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knightwisemorning everyone06:07
diploMorning all07:09
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Guest73857Good morning all; happy English Language Day! :-D08:34
* Guest73857 eyes his nick suspiciously.08:35
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Laneygood old Guest7385708:46
directhex_i miss Guest7385708:46
bashrc_happy ubuntu release day08:50
directhex_but i only just downloaded the beta! :'(08:50
Laneyjust an apt upgrade away08:52
foobarrythe register will probably have a souvenir pull out guide08:56
awilkinsWow, Pace08:59
awilkinsI had one of the ISA modem cards.08:59
awilkinsLovely bit of kit, none of your Winmodem rubbish08:59
foobarrywow. metro are publishing "news" that are actually 8 month old reddit posts now09:04
foobarrynot even new ones09:04
foobarryturns out to be this http://www.reddit.com/r/UnexplainedPhotos/comments/2e60an/disturbing_photo_feedback_xpost_from_rghosts/09:04
foobarryalso, its just a person standing behind her09:13
foobarrywhich you can see more clearly inthe reddit link that they refer to but don't link to09:14
foobarryhe is wearing a light blue shirt09:14
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:22
Hazedgood morning all.  does anyone know the release time for 15.04?09:37
Myrttiafternoon UK time usually09:38
Myrttithere is no set moment.09:38
Hazedbrilliant, thank you for clearing that up :)09:38
Myrttinote: usually doesn't mean that it's guaranteed.09:39
Myrttifor all I know it could be five minutes away09:39
Hazedmake sense09:39
* popey looks over at the release team09:39
popeythey don't seem too stressed :)09:39
popeybeer at 17:30 apparently09:39
popeyso sometime before then09:39
Hazedsounds good idea09:39
davmor2popey: you off to Ye Olde London Town Today?09:42
popeydavmor2: am here, yes10:31
davmor2popey: \o/ tell them not to get too drunk there is more work tomorrow10:32
lubotu3`Did I SAY it was out? Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.10:44
awilkinsBoo! Opportunity missed there10:44
bashrc_it is not out11:09
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davmor2So I got this tune stuck in my  head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy2indWyr7412:38
directhex_so. w-series name speculation?12:38
directhex_wistful wombat!12:39
davmor2wasclin' wabbit12:39
zmoylan-piwary winkle12:40
awilkinsRather more overt versions of Onanistic Ocelot?12:40
davmor2wonderful wizbit12:40
davmor2whopping willow12:40
davmor2whomping even12:40
awilkinsI think whoever manages JKR would whomp Canonicals butt for that12:40
davmor2worried whippet12:41
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davmor2wobbly weeble is my favourite though12:42
* awilkins looks at list of South African mammals12:43
deckchair_turpinwhen they get to x the animals are limited a little12:43
davmor2deckchair_turpin: get off my lawn with your deckchair12:45
* deckchair_turpin hums abide with me12:45
* popey thought that was someone else for a moment then.12:46
deckchair_turpinannoying someone else in another channel... :-)12:46
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awilkinsXamarin is already taken12:59
* awilkins hears Transmission go *ding*13:18
lubotu3`Did I SAY it was out?  Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.13:19
awilkinsAstonishing how many people still use Microtorrent13:20
awilkinsI heard it had gone all bloaty bloatware13:21
* Myrtti goes back to playing Cities Skylines while waiting for 15.04 to happen13:22
bashrc_it is not out13:30
foobarrydo i need to chroot sftp if users can't login with ssh?13:33
foobarryi think so13:35
awilkinsI remember a few years ago, you'd get kicked for saying it was out before it was officially announced, that still the case?13:38
foobarry4od app sucks13:41
foobarrywhatever its called noawadays13:41
foobarrythey make you feel dirty and desperate for wanting to watch a programme13:42
dogmatic69what is the best option to share a folder from linux to windows?13:48
diploDepends how much sophistication you're after ?13:49
diploand desktop or cli13:49
dogmatic69I want to have a git repo on test server, shared to windows so it can be opened in editor and edited13:49
