tealguma noticiasobrea nova versaodo ubundoapartir dequando estara disponivel?00:31
Kiloshi nhaines  how are you?04:37
Kilosyou been very quiet04:37
Kilosgreetings everyone else that is up04:38
Kiloshi alex6095  04:41
Kilosbye then04:41
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dholbachgood morning06:57
Kilosmorning dholbach  06:57
dholbachhi Kilos06:58
Kilosdoes anyone here know rejerson69  he is in #ubuntu-africa but im not sure what language he uses so cant get through to him07:00
dholbachI couldn't find him in the launchpad search: https://launchpad.net/people/?name=rejerson69&searchfor=all07:09
dholbachso sorry, no idea07:09
Kilosill just get my greeting translated to all the african languages and try them one at a time07:10
dholbachhaha, good luck with that :)07:11
Dev_I have installed ubuntu 14.04 but everything getting crash like eclipse juno, chrome also not working13:25
Dev_any solution for that13:25
KilosDev_  have you dont update and upgrade?13:25
belkinsaPlease ask in #ubuntu, it's out support channel.  This channel is for LoCo support only.13:26
Dev_yes upgraded13:26
Dev_Kilos, Do you have any idea ?13:27
belkinsaDev_, you need to /join #ubuntu, we have people there that can help you with your problem with Ubuntu.  This channel is only for LoCo support,13:28
Kiloshi PabloRubianes  13:44
PabloRubianeshi Kilos13:45
PabloRubianeswho are you?13:45
Kilosim good ty and you?13:45
Kilosoh who13:45
PabloRubianesfine, it's football match day at office13:45
Kilosbelkinsa  tell him who i am please13:45
PabloRubianesthursday rocks!13:45
belkinsaNo, Kilos, you know yourself more than I do!13:46
KilosPabloRubianes  do you really want to know who i am?13:46
Kilosive been greeting you for a month13:47
PabloRubianesthe happy greeter?13:47
Kilosim the new kid on the block13:47
PabloRubianesit's great to have new people arround13:47
Kilosi like greeting peeps and making new friends13:48
PabloRubianesthat's the old ubuntu spirit13:48
Kilosbut this is me https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kilos13:48
Kilosif we dont greet each other then we are just nicks in a channel13:50
PabloRubianesohhh cool there's not much people your age arround13:50
belkinsaVery true, Kilos.13:50
PabloRubianesthey tend to be afraid of changing OS13:51
belkinsaMost folks are afaird of change.13:51
Kilosi look everywhere to get away from virii and malware as i was new to pcs13:51
Kilosluckily a friend said try ubuntu13:52
Kilossince then ive never looked back13:52
elachecheYeah luckily :D13:52
belkinsaI'm thankful for Lifehacker.com for helping with the switch13:53
Kilosi though ms was the computer world at the time13:53
Kiloswhat a pleasant surprise to here about linux13:54
elachecheBelieve it or not, Windows Vista introduced me to Ubuntu 7.04 :D13:54
PabloRubianeselacheche:windows vista introduce lots of people :P13:54
elachechePabloRubianes, I forget to tell you that it was before m$ releases it and without using it :D x) After 2 years vista was why I switched officially to Ubuntu :D 13:56
Kiloslol i didnt get past xp even13:57
PabloRubianesohh and happy release day! hehe14:08
PabloRubianesbelkinsa: did you just report a but on LPT?14:25
belkinsaYes, why?14:25
PabloRubianesyou already report that14:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1320270 in LoCo Team Portal "IDEA: Have a way to tell users that the channel is not a Ubuntu support channel" [Medium,In progress]14:26
PabloRubianesthe fix is pending to approve14:26
belkinsaOh, I forgot that I reported it.14:26
Kiloslol yay not only old peeps forget14:26
PabloRubianesbelkinsa:I mark it as duplicated14:27
belkinsaThanks, I was about to do it.14:27
PabloRubianeshope I can work with daker to fix that soon14:27
dakerPabloRubianes: hi, sorry for the radio silence14:28
PabloRubianesdaker: don't worry14:28
PabloRubianeswork is first ;-)14:28
PabloRubianesdaker: I made a comment on the merge request that needs to be approved14:29
PabloRubianesi can't change the status on that :S14:29
dakerPabloRubianes: i just asked IS again14:32
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