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dholbachgood morning06:57
dufludholbach: Good afternoon07:08
dholbachhi duflu07:09
Nirmik_Kale_RnDmemory_used, memory_allocated, cpu_used, cpu_allocated07:18
ogra_quite some statement though...07:19
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Mirvpstolowski: does app installing from store use DBus at some point, somehow?08:44
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Mirvpstolowski: we've a silo affecting QDBus (only) and a suspicion that app installation has more problems than before with it08:45
Mirvor alecu ^08:48
pstolowskiMirv, dbus is used to monitor installation progress08:48
pstolowskiMirv, (for the progress bar in the preview)08:49
Mirvpstolowski: ok. if there'd be a dbus error during installation, would there be an error log somewhere?08:49
Mirvpstolowski: this is about silo 018 that has a fix for the blocker bug of unity8 hanging on boot sometimes, which started appearing when libusermetrics started using more DBus in February, and the only solution is to fix the QDBus with a huge patchset from upstream08:51
pstolowskiMirv, apps store scope just passes dbus object path to unity8 dash and doesn't interact with dbus directly (at least when it comes to installation); probably unity8/dash logs are first to look at08:55
Mirvpstolowski: ok, thanks08:55
Saviqtvoss, Q: we're working on persisting suspended app screenshots so that we don't keep them all in memory and can unload them as needed... having done that, if you reboot when you've had an app open and start it again, it will show the screenshot, assuming the app will restore08:57
tvossSaviq, unload them as in unload the screenshot or unload the app?08:58
Saviqtvoss, app's not there by then (it's OOM'ed)08:59
tvossSaviq, ack08:59
Saviqtvoss, i.e. we only use the screenshot if the app's OOM'ed, or starting08:59
tvossthat sounds good08:59
Saviqtvoss, [...] which feels correct in how our lifecycle is meant to work, but almost no apps currently do restore08:59
tvossSaviq, aha ... so we have an issue with a visual glitch switching from stored screenshot to first screen provided by app?08:59
Saviqtvoss, well, yeah, and some weirdness that you start the app but get the screenshot straight away09:00
Saviqtvoss, it'll be reduced if/when we persist the right edge stack09:00
tvossSaviq, mind elaborating on the first statement?09:00
Saviqtvoss, today, if you start the app after boot, we show the splash screen09:01
Saviqtvoss, and since apps don't restore, this looks consistent because on reboot the apps just start from scratch09:01
Saviqso splash screen → "fresh" app09:01
Saviqobviously when they're OOM'ed, it looks wrong too, because it's then screenshot → "fresh" app09:02
Saviqbut now we'd extend that ↑ behaviour to reboots, too09:02
Saviqwhich, again, feels "correct", because we never said a reboot resets apps (or did we?)09:02
Saviqbut from a user perspective might feel weird09:03
nhainesSaviq: it's what Android 5.0 does, at least.09:04
nhainesIt does feel slightly weird, but you get used to it.  :)09:04
Saviqnhaines, good enough for me :)09:05
Saviqat least now we'll nudge app devs to start restoring state09:05
tvossSaviq, yup @restoring state. do you know the state of the SDK support facilities in that case?09:06
tvossSaviq, probably a cross fade from screenshot to first app frame might be helpful, too?09:06
Saviqtvoss, there is https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.StateSaver/09:06
tvossbzoltan_, ^09:06
tvossbzoltan_, do we have any idea how the adoption rate by developers is? also: iiuc, this is opt in?09:07
Saviqtvoss, yeah sure, we can also apply some effect on the screenshot (desaturation was one idea) while it's loading09:08
Saviqtvoss, an activity indicator in the middle of the screenshot likely makes sense, too09:08
tvossSaviq, yup, I think we should stick to "correct", minimizing visual disturbance when going from screenshot -> first frame09:08
Saviqtsdgeos, confirmed ↑09:09
tvossSaviq, is there an easy way to get a simple video of "no effects", "with crossfade", "with desaturation"?09:09
mcphailI like the idea of desaturating the screenshot09:09