diploIf I just want to share a folder quickly from desktop I just rick click and share it13:49
dogmatic69all the commite etc will happen on the server, literally just to edit files13:50
dogmatic69and its server cli -> win desktop13:50
awilkinsWell, you could13:50
davmor2dogmatic69: a usb pendrive?13:50
diploI do that via sftp myself, use winscp on my laptop, open with Sublime and Ctrl S and winscp saves it back13:50
awilkinsDoes "Best" mean easiest?13:50
foobarrysmb ?13:50
foobarrysame lan?13:50
awilkinsEasiest is SMB / CIFS13:50
dogmatic69best means easy / reliable13:51
davmor2I'm still going with usb pendrive13:51
foobarrydepends on the user13:51
awilkinsAll the software available in the repo or pre-installed, nothing to install on Winders box13:51
dogmatic69its php13:51
awilkinsSyncthing : like Dropbox but the NSA doesn't get a lookin13:51
dogmatic69currently its the other way round, the repo is on windows and shared to linux but that is lame13:52
awilkinsWhy's that lame? Do you want your website clients to be able to access your full source code history?13:53
dogmatic69its dev server13:53
dogmatic69windows keeps locking files and breaks ability to edit from the server / delete etc.13:53
dogmatic69things like composer die because the files are locked13:53
davmor2dogmatic69: right click on the, local network share. failing that, dropbox, sycnthing, bittorrent sync, USB PENDRIVE!!!!!13:53
davmor2right click on the folder that should of read13:54
dogmatic69davmor2:  usb wont work because its a virtual linux machine...13:54
davmor2dogmatic69: most vms allow a shared folder between host and client13:54
dogmatic69the host is a windows client, not the desktop used.13:55
dogmatic69windows server sorry...13:55
davmor2dogmatic69: yeap still most vm's as in the software that the client runs in can share a folder with the host13:56
davmor2the client can then access it13:56
dogmatic69davmor2:  the point is that nobody is using the windows server hosting the linux server so it would be pointless to share anything there.13:56
dogmatic69I will try out smb13:56
davmor2dogmatic69: it's a server just drop the folder in /home/<user> and ssh it13:58
awilkinsDoes Ubuntu support bcache + full disk encryption in the installer yet?14:39
zleaphi, are we expecting 15.04 to be out this week14:39
lubotu3`Did I SAY it was out? Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.14:43
bigcalmI don't think that's a very nice response14:45
ChunkzZzleap, suppose to be today.14:45
zleapChunkzZ: thanks,  i did see something about it being some time soon14:46
zleapok will keep an eye out for news14:46
davmor2directhex_: as for w release I'm still hanging in there for Wheres Wally15:16
directhex_woeful wendigo15:17
directhex_winter walrus!15:17
awilkinsWet Wombat15:22
diddledanwiotous wossy?15:31
diddledan(ref: jonathan ross)15:32
diddledanare we landing today or next thursday?15:32
diddledanlooks like it's due today according to the releaseschedule page15:34
davmor2diddledan: it's released already15:41
lubotu3`YES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html15:41
diddledanoh so it is15:41
davmor2diddledan: told you15:42
diddledansmartass :-p15:42
davmor2diddledan: no I can just read email headers :P15:43
diddledanI've not checked my email yet today15:43
diddledanhead in the sand :-0p15:43
TheOpenSourcererIs it out yet?15:43
diddledannot just me, see?15:44
diddledanTheOpenSourcerer: yes15:44
TheOpenSourcererNot been on here for *ages*...15:44
TheOpenSourcererIs it? Oooh?15:44
TheOpenSourcererMust try upgrading at the weekend then.15:44
TheOpenSourcererTalking of the weekend... popey, czajkowski, AlanBell, shall we meet at the Cobbett for a pre-beerex snort?15:45
TheOpenSourcerer5pm (ish)15:46
davmor2popey: man your arm must hurt from all that twisting15:46
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: ya15:47
diddledandavmor2: I'm impressed how long popey held out on that one15:47
popeyi am in two meetings too15:48
diddledanzo/ is walking like an egyptian?15:49
davmor2diddledan: no it's more he has this psychic net awareness for the words beer and popey15:50
awilkinsWhat's the go-to for lightweight Ubuntu for old laptops? MATE, Xub, or Lub?15:59
