* DalekSec pokes the nlsthzn.02:53
* nlsthzn is poked02:58
Kilosmorning inetpro  sorry04:34
barrydkMorning everyone04:58
Kiloshi barrydk  04:58
barrydkHoe gaan dit Kilos04:58
Kiloswel ek lewe so dis een goeie ding04:59
=== MaNI3 is now known as MaNI
Kiloshi MaNI  05:57
Kiloshi nlsthzn  05:57
pieter2627morning all06:10
Kiloshi pieter2627  06:17
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:57
nlsthznso everyone excited about the release later today?07:00
ThatGraemeGuynew Kurt Darren CD?07:00
Kilosif i can stay up ill get it in kde flavour nlsthzn  07:01
Kilosi wanna see plasma507:01
ThatGraemeGuyyou might as well just grab the latest daily build iso, there's going to be no significant difference07:02
nlsthznI was using it since yesterday... switched back to Gnome 307:02
nlsthznyup, I am pretty sure the current daily is the release07:03
nlsthznThatGraemeGuy, who is Kurt Darren?07:03
ThatGraemeGuyI'm not even using *buntu anymore, but don't tell anyone07:03
nlsthznuse what works for you07:03
nlsthznif my bloody windows 7 wasn't giving me an update error I would be using it right now :/07:04
Kiloswhat you using ThatGraemeGuy  07:04
Kilosdebian or arch07:04
ThatGraemeGuydebian sid07:04
Kilosthe fly also07:04
ThatGraemeGuyI get bored avery now and then and try something different07:05
ThatGraemeGuynext time i'll try something else again with one of these new desktop07:05
ThatGraemeGuycinnamon or mate07:05
nlsthznThatGraemeGuy, I couldn't get all my fonts to look nice with sid so I gave up :/07:05
ThatGraemeGuyor whatever else07:06
nlsthznsome websites where fugly07:06
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i must say it was a lot of manual fiddlling to get my desktop looking like i wanted07:06
nlsthznand now that the freeze is almost over for debian be ready for more breakage with sid07:07
ThatGraemeGuysid doesn't freeze07:07
ThatGraemeGuyjessie/testing froze07:07
nlsthznas far as I can tell there is also a slow down in sid... but I could be mistaken07:08
ThatGraemeGuyhaven't noticed any, i still keep getting updates07:08
ThatGraemeGuythey don't filter down to testing during the freeze though07:08
ThatGraemeGuyso when the freeze is lifted, testing get a sudden massive influx of updates and things break sometimes07:09
nlsthznmight be what I am thinking about 07:09
ThatGraemeGuymight be less activity in sid because of maintainers focussing more on getting jessie clean though07:09
ThatGraemeGuybut definitely not frozen07:09
nlsthznlets hope it stays up regardless :p07:10
ThatGraemeGuy12 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:10
* nlsthzn noticed more speed copying from external hdd via usb 3 in 15.0407:10
ThatGraemeGuythat's now, and i ran a dist-upgrade yesterday07:10
Kilosthats the joy of linux, freedom of choice07:16
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  07:17
pieter2627Kilos: about that book/manual thing, they are looking for a dedicated server to have python right?07:23
pieter2627found this yesterday http://www.webafrica.co.za/hosting/07:24
Kilosis it free?07:24
KilosJacques_Stry  ^^07:24
pieter2627nope, but cheaper than a dedicated host07:24
Jacques_Strythis is the dependencies required - git-core python-dev python-pip libjpeg-dev libpq-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev rabbitmq-server redis-server tidy07:25
Kilosactually maybe one of you clever guys can look at ec2 and see if that free for a year thing can be dedicated07:25
Kilosfree is good i think for a year, one can get lots done in a year07:26
Kilosinetpro  can they do dedicated07:27
pieter2627i asked them if it is possible to install django since i see that is needed and got pointed to the vps option to install anything07:27
pieter2627Kilos: i don't thing it is dedicated, but as i understand you are in full control, someone might be able to confirm07:28
Kilosthats for you clever peeps to work out07:29
Kilosi dont even understand the need for a dedicated server07:29
Kilosmagespawn says that site is super fast07:30
Kilosi think he said a 2g upgrade or install took 3 secs07:30
pieter2627since the ec2 is free for a year, one can just get one and try it?07:34
Kilosyes thats what i was thinking07:35
Kilosoh Jacques_Stry  you spoke about sql07:36
pieter2627or sqlite07:37
Kilosi have a book called mastering sql by martin gruber that you can have07:37
pieter2627Kilos: how old is it?07:38
Kilosold i think07:39
Jacques_StryWell they designed it with PostgreSQL but others should be fine07:40
Kilosim trying to find a date07:41
Kiloswas my nieces at college07:41
Kiloscan you find its age if i give you the isbn number07:43
pieter2627should be able to07:44
Kilosisbn : 0-7821-2538-707:45
pieter2627year 2000 http://www.amazon.com/Mastering-SQL-Martin-Gruber/dp/078212538707:46
Kilosso in todays world its very old07:46
Kilosanyway anyone is welcome to it07:47
Kilosi read up to the need for a second table and gave up07:48
pieter2627probably, but it is a start if no other choice exists07:48
Kilos841 pages and a cd07:48
psyatwhi Kilos 07:53
psyatwhi pieter2627 07:53
pieter2627morning psyatw07:53
psyatwdoes SQL matter in a world of NoSQL? :)07:53
Kiloshi psyatw  07:54
psyatwI went to the Hadoop meetup yesterday07:55
Kiloswe have a project that uses sql07:55
psyatwand learned about Apache Drill07:55
