asacfionnan: i think stuff is coming along... most recent image should work fine with docker01:30
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davidcalleasac, hey, still around?06:22
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dholbachgood morning06:57
dholbachsalut davidcalle, mon ami - ça va?07:00
davidcalledholbach, hey Daniel, I'm great, and you?07:01
dholbachdoing well as well - thanks :)07:02
dholbachasac, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)07:03
dholbachdavidcalle, I think I'll go through the BBB docs again07:03
davidcalleDammit, we actually need to make him happy. I was planning on slacking most of the day.07:03
davidcalleHappy birthday asac :)07:04
dholbachdamn, you're right :)07:04
davidcalledholbach, I've started on updating the porting guide, then I'll do the appliance builder one.07:04
dholbachok cool07:05
dholbachdid you fix the ova instructions?07:05
davidcalledholbach, nope, I'm still a bit confused about what/how to fix.07:06
dholbachok... I'll take a look at that too07:06
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dholbachmvo, shall I try with a different channel then edge?07:56
mvodholbach: its not working for you?07:56
mvodholbach: do you have a serial cable to test?07:56
dholbachno, I'm afraid I don't have a serial cable07:56
dholbachalthough somebody might in the office07:56
dholbachdoes http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-snappy/15.04/edge/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-bbb.img.xz work?07:59
dholbachutlemming, rcj: can you give us a few more instructions on how to factor http://blog.utlemming.org/2015/01/snappy-images-for-vagrant.html into developer.ubuntu.com/snappy/start?08:10
dholbachI'm not sure we have all the information here08:10
dholbachor http://blog.utlemming.org/2015/04/using-snappy-ova-images-when-you-dont.html08:11
dholbachasac, davidcalle and I are around when you are08:12
dholbachdavidcalle, man, I'm so glad I'm working together with you on this :)08:13
davidcalledholbach, same!08:13
dholbachand with the other hippies in here :)08:14
dholbachmvo, so I'm trying this image now, but dd'ing it (and syncing) just takes some millisecond08:15
dholbachI feel like something doesn't quite work right08:15
dholbachnevermind, now that I'm doing it right, it's working now - still doesn't boot08:21
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mvodholbach: yeah, dosn't boot for me either08:27
mvosergiusens: did anything change in u-d-f that might cause issues with beaglebone boots? I can't boot it with a freshly written image currently and I wonder what is going on. I get  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10870157/08:28
dholbachtrying http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-snappy/15.04/20150422/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-bbb.img.xz08:33
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dholbachmvo, ^ works08:45
dholbachI just had to try to ssh into all machines on the network08:45
dholbachthat took a while :)08:45
dholbachI'll run snappy update now to see what's new and if that works08:46
dholbachdavidcalle, ^ getting there08:47
davidcalledholbach, \o/08:47
dholbachdavidcalle, snappy tour updated *\o/*09:02
dholbachmvo, 15.04/20150422 works09:05
dholbachI updated it to the latest and updated the snappy tour docs, so that's all fine09:05
dholbachdavidcalle, I'll comment out the webdm stuff on the /start page09:11
davidcalledholbach, ok. I'm not linking it from the Guides page, but still leaving it in the top list of subpages. I think that's an okay middle-ground.09:12
davidcalle(it = the whole webdm page)09:13
davidcalledholbach, what do you think of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/?09:18
dholbach<3 <3 <309:21
dholbachbeautiful work09:22
davidcalledholbach, cool :)09:23
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm running linkchecker over the namespace09:24
davidcalledholbach, uh oh :)09:25
dholbachnot too bad - just one link broken :)09:25
mvodholbach: still fails for me, I think my bbb is broken09:25
dholbachmvo, with the 22 image it worked, but it took a while to boot... and as I said: I needed to loop over all IPs in the subnet to ssh into it (but that might be a office network specific thing that I couldn't find "webdm")09:26
mvoasac: feedback for https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/snappy-hub/snappy-examples-oem-hardware-snap/+merge/256800 would be great and for https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/snappy-hub/snappy-examples-hwassign/+merge/25723109:28
mvoasac: we may want those example in unless they are superseeded by your applicance guide work of course09:28
davidcalledholbach, have you started on https://trello.com/c/L6sBYZqC/44-start-beagleboard-kvm-instructions-better-download-experience ? If not, I am09:34
dholbachdavidcalle, can do09:34
pittimvo: guten Morgen!09:37
* pitti puts up his "do source new review on release day for beer" cardboard sign09:37
mvohey pitti09:37
dholbachmvo, pitti's cheap09:37
pittiI didn't say how much :009:37
mvopitti: ahah, I will wait for steve then ;)09:38
dpmdholbach, davidcalle, looking at the start page, good work with the download boxes for the images. Do you mind if I change the top text to e.g. "Download KVM images" instead of "Image links" to make it more clear?09:38
mvopitti: sorry, I know its terrible09:38
dholbachdpm, sure09:38
davidcalledpm, +109:39
dpmok, on it, then09:39
davidcalledpm, since you are touching it, do you mind moving them to the top right of their sections?09:40
