dufluracarr: Still around?03:03
racarrduflu: Si03:17
racarrwhats up?03:17
dufluracarr: Heh, you shouldn't be still around :) ... I'm about to revert r2505 to fix tests crashing unless you can fix it directly?...03:17
racarrduflu: Go for it...I am playing Go -.-03:18
dufluracarr: Kay03:18
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racarrSorry :(03:18
dufluracarr: It's OK. You should be offline by now :)03:19
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sgx1it seems that the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec is outdated. what are the current gaps for mir? any roadmap?12:39
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tvosssgx1, good point, taking an action to update it13:06
tvosssgx1, in the meantime, what are you specifically interested in?13:07
sgx1window management, input method, security stuff and the current status of  toolkit(qt, gtk, etc) support.13:11
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gQuigstrying to parse this bug (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=694570) ,  current suggestion would be to add a dependency to libsm/libice,  is there a better way to do this going forward?19:34
ubot5Mozilla bug 694570 in Startup and Profile System "Stop using libgnome and libgnomeui on Linux" [Normal,New]19:34
gQuigsor is desktop environment specific dbus sessions the answer?19:34

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