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imgbot=== IMAGE 183 DONE (finished: 20150423-03:25) ===03:25
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/183.changes ===03:25
rsalvetiogra_: small one https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ubuntu-touch-session/fixing_expect_upstart_obexd/+merge/25720204:33
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ogra_rsalveti, approved07:03
sil2100Mirv: we have one free silo - do you want to take it? ;)08:16
Mirvsil2100: well.. I think I'd rather wait for a better situation. I need to first to do the actual rebasing (of this Qt 5.6 code...) anyway and can build locally, plus thumbnailer branch isn't ready08:20
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sil2100dbarth_, oSoMoN: ping09:00
oSoMoNsil2100, pong09:00
oSoMoNwhat’s up?09:00
sil2100dbarth_, oSoMoN: the oxide 1.6.4 silo seems to have some webapp problems (QA double-confirming now), did that pop up during your testing as well?09:00
sil2100Also, how's progress with 1.7.2 testing?09:01
oSoMoNsil2100, I didn’t see any issues with webapps with 1.6.4, what kind of issues?09:01
oSoMoNsil2100, we found a blocker with 1.7.2, Chris wrote a fix and we will have to update the silo to 1.7.409:01
oSoMoNI mean 1.7.309:02
sil2100oSoMoN: ToyKeeper commented on trello: "Fail: This silo fixes the HERE T&C but makes web apps crash on start."09:02
sil2100You can check the details there09:02
sil2100davmor2 will try to reproduce09:03
oSoMoNI did my testing on krillin09:04
dbarth_1.7.3 working great here09:05
dbarth_checking the trello board now09:05
dbarth_oSoMoN: i wonder if the crashers are arale and same as what we saw yesterday09:07
dbarth_ie, the sandbox model change triggered by the newer kernels09:07
dbarth_ToyKeeper: around? can you confirm the tests were on arale?09:07
ToyKeeperdbarth_: Yes, it was on arale.09:08
oSoMoNdbarth_, it shouldn’t be related, afaiu that’s a change in chromium itself09:08
dbarth_webbrowser-app works, because of the security policy, but all webapps would crash because of that newer kernel09:08
dbarth_well, i guess 1.7.3 comes handy then09:08
oSoMoNdbarth_, still, we should try and publish 1.6 first09:08
dbarth_but just not on arale09:09
dbarth_sil2100: how's that doable ? ie, release 1.6.4 to all but vivid/arale09:09
dbarth_and line up 1.7.3 in a silo for the image09:09
dbarth_sorry it is that complicated09:09
oSoMoNdbarth_, I’m not an expert on that, but I don’t think that’s doable, the same archive and overlay PPA feed all images09:12
dbarth_so 1.6.4 for vivid is toasted; there's just the security updates for other releases which will be releasable09:14
dbarth_and 1.7.3 is the only one we can try on vivid proper09:14
sil2100dbarth_: we can't release something that's broken for arale...09:14
dbarth_1.7.2 was already working fine on mako, 1.7.3 fixes issues on arale09:14
sil2100Since our goal is arale09:14
dbarth_sil2100: precisely09:14
dbarth_so unfortunately the 1.6.4 step was a waste of efforts09:14
sil2100No worries, let's just try making sure 1.7.3 is good for everything09:15
dbarth_i'll double check on krillin and mako right now09:15
sil2100Thanks :)09:15
jibelsil2100, so we stop on 1.6.4 and wait for a new silo with 1.7.3?09:34
sil2100jibel: yeah... there's no use in 1.6.4 it seems ;/09:42
sil2100It was broken on arale from the start it seems09:42
jibeldbarth_, ETA for a new version?09:42
sil2100At least it seems to be already built...09:48
oSoMoNdbarth_, no 1.6.4 was not a waste of efforts, it still needs to go to vivid-security09:53
dbarth_jibel, oSoMoN: 1.7.3 is built indeed10:05
dbarth_the build won't install on krillin/rtm-14.09 though, because of build deps; it will take a source copy into a silo to get rid of media-hub/qt5.4 build deps i guess10:07
dbarth_i'm on reviving my mako which fainted out of battery last night10:07
dbarth_jibel, sil2100, oSoMoN: initial testing on mako/vivid is positive: problems fixed and we even get background audio playback for free ! :) \o/10:19
sil2100Ou yeah10:20
dbarth_and arale was working fine earlier today on my arale with the key webapps as well + webgl in the browser + CTR as well10:20
dbarth_maybe we can unfold the rest of the test suite with oSoMoN and hand that over back to QA early this afternoon10:20
sil2100dbarth_: that's great news - when do you think it would be ready for a silo? Maybe we could re-use the 1.6.4 silo and just copy over the newer oxide10:20
oSoMoNubuntu-qa: any chance silo 21 will be validated before the landing gates for vivid close tonight?10:21
sil2100Would be great, we can't have the RC without a new oxide10:21
dbarth_sil2100: ah silo yes: can you transfer the build to whichever is free10:21
sil2100dbarth_: btw. there's silo 11 that has oxide 1.5.6 in it, let me free that up then10:22
rvroSoMoN: It's in the queue, so there are chances.10:22
dbarth_oSoMoN: so that 1.6.4 silo is not needed anymore, since the other releases will be via the normal security pocket10:22
jibeloSoMoN, priority is 16, 18, 25 and 27. It can be verified once these are done10:22
dbarth_sil2100: right, this one is outdated anyway10:23
sil2100jibel: do we have anyone on 18 from our current timezone?10:23
jibelrvr, which silo are you on?10:23
dbarth_jibel: and so 16 becomes 11, as i guess oxide is the priority item10:24
rvrjibel: I've been trying to validate 7, but I'm blocked and will take 27 after repartitioning10:24
jibeldbarth_, ack10:24
oSoMoNdbarth_, sure the silo is not needed any longer, but the testing was not a waste of time10:24
dbarth_oSoMoN: no, you're right10:25
oSoMoNjibel, rvr: thanks, you guys are doing a great job of validating our work, keep it up :)10:25
sil2100chrisccoulson: hey! So I would like to copy 1.7.3 from the phablet PPA to a silo PPA but I see that it's suffixed with ~ppa1 - would you want to publish it with this version to the touch overlay PPA?10:25
jibelrvr, can you continue alesage verification of 18?10:25
rvrjibel: Sure10:26