dpmdavidcalle, sure09:40
davidcalledpm, thanks!09:40
pittimvo: can you please fix the "Vcs:" tag in bzr? It's spelled Vcs-Bzr:09:43
mvopitti: silly me, sure09:43
pittimvo: (no need to reupload, just for next time)09:44
pittimvo: also, would you mind adding a standard copyright/license headers to the .c files? there's no COPYING, the only license/copyright ATM is in debian/09:45
pittiwhich is fine for a native Debian package, but it's not "upstreamable" or distriubtable as a tarball that way09:45
mvoyeah, indeed, I fix that now too, thanks pitti09:45
pittimvo: why do we need debian/dirs, OOI?09:46
mvopitti: I think I actually don't need them anymore, iirc the makefile was not that smart initially but thats fixed09:47
pittidh_install and dh_apparmor etc. sohuld also create missing dirs09:47
pittimvo: ok, accepted; I'll do the binNEW in a bit when it's built09:49
mvopitti: \o/09:49
mvopitti: and I fix the issues09:49
pittimvo: cheers09:49
dpmdholbach, davidcalle, done09:50
dpmah, wait, the bbb box is still missing09:51
dpmon it09:51
pittimvo: FTR, it's depwait on arm64/ppc64el because of missing seccomp09:53
pittimvo: IIRC arm64 is a snappy target, so we have to sort that out in wanking09:53
pittior wobbly, or whizzy, or whatever 15.10 will be :)09:53
asacmvo: yes those examples are good; i am not sure though if we want to tell the world to use the oem.snap to ship executables too09:54
asacmvo: so hw-assign for sure09:54
asacthe other ... maybe superseeded or make a smaller pair than the demo09:54
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: o/09:55
* dholbach hugs asac09:55
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: seems the list in docs TODO is significantly shorter now!09:55
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: anything to crunch througjh/review first thing now?09:56
pittimvo: binNEWed, and infinity unblocked it, so it should hit vivid in a few09:56
davidcalleasac, yeah, we deleted a lot of cruft ;-)09:56
mvopitti: \o/09:56
dholbachasac, still a bit unsure on what to land wrt OVA09:56
davidcalleasac, and Vagrant09:56
davidcalleasac, I've also added a comment for you on https://trello.com/c/L6sBYZqC/44-start-beagleboard-kvm-instructions-better-download-experience , that's pretty much it, afaik09:58
asacdavidcalle: yeah, so i think having two commands might be confusing... but we should explain that this command is getting XXX and that other options are avail on the right10:00
davidcalleasac, ok, I think that's a good middle-ground10:00
asacdavidcalle: on the beaglebone start i think this paragraph has to go now that webdm isnt highlighted there anymore: Try exploring the store and install one of the available snapps. If you have your own snapp you would like to publish, simply upload through the Ubuntu Software Store. Alternatively, as a developer you can also sideload snapps manually.10:01
asacthen it reads nice10:01
asacdavidcalle: so after the 1-2 minutes wait you can access it with ssh and start with the walkthrough10:02
dholbachasac, but snaps are still "in the store"10:02
dholbach"snappy search" will search the store, no?10:02
asacdholbach: sure you could rephrase it ... but i would put the ssh into it first10:03
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asacbecause you cannot explore store unless you have anything :)10:03
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asacso 1. wait 1-2 munutes; 2. ssh into it; 3. if you want explore the store with snappy search or go for the tour10:03
dholbachdavidcalle, do you want me to try to rephrase it?10:03
davidcalledholbach, sure :)10:03
davidcalledpm, thanks for the boxes!10:04
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dholbachok, done10:06
davidcalledholbach, lgtm10:07
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dholbachdone - ship it!10:07
dpmdavidcalle, finished, added a Raspi 2 box too10:09
davidcalledpm, looking good, thanks10:09
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: how do you want to coordinate final updartes? trello cards or pings here?10:10
asacits just a tweak here and there like making a link etc.10:10
mvocan someone give me a hint how to generate a raspi2 snappy image? I guess I need the oem part of lool?10:11
beunomvo, that part should be in the store, FWIW10:11
dholbachasac, as you like it10:12
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: so on the appluiance guiide we should urlify this paragraph a bit:10:13
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asac"As this guide makes intentional use of a very broad set of primitives provided by snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04, we recommend you make yourself familiar with how to setup a beaglebone as well as our various other guides and docs about the internals of a snappy system."10:13
asac "how to setup a beaglebone" -> link to /start#beagle...10:13
asac "various other guides" -> link to the guides landing page10:13
davidcalleasac, right10:13
beunomvo, pi2.lool10:13
asacdavidcalle: think a link to the tutorials landing page too somewhere... mayber for that rephrase the sentence so it make sense and point them to all major entry points10:14
mvobeuno: thanks, building now10:14
dholbachdpm, ^ maybe we could make the nav bar more obvious in general?10:14
asacdavidcalle: next "assignment basically works in two steps:" ... there are bullets under that10:14
asacthat looks a bit messy ... also on appliance guide10:15
asacguess you will see and know how to make better when olooking10:15
