cmaloneyGood morning11:25
cmaloneyYay Ubuntu 15.04 released!15:25
cmaloneyRelease Party tomorrow at Penguicon15:26
cmaloneybe there or celebrate some other way15:26
greg-gDebian releases on Saturday :)15:26
cmaloneyExciting times15:26
brouschIs Penguicon here already?15:27
greg-gwell, the * is a nod to the joke about Debian releasing old software15:27
cmaloneyThat's what I thought15:27
cmaloneybrousch: Today - Sunday.15:28
brouschcmaloney: Grope a furry for me15:28
greg-gIn Penguicon, furry gropes you.15:28
cmaloneyWith consent.15:28
greg-gif you're wearign the right ribbon15:29
cmaloneyRemember, unless you wear the FCK... ribbon you're off-limits.15:29
cmaloneyAnd if you do, just ask nixternal what happens. :)15:29
greg-g:) :)15:30
greg-goh richard15:30
cmaloneyI remember him being wide-eyed at the genie he let out of the bottle with that one15:31
cmaloneyand saying (paraphrased) "well, what did you expect?"15:31
jrwrenyay 15.0415:49
jrwrenfukin apple.15:51
cmaloneyIn other news: I'm once again renewing my boycott of Apple.15:51
jrwrennot me. Imma go buy their stuff.15:52
brouschThe gold one?15:53
jrwrenhells yes.15:54
jrwrenbut a gold laptop, not a watch15:54
cmaloneyfirst comment15:55
brouschSeems overblown at this point. It could even be Pebble enforcing a copyright or something15:59
jrwreneverything about apple, google, msft, amzn is overblown in the press these days.16:00
brouschIsn't Cult of Mac a bunch of apple apologists?16:01
jrwrenisn't everyone?16:03
cmaloneyyes, yes, and yes.16:09
cscheibjcastro: was that forgue in that JARVIS pic?22:43

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