davmor2awilkins: depends on usage and age. x or l though15:59
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: shall pass it onto Jon16:00
awilkinsAge? Of the hardware?16:00
davmor2awilkins: yeah16:01
awilkinsFor a moment thought "Age of the user... and whether they are addicted to Windows or not"16:01
popeyawilkins: MATE!16:04
awilkinsMATE for Winders addicts or for ageing hardware?16:05
awilkinsor both?16:05
ali1234for windows addicts unity is best, since they are used to bad user interfaces already :P16:06
awilkinsOOh, No.1 reason to upgrade to Vivid : the annoying black window bug16:06
awilkinsali1234,  I actually like Unity16:06
awilkinsEsp. the HUDmenu16:06
ali1234yeah my dad loves it too16:07
ali1234he doesn't use HUD menu though, he doesn't even use normal menus16:07
awilkins"rationalized 3rd party library managers"16:08
awilkinsDoes that mean the packaged versions of 3rd party libmans behave like this, or ones you install from source etc do?16:09
awilkins"We also rationalized 3rd party library managers so that they all behave the same and don't overwrite and/or mix with system libraries. Developers don't have to worry about messing up up their installation if they want to install a pipy, npm, rubygem libraries."16:09
ali1234oh. well python has been fixed in that regard since at least 14.0416:10
ali1234for both pip and source installs16:10
awilkinsMentioned in the context of Ubuntu Make16:10
awilkinsWhich sounds cool16:10
awilkinsBecause it can install Eclipse16:10
ali1234oh ubuntu make? that's just a script that downloads things16:10
awilkinsHas an official mention in relnotes!16:11
ali1234the way that works is by putting everything in folders in your home dir16:11
ali1234at least that's how it used to work16:11
awilkinsthis is how I usually use Eclipse16:11
awilkinsInstall the packaged version for the deps16:11
ali1234then it edits your .bashrc and adds paths16:11
awilkinsAnd then install the newest one by downloading and unpacking the tarball16:12
ali1234it does install some things from packages, when it can16:12
ali1234yeah dependencies mainly :)16:12
awilkinsYarrrg, Can't believe that the packaged version of Eclipse for vivid is STILL 3.8.116:13
ali1234i found ubuntu-make to be a bit pointless, but i only tried it with android16:13
lubotu3`YES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html16:13
davmor2awilkins: it is an easy way for devs to get the tools they need to develop for various platforms.  so ubuntu-make android would grab all the dev tools you need for android etc16:13
ali1234basically all it does is download the sdk installer and unpack it16:13
ali1234you still have to go through the whole process of opening the SDK manager and downloading all the SDK components16:13
awilkinsI think it's time for a fresh install TBH16:15
ali1234also i find it very odd that umake doesn't appear to be able to install the ubuntu sdk16:15
awilkinsMy /home partition is a bit cloggy16:15
awilkinsAnd I have to encrypt everything because our new security dude says so16:15
awilkinsWhat I want ; full disk encryption + bcache16:16
awilkinsAnyone know of a guide that combines both or am I going to have to write one?16:16
MyrttiNo new release found ;___;16:18
Myrttimyrtti@eeyore:~$ sudo do-release-upgradeChecking for a new Ubuntu release16:20
MyrttiNo new release found16:20
MyrttiI'm just whining16:20
Myrttinevermind me16:20
daftykinsdiddledan: heyup, are you a drupal fiend? my mate has this site he dev'd on his Windows box at home, but on throwing it up on his hosting - if you log in, his menu disappears XD16:21
awilkinsMyrtti, are you on 14.04?16:21
daftykinsdiddledan: works perfectly on my bytemark VPS however16:22
diddledanis this the admin menu?16:22
ali1234case sensitive filename issues?16:22
diddledanalong the top of the page?16:22
Myrttiawilkins: nope16:22
daftykinsnah not the very top, just his own navigation menu that's part of the page16:22
Myrtti... not that I know of...16:23
Myrttior AM I16:23
daftykinslsb_release -d16:23
Myrttino I'm not.16:23
daftykinsall the cool kids run LTS16:23
awilkinsI'm running LTS. But since I have to reinstall anyway...16:23
