nicomachus_I'm at root shell prompt00:00
nicomachus_EriC^: you're saying I may need to do something like this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/436925/ownership-of-xauthority-transferred-to-root00:02
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EriC^nicomachus_: i thought so at first, but since the guest account doesn't work too it's unlikely00:02
nicomachus_this guy had a similar issue that ended up being AMD drivers. I have the same GPU: https://mwop.net/blog/2014-11-03-utopic-and-amd.html00:03
EriC^i guess you have to check lightdm's logs and see what's going on00:03
EriC^give it a shot00:03
nicomachus_except he had a blank screen and I have a GUI.00:03
StomachEgghow do i install this on ubuntu00:04
Ben64StomachEgg: it literally has instructions on that page00:05
EriC^nicomachus_: type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA00:05
nicomachus_what am I looking for? Tells me GPU info and drivers.00:06
EriC^which driver are you using?00:06
EriC^ok, try sudo apt-get purge fglrx*00:06
StomachEggi still odn't know how to install it00:06
StomachEggBen64 i follewed those instrucrtion00:06
nicomachus_one sec transcribing error to pastebin00:07
EriC^i don't know about the packages he mentioned, but i have amd and it uses xserver-xorg-video-ati00:07
EriC^and xserver-xorg-video-radeon ( don't know if that's what you have )00:07
Ben64StomachEgg: its a python script, you run it00:07
StomachEgghow do you run python scripts00:08
Ben64python script.py00:08
nicomachus_EriC^: that's the OS driver. I'm using the proprietary one. xorg wouldn't work for me. it was a long fiasco.00:08
EriC^nicomachus_: type mount -o remount,rw /00:08
nogoodnameslkeftStomachEgg: The other thing you can do it set it executable (chmod +x scipt.py) and then just double-click it00:09
nicomachus_ah, purge working now.00:09
nogoodnameslkeftStomachEgg: Although now I look at that script, running it from a terminal would be better.00:09
nogoodnameslkeftIs anyone here familiar with Ubuntu Mate?00:10
Ben64nogoodnameslkeft: not on topic here until 15.04 releases, maybe ask in #ubuntu+100:11
nicomachus_EriC^: I did 'sudo update-alternatives --remove-all x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf' next but no alternatives were found.00:12
EriC^ok, np00:12
nicomachus_ok, didn't think so. haha00:12
StomachEggnogoodnameslkeft it keeps giving errors00:13
nogoodnameslkeftStomachEgg: Did you install the dependancies in the readme on github? the bit about using pip?00:13
nicomachus_ok..... shutdown is taking wayyyy too long here.00:16
nicomachus_stuck on 'wait-for-state stop/waiting'00:16
nicomachus_ok I'm logged in now. thanks for the help EriC^.00:21
EriC^nicomachus_: great, no problem00:21
nicomachus_do I need to reinstall fglrx now? AMD Catalyst Control Center is gone00:24
maysaraHi, My laptop overheated a couple of days ago and since then  the fan is always running at full speed. How can I fix that?00:25
nicomachus_maysara: you may wanna ask over at ##hardware, but it's possible the thermal paste may need redone.00:26
ptsmcan someone help me with lilo sayng "Trying to map files from unnamed device 0x0015 (NFS/RAID mirror down ?)" ?00:30
ptsmthis was after an upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0400:30
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cuddylierAnyone know the best way to test a drive? I did 'dd if=/dev/zero of=test_$$ bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync && rm -f test_$$' and got 44MB/s I/O for this whitelabel 4TB drive but new 1TB enteprise WDs I have get 120MB/s in the same test.00:36
cuddylierIs this a sign of a crap whitelabel drive?00:36
workingmanhow can i open a dmg file in ubuntu?00:41
ptsmcan someone help me with lilo sayng "Trying to map files from unnamed device 0x0015 (NFS/RAID mirror down ?)" ?00:43
psusiptsm, why are you using lilo?00:46
hkrrsxcuddylier: Found this URL regarding Ubuntu stress testing, including hard drive testing:  http://www.hecticgeek.com/2012/11/stress-test-your-ubuntu-computer-with-stress/00:46
JinjaNinjaIs there a way to make your HDMI Out screen have a perfect fit? I have a Mitsubishi 73" Flatscreen TV, and I use my Ubuntu PC with it to stream movies. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect fit. The edges seem to bleed out about 40 pixels.00:47
nicomachus_where will I find the xorg config file?00:47
ptsmpsusi, because I was already using it00:47
ptsmpsusi, I just did a do-release-upgrade from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS00:48
psusiptsm, grub has been the standard for like... 15 years now?  you really should use it ;)00:48
JinjaNinjaBump  @my last post00:48
psusiit's far nicer than lilo00:48
ptsmpsusi, as the system is right now, I'm unable to install grub00:48
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psusiwhy not?00:48
ptsm /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?).00:49
ptsmand yes, /dev is there00:49
psusiwhat is your disk configuration?00:50
ptsmroot is /dev/md000:50
ptsmsoftare raid mirror00:50
Tin_mannicomachus_: i found this link, might help you.. or not.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/4662/where-is-the-x-org-config-file-how-do-i-configure-x-there00:50
psusido you have a /boot partition?00:51
JinjaNinjaIs there a way to resize the resolution of HDMI output, to make it perfectly fit your screen? I have a Mitsubishi 73 inch Flatscreen TV, and I use HDMI with my Ubuntu PC, to stream movies. Is there a way to fix the resolution to where it's a perfect fit? My resolution hides about 40 pixels on the edges of the display00:51
penosJinjaNinja, recalibrate00:52
penosur monitor00:52
Ben64JinjaNinja: probably is a tv setting00:52
psusiJinjaNinja, unfortunately, TVs suck, and just don't show all of the pixels00:52
ptsma raid mirror partition also00:52
psusiand these mirrors are built out of one partition on each of two drives?00:53
ptsmthe two disks have the same layout00:53
psusihrm... and it is mounted currently?  can you pastebin the output of df, lsblk, and sudo grub-probe -t fs -v /00:54
