:10
silverlionand regarding your question about lubuntu.net -> phillw has access20:10
wxlah ok20:10
melodiegood night20:22
* phillw don't ban me, wxl asked me here20:23
wxlhai phillw :)20:23
* silverlion would not dare that ;)20:23
wxlphillw: do you have access to lubuntu.net or know who does?20:23
Unit193Mario Behling, wxl.20:24
wxlUnit193: and no one else?20:24
phillwwxl: i think Julien has, but is under mario - this has been a bone of contention in the past20:25
wxlhow do i contact mario?20:25
phillwvia Julien20:25
wxlalright well i sent him a facebook message so he'll be in touch soon20:26
phillwdo not hold your breath20:26
wxlhahah ok20:36
silverlionwxl: fyi: Julien is on Facebook atm20:37
phillwsilverlion: i said hello but he is on cell phone20:44
silverlioncopy that20:45
wxlgsilva: not so far :)21:38
gsilvacool then21:38
phillwgsilva: did release day go okay with you?22:18
wxlphillw: he did awesome!22:18
phillwwxl: good. I saw the notification from Kris on fail book, so I guessed we had got that far :)22:20
gsilvaHi phillw22:20
gsilvaJesus, man, you just got off the plane :D22:20
gsilvaYes, it went smoothly22:20
phillwgsilva: aren't you glad we set up the steps :D22:20
gsilvaindeed, that was the best thing ever22:21
gsilvaand I actually mentioned it in my blog22:21
phillwnow put in for membership, people like wxl will write horrible stuff on your testimonial are :P But, to pull off a release with all the pre-work you did? Should be a no brainer for the comittee22:22
wxlwell i can't give gsilva a testimonitla phillw22:23
wxlit's a conflict of itnerest22:23
wxli *CAN* act on the committee and give a +122:24
wxlwhich i'll inevitably Ddo :)22:24
phillwyou can and it is not, just you cannot give a +122:24
wxli'm a membership board member silly!22:24
phillwyour testimonial is worth far more than one +1 :D22:25
phillwwxl: indeed, so you must go +0.... does not and will never stop a testimonial.22:25
gsilvaWhy you can't, wxl ?22:26
phillwgsilva: neoptism22:26
phillwhe can either write honest testimonial or can lye and vote for you as idependent... I would rather him write testimonial and not vote.22:28
wxlactually i think i may already have22:29
wxllet's see the wiki22:29
phillwwalter, if the lad has done the release TODO stuff, he has earned his badge.... I'll go nag Julien to back that up.22:31
phillwhe did all the pre-prep a couple of months ago and was aware to nag release managers to keep two of the pages updated.22:32
gsilvaGuys, if you think this is not the best time, then I can wait22:33
gsilvaBesides, the manual is also starting and there might be something out of it22:34
wxlgsilva: i shall determine the best course of action. i agree with phillw that there's no reason why you shouldn't get approved. start the process and get your name on the list.22:34
phillwgsilva: indeed, and i will help. We await he from above to decide if we go for Qt in 15.1022:35
phillwtech board rules mean if we want a 16.04 Qt edition, we must have a 15.10 Qt edition22:36
gsilvaYet, if this is not the best time, then I can wait, no worries :) I'm not here for the membership only :P22:37
phillwgsilva: you go for it... you are worthy of it.22:37
wxldon't wait22:37
wxljust do it22:37
wxlit doesn't take much but the waiting sure takes a while22:37
wxlmy meeting is the 2200 one fwiw22:37
phillwi did mine back to front... got ubuntu membership before ubuntu beginners team one :P22:38
phillwbut, y'all know me... never one for the rules :D22:39
gsilvaOkay, I will apply soon then22:40
gsilvaAnd hope for the best :)22:40
wxli don't think there's a reason to hope22:40
wxlit's pretty much for sure22:40
wxlregarding time, i would apply now22:40
wxlat least get your name on the list22:40
phillwgsilva: it's pretty much a given, with the fact of the work you can show you have done.22:41
wxlsign up here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards22:41
wxlnext 2200 meeting is may 2222:41
wxlKamilion: if you want a challenge, figure this one out https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/144672322:42
ubot93Launchpad bug 1446723 in lxsession (Ubuntu) "Error message on login" [Low,New]22:42
phillwjust keep your wiki up to date and they will kiss your pretty little ass and go 'welcome' (Not too sure if I'm allowed to say that, but you get the general idea)22:42
phillwwxl: not seen and did new install of 15.04 in malta onto a laptop22:44
gsilvaOkay, I'll go through the process of application22:45
phillwI know my little vote does not count for a lot in the great scheme of things, but you will get a good write up off me.22:48
phillwgo ask julian and ianorlin to also write testimonials for you and you have it nailed for next meeting. It has and remains a great pleasure to work with you on an area that is often pretty much the poor house of a flavour. You have brought life back into it, and for that I thank you.22:51
gsilvaThank you phillw :)22:51
gsilvaI applied for membership. Feel free to write something over there https://wiki.ubuntu.com/gsilva (valid to you, ianorlin, Unit193)22:52