psyatwit's a cool project07:55
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  08:04
Kilosthat was someone from our site and i was outside08:35
Kilosi need to organise a whole group of greeter bots08:36
Kiloshi SilverCode  09:26
SilverCodehi Kilos 09:26
KilosSilverCode  have you joined us yet at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za09:33
Kilosi forget who ive asked and who not09:33
Kiloswb Jacques_Stry  09:51
Kilospieter2627  wat dink jy van daai ec2 ding09:52
Kilosim looking for more places09:54
Jacques_StryExchange reset10:00
Jacques_StryHappening quite often these days10:00
Kilosno matter wb anyway10:00
Jacques_Stry:) ty10:00
Kilosim working on another host but could take a while, need to get to know him first10:01
Kilosi dont know how well tie the booktype thing to ubuntu work10:02
Kilosmaybe ec2 can be done in the meantime10:02
pieter2627Kilos: with my limited knowledge, it does not look bad10:03
KilosJacques_Stry  can jy hom help asb10:05
Kilosi will need to know the size of a dedicated server needed for it10:06
Kilosif ec2 dont work10:06
Kilosand all the links10:06
Jacques_StryThey don't have system requirements listed on the site10:08
Jacques_Strybut shouldn't be much10:08
KilosMaaz  define much10:10
MaazKilos: Much \Much\, n. 1. A great quantity; a great deal; also, an indefinite quantity; as, you have as much as I. [1913 Webster]  He that gathered much had nothing over. --Ex. xvi. 18. [1913 Webster]  Note: Muchin this sense can be regarded as an adjective qualifying a word unexpressed, and may, therefore, be modified by as, so, too, very. [1913 Webster]  2. A10:10
Maazthing uncommon, wonderful, or noticeable; something considerable. [1913 Webster]  And [he] t…10:10
Jacques_Stryfor installation see this page:http://goo.gl/kLgAoP10:10
Kiloswhat system does it need to install onto10:10
Kilosdont tell me windows, ill cry10:11
Jacques_Strya VPS with a gig of ram should be enough10:12
pieter2627ubuntu, centos, debian, mac os is what it has been tested upon10:12
Jacques_Stryhttp://goo.gl/kLgAoP this is installation on debian based10:12
Jacques_Strybut other distro's supported too10:12
* pieter2627 has also been thinking why a vps can't work instead10:12
Jacques_Stry- what he said10:13
Kiloswill these books be for south africans only or anyone?10:15
Jacques_StryGood question - but I guess we targeting SA first10:18
Kilosyeah what i mean is is the education the same all over or do we do different stuff here10:19
Kilosdont forget i was in school 46 years ago10:21
Jacques_StrySA different from other countries10:22
Kilosisnt maths maths all over and so on10:23
Kilosour only diffs should be hisory10:23
Kilosenglish is english10:23
Kilosaccounting should be same10:24
Kiloscomputer classes should be same10:24
Kilosi wish william was here10:25
Jacques_StryTrue, but the curriculum's differ from countries and books for sa will have to be translated to different languages10:25
Kilosis this for za kids to do what they are supposed to be doing at school or what10:26
Kilossjoe im too old to be thinking about this kinda stuff10:29
Kiloslemme mail william10:29
Kilosok mailed him, maybe he can enlighten me10:43
Kilosim so far past all that stuff i dont even know what to ask10:44
Kiloslike is the idea for homeschooling or to supply schools or what10:45
Kilosif for home study then a curriculum does mater10:46
Kilosmatter either10:46
Kilosinetpro  lunchtime10:50
ThatGraemeGuywhat is booktype for?10:50
Kilosthey want to make study books10:50
Kilosavailable online10:51
ThatGraemeGuywho is they?10:51
Kiloswilliam started it10:51
Kilosarent you on our mailing list ThatGraemeGuy  ?10:52
ThatGraemeGuydon't think so10:52
Kiloshe has been trying for months to get things going10:52
Kilosnow Jacques_Stry  is trying to help10:52
Kilosyou can find the link to join our lit on our website10:53
ThatGraemeGuywhat's the hold up?10:53
ThatGraemeGuyi don't really do mailing lists, i never look at them10:53
Kiloswhat they are going to use i think10:53
Jacques_Stryat the moment the biggest problem is hosting10:53
Kilosya we need a host to host booktype10:54
ThatGraemeGuyneed lots of space? lots of cpu? lot of downloads expected?10:54
Jacques_Stryhas to be VPS or Dedicated10:54
ThatGraemeGuyyou can't decide where to host until you have some idea of those sorts of things10:54
Jacques_Strybut we don't expect a lot of load for quite a while10:55
ThatGraemeGuydedi is expensive10:55
Jacques_Stryso we trying to do VPS10:55
ThatGraemeGuystart with a 1GB vps and it can be grown if needed typically10:55
Jacques_Strywe gonna try ec2 for now10:55
ThatGraemeGuyoh, so it sounds like there's no holdup...... make it happen! :P10:55
ThatGraemeGuyah ok10:56
ThatGraemeGuyi'm not a cloud boffin :-/10:56
Jacques_Strywill figure it out as I go10:56
ThatGraemeGuyapparently i signed up for the free level some time ago because amazxon said my free year is about to run out10:56
KilosJacques_Stry  keep eyes open for magespawn he is using it10:57
Kilossays its super fast10:57
Jacques_StryAt the moment I have a dedicated with OVH, managing it should be similar10:58
Jacques_StrySo see no reason of ec2 not to work11:32
ThatGraemeGuyput important stuff on an EBS volume, instance storage is non-permanent11:33
ThatGraemeGuyassming you get EBS at the free level11:33
