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phong_I'm new to submitting bugs at Ubuntu so I would very much appreciate some help.18:44
phong_I've already submitted at:18:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1447632 in Ubuntu "CIFS mount freezes after coming from suspend" [Undecided,New]18:45
phong_But it seems it's not in the correct format (as the bot replied in the comment)18:45
phong_Can anyone direct me how to submit it - or better - how to solve that one.18:47
bdmurrayphong_: its needs to be marked as affecting a specific package19:21
bdmurrayah, it looks like you switched it to cifs-utils19:22
phong_Yes, I added that now as I needed cifs-utils to use cifs mounts.19:23
phong_I think I'll try to reproduce this bug in some other Linux distro (eg.: CentOS) to see if it's Ubuntu specific.19:30
phong_But it happens in many (all?) version of Ubuntu (12.04?, 14.04, 15.04)19:30
phong_Does it mean that if it happens in CentOS, I should submit the bug to Samba (and not Ubuntu)?19:31

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