mhall119cjwatson: thanks, I didn't know that00:19
* mhall119 has corrected it now00:19
cjwatsonmhall119: great, thanks00:20
mhall119YokoZar: have you looked to see what it would take to make wine talk natively to Mir?00:23
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dholbachgood morning06:57
pittiGood morning08:03
pittiroaksoax: it does, what's wrong in your particular case?08:03
robert_ancelllarsu, good morning to you!08:18
larsurobert_ancell: thanks! How are you today?08:18
robert_ancelllarsu, I am doing quite well, thank you for asking.08:18
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happyaronLaney: can you approve ubuntukylin-wallpapers from the queue?08:41
Laneyask infinity, but seriously today is release day08:41
happyaronLaney: yes seriously08:42
happyaroninfinity: ping08:42
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infinityhappyaron: yes?08:54
happyaroninfinity: can you approve ubuntukylin-wallpapers from the queue? (and a respin of the ubuntukylin image as well, I know it's very late, but they said yes)08:54
infinityhappyaron: Oh dear.  That upload is very, very late.  Are you prepared to re-test both Kylin ISOs Very Very Very Very quickly if we push that through and rebuild?08:55
happyaroninfinity: yes08:55
happyaroninfinity: there are people prepared08:55
* happyaron actually getting those updates hours ago08:55
infinityhappyaron: I was planning on pushing to mirrors literally in the next half hour, so Kylin will end up behind that.  But I don't want it to be any more than, say, 4 or 5 hours from now.08:55
rbasakinfinity: [bug 1434758] done.08:57
ubottubug 1434758 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "mysqld: errno: 24 - Too many open files" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143475808:57
rbasak(release noted)08:57
infinityrbasak: Ta.08:58
infinityhappyaron: Rebuilding the kylin ISOs now.  Please make sure people are ready to test as soon as they spit out the other end of the sausage factory.10:21
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Laneyhappy distribution data outdated day11:48
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roaksoaxpitti: howdy! so I upgraded to vivid yesterday and it wont boot :)12:19
roaksoaxpitti: i took a pic of it, having filed a bug or checked this is due to the systemd unit we saw yesterday12:20
roaksoaxpitti: but I;ll send it your way before i file a bug and / or investigate if it is due to that12:20
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pittiroaksoax: ah, do you have that broken dhcp unit installed? that will make it not boot indeed12:26
roaksoaxpitti: i think i do, I have not investigated just yet. But will do during the course of the day!12:27
pittiroaksoax: so boot with upstart once, remove the faulty unit, boot back12:27
roaksoaxpitti: it won't event boot recovery boot12:27
pittiroaksoax: I have teh fix uploaded to the SRU queue12:27
roaksoaxpitti: awesome!12:28
pittiroaksoax: that'll just reject the unit and complain about the garbage at the end12:28
pittibut not spill its guts12:28
roaksoaxpitti: ok cool!12:29
pittiroaksoax: or better yet, instead of removing the unit, just remove the faulty space and it should be all good :)12:29
roaksoaxpitti: indeed :)12:30
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pittiroaksoax: got your photo; that's for sure the trailing space after \ from yesterday12:42
roaksoaxpitti: ok, cool! thanks!12:43
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shadeslayeruh, can anyone expand a bit more on the move to snappy for the desktop bits ?13:00
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ogra_shadeslayer, ask #snappy ... or #ubuntu-desktop ;)13:00
roaksoaxpitti: this doesn't seem to work, does it? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10871205/13:02
ScottKogra_: That'd be something with a little broader impact than just Ubuntu desktop.13:03
pittiroaksoax: if pre_start is something executable, it should work; what does systemctl status say?13:03
ogra_ScottK, why ?13:03
roaksoaxpitti: let me reinstall13:04
ogra_ScottK, nobody will stop the old stuff from being relevant ...13:04
ScottKBecause every single flavor uses things in common with Ubuntu Desktop.13:04
shadeslayer^^ why I'm interested13:04
ogra_ScottK, and that wont go away ...13:05
pittiroaksoax: (also, there's something really wrong with piling up lots of shell into upstart scripts or systemd units, but let's worry about that next cycle)13:11
pittishadeslayer: debs won't go away anytime soon -- after all, we need to build things like server, phone, or snappy itself from something; but I figure the install "products" may move to becoming snaps/frameworks instead of today's isos13:12
* shadeslayer makes a note to track the UOS session for this13:13
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infinityhappyaron: We tested your 1386/amd64 ISOs here, and they seem to be fine.13:26
roaksoaxpitti: figured it out, missing ';'13:28
pittiinfinity: autocmd FileType changelog,python :setlocal expandtab13:40
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infinity@pilot out15:25
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ogra_jodh, around ?17:55
ogra_jodh, we have a small prob on the phones, seems upstart segfaults and pushes them into a reboot loop ... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10872934/17:55
YokoZarmhall119: No, and I don't have a volunteer to even investigate wine->mir at this point.  Unless you want to give mlankhorst company time to do it :)18:12
happyaroninfinity: thanks! late reply on laptop though18:28
happyaroninfinity: is participating the celebration at blue fin18:28
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tjaaltonYokoZar: that would be intel's time, so maybe not :)19:50
dobeyis the 'lxcguest' package supposed to exist somewhere? lxc-create is complaining about it and failing, trying to create a vivid lxc on a newly installed trusty host, for me21:27
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sarnoldinfinity: "Qt updated to version XX"23:49
sarnoldinfinity: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes23:49

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