dholbachgood morning06:57
popeyGreetings from London.07:59
elfydoes that greeting include a picture of Buck Palace and bored soldiers standing still for hours :p08:00
nigelbpopey: say hi to mhall119 :)08:09
popeyi will :)08:18
mhall119hi nigelb :)08:21
elfygood morning mhall119 - I trust London suits you today :)08:21
mhall119elfy: it's treated me very well, yes08:22
nigelbmhall119: Hello! How is London treating you? Too bad we aren't in town at the same time :)08:24
mhall119nigelb: I know, it's been far too long since I've seen you08:29
mhall119London has been great though, nice weather this week08:29
dholbachpleia2, great job at getting all those interviews out!08:40
popeywe will have a beer for you nigelb08:40
czajkowskipopey: table is back co working shall resume shortly :D09:04
czajkowskipopey: cant make it tonight to London :( Have more boxes to unpack09:05
mhall119czajkowski: noooo!!09:05
czajkowskiwe have help coming over tongiht in the form of Jons aunt to help move more boxes and get the garage in a fit state so we can move the bikes and his 'stuff' in there09:06
mhall119I was looking forward to seeing you again :(09:06
mhall119I mean, in person, video doesn't count09:06
nigelbmhall119: It has indeed been far too long since I've seen you.09:23
nigelbpopey: you need to have a cider ;)09:23
nigelbpopey: The last time we met we had some spectacular cider :D09:23
mhall119I don't recall the cider09:24
* mhall119 isn't a big fan of cider09:24
nigelbmhall119: I meant the last time I met the Alans09:26
nigelbplural, because alanbell was showing me around and popey joined us later.09:26
nigelbI *think* it was before the Ubuntu phone announcement. popey had a supersecret new project thing in his bag that he teased us about.09:26
popeyyeah, i remember that09:31
popeyi walk past that pub to get to the office09:31
nigelbI keep thinking of coming to the office at some point09:33
nigelbbut I don't know a lot of people there ^_^09:33
popeyactually, when I last saw you, it was the Ubuntu Edge I had with me09:38
nigelbRight, I remember reaching home and going09:41
popeydpm: do you know who manages the server guide? we have a request to translate it to Arabic. Where should I point them?11:11
popey(does the doc team still exist?)11:12
popeyooh, they do!11:13
popey /ignore popey11:13
dpmpopey, the doc team is still alive, but not very active. Peter Matulis was working on the server guide, I think11:38
josedpm: ping16:02
dpmjose, hey16:02
josedpm: no me deja entrar al hangout, puedes invitar a joseeantonior@gmail.com, por favor?16:02
dpmsi, claro16:02

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