elopiovila: it worked the second time I ran it.05:05
elopiothe first time it gave an error about timing out waiting for login. Not sure what that's about.05:05
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vilaelopio: O_o you got a log or something ?05:39
* vila yawns05:39
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vilaelopio: did I mention that with the latest changes the same dep8 tests runs on the phone, the archive and -proposed ?13:19
elopiovila: \o/13:20
elopioso we are ready to get the MP reviewed by the dev, right?13:20
vilathat's what I asked you in my last comment yes13:20
vilaelopio: keep in mind that since those are new dep8 tests, they won't block promotion if they fail at first13:21
vilaelopio: they will need to succeed at least once and *thne* they'll block ;)13:21
elopiooh, that's handy.13:22
vilakudos to jibel&pitti13:22
elopiovila: lets get a review from oSoMoN and pitti.13:22
elopioalso, anybody else from ubuntu-qa who wants to chime in ^13:23
pittioh yes, ISTR that it was mentioned on the ML, but after two sprint weeks I'm hopelessly behind in mails13:23
elopiopitti: it's a branch to run the browser autopilot tests as dep8.13:23
vilaright, I'm not sure all the tricks I used are really... well, I'd be happy to have pitti's feedback on them indeed ;)13:23
pittielopio: nice work!13:23
elopiopitti: well, lots of people involved to get this to work, with yourself first in the list :)13:26
* vila nods . o O (ubuntu-touch-sessioin)13:27
brendand_elopio, bing13:29
brendand_elopio, i chimed. nothing major13:29
elopioballoons: bong.13:29
brendand_oh boy balloons is going to be deeply confused13:29
elopiobrendand_: agree with your comment.13:30
* balloons scratches head13:30
elopioand btw, now we are in a better shape to document this in a central place instead of the README.13:30
elopiodo you have any recommendations for a good place in the wiki?13:30
balloonspitti, did alesage ping you about showing off adt as a demo session @ UOS?13:31
balloonselopio, a good place for ?13:31
vilaelopio: by the way, you mentioned a login issue on first run ? Details ? Did you get logs for that ?13:31
* balloons suddenly feels the bong was for brendand_ 13:34
* balloons feels left out13:34
brendand_balloons, hey whoah man - i don't do drugs okay!13:36
pittielopio, vila: reviewed the MP13:38
pittiballoons: no, not yet13:38
balloonspitti, we're soliciting folks to give cool demos, and alesage mentioned perhaps showing off adt would make a nice demo. It would be cool to see the different / novel ways it can be used13:39
balloonsand/or if you have some other pitti created goodness to show off, feel free :-)13:40
vilapitti: ghaaaa, I tried set +a instead of set -a....13:40
pittijust boring boot stuff last cycle13:40
pittiso if anything there, I could demo some ways how to do boot speed and debug stuff now13:41
elopioballoons: good place to write the steps to run the dep8 tests and analyze the results.13:41
balloonspitti, ohh right.. I imagine the bootspeed chart and hackery has changed eh13:42
vilapitti: thanks for the review ;-D I stumble across many things and didn't mention them all (but some hints in the history), you found them all and then some \o/13:42
vilapitti: about needs-recommends, I wondered if python3-evdev should move to Depends in autopilot-touch ?13:43
balloonselopio, hmm.. we have a page on autpkgtest already, let me dig it up. It might make sense there13:44
pittithose are the two I'm aware of, aside from the docs that autopkgtest ships itself13:45
vilapitti: i.e. I thought using needs-recommends may install too much or something (will use it for now)13:46
elopiopitti: ahh, right. That's actually a good place to document about trv.13:50
elopiowe should probably clean it up a little and push it to the archive.13:50
balloonselopio, yea pitti linked the page I was thinking of13:52
balloonsand yea, upstream as well: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git/tree/doc/README.package-tests.rst13:52
pittijibel: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Vivid/view/AutoPkgTest/job/vivid-adt-libanyevent-cachedns-perl/13:54
vilapitti: ADT_NORMAL_USER is only set for setup-commands, not for tests (IIRC my late-night readings). Should it ?13:56
pittivila: err yes, it absolutely should; it's not supposed to be set for setup-commands14:09
pitti(it might be, but not specified)14:09
pittivila: oh sorry, you are right14:10
pittiI totally misremembered what this was for14:10
vilapitti: so, the next best choice after ADT_NORMAL_USER is USER or LOGNAME ?14:20
pittivila: yes, the solution in the branch seems fine14:21
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elopiovila: you might prefer the command line tool corey wrote.15:02
vilaI'm torn between my personal preferences and the greater good ;) Sounds like enhancing trv may benefit more people no ?15:04