jibelrvr, thanks10:26
sil2100dbarth_, oSoMoN, jibel: I'll copy oxide-qt 1.7.3 to silo 16, but it'll be with the ~ppa1 suffix10:27
sil2100I think it should be fine to publish it with such a version10:27
sil2100Since we're publishing to the PPA nad 1.7.3 will appear in security with the right version sooner or later anyway10:28
oSoMoNsil2100, the changelog doesn’t include the 1.7.3 changes, I don’t think that build is intended for publication as is10:29
oSoMoNchrisccoulson, can you confirm? ^10:29
chrisccoulsonsil2100, oSoMoN, that's fine. I didn't include the extra change as it disables a feature that was already disabled in previous releases10:30
oSoMoNok, thanks10:31
sil2100So I guess it's fine to copy10:31
oSoMoNseems so10:31
sil2100cjwatson: hey! Could you maybe bump the size of https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+packages for us? :)10:35
sil2100cjwatson: thanks!10:35
cjwatsonsil2100: how about I implement my suggestion from the other day to set all silos to 20480MB across the board?10:51
cjwatson(then I'm going back to being on holiday)10:51
cjwatsonsil2100: that's done now (the across-the-board thing)10:53
sil2100cjwatson: thanks :)10:57
sil2100Works fine for us at least10:57
* sil2100 off to a family lunch11:07
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jibeldbarth__, oSoMoN is oxide 1.7 ready for testing? or it'll never land on time.12:31
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oSoMoNjibel, it is, I’ll be testing in parallel with you guys12:37
rvrMirv: ping12:52
Mirvrvr: pong12:53
rvrMirv: I have installed silo 1812:53
Mirvrvr: I've just updated both trello and the bug report with my afternoon's test findings. it seems the problem is that U1 account disappears on reboots (usually) when using th e silo.12:54
rvrMirv: I can reproduce the problem. When I hit to "Install", nothing happens. But then, in Ubuntu System Settings, the account was gone.12:54
rvrMirv: Yes, I confirm.12:54
Mirvso when I tested before that I updated to silo first, then added account and tried installing apps I didn't see a problem12:54
Mirvsil2100: ^ unfortunately even thought the unity8 hang is gone it does not seem the current upstream state of the patches is good enough for us, or alternatively there's some complications in backporting them to 5.412:55
Mirvtsdgeos: ^ 018 does not seem good for our use, even forget about KDE legacy apps for a while12:55
Mirvtsdgeos: did you discuss with thiago about the current state and Merge ETA?12:56
tsdgeosMirv: i haven't been able to get him on IRC the last two days12:56
tsdgeosso n12:56
MirvI noticed some of the MR:s actually had been merged, but not the bunch of it12:56
MirvI wonder if the route of "use DBus less like we did until February" is a possible workaround12:57
Mirvfor the boot issue12:57
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tsdgeosMirv: it could i guess yes13:00
Mirvpete-woods: tsdgeos: do you think anything in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/libusermetrics/trunk/revision/189 - which triggered the issue in February, could be changed in a way that for example libusermetrics and Unity8 wouldn't use the DBus at the same time so Unity8 wouldn't randomly hang during the boot?13:00
Mirvlike delaying the libusermetrics until a bit later, or getting a signal from unity8 to proceed or something like that13:00
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pete-woodsMirv: well I'm hesitant to just assume it's interaction like that. it could be libclick blocking, or a bunch of different things13:03
Mirvpete-woods: in the bug report there was this piece of information earlier "I got a symbolic trace out of all the threads. It seems to be a dbus lock between usermetrics and networkmanager bits."13:04
pete-woodsMirv: okay, well I suspect that if it's happening now, it could easily have happened before that change13:05
pete-woodsthe change you linked just adds a new source for translations13:06
pete-woodsit doesn't really change the way we use DBus13:06
Mirvpete-woods: yes, it could, but the thing is that it didn't, and because upstream still doesn't have a complete fix we're wondering if we can trigger it back one way or another to the shape that things don't collide during bootup (unity8 <-> networkmanager <-> libusermetrics)13:06
Mirvthere were other landings in http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/106.changes for sure too, but it's mostly general libraries13:09
tsdgeosMirv: honestly i'd rather get us to put someone to work on fixing those patches were needed and other software if needed than doing fragile changes hoping a lock won't happen13:09
tsdgeosbut i'm not the manager :D13:09
Mirvsil2100: ^ we need a manager! :)13:10
Mirvsil will read the backlog once back from his family lunch13:10
Saviqtrainguards, looking at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/204090374/unity8_8.02%2B15.04.20150423-0ubuntu1_source.changes is it on purpose that the "added:" string is on the same line?13:17
Saviqin the most recent changelog13:17
MirvSaviq: probably not and robru will want to add a \n in there13:26
SaviqMirv, is it the plan to list things like dependency changes and such in there? (TBH listing added/removed files feels extreme IMO)13:27
MirvSaviq: well I'd have thought deps would be the first to be added, but maybe that's experimentation now13:33
sil2100Mirv: wazzup?13:49
sil2100Reading backlog13:49
sil2100Mirv, tsdgeos: ok guys, do we have any other short-term options to get this bug resolved?13:50
tsdgeossil2100: define short-term :D13:52
sil2100Like, anything we can do till EOD13:53
sil2100Or, at max till Monday13:54
sil2100tsdgeos: btw. since it's been a while since I had this info - could you remind me how often the unity8 hang on boot happens?13:54
tsdgeossil2100: i guess it depends on how unlucky you are13:57
tsdgeosi'd go with "not very often"13:57
