hadsOh. Release.20:58
ibeardsleeit has been a while since I've done the 6 monthly releases21:03
ibeardsleesticking to trusty and .. .. lucid :/21:03
hadsMost of my boxes are on Trusty21:04
* ajmitch only has trusty & precise at the moment21:04
ibeardsleeany ideas when the lts enablement stuff for vivid is due out?21:16
ajmitchno idea21:19
hadsI now have a vivid desktop.21:40
ajmitchis it shiny?21:42
hadsI immediately notice that gnome-terminal absorbs ALT+3 making it so I can't get to this window in irssi+screen :)21:42
ajmitchthat would annoy me greatly21:42
hadsI haven't noticed any other changes yet.21:43
hadsTotem is new.21:45
chiltsso is 'x' going to be the next LTS ... wonder what the hell that'll be called!21:50
ollyxrated xenophobe21:53
ajmitchstill waiting on name for w21:58
hadsFixed gnome-terminal by disabling tab switching in shortcut preferences.22:04
hadsMiddle click doesn't seem to send a window to the back any more.22:21
hads(on title bar)22:21
Ghads: oh no, Ubuntu has picked up that gnome-terminal 'trick' (grabbing unconditionally Alt+#'s) now? How disappointing.22:56
Ghads: I think the 'Mate' fork of gnome-terminal has resisted the change based on playing around with Arch the other week.22:58
hadsG: Yeah. It used to only do it if you had tabs open, seems to do it all the time now.23:32
* olly has never really taken to tabbed terminals23:42
hadsI don't often, occasionally if they are related things such as tailing a log in the background23:44
ollyI guess I resent the loss of a couple of lines - I'm happy enough with screen23:44
Ghads: yep, as I said, the mate-terminal fork last I checked hasn't got that patch, I believe it was a GNOME3-ism23:49

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