JinjaNinjaI've read something online about where you can install NVIDA driver, and then you can change the resolution scaling manually with the GUI?00:54
penosJinjaNinja, recalibrate00:55
psusiJinjaNinja, yea, I think there is something in there where you can basically tell the driver "my tv is stupid, and stops showing pixels *here*, so pretend the rest don't exist"00:55
Ben64JinjaNinja: you'd have better results if you fix the settings on the tv00:55
nicomachus_thanks Tin_man. I've been looking at the manpage but it's mostly greek unless I can pull up the config file to compare it to.00:56
JinjaNinjaI've got my TV to the maximum NON-zoom. It's as far out as the TV resolution settings will go, where the TV is concerned.00:57
nicomachus_JinjaNinja: that's exactly what I'm dealing with now, but AMD.00:57
bbFREE  WEB SEX00:57
psusiptsm: looks like you don't actually have /boot mounted ( but you have a broken mtab that says it is )00:57
nicomachus_lol bb still here00:58
ptsmpsusi: well, I can cd /boot and list the files there00:58
* Ben64 pokes phunyguy 00:58
psusiptsm, same goes for /bin, /etc, /initrd, /lib, /lib32, /lib/init/rw, and /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs00:59
JinjaNinjapenos: What do you mean by, 'recalibrate?'00:59
psusiptsm, is your /etc/mtab a regular file or a symlink?01:00
ptsmregular file01:00
psusiptsm, ok, I think you need to delete it and reboot to unfsck it01:01
nicomachus_found the xorg.conf, but it was in a different place than that link said. it was under /etc/X11/01:01
ptsmpsusi: the problem is I'm on a remote access01:01
ptsmand I suspect the machine won't boot01:01
JinjaNinjaDamn... Resolution settings are so limited.01:02
ptsmwhat do you mean "unfsck it"?01:02
psusiptsm, in that case, delete it, and use several mount -f's to fake remounting your real filesystems and update mtab01:02
psusiright now your mtab claims that you have /boot mounted twice, and several other filesystems mounted where you don't01:02
nicomachus_JinjaNinja: what driver are you using?01:03
ptsmpsusi: why do you say I don't?01:03
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nicomachus_open-source xorg?01:03
ptsmI don't like all those aufs there ..01:03
ptsmthey seem to be created by the upgrade tool01:03
JinjaNinjanicomachus_: I'll check... I've forgotten01:03
psusibecause the output in df for those filesystems says the type is none, and the block counts are identical to your root01:03
Ben64bb: stop.01:03
psusiwhich means mtab says something is mounted there, but when df calls statfs() on that path, it's just getting the info from the root fs because there is not really a filesystem mounted there01:04
nicomachus_ok JinjaNinja. type 'lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA' to check, fyi01:04
psusiyou can consult /proc/mounts to see what is *really* mounted01:04
psusiand in fact, in modern releases, /etc/mtab is just a symlink there01:04
psusiso you may just want to replace it with the symlink01:04
bbPS LIKE 2 CHAT ]01:05
psusiin fact, I'd say yea, do that01:06
psusiunless you use nfs or smb mounts anyhow ;)01:06
ptsmaccording to /proc/mounts I have /booy mounted01:06
ptsmno nfs or smb mounts as client01:07
psusiright.. and you do.. but see how df lists it *twice*?01:07
psusiit should only be there once... so your /etc/mtab lists it twice which is wrong01:07
ptsmand it seems to list it twice because of the aufs stuff01:07
psusiI don't see any aufs stuff01:08
psusinor should there be unless you have done some weird things01:08
ptsmnone on /boot type aufs (rw,br:/tmp/upgrade-rw-YB0_Vl/boot:/boot=ro)01:08
JinjaNinjaHello to whoever I was speaking to, sorry, I'm on a mobile IRC client, and it doesn't save chat logs. :/01:08
psusidoes /proc/mounts show any aufs mounts?01:08
psusiwait, did you do the sandbox upgrade option thing to do-release-upgrade?01:09
nicomachus_yes JinjaNinja?01:09
ptsmyes: none /boot aufs rw,relatime,si=9456a3db5fe7c013 0 001:09
ptsmI tried the sandbox upgrade01:09
psusiohh... I don't think that works right ;)01:09
ptsmbut it gave me some error and aborted01:09
JinjaNinjanicomachus_:  https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/2oCcSG6DSAaTITlckE2101:09
ptsmso I did the upgrade without the sandbox option01:09
nicomachus_JinjaNinja: didn't you say you were using an Nvidia GPU?01:10
ptsmshould I try to unmount the /boot aufs?01:10
ptsmI don't even know how to mount aufs mounts01:10
psusiwell, I think the sandbox stuff did some really weird stuff to your system and I'm not sure how to undo it01:10
ptsmthe thing is01:11
ptsmthe process went apparently normal afterwards01:11
JinjaNinjaNo. I said that people with an Nvidia driver can edit their resolution scaling01:11
ptsmwith my attempt without the sandbox option01:11
ptsmexcept for 2 packages01:11
psusioh dear, and you have gpt in the mix01:12
ptsmwith a apparmor problem that's stopping it from load a so lib01:12
psusiright, but right now your system is in this goofy sandbox setup where it has used aufs to direct all of the changes the upgrade has made to alternate locations, leaving your original system intact01:12
ptsmthe apparmor problem I found a workaround01:12
JinjaNinjanicomachus_: I have integrated GPU... It's a cheap computer. Lol.01:13
ptsmwhat do you recommend?01:13
psusidoes your /etc/fstab have a bunch of aufs stuff in it?01:13
ptsmlooks normal01:13
ptsmas it was before the upgrade01:13
JinjaNinjanicomachus, so there's really nothing I can do?01:13
nicomachus_JinjaNinja: I gotcha. I'm not sure, but you may be able to adjust the xorg.conf file01:14
nicomachus_try cd /etc/X11/'01:14
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nicomachus_without the '01:14
ptsmI see I have some 650mb used on /tmp/upgrade-rw-YB0_Vl (the aufs tmp dir)01:14
nicomachus_and then try gedit xorg.conf01:14
JinjaNinjaBut if I were to do that, wouldn't I have edit the xorg.conf file every time I unplug HDMI from my tv?01:15
psusiyea, that seems to be where all of the modified/upgraded files are actually at01:15
ptsmin theory01:15
ptsmI could just unmount the aufs dirs01:15
JinjaNinjaor is it just for outbound displays01:15
