darthrobotTitle: [Colorado Springs Man Shoots Malfunctioning Computer Eight Times, Calls It 'Glorious']00:25
pleia2philipballew: re ghana visa, it's easy, you send your passport to the ghana embassy here in the US + check for $60 or something and wait a few weeks for them to send it back00:31
pleia2US tourists don't usually have a problem00:31
akkMailing passports always sounds like such a scary option.00:49
ianorlinit is sort of hard to find pink window borders for openbox :(03:30
ianorlinthat would also work for lxde03:30
nhainespleia2: Ghana charges admission?  :)04:11
nhainesAlso, taskwarrior is coming to Android and Ubuntu (on phones)! :D04:11
pleia2nhaines: pretty standard visa filing fee ;)16:13
blitzp.cool http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/04/18/rich-neighbors-refused-to-let-george-lucas-build-studio-so-hes-building-affordable-housing-instead/17:33
darthrobotTitle: [Addicting Info – Rich Neighbors Refused To Let George Lucas Build Studio, So He’s Building Affordable Housing Instead]17:33
akkHa, great solution.17:37
ianorlin-hmm ubuntu california google+ should probably share something about 15.04 being releaseed but am not really used to managing pages and need to figure out the ui18:15
pleia2unfortunately we don't have any parties planned18:18
ianorlinalthough 255 iso test for me \0/18:19
pleia2wow, nice job18:19
ianorlinalthough upgrading to this desktops made spinning up vms so much easier18:19

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