diddledanok. possibly the "block" got messed up or removed - try as adming going to "structure->blocks" and see if the menu block isw in the right place16:23
diddledan"for all evilness requirements, just add ming"16:24
daftykinsdiddledan: ty sir, shall pass that on. would it be of any use if you could take a quick glance at the page? or would it require login and all that jazz to really understand?16:24
diddledanI can have a nosey, but probably can't tell without being admin16:25
daftykinsthat can be easily arranged ^_^16:25
ali1234how is the customization implemented?16:25
Myrttiyay new ubuntu \o/16:25
ali1234is it a theme, plugin, or just hacked wp core?16:25
diddledanali1234: it's drupal :-p16:26
ali1234oh snap16:26
ali1234then i have no idea16:26
ali1234for some reason i read that as wordpress16:26
diddledanwishful thinking~?16:26
ali1234yeah probably16:26
daftykinsi did try to get this mate to buy a wordpress theme since i understand setting it up16:27
ali1234i don't understand how wordpress got "most feared technology" over drupal and joomla16:27
daftykinsbut he enjoys learning web dev so he felt like giving it a stab himself ;) despite my warning of issues...16:27
ali1234maybe because nobody uses drupal and joomla16:27
diddledanI think because drupal and joomla are actually difficult to work people tend to leave it to professionals whereas they feel that they can fiddle with wordpress and thus more people hate it because they don't understand enough about what they're doing and therefore it crashes around their earsw16:28
diddledandrupal devs seem to be paid more than an equivalent wordpress dev :-(16:29
ali1234that is largely because drupal is designed to maximize consultancy fees16:29
daftykinsthis mate had the idea that wordpress might end up limiting him, whereas drupal might be capable of it all16:31
ali1234ironically drupal is capable of almost nothing out of the box16:31
daftykinsi tried to suggest his inexperience might mean security woes or drama in the future :P16:31
ali1234it's basically a platform that can be used to sell extensions that do what the client wants16:31
diddledanwell done:-)16:32
daftykinshmm my Nexus 4 is offering me android 5.1 as of last night16:32
ali1234don't upgrade, 5.1 is a lemon16:32
diddledanlemon sherbert?16:33
diddledan(that's a dessert, right? :-p)16:33
daftykinsto be honest as directhex_ once described it, android has been going all Windows on me since i installed 5.0 anyway16:34
daftykinsnormally i do a factory reset for new versions, but i didn't so far and have been enjoying all kinds of quirks16:34
ali1234you already have 5.0? well, 5.1 isn't really any worse16:34
ali1234might as well upgrade then16:34
daftykinsdirecthex_: android as a flakey Windows going wrong as time goes on :>16:34
daftykinsheh yeah16:34
directhex_well, it does!16:34
ali1234unlike win98 you can't wipe and reinstall to fix it16:35
ali1234you have to flash back to an unsupported and insecure image, or buy a new phone16:35
diddledanheh, linux voice june arrived today - their headline article is misnamed: "HACK THE WEB" <-- shouldn't WEB be Planet?16:41
daftykinsi would hope so16:42
daftykinsmissing out on a great reference otherwise16:42
diddledanthey got an interview with larry wall. I wonder if perl6 is every going to arrive as a separate entity or if the ideas are just gonna get made into modules and put in the CPAN for perl516:42
diddledanthe perl6 switch syntax has been in CPAN for perl5 use since almost before perl6 was an idea16:44
diddledaninstead of "switch $foo { case 'bar': }" you get "given $foo { when 'bar': }"16:44
diddledanI don't get why they changed it tbh16:45
daftykinskeeps you on your toes16:47
* Myrtti checks the calendar16:49
davmor2diddledan: it's a three stage plan, First the web, then the cars, then the world muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! doesn't sound so sinister with that kinda laugh at the end :D16:50
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diddledanMyrtti: is it the end of the world yet?16:54
MyrttiI hope that perl error wasn't something that breaks things Badly17:06
MartijnVdSPerl! What error?17:18
Myrttinew Ubuntu!17:29
MyrttiMartijnVdS: sadly I couldn't get a copypaste of it17:30