nhainesI think you should do a pallete cycle like those old DOS demos.  Ambient demoscene loading music optional.09:10
tvossSaviq, just to make sure stakeholders can comment on the MP without understanding the code?09:10
Saviq/we should stop calling it screenshot, it's an app-shot ;P09:10
Saviqtvoss, sure09:10
mcphailmy apps would benefit from being taken out and shot09:11
mcphailSaviq: beyond the StateSaver, is there a way for apps to save their state if shut down cleanly? A hook or signal which would allow a write to the config file?09:12
tvosstrue @appshot09:12
Saviqmcphail, you can do whatever you need when your app becomes inactive09:12
Saviqmcphail, you *should* even09:12
mcphailSaviq: so if a user swipes away the app, how do I save state?09:13
Saviqmcphail, right, that's a different pair of pants, and we'll likely resume the app in that case and let you know to shut down cleanly09:14
Saviqtvoss, ↑?09:14
tvossmcphail, no need to, you will always receive a signal prior to suspension with a grace period before you are being shot09:15
Saviqtvoss, no, but when the user swipes the app away09:15
tvossSaviq, no need to09:15
Saviqtvoss, we need to let it know to actually clear state09:15
tvossSaviq, nope, not really09:15
tvossSaviq, that's unfocused, but nothing more09:15
Saviqtvoss, no, swiped away in the spread09:16
Saviqtvoss, as in closed09:16
Saviqtvoss, when you launch the app again after that, you don't want it to restore09:16
tvossSaviq, ah okay, so actively closed: I *think* we send the same signal09:16
tvossoh okay, got it now :) sorry, need coffee09:16
tvossso yeah, about to be closed might make sense here09:17
Saviqtvoss, not sure what ubuntu-app-launch does now, but it'd need to resume and SIGTERM, likely09:17
tvossSaviq, so yeah, it would need to resume if suspended, then deliver notification, then sigterm09:17
tvosshmmm, or could we leverage sigterm and a subsequent sigkill if app takes too long ...09:17
Saviqwhy notification, sigterm not enough?09:17
Saviqtvoss, yup, that's what upstart does already09:18
tvossas long as we expose sigterm in an easily consumable way: fine as well09:18
Saviqtvoss, you generally get 5s after sigterm09:18
tvossremembering now09:18
tvossso we should check if sigterm is translated/available in QML09:18
tvossbzoltan_, ^09:18
Saviqtvoss, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-window-window.html#closing-signal09:19
mcphail+1 - signal handling from qml would be great09:19
tvossSaviq, I would be surprised if sigterm is mapped tbh09:19
Saviqtvoss, it is09:20
Saviqtvoss, if you Ctrl+C qmlscene, the window just gets closed09:20
tvossSaviq, okay, that's probably fine then09:20
Saviqtvoss, /me just not sure if MainView is a Window, it likely should be09:20
Saviqit's not atm, but you can probably wrap a MainView in a Window to get the same09:21
ogra_i dont think MainView is an actual window, only a fraction of it ... i.e. you cant fullscreen it properly09:21
tvossSaviq, one other bit is: this works in single-surface scenarios. the more general approach would be to have the signal on the app instance09:21
karnisearch box in header (Messaging, Phone, for instance) does not pop the keyboard in vivid-proposed. is this a known bug?09:22
karniopen Messaging -> hit search -> search box shows up focused, no keyboard09:22
Saviqtvoss, yeah true, just confirmed closing isn't emitted on Ctrl+C09:23
ogra_kemmko, would you mind to take care of bug 1445106 ... i know we had a similar one before but cant find it09:42
ubot5bug 1445106 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "Notifications turn the screen on" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144510609:42
kemmkoogra_: having a look now09:47
ogra_thanks !09:47
kemmkoogra_: assigned the corresponding designer but pasted a link to the new notifications spec, the desired behaviour should be defined there09:56
ogra_kemmko, awesome, thanks :)09:56
kemmkoogra_:  no problem at all :)09:58
brunch875good morning!10:02
AlanBellhow do I update apps that are updated in the store?10:02
AlanBellor how do I get the updated version rather10:03
ogra_AlanBell, they show in the updates in system-settings10:03