Jacques_Stryyou do - 5gb11:34
ThatGraemeGuyEBS = Elastic Block Storage, basically a network drive11:34
ThatGraemeGuybut it has redundancy so it isn't susceptible to physical issues11:34
ThatGraemeGuywhereas the normal storage you get with a plain instance is not redundant, and may be destroyed11:34
Kilosoh and keep notes  Jacques_Stry  11:35
Jacques_Stryso when do they destroy data?11:35
ThatGraemeGuyif you treat EC2 as a VPS provider you're gonna have a bad time11:35
ThatGraemeGuynot sure exactly11:35
ThatGraemeGuyit isn't going to just happen, but it can11:36
ThatGraemeGuyguess that doesn't help11:36
ThatGraemeGuythis stuff is all magic, I stick with a VPS, its stuff I understand11:36
ThatGraemeGuyif I had a need I'd learn the amazon stuff11:36
ThatGraemeGuybut meh11:36
Jacques_StryWell it seems that root storage is on the EBS11:37
Jacques_StryWent into  EBS storage and it shows already attached to my compute instance11:39
Jacques_Stryas root11:39
ThatGraemeGuyah ok11:39
Jacques_StrySo should be safe11:40
ThatGraemeGuyand there you already know more than me :-D11:40
pieter2627you get EBS on free EC2 http://aws.amazon.com/ebs/11:44
Jacques_Strytesting the free ec2 out now12:02
Kiloshi Kerbero  12:08
KerberoMiddag Kilos12:08
Jacques_Strysudo apt-get install postgresql12:09
Jacques_Strylol wrong chat12:09
Kilosooo yay im not the only one12:09
Kerberosudo apt-get install mysql12:09
KilosKerbero  hulle werk hard met ec212:10
Kilosen booktype12:10
Jacques_StryWell they tested it with Postgre so gonna stay with it for now12:10
Kerberoimho postgre is better for production environments12:10
KerberoBut I know mysql so I use it everywhere12:11
Kilosoh Jacques_Stry  i remember something said about schools that dont get books etc12:16
Kilosmaybe i dreamed that12:16
Kiloswilliam taking long to answer12:18
Jacques_Strymust say these SSD's on ec2 is quick12:18
Jacques_Strysigh - booktype isn't in the repo's provided12:39
pieter2627Jacques_Stry: aren't you cloning from git?12:41
Jacques_Stryinstalling from their repo's so that it updates because the software is still in beta12:41
Kiloskeep notes12:44
Kiloseasier to pastebin notes than to think it all through from scratch again12:45
Kilosand keep notes for mechanic types not geeks12:46
ThatGraemeGuyyou also want to start making books?12:50
Kilosnono but maybe someone else can use  ec2 as well12:59
TinuvaMacThatGraemeGuy: you still getting connected to ctwug? finally got my link up and working over the past weekend13:00
ThatGraemeGuyI struggled to find useful signal13:01
Kilosi wrote a booklet already ThatGraemeGuy  but fly had to fix it hehe13:03
Jacques_StryI see 15.04 release is up13:03
TinuvaMacThatGraemeGuy: possible because on the map it doesnt show any1 with a dish pointed in your direction13:04
TinuvaMacyou may need some1 to put up a temp test kit on their site pointing to you13:04
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i'm on the back end of a hill13:04
ThatGraemeGuymy only hope was capeflyer13:04
ThatGraemeGuyor capeflyer3 i don't recall13:04
* pieter2627 runs of to get it, points Jacques_Stry to this first https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/sourcefabric-booktype-book-collab-software#answer_1944113:04
ThatGraemeGuybut there is a double storey in the way right diagonally next to me13:05
TinuvaMacaah i see13:06
TinuvaMacyou left your site height at 3m, may need quite a bit more than that13:06
ThatGraemeGuyi was up on the roof scanning with the test kit, not just going on what WiND says13:07
TinuvaMaccape flyer doesnt have anything pointing in your direction though13:09
TinuvaMacyou would need someone on his side as well with a kit13:09
ThatGraemeGuyproblem there as well is that he is much lower down than me13:10
ThatGraemeGuyplus the double-storey is easily 2m higher than i can manage with a 3m pole13:10
ThatGraemeGuyso i need some pretty serious height13:10
Jacques_Strymessed up the install - will try again when I get home13:11
Jacques_StryI like ec2 - pretty nice for testing setups - test something and when finished just delete the instance13:11
TinuvaMaci added a 7.3m pole on the side of my house13:11
TinuvaMacThatGraemeGuy: have you tried scanning in stellenbosch direction?13:11
ThatGraemeGuyI scanned in all directions initially and nothing useful came up13:12
TinuvaMacLoS from you to Bott looks great actually13:13
TinuvaMaconly downside is, you will have to buy kit for both sides to get connected, if that guy agrees to it13:13
TinuvaMacthats what i had to do to get connected13:13
ThatGraemeGuymeh, I'm just going to wait until I move somewhere else13:14
MaNIheh, don't move to helderberg, we seem to be the worst part of the wug13:15
ThatGraemeGuyI wouldn't move there anyway13:18
ThatGraemeGuyI have friends there and it seems whenever we go there its windy as hell13:18
ThatGraemeGuyperhaps my bad luck but i won't test that theory :p13:19
ThatGraemeGuythey were trying to get something up at bezweni, not sure if anything came of that13:19
TinuvaMacah ok13:19
LangjanHi Kilos13:21
Kiloshi Langjan  gaanit?13:22
LangjanFine thks, en jy? 13:22
MaNIgiven the lack of replies I would guess it wasn't even followed up on13:23
Kilosek gaan aan dankie13:23
LangjanMooi so, Kilos what does a cross in synaptic signify? 13:23