asacdholbach: yeah the navbar is pretty good though, but i think having that stuff embedded in that paragraph is also good10:15
asacit was made for that reason :)10:15
asacwe could also explain to look to the top of the page to find the nice navbar if that helps :P10:15
dpmdholbach, which nav bar?10:16
dholbachdpm, the one on developer.u.c10:16
dpmyou mean the TOC thing we put in the start page?10:16
dholbachdpm, the one which shows "Guides Tutorials etc."10:16
utlemmingdholbach: just got up10:16
dholbachdpm, when I showed the bar to people at the sprint who hadn't used dev.u.c before some said they had never noticed the navbar10:17
sergiusensmvo: only thing that happened was a rebuild10:17
utlemmingdholbach: I'm a bit unclear what you need for integration.10:17
dholbachI just thought asac's comment was similar in that regard10:17
dholbachutlemming, me too :)10:17
dpmdholbach, you mean the breadcrumbs?10:17
sergiusensmvo: well and a change from default channel from edge t stable10:17
mvosergiusens: I think its my hardware10:17
dholbachdpm, yes10:17
sergiusensmvo: are you the only one?10:17
dpmdholbach, that'd be a question for the web team, we're using their navigation patterns10:18
dholbachok, nvm then10:18
mvobeuno: hm, I get a error that pi2.lool can not be found in the store is it available for rolling?10:18
asacdholbach: utlemming: will you guys talk to sort out OVA and vagrant sections?10:18
asacmvo: lool has it in a people dir too i think10:18
dholbachutlemming, I'm not quite sure which of your blog posts to take and which bits to integrate to explain it well to users10:18
dholbachasac, we are talking about it now10:18
asacmvo: and its linked from the Pi2 instructions directly too10:18
asacdholbach: good10:18
beunomvo, it isn't, not even for 15.04  :)   https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/2332/10:19
beunobut you can download it from there, if you just want the .snap10:19
asacmvo: https://code.launchpad.net/%7Elool/+junk/pi2.lool/10:19
asacmvo: http://people.canonical.com/~lool/pi2-device-and-oem/10:19
mvolool: could you set https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/2332/releases/ please?10:20
asacmvo: he is off10:21
mvoasac: thanks!10:21
asacbeuno: ^^10:21
davidcalleasac, appliance guide fixed, thanks :)10:23
beunoasac, mvo, I can fiddle with it in the admin, but maybe its better to re-upload under the shared account, instead of lool's personal one?10:23
asacdavidcalle: so the appliance guide also has bunch of things taht could be nice inline <code> formatted10:23
asacdavidcalle: like where we refer to "video0" or "/dev/..." or "some command" inline10:24
asacnot sure if you want to eyeball over it and do what you can spot ... maybe there is more important stuff to do10:24
asacsurely cosmetic10:24
dholbachutlemming, if people expect to run ubuntu core in a vm locally (and not kvm), what should we recommend to them?10:25
davidcalleasac, since it has long paragraphs, that's important to make these stand out, I'll take care of it.10:25
* davidcalle is afk for a moment10:26
dholbachutlemming, I can see your vagrant instructions - shall I update the vagrant bits with http://blog.utlemming.org/2015/01/snappy-images-for-vagrant.html?10:26
dholbachutlemming, and for ova (many will probably expect to download the images and just doubleclick them to get them working with virtualbox), shall I integrate everything from http://blog.utlemming.org/2015/04/using-snappy-ova-images-when-you-dont.html?10:26
dholbach(or rather the first part of the latteR)10:26
utlemmingdholbach: yeah, update the vagrant bits with the instructions10:27
dholbachasac, ^ do you have an opinion too?10:27
dholbachutlemming, ok, looking into it10:27
asacdholbach: if utlemming has an opinion i am agreeing with him :)10:28
asacif not i always have an opinion on everuything as you know :P10:28
asacto fill the opinion gaps of the world :P10:28
asacdavidcalle: so https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/architecture/ i think we could have links below the nice graphics that link to intersting pages for the individual elements10:29
asacdavidcalle: like links about apps, about frameworks, about oem snap, about enablement (guess porting for now until we have omething better), and to the appliance guide10:30
asacfor the overall system10:30
asac(just as an idea so the reader finds more info where he wants to deep dive10:30
utlemmingdholbach: I just realized that the links in my blog were bad on the bottom for the Vagrant instructions. I've updated them.10:30
dholbachutlemming, are we going to add stable as well?10:31
utlemmingdholbach: yes, stable is building now10:32
dholbachthanks a lot utlemming!10:32
asacdavidcalle: so on our guides landing page (which looks pretty awesome tbh with good content) https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/10:32
asacdavidcalle: can we make the lower list have the same nice graphics fopr the bullets as the upper one?10:33
dholbachasac, I'll take care of it - davidcalle is gone for a bit (probaby looking after his sick kid)10:33
dholbachutlemming, check the vagrant section again and let me know if it's better10:34
dholbachasac, looking after the guides page now10:34
asacdholbach: also those nice boxes referring to our big guides could look even nicer if we would put a nice "education" icon from the official ubuntu icon set there (dont know if hwe have that, but i am sure we must have something for tutorials)10:34
asacthose boxes at the bottom10:34
dholbachasac, bullet points fixed10:35
utlemmingdholbach: looks better, thanks10:35