ptsmand everything would be like it was before the do-release-upgrade?01:15
nicomachus_I honestly don't know, JinjaNinja. I always keep mine plugged in. FYI, a VGA cable will adjust automatically.01:15
psusisomething like that, yea... but I'm not quite sure how to do that... you can't just unmount it without a reboot01:16
psusithat's why I was asking about /etc/fstab01:16
ptsmI can try to remount them01:16
psusican't remount either01:16
JinjaNinjanicomachus_: excuse the ignorance, I'm new to improv- Linux projects hahah01:16
psusicheck this though... mount /dev/md1 into /mnt or something01:16
nicomachus_as am I...01:16
psusiand then go see what the fstab there looks like01:16
psusiit may be that your real /dev/md1's fstab sets up the autfs mounts, and when you view /etc/fstab through aufs, you are really looking at the one in that tmp dir01:17
ptsmbut md1 is mounted as /01:17
psusithat's fine... you can mount it again elsewhere01:17
ptsmor ro?01:17
psusiprobably ro is best01:17
ptsmit says "already mounted"01:18
ptsm-f ?01:18
JinjaNinjafor the record... NEVER use Kali Linux as a Local OS. Worst mistake you'll make. It has the most boring, non-user friendly interface you'll ever use. Unless you're just a cold-blooded hacker that always uses pentesting tools/ never wants to take a break and enjoy your computer, then don't use it locally.01:18
ptsmmount -f gave no errors01:19
ptsmit shows no files inside01:19
psusiodd... I don't get that error without -f01:19
psusihrm... maybe that is something that changed later than 12.0401:20
JinjaNinjaptsm: Just set up a live USB of Ubuntu, and then wipe the Hard Drive with a fresh install of GRUB/ Ubuntu.01:20
psusiat this point I would feel more comfortable just doing a clean install of 14.04 ;)01:21
ptsmthis is a production system :)01:21
ptsmcan't do that01:21
JinjaNinjaUpdate me- What are you attempting to do, ptsm?01:22
ptsmand it works as it is01:22
psusiproduction systems should be rebuilt every 5 years or so ;)01:22
ptsmall I did was a do-release-upgrade on a 10.04 LTS server system01:22
psusiyea, but in a sandbox01:22
ptsmfirst try with the -s option01:22
psusiwhich is basically an unsupported feature01:22
ptsmit gave me errors01:22
ptsmand aborted01:23
JinjaNinjaStart over xD01:23
JinjaNinjalike, wipe it out and reinstall :P01:23
psusiI don't see anything in the man page about how to roll back the sandbox if you don't like it01:23
ptsmI don't know the aufs magic01:23
ptsmI just read it does some kind of a union of dirs01:24
ptsmisn't it possible to just unmount it?01:24
psusiright... it uses aufs to take your original filesystem, and combine it with that tmp dir so that all writes go to the tmp dir and leaves your oroginal filesystem intact01:24
psusiwell that's what I was saying earlier... you can't just unmount it since the system is running from it01:24
psusiyou have to figure out how to change the config so that when you reboot, it will mount it normally and not with aufs01:25
psusihence, checking fstab01:25
ptsmthe fstab is good01:25
psusi( I'm trying to figure out how the heck it configured the system to mount with aufs in the first place )01:25
psusieven the one in the /mnt?01:25
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ptsmI couldnt see /dev/md1 (the root filesystem) when it was mounted inside /mnt/test01:26
psusiwait... you know what... maybe it didn't set it up to be there when you reboot?01:26
psusiand so if you just reboot, you will be back to the old system pre sandbox upgrade?01:26
ptsmbut right now, I don't have physical access to the server01:26
psusiand it isn't virtualized either I guess? ;)01:27
ptsmit's a real server01:27
psusiand no serial console or anything?01:27
ptsmbut yeah01:28
ptsmthe old kernel is there01:28
psusiI just read this: http://osdir.com/ml/ubuntu-bugs/2014-04/msg30955.html01:28
ptsmand lilo, supposely, didn't touch the disks01:28
psusiso yea... it sure sounds like do-release-upgrade mounted the aufs over the existing fs01:28
psusiand so a simple reboot will just load the original system as it was01:28
nicomachus_my xorg.conf file is empty...01:28
ptsmif it doesn't ...01:29
ptsmI'll have 4h sleep01:29
ptsmto be there soon tomorrow01:29
happyfr0ggI have verified I have J.R.E. & the J.D.K. installed but I do not have the directory /usr/local/java. What gives???01:29
psusiin the future, I'd suggest that you get some new hardware ( since this is obviously fairly old ), install a minimal hypervisor system on it, and import the old system as a vm01:30
ptsmI thought about doing that01:30
psusithen when things go wrong you can still get in remotely, and when you want to test out a release upgrade, you can use snapshots and such for easy testing and rollback01:30
ptsmbut I trusted the upgrade utility01:30
ptsmand I'm disapointed now01:30
ptsmafter this happened01:30
psusiwell, it sounds like the whole point of that sandbox thing is that it didn't actually change things and so a reboot will undo them... and boot loaders don't play right in the sandbox01:31
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ptsmapparently, the bootloader didn't do anything01:31
ptsmdidn't change anything01:31
psusiwhen I dist-upgrade my servers, I just make a full system backup, and go for the upgrade01:31
psusiand if things go pear shaped, restore the backup01:31
psusior that's what I did before I got into virtualization anyhow01:32
psusi( and I don't think I've ever actually had to restore, just nice to know it's there )01:32
psusiusually it's just a matter of figuring out what service broke, and how to fix the conf file to make it happy again01:33
ptsmI'll satisfy your curiosity01:33
ptsmand mine01:33
happyfr0ggI have verified that J.R.E. & the J.D.K. are installed but the directory /usr/local/java does not exist.  What gives???01:33
ptsmI'll try the reboot01:33
ptsmI changed the lilo.conf file01:34
psusibasically the boot loaders don't know how to set up the system to boot into the new sandbox'ed upgraded system ;)01:34
ptsmbut it doesn't play a role on boot, right?01:34
psusiright, it is only used when lilo runs to modify the mbr01:34