ogra_(unlkike system updates you dont get a notification for them, so you need to manually check there)10:04
AlanBellI see10:04
AlanBelland I wasn't looking there because I made it writeable10:04
ogra_writable rootfs doesnt change the upgrades :)10:05
ogra_(system-image upgrades will revert all your changes though)10:06
AlanBellindeed, it just changes my probablility of looking in the right place10:06
* AlanBell installs 25 updates10:06
richi__Is it possible to have alternative keyboards on ubuntu-touch like with android? Or at least configure more meaningful long-press events?10:22
beunorichi__, not yet, but we certainly have our eye on that feature10:24
bzoltan_tvoss: ack, i look after it10:25
richi__beuno: Above the keyboard are special key combinations that are valuable for a lot of use cases. But Ctrl-B for tmux is missing.10:29
richi__beuno: That's in the terminal app.10:29
ogra_richi__, you can define that part of the terminal app via json files yourself10:40
ogra_richi__, https://swordfishslabs.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/json-profiles-in-ubuntu-terminal-app/10:41
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Saviqnhaines, FYI bug #144756611:30
ubot5bug 1447566 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Need to expose API to notify about user closing the app" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144756611:30
Silexdoes anyone know if someone is working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/1436979 ?11:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436979 in messaging-app (Ubuntu) "BQ-Ubuntuphone: can not copy Text from SMS" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:37
popeyi think we have general copy/paste issues which are on the roadmap to be fixed, yes11:37
ogra_yeah, not specific to apps at all ...11:38
ogra_the toolkit needs to fix tht11:38
Silexpopey: good. It's very annoying that "Telegram" is a better app than the basic SMS messaging app in that regard11:39
Silex(in Telegram you can copy/forward)11:39
ogra_just convert all your friends to telegram then ... bug fixed ;)11:39
SilexI'm a C++/Qt dev and I started looking into fixing some bugs, I have to get used to QML but it looks fairly similar to js11:40
SilexHow easy it is to test stuffs? Just clone some bazaar branch, make some changes & run it in the SDK simulator?11:40
popeySilex: yeah, the emulator isn't in a great state IMO11:41
popeybetter off using a device11:41
ogra_i even edit and test on the phone directly ... just in the /opt/click.ubunt.com/ dir of the app11:41
ogra_QMl is simple enough for doing that11:42
Silexpopey: I own an Aquaris 4.5 BQ11:42
jgdxYou can copy whole messages from the messaging app11:42
Silexjgdx: really?11:42
* Silex tries11:42
jgdxSilex, drag message to left11:42
Silexholy cow11:43
jgdxnot sure it's in r21 though11:43
Silexnever noticed there was options there11:43
SilexI noticed left drag in other apps but never right drag11:43
richi__ogra_: this is great. Thanks for the URL. I'll do that.11:44
Silexpopey: alright, I'll try to make a patch for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/144251811:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1442518 in Ubuntu Clock App "Enabling alarm after midnight schedules it for the next day" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:44
Silexpopey: this sounds easy to test & fix, so basically with my connected phone I can cross-compile & replace the alarm app that runs on my phone?11:45
nik90Silex: hi, I just noticed the bug this morning11:45
nik90Silex: let me know if you need help with building and testing it.11:45
Silexnik90: yeah it's kinda annoying. As a workaround, quickly edit the alarm and save it11:45
Silexnik90: I'm starting to get my hands into ubuntu touch dev, so I need to understand how the basic workflow goes11:46
nik90Silex: I was going through the code logic that does the rescheduling, but am yet to find a solution.11:46
Silexnik90: yeah as posted in the comment, the code *looks* correct, I think the bug is deeper in the alarmModel11:47
nik90Silex: the alarm model is provided to the clock app by the Ubuntu SDK..clock app just add/removes alarms from the model.11:48
Silexnik90: good to know11:49