tsdgeosbut since it's race dependant, it happens more on first boots after flashing when the qml cache is being built13:57
tsdgeosso it's kind of bad for first experience if your first boot ever gets you a deadlocked phone13:57
sil2100Right, so it's as I thought then... no quick workaround we can do to make the race happen less frequently for first boots?13:58
tsdgeosnot that i know of13:59
sil2100pmcgowan: we might have a slight problem ^14:00
pmcgowanI have been listening14:01
pmcgowantsdgeos, Mirv so what is it that is racing14:02
tsdgeospmcgowan: qtdbus code14:03
pmcgowantsdgeos, was looking for a bit more, like its libusermetrics doing somethign while ...14:04
tsdgeospmcgowan: there is lots of things we use that use dbus, one case we've seen is libusermetrics watching a dbus signal while qt-networkmanager waiting for networkmanager answering on how many networks there is14:06
tsdgeosbut wouldn't say this is the only such case14:06
tsdgeosbasically the qtdbus code is not good when used from multiple threads14:07
pmcgowanthats awful14:07
rsalvetiunity8 can't hang on boot14:07
rsalvetisil2100: even if it hangs like 1/1014:07
rsalvetion factory that is a lot14:07
pmcgowanyeah factory is more the issue that customer since thats the first boot14:07
ogra_rsalveti, thats just because we dont produce enough phones :P14:08
sil2100That's why I always advertised this issue as a 'ship blocker'14:08
sil2100And now it finally seems that we're stuck with a ship blocker without a good way to workaround/fix it14:08
sil2100It was important enough for us to actually agree on getting so many devel patches to Qt ;p14:09
sil2100Still, it seems we have bugs14:09
sil2100tsdgeos, Mirv, pmcgowan: maybe we could have some additional people looking into solving this issue?14:09
tsdgeossil2100: those patches are going to eventually hit upstream and we while eventually move to that upstream version, so we should just use them and make sure they are good enough imho14:10
pmcgowantsdgeos, so you suggest we fix the patches14:11
sil2100I would say that sounds like a good idea, but do we have enough experienced manpower to do it till the EOW?14:11
sil2100There's also the risk that those patches introduced additional regressions14:12
sil2100So we need to proceed carefully14:12
ogra_EOW sounds so far away14:12
ogra_you could have said "tomorrow" :)14:12
sil2100ogra_: ;)14:12
tsdgeossil2100: EOW? i doubt we can do anything before tomorrow, no14:12
sil2100ogra_: tomorrow is like 8 letters, while EOW is 3 - I obviously took the shortest one ;)14:12
ogra_wo, are you sure you are not german ?14:13
ogra_*wow even14:13
sil2100tsdgeos, pmcgowan: we could of course proceed with building the RC image and in the meantime hope for the boot-hang fix, and then do a delta test once we release it14:13
sil2100Qt is such a low-level component and shared by so many applications that the delta testing will mean re-runing a lot of tests14:14
ogra_yeah, wouldnt buy us much14:14
sil2100So *at best* we'll need one more day to finish testing14:14
tsdgeossil2100: yes, you basically need to test "everything" since nowadays dbus is everywhere in our stack14:14
pmcgowansil2100, tsdgeos the part I missed is what regressions did we see with the patches, or did they just not solve the problem14:15
sil2100pmcgowan: it solves the problem, but there are issues with things like unable to install apps and accounts disappearing14:15
sil2100So pretty serious regressions14:16
pmcgowansil2100, tsdgeos and why on first boot14:16
tsdgeospmcgowan: first boot is more common because there's no qml cache built yet, so things run "at a different speeed"14:16
pmcgowantsdgeos, can we preseed the cache14:17
tsdgeospmcgowan: i guess we could, ricmm_ would know more, but the hang may still happen, tests indicate that a bit less frequently, but would still be there14:18
Mirvsil2100: I'd say "fix Qt" is what's wanted, but meanwhile if anything could arranged during boot to not have multiple threads accessing DBus, similar to what we had until February 20th when libusermetrics changed behavior, we'd be in a fragile yet similar to before-Feb20th situation14:19
tsdgeosMirv: honestly i think it's unfair to blame it on that libusermetrics change, has anyone tested that reverting that change makes it less frequent?14:21
MirvSaviq: tsdgeos: can you share your unity8 booting script you used to the bug report? I mean, if experimenting with the boot process. I remember you were able to get it by cleaning cache all the time and rebooting 10-30 times.14:21
Mirvtsdgeos: it's unfair to blame it on that, but we've data that the problem didn't exist before that day of http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/106.changes14:21
Mirvit's not really "libusermetrics" problem, but "what happens during boot triggering Qt problem"14:21
SaviqMirv, while true; do adb shell rm -R "~phablet/.cache/QML"; ./tools/unlock-device || break; done14:23
SaviqMirv, where ./tools/unlock-device is from lp:unity814:23
tsdgeosSaviq: don't you need to restart unity8 at some point?14:23
tsdgeosah  ./tools/unlock-device does it14:23
MirvSaviq: thanks. it looks like unlock-device is the thing that reboots?14:24
tsdgeosignore maself14:24
Saviqtsdgeos, Mirv, yeah unlock-device does it all14:24
sil2100Mirv, tsdgeos: how many people do we have that could work on fixing the Qt patches to not cause these regressions?14:24
sil2100Mirv: my memory is weary so I don't remember what the situation was in February - we didn't have any hangs like this then, right?14:25
Saviqsil2100, we don't have anyone dedicated to upstream Qt work14:25
Mirvsil2100: yes, there's some amount of info in the bug report but one can also see it in the dashboard results and boottest results before/after 20150221 image14:26
tsdgeosSaviq: i guess between 0 and ~300 depending on how selective you want to be :D14:27
tsdgeossil2100: i mean ↑↑↑14:27
* tsdgeos hides from the bad joke14:27