ptsmfingers crossed01:34
ptsmno response...01:36
ptsmstill no response...01:37
ptsmit probably didn't boot01:38
psusiroh roh01:39
Windowsaurianshow many people are using ubuntu?01:39
ptsmyeah, it's dead01:39
ptsmgotta go sleep01:39
rebornwhat's time for released tomorrow?01:39
psusianother thing to consider on servers is that when you do a snapshot, or in this case, the sandbox thing, if for instance, you are running a mail server, it would have accepted new mail and dropped it into the sandbox01:39
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psusiso abandoning the sandbox would throw out that mail01:40
Ben64reborn: sometime01:40
ptsmwell, it's not a mail server01:40
psusiso not the kind of thing you want to be doing on a server01:40
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ptsmthere's no one working on it right now01:40
ptsmit's an office server01:40
brawndoi have broken menus in vlc media player on a fresh install of lastest version linux lite. any suggestions?01:41
ptsmthanks for your help psusi01:42
psusinice thing about virtualization is that if something like this happens, you can just ssh into the hypervisor and restore the full backup you did before trying01:42
psusiand get effectively a bare metal restore remotely01:42
Ben64brawndo: linux lite is not supported here01:42
brawndothe menus work, but the font is all [][][][][]01:43
reborntomorrow is best day, because ubuntu will released, and one piece release. it is perfect for me or anyone same interest.01:43
psusior better yet, make an lvm snapshot before upgrade and just revert to the snapshot01:43
brawndoBen64, do you know if the linux lite channel still exists? i read it was no longer supported01:43
Ben64brawndo: i don't know of an irc channel for them01:44
psusiptsm, also fyi, raid10 is *way* better than raid1 ;)01:44
thmsI am in rescue mode right now and I am trying to mount an NFS file system, sadly mount command hangs forever.01:45
brawndook thanks. sorry if its an obvious answer, but being that linux lite is ubuntu based, any chance the fix might be the same?01:45
thmsAny idea how I can debug this ?01:45
Ben64brawndo: this channel only supports ubuntu, we don't know what changes are in linux lite, sorry01:45
brawndook, thanks anyway01:45
omniaif somebody has a clue with nvidia please check this out ----> http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=19458801:46
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Ben64!mint | omnia01:46
ubottuomnia: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:46
psusiptsm, and I think I have made sense of that error you got from lilo... it maps which blocks on the disk the kernel is in so it can embed that list into the mbr... but with the aufs sandbox, this isn't possible since some files are stashed elsewhere01:47
omniaim having this issue a long time now and nobody in the linux mint help or forum or elsewhere seems to have a clue01:48
Ben64omnia: that doesn't make it on topic here in #ubuntu01:48
omniaand linux mint is based on ubuntu so i thought ill give  it a try01:48
Windowsauriansis ubuntu being released or are they waiting for debian?01:49
omniaanyway sorry for posting it here01:49
petrvsWindowsaurians: they're waiting till it's ready for release01:49
petrvsdoesn't matter when it's released, though01:49
Windowsauriansit matter they have a shedule01:49
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Windowsaurianscan some one ban phunyguy from #ubuntu-offtopic please?01:50
petrvsban someone from an offtopic channel?...01:50
Windowsaurianshes ruining the channel01:50
petrvswhat'd he do, say something on topic?01:51
Windowsaurianshe banned me01:51
ptsmpsusi, what should I use to access the system now? a ubuntu live usb?01:51
ptsmusb pen?01:51
Windowsaurianshes the one offtopic01:51
xanguaWindowsaurians: please stop01:52
psusiptsm, yea, liveusb or cd01:52
psusiptsm, do you have a backup? ;)01:53
ptsmI have backup of the data and the /etc dirs01:53
ptsmdaily backups01:53
ptsmbut I hope I don't have to use it01:54
psusiwhat is your backup setup?01:54
ptsmvery simple to recover01:54
psusiI really like tower of hannoi hierarchical dump backups ;)01:54
nicomachus_so apparently fglrx is completely incompatible with Ubuntu 14.10?01:54
psusiyour dailies are relative to what and chained how long?01:55
petrvsnicomachus_: nah01:55
Windowsauriansnicomachus_: nop its the other way around01:55
nicomachus_petrvs: it locks at the login screen every time.01:55
Windowsauriansits software that support the hardware not the other way around01:56
nicomachus_I have to drop to root in recovery and purge fglrx01:56
nicomachus_so I'm using the xorg driver, but my xorg.conf is completely empty.01:56
Windowsauriansnicomachus_: try debian01:56
nicomachus_that is the worst possible answer to give in this channel.01:57
Windowsauriansubunru is just debian test bed01:57
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Windowsauriansubuntu is like fedora for red hat01:57
petrvsnicomachus_: grep EE $(ls /var/log/Xorg.*log | tail -1)01:57
Ben64Windowsaurians: stop giving bad advice and being offtopic here01:58
Windowsaurianswhat bad advice?01:58
petrvsI wouldn't call it bad as much as overkill01:59
ptsmweekly full, daily incrementals from last full01:59
Windowsauriansfglrx works fine on debian01:59
Ben64nicomachus_: fglrx does work with 14.10, but I haven't used an ATI/AMD card in ages, so I can't really help you too much with it01:59
WindowsauriansDebian 8.0 Jessie Is Ready For Release This Weekend02:00
Ben64Windowsaurians: not on topic here02:00
nicomachus_I had this issue with fglrx and 14.10: https://mwop.net/blog/2014-11-03-utopic-and-amd.html02:01
nicomachus_checking around, it looked pretty common.02:01
psusiptsm, if you do a tar full backup once a week and then dailies in between, the worst case restore scenario is that you have to restore the last weekly, then each of the last 6 dailies02:02
ptsmin my case I have to restore the last full + the last daily02:03
netametaubuntu is, debian-based 64-bit ? or RPM-based 64-bit ?02:03
