Elleonik90: e.g. it doesn't handle http 302 moved instructions properly00:00
nik90Elleo: what's the c++ class we need to implement httprequests? I can take a look at the documents and see if I can implement a plugin or atleast make a start on it00:00
nik90Elleo: my c++ is a bit limited and this might be a good way to learn00:00
Elleonik90: it ends up prepending any html 302 moved message to the start of the actual file after following the redirection, so it's no longer proper xml00:00
Elleonik90: well we'd basically just be using straight forward qnetworkrequests00:01
Elleonik90: and then maybe something like qxmlsimplereader to parse the RSS00:02
Elleonot sure if that's the most flexible option, haven't done much XML parsing in Qt before00:03
nik90I guess the C++ implementation will also help fix some bugs we already have where certain podcasts show up with empty00:03
Elleonik90: yeah, it'll certainly fix the one that gives us security errors, and any that use redirects (which is a bunch)00:04
Elleonik90: an alternative approach to doing it in C++ might be to see if we can do something with an XmlListModel in QML00:05
Elleonik90: that might be a little inflexible though, I haven't given it much thought00:06
nik90Elleo: ooh I have done that before in clock (long time back) ... but I guess if the network requests are done in c++, might as well build the model there as well00:06
Elleonik90: well if we were using xmllistmodel it'd be doing the network requests for us00:11
Elleonik90: and it does that asynchronously00:12
nik90but it doesn't do authentication though00:12
Elleonik90: ah good point, in that case c++ is the way to go00:12
liuxgnik90, I found if I got the wrong"Screen.width" by  using "import QtQuick.Window 2.0". I called it in the "Component.onCompleted" in the MainView.00:41
liuxgnik90, if I call it in the MouseArea, the value becomes correct. what is the issue here?00:42
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davidcalleGood morning all06:15
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dholbachgood morning06:57
DanChapmanmorning all08:33
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bzoltan_Saviq: tvoss: the SIGTERM is handled and it does clear the state date, what is persistant only in case of SIGINT10:32
Saviqbzoltan_, yeah, but in case apps need to do something special when the user closes them, do they get the notice?10:49
Saviqlike is there QML api for that?10:49
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bzoltan_Saviq: I do not know about such API and I do not think that apps can capture these signals11:22
bzoltan_Saviq: such API would make sense, so feel free to file a bug or add a card to the sdk trello11:23
Saviqbzoltan_, will do11:23
bzoltan_Saviq: but do not expect it in the following 2-3 weeks :) we have loads of critical issues on our hands right now11:24
Saviqbzoltan_, sure, it's just a "let's not forget..." thing11:24
Saviqbzoltan_, bug #144756611:29
ubot5bug 1447566 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Need to expose API to notify about user closing the app" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144756611:29
bzoltan_Saviq: thanks11:30
dpmmardy, can you join us on #ubuntu-touch-meeting for the dekko meeting?12:02
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Silexzsombi: ping12:28
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Silexzsombi: I'm trying to find the cause of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1442518, trying to find out wether it's because of the clock app or because of the AlarmModel, and I thought you might be able to quickly answer that question12:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1442518 in Ubuntu Clock App "Enabling alarm after midnight schedules it for the next day" [High,Confirmed]12:42
zsombiSilex: trying to get to the line you pointed, but LP doesn't seem to be friendly now...12:43
zsombiSilex: I'm talking about the line you talked on ubuntu-touch12:43
Silexzsombi: the line I pointed is a dead end I think, I'm just reading the code and didn't realise it was comparing QDateTime objects12:44
Silexthought "hey if it compares strictly dates (without time) then there's our bug"12:44
zsombiSilex: yeah, I just wanted to be sure that I'm not saying bulshit before I answer :)12:44
Silexzsombi: anyway, I see there's tests already... why not add one that tests the case for the bug?12:45
Silexthis will quickly answer if it's in the clock app or in AlarmModel12:45
Silexand help a long way in the binary-search :)12:45