sil2100I think we should really consider assigning someone to do Qt-specific bugs for usptream, I know tsdgeos is doing a lot of work with Qt but maybe we could dedicate someone only to this purpose14:28
sil2100But that's something for the future14:28
tsdgeosi mean i have "some" experience with the dbus code, i produced a patch that shifted the deadlock from one place to another different place :D14:29
tsdgeosno idea if there's someone with qtdbus experience14:29
Mirvgoing through our upstream committers, tsdgeos and mardy are ones who have 1-2 QDBus commits14:32
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sil2100Do we have any leads what might be causing the regression in accounts and app installation?14:33
sil2100Actually, I'll read the latest comment in the bug14:33
Mirvsil2100: yes, do that. it sounds like QDBus is simply failing during boot in some way resulting in the account getting removed on an error either during boot or later when an app is tried to be installed. the account handling in u-o-a could be handled more error-pronely, but the question is what else might be broken (even though all AP:s pass and the Unity8 hang is now gone)14:35
rvrrsalveti: ping14:35
Mirvso the options are 1. fix Qt (long term), 2. experiment with boot ordering without touching Qt to try to get to February situation in DBus usage during boot, 3. make u-o-a more error-prone so that the current 018 is usable as is14:36
rsalvetirvr: pong14:36
Mirv3. if there are no other regressions, it seems like everything problematic with or without the PPA is related to boot time simultaneous use14:36
sil2100Mirv: maybe we could get someone from u-o-a to take a look at that - they might know exactly what u-o-a does and how it might break QDBus in our current situation14:37
rvrrsalveti: https://trello.com/c/OpyHNSgA/1441-ubuntu-landing-027-ofono-awe-rsalveti14:37
rsalvetirvr: are these new issues?14:37
sil2100mardy: ping14:38
mardysil2100: I'm from u-o-a, I've seen my name highlighted a few times in this channel, but i didn't understand yet what bug we are talking about :-)14:38
Mirvsil2100: I guess that'd be mardy who also has a bit of QDBus experience. he's probably EOD for today. but yes he could install 018 silo and try to see if the problem can be workarounded in u-o-a.14:38
rvrrsalveti: I was verifying "Blocked SIM card keeps on asking for PUK"14:38
mardyMirv: still 22 mins to go :-)14:38
Mirvmardy: if you install 018 and add U1 account and install apps, the U1 account disappears either during next boot or after the next boot when you try to install an app.14:38
rvrrsalveti: And i haven't been able to fully unblock my SIM card so...14:39
Mirvmardy: related to bug #142100914:39
ubot5bug 1421009 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "unity8 sometimes hangs on boot" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142100914:39
tsdgeosmardy: so there's a qtdbus bug in which it deadlocks, we have upstream patches from thaigo that fix that by moving lots of stuff into threads and generally "doing stuff better" but it seems some part of the accounts stack regresses because of it14:39
rsalvetirvr: hm, need help from alfonso here14:39
rvrabeato: ^^14:40
abeatorvr, what do you mean? have you blocked your SIM?14:41
rvrabeato: To test PUK, yes14:41
abeatorvr, ok, and which is the issue?14:42
rvrabeato: I've been trying to verify  "Blocked SIM card keeps on asking for PUK" and found some issues described in the trello card https://trello.com/c/OpyHNSgA/1441-ubuntu-landing-027-ofono-awe-rsalveti14:42
rvrabeato: Right now, it asks me for new PIN, but when introduced, it says "Incorrect PUK"14:42
rvrabeato: But there are other issues as well14:42
rvrabeato: Did you test this?14:43
abeatorvr, I did14:43
abeatoin krillin and arale14:44
abeatorvr, which phone are you using?14:44
abeatonote that for mako there is no change14:44
rvrabeato: Arale, vivid-proposed 18314:44
abeatorvr, ok let me try again14:46
abeatorvr, "New pin cannot be introduced because the accept button is not enabled"?14:46
abeatothat is very weird14:46
rvrabeato: The whole workflow is very weird :-/14:47
sil2100mardy: so, this is a critical thing for us, the unity8 hang on boot is a ship blocker and the fix silo is causing apparent regressions in u-o-a14:48
rvrCharging the iPhone to unblock and retry14:48
sil2100mardy: we would need some assistance to help us fix the Qt patches we imported so that u-o-a works properly - or maybe even fixing u-o-a if needed14:48
mardysil2100: I'm checking the source code of uoa, to see if I'm doing something stupid14:49
tsdgeosmardy: "known" thing that doesn't work anymore is using qtdbus before there's a qapplication around14:50
mardysil2100, Mirv, tsdgeos: so, uoa is registering the service name just before registering the object; indeed there's the risk of a race condition there14:50
mardyit would explain why the service was activated and yet why no object was found at the "/" path14:51
Mirvso, it might be a race condition _enabled_ by multi-threading of QDBus?14:52
mardytsdgeos: I'm instantiating QCoreApplication as the very first step14:52
mardyMirv: well, it could, though I'm not sure that this race condition is very likely14:52
mardyMirv: how easy is it to reproduce this bug?14:52
Mirvmardy: the bug of having U1 account disappearing when using the 018 happens all the time14:53
Mirvmardy: if you have U1 account before upgrading to the silo, it appears. also if you readd the account, even though app installation then works for the rest of that boot, the account will disappear (seemingly) every time during the next reboot or the app installation after reboot14:53
mardyMirv, sil2100: do you want to try this? https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/lp1421009/+merge/25726714:56
mardyMirv: well, it might be that the system is especially busy when booting, so times get slower and race conditions become more likely to happen14:57
Mirvmardy: thanks, trying14:58