Se7hi guys11:51
Se7i ve got 2 update, telegramm and my photo but they didn t downloading11:51
Se7i m connected on wifi11:52
SilexSe7: I had these this morning, upgraded fine. Try rebooting your phone?11:52
Silexnik90: any idea which one of these to look at? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team11:53
nik90Silex: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging11:54
Se7already had a reboot i will try again11:54
Silexnik90: thanks, I looked in the one without "staging"11:54
nik90Silex: usually fixes and new features land in staging before being copied over to trunk11:55
nik90Silex: sdk devs expect development to happen in staging11:55
Silexnik90: alright. I'll grep my way into finding the alarm model :)11:55
nik90Silex: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging/files/head:/modules/Ubuntu/Components/plugin/11:57
nik90Silex: if you have any questions regarding the alarm model, it is best to talk to zsombi on #ubuntu-app-devel11:57
nik90Silex: he is the sdk dev working on it11:57
Se7still not downloading :(11:59
popeymardy: ralsina you joining us in #ubuntu-touch-meeting ?12:02
mardypopey: one sec12:03
Silexnik90: thanks for all the infrmations12:11
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mcphail4 weeks of using UT and I forgot how to switch apps in android...12:15
ogra_yeah, the missing right swipe is annoying12:15
* ogra_ remembers that from 1y ago when he still touched android phones 12:16
mcphailperhaps I should file a bug12:16
jgdxogra_, switching on ios–what a nightmare12:23
cwaynemardy, yo, is there any doc for creating a account-plugin for a non-oauth based provider?12:24
jgdxi own an ios6 ipad and I spend 90% of the time pressing 'the one button'12:24
mardycwayne: not really, but you can look at the owncloud one: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~danielholm/owncloud-app/trunk/files/head:/plugin/qml/12:25
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cwaynemardy, interesting, thanks. and owncloud is *just* user/pass?12:27
Silexnik90: I think I maybe found it12:27
Silexin line 166, if alarmDate compares *only* the date and not the time, the our bug will happen12:27
Silexif it compares the time too, then the bug is somewhere else12:27
Silexs/the our/then our/12:28
mardycwayne: it's hostname, user and pass12:28
Silexah no, it also compares the time12:30
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jgdxSilex, nik90: One thing about alarms, when I set one at night (usually around 23-01), I'm always a bit suprised that it suggests setting the alarm 30 minutes ahead of time.12:41
jgdxI think ios got that right, now + 8 hours or something12:42
nik90jgdx: clock app usually rounds up the time to the closest multiple of 5...so if you press add alarm at 23:01 ... it should show 23:05 and you can decide to keep that or change it.12:42
nik90jgdx: does it show you 23:30 instead?12:43
jgdxWellark, the icon in the indicator is an alarm clock, used for waking people up :)12:43
jgdxnik90, ^12:43
jgdxwho sleeps for 5 minutes?12:43
mcphailjgdx: me - this morning when I missed the snooze button :)12:44
nik90jgdx: well not like that, for instance now its 14:45 here..and when I open the new alarm page, it will show 14:45.. you can then change that to whatever time you want..its basically rounding of is what I meant to say12:44
nik90jgdx: which is why I am curious to know why it suggested setting the alarm to 30 minutes ahead of time12:45
jgdxnik90, I meant 5, I just guessed12:45
nik90jgdx: so what exactly do you want alarms to show?12:46
jgdxnik90, now + 8 hours12:46
nik90jgdx: and what If I want to set an alarm for the next hour?12:46
jgdxif I want to boil eggs, or do something in one hour I use a timer12:46
nik90jgdx: people take power naps which last an hour or two. ... in which case a one-time alarm can be used12:47
nik90jgdx: true, but clock app doesnt have a timer12:47
jgdxit will12:47
nik90in fact there is no timer for ubuntu touch yet12:47
jgdxthat's a good point though, I thought there was a timer12:48
jgdxnik90, is that tracked?12:48
nik90yeah it is, let me try to find a bug12:49
jgdxnik90, bug 142756612:49