Langjanmust I mark them for removal?13:24
Kilosi think that means there are upgrades13:24
Kilosjust tick mark all upgrades and then apply13:25
Langjanok lets see13:25
Langjanportfolio means you have a new job 13:26
Langjanthe one we all congratulated you about?13:26
Kilosai! thats driving me nuts13:26
LangjanSorry! Kilos its asking me if I want to remove grub 2 from boot/grub13:27
Kilosoh my ok close synaptic13:27
Langjanmust I its still working...13:29
Langjanso does not react it says completely removing grub-pc(i386)13:31
ThatGraemeGuyMaNI: seems so13:32
LangjanKilos did I mess up?13:33
ThatGraemeGuyI'm going there next weekend if i remember I'll ask the guys if anyone did come chat to them about the wug stuff13:33
MaNIdid the people who used to manage the helderberg section leave or something?13:35
ThatGraemeGuynot sure13:36
Kilosnou nou terug13:36
MaNII'm sure when I first looked into it many years ago there were high points and active people and stuff13:36
MaNIbut now that I actually want to join theres no access points or anything13:36
Kilossorry Langjan  13:37
Kilossudo aptitude upgrade13:37
Kiloshad to get gates for sis13:38
ThatGraemeGuyasking on ctwug IRC13:38
ThatGraemeGuynot sure if cafsta is afk though13:38
LangjanKilos its applying changes, currently purging config files for grub pc13:39
Kilosit will give you options 13:39
Langjancompletely removing grub pc i386  13:40
Kilosthat grub 1386 isnt needed if you on 64bit13:40
Kilosare you on 64bit13:40
Langjanim on 32 bit 13:40
Kilosoh my13:40
Kiloshow can grub be installed in the wrong place13:41
TinuvaMacMaNI: for me it was easier once I found someone close to me that seemed very interesting getting me up and running. It does help to find out who your area admin is, and get on to the whatsapp group for the area, that quickly sorted me out getting in touch with people13:41
MaNITinuvaMac, yeah, thats the thing though it seems almost to me like the area has collapsed theres almost nobody to connect to and the remaining guy cafsta probably means well but I don't think he has the time/resources or something13:42
LangjanSo what do I do now? Nothing is working, its busy purging grub13:43
Kiloslet it go on but dont switch off13:43
TinuvaMacwow cafsta's id is low, 479 one of the 1st 50013:43
Langjanok thks13:43
MaNITinuvaMac, I mean if you check http://www.ctwug.za.net/forumdisplay.php?35-Helderberg-Area - there is almost no recent activity13:44
TinuvaMacwell i wouldnt go by that13:45
ThatGraemeGuyMaNI: if you have the time and skill to be an admin perhaps you can pick up on this: http://www.ctwug.za.net/showthread.php?4473-Looking-for-access-point-for-connection&p=38869&viewfull=1#post3886913:45
TinuvaMaclike i say, nowadays its all on whatsapp with the new kids and even the old folks13:45
MaNIespecially gordons bay side13:46
MaNIskill yeah, time no :(13:46
MaNIequipment also no :p13:46
ThatGraemeGuyequipment is probably not an issue, for a nice high site like that i'm sure you can make a case for getting money from the WUG account13:47
MaNII mean ladders, crimping tools etc. I don't have any networking tools :p surely an area admin needs those at a minimum, but yeah time is a huge problem for me maybe if some frees up and still nothing is going on I can have a look13:49
MaNITinuvaMac, pretty sad if something like a wug uses primarily whatsapp to communicate thats not a very good way to include new people,   but yeah maybe thats how the world is now13:49
KilosLangjan  whats happening13:56
Langjanstill running...13:58
Kilosok then we run another command to replace grub13:59
Kilosjy moenie goed breek nie outoppie14:00
Langjanek probeer maar in die nuwe sa moet mens kan goed breek14:01
Kilossjoe dit vat lank ne14:06
Kilosossewa laptop14:06
TinuvaMacMaNI: I completely see your point about that. It would be great to see more people on the ctwug irc. In my area alone, irc channel has 9 people, 1 bot with 2 and area admin active. Whatsapp...30 people with 15 active14:07
TinuvaMacmaybe even more on whatsapp14:07
TinuvaMac15 active with 100 in the goup14:08
TinuvaMaccafsta is active on irc tho :P14:09
MaNIhehe #ctwug-helderberg is 2 :p14:13
Kilosoh my14:15
Kiloswhats app killed the wug star14:15
Jacques_StrYWould be awesome if we could get a WUG in RTB14:18
Kilosptawug goes to brits for definite, maybe gone fruther by now14:20
LangjanKilos it does not show any movement, except to say purging configuration files, you think its still going somewhere? 14:20
Kilosi looked about 2 years ago14:20
Kilossjoe normally aptitude sorts things14:20
LangjanIt does say it can take some time...14:21
Kiloslet it run 14:21
Langjanok boss14:21
Kilosthen use sudo aptitude install grub-pc14:21
Kilosif that says it is installed then run14:21
Langjanthks Kilos14:21
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc14:22
Kilosanytime Langjan  14:22
Kilosthen you should be safe14:22
LangjanOK thks Kilos14:23
Kilosmaybe boot-repair messed something up14:24
Kilosoh also Langjan  in synaptic you can go edit then tick fix broken packages14:32
Kilosmaybe thats why synaptic is taking so long14:32
Kilosbut dont switch off14:32
KilosLangjan  i dont think you can run two install commands same time from terminal but try in another terminal sudo apt-get -f install14:42