psusiI've got a nice dump pattern set up where the worst case restore is 5 dumps.. with 2-3 being typical, and only two is the realistic best case.. but it also gives much better ability to go back a week or two or three and pull out some file someone deleted02:03
petrvsnetameta: debian based02:03
petrvsnetameta: both 64 & 3202:04
petrvsnetameta: and, well, other arches than x86, I believe, too02:04
netametaI see02:04
ptsmpsusi, do you think I'll be able to use grub to boot from the GPT + RAID0 root partition setup?02:04
psusiso you're doing a daily that uses the.. forget what it calls the listing file of the last backup... from the last full, rather than yesterday's daily?02:05
psusiyes, you can use grub to boot from gpt + raid anything root02:05
ptsmpsusi, yes02:05
psusiincluding raid10 or raid502:05
psusithe only thing with gpt is that you have to have a 1 mb bios_grub partition if you are in a bios booting machine02:05
ptsmlast time I've tried, I couldn't02:05
ptsm1mb bios_grub partition?02:06
psusiyea... it's a parted partition type... it's basically a flag telling grub this is the partition you should embed yourself in since the normal area in sectors 1-63+ aren't there on gpt02:06
psusiyou can have grub installed on each of say, 3 disks with a 3 disk raid5 root and it can boot from any of the three02:07
psusiit's quite nice02:07
psusimuch better than lilo, which can only load the kernel from a raid1 /boot02:07
ptsmso I'll have to create that grub-bios partition ..02:08
ptsmhow big?02:08
psusiright.... or revert to MBR ;)02:08
psusi1mb is plenty02:08
ptsmthank you02:09
ptsmI'm leaving now02:09
moshefeitbut usually the grub will be handled by the installer, he was talking about dual boot, right?02:09
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
psusimoshefeit, no.. server02:12
psusiwhere he's still using lilo02:13
cstk421i have a bash script menu that initiates telnet sessions to console into network devices.  Once ctrl-] is entered it drops you into the telnet> prompt.  I am looking to stop that from happening and actually disconnect the telnet session.  This way it will loop back to my menu.02:16
cstk421have any idea how to do this ?02:16
electricprismHas anyone else tried to turn a Android Tablet into a Touchpad & Keyboard for the Linux?02:16
petrvselementalest: as in just a touchpad & keyboard, or actually running GNU/Linux?02:17
xanguaelectricprism: you just need a custom kernel for that kind of feature02:17
xanguaand he's gone...02:17
electricprismHas anyone else tried to turn a Android Tablet into a Touchpad & Keyboard for the Linux?02:17
moshefeitelectriprism, try this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.pheodor.android.bluetooth_touchpad&hl=en02:17
psusicstk421, you don't.. that's what ctrl-] does.. if you don't want that, then don't use that key.. logout properly from the remote system.02:17
electricprismmoshefeit: thank you :)02:17
netametaWhere is ubuntu's system try / how do i close an app from there ?02:18
auztywhy i can't open mounted media? it's says Permission denied02:19
auztyi assure that the owner in ls -la is mine,02:19
cstk421psusi: not sure if there is a command from a cisco device that would actually end the telnet session02:20
auztyit's happened after i change my UID and GID ,02:20
Ben64auzty: where is it mounted, how is it mounted, what filesystem, etc02:20
xanguanetameta: if you mean the unity desktop, it doesn't use system try but indicator icons02:21
netametai have ubuntu 14.04 installed02:21
netametai had an app running when i clicked it, it says the app is now in system try02:21
netametai want to close this app02:21
auztyBen64 , mounted to /media/auzty/ , fielsystem is NTFS02:22
psusicstk421, of course there is, it is usually logout, or exit02:22
cstk421psusi: yeah tried those and it just exits to the press enter to start console / login screen doesnt disconnect02:22
xanguanetameta: would you mind sharing what app?02:23
psusicstk421, that's... really broken... ctrl-D?02:23
netametaxanqua, its odesk time tracker02:23
cstk421psusi: does nothing02:24
psusiwow... cisco is retarded then...02:24
psusifor that matter, you really shouldn't be using telnet... it's completely insecure02:25
kostkon!find odesk02:25
ubottuFile odesk found in mgltools-pmv02:25
cstk421psusi: its on a secured network telnet is only being used to connect from one machine to another's serial console ports.02:25
cstk421psusi: no issue there02:25
cstk421psusi: thanks for the info though02:26
psusiis this a stand alone serial to telnet bridge that is connected to the switch, or is telnet running in the switch?02:26
netametaso how do i see the apps in system tray ?02:26
cstk421its a debian server running as a serial console server02:27
netametaI dont want to ps aux, and kill the services02:27
cstk421not telnetting into the switch. i am console into it from the telnet session02:27
psusiin that case, the serial console server should have a magic key to disconnect... but again, someone can walk into your office, plug in, and telnet into the server... or intercept your traffic to it and see your password and then connect and use that password02:28
netametawell i ended up just killing all the process02:29
psusiand that's assuming that this telnet server isn't accessible to the outside internet via ip02:29
kostkonnetameta, let's hope it;s a qt app; what's the output of:  apt-cache policy sni-qt  ?   is it a 32bit app is your installation 64bit?   https://ws.elance.com/file/roster.jpeg?crypted=Y3R4JTNEcG9ydGZvbGlvJTI2ZmlkJTNEMTI0MjQ0MzUyJTI2cmlkJTNELTElMjZwaWQlM0Q3NjU5MTU202:30
netametaits 6402:30
psusior to the outside via a compromised machine on your network02:30
kostkonnetameta, what's the output of:    apt-cache policy sni-qt    and   apt-cache policy sni-qt:i386       no need to use sudo02:31
kostkonnetameta, are both installed?02:31
netametakostkon why ?02:33
kostkonnetameta, ok, then probably it's not qt-based. Anyway, it seems the app doesn't have support for indicators02:33
netametaalso whats a good irc for ubuntu ?02:33
psusicstk421, better yet, why use serial console at all?  the cisco should support just directly sshing into it02:33
