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rockstar_I'm trying to use VPN client in ubuntu, client connection seem simple. But I can't seem to connect to it. Any suggestion? May be my authentication is incorrect. But it says it failed to connect04:27
rockstar_anybody have any suggestion for failed VPN connection?04:39
Valduarehey guys im having issues, my apc ups says connection failed with apcupsd05:53
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lordievaderGood morning.07:45
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* pmatulis got a lead for translating the ubuntu server guide into Arabic, nice12:25
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devster31hi, what's a good way to compare 2 files that I know have a very similar content but in a very different order?14:24
TJ-devster31: binary or text content?14:24
devster31it's text14:24
TJ-devster31: The order upsets diff?14:25
Odd_Blokedevster31: I often use `diff -u <(cat $old | sort) <(cat $new | sort)`.14:25
TJ-devster31: as Odd_Bloke says, if the order of lines isn't significant, use sort14:26
devster31ok, order of line doesn't really matter, I just wanted to know which are different14:26
TJ-Odd_Bloke: why that 'cat's? Surely just "<(sort $old)" is sufficient?14:26
Odd_BlokeTJ-: Because that's what Ctrl-R told me I did last time. ;)14:27
Odd_BlokeTJ-: You're right. :)14:27
TJ-Odd_Bloke: Ahhh... you don't need cat if the command it's piping to can directly read files itself14:27
Odd_BlokeYeah, I want to defend myself by saying that I might have been doing something else in that pipeline, but I almost certainly was just being daft.14:29
devster31sorry, not working, still outputs both files one above the other14:30
TJ-It's easy to do, cat is so universal14:30
devster31I also tried comm <(sort file1) <(sort file2) with marginally better results14:31
Odd_Blokedevster31: When you say 'one above the other', presumably the first file has '-'s prepended and the second '+'s?14:32
devster31yes, but they have all the lines14:32
Odd_BlokeThat suggests that pretty much all the lines are different.14:32
TJ-devster31: line endings issues?14:33
Odd_BlokeAh, good thought.14:33
devster31I'll check14:33
TJ-devster31: try diff's "--ignore-trailing-space"14:34
TJ-devster31: or otherwise, "--strip-trailing-cr"14:35
devster31i went with -b, seems to work nicely now14:37
devster31some of the spaces were between words14:38
devster31what's a good place to save this things, this little commands14:40
devster31for future reference?14:40
TJ-devster31: Memory :)14:40
Odd_Blokedevster31: I use zsh, which is pretty good at keeping history; if it's something you use regularly, you could use an alias.14:40
devster31I am using zsh, but this isn't the kind of thing I'd use everyday, seems kind of niche14:43
pmatuliszsh ftw16:00
lordievaderzsh!!! \o/16:00
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snolahcHi all, i installed my test cluster under ubuntu server 14.04 and on one i installed Landscape. When trying to register the machines, i got the message "We were unable to contact the server", but the machines talk well each others.... No FW problem, anything. The landscape server runs well with no error logs and the clients all output the same thing... Where can i find info to resolve this ?16:27
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rberghey is ubuntu-server looking to go away from deb packaging to this Snappy Personal thing?16:37
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snolahcrberg, which package mgr ?16:39
rbergI dont know. but I would like to stay with apt / deb packages16:40
rbergor is snappy just for Ubuntu Core?16:41
RoyKI somewhat doubt ubuntu will leave dpkg16:46
RoyKif it does, I will too16:46
patdk-wk_I switched from rhel to here cause it didn't have the issues rpm has16:49
* RoyK doesn't like RHEL16:50
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zzxcHey does anyone know a good alerting system for new CVE or just general vulnerabilities?17:38
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rbergas much as I hate linking phoronix this is why I ask http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-15.10-DEB-To-Snap17:45
rbergzzxc: you could subscribe to the Open Source Security Mailing List17:49
sarnoldzzxc: afaik there's no _good_ way to stay on top of it; the ubuntu security team makes updating our UCT database a daily job for someone on the team http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/ubuntu-cve-tracker/master/changes17:51
sarnoldzzxc: part of that daily routine is grabbing updates from nvd and mitre and debian's similar database: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/ubuntu-cve-tracker/master/view/head:/scripts/process_cves17:52
rbasakI wonder if somebody could drive some kind of data feed out of that database.17:52
zzxcrberg: Yeah  I think that would be useful.17:53
rbasakI guess it would only work well for stuff in main though.17:53
rbasakAt which point you might as well just follow USNs.17:53
rbergzzxc: then I also follow the Ubuntu Security RSS feed17:54
zzxcsarnold: rberg That not a bad idea either17:54
zzxcsarnold: Cool. Thanks for the links.17:54
sarnoldrbasak: the downsides to just usns is that those aren't published for universe packages17:54
zzxcIt would be nice if there was some way you could specify the parts of your stack and get notifications when a new CVE is found for part of your stack.17:55
sarnoldrbasak: we didhave some interest from someone who wants to provide OVAL content for ubuntu packages; they said they were going to get debian versioning treated as a high-level version type, since dpkg's rules might differ from rpm's enough to have an issue, but I honestly don't know if the end result will be worth it.17:55
sarnoldzzxc: I -think- that's the intention behind the oval database thing17:56
sarnoldzzxc: me, I'm content to just turn on automatic updates on the systems I don't login to regularly and let apt sort it out :)17:56
sarnold. but again that misses the packages in universe that need updates but don't get them17:56
rbergyeah something like Gentoos GLSA would be really nice17:56
zzxcsarnold: Yeah, thats harder to do on a production or shared development machine.17:57
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sarnoldI'd love to have a debsecan package that works for ubuntu -- our database formats are so vastly different it wouldn't even be worth starting from what's in that package thuogh :(17:58
rbasakzzxc: Landscape solves that nicely. Installing updates is separate from being able to see what needs applying.17:59
sarnoldzzxc: if there's a small handful of packages you care about, this might be a good starting point: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/17:59
sarnoldzzxc: if you care about hundreds though, using bzr to clone our database would make a _lot_ more sense..18:00
zzxcrbasak: I'll take another look at landscape but part of the issue is we have 2 word press machines, 3 Postgres Machines, 3 Servers and use a framework for development.18:04
zzxcsorry we use a framework that we have to download as a jar file*18:05
samba35i am trying to setup a mail server using postfix and dovecot on ubuntu 14.04.2 ,can some one please recommand me good source for that18:35
patdk-wk_apt-get install postfix dovecot18:36
samba35yes ,i did that but actual configuration process18:40
bekkssamba35: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer18:48
samba35ok ,thanks18:49
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