Kilosnou kry ek sommer skaam. ek moes eers jou pos gelees het maar was buite by die skape14:57
LangjanIt gives "another process is using terminal"15:15
Kilosok lets try kill it15:15
Kilosthen type exit15:16
Kiloshopefully that will kill it15:17
Kiloswhere are the clever peeps when i need them15:18
LangjanIt gives option to end process, I select yes but it does not stop15:18
Kilostry a few times15:18
Kiloswe have to end that process15:18
LangjanIts got 9 lives15:19
Kilosnow we need a kill command15:20
LangjanHow do you kill a cat?15:20
KilosMaNI  15:20
Kilosnow everyone on their way home too15:20
Kiloselacheche  how do i kill a terminal running a config process thats stuck15:22
KilosLangjan  rattle your cage maybe someone will hear15:22
Langjanwill a run in guest session not work?15:26
Kilosim scared grub is totally messed up15:26
Kiloswithout grub you are messed unless you have boot=-repair on a cd or stick15:27
Kilosoh lets see15:28
Kilostry running boot-repair and see if that can get past the terminal15:28
Kiloswith that process running synaptic wont work either15:29
Langjanboot repair running15:30
Kilosyay lets hold thumbs15:30
Langjanno luck, still same15:31
Langjanother options on boot repair?15:31
Kilosthere must be a kill command15:31
LangjanFound this but dont know how it works: http://ubuntuguide.net/view-and-kill-current-processes-on-ubuntu15:32
LangjanI dont see suystem monitor anywhere15:33
Kiloslook for terminal15:33
Jacques_StrYWhat is the process that is hanging?15:33
Kilosterminal of config15:34
Langjanok found it15:34
Kilosi dunno15:34
Langjanfound system monitor15:34
Kilosok then use the kill for that15:34
Kiloswhy you looking for system monitor15:34
LangjanCompiz and gnome sytstem monitor running15:35
Kiloscan you paste all the running stuff in slexy.org15:35
Kilosor in a pm15:35
LangjanOnly thing running except monitor is compiz15:36
Kilosi dunno what compiz does15:37
Jacques_StrYwhat was busy configuring that is currently hanging15:37
Kilossome grub stuff15:37
Jacques_StrYcompiz is part of x that handles 3d window effects15:38
LangjanKilled compiz but now system is unresponsive15:38
elachechehey again.. Kilos did you killed it?15:39
Kilosnope killed compiz now system dont respond15:39
Kilosjan you got a live dvd?15:40
LangjanUbuntu? yes15:40
Kilosok first try rebooting if it wont try booting from dvd15:41
Langjanonly way to reboot is to power off15:41
Langjanholding thumbs, better, praying15:42
Kilosall he needed was to repair broken packages first but i saw his mail late15:43
Kilosbut Jacques_StrY  you will know how to mount the drive and install grub-pc hey15:43
LangjanIt's booted15:43
Kilosok now15:43
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc15:44
Kilosoh wait15:44
Kilossomething broken there15:44
Kilossudo apt-get clean15:44
Kilossudo apt-get autoclean15:45
Kilosai! hes done first one15:45
KilosJacques_StrY  for some reasong grub was installed in the wrong place15:46
Kilosand there are broken packages somewhere15:46
Langjankilos I'm trying to run xdiagnose to fix a graphics prob, its not opening for some reason15:47
Kiloshas it opened to terminal?15:48
Kilosthen lets clean out broken packages first15:49
Langjanok sudo apt-get clean?15:49
Langjanor autoclean?15:49
Kilosand the other one i forget which does what15:49
Langjanso what must I run first?15:50
Langjanok then?15:51
Langjannothings happening15:51
Kilosthen sudo apt-get -f install15:51
Langjandpkg was interrupted, must run sudo dpkg --configure -a' 15:52
Kilosrun that15:53
Kilosthats where it was stuck15:53
Langjannow autoclean?15:53
Kilosdid dpkg do anything15:54
Langjanrunning update15:55
Kiloson its own?15:55
Langjanam getting the same duplicate resources list message15:55
Kilosthats later worry15:55
Langjanok what next ? 15:56
Kilosgot duplicate entries in update thingie15:56
Kilosok slowly now15:56
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc15:56
Kilossudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop15:57
Langjanok running15:57
Kilosif im gone a bit im getting gates for sis15:58
Kilosjust be patient15:58
Kilosill be back15:58
Langjanok done thks so far 15:59
Kilosubuntu-desktop as well?15:59
Kilosthen it should work fine again16:00
Langjaneverything seems fine except not getting xdiagnose to open 16:01
Kilosinstalled ubuntu-desktop?16:01
Kiloscan you remember what graphics was in there?16:02
Kiloswhat you mean everything seems fine? are you in  a working system16:03
Kilosgui and all?16:03
Langjansystem is working fine, whats gui? 16:04
Kilosgraphic user interface16:04
Kilosdie groot prent16:04
Kilosthe ubuntu unity look16:04
Langjanonly thing is fixed size of icons etc which I usually fix with xdiagnose16:05
Kilosjust type additional in dash16:05
Langjanhow doo I do that?16:05
Kilossee if the graphics drivers are installed16:05
Kilosthe top thing in the launching panel16:06
Langjanadditional in dash?16:06
Kiloswhere you open programs16:06
Langjanhow do I type there?16:06
Kilosadditional should then give you a choice of opening additional drivers16:07
Kiloswhen you tick it a window with search panel must open16:07
Langjanok with you16:07
LangjanI have never had drivers in there16:08
Langjanno proprietory drivers in use, same as always16:08
LangjanItrs my screen resolution I need to sort out, everythings huge at the moment16:09