zsombiSilex: enabling an alarm with a wrong date won't move the date in service for sure12:46
zsombiSilex: as if the date checking fails, it will stop saving12:47
Silexzsombi: yeah but... look at the first comment in the bug report... _get_next_active_alarm() looks rather bug free. Maybe the bug is around it and still in the Clock app. I guess this will need to wait until I'm home and work out how to run the debugger in the SDK12:49
SilexI'll ping you if it turns out that the bug is indeed in the AlarmModel12:50
zsombiSilex: I have to disappoint you, but if you declare two datetimes one after each other, the earlier created one will be less than teh second one... the milliseconds do count as well. Alarms service "normalizes" the date by removing the milliseconds from it12:51
ts__Hello all, could anyone guide me using swipe panel in qml.12:52
zsombiSilex: also, AlarmModel is just a proxy interface, the alarms are handled by the Alarm itself12:52
zsombiSilex: can you point me to teh code which enables the alarm?12:53
nik90zsombi: one sec, let me get that12:54
Silexzsombi: afaik it's http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/view/head:/app/alarm/AlarmUtils.qml12:54
Silexsee _get_next_active_alarm()12:55
nik90zsombi, Silex https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/view/head:/app/alarm/AlarmDelegate.qml#L9312:55
nik90Silex: I  just realized that's not the function12:55
nik90Silex: that function is only called in the bottom edge12:55
Silexnik90: haha! your link is very interesting12:55
Silextomorrow.setDate(tomorrow.getDate() + 1)12:55
Silexthis smells like our bug12:56
zsombitold ya12:56
nik90zsombi: we are just exploring all possibilities :)12:56
zsombinik90: I know ;P12:56
Silexalright, time to make a patch :)12:57
Silexthanks for the infos zsombi12:57
zsombiSilex: yw12:57
ts__swipe panel in qml..any help?12:57
nik90Silex: btw do you have a reliable way to reproduce this bug (against which this patch can be tested against?)12:57
mcphailnik90: it is the cinderella bug: only breaks after midnight12:58
Silexnik90: other than my phone after midnight, no. But if there are tests this is easy to reproduce12:58
nik90Silex: so if I create an alarm now for 06:00 AM tomorrow and disable it. If I enable it after midnight I should be able to reproduce it, right?12:58
nik90Silex: well the line of code that I linked above can be converted into a JS function that we can have a qml test for12:59
Silexnik90: just write a test that creates a disabled stored alarm at 3am, set the current time to 1am, and enable the alarm, then assert the time to next alarm != 2h12:59
Silexerr, ==13:00
Silexthe repo doens't seem to have test tho13:00
nik90Silex: it does, let me grab the link13:00
nik90Silex: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/files/head:/tests/13:01
nik90Silex: alarmUtils unit tests can be found in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/view/head:/tests/unit/tst_alarmUtils.qml13:01
Silexnik90: good13:02
Silextst_alarm.qml only does very basic creation/editing tests13:03
SilexI guess we'll add some test_03_enable_alarm()13:04
Silexalright, I noted all these info but now I need to be home to actually start writing code. Will update the ticket when done. Thank you all13:06
nik90Silex: cool, looking forward to the patch13:06
ts__How to make swipe panel work..QML..13:07
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, ping. Just letting you know I'm online atm, working through the email you sent me.13:13
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: cool, already missed you here :)13:14
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, heh thanks13:22
akiva-thinkpadJust a little bit curious... how is ubuntu touch on battery, and how much would it be improved if we used darker themes, given that white pixels use more electricity?13:33
Silexakiva-thinkpad: Aquaris 4.5 from BQ lasts less than 4h when used heavily (e.g tower defense game), around 24h if you use it normally and 3 days if you never touch it13:38
Silexthat's my experience so far13:38
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, ping ping!13:38
brendand_akiva-thinkpad, actually the opposite is true13:39
akiva-thinkpadballoons, pong pong13:41
akiva-thinkpadbrendand_, light pixels use less electricity?13:41
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, hey, I've been curious about your autopilot plugin for the SDK and haven't been able to get ahold of you. It's nice to see your irc handle around again :-)13:41
brendand_akiva-thinkpad, well yes and no13:42