mardyMirv: however, the RequestAccount method which I see failing in your comment to the bug, is an API which gets called when one wants to *create* a new account, not when authenticating. I wouldn't expect that to be called on boot14:58
sil2100mardy, Mirv: thanks guys!14:59
Mirvmardy: that gets called when I try to install an app, before which the account has probably already disappeared14:59
Mirvand since the account is not there, u-o-a decides to add one15:00
pmcgowansil2100, jibel  once we clear the current qa backlog we should only let in fixes for blockers15:08
pmcgowanwhich we will need to land after today it seems likely15:08
sil2100Yeah, we'll close the gates shortly15:09
pmcgowansil2100, I am ok clearing what is ready for qa15:10
abeatorvr, testing in arale channel tangxi-vivid-proposed, image 18 it seems fine: PIN retries number right when starting the phoe, PUK retries ok too15:12
abeatorvr, ofono (1.12.bzr6894+15.04.20150423-0ubuntu1)15:13
rvrabeato: I just unlocked the SIM, trying again too :-/15:13
sil2100om26er: how does silo 25 look so far? :)15:13
rvrsil2100: It was rebuilt15:13
rvrsil2100: And I haven't seen om26er online since then15:13
pstolowskisil2100, hey, landing-020 can be freed15:17
sil2100pstolowski: ACK :)15:19
pstolowskisil2100, i've updated landing-026 with the final MP to land in trunk, but reconfigure failed, can you re-check? also removed your comment for landing-02615:19
rvrabeato: How did you open the pin unlock screen, after reboot or via indicator-network?15:20
sil2100pstolowski: let me reconfigure that too15:20
om26ersil2100, landed.15:20
sil2100pstolowski: will it be ready for QA?15:21
pstolowskisil2100, btw, i got Problem accessing /job/-0-reconfigure/parambuild. Reason: not found (404)15:21
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abeatorvr, I enabled it in system settings, then I rebooted and entered it from unity15:21
sil2100om26er: excellent! \o/15:21
sil2100pstolowski: hm, probably bug in the spreadsheet15:21
om26erso there seems to be something wrong with xchat and notifications in 15.04, they don't appear in the messaging menu15:22
rvrabeato: Can you try to lock your SIM card opening the SIM unlock page via indicator network?15:22
pstolowskisil2100, depends how fast it builds.. i tested the original branch and it worked, so if i have it built today, i should finish testing it in the evening15:22
sil2100pstolowski: yeah, hm, spreadsheet issues I see15:23
abeatorvr, I don't get that... the only way I see I could do that is trying to enable SIM lock, failing 3 times and then getting the SIM blocked, waiting for PUK15:25
abeatorvr, is that what you mean?15:25
rvrabeato: With your SIM unlocked. Reboot your phone, unlock the device, dismiss the SIM unlock screen. Go to indicator network, click on Unlock SIM button.15:28
om26errvr, Saviq pinged me when the silo was rebuilt.15:28
abeatorvr, ok,15:28
rvrom26er: Cool15:28
sil2100Ok, officially scripts on the spreadsheet are broken15:29
sil2100Looking into why15:29
abeatorvr,  there is no unlock SIM button in the indicator network if the SIM is unlocked15:30
rvrabeato: Sorry, I ment, that the SIM is not in PUK mode.15:31
abeatorvr, ok, I see now what you mean, the behaviour is radically different if you try to unlock from indicator network instead of directly after booting15:35
abeatorvr, yes, number of PIN retries is wrong, etc.15:35
abeatorvr, but I do not know if this is a regression15:36
abeatorvr, my guess is that this was happening without the latest ofono changes15:36
abeatorvr, the ofono state seems to be fine but looks likes unity/indicator is not noticing15:37
rvrabeato: Ok, so confirmed that it's not just me. Let me check without silo packages.15:38
abeatorvr, good catch... I thought we could not enter phone without entering the PIN nowadays15:39
abeatoso I had never tried the "x" on start ;)15:39
rvrabeato: :)15:40
abeatorvr, if you enter PIN/PUK on boot all is fine15:41
rvrabeato: Right, so it seems the behavior of SIM unlock screen is different when launched from the indicator15:41
sil2100robru, Mirv: so it seems the spreadsheet scripts are now borken and getRange().getValue() doesn't return anything useful15:44
om26erbfiller, Hi! I am testing silo21 so needed to look at design docs to really understand bug 1351177 -- oSoMoN left early for an appointment, I read. Can you provide the docs link ?15:46
sil2100robru, Mirv: ok, issue fixed15:46
ubot5bug 1351177 in webbrowser-app "Suggestions improvements" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135117715:46
sil2100robru, Mirv: this spreadsheet is so fragile that it's crazy - the reason why things stopped working is that someone by accident moved some other sheet in front of the Pending sheet15:47
sil2100And this is the result now &15:47
sil2100jibel, rvr, davmor2: expect duplicate trello cards15:47
bfillerom26er: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1Qrd4Flfs3EH-fI79IfrYgLdAx2nce-L7ve8NKLCX324/edit15:48
sil2100Saviq, damn, unity8 went to vivid, I think there was some glitch in the spreadsheet15:48
sil2100Saviq: let me copy it to overlay and free the silo15:48
Saviqsil2100, yeah, I saw the migration msg, was wondering if that's some weirdness of publishing to overlay...15:49
Saviqsil2100, would've pung you soon if it didn't recover ;)15:49
sil2100Saviq: copied and merging :) Sorry about that15:51
Saviqsil2100, nw15:51
Saviqsil2100, but yeah, must've been some glitch, overlay was selected as the target15:51
sil2100pstolowski: silo reconfigured ;) Will it be ready for QA?15:52
sil2100Mirv is probably away already, any brave souls around to test silo 18 again with the small fix from mardy ?15:54
pstolowskisil2100, when is the deadline? i can test tonight15:56
sil2100pstolowski: we want to close the gates soonish15:56
