dpmhi Gwaihir, askhl, I'm reaching out to translators to comment on the "Phone translations policy proposal" I sent to the ML. Input from translation teams would be useful, even if it's to say +1, or if there is any point that's not clear or you don't agree with. Do you think you might have a chance to look at it?11:59
Gwaihirdpm, will do :-)12:00
dpmawesome, thanks!12:01
dpmWe'll probably be following up with a policy for string freezes, something that the phone is dearly missing :)12:01
dpmthat's in the works12:01
Gwaihirdpm, BTW, there is a small typo in the policy page: Ubuntu for phones can either either be downloaded12:18
Gwaihirs/either either//g12:18
dpmGwaihir, fixed, thanks!12:20
dpmthanks Gwaihir, really good questions :)13:51
Gwaihirdpm, thank you for working on that! it is really needed13:53
askhldpm: Hello.  I will have a look.16:05
dpmthanks askhl!16:12
askhldpm: By the way, I have taken over the post as Danish coordinator for GNOME.  The coordinator job for Ubuntu I have then passed on to Aputsiaq Janussen.  But I can't remember if the latter change was ever formally announced.  Should I send it on the mailing list or do anything else?  As of now I have simply made him administrator of the appropriate groups.  (I am of course still active, just don't want to deal with too many coordination duti16:21
dpmaskhl, thanks for the heads up. Yes, I think that'd be good. This should provide more guidance for any other steps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/RoleReassignmentPolicy16:22
askhldpm: Thanks16:30
askhldpm: I cannot edit the Teams page.  The Danish contact should read "Aputsiak Niels Janussen", https://launchpad.net/~aj .  (Whether Aputsiaq is spelled -q or -k is apparently non-trivial)16:33
dpmaskhl, what do you mean with "I cannot edit"? Is it a permissions problem? That page is just a regular wiki page16:36
askhlIt says "Página inmutable" in the top left.16:58
askhl(dpm: ^)16:59
dpmaskhl, you might need to re-login?16:59
askhlHuh, apparently.  But then it's not strictly true that the page is immutable... :)17:08

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