ubot5bug 1427566 in Ubuntu UX "[Clock] Add timers functionality" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142756612:49
nik90there you go :)12:49
jgdxnik90, good feedback from you in that bug12:50
nik90jgdx: If you think that the new alarm page should set the default time to be "now + 8hrs", please create a bug report with a clear explanation as to why it should be so and I can take it up with the design team.12:51
nik90jgdx: Android doesn't do it..so may be there is a good reasoning to just use the current time12:51
jgdxnik90, that wish implies the presence of a timer, though12:52
robin-heronik90: jgdx: I don't like the "current time + 8 hours" idea12:52
robin-herowhich OS doest this in that was?12:53
jgdxrobin-hero, I thought ios did this, but I don't have one in front of me12:53
nik90robin-hero: well it is just an idea that we are discussing..if it is a valid use-case then I don't see why we can't use it12:53
robin-heronik90: Of course, but this is very weird for me :) I use the alarm for many other things, not just for wakeup :)12:55
nik90robin-hero: fair enough12:56
jgdxcould be ios merely suggested the last alarm time, or alarm interval12:59
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jgdxwhich could make more sense for robin-hero and myself12:59
jgdxs/last/most recently used13:00
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alecuMirv, pstolowski: hi, I'm catching up with the backlog regarding silo-18, dbus and installations13:02
alecuMirv: did you guys found the issue? should I take a look also?13:02
Mirvalecu: pstolowski: the problem is that with that silo U1 account gets removed upon reboot and/or clicking Install button, although if the account is readded installing apps works for the duration of that boot.13:03
alecuMirv: weird. The u1 account should only be removed if the credentials are no longer valid; I find it very strange that it would be removed on installation.13:06
Elleonik90: what's your opinion on screenshots for the next podbird release, I'm thinking of maybe making them with the new header in vivid as it looks nicer (the counter argument being that it won't match exactly what the user will see until the vivid upgrade), what're your thoughts?13:07
nik90Elleo: it does look nicer but it will be inconsistent though..how about we update the scrreenshots when OTA-4 based on vivid lands instead?13:07
Elleonik90: could do13:08
nik90Elleo: the issue is that in the dark theme, the app header is barely distinct from the app content and is a tiny bit confusing13:08
nik90the header divider needs to be a bit more visible in the dark theme13:09
Mirvalecu: so the silo changes DBus behavior, and it appears the account probably gets removed when a DBus request fails in some way13:09
Elleonik90: yeah, I guess; I'm not espeically fussed about it being a bit faint, as users are familiar with the idea of the header and there's enough cues there to show that it is a header13:10
nik90Elleo: btw are you creating the click at the moment? We got 100% translations for russian this morning, you will need to import the translations and merge them to trunk manually before uploading click to store.13:10
Elleonik90: yeah, I'm going to do a manual import13:10
Elleonik90: won't be doing the release until after work though13:10
nik90Elleo: regarding the screenshots, its your call. Its just a smart part of the app screenshot which does make it look really modern13:11
Mirvalecu: maybe it could be more fault tolerant, but of course it's the silo's fault most likely unless the accound handling made wrong assumptions on previous Qt behavior13:11
alecuMirv: yes: " it appears the account probably gets removed when a DBus request fails in some way" sounds very likely.13:12
Elleonik90: yeah, and I like the fact that it means the "Add New Podcast" page gets its full title, which gets truncated with the old header13:14
Elleonik90: but I'm kind of on the fence13:14
tsdgeosMirv: so with silo18 the ubuntuone account is randomly lost on reboots but not without silo18?13:25
alecuMirv: I'm talking to marcustomlinson, that worked on the integration of the scope frameworks with online accounts, and he tells me that the scopes are using a library provided by online accounts. And that it's likely that this library is using dbus to call online accounts itself13:26