dholbachutlemming, rock and roll10:35
asacdholbach: so i wonder ... maybe the tutorials should also become guides and go into simillara boxes at the end of tghe guides page?10:35
asacdholbach: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/10:35
dholbachutlemming, should I provide the information about the cloud config bits?10:35
asacdholbach: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/tutorials/10:35
asacthey look pretty sparse and its not clear to me what they are difference10:35
asacdholbach: so we have just overivew, get started, guides, participate on top level hierachy10:36
dholbachasac, guides are supposed to be explanatory, taking you by the hand and explaining the world from snappy's eyes - tutorials are step by step instructions to get something done10:36
dholbachasac, https://design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/pictogram-help-orange-hex.svg10:37
dholbachasac, https://design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/pictogram-education-orange-hex.svg10:37
dholbachwere you looking for any of these? ^ and where would you put them?10:38
dholbachwhich boxes were you referring to? the image/channel link boxes?10:38
asacmvo: i can make a port forward for you to look at my appliance10:47
asacthat is in the broken state10:47
mvobeuno, asac: I uploaded pi2 as https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/2436/10:48
beunomvo, ask for a manual review10:48
dholbachutlemming, vagrant instructions confirmed to be working - thanks10:48
asacmvo: i have no permissions, but that is fine i hope10:49
beunomvo, ready to publish10:49
mvoasac: what exactly should I do? fix it? what application is that? can I install it locally somehow? (I try to make my pi2 work right now910:50
asacmvo: there are a few things i wnated to show you10:52
asaca) right now the appliance was put together and the seccomp parts for arm were not picked up10:53
asacif i install the app again with the board running it will work10:53
asacb) howver it will not work with the current udev rule ... which is kinda the same as the one generated with hw-assign10:53
asacwhich would then work again10:53
mvoasac: yeah, that might be the need for a updated ubuntu-core-snappy-seccomp in the ppa/system?10:54
asacmvo: so i guess i can give you a login and you could observe those things10:54
mvoasac: yes, I am happy to do that10:54
mvoasac: (b) is strange10:54
asacmvo: could be, but i think it might be tricky... i have the feeling it has to do with the fact that thos are ARM specific syscalls10:54
asacand our seccomp compiler is not good at crossing10:54
asactyhicks: jdstrand: ^ would have to check that i am sure10:54
asacmvo: ok gimme a sec i will give you details and we can talk in /msg :)10:55
mvoasac: ohhh, if its checking hte architecture its running on, that will not work. it need to generate all syscalls everytime :/10:55
asacmvo: right, it might even be built time though if its not a text file10:55
asace.g. it could be its in an #ifdef __arm__ in the libsecomp binary10:56
mvoyeah, that would explain the brakage10:56
mvobut I don't know the code, I guess its best to wait for jamie10:56
rcjdholbach, the azure instructions will change a bit with naming changes made to incorporate the 'channel' name10:57
dholbachrcj, if you can provide any pointers or explanation that'd be much appreciated10:59
rcjdholbach, I emailed you the changes.  Bit too complex for irc.10:59
dholbachutlemming, http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/snappy/15.04/core/ has stable now10:59
dholbachutlemming, shall I test it with vagrant and add it to the instructions10:59
dholbachrcj, thanks, looking10:59
utlemmingdholbach: give me a minute first11:00
dholbachutlemming, no worries11:00
dholbachrcj, are there going to be stable images too?11:00
rcjdholbach, hopefully.  The python2 / Azure agent issue is being worked to give us working images.11:02
rcjdholbach, I'll ping you with that name for the examples when it exists.  But for now the 1504 edge is the image for the docs11:03
dholbachrcj, updated - can you reload and confirm that that's what you expected?11:04
asacsergiusens: so interesting is that i fell into the trap believeing the the seccomp was still the problem11:04
utlemmingdholbach: the Vagrant Cloud instructions should be "vagrant init ubuntu/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-core-stable"11:04
asacsergiusens: but turns out that we dont generate the APP_DATA_PAH with udf for built-in stuff properly11:05
asacis now my prob11:05
asacsergiusens: mvo said something with writable path overload etc.11:05
asacsergiusens: you want to log into my bbb and look at the situation?11:05
rcjdholbach, not seeing updates on my end11:06
dholbachrcj, ctrl-shift-r (might be the cache)?11:06
dholbachutlemming, ok cool11:06
rcjdholbach, I really don't see an update to Azure on http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/tools/snappy Even loading it on a clean browser w/o cache11:08
dholbachrcj, sorry11:08
dholbachrcj, we moved everything over to http://developer.ubuntu.com/snappy/start11:08
dholbach... and we'll drop all technical stuff fomr ubuntu.com/cloud/tools/snappy11:08
dholbach... and ubuntu.com/things11:08
rcjdholbach, those look good11:09
dholbachrcj, <311:09
dholbachrcj, are you going to let me (and/or davidcalle) know later on if we will have stable images as well11:09
dholbachutlemming, I updated the vagrant docs again - they now point to stable by default and I added instructions for how to move to 'edge'11:14
dholbachwith that I'd think we'd be done for vagrant11:15
