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jtaylorhi, is the lts utopic kernel currently in proposed based on 3.16.7-ckt9?12:43
jtaylorif yes is debian bug 782362 taken care of? couldn't find it in the changelog12:44
ubot5Debian bug 782362 in src:linux "Regression: 3.16.7-ckt9-1: mouning rootpartition cause a deadlock at mount time" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/78236212:44
rtgjtaylor, 3.16.7-ckt9 was merged as of Ubuntu-3.16.0-35.4612:46
jtaylorso the proposed kernel is affected?12:46
rtgjtaylor, yup, looks like it.12:47
jtaylorrtg: what needs to be done to prevent the unfixed kernel from hitting updates?12:49
henrixjtaylor: looking at the bug, it seems that commit 9c4f61f01d269815bb7c37 fixes it.  and this commit is already queued for the 3.16.7-ckt11 stable release12:50
henrixjtaylor: which means it will hit the lts-utopic kernel in the next SRU cycle12:50
rtgjtaylor, if it is a serious regression, then contact bjf12:50
jtaylorhenrix: what does that mean? the current proposed kernel will go to updates and the fix will come next time?12:51
henrixjtaylor: correct.  i'm still going through that bug report12:52
rmariottiHi, i've just built a new kernel, looking in /boot i noticed that the initrd of the custom kernel is 5 times bigger than generic's initrd (~100 mb vs ~20 mb). it is normal?12:52
apwrmariotti, sounds like an unstripped build, how did you build it12:52
rmariottiapw: the initramfs or the kernel?12:53
apwthe kernel, as that initramfs just sucks up whatever is in /lib/modules12:53
rmariottii've just extracted the kernel, patched it, then i runned "make mrproper", "make menuconfig" and i buit it with "make bzImage modules" and "make modules_install".  Then i copied bzImage, System.map and config in /boot.12:56
jtaylorhenrix: a report in ubuntu: bug 144525212:56
ubot5bug 1445252 in linux (Ubuntu) "[vivid] btrfs deadlock at mount/boot" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144525212:56
henrixjtaylor: looks like the issue is not actually a regression in the kernel in -proposed, the issue is already present in the kernel in -updates12:57
jtaylorhenrix: current updates is based on ckt7?12:57
jtaylorthat should be good12:57
henrixjtaylor: the commit that introduced the issue was commit 381cf6587f8a8a8e981bc0c1aaaa8859b51dc756, which you can seen in the changelog with "btrfs: fix leak of path in btrfs_find_item"12:58
henrixjtaylor: and no, current -updates is based on 3.16.7-ckt812:58
jtaylorah ok its probably affected then12:59
jtaylork then nothing needs to be done for current proposed I guess12:59
henrixjtaylor: anyway, thanks for the heads-up -- i'll keep track of your bug report and make sure the fix is in the next cycle13:00
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henrixjtaylor: i'm pretty sure it will be, as -ckt11 should be released with the fix13:00
apwhenrix, mark it up with a break-fix ...13:01
henrixapw: on it ;)13:02
jtaylorthanks for checking it13:02
apwhenrix, this is an egg :)13:04
rmariottiapw: i followed the right process? The kernel works.13:08
apwrmariotti, ok to do that you need to turn off debug symbols else you get huge binaries as you have, CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO needs to be off to avoid that, the ubuntu packaging packages those as are into debug packages and then strips them for the main packages13:10
rmariottiapw: thank you for the help.13:11
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zzmpI'm on 3.10.18 and I don't have nfnetlink or nfnetlink_queue modules available in my kernel. I've looked through some of the wikis, but can't find how to get it. Does anyone know how I could either get those *.ko files, or compile them myself?22:51

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