Mirvsil2100: mardy: tsdgeos: pstolowski: yes I should be away... and will be just after this. it's now possible it's shifted to not happening during boot - three times now, after adding an account and rebooting, the account is still there if checked via system settings. so it's possible this is fixing u-o-a boot time problem! but it now always (still) disappears when it's rebooted and "Install" is clicked in a store, so maybe a similar fix to mardy's 15:56
Mirvthat definitely got cut somewhere, right?15:57
sil2100pstolowski: your change is maybe not a ship blocker, but it's a good fix which wouold be nice to have15:57
tsdgeosMirv: i guess it's possible yes15:58
sil2100Mirv: where do you think we should do a similar fix as well?15:58
rvrabeato: Not completely sure that is not a regression, without the silo I can't type the PUK to follow.15:58
Mirvsil2100: whatever the app installation does via dbus, like querying the accounts or something16:00
abeatorvr, you can't enter PUK?16:00
rvrabeato: The accept button is not enabled :(16:00
pstolowskisil2100, i know, but realistically, the build will take ~1.5h, and hopefully it doesn't fail on a flaky test we discovered lately16:00
abeatorvr, even if you try from the screen on boot?16:00
Mirvnow I even got add account + reboot + install app without problem, similar to sometimes the boot didn't remove the account before. so it seems there's a similar racy condition when pressing the install button for the first time after reboot.16:01
sil2100Mirv: we need to find someone from the click app installation to take a look at that then16:01
pstolowskisil2100, so i can conclude my testing in about 2h16:02
Mirvsil2100: that mardy's example code sounds promising in the sense that it can be used as an example by someone who understands what/where happens when app is wanted to be installed16:03
sil2100Mirv: ok, I'll try to forward it to the right place16:07
Mirvsil2100: thanks! check up with alec_u who is checking with his team as seen on -touch16:08
sil2100pstolowski: ^ do you know anything about this?16:08
sil2100Ah, ok, I see on -touch16:08
dbarth__sil2100: we're still testing, and investing some occasional issues with tabs and webapps when the system is loaded16:24
dbarth__sil2100: how much are you blocked on oxide?16:25
pat__dbarth__, we have 3 or 4 things that need to land to be done, oxide is one16:26
sil2100dbarth__: it's a ship blocker, since without it the T&C won't show up16:26
=== pat__ is now known as pmcgowan
sil2100So it's one of the criticals as pmcgowan says16:26
sil2100pmcgowan: might as well close the landing gates to anything that's not a blocker for us I suppose16:26
pmcgowansil2100, lets land what has been preped for QA16:26
pmcgowanready for testing and in testing16:27
sil2100pmcgowan: right, that's the plan, after the gates are closed those silos that are ready are still signed-off and landed16:27
pmcgowanthen yes16:27
dbarth__well, then 1.7.3 is an improvement overall16:27
sil2100But after closing we don't accept new landings (besides blockers in this case)16:27
dbarth__still not sure what those white screens are made of; chris is on it16:28
sil2100dbarth__: I suppose the webbrowsing quality on arale is still better, I think we had the white screens on the old oxide as well16:28
dbarth__but then it means another 6-8h of build time before we can re-test a fix16:28
pmcgowanthen we should make sure its the last fix we need16:29
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
dbarth__pmcgowan: that "fix" is more an hypothesis right now; in the absence of a solution in the next hours, the tradeoff is improved, more polished exp (flickering, gl, CTR)16:31
dbarth__pmcgowan: but at the cost of increased browsing instability when the system is loaded with many webviews16:31
pmcgowandbarth__, surely chris can do inceremental builds quicker than that to test?16:32
dbarth__pmcgowan: at least, yes16:32
pmcgowanwe have no choice now but to land 1.7 dbarth__16:33
sil2100Maybe since davmor2 is already testing 1.7.3, we could land it anyway and anticipate a probable 1.7.4 with the fixes16:33
sil2100But in case it's not feasible in our timeframes simply stay around with 1.7.3 (and the instabilities)16:34
dbarth__pmcgowan: i'd rather land 1.7, i think that's a better version overall16:34
pmcgowanits no longer a choice afaik16:34
pmcgowanthere is no rather16:34
davmor2sil2100: there are definitely issue with tabs in 1.7.316:34
dbarth__ok, deal16:34
pmcgowanwe could land it with that known and do as sil2100 says16:34
pmcgowanif it allows some regression testing to start16:35
sil2100The unity8 on-boot hang worries me a bit16:38
sil2100Worst thing is we'll probably have to wait till tomorrow to know more on that one16:39
rvrabeato: Ok. This is what I found.16:40
sil2100Anyway, let me close the gates16:40
rvrabeato: In vivid proposed 183, without silos, in the "boot" SIM lock screen, things work just fine.16:40
sil2100rvr, jibel, davmor2, om26er, ToyKeeper, alesage: landing gates will now be closed, sign-off only those silos that are are ready now and those that are blockers for release - consult me or Pat in this case16:41
rvrabeato: I'm able to lock the SIM after three unsuccessful trials, count is updated, and PUK can be introduced and SIM can be unlocked.16:41
rvrsil2100: Ack16:42
rvrsil2100: Silo 10 is in, I understand.16:42
ogra_sil2100, FYI ... initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch uploaded ... will be interesting if it actually builds at all in the PPA (it uses a werid multi wrapped build process)16:44
alesageMirv, on silo 18, app store => install PodBird (my fav!) => UO sign-up => two factor, then spinning orange wheel16:45
sil2100rvr: yeah, those that are ready now can be still signed-off and landed, but we prioritize those silos that have blockers16:45
sil2100alesage: yeah... even with the additional change it still seems to have some racy parts in the application installation16:45
alesagesil2100, ack, was going to ask for other D-Bus test cases around this change16:46
sil2100alesage: actually, as part what was mentioned in -touch, could you try using some other online accounts in click apps?16:47
