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themusicgod1oh hey jlamothe13:59
themusicgod1how do I go about opening a chapter in thunder bay?14:07
geniithemusicgod1: The sort of "official way" ...If you don't already have a Launchpad login, that's where to start. Then you can make a wiki page about yourself and apply for Ubuntu membership, and Ubuntu Canada membership on Launchpad. The existing members help by giving testimonials on your wiki and showing up on IRC when you up for membership. From there you just try and find others in your area and gather together occasionally for Ubuntu Hours and14:26
geniiRelease Parties, hook up with local LUGs, etc14:26
geniiUnofficially just start doing the last thing there :)14:27
geniithemusicgod1: You can also apply on Launchpad to Ubuntu Canada group without needing to be an official Ubuntu member14:30
themusicgod1i've got a launchpad login14:41
themusicgod1i'll see if i can make a wiki page14:41
themusicgod1unfortunately i think the local LUG doesn't exist anymore14:43
themusicgod1I am hosting a key signing party next week though, though that's more of a debian thing maybe14:44
themusicgod1through the local hackerspace(ohmbase)14:45
geniithemusicgod1: Yes, I was just searching for a LUG close to you but the ones which used to be in that area including NOLUG seem to be defunct. There may be one in Sudbury but it doesn't seem to have a website I can find. Closest otherwise is the one in Ottawa14:48
geniithemusicgod1: If you contact someone in OCLUG they may know of people or groups closer to you14:49
themusicgod1yeah winnipeg is probably closer than ottawa14:50
themusicgod1i'm assuming if there's anyone nearby they'll eventually wander into the hackerspace14:51
geniithemusicgod1: I do know of a regular Kubuntu user in Espanola, I could ask him if he knows any groups around there14:51
themusicgod1no idea where that is :)14:54
geniithemusicgod1: Couple hours west of you above Manitoulin14:54
themusicgod1oh east of the sault14:55
geniiBluesKaj: Hiyas! :)14:57
geniithemusicgod1: BluesKaj is the Kubuntu user I was mentioning14:58
* genii makes a pretense of making introductions14:58
geniiI'm sort of wondering now what became of NOLUG, seemed like a decent idea14:59
geniiwork, afk a bit15:02
BluesKajthemusicgod1 , Hi15:05
themusicgod1oh cool15:23
themusicgod1sorry, workstation froze up due to debugging session mihap15:23
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