akiva-thinkpadballoons, heh, well i must apologize. being pacific time, you guys get up at midnight, and get off work at 8 am13:42
brendand_akiva-thinkpad, if the pixel is completely off it will use no electricity13:42
akiva-thinkpadbrendand_, hmmm13:42
brendand_akiva-thinkpad, there is no real powersaving from using a darker theme13:43
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, ahh no worries at all.. Timezones make things hard!13:43
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, anyways when you get  a moment, let's talk about the plugin13:43
akiva-thinkpadballoons, well working on it now, good of time as ever13:43
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, how can I play around with it? How can I help out? I'm keen to see what it can do. The idea is for you to be able to run autopilot tests without leaving the SDK right?13:58
akiva-thinkpadballoons, exactly.13:59
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, also, as UOS is coming up, do you think this would make for a good demo? We have a show and tell track for 5-10 min demos, I think this would be a good one if you are interested in demoing it13:59
akiva-thinkpadsec, you can actually help me with a little mistake I made, when I removed myself as the driver of the project and putting it to the sdk team13:59
akiva-thinkpadyah that sounds like fun13:59
akiva-thinkpadhere I'll grab the lp.14:00
akiva-thinkpadballoons, https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-autopilot14:01
akiva-thinkpadthe I'll have to push the latest revision so the .pro file can build the plugin properly. bzoltan_ recently changed it around to get it prepped for debian packaging.14:01
akiva-thinkpadHey I'm trying to compile the calculator app, and Its failing here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10871529/14:04
akiva-thinkpadsomething to do with the translations. This is a new install of 15.0414:05
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, excellent. Propose the session here, and choose 'show and tell' track. http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/propose_meeting/14:06
kunalballoons, those two MR fails randomly14:09
kunalsometime pass and some time fails14:09
balloonskunal, sorry I missed the MR's, can you re-link>14:09
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, can you add a readme that tells you how to test this out on the SDK?14:10
akiva-thinkpadballoons, sure. Could you put me as the driver of the project again so I can merge code :)14:12
akiva-thinkpador add me to the sdk team14:12
* balloons lacks superpowers14:12
akiva-thinkpadokay I'll poke zbenjamin14:13
balloonsbzoltan_, zbenjamin could one of you switch the driver for https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-autopilot so non-SDK folks can commit to it again?14:14
akiva-thinkpadlol thanks14:16
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aquariusbzoltan_, can I install newer versions of the SDK on Ubuntu 14.04 desktop?14:50
aquarius(or anyone else who knows, of course)14:51
aquariuschrisccoulson, just thought you'd like to know, I busted out the Bq in the pub the other day and pointed it at html5test... highest score of any phone in the group. Rock :)14:51
chrisccoulsonaquarius, brilliant :)14:51
akiva-thinkpadaquarius, I don't think you can get all the new libraries as easy.14:52
aquariusI almost died of smug poisoning14:52
aquariuschrisccoulson, on the other hand, then the whole thing hung and I had to restart, so all is not perfect ;)14:52
aquariusakiva-thinkpad, that's what I was worried about, but I thought I'd ask bzoltan_ in the hope that I'm wrong :P14:52
chrisccoulsonaquarius, the phone or the browser?14:53
akiva-thinkpadaquarius, 15.04 is a good release :)14:53
aquariuschrisccoulson, phone. :P14:53
chrisccoulsonaquarius, aha, that's ok then :)14:53
aquariusakiva-thinkpad, I daresay it is. I'm happy with the LTS. And developing for the phone should not require me to run a developer or interim release, in my opinion. :) I have the emulator, but it'd be nice not to have to use it.14:54
akiva-thinkpadaquarius, well it depends what kind of development. Like for example when I had to build the latest QtCreator from source, I had to update my distro because the library version needed was only available in 15.04.14:55
aquariusakiva-thinkpad, ah, sure, yeah; if you're developing the platform itself then certainly running the latest release is the best idea!14:56
aquariusI am not. :)14:56
akiva-thinkpadSo maybe not. Still a good idea though.14:56
nik90aquarius: we're in the same boat15:02