elopiovila: yes. And trv should probably be a UI for that library.15:06
elopiovila: do you have a trace for that Mouse error?15:06
elopioI want to see where it decides it should create a Mouse instead of a Touch.15:06
vilaelopio: yup, but in standup right now ;)15:06
vilaelopio: ack, I'm re-running without needs-recommends to isolate15:07
vilaelopio: so, one traceback is https://pastebin.canonical.com/130219/ but I've seen the message for tests that succeeded O_o15:40
vilaelopio: I've push my latest change, if you use revision 978 you should be able to reproduce on a phone15:41
vilaelopio: reverting needs-recommends fixes the issue15:41
vilapitti: ^ needs-recommends is too greedy, not fully diagnosed yet but it seems to install too much which probably confuse autopilot15:42
pittivila: hm, that might be a problem in itself, but I guess you instaed just explicitly add the deps you need?15:49
vilapitti: yup, it's only python3-evdev at that point (you may have missed my previous question, let me re-paste)15:50
vila<vila> pitti: about needs-recommends, I wondered if python3-evdev should move to Depends in autopilot-touch ?15:50
pittivila: for -touch, I think yes15:50
pittivila: recommends on such meta-packages are a bit pointless15:51
vilai.e. I'm unclear about what the package does but ... right will file a MP explaining my issue and see what the reviewers say ;)15:51
vilaI'm also unclear about whether this meta-package is mentioned somewhere to get installed...15:52
vilapitti: why is this pointless ? (That may wait for next week if you don't have time to reply now ;)15:52
pittivila: well, metapackages sohld install a group of packages that you need for this case, and make up its mind if it wants a recommended one or not15:53
pittivila: but yeah, I suppose it's perfect bikeshedding material :)15:53
pittivila: I think the more interesting issue is why ap3 breaks when you install all recommends15:53
vilapitti: yup, that's the one elopio wants to look at more closely15:54
vilaelopio: correct ?15:54
elopiovila: yes. Now I'm wondering why on test end it's moving the mouse.15:55
vilait's in the way ?15:55
elopioI suppose this comes from earlier, it somehow instantiates the Mouse on setup and tries to clean it up.15:56
elopioI'll get a phone and debug.15:56
vilaelopio: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/144768815:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1447688 in Autopilot "python3-evdev should be a Depends for autopilot-touch" [Undecided,New]15:59
elopiovila: I'm not yet sure how to define a dependency on autopilot-touch16:01
elopiowe need to install autopilot-touch only if we are on the phone, bug debs can't depend on that, only on architecture, right?16:01
elopiohow would we know if we have a touchscreen or not?16:02
vilayeah, it's unclear to me too, we may want to install it explicitly when we're not using ubuntu-touch-session (still hackish)16:04
vilaIt's a different axis, we use ubuntu-touch-session to setup a screen, not an input device16:05
vilaI don't think it matters much for now but it's something to keep in mind16:06
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elopioubuntu-qa: meeting with balloons in 30 minutes to talk about docs for the test helpers.17:24
jfunkelopio: thx for highlighting that, I think everyone who participates in developing those should attend, likely everyone in projects-team no?17:42
ki7mtwhere is the meeting taking place ?17:43
elopiojfunk: also ops should be interested, as they can quickly write a high level test to reproduce an issue.17:43
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elopioki7mt: google hangouts.17:44
elopioki7mt: I saw your email about wanting to write tests. Welcome, and please ping if you have questions.17:44
ki7mtelopio, thanks, I'm sure there will be many questions, but have a fare amount of reading to do first :-)17:45
jfunkops-team ^17:48
rvrops-team is really really busy with silos17:49
davmor2not a good week for meetings could be why jibel cancelled them all17:53
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nuclearbobballoons: do you have a hangout link?17:59
elopionuclearbob: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/leo-nicholas18:01
balloonsisn't it now?18:04
elopioballoons: we are waiting for you.18:04
balloonsyes, google hates m18:04
elopionow internet hates me, the hangout seems fine but I'm talking to myself18:11
balloonsno worries, we'll wait18:11
ki7mtelopio, that's ok m8, I talk to myself all the time :-)18:19
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balloonski7mt, nice to see you here as well. You're going to enjoy test writing :-)18:34
ki7mtballoons, Hi, yes, I think so, will be a steep learning curve, but I like those sort of challenges.19:23

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