diddledandon't you love how politicians like to tell you about the affairs of state but not about the state of their numerous affairs17:43
diddledanyou wouldn't catch me having an affair when I'm PM17:44
diddledan(I'm still single, so an affair can't be had until that situation is remedied first :-p)17:44
diddledannetflix are pushing 40Gbit/s through freebsd boxes (each box pushing 40Gbit/s17:52
diddledanref: http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/81017/business-as-usual-bsd-now-86/17:52
daftykinsCosta have emailed me to say they're resetting all passwords!17:56
zleapdaftykins: has someone hacked them  then17:56
daftykinsWe are writing to let you know that we recently identified a small number of Coffee Club card members (around 0.02%) with some unusual activity on their accounts.17:57
daftykinsAs a result we've conducted a full security review and in the interim, removed the ability to access your Coffee Club account online.17:57
davmor2I like how are minds go straight to they must of been hacked :D17:57
daftykinspretty logical conclusion :>17:58
DJonesAh well,that was smooth and fast upgrade & working with no  issues18:08
Myrttisomeone's nvidia got hosed on the upgrade...18:28
ali1234didn;t you have to install some PPA to make it work?18:29
Myrttithere is a reason why my personal laptop has only nvidia...18:30
Myrttier, Intel18:30
davmor2Myrtti: oh is that so it breaks nearly as often as nvidia and amd?18:31
ali1234as long as you only have one or the other you are pretty much sorted18:31
Myrttihaving both is the road to distruction18:31
Myrttiit seems18:31
MyrttiI have only Intel. He has Intel and Nvidia.18:31
davmor2Myrtti: so do I I have no issues18:32
davmor2Myrtti: but then I do fresh installs :D18:32
Myrttidavmor2: that's a non-answer18:32
Myrtti"I have Cheese. He has Cheese and Ham" "So do I"18:32
Myrttimy Venn diagram says you have atleast Intel then18:33
daftykinssomebody installed nvidia drivers inappropriately!18:33
* daftykins tuts18:33
davmor2Myrtti: I have a Prime setup so intel and nvidia.  I have no issues with it but then I do fresh installs rather than upgrades18:34
Myrttiyeah, well, I suggested that we'd try to upgrade first so we don't have to futz around with the Broadcom wifi driver, and see if it works.18:34
Myrttiand if it gets hosed beyond all recognition, then do a clean install18:34
davmor2Myrtti: because he has both he can just uninstall the nvidia binary and fall back to the intel and then sort things out then install the nvidia drivers18:35
davmor2Myrtti: it might be that the ppa got disabled during the upgrade and he got reverted to older not working nvidia drivers18:36
Myrttiyeah, the problem was for a moment to figure out how to make lightdm not restart every three seconds18:36
Myrttithen how to get to grub menu18:36
Myrttithen how to get the laptop to use Intel instead of Nvidia18:36
daftykinsdoes that by default with all nvidia packages purged18:37
diddledanit annoys me that the grub menu can't be accessed with some weird keypress that I haven't worked out18:37
daftykinsunless it's one where you can select which to use in the BIOS, but they're in the minority18:37
davmor2diddledan: right shift key18:37
diddledanoh, _RIGHT_ shift!?!18:37
diddledanwell why can't it just be any shift?!!!!!1!18:38
daftykinsis this on a mac?18:38
davmor2diddledan: just keep tapping at it once the boot splash for the bios/uefi disappears18:38
davmor2diddledan: I don't make up the rules :)18:38
ali1234it's left shift isn;t it?18:38
ali1234and you just hold it down18:38
ali1234the whole point of using shift for this is it doesn't cause a keyboard stuck error when held down, so it requires no delay18:39
MyrttiEsc was the magic grub key in this case18:39
diddledansee how difficult it is?! ali1234 uses left shift, davmor2 uses right, and I can't get any damn thing to work18:39
diddledanI've tried esc in the past, too18:39
diddledanand ctrl18:39
diddledanand numerous others18:40
diddledanwindows is just as bad at this concept18:40
ali1234USB keyboard?18:40
diddledanor should that be "ubuntu is as bad as windows at this"18:40
davmor2diddledan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode so just shift key it appears18:40