Mirvtsdgeos: yes13:27
tsdgeosMirv: weird13:27
alecumardy: do you know if the online accounts library uses qtdbus to talk to online accounts proper?13:27
Mirvalecu: thanks, that's another useful piece to know in this puzzle!13:28
alecuMirv: is the account lost on reboots or on installation?13:28
mardyalecu: libsignon-qt (and the QML bindings do), but the account part it an in-process SQLite DB13:29
marcustomlinsonmardy, alecu: it may be an issue in QDBus used from OnlineAccountsClient::Setup() that we use in the shell:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/trunk/view/head:/client/OnlineAccountsClient/setup.cpp13:29
Mirvtsdgeos: of course OA could be made more fault tolerant, but it's likely QDBus is simply still broken even though all our other issues with the patch set are gone13:30
Mirvalecu: on a reboot, but not always. also, the first click of Install on the app after upgrading to the silo removes the account, but not if upgrade is done first and then account is added - app installations then work for the duration of that boot13:32
alecu"for the duration of that boot" is what makes no sense to me! :-(13:33
Mirvyeah, it feels weird, but it certainly looks like that. so it's probably that some multi-threaded dbus usage during boot creates the problem, even though at times the removal only happens after that boot, when Install is clicked13:35
popeyooh! http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-04-23-143817.png13:40
ogra_popey, you're kidding !13:41
popeyI only just noticed :)13:41
Silexpopey: thank you! I often pested that it lacked this13:41
robin-heropopey: Is it in vivid? :)13:41
popeythats my up to date vivid phone13:42
robin-heroI think I need to buy another phone just fot testing :D13:42
Silexdamnit, it's not there on the BQ 4.5 yet13:42
popeyyes, please buy more phones for "testing" or whatever13:42
Silexah wait, maybe it only works with the Media PLayer app13:43
* Silex tests again13:43
popeydoesn't work with music13:43
robin-heropopey: I got one for everyday use :) just I another one for testing :D13:44
* Silex curses at media player13:44
Silexhow does one simply select music to play in it?13:44
* Silex tries file manager13:44
Se7still not downloading update after many reboot any idea? :(13:45
* Silex curses at Media Player not being able to open mp3 files13:46
mcphailHmm - my network status indicator has gone completely and the tab in the indicator bar has been replaced by a cogwheel icon labelled "indicator-network"13:50
jgdxpete-woods, ^^13:51
jgdxmcphail, anything new in your /var/crash folder?13:52
nik90popey, ogra_ : it doesnt seem to work with media-player as well during my testing..perhaps more fixes are in the pipeline13:53
mcphailjgdx: lots of things :) Nothing from today, though13:54
pete-woodsmcphail: anything interesting in ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log* ?13:55
mcphailpete-woods: one sec. trying to read/access through terminal app :)13:57
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=== Se7 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: -78/74/topic
Se7sorry i don t know what s up my child put and on keyboards14:15
=== jgdx changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: | Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Installing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting guide (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bugs filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Nexus Status: http://bit.ly/18kIrhM | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | OTA-3 released
mcphailpete-woods: quite a bit of "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'" (sorry for delay in replying - internet issues)14:25
pete-woodsmcphail: are you on RTM or vivid?14:25
mcphailpete-woods: rtm14:26
pete-woodsmcphail: sounds like we need to push the same fix out to RTM as we have in vivid then14:26
pete-woodsnot that I think there's another rtm image coming along14:26
mcphailpete-woods: i suppose the fix _will_be_ vivid :)14:27
mcphailpete-woods: do you need more info or shall I just reboot?14:27