rcjdholbach, utlemming or I will update you on release day names for cloud images11:16
sergiusensasac: I think I know what tis is about11:17
sergiusensasac: on second boot it should be there, if it is, then I know what it is about and I thought it was fixed11:17
dholbachrcj, today is release day11:17
dholbachso later on, I guess - can you please ping davidcalle and me - just to be sure one of us can get to it11:18
asacsergiusens: so i got autopilot reboot ... maybe its now working?11:18
rcjdholbach, yeah, but they're not released yet (nor do they exist yet) ;)11:18
asacsergiusens: no it didnt help11:18
sergiusensasac: if it's there, there's a race of service start and dir creation11:18
asacsergiusens: let me give you details11:18
rcjdholbach, we'll keep you updated11:18
sergiusensoh, it's something else then11:18
dholbachrcj, thanks muchly11:19
sergiusensasac: Apr 23 11:14:59 localhost systemd[1]: var-lib-apps.mount: Directory /var/lib/app11:25
sergiusenss to mount over is not empty, mounting anyway.11:25
sergiusensasac: that might explain11:25
sergiusensasac: yeah, that's it11:26
sergiusensasac: writable-paths might need a fix11:26
asacsergiusens: is that a udf update?11:27
* asac thinks so11:27
asaci am sure if i remove/install it will work11:27
asacsergiusens: you need to look more?11:27
asacor can i try that?11:27
sergiusensasac: so, a new image is required11:27
sergiusensasac: I change writable paths myself and rebooted your device11:27
asacsergiusens: so you umounted, copied what was there and mounted and copied back?11:28
asacsergiusens: current image still does right thing for parts installed after boot right?11:28
asacjust not preinstall?11:28
sergiusensasac: so, I mounted read/write, modified /etc/system-image/writable-paths, rm -rf /writable/system-data/var/lib/apps and rebooted11:29
sergiusensasac: yes11:29
asacsergiusens: it is running :)11:34
asacsergiusens: want to see if pluggin in video now just picks it up11:34
mvosergiusens: aha, writable-path wrong? that makes sense11:34
mvoasac: if its up and running I would love to inspect the udev rules11:34
asacmvo: yes log in again11:35
asaci will wait with plug in11:35
asacthe udev rule looks good11:35
asacand i am sure it will match with trigger11:35
asacbut yesterday it wasnt picked up ... e.g. access still denied11:35
asacand hw-assign worked though11:35
asactell me when you are in :)11:35
mvosergiusens: I upload a new ubuntu-core-config with writable path fix unless you are already on it?11:35
mvoasac: I'm in and what I see on the filesystem looks good, could you plug in the webcam?11:38
dholbachutlemming, I integrated your http://blog.utlemming.org/2015/04/using-snappy-ova-images-when-you-dont.html blog post - if we get bugs about it, we'll fix them11:38
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utlemmingdholbach: ack, link to the final product?11:38
asacmvo: ok lets plug :)11:39
asacmvo: its plugged11:39
asacmvo: udevadm trigger --verbose --dry-run -11:40
dholbachutlemming, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/11:40
sergiusensmvo: please do, I broke something11:40
asacmvo: $ udevadm trigger --verbose --dry-run --tag-match=snappy-assign11:40
sergiusensmvo: so I changed none to transition for /var/lib/apps11:40
sergiusensmvo: maybe we should change all of these paths to transition11:41
asacmvo: but look at sudo systemctl status -l webcam-demo_webcam-demo_1.0.1.service11:41
asacmvo: operatoin not permitted11:41
asacmvo: so it is not perfect11:41
asaceven if you remove the ATTRS part of the rule it will not work11:41
dholbachdavidcalle, looking into 144742211:41
asacbuyyt if you now run hw-assign it wuill start working again11:41
asacmvo: any clue?11:42
asacmvo: maybe we need to do a udevadm trigger settle etc. still?11:42
asacmvo: very ood11:43
mvoasac: I think I found the bug :( a typo in the apparmor rules, let me fix11:43
asaci think it shot ONE picture11:43
asacApr 23 11:41:12 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[678]: Disabling the the banner.11:43
asacApr 23 11:41:12 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[678]: Writing JPEG image to 'shot.jpeg'11:43
asacbut then stopped doing it11:43
asacvery odd11:43
asacvery odd11:43
asacnot sure how to get complete log11:43
asacmaybe it worked but then something disabled it after a bit11:44
asacmvo: its great that you found the bug!!!11:44
asacnot :(11:44
mvoasac: look at it, it works now11:44
mvoasac: well, you need to be video group or root but11:45
asacmvo: well look at the service log11:45
asacit still doesnt work11:45
asacmvo: do i need to restart that11:45
mvoasac: where is the service log?11:45
mvoasac: oh, nevermind11:45
asacsudo systemctl status -l webcam-demo_webcam-demo_1.0.1.service11:45
asaci wanted this to start working :)11:45
asacbut if you hacked apparmor maybe we need to restart it11:45
asacmvo: buut if you started from command line, first stop11:45
mvo$ sudo systemctl restart webcam-demo_webcam-demo_1.0.1.service11:45
asacthen kill all stuff still running from your cli11:46
asacand then start11:46
asacthe cli thing leaves stuff behind11:46
asacif you ctrl-c it ... its a dirty script :)11:46
asacmvo: right so there is a problem the jkpeg is black11:47
mvoasac: so is it working now? the systemctl seems to be happy?11:47
mvoasac: oh11:47
asacbut i am sure its because you left stuff over11:47
asacmvo: you see the JPEG error?11:47
asacthats a prob11:47
asaclet me stop11:47
asacand kill all and start11:47
mvoApr 23 11:47:21 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[2879]: VIDIOC_DQBUF: No such device11:47