aquariusnik90, yeah. And I can't get beru to run in the emulator, for reasons I don't understand :15:06
aquariushence wondering, can't I just do this on the desktop#?15:06
nik90aquarius: you could set up a lxc container and try that out15:07
* aquarius winces15:07
aquariusactually, no, I couldn't, could I?15:07
aquariusbecause the relevant bits of the SDK aren't there15:07
aquariuswhen I *run* it15:07
aquariuscan I *run* something in a chroot?15:08
* akiva-thinkpad is a chroot newb15:09
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, so how can I try out the plugin until you can otherwise commit a readme to the source? can you put something into your personal +junk branch for me to see?15:11
nik90aquarius: well I did run dekko and clock app tests using a lxc container at oone point..but it is quite some work to get gui apps up and running15:13
aquariusyeah. that sounds like a vicious faff15:13
Silexnik90: do you have some link about how to quickly setup an lxc container? I'm used to docker, and atm I just want to apt-get install some stuffs without breaking everything15:13
akiva-thinkpadballoons, i'll push and send you the branch. you just need to get the dev version of qt creator from the repos, build the .pro file, and set the executable to /usr/bin/qtcreator15:14
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, if you can put that all nicely together in the readme for the branch, that would be lovely!15:15
balloonsassume I know nothing :-)15:15
akiva-thinkpadballoons, well do15:16
nik90Silex: http://nik90.com/fiddling-around-with-lxc-containers/ ..15:17
Silexnik90: thanks15:17
DanChapmanSilex: I had goodsuccess with docker and the SDK to develop dekko, something like this works pretty good https://bitbucket.org/snippets/dekkoproject/j88X15:18
* balloons sees another demo here15:18
balloons*wink* *wink*15:18
DanChapmanoh yeah!!! damn I forgot to register a session15:19
nik90DanChapman: that's your cue :P15:19
SilexDanChapman: yeah, I was more talking about running it *on my phone*15:19
Silexusing apt-get on the phone is not recommanded15:19
Silexthought I could fool around by doing it in a lxc container15:19
nik90Silex: oh15:20
Silexon the desktop I just use docker15:20
nik90that's beyond what I know..may be some platform devs like ogra_ or sergiusens can probably help you there15:21
SilexDanChapman: any advantages on running the ubuntu SDK in a docker? I don't quite see it15:21
SilexDanChapman: I can see the advantage of wanting to box chromium but the ubuntu sdk?15:21
mcphailSilex: might keep all those nasty chroots out of the mount lists15:22
DanChapmanSilex: to be able create ubuntu apps with the latest SDK on non 14.10/15.04 desktops15:23
SilexDanChapman: right, I run 14.10 I didn't think of the other desktops15:24
Silexmcphail's argument is interesting too15:24
mzanettipopey, meeting?15:34
mzanettiwe've got a guest today :)15:34
popeyoh, sorry. doing 3 things at once.15:34
akiva-thinkpadballoons, https://code.launchpad.net/~akiva/qtcreator-plugin-autopilot/qtcreator-plugin-autopilot15:43
akiva-thinkpadI put the instructions [hastily] into the changelog.15:43
akiva-thinkpadand that was before it dawned on me that you wanted a readme .txt file. I'll do that tomorrow I guess :)15:44
akiva-thinkpadanyways I have to head out.15:44
akiva-thinkpadcheers everyone15:45
ogra_Silex, you can download http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/vivid/release/ubuntu-core-15.04-core-armhf.tar.gz and untar it to /home/phablet ... then enable ssh with: android-gadget-service enable ssh ... then you can ssh localhost from the terminal app and use the unpacked tarball as chroot to work in15:49
ogra_(indeed with some ssh key setup and so on)15:49
Silexogra_: thanks!15:59
Silexso plain chroot, okay15:59
ogra_well, i have never tried with lxc ... might work15:59
karniI can't find where 'PopupUtils.open' is documented, and it's all over our examples.16:00
ogra_the essential bit is the ssh phablet@localhost bit16:00
ogra_the plain terminal-app is to restrictive to run chroots16:00
nik90karni: yes that's indeed a undocumented part of the SDK.16:04
nik90karni: what I did in the past was to look at PopupUtils.js (I think) code in the sdk source tree16:04
nik90karni: let me grab the link for you if I can find it16:04
karninik90: I guess I'm left with that. I'm having problems accessing variables when using them to populate dialog text, etc, I think they're out of scope.16:05
karninik90: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/Popups/internalPopupUtils.js16:05