pete-woodsmcphail: if you can find an indicator-network crash file that would be useful14:30
pete-woodsjust so I can confirm it's the same crash14:30
pete-woodsit doesn't matter if it's not from today14:30
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mcphailpete-woods: sorry - got cut off again. Do you want an email with a crash file from the 17th?14:48
pete-woodsmcphail: that sounds good to me14:50
pete-woodsmcphail: pete.woods@canonical.com14:50
OerHekspete-woods, please can i pm you?14:53
pete-woodsOerHeks: sure14:53
marchHi :) Where can I report incomplete translations concerning uubuntu touch? Openening a bugreport on launchpad seems to be the wrong place.15:08
jgdxmarch, it's the right place, but it's best if you file it against the package/project in question. Where is the incomplete translation?15:13
marchjgdx, If you choose your favorite contacts a new screen appears displaying the name of the person and some buttons.15:25
marchOn my phone it is a mixture of german and english. Should be german only15:26
jgdxmarch, okay, could you file against https://bugs.launchpad.net/address-book-app/+filebug ?15:30
* mcphail has just realised the podbird icon is an owl.15:43
nik90mcphail: not for long15:44
mcphailnik90: I'd thought it was a close-up of a monkey's face...15:44
mcphailThe belly feathers were teeth...15:46
* mcphail does not have the best eyesight15:46
alecuMirv: after further manual testing, I found that logging into U1 from system settings is unreliable as logging from the scope.16:04
alecuI tap and tap on the "Ubuntu One" entry in system settings and still can't login16:05
alecuwell, after a few taps it worked16:05
alecubut still, seems to be as broken16:05
Mirvalecu: if you see #ubuntu-ci-eng, we now added mardy's https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/lp1421009/+merge/257267 which seems to help the boot up account disappearance at least (it now always survives boot but disappears when app is tried to be installed, although not every time), but we'd need something similar to some other potentially racy place16:06
Mirvalecu: so if you apt update + upgrade you'd get that mardy's u-s-s-o-a update from the same PPA16:06
alecuah, great.16:06
Mirvalecu: do you know anything about that what happens / what's called when Install is pressed in the store, where something similar could be applied?16:06
Mirvsil2100: ^16:06
alecuMirv: I suspect unity-scopes-shell, will check with people on my team16:07
alecupstolowski: pete-woods: is that right? ^16:08
Mirvalecu: awesome!16:08
marchI'll do that jgdx16:12
alecuMirv: actually, unity-scopes-shell is using libonline-accounts-client1, which is built from ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts too16:14
pstolowskialecu, Mirv afaict after some grepping in unity-scopes-shell, it depends on libonline-accounts-client1-dev (ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts) and doesn't do anything like in that diff directly16:14
pstolowskialecu, ah, at the same time ;)16:14
alecupstolowski: right, so I would suspect mardy's patch ought to fix that too16:15
sil2100pstolowski, alecu, Mirv: that's not good then, I'm in overall worried that the raciness can cause accounts to go missing16:18
alecusil2100: I wonder what happens with accounts other than the U1 account as used in the click scope.16:18
alecuI've been trying to install some other scope that uses online accounts, but been hitting the bug.16:19
alecu(other scopes that use online accounts are, eg: vimeo, soundcloud, instagram scopes)16:19
sil2100I'm upgrading to vivid as well16:22
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taiebotnik90: podbird does not start on my mako 15.04 devel-proposed r18316:36
popeytaiebot: known16:36
popeyfixed in trunk i believe16:36
taiebotpopey and the music stalling as well? on r18316:37
Elleotaiebot: yeah, there's a bug in the UITK, but we've got a workaround for it in 0.6 which we'll be releasing very soon16:38
taiebotelleo: is it for podbird or music app?16:38
Elleotaiebot: podbird, no idea about the music app side of things16:38