asacits racy11:47
asacbecause your CLI left stuff over11:47
asacthe CLI is only for debvugging11:47
asaci shall remove it asap11:47
davidcalledholbach, ok, doing fixes on the appliance guide (fyi, I'm going to keep being on and off for ~1h)11:49
asacmvo: weird11:49
asacApr 23 11:49:15 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[3231]: GD Error: gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0xea 0x2cCaptured frame in 0.00 seconds.11:49
asaci still get that11:49
asacmaybe reboot11:49
asacor replug11:49
asaclet me replug first :)11:49
asacok unplugged11:49
asaclog is as expected11:50
asacok let me reboot11:50
asacand laeve it plugged :)11:50
asacif all is good it should just start working11:50
* asac decides its good to also power the board properly11:51
dholbachdavidcalle, I might run out for lunch in a bit - dpm, mhall119: will you be around if there are last minute docs changes for the snappy pages?11:51
asacmvo: it works :)11:51
mvoasac: yay!11:52
dpmdholbach, I will be. Anything in particular we should watch for?11:52
asacmvo: look at the shoot.jpeg in a few secs11:52
mhall119dholbach: I won't be, about to get lunch myself and then leaving for Bluefin11:52
mvoasac: ok, so we need one ubuntu-core-config fix and one snappy fix, both are already done so we just need to get a new image and a new u-d-f11:52
dholbachasac, rcj, utlemming, mvo, slangasek: please ping davidcalle and dpm and me if you have changes which should go to developer.ubuntu.com/snappy/*11:52
dholbachmhall119, gotcha11:52
dholbachdpm, pings :)11:53
kickinz1asac: owncloud ko on new bbb r33 image...11:53
dpmok :)11:53
asackickinz1: yes because of bad path11:53
kickinz1asac: ok reading scrollback11:53
asacsergiusens: does the writable path work11:53
asacif you reboot11:53
asacand install?11:53
* asac wonders when this regressed11:53
asackickinz1: so maybe uninstall, reboot, install fixes it11:54
asackickinz1: for all software11:54
asacdont install on first boot11:54
sergiusensasac: it might of regressed when we removed click as the hooks tok care of these things iirc11:56
asacChipaca: around?11:59
Chipacaasac: yarp11:59
asaci have finished the guide... could yuo maybe do a quick read and do sggestions again?11:59
asacChipaca: page 17 onwards is new12:00
asacthe rest is unchanged12:00
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: so the guide got finished... Chipaca is doing some first round of wordsmithing and then i will hand it over for integration. new is from page 1712:01
asacdavidcalle: i made a final section "Question" where we should put our standard boilerplate on how to get in ocontact like on the porting guide12:02
Chipacaasac: you know what would be cool? being able to express in hardware.yaml "when this device gets plugged in, start that service"12:10
davidcalleasac, which guide is it?12:10
davidcalleChipaca, ^12:12
Chipacaasac: first pass complete. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.  Void where prohibited.  Some assembly may be required.  Batteries not included.  Contents may settle during shipment.  Use only as directed.  May be too intense for some viewers.12:13
Chipacadavidcalle: it's not my link to hand out :-/12:13
davidcalleChipaca, well, is it the appliance webcam guide or something else?12:14
asacChipaca: lol12:14
Chipacadavidcalle: yes, it's the webcam thing12:14
davidcalleChipaca, thanks :)12:15
davidcalleasac, please don't validate chipaca changes on the doc, I need them for my fixes :)12:17
davidcalleWell validate/accept suggestions12:17
davidcalleHmm, actually you can if you want, since this is all new text (/me grabs more coffee)12:21
Chipacadavidcalle: the first paragraph i think was there last night12:23
Chipacabut i spotted things in it that were wrong so :)12:23
utlemmingdholbach: AMI ID's for AWS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871048/12:25
asacdavidcalle: oh12:28
asacdavidcalle: i thought it was all new12:28
asacdavidcalle: i added a marker of all new stuff12:28
asacyou can just replace that12:28
asacor append12:28
asacat most there is one paragraph that was already there12:29
asacwith changes12:29
asacdavidcalle: all changes got accepted12:29
asacready to go!!12:29
asacfurther changes i will not apply without telling you12:29
davidcalleasac :)12:30
utlemmingdpm, davidcalle: can you update the AMI ID's with http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871048/12:36
* dpm looks12:37
davidcalledpm, I can do that after the guide if you want12:37
dpmdavidcalle, sounds good. Can I leave it in your hands, then?12:38
davidcalledpm, yeah12:39
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: are you guys done with everything?12:47
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: if so the snappy tour could get some further attention12:47
asacit is a bit unclean right now as is12:47
asacbut dont want to detour other stuff we already discussed12:48
davidcalleasac, dholbach has already made a pass on it this morning, could you outline specific points you want changed?12:52
davidcalleasac, in the meantime, I still have a couple things to finish12:53
asacok let me look at latest tour12:54
asacdavidcalle: dholbach: who is coordinating with peter the updaste of website?12:59
davidcalleasac, dholbach maybe, not sure13:01
shadeslayeroh halo13:01
shadeslayercould someone expand on what's going on with the desktop stuff + snappy ?13:01
asachi shadeslayer13:01
* shadeslayer is quite interested13:01
asacwillcooke: ^^13:02