gsilvaand perhaps some other guys I'm missing22:52
Kamilionwxl: Out of scope; he says he's not running lubuntu.22:53
* phillw bends Kamilion over pulls his trousers down and spanks him until he writes something nice...... 22:53
Kamilionseems to be a polkit issue though22:53
Kamilionso if we resolve the underlying problem with polkit, I'm betting it'll probably work again22:54
Kamilionphillw: Sorry, no amount of spankings can get me to write with my hands. not even the UPS guy is that lucky.22:54
phillwinteraction with polkit is being a real bitch :/22:54
Kamilionmind if I run it through the inkjet? ^_^22:54
Kamilionof course it is; setting policy is never easy22:55
Kamilioneveryone wants their sandwich made a different way22:55
* Kamilion glares at the no-crusts people using VIM22:55
phillwKamilion: i'll have ham and cheese.... what a good idea!22:55
Kamilionsalted turkey with mayo on white.22:56
Kamilionso thanksgivingly delicious.22:56
Kamilionwxl: I serously don't think we can help this guy, when he says things like "Maybe this comes because I'm restricting the system and session bus of D-Bus. "22:57
phillwmost likely going to be mature cheddar cheese and crunchy pea nut butter here :)22:57
Kamilionis LXDM even still supported?22:57
ianorlinwe don't ship it but it is in repos22:58
ianorlinI don't think there has been much upstream development on it22:58
Kamilionso the answer would be 'mostly no' then22:58
phillw'much' ... aka zilch22:58
Kamilionphillw: there's been a couple of upstream merges22:59
Kamilionnotably, messing with the battery icon in the system tray.22:59
phillwit's not a won't fix, it is a never going to happen fix22:59
Kamilionunit and wxl were beating on that22:59
Kamilionnah, if sworddragon submits a patch that fixes it, it has a high chance of getting accepted for 15.10, or a SRU later in 15.04's life.23:00
phillwKamilion: oh, pedantics,23:00
Kamilion[16:01:46] NickServ [NickServ@services.]: sworddragon is not registered.23:01
phillw15.04 only lives for 9 months.... not going to have that many SRU's !23:01
Kamilionand no contact info on his LP23:01
Kamilionphillw: it BETTER23:01
Kamilionwe have a 15.10 release to get 'right'23:01
Kamilionand then a short jump to LTS 16.0423:01
Kamilionthere's also a number of respins that periodically update their ISOs when packages change23:02
phillwKamilion: we have 15.10 to decide if Qt or not Qt .... that is the only Qt23:02
KamilionFor example, the xen XSA security issues, there was a SRU for, and I had to rebuild my ISOs23:02
Kamilionphillw: BS; if they can't coexist, someone's a poor programmer who needs to be taught better ;)23:03
ianorlinum lxde session and lxqt can coexsit but there julien got into some wierd config file problem23:03
Kamilion(offense not intended)23:03
Kamilionis Julien doing most of the dev on lxqt himself?23:04
Kamilionor is that occuring upstream from us?23:04
Kamilionin jessie?23:04
ianorlinno in upstream lxqt23:04
ianorlinjessie won't have lxqt23:04
ianorlinand stuff getting frozen for jessie meant hard to add new packages in and stuff but I am not too sure of these conversations23:05
phillwKamilion: 16.04 comes out and I have to respin the blooming non-pae kernel again ...... what 'fun' that is as one of the teams wants the 'live cd' version of what ever kernel it is .... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/non-pae23:05
Kamilionand is lxqt part of the lxde project, or is it a spinoff from another developer?23:05
phillwKamilion: you want to do it next time?23:05
ianorlinit merged with lxde and razor-qt23:05
Kamilionphillw: I can't.23:05
KamilionI don't have a single piece of non-pae hardware23:06
Kamilionso even if I could build it; I couldn't *test* it23:06
Kamilionbut I'm more than happy to help!23:06
KamilionI have nothing older than a 2004 pentium 4 "d", from just before the 'core' stuff coming out23:07
phillwnor do i... it builds on a VM23:07
Kamilionand even that's 64bit23:07
Kamilionalthough it doesn't have HVM support23:07
ianorlinI have some pentium 4s but I don't want to use them because they are power hogs23:08
phillwbut, as last one was okay, i keep a little VM just for this task.23:08
* Kamilion thinks23:08
Kamilionianorlin: what I'm saying is, all of my CPUs are AMD64 instruction set, and wouldn't require PAE in any case.23:08
KamilionI have no ia32s left23:08
Kamilionnot even my oldest laptop (A dell latitude D820) is 32bit...23:09
Kamilionso I can verify the kernel boots on newer hw23:09
Kamilionbut I'll be unable to verify the PAE or fakePAE functionality23:09
ianorlinKamilion: understood23:09
Kamilionthus; gather me some testerfolks with PAE-required, and I'll work with 'em.23:09
phillwI said I'd only do it each LTS !23:09
Kamilionphillw: if you can document the previous process; I can automate it to a degree.23:10
Kamilionand I don't mean 'fancy documentation'23:10
Kamilionjust a plaintext file is fine23:10
Kamilionand I can read typo fine23:11