ali1234maybe you don't have it plugged in to the magic USB boot mode port?18:41
daftykinsor your BIOS has legacy USB support ruining your day18:41
ali1234or you disabled legacy USB support?18:41
davmor2or your keyboard hates you18:42
ali1234yeah could be one of those gaming keyboards that isn't a real HID device18:42
davmor2maybe someone hates you and switched your control and shift key ribbons, but why I'd travel all that way is beyond me ;)18:44
davmor2I got gremlins you fed the mogwai after midnight didn't you18:47
davmor2I got it, even18:48
diddledanyou sussed!18:48
davmor2diddledan: thanks for playing the game it makes it much more fun :)18:50
diddledanoh damn you! now I've losty18:50
diddledanand also everyone in here has now lost the game!18:51
daftykinsi never paid attention to that one :P18:53
daftykinsthere's no inherent reason to care :D18:53
diddledanthat just makes you lose harder :-p18:54
davmor2daftykins: http://bit.ly/1deDV7O18:55
daftykinsyeah but childish18:57
davmor2daftykins: but fun18:57
daftykinsnot to my mind :D18:57
davmor2daftykins: I mean I know diddledan just lost again if he followed the link and who can't follow a random link when it is pasted there for others to see ;)18:58
* diddledan drools: https://twitter.com/WTFitsKatie/status/58939985311080038419:10
diddledanfollow-up: https://twitter.com/WTFitsKatie/status/58954400264867020819:13
daftykinsbit excessive on the cable ties though.19:13
ali1234i always wonder what happens when they need to replace a cable19:21
ali1234does someone have to remove every single cable tie from the entire rack and then put them all back again?19:21
ali1234or do they just let it get messy and then tidy it up when it gets too bad?19:22
ali1234i know which one i would do19:22
daftykinsyou would definitely think that there must be a better way to achieve what's pictured if they all just need to be like they are19:23
intrbizall nicely labeled too, thats what I like to see19:25
intrbizfor neat cables, never be affraid to undo all your cable ties and redo them, the velco ties are well worth it19:26
diddledanI've got an urge to binge-watch star warts20:07
diddledanmaybe watch some spaceballs too20:08
diddledanpayday tomoz20:54
diddledanwonder whether I should order me some hdds20:54
diddledanthough rent comes first I guess :-p20:55
daftykinswhat storage are we upgrading?20:58
* daftykins watches the new install / upgrade woes flood into #ubuntu20:59
diddledanit'll be on my NAS20:59
diddledanI say "NAS" it's a freenas-running pc20:59
daftykinseh close enough :>20:59
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m0nkey_wait.. diddledan, you run freenas?23:04
m0nkey_let me guess, some desktop PC, lacking ECC. lol23:05
m0nkey_for shame23:05
m0nkey_don't ever go to #freenas unless you're running recommended hardware :)23:05
diddledanare they zealots?23:05
* m0nkey_ pets his E3 Xeon w/16GB ECC RAM.23:05
m0nkey_they can be23:06
* diddledan drools all over it23:06
m0nkey_as long as you're not an ass about taking advise23:06
m0nkey_transcode a movie in 3 mins on that sucker23:06
diddledanthat's a beast23:06
m0nkey_plex runs on it23:07
m0nkey_youre not sharing anything :P23:08
m0nkey_let me see your movies and tv shows23:11
m0nkey_says you unavailable23:15
m0nkey_you got your port open?23:15
diddledanshould have23:15
diddledanlemmedouble check23:16
m0nkey_you see mine?23:17
diddledanyup I've got yours fine23:18
m0nkey_under Server > Remote Access .. it says fully accessible?23:18
diddledanhmm, it's not available from outside23:19
m0nkey_forward your port :P23:19
m0nkey_or use upnp23:20
diddledanaha, I might be pointing to thewrong ip23:20
diddledanthere we go23:21
m0nkey_i see it now23:22
m0nkey_just dont go nuts23:22
diddledanare you capped?23:23
m0nkey_uploads are not23:23
diddledanaah ok23:23
m0nkey_just limited bandwidth23:23
m0nkey_all i ask that if youre using it during my day, to go easy. i sometimes work from home and need the bandwidth23:25
m0nkey_you need more movies :P23:26
diddledanindeed :-p23:26
diddledanI'm working on it :-D23:26
m0nkey_158 on mine so far23:26
m0nkey_sadly, only a few good ones lol23:27

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