Langjanshould I try to reboot again?16:11
Kilosoh ok but you will find if you have right drivers it is a bit quicker16:11
Kilosyou can16:11
Kilosit should have remembered all your setting16:11
Langjanhope so!16:11
LangjanInstead of Ubuntu, grub now shows gnu linux16:12
Kilosits working16:12
Kilosdont fix what isnt broken16:12
Langjanleave well enough alone16:13
Kiloslol ya16:13
Kilosis the icon size still messed up?16:13
Langjanyes, it has rebooted but size still huge and xdiagnose still not working, maybe try to uninstall and reinstall xdiagnoes?i16:14
Langjanor run from synaptic?16:15
Kilosopen synaptic16:15
Kilostick reload16:15
Langjanok done16:15
Kilosthen um16:16
Kiloswait too16:16
Kilosmark all upgrades16:16
Langjanwiating too16:16
Langjanok downloading 3 package files16:17
Kiloswhat files16:17
Langjanek het vergeet16:18
Langjanok done16:18
Kilosok when done type at top graphics16:18
Langjanok done16:19
Kilossomewhere in there must be nouveau drivers ticked16:20
Kilosbut you can right click reinstall everything thats shows green in there16:21
Langjannothing ticked16:21
Kilosgo down16:21
Kilosmust be lots of stuff16:21
Langjanlots but nothing ticked16:22
Kiloshas it got a nvidia graphics card in16:22
Langjanno idea16:22
Kilosnvidia is easy to remember the ati i dont know16:22
KilosJacques_Stry  kan jy oor neem asb soek watter graphics moet instaleer16:23
Kilosek dink16:23
KilosLangjan  look in setting and the screen thing if you can fix settings16:25
LangjanBuilt-in display16:25
Kilossettings that gear thing in the launcher16:25
Kilosdidnt we have to find ati drivers for this one sometime16:26
LangjanI used xdiagnose to sort it out16:26
Kilosi hope its nvidia16:26
Kilosok type xdiagnose in synaptic and reinstall it16:27
Langjanok going16:30
Langjanstill no luck16:31
Kilosmaybe that is part og the configuration that crashed16:31
Kiloslets try something else16:32
Kilostick xdiagnose and remove it16:32
Kilosthen install again16:32
Langjanin synaptic?16:33
Kilosand sommer reinstall everything thats green there16:33
Langjanremoval or complete removal?16:33
Langjanstill not working. remove, reboot then reinstall?16:35
Kilosits just some config somewhere16:36
Kilosbut to find it16:36
Kilosreinstalling everything in synaptic will work but thats a days job16:37
pieter2627try opening xdiagnose from terminal to see what the problem is16:37
KilosLangjan  pieter2627  is one of the clever young breed16:39
LangjanHi pieter2627, glad to meet you16:39
Langjandalk kan jy die ou manne help16:39
Langjanwhats the command pse?16:40
Langjanto open xdiagnose in terminal16:40
Kilosmaybe sudo16:40
pieter2627Hi Langjan, likewise here. (i thing that is currently only Kilos's prayer)16:40
pieter2627probably just xdiagnose16:41
pieter2627else try xd then <tab>16:41
pieter2627to get suggestions16:41
LangjanError: No /etc/default/grub present16:42
pieter2627shouldn't one update grub after install16:42
pieter2627`sudo grub update` i think16:43
Kilossudo update-grub16:43
Langjanstill nothing16:44
pieter2627what did update-grub do16:45
LangjanFound linux image, initrd image, memtest image16:46
Langjanmemtest86+.elf and .bin16:47
LangjanHope that helps16:47
pieter2627i know you did this, but just retry `sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-pc`16:50
pieter2627now `ls /etc/default/grub`16:52
pieter2627does it reprint the path or output not found?16:54
Langjanaha, you got it16:54
pieter2627so xdiagnose is now opening?16:54
Langjanxdiagnose opened, now rebooting16:54
KilosLangjan  sien jy nou hoekom boer ek hier16:55
Langjanhoowhooo!!! just checking on reboot16:55
Langjangrub menu showing correctly16:55
pieter2627Kilos: maze, corn, or ... :P16:56
Kilosif you mix with clever peeps you start smelling clever16:56
Langjanscreen resolution now its running around in circles, not booting after grub menu shows16:57
Kilosthink tank16:58
Langjanai tog16:59
Kilosreboot again and hit top recovery mode16:59
LangjanTheres no recovery mode. Run boot repair from DVD?17:00
pieter2627sorry have to go, will be back in 30min - try updating grub again since that file is back17:01
Kilossudo update-grub17:01
Langjanthks pieter262717:01
Langjanits not bootin Kilos17:01
Kilosoh my17:02
Kiloskill power and try again17:02
Langjansame problem running back to grub meny17:03
Langjanmenu, not booting17:03
Kilosok boot-repair17:03
Kilosas jy n ding breek doen jy n goie job ne17:04
Langjanja man, die boeremanier17:04
Langjansal laat weet as ek klaar is17:04
LangjanKilos ek verstaan nie, het voorheen boot repair op hierdie dvd gedoen, nou kry ek hom nie17:16
Kilosjy moet dit eers gaam kry17:17
Kilossudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair17:18
Langjankry hom ook nie, trying another dvd 17:18
Kilosnee man dis daar bo17:19
Kiloso jy moet eers sudo apt-get update17:19
Langjandankie ek sal nou weer daar wees, gaan eers eet 17:19
pieter2627hello again17:46
Kiloshi pieter2627  17:46
pieter2627so het oom nou al die fun klaar uit gesort?17:47
Kilosnee eks seker daar is fout in die conf files iewers17:47
Kilosmaar nou boot die ding nie so dis eers boot-reoair17:48
pieter2627soos nou-nou?17:48
Kilosjy die oomie eet eers17:49
Kiloshy nog agt jaar ouer as ek17:49
Kiloshy sal se en twee maande17:50
Kilos8 jaar en twee maande17:51
Langjanja seuntjie, julle skinder lekker ne?17:51