netametaNot sure what indicators are02:33
netametaBut i simply killed the process and re ren it02:34
netametanow its seems to be ok02:34
cstk421psusi: yes of course they do however we have no network access for this environment only console02:34
netametai do need to find a irc for ubuntu as this is from my windows02:34
netametaand my ubuntu is on a virtual box02:34
kostkonnetameta, ubuntu's tray icon are called indicators, different from those used in gnome/gtk and kde and/or qt and the rest...02:34
netametaI see02:35
psusicstk421, console is intended for a physically connected console.. if you are going to be doing it over the network anyhow, you should be doing it via ssh instead of with a side band telnet->serial bridge02:35
netametaI se now02:35
netametawhere the system tray is02:35
netametaits at the top02:35
netametaas opposed to windows at the bottom02:35
kostkonnetameta, what sni-qt does it that it converts qt tray icons to indicator on-the-fly02:35
kostkonnetameta, top-right02:36
auztywhich application that run when we click mount a drive in nautilus?02:36
netametaWhats a good linux irc client ?02:36
cstk421psusi: im not sure we are on the same page. I know how ssh works.  i am creating a console server b/c we are not allowed onto the network. we can only get to the devices via console connection.02:37
kostkonnetameta, you could start off with hexchat02:37
enchiladonetameta: http://www.irssi.org/02:37
cstk421psusi: it is impossible to ssh into devices we cannot get on the same network02:37
kostkonnetameta, easy to use and popular02:37
psusicstk421, ohh, you are not allowed onto the network where the switch is, but you are allowed onto a different network where the serial bridge is?02:37
kostkon!info hexchat02:37
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.0-1build1 (utopic), package size 348 kB, installed size 1059 kB02:37
netametakostkon how do i install it ?02:38
enchilado!info irssi02:38
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.16-1ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 652 kB, installed size 2617 kB02:38
cstk421psusi: correct02:38
cstk421psusi: the network the bridge is on is mine02:38
kostkonnetameta, use the software centre or the terminal, i.e.  sudo apt-get install hexchat02:38
enchiladosudo apt-get install irssi02:38
psusikind of a silly setup.. after all, if you can get to the switch to configure it you can then make it allow you onto the network.. but if you must, you should be using ssh at least to access the serial bridge02:38
netametakostkon its free ?02:39
kostkonnetameta, yes02:39
enchiladonetameta: irssi is free too02:39
enchiladoand better02:39
netametaWhy its better ?02:39
enchiladoYou control it with the keyboard02:39
cstk421psusi: ok interesting about the ssh to serial bridge. The serial server ties each usb to serial adapter to a port in order to telnet to them.  Your saying i can do this over ssh ?02:40
enchiladoWhen you're already typing to talk it's quicker to use keyboard commands than move your hand to the mouse02:40
enchiladoand its scripts are nice02:40
enchiladoit's very customisable02:40
Bashing-omnetameta: http://www.andrews-corner.org/ubuntu/irssi.html <- good irssi install tutorial .02:42
psusicstk421, if the serial bridge is worth a darn, yea, it should also support ssh02:48
cstk421psusi: it does support ssh i just would know where to start looking to route ssh to a port for the usb to serial02:48
FoxhoundzI'm trying to install 14.04 LTS Server edition on my PC03:14
blueingresshi, what is the ubuntu server channel ? thanks03:14
Foxhoundzbut I'm getting the all-too--familiar "Your Installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted"03:15
FoxhoundzI tried mounting /dev/sdb, the USB media that's installing it, to /cdrom03:15
Foxhoundzbut still nothing03:15
FoxhoundzI've seen this problem on several versions of Ubuntu Server03:15
Foxhoundzwhat's taking so long to fix?03:15
petrvsblueingress: /msg alis list *ubunt*serv*03:17
=== frecel_ is now known as frecel
blueingresspetrvs, thanks a lot, it helps.03:22
=== norm is now known as Guest59472
ablegree-Anyone have experience with corkscrew + ssh tunneling?03:25
alberthello i am having an issue where i run "nmcli dev wifi" and no networks are listed, yet running "iwlist wlan0 scan" returns networks. why would that be?03:25
jmaderodaftykins: ping pong03:25
=== anthony is now known as Guest83198
petrvsalbert: wifi != wlan0?03:25
jmaderodaftykins: sorry I didn't get back yesterday - got into a conversation with my grandfather in law and didn't want to abruptly end it03:25
albertpetrvs not sure how do i check?03:26
jmaderodaftykins: we figured out the issue though :) father-in-law is backing up files and purging windows from his laptop :-b only took me 10 years and a crazy ass virus to get him to make the change03:26
ablegree-Say I have a small program that connects to some remote MySQL server  listening on 3306. I need to connect to it via an ssh tunnel on port 443 through an HTTP proxy. Possible?03:26
albertpetrvs i don't see wifi listed in ifconfig only wlan003:26
petrvswas kind of my point03:27
Guest83198wlan0 if wifi03:27
Guest83198eth0 is ethernet03:27
Guest83198lo is loopback03:27
Guest83198wlan1 is second wifi03:27
albertgot ya so why would one command list the networks and the other wouldn't? am i misunderstanding what each command does?03:28
Guest83198ifconfig lists interfaces03:28
Guest83198ifconfig -h03:29
Guest83198for help menu03:29
albertah! got you, so i would modify my question to state why do i not see any networks listed in nmcli03:30
Guest83198wait you mean wifi hotspots?03:30
albertyes wifi hotspots03:30
Guest83198click on the wifi icon in the top right03:30
Guest83198or install aircrack-ng03:31
alberti just installed aircrack-ng, what does it do? as for wifi icon, clicking it shows "wireless networks not found in range"03:32
Guest83198sudo airmon-ng wlano03:33
Guest83198sudo airodump-ng mon003:33
Guest83198sudo airmon-ng start wlan003:34
jmaderoany thoughts on why my external monitor would stop showing a picture every 10 seconds or so?03:35