ianorlinunless we can convince some canonical to support the non-pae iot things  that don't have pae like edison and other stuff to get a nonpae because they seem to like new and shiny23:11
Kamilionno need23:11
Kamilionanything like that is gonna need custom images built anyway23:11
Kamilionedison has no SATA/IDE23:11
phillwKamilion: I think i need an extra bit, which melodie can tell me so you can do  a live CD image, unless they have now fixed that bug......23:11
Kamilionall you get is the 4GB eMMC chip, which the MTD driver of the kernel will use23:11
Kamilionso you get /dev/mmc0p123:12
Kamilionand friends23:12
Kamilionand I agree, there are a number of SoCs that don't include PAE support23:12
phillwbut, that is two release cycles away :D23:12
KamilionPage Address Extensions are supposed to be allowing older 32bit only chips to access 48bit memory addresses so they can talk to wither 64GB or 128GB (depending on hw implimentation)23:13
phillwWe can do a non -pae kernel, the extra bits are bit of a pain (aufs, from memory)23:14
KamilionI thought we use unionfs now, not aufs23:14
phillwno idea.... last kernel was the 14.04 one23:14
Kamilionwell, no worries23:15
KamilionI agree with the intent23:15
Kamilioni486 is still around on SoCs too, but we don't support that anymore either.23:15
phillwI only build the bloody thing, who mentioned support? :P23:15
Kamilionso far as I know, our minimum requirements are i68623:15
KamilionPentium Pro and above23:15
Kamilioni586 "Pentium MMX" need not apply23:16
Kamilionbut anybody on a 200Mhz 486 core is gonna be hurtin' anyway23:16
phillwi did ask about 486 586, I'd have to re compile the entire database of installed applications and maintain them......23:17
KamilionIIRC we've also totally lost i386 support entirely23:17
phillwa bridge too far for me23:17
Kamilionthe linux kernel requires at least a 486DX series now, I think23:17
Kamilionaye; and there's a bunch of projects that still cater to that23:18
Kamilionstuff like tinycorelinux23:18
Kamilionwhere they've REALLY trimmed the fat23:18
phillwor 10.04 lubuntu ... just do not shout about it. That was as we became official23:19
KamilionHonestly though? When you can buy a quad core ARM for $40...23:19
KamilionYou'll save more money in *power* by spending a few bucks on one of these once; and it will outperform or perform on par with any of the non-pae CPUs23:20
Kamilionwhich, last I knew, peaked out somewhere around 800Mhz23:20
Kamilionthere might be an odd celeron chip that hit 1Ghz or 1.2Ghz; but that would be a rare expectation23:21
Kamilionmost of the pentium 3 series was centered in the 500-900Mhz range23:21
Kamilionpentium4s were the arch that finally hit 2Ghz23:21
wxlKamilion: yeah i kind of meant it as a joke :)23:21
Kamilionwxl: Well, I think he can be helped eventually; just not in time for release23:22
Kamilionto his credit, he did raise the issues in febuary23:22
wxlKamilion: oh well release is over, so :)23:22
Kamilionso it was kind of ball-in-our-court anyway23:22
wxlyeah mostly i'm drowning in bugs23:22
Kamilionit's not the 26th yet, is it?23:23
wxl23rd my friend23:23
wxldidn't you see the post on the mailing list?23:23
Kamilion[16:23:53] <Kamilion> oh?23:23
KamilionI could have SWORN that said 26th23:23
Kamilionbut I'm wrong.23:23
Kamilion... uhhh, what the heck23:25
Kamilionhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.10/release/lubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso   <--- wut23:25
* ianorlin doesn't know either23:25
ianorlinKamilion: understood23:26
ubot93Launchpad bug 1445254 in pcmanfm (Ubuntu) "pcmanfm shows mounted grub files as music files" [Undecided,New]23:26
Kamilionthat is somewhat correct23:26
Kamilion.mod files are amiga music files.23:26
KamilionI used to create them.23:26
Kamilionwhy isn't it checking the MIME type though?23:27
Kamilionit should have failed the check to read an amiga module header23:27
ianorlinyeah mim type show it as executable23:28
ubot93YES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html23:28
Kamiliontoo late, already downloaded it23:28
* Kamilion shoves his HTTP downloads into the torrent client23:28
wxlwait where is that link at?23:29
Kamilionlubuntu.net's homepage.23:29
wxlno one except mario has access to it23:29
wxlanmd honestly i've never spoke to him23:29
wxleven when i tried23:29
Kamilionit's working, so I'm not complaining, just pointing out, "... wut?!"23:30
Kamilion... oh. So thaaaat's what broke my ceph.23:32
KamilionThanks, openstack. *sigh*23:32
phillwKamilion: serves you right for not running centos23:37
KamilionTrading one headache for another? I'll pass, thanks.23:40
KamilionI want my PPAs, damnit.23:40
Kamilioni do NOT want to deal with rpmforge, EPEL, REMI, ATrpms, Webtatic, or anything like that. If I wanted that kind of workflow, I'd be installing packages from OMGUBUNTU.co.uk23:41
KamilionI despise RPM with a burning hatred23:42
Kamilionthe rest of RHEL/Cent, I'm indifferent to.23:42

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