sil2100We were actually wondering if U1 is the only one having issues16:47
alesagesil2100, ok shall do16:47
sil2100alesage: thanks! :016:48
sil2100We need as much info as we can16:48
abeatorvr, and what happens when doing things from indicator network, without silos?16:50
robrusil2100: yeah I've seen getRange() fail before, apparently the ranges need to be extended when new rows are added. There is a script that does that, but it seems to intermittently fail. Usually it fixes itself if you just add more rows later.16:53
Mirvalesage: sil2100 just a quick note that I've seen spinning orange wheel after two factor as often also without the ppa, so that part is probably not regression, the account disappearings are16:53
sil2100Mirv: ACK16:53
alesageMirv, intriguing16:53
rvrabeato: No count is shown. After PIN is locked, it doesn't switch to PUK.16:53
abeatorvr, then we can conclude that it is not a regression from silo 27 and that bug was already around, isn't it?16:54
rvrabeato: Closing and opening it ("Unblock SIM" from indicator network) does show the PUK screen.16:54
rvrabeato: Introducing the PUK unlocked it.16:55
rvrabeato: But screen remains there.16:55
rvrabeato: Closing and opening the screen, shows "introduce the new PIN".16:55
abeatorvr, yep, pretty similar to what happened with the silo16:56
rvrabeato: So all problems are in this screen.16:56
rvrabeato: But the silo doesn't address this. The PIN can be unlocked when booting.16:58
rvrPIN Lock + PUK unlock works fine from boot.16:58
abeatorvr, the silo addresses the case when the SIM is PUK-blocked16:58
abeatothat is, you cannot recover the SIM16:58
abeatowithout the silo it incorrectly asked for PUK16:59
abeatowith the silo it tells you that your SIM is completely blocked16:59
rvrabeato: Yes, you can16:59
abeatorvr, I am talking about the case when you introduce a wrong PIN 3 times and a wrong PUK 10 times16:59
abeatoso you cannot use the SIM17:00
rvrabeato: Ahhhhh... and the wrong PUK 10 times, I see17:00
abeatothat's what the bug talks about17:00
abeatothe change also makes sure you know the number of retries available all times17:01
rvrRight, right17:01
abeatoit is just that the terminology for this is soooo confusing...17:01
* rvr doesn't want to block his SIM card17:02
abeatoyou can ask mzanetti to test the silo ^^17:02
abeatohe had the blocked SIM17:02
rvrIs any other way to test it? :-/17:03
abeatonot really ;-(17:03
sil2100jibel: hey! So, the landing gates closed, but we can't really create an RC image without the Qt fix for unity8 hangs17:04
sil2100jibel: this might shift the build of the RC...17:05
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: devel (vivid) touch landing gates now closed!
rvrabeato: If I block my SIM card I need to go to the store, to get a duplicate ... I'll check this at the end.17:13
abeatorvr, I completely understand17:14
davmor2rvr: what this?17:14
rvrdavmor2: A test that involves a SIM card being blocked after 10 unsuccessful PUK trials.17:15
alesageMirv, sil2100  reverting to trunk i'm not seeing the spinning orange wheel for several trials when signing up for UO--is simply removing the account an authentic test of signing up again?17:15
abeatorvr, however mzanetti already did some testing (see comments in bug #1436820)17:15
ubot5bug 1436820 in ofono (Ubuntu RTM) "Blocked SIM card keeps on asking for PUK" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143682017:15
cwaynesil2100, davmor2 what happened to krillin vivid custom tar, is that blocked at the gate now?17:15
alesagesil2100, I'll chase the other online clicks now with the silo17:15
davmor2rvr: yeah I'm not about to test that either :D17:15
rvrdavmor2: haha17:15
abeatodon't know if that can be considered enough or not17:15
rvrabeato: We prefer to check ourselves17:16
sil2100cwayne: I guess it's not blocked, but I think QA might be busy with arale as that has higher priority ;)17:16
rvrWhen possible, of course17:16
sil2100cwayne: I know it's on their list but there's a lot of blocker/criticals for arale that still need tending17:17
rvrcwayne: QA overflow!17:17
cwaynefigured as such, just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed a +1 again :)17:17
abeatorvr, yep understandable17:17
davmor2cwayne: no I will ping you in every known format so you don't miss it again17:18
cwaynedavmor2, i await your smoke signals17:18
Mirvalesage: I didn't see the spinning wheel today with the ppa at all, and once without the ppa. not sure when it happens.17:19
davmor2cwayne: if you find bird poo on your car don't shoot it it's the carrier pigeon and it's flown a long way17:19
cwaynedavmor2, can you instruct it to poop on my neighbors car instead17:21
davmor2cwayne: hahaha17:21
ogra_cjwatson, bah ... does a package build in the overlay PPA  actually prepend the overlay PPA to sources.list ? (initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch just exploded in my face trying to use the PPA line as mirror for debootstrap)17:28
boikosil2100: hi, where can I check what changed from one vivid-proposed image to another?17:29
ogra_imgbot, status 18317:30
imgbotError: There does not seem to be any build with the number 18317:30
ogra_imgbot, status 18217:30
imgbotError: There does not seem to be any build with the number 18217:30
ogra_imgbot, status 183 vivid17:30
imgbotStatus: succeeded, Started: 2015-04-23 02:02:06 UTC, Finished: 2015-04-23 02:57:41 UTC17:30
imgbotBuild URL: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-touch/+build/2579617:30
imgbotChangelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/183.changes17:30
ogra_boiko, ^^17:31
boikoogra_: thanks!17:31
pstolowskisil2100, my silo just built... i guess it's too late (i need ~20 minutes for testing)17:33
sil2100pstolowski: I would still think about it17:34
boikoogra_: and for krillin is that the same?17:34
pstolowskisil2100, ok.. testing17:34
ogra_boiko, yes, different versioning though ...17:34
ogra_imgbot, map 183 vivid17:34