jmaderothe monitor doesn't go idle, so the monitor behaves like the computer is plugged in03:35
albertok running airodump-ng mon003:35
jmaderoalso Ubuntu doesn't adjust to a single monitor - but the monitor goes black03:35
Guest83198do you see any networks albert?03:35
alberti see two tables, i can see my network on the bottom table03:36
albertbut not on top03:36
thiagogvHi guys, can I ask irc question here?03:36
Guest83198when you are connected to a network it only shows that one you are connected to03:36
thiagogvactually, questions about irssi03:37
Guest83198if you disconnect you can see more networks03:37
Guest83198if there are any nearby03:37
alberti am currently connect via ethernet, would that affect listing. i do see my neighbors network in the top table, but not mine. in the bottom table i see mine03:39
thiagogvif I join in a two channels,  how see chats simultaneously03:39
Guest83198disconnect ethernet03:39
pr0tlogichello, I am trying to install lubuntu on my logical drive, but it doesn't show the raid 10 array it shows the drives as if in jbod, anyone know why?03:40
aeon-ltdthiagogv: depends on your irc client03:41
jmaderothiagogv: just use a chat client like pidgin and have the two rooms in different windows03:41
Guest83198i'm using smuxi03:41
Guest83198not mirc03:42
albertstrangely after disconnecting ethernet i still didn't see my network jump to the top03:42
Guest83198is your network visible to any devices03:43
Guest83198can a phone see it?03:43
albertyes my kindle is connected to it03:43
Guest83198i don't see what the problem is03:44
Guest83198you have ethernet03:44
thiagogvjmadero: I run my stuff in VPS, so I looked for a terminal client for irc, and I found irssi, is that a good option?03:44
jmaderothiagogv: I've never used it and we don't usually talk about "good" and "bad" - everyone has their own preference03:45
jmaderothiagogv: so it's just a matter of if it does what you want it to do :-b03:45
albertyes it is really strange, will keep plugging away thank you for your help though03:45
Guest83198your welcome03:45
aeon-ltdthiagogv: irssi https://quadpoint.org/articles/irssisplit/03:46
Guest83198i am faultyjohn03:46
thiagogvaeon-ltd: thank you, I will read it.03:47
kj4hello. please tell me when the 15.04 is to be released?03:48
somsipkj4: today. Time is not known03:48
Guest83198faster is you donate03:48
thiagogvaeon-ltd: do you know other good articles that explain how to use irssi (and the terms and concepts under irc)?03:48
q-bertwouldnt 15.04 imply april 201503:48
somsipq-bert: it absolutely states it03:49
q-bertright ...03:49
jmaderodammit this is really frustrating - Windows has no problems with this external monitor03:49
jmaderolinux - every 10 seconds it goes black03:49
q-bertsorry to be pedantic, but you mean ubuntu right03:50
=== gerald is now known as Guest35211
Guest83198did windows need a driver?03:50
jmaderolol nvm - just went dark with Windows machine03:50
jmaderojust took a bit longer03:51
aeon-ltdthiagogv: the official is where i learned http://www.irssi.org/documentation03:51
jmaderohardware going out apparently03:51
q-bertit'sthe backlight then jmadero03:51
jmaderoq-bert: even worth considering fixing?03:51
q-bertit can be replaced, but the economics of that depend on where you live03:51
q-bertthat kind of thing would be expensive to get for me for example, in south america03:51
jmaderoq-bert: it's a shitty monitor03:52
somsip!language | jmadero03:52
ubottujmadero: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:52
q-bertscrew it then jmadero03:52
jmaderolol I love censorship03:52
jmaderoq-bert: yeah sounds good03:52
somsipjmadero: merely politeness. This is a family-friendly channel. Thank you03:52
Guest83198censorship is censorsh**03:52
jmaderosomsip: that's fine I'll respect the room rules, I didn't realize that an alternative of poop was bad03:52
somsipjmadero: not bad, just not welcome here. Thanks03:53
jmaderoq-bert: yeah I got a free 19" coming tomorrow, but I was hoping to have 2 externals  :)03:53
jmaderomight just buy another used 24"03:53
q-bertthere's nothing like dual monitor03:53
q-bertonce you try it you'll never go back03:53
jmaderoq-bert: well it's a 17.3" laptop03:54
jmaderoso I already have two ;)03:54
jmaderowas thinking a tri might be fun03:54
q-berttime to sleep03:54
jmaderoq-bert: thanks for the advise03:54
jmaderotake it eays03:54
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=== Faylite_ is now known as Faylite
rockstar_are there any VPN channel I can talk about? I wanted to use VPN in ubuntu, client connection seem simple. But I can't seem to connect to it. Any suggestion?04:20
vonsyd0w#ubuntu-server is a start04:21
rockstar_vonsyd0w: was that for me?04:21
=== blubberbop is now known as phoenixz
jmaderoI'm getting this error with my fstab samba mount mount.cifs: bad UNC (
jmaderomy fstab entry: /media/MEGAMAN cifs credentials=/data/Joel_Documents/Computer/Scripts/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 004:26
jmaderobut I can mount fine with this sudo mount -t cifs -o username=pi,password=testest // /media/MEGAMAN04:27
vonsyd0wjmadero, the forward slashes are missing? //
jmaderovonsyd0w: now I get this one mount error: could not resolve address for Unknown error04:30
jmaderobut I can mount with the cifs -o option04:30
vonsyd0woh, the colon after shouldnt be there04:32
tesla909Ubuntu 15.04 released? where can I find the download link?04:33
jmaderovonsyd0w: no good, same error04:33
jmaderotesla909: I don't think it released though04:34
jmaderotesla909: you can run the beta or RC - I am doing so now04:34
tesla909Thanks! But it still listed 14.10 as latest @jmadero04:34
jmaderotesla909: because 15.04 hasn't been released ;)04:34
tesla909It suppose to be released today right?04:34
jmaderotesla909: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/04:35
aeon-ltdeager mcbeavers here04:35
jmaderothen just upgrade after you install it04:35
jmaderoI already got it installed with 5 DE's ;)04:35
jmaderobut my stupid samba mount is failing04:35
tesla909So I can update to stable release later from beta version?04:35