nik90karni: indeed they are...what I did there was do ->  var varName = Qt.binding( function ({ return model.name}) )16:05
karninik90: I suppose that's that?16:05
nik90karni: yes16:06
karninik90: thank you :)16:06
nik90karni: actually https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Popups/popupUtils.js16:07
karnithank you16:07
nik90not internalPopupUtils.js16:07
karniwill have a look16:07
karnioh, that's small16:07
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karninik90: is anything obviously wrong here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10872495/16:35
karninik90: the text property is not resolved when I see the dialog16:35
karnizbenjamin: hey bro, I'd like to bring this issue to attention of the SDK team. it's not the first time I see timer being used as a workaround (and I was forced to do it similarily myself, though in different cases) http://askubuntu.com/questions/282629/how-to-display-popup-dialog-after-app-start16:47
sverzegnassikarni, FWIW, just an idea: why not expose the Dialog as JS var, while loading it though PopupUtils.open()? i.e. http://paste.ubuntu.com/10872666/17:05
karnisverzegnassi: yes, thank you for your response. I talked to nik90, and he suggested the same way, so I'm following that right now.17:07
sverzegnassikarni: ah ok, good to hear you solved it! :-)17:07
karnisverzegnassi: cheers :)17:08
zbenjaminkarni: hey, you asking the wrong guy :D zsombi, t1mp or kalikiana hack on the UiTK i do 99,9% the tools17:38
karnizbenjamin: I forgot who does uitk and found you hanging out here haha :D17:38
karnizsombi: t1mp: hey bros, I'd like to bring this issue to attention of the SDK team. it's not the first time I see timer being used as a workaround (and I was forced to do it similarily myself, though in different cases) http://askubuntu.com/questions/282629/how-to-display-popup-dialog-after-app-start17:38
t1mpkarni: interesting17:41
t1mpkarni: I wonder if the onCompleted is really called17:42
t1mpkarni: or perhaps when onCompleted is triggered, the Rectangle parent is not yet set. Then the popup will fail to open because it uses the parent of the Rectangle to find the root window in which to show the popover17:42
t1mpkarni: the second parameter of PopupUtils.open() is only there for the popover to point to that object. If you don't pass it, the popover will simply be centered in your window.17:43
karnit1mp: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~libqtelegram-team/libqtelegram/telegram-app/view/head:/ui/DialogPage.qml#L84317:43
karnit1mp: sendPhotoTimer is right above. if I try to call the code that is in onTriggered directly, it won't work.17:44
karniif I use a timer, it works.17:44
karnit1mp: though this is not as trivial example as the first one, so I can't rule out other factors,17:44
karnit1mp: I could think when root component onComplete is called, UI tree is ready and visible, no?17:45
karni*would think17:45
t1mpkarni: yes, I think so too, but this is not the root component17:49
karniwell, regardless, if Component.onCompleted is called, one would think the rect is Complete, but you're suggesting it may not be visible yet?17:51
t1mpkarni: I'm suggesting that the parent of Rectangle may not be completed yet17:52
karniah, right17:52
t1mpkarni: internally, the parent of the popover is set to the root item (because the popover can be positioned outside of the item that calls it)17:53
t1mpI'm not sure that this is the problem, but it could be it17:53
t1mpthat would explain why it works with a timer17:53
karniyup, I think you're right t1mp17:54
karniif I ever see a timer used in similar case, I'll mention this17:54
karni(to the requestor, not here :) )17:55
t1mpkarni: can you report a bug for this?17:55
t1mpkarni: in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit17:55
karnisure, t1mp17:55
t1mpwe should find a way to make it work17:55
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ubot5Ubuntu bug 1447735 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "PopupUtils.open may not work from non-root Component.onCompleted" [Undecided,New]17:57
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, For the factory, I created it once at initialization, and I grab it with a static_cast from the object pool to add new run configurations. The memory leak is fixed, and is no longer creating those factories over and over again.18:13
akiva-thinkpadgood catch :)18:13
ant400468hi all, what is the command to execute for install an html5 app on ubuntu phone (locally)? the app is copied in /tmp dir with extension .click. thank you18:19