shadeslayerI read https://plus.google.com/u/2/+WillCooke/posts/AxfoU3N1Ezo , but it doesn't really touch on nitty gritty details :P13:02
dholbachasac, I talked to Peter - he said everything should be fine for release13:03
dholbachutlemming, taking a look in a bit13:03
asacdholbach: but who is coordinating when to roll out the changes?13:04
asacare you telling him later"?13:04
asacdholbach: asking him in -internal now13:04
dholbachasac, it'll be part of the whole website release13:04
asacshadeslayer: so all this is pretty new and fresh13:04
asacso there might not be very detailed gritty details :)13:04
shadeslayerah :)13:04
asacshadeslayer: but willcooke is here and give you more up to date story13:05
shadeslayerunderstandable, I'm just curious as to what's moving to snappy and what isn't13:05
dholbachmvo, did you end the call? :-P13:05
shadeslayerand if flavors ( or well, Kubuntu ) can leverage this as well13:05
dholbachdavidcalle, I'll update the AMIs13:06
davidcalledholbach, I'm doing it right now :13:06
dholbachooooook :)13:06
ogra_shadeslayer, everything will mmove to snappy in tehh long term ... but as i said in the other channel, the existing stuff wont go away ... if you want to move to snappy as well yu will just haveto use or provide the right framework packages i guess13:09
shadeslayerogra_: so ... you won't share any packaging with debian in the long term?13:10
shadeslayeror do you plan to push snappy to debian?13:10
ogra_ther is no deb support in snappy currently13:10
ogra_its all snaps ... and snaps are more like tasks than like single binary packages13:11
davidcalledholbach, I've done the change, but I don't mind a second pair of eyes on it.13:11
dholbachdavidcalle, let me take a look13:12
ogra_i.e. in my vision of the future desktop there are framework snaps for Mir, Wayland or plain Xorg ... then framework snaps for the different desktop flavours ... and on top your snaps of desktop apps13:12
ogra_and on the low level some shared functionallity framework snaps (printing, avahi etc) that all on top can consume13:13
willcookeshadeslayer, asac, sorry, was in a meeting...13:14
ogra_but thats only my personal vision ... there has nothing official been defined yet13:14
willcookeshadeslayer, best thing is to listen in on the UOS sessions13:15
willcookeshadeslayer, but in a nut shell...13:15
dholbachdavidcalle, looks good!13:15
willcookeshadeslayer, we're creating a Snappy Personal Image (similar to an ISO) which will use Snappy packages instead of debs for the installation of software.13:15
willcooketo start with we are going to be pre-installing a lot of software while we get to grips with Snappy packaging13:16
ogra_ubuntu-desktop framework snap :)13:16
willcookebut over the course of the next 6 months more and more things will become snaps, and fewer and fewer things will be in the image13:16
davidcalledholbach, thanks :)13:16
willcookee.g.  Today, LibreOffice might be in the image, in a few months there will be a LibreOffice Snap which you can install13:17
willcookeand, like the .deb version, the desktop package will pull in a lot of apps by default, like LO13:17
willcookeplus it'll be Unity 8 & Mir of course13:17
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dholbachdavidcalle, are we done now? :)13:26
dholbachI think we are... minus bug reports and some 'edge' images which still have to pop up, right?13:27
shadeslayerwillcooke: I see, thanks for providing some insight :)13:29
willcookeshadeslayer, no worries, feel free to drop in to #ubuntu-desktop and chat with us some more, plus UOS sessions of course13:31
shadeslayerofcourse :)13:31
davidcalledholbach, I think so! Which bug reports?14:08
dholbachdavidcalle, those that come in later on :)14:09
dholbachI fixed one by steve earlier14:09
davidcalledholbach, oh right :) eg. https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/144762614:09
davidcalleasac, what can we say for this report? ^ Is there a command issue or the user has the wrong PPA on vivid?14:10
asacdavidcalle: i think its outdated udf14:15
asacsergiusens: https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/144762614:15
asaccan you confirm?14:15
sergiusensdavidcalle: you need the ppa even on vivid... I did have a small discussion with dholbach about this14:17
sergiusensdavidcalle: but if we default to everyone needing the ppa no matter what distro series you are on, support is so much simpler14:18
davidcallesergiusens, of course, what I'm wondering is: for this command to work, which PPA on vivid? The one called "beta" right?14:19
sergiusensdavidcalle: beta is what we promote, correct14:20
davidcallesergiusens, thanks, I'll mention it on the guide to clarify things.14:22
dholbachsergiusens, mvo, asac: I have a problem - I just produced an updated image with udf (r35), but when I dd (incl. sync run) it onto my micro-sd it takes around 2-3 seconds only14:22
dholbachI don't know what's going wrong14:22
asacdholbach: its not right14:23
asacdholbach: what /dev/node are you using?14:23
dholbachany pointers on how I could debug it?14:23
asacdholbach: is that a built in thing?14:23
dholbachin a lenovo x22014:24
asacdholbach: ls -la /dev/mmcblk*14:24
sergiusensasac: that's fine, it's my def target as well14:24
sergiusensoh, dd is broken14:24
sergiusensI mean, dd'ing14:24
dholbachasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871641/14:25
dholbachhow is dd broken?14:25
asacdholbach: so it seems you dded to the bigh debice14:28
asacwhen the device was down14:28
asacdholbach: i would suggest to rm that file14:28
asacand maybe it comes back automatically14:28
asacdholbach: try to rm it14:28
