philipballewKilos, If you need, when you are away with no power I can do English greetings and point people to your site.06:21
Kiloswonderful philipballew  ty for that06:22
philipballewphilipballew, yeah dude. Happy to help out where I cann.06:22
Kilosi just need to find guys as well that can greet in all the languages as well. like i think rejerson69  doesnt understan english or french06:24
Kilosmaybe need to add something to the site for swahili06:24
Kilosgreat to have you on board philipballew  ty so much06:29
philipballewKilos, how many languages should we support? and I think that the intro/greeting should be in several languages also.06:30
philipballewalso maybe setting up tags for people to do like06:30
philipballewor something like that06:30
* philipballew is just throwing ideas out06:30
Kilosyeah i can work  up maybe something in the topic bar as well for different languages06:33
philipballewKilos, what languages do you think should be official?06:34
Kilosi think the guys that have linked up with us so far can do them. there are a couple on the west upper coast like ethiopia tha have joined but have very little free time to chat here much06:35
Kilosenglish, french and swahili so far06:35
philipballewEgypt has a nice community as well iirc06:36
* philipballew only speaks English and Spanish06:36
Kilosoh we have a guy here from egypt06:36
* pieter2627 would like to point to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Africa06:38
Kiloshere are those that have joined us https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams06:38
philipballewthats a lot pieter262706:39
philipballewKilos, I think a big social media push is also necessary here.06:40
Kiloswe are looking in facebook as well but thats not my cup of tea06:40
philipballewKilos, I think that you running something similar to Ubucon LA is not a bad idea?06:40
philipballewKilos, I do twitter06:40
Kilossoon we will hit twitter too06:40
philipballewif you need help with twitter I can assist06:41
philipballewbut eventually running an Ubucon would be ideal06:41
Kilosjust advertise the site and this channel i think06:41
philipballewyes. That is what we need first.06:41
philipballewthen branch out06:41
Kilosill see who can do FB for us and inetpro  will do G+06:42
Kilosphilipballew  pieter2627  is one of our za member that helped with the site content06:43
philipballewpieter2627, it looks cool!06:43
Kilosand inetpro  has his fingers in everywhere06:44
pieter2627oh yeah sorry for bad manners. Hi philipballew and ty06:45
Kilosshould have been an ubuntu member years ago imo06:45
philipballewbeing an Ubuntu member is cool06:45
Kiloshaha i even got an email from mark saying i forgot to give the link06:46
Kilosim old and forgetful so hopefully im forgiven06:46
Kilossee like these peeps philipballew  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cd06:55
Kilosi had no email replies from them until i had my greeting translated to french, then we got replies06:56
Kilosstickyboy  where are you now07:07
Kiloshi there elacheche08:39
Kilosread this mornings logs08:40
elachecheHi Kilos :) You missed a new visitor last night :) Check the logs if you like :)08:40
Kilosdid you greet08:40
Kiloswhen im sleeping you guys must do the invites and welcomes please08:41
elachecheKilos, check the logs and you tell me :) ;)08:41
Kiloslol i can never find logs08:42
Kiloslink please!08:42
Kiloslet me try again08:42
elachechehere you go http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/04/22/%23ubuntu-africa.html#t21:3708:43
Kilosoh yeah i know melodie, i invited her to check out this channel and ubuntu-za08:45
elachecheKilos, him! ;)08:48
Kilosshe works vewry hard for the linux cause08:49
elachecheoups, didn't notice she's a girl tell now.. x)08:50
Kilosmature woman08:50
elacheche"mature" That's I know :) she uses FOSS for a while x)08:51
Kilosshe is even training mali peeps to do admin for linux in schools i think08:51
Kilosi need to find someone to translate my greeting message into swahili as well i think08:52
Kilosi have it in french and english only08:53
elachecheKilos, you're south africain, you should be talking swahli :p08:56
Kilosnono we have zulu and xhosa here08:57
Kilosand sotho08:57
Kilosand i only know bits08:58
Kilossee like rejerson69  might not understand us09:03
Kilosi can say dumela and sawubona but not much more09:04
stickyboyKilos: Meeting with Linux people in Addis on Saturday,19:52
stickyboyelacheche: Swahili is Kenya / Tanzania. :P19:52
melodiegood night20:22
ubuntiste-msaknithanks for the information stickyboy :)20:27
ubuntiste-msaknistickyboy, you're sleeping? :p20:53
stickyboyubuntiste-msakni: Nah, not sleeping. Should be. I'm working on some XML crap with sed.21:08
ubuntiste-msaknix) have fun :D21:08
stickyboyubuntiste-msakni: I edited bunch of files manually, and now I found out the tabs weren't spaces.21:13
stickyboyAnd I am kinda anal, so I wanna fix it. But ugh.21:13
ubuntiste-msakniI know that feeling.. :/21:19
ubuntiste-msakniI hate working on XML21:20
stickyboyubuntiste-msakni: I'm not parsing it or anything hehe.21:21

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