akiva-thinkpadhi ant400468  o/18:19
* akiva-thinkpad is not an html5 dev18:19
ant400468here? this chat?18:20
akiva-thinkpadpopey, do you know?18:20
akiva-thinkpadant400468, this is chat :) Come and stay awhile18:20
ant400468what is popey, is a food? i joke18:20
nik90well since it is a click package, installing it should be similar to other click package installation18:20
nik90pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted path/to/click18:21
ant400468thank you a lot nik18:21
nik90ant400468: yw18:21
akiva-thinkpadnik90, btw before I go; what are you thinking of doing for the online summit? I wouldnt mind joining you again on hangouts18:21
ant400468and after i will see it in app scope, its true?18:21
ant400468i try18:22
nik90akiva-thinkpad: I haven't decided really..although I will be joining stuart on the Ubuntu Component Store again18:22
nik90ant400468: just pull to refresh the app scope and u should see it18:22
ant400468thank you again18:22
nik90akiva-thinkpad: there is already a session planned for that on the may 6th in the evening18:22
akiva-thinkpadnik90, oh yah! Sheesh, been out of qml for so long, havn't contributed anything to it ;_;18:22
om26er_Elleo, Hi!18:22
nik90akiva-thinkpad: stuart made it even easier now with the community store18:22
akiva-thinkpadI look forward to it!18:22
nik90akiva-thinkpad: submitting now is as easy as "ucs submit launchpad-branch" !18:23
om26er_Elleo, How can I reproduce bug 1444947 without twitter. Right now twitter webapp seems to be broken.18:23
ubot5bug 1444947 in ubuntu-keyboard "Keyboard crashes if provided invalid surrounding data from a client" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144494718:23
Elleoom26er_: it'll happen in the browser same as in the webapp18:23
Elleoom26er_: if you go to http://mobile.twitter.com/18:23
nik90akiva-thinkpad: I will post on r/ubuntuappdev of all interesting session when I get a better idea later..18:23
Elleoom26er_: alternatively any username/password field that allows free text in the username field (so not email fields, etc.) will also trigger it18:24
om26er_Elleo, mobile.twitter.com does not open as well :D I'll try facebook18:25
Elleoom26er_: I think facebook might set hints on their username field that disable preedit (not certain though)18:26
Elleoom26er_: but basically any username field that shows the word ribbon (so words get placed into preedit) should work18:27
akiva-thinkpadnik90, very cool. Alright I'm off; see you all around18:27
nik90akiva-thinkpad: see you18:27
ant400468thank you very much nik your command work well, well done18:28
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nik90ant400468: cool, have fun18:31
om26er_Elleo, reddit.com worked. :) how can I verify bug 1445532 ?18:31
ubot5bug 1445532 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Keyboard should be able to load plugins from custom paths" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144553218:31
Elleoom26er_: there's instructions in the first comment on this MR: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/ubuntu-keyboard/custom-plugin-paths/+merge/25628518:32
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ant400468nik90 thanks i switching from iphone 6 128 GB and is a lot hard search all i needed, but ubuntu is ubuntu and at least one chance i have to give it!18:41
david_________Bonsoir, un francophone sur le chat ?18:42
nik90ant400468: Do keep in mind that it is a first-generation software and is only bound to get better over time. You should really take a look at iPhone1 or Android 1.0 and see their limitations when they came out.18:42
nik90ant400468: that said, facing any issue or stuck somewhere, feel free to raise questions18:42
nik90ant400468: someone might come along and help you out ;)18:42
ant400468nik90 yes yes i mean, i remember, for being a first version was a great start, my soul is open source, i' m a java/j2ee/grails/groovy developer  8 years old.  that's why i have to at least try. if i can help someone i do it kindly :) the problem is the time, the work take a lot of the daytime :)18:50
ant400468thank you again and sorry for my english, i'm an italian boy :) i will back soon here, hear it! bye18:55
david_________salut ! je cherche un peu d'aide en francais !19:01
davidcalledavid_________, ?19:07
davidcalleSalut, quel est le souci ?19:08
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rickspencer3has anyone seen this issue: when I use a popover, the titles and toolbars for my tabs disappear after closing it20:29
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