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ljdawson1Morning all09:26
ljdawson1I noticed 15.04 is going live today09:28
ljdawson1Is the gnome release of 15.04 coming today too?09:28
ahoneybunljdawson1: join #ubuntu-release-party :)09:37
ljdawson1ahoneybun: thanks, I'll head over there now!09:42
JockeTFIs it released yet?11:09
JockeTFIs it released yet?11:09
JockeTFIs it released yet?11:09
lindolhi all :)14:44
jaksinow that ubuntu 15.04 is out, is there a plan to include gnome 3.16 in the gnome ppa?14:59
JockeTFjaksi: It's already in GNOME 5 staging as far as I know.15:03
JockeTFjaksi: It won't be in the stable PPA though.15:03
JockeTFThe regular PPA is only for adding things that didn't make it into the current release. For example, if Ubuntu targets GNOME 3.14 but included Nautilus 3.12, then the stable PPA will contain Nautilus 3.14.15:05
JockeTFIt will not include versions of GNOME that are newer than what Ubuntu is targeting though.15:05
JockeTFThat's for staging (which may be very unstable).15:05
jaksimhm, i see15:05
jaksithanks for the heads up15:05
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ploctauxI'm using Ubuntu Gnome for a while now20:41
ploctauxAnd I'd like to contribute20:41
ploctauxHow can I get in touch with someone?20:41
emacsenIs there a timeline for Ubuntu Gnome 15.04?21:25

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