asacrm -f /dev/mmcblk014:29
asacif that doesnt work yhou need to reboot14:29
asacor reload your eemc driver14:29
asaci removed that file and replugged to get it back when i had that14:29
asacthe 3.9G file is hiding your devnode14:29
asacmost lkely its a mknod 179,0 /dev/mmcblk014:30
asacin case it doesnt reappear14:30
asacbut i would rather reboot than risk doing something naasty14:30
dholbach3900000000 Bytes (3,9 GB) kopiert, 6,75914 s, 577 MB/s14:30
dholbachI don't think that's possible14:30
dholbachbut yeah, I'll reboot14:30
dholbachnow it's complaining that  »/dev/mmcblk0“  is readonly14:33
dholbachok, now it's starting to copy - let's see if I can boot it later on14:33
sergiusensdholbach: mmcblk0 readonly might be becase the sdcard has a lock switch toggled14:34
dholbachsergiusens, yes, that was the case this time - but what's bizarre: this morning I could toggle the switch whichever way I wanted, it was always readonly14:35
dholbachanyway, now it seems to be happy14:35
dholbachdavidcalle, ah.... ok - now I got it - Tim was all about the porting guide14:40
dholbachmvo, sergiusens, did you ever see something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871824/?14:50
sergiusensdholbach: yes, a package with no namespace that isn't supposed to have one does14:52
sergiusensdholbach: output of ls /apps /oem please14:53
dholbachsergiusens, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871833/14:53
sergiusensdholbach: snappy list still works?14:54
dholbachsergiusens, yes - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871837/14:54
mvodholbach: I just got that14:55
mvosergiusens: I got that too, it is type framework, this is confusing14:55
sergiusensmvo: so we are probably printing the wrong error15:00
sergiusensdholbach: I need to fix the empty message on error15:00
davidcalledpm, dholbach, asac, what about hiding the Tutorials page for now? It brings nothing to the table.15:02
dholbachdavidcalle, the tour?15:02
sergiusensmvo: oh, Chipaca has an mp15:02
davidcalleOh right, the tour is a subpage of it. Nevermind then :)15:03
asacdavidcalle: it has two tutorials linked, no?15:03
dholbachyes, let's just leave it there for now15:03
dholbachlet's do more IA changes after the release15:03
dholbachor... the other way around: let's try to avoid doing IA changes today :)15:04
mvosergiusens: thats for later, we need one fix from him, but no more non-critical bugs, I guess we need to fork trunk to 15.04 too at some point15:04
sergiusensmvo: yeah, make last call and I'll create the series15:05
sergiusensand trunk can move on15:05
davidcalledholbach, asac, yes yes, I've been focusing on the Guides page and forgot these 2 were under tutorials.15:11
loolmvo: pi2.lool should be in the store since lsat thursday or so16:02
loolI used it successfully from the store16:02
loolbut then I think we landed some store changes with namespaces, not sure if that changes anything16:02
loolmvo: published rpi2.lool for 15.04 and rolling16:03
mvolool: I uplaoded pi2.canonical16:03
loolmvo: oh great; so should I kill mine?16:04
mvolool: with a higher version number but otherwise identical16:04
loolmvo: so we're officially supporting it?16:04
dholbachlool, mvo: does that mean we need to update the docs? (https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-raspi2)16:04
loolI wasn't sure about that16:04
mvolool: probably, see other channel - uh, I don't know, thats a question for asac I guess16:04
loolmvo: first, I thought we'd want rpi upstream to maintain, then I thought PES would maintain16:05
mvolool: someone (need to check backlog) suggested to use the canonical namespace for it16:05
loolasac: ^16:05
mvolool: but I can unpublish if that is not actually what we want16:05
loolmvo: you're right, we need asac on this Q16:05
asacwe dont want it to be .canonical for now16:27
asacits fine to be .lool16:27
asacwe can discussin malta16:28
loolmvo: ^16:28
* ogra_ notes down "want to be .lool"16:29
loologra_: I'll upload an ogra.lool16:29
* lool hug16:29
* ogra_ hugs lool 16:29
loolmy mailbox has blown completely out of proportions in the last 24 hours16:30
mvolool, asac: unpublished pi2.canonical16:42
mterryHow do I update a devel snappy install to devel-proposed?  I tried using system-image-cli but that doesn't seem to take effect17:02
mterry(using --switch)17:02
dpmmterry, I was just going to ask the same question :)17:10
mterryjdstrand, did that framework-dependency issue every get resolved?19:46
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jdstrandmterry: oh yes, I never did ping you19:58
jdstrandmterry: it's all good19:58
mterryjdstrand, awesome19:58
jdstrandmterry: that was fixed *ages* ago. like, Monday even19:58
jdstrandmterry: happy release day btw :)19:59
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rcjmhall119, Updates for snappy start docs for cloud images.21:15
rcjmhall119, change the gce example image name from "ubuntu-core-devel-v20141215" to "ubuntu-snappy-core-1504-stable-2-v20150423"21:16
rcjmhall119, remove the table of AWS EC2 AMI ids of images.  There is a command to list them that will return the correct AMIs for a point in time; that cmd is already in the doc.21:17
rcjmhall119, change the Azure example image name from "b39f27a8b8c64d52b05eac6a62ebad85__Ubuntu-15.04-Snappy-core-amd64-edge-20150423-36-en-us-30GB" to "b39f27a8b8c64d52b05eac6a62ebad85__Ubuntu-15.04-Snappy-core-amd64-edge-20150423.1-40-en-us-30GB" in all occurrences as this is the release image.21:18
rcjdpm, dholback ^21:18
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