Dragonkeeperif someone calls  and you swipe the call notification away the phone vibrates and there is no way to answer it , opening the phone app lets you call but doesnt say theres a imcoming call still, vibrating goes away when the other person hangs up16:47
nik90taiebot: music app opens fine for me on r183 though16:54
taiebotIt does open but try to play two songs.16:54
nik90taiebot: I quickly seeked through 3-4 songs and it continues playing..what do you observe on your end?16:55
taiebotnik90: was walking back home with headphones and after finishing the song. when starting the next one it starts to stutter and finally stops.16:56
nik90taiebot: ah ok...I will play an entire playlist and see if I can reproduce it16:58
taiebotnik90 just starting an album here to see if i can always reproduce..16:59
taiebotnik90 its pretty weird i am not playing the music it is supposed to play=-O17:03
taiebotIt says Jessie J Domino on the now playing while he plays some spanish guitar music.17:03
nik90ok there's something really weird going on then17:05
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isleofmandanCan anyone point me to a guide for upgrading my phone to 15.04 ?18:52
ogra_isleofmandan, are you ready for instabilities and bugs ? ... you can switch the channel to devel-proposed with th system-image-cli command ... but i would wait til 15.04 is ready18:57
ogra_(there is a --switch option for system-image-cli)18:58
ogra_(see --help)18:58
davmor2ogra_: you don't need to minuses and you are missing a k, it's "But seek help"18:59
isleofmandanThanks. I thought 15.04 was already released. My laptop is currently upgrading and I thought phone and desktop were same codebase?19:00
davmor2isleofmandan: not yet we are getting there19:00
ogra_phone is rolling and gets special QA treatment19:00
ogra_the normal phone OTA mchanism will just switch you over automatically, you wont notice :)19:01
isleofmandanSo it will just do it by magic when it's ready19:01
ogra_yeah :19:01
isleofmandancool. Thanms19:01
ogra_in about 4-6 weeks i'd say ... will still take a while19:01
isleofmandanI can't type on it. :p19:02
isleofmandanOK thanks. We have a local release party on Saturday and some folks wanted me to show my phone. First question I'll get is why is it only on 14.10 :)19:03
davmor2isleofmandan: it isn't, it's on 14.09 rtm which is another thing all together19:04
isleofmandanso confusing. It says 14.10 on the screen. :)19:06
davmor2isleofmandan: that's just to confuse people ;)19:09
isleofmandananyway, thanks for the help. I'll get back to nursing laptop through its uograde from 14.10... /boot appears to be too full but I have seen that issue before so know what to do. It's the phone stuff that is all new and weird to me!19:12
isleofmandanhave a good evening19:12
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d3z_I could use a little help in understanding the difference between scopes and apps on Ubuntu Phone.  As I understand it, a scope is something like a group or category of information, where that scope can take in data from an assortment of sources.  an app is a single program, which just does it's own thing.  is that a correct assessment?19:22
cwayned3z_, that's a pretty good top-level view yep :)19:24
cwayned3z_, the main focus of scopes is content rather than functionality19:24
d3z_cool, thanks cwayne and ogra_19:25
d3z_I'm considering making a small app (i assume that's the correct approach here) which will make some requests to a web service and display data in a basic list.  I'll also need to save some basic user preferences.  given the minimal requirements, it seems like a good fit to do in html5 rather than qml.  is that reasonable?19:25
cwaynewhat kind of data?19:26
d3z_for now it's just an excuse to try things out, but it'll tasks (as in todo list entries)19:27
d3z_I imagine a user being able to set a few preferences in the app, but otherwise it's just requesting data via https and showing that data as text on a list19:28
taiebot\o/ podbird update :)19:47
dobeyd3z_: an html5 app would be fine for that. it would fit into the realm of scopes as well, if it's just displaying data and not really entering any.19:51
mariogripUpdating my desktop to vivid now! \o/20:54
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