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 183 maps to krillin version: 196"17:34
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 183 maps to generic_x86 version: 185"17:34
sil2100pmcgowan: ^ pstolowski has the fix for the scopes disappearing during upgrade - it's not critical to have for RC I suppose since they're all in custom tarball, but maybe it could be a good idea? What do you think?17:34
sil2100pmcgowan: considering that we'll anyway blocked on building the RC image with the unity8 hang bug...17:35
ogra_boiko, vivid is all mapped against mako so you need the map command to actually find the krillin version17:35
boikoogra_: great! thanks!17:35
pmcgowansil2100, sure good to land17:35
ogra_i guess i need to change that at some point17:36
sil2100pstolowski, davmor2, rvr, ToyKeeper: ^ please make sure that silo 26 is also signed-off once set as ready17:39
boikoimgbot, map 181 vivid17:41
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 181 maps to krillin version: 195"17:41
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 181 maps to generic_x86 version: 184"17:41
boikoimgbot, map 182 vivid17:42
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 182 maps to krillin version: 195"17:42
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 182 maps to generic_x86 version: 184"17:42
pmcgowansil2100, rvr we have been waiting for silo 24 so if thats now ready for QA would like to get those17:47
rvrpmcgowan: Ack17:50
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
sil2100pmcgowan: indeed, that's a blocker fix so it's good to have that17:56
sil2100pmcgowan: too bad jibel is not around, I wanted to consult with him what to do in this situation with the RC, but I guess we'll decide that tomorrow morning17:57
alecusil2100: with latest silo-18 in mako #183, logging into U1 after clicking "Install", or logging into U1 from system settings->accounts are working much better. Still, the account was still deleted after reboot.17:58
sil2100alecu: deleted after reboot? Damn, I actually thought it would be the other way around with this silo installed17:59
pmcgowansil2100, we can make an image tonight but I suspect we need another prior to regression tests starting17:59
pstolowskisil2100, marked silo 26 tested17:59
sil2100pstolowski: excellent18:00
sil2100pmcgowan: ok, so I'll be logging off in some minutes, but I'll log in in a few hours to maybe kick an image - want as many silos to land as possible18:01
alecusil2100: and just while I'm saying this, I'm attempting to log in again, only to get the spinner showing forever after clicking in "Sign In"18:02
alecusil2100: so, please disregard my previous comment18:02
alecutop shows that unity8 and online-accounts are pegging the cpu, will take a screenshot of that.18:02
pstolowskisil2100, signing off for today. cu!18:05
alecuso, the "spinner forever" seems to be some weird interaction between unity8, online-accounts, and system-settings: http://pasteboard.co/2MKyOsZ9.png18:05
alecuactually, it's online-accounts-ui18:07
alecuten minutes, and still spinning.18:10
cjwatsonogra_: The context archive itself always comes first, yes.  You should probably do something like checking the Origin of release files, or you could just exclude ppa.launchpad.net perhaps18:10
cjwatsonogra_: I see you attempted to do the latter, but it would work better if you wrote "ppa.launchpad.net" rather than "ppa.launchpa.net". :-)18:12
alesageMirv, still seeing this spinning circle reliably, happens in settings proper (store process not implicated), http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10873064 , http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10873079 <= unity8 log18:13
alesagesil2100, ^^18:13
ogra_cjwatson, gah, damned ...18:14
ogra_cjwatson, thanks though !18:14
alecualesage: I'm seeing the spinner too, both from the store and from system settings.18:14
alesagealecu whew I'm not crazy :)18:14
alecualesage: are you on arale? the cpu usage is very different from the screenshot I pasted above from a mako.18:15
alesagealecu arale, yes18:15
alesagealecu, sil2100 FWIW other normal accounts (Twitter, Google, FB) don't appear affected18:21
alecuand using dbus-monitor there doesn't seem to be any unusual dbus traffic while the spinner is shown and the processes are chewing the cpu....18:24
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=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
sil2100alecu, alesage: thanks for looking into that guys, I'm actually wondering what's causing all those issues18:39
sil2100alecu: be sure to document your findings in the unity8 hang bug ;)18:40
alesagesil2100, not seeing without silo at least to this point18:40
sil2100I need to AFK now for a while, but will be back in 3-4 hours18:40
rvrabeato is no more19:32
rvrrsalveti: davmor2 found a problem with the "after-PUK"19:32
rvron silo 2719:32
davmor2rvr: I think rsalveti is off too ircc19:34
davmor2iirc even19:34
ogra_yeah, traveling19:34
rvrdavmor2: I'll send them an email19:35
ogra_he wont be around before monday officially ... (probably drops by on the weekend though)19:35
ToyKeepermandel: I see a note on silo 24 saying to contact you about testing the change.  What's needed to test it?19:35
davmor2rvr: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/screenshot20150423_192816321.png19:36
davmor2rvr: does that on hitting the X or if you just don't press anything19:37
rvrdavmor2: :-O19:37
davmor2rvr on the initial purple screen that looks correct19:37
davmor2rvr: you can't drag anything in, you can't swipe it either because that isn't unlocked yet :(  had to remove the sim to get into the phone to get the screenshot19:39
davmor2I'll try and get a purple one too19:39
rvrSounds really bad19:39
rvrOk, copied your comments to the card and sent an email to abeato with cc to rsalveti19:41
mandelToyKeeper, hello! sorry I was out for dinner20:45
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