kj4what time does is actually release?04:35
jmaderotesla909: yes just by doing sudo apt-get upgrade04:35
jmaderokj4: no idea04:35
* kj4 is an eager mcbeeeever04:35
jmaderoI've been running the beta2 and updating daily for about 10 days04:36
jmaderoit runs fine04:36
tesla909Thanks! I'm running 14.10 now...I guess I can upgrade it now to beta as well.... Later stable.04:36
jmaderotesla909: I hate upgrading between versions, I always clean install04:36
jmaderoseparate home folder helps ;)04:37
kj4jmadero: thanks, I didn't realize it was that simple to go from beta to release04:37
tesla909Yap clean is best... but lots of softwares....configurations....I'm bit lazy!04:37
jmaderotesla909: no configuration if you have a separate home partition04:37
jmaderoand a simple install script04:37
jmaderoI literally run a single command to install everything - configurations are held because of separate home partition04:37
tesla909Unfortunately I've only 1 partition... root+home04:38
jmaderoah, you might want to rethink that strategy ;)04:38
tesla909Yap I should04:38
jmaderoI have my root, home, data, and then of course swap04:38
jmaderohome is just configurations04:38
tesla909Sounds good idea.04:38
HydCan someone link me a way to get an SHH tunnel set up? Can't seem to get it right. Destination should be the server IP and source port should just be anything?04:38
jmaderoHyd: probably need to give more info than that04:39
tesla909So how it works after installation fresh? I mean how all those software will be installed?04:39
kj4Hyd win to lin or?04:39
jmaderotesla909: what do you mean?04:39
jmaderoevery time I download new software I add it to the script04:39
jmaderoso the next time I fresh install (which I do all the time) I just run the same script04:40
tesla909If I have sepeate perition for home and root... I will format root and try a fresh installation there. After that how can I get all the softwares which were in previous release? Do i need to install manually one by one?04:40
tesla909Oh you have your own custom script!04:41
jmaderotesla909: yes I have my custom script04:42
jmaderoyou could probably get a list of installed packages04:42
jmaderoand just make your own script easy enough04:42
kj4jmadero: 15.04 utilizes systemd, right?04:42
tesla909unfortunately I don't have.... How can I get a list of package?04:42
jmaderotesla909: sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall04:42
jmaderokj4: no04:43
jmaderooh yes it does04:43
jmaderothought it wasn't going to - but apparently it has04:43
kj4jmadero: whwew.... ok04:43
tesla909Thanks... Great.04:44
kj4jmadero: that's probably the factor that has me coming back to ubunt04:44
jmaderoI don't even know what it is04:44
jmaderoI use Ubuntu but heavily modified04:44
jmaderoincluding my 5 DE's ;)04:44
lotuspsychje15.04 talk in #ubuntu+1 please04:44
kj4jmadero: nice, what's your fave DE?04:44
jmaderogod the strictness of this room compared to almost any other room is hilarious04:44
kj4lotuspsychje: o704:44
jmaderokj4: DE talk #ubuntu-DE-talk-off-topic04:45
lotuspsychjejmadero: no reason to be ironic on this04:45
aeon-ltdjmadero: popular rooms have to be managed more04:45
jmaderothe room is dead right now04:45
kj4lol.  jmadero; no biggie, I understand why- there are tons of ubuntu* channels for a reason04:45
jmaderokj4: Enlightenment is my favorite04:46
lotuspsychjejmadero: stop the offtopic please04:46
kj4kj4: i keep coming back to xfce04:46
Artemis3jmadero, its technical issues only, no exceptions04:46
jmaderothen I need help with samba04:46
jmaderomount error: could not resolve address for Unknown error04:47
lotuspsychje!samba | jmadero04:47
ubottujmadero: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html04:47
jmaderothis room is useless04:47
petrvsMagicMystic: not sure that's a legitimate bot command04:56
MagicMysticpetrvs: apparently not :P04:56
=== tnkhanh_ is now known as tnkhanh
farbodhi every body04:59
petrvshi far04:59
farbodwhen 15.04 realse?04:59
lotuspsychjefarbod: today04:59
farbodnice ;)04:59
farboddo you know what time?05:00
HydIrc client froze up, Having issues with SSH Tunnels going to my ubuntu server from my windows computer. Using Kitty client if that matters The way I read it was that you want to set the destination to the ip of the server and that the Port doesn't really matter assuming you put it in the higher end. But after I set it up it seems like my traffic isn't being routed through the system any help would be appreciated05:00
lotuspsychjefarbod: no, its best you idle here and wait topic to change05:00
farbodThank you ;)05:00
farbodwe love you Gnu/Linux05:00
lotuspsychjeHyd: you could install fail2ban, perhaps someone is hammering your ssh05:02
HydI just got it set up today do you think that would be an issue?05:02
lotuspsychjeHyd: not sure whats your cause exactly, youll have to investigate more05:03
lotuspsychjeHyd: fail2ban, check your syslog and dmesg,etc05:03
=== debian is now known as Guest32660
cluelesspersonI'm trying to setup this application called pydio on my ubuntus erver05:12
cluelesspersonbut I keep getting an error05:13
cluelesspersonI can't seem to find why this is occurring05:13
lotuspsychje!info pydio05:15
ubottuPackage pydio does not exist in utopic05:15
=== harkirat is now known as innosam
_pingump3splt install error: followed these instructions http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/mp3splt_page/debian_downloads.php?version=Trusty&ubuntu=true but got: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e0c52b15bd511bd8a95105:17
drose379Hey guys, found a random KB shortcut <fn> + <4> that puts my laptop into suspend05:17
drose379The shortcut isnt listed in the KB shortcuts menu items and "Suspend" isnt even listed05:17
drose379Why would this be?05:17
Bigfreedomdoesn't work for my desktop05:17
drose379Why would a shortcut not be listed in the KB shortcuts section05:18
Bigfreedombecause it aint handled by system settings05:18
drose379Whats it handled by05:19
Bigfreedomdont know05:19
Bigfreedomsimilarly, gimp shortcuts arent handled by normal system settings