* pieter2627 moppel nee en soel vir n gat17:51
LangjanKiloos help asb weer hoe werk die boot repair van dte DVD af? Ek het nou die install en update gedoen, wat volg? 17:51
Kilossudo apt-get update17:52
Langjanklaar gedoen17:52
Kilossudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair17:52
Langjandit ook17:52
Langjanprobeer weer17:52
Kilosdan weer sudo apt-get update17:52
Kilossudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair17:53
Langjanok boot repair running17:56
Kilosthen we have to find something to fix config files17:57
LangjanHet jy geweet daar was 'n klompie Engelsmans by die slag van Bloedrivier? 17:57
LangjanBy die boere...17:57
Kilosdaar is goeie engelse17:58
Langjanen bliksems vir boere17:58
Kilosalmal het goeies en slegtes17:59
Langjansame problem Kilos18:00
Langjansorry to say18:00
Kiloswat is on there you want to save18:00
Langjangrub gives advanced options recovery mode, rying tht18:01
Langjanrecovery menu - which option?18:01
Kiloswhat are the options18:01
Kilosfsck somewhere18:02
Langjansorry, eskom loadshed, see you later, running on UPS 18:02
Kilosai! die eskom darem18:04
Kilosnaand inetpro  18:04
pieter2627Kilos: am now checking the site for spelling - on the join us page, how is the second paragraph (ending) suppose to read?18:07
Langjan rebooted and working fine, many many thks to Pieter also, slaap lekker. Als nou reg hierdie kant behalwe eskom18:07
Kiloslet me see18:07
Kiloskom sien ons more oompie18:08
LangjanNe ema se net drie hoeras18:08
Langjanals werk reg18:08
pieter2627np Langjan, lekker slaap vir oom ook18:08
Langjanslaap lekker en baie dankies18:08
Langjandankie pieter2627 jyook18:08
Kiloskom enige tyd weer18:08
Langjanen dankie vir al die hulp.ardeer baie 18:08
Kilosthats  why we are here18:09
Kilosa lot of meaning to your life.18:11
Jacques_StryAnd i'm in the dark :)18:11
Kilosshould be add a lot of meaning to your life.18:11
Kilosaw Jacques_Stry  18:11
Jacques_StryAh well knew we were going off18:11
pieter2627thought so - just wanted to confirm, thanks18:11
Kilosi love helping others even when i do it wrong18:12
Kilosi know there are brains that will back me up and correct my mistakes18:12
Jacques_StryNee oom het goed gedoen daar18:12
pieter2627Luckely two falses are true :P18:12
pieter2627ja heeltemal self reg gemaak18:13
Kilosja maar ek moes eers die broken packages  reg gemaak het18:13
Kilosek het sy epos te laat gelees18:13
pieter2627reg is reg...18:13
Kilosek sukkel net as ek nie unity voor my het nie18:15
grembleGood evening18:21
* Jacques_Stry waves18:22
Kiloshi gremble  18:22
pieter2627evenong gremble18:22
Kilosyou are way to scarce man you need to finish them studies18:22
grembleI do18:23
pieter2627Kilos: on the same page; list on bottom; second item. just want to check it too18:23
grembleI also need to find a part time job that means something more than a sales clerk at exclusive books18:23
Kilosdaai how can i help lys?18:24
Kiloswhew gremble  good luck with that18:25
gremblethank you18:25
gremblehow are things going here?18:25
pieter2627uh, oo ja daai een18:25
Kiloswe are so busy feet dont touch the ground18:25
Kilospieter2627  dit lyk reg vir my18:26
Kiloswhen last were you here gremble18:27
Kilosour africa site has launched18:27
grembleWhen you told inetpro to find all the old people that used to hang out here18:27
grembleand then I made my page on the ubuntu wiki18:27
Kilossjoe when was that18:27
grembleweek or so ago I think18:27
Kilosbefore or after site launch18:28
magespawngood evening18:28
Kiloshi magespawn  18:28
grembleHey magespawn 18:28
grembleI have no idea18:28
magespawnanybody know about regualar expressions?18:28
Kiloshttp://ubuntu-africa.info hit refresh a few times on first page18:28
Kiloswhats that magespawn  18:29
MaNIsure, what about them?18:29
pieter2627'and helping people use it` feels like it needs something like `helping people to use it` or `helping people who are using it`?18:29
grembleregular expressions are turing complete and you cannot validate a regular expression with a regular expression because of the halting problem18:29
grembleI have never used them much in a programming environment though18:29
magespawncan you use the . twice or more in a search?18:29
magespawnas in a..2 ?18:29
pieter2627evening magespawn18:29
Kiloshelping people who are having problems using it18:29
magespawnnow that is cool18:30
magespawnhi pieter2627 18:30
magespawnthanks MaNI 18:30
Kilosin place of it put ubuntu18:30
MaNIcan use it as many times as you want though you may find {m, n} better for that18:31
Kilosor even helping people who are learning to use ubuntu18:31
pieter2627magespawn: a fun site to test regex http://regexr.com/18:31
magespawnthank you pieter2627 18:32
MaNIthere is also a quite big dedicated channel for it here on freenode somewhere - #regex I think18:32
pieter2627Kilos: `and by helping new and old to use Ubuntu`18:32
Kilosadd efficiently18:33
Kilossuperfly  help18:33
magespawnMaNI: i will see what i can dig up18:33
Kiloslast list18:34
pieter2627* to use ubuntu efficiently?18:34
Kilosya that can work18:34
Kiloshelping new and old to use ubuntu efficiently18:34
pieter2627will also make it a new seperate item?18:34
Kilosoh i also had another idea with the site18:35
Kiloscan we somehow add a welcome in french and swahili18:35
Kilosi can get the french translated but havent found swahili peeps yet18:36
pieter2627we should be able to18:36
Kilosthere are over 3000 languages in africa18:36
magespawngoogle translate?18:36
pieter2627can't we use google translate for now18:36
Kilosno magespawn  much better to get proper translater18:37
Kilosif we are going to make a translation lets do it right18:37
Kilosgoogle makes mistakes18:37
Kilosmaybe leave swahili out18:38
Kiloselacheche  will do the french18:38
Kilosor we can ask melodie when she appears again18:38
Kilosthe translations can wait atm i think18:39
Kilospieter2627  try good translate with i would really like to visit your domain18:42
Kilosinto afrikaans18:42
Kilosnow it will most likely get it right18:43
Kilosit works fine with one word18:43
pieter2627good translate?? (i should translate 'i would...' with it)18:44
Kilosnee man it messed up a german translation the other day18:45
pieter2627'ek wil regtig graag jou domein te besoek` with google translate18:46
magespawnare you planning to load different languages based on who visits ths site?18:46
Kilosdont forget we are translating to a language we dont know so better to get peeps that speak the language to do it18:46
Kilossien dis verkeerd18:46
Kilosmagespawn  maybe a link or something to language choice18:46
magespawnyou can have the site autodetect it based on the os and browser, i think18:47
Kiloslike the drc peeps visited but didnt join till i emailed them in french18:47
Kiloswe dont want to get too involved i think'18:48
Kilosthe simpler the better18:48
magespawncheck with superfly, maybe it is simple to do18:49
Kilosmaybe just a link to a paste somewhere with the greeting in different languages18:49
Kiloshe very busy18:49
superflypeople are mentioning my name and then saying nothing. what do you all want?18:49
Kilosthe trick will be getting good translations18:49
Kilossuperfly  we are discussing adding differnet languages to the site18:50
magespawnsuperfly: how difficult is it to have ubuntu-africa in mutiple languages from a programming point of view?18:50
superflyit's possible18:50
Kilosbut you havent got time to scroll back18:50
superflynikola supports translation18:50
* pieter2627 is now beginning to like nikola :)18:51
Kiloslike mali joined but only understand french18:51
Kilosluckily i got elacheche  involved18:51
magespawncould you use nikola to translate the site?18:52
Kilosbut i havent found other translaters other than melodie18:52
Kilosnot yet anyway18:53
Kiloshi drazoro  18:56
superflyI haven't looked into exactly how to do it, but I know that it's mentioned in the config file, so take a look at the documentation18:56
magespawni will see what i can find18:58
drazoroKilos, Greetings 18:58
magespawnKilos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression more reading i know18:58
Kilosnono man dont give me programming stuff to read18:59
Kilosi have enought probs hiding form the boss man18:59
magespawnno this is just general bacground fyi stuff19:00
pieter2627Kilos: where is that `africa(n)` spelling issue - found a lot of others but not it19:00
magespawnand this is usful19:00
Kilosnear the beginning19:00
pieter2627that s/org/sub/ is the basic of regular expressions19:00
pieter2627beginning of which page?19:01
Kiloswait man ive even lost it too19:01
pieter2627haha ok19:01
magespawni now now what grep stands for19:03
Kilosits somewhere where it talks about ubuntu and kubuntu a more tradition/al system19:04
Kilosive  lost it now19:04
Kilosget ubuntu maybe19:05
Kilosno today it looks different19:05
Kiloslets start at the very beginning19:06
pieter2627get ubuntu: step 1: kubuntu19:06
Kilosa very good place to start19:06
Kilosno it was an all in one story19:06
Kiloslike a paragraph19:06
pieter2627'is a more tradition user interface' should be traditional19:07
Kiloswhy does the first learn more go to 15.0519:08
Kiloshow did that happen19:08
Kilosyaya you got it19:08
Kilosgood man19:09
Kiloswhere did you find that19:09
Kilosim sure the site is picking up stuff from somehwere else19:11
superflymagespawn: it's often called "i18n" - internationalization19:12
superflyan "i", 18 letters, and an "n"19:12
pieter2627Kilos: Get Ubuntu page; Step 1 section; kubuntu description19:15
Kilosoh ya ty19:16
Kilosi think the chick with the 15.04 lappy might be a mistake19:16
Kilos15.10 it has to change19:16
Kilosthen 16.04 again19:17
Kilosoh i see19:17
Kiloswhat is ubuntu goes to another link19:17
Kilosor is that only mine19:18
pieter2627mine does too19:20
Kilosyay then ubuntu must keep that up to date19:21
pieter2627does edits are up at https://code.launchpad.net/~pieter2627/ubuntu-africa/layout-edit_Spelling-19:22
Kilosnee man19:22
Kilosjy moet branch maak van trunk19:22
Kilosons moet so min as moontlik werk vir vlieg gee19:23
pieter2627daai is van trunk?19:23
pieter2627ek het ge `bzr branch trunk layout-edit...`19:25
Kiloso is dit nie ubuntu-africa/trunk en dan ander branch nie19:25
Kilosoi nou vloek jy my19:25
pieter2627het het cd na binne die ubuntu-africa dir19:25
Kilosok ons sal hoor wat se vlieg19:26
Kilosanyway ek val amper van stoel af hier19:26
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:27
melodiegood night20:22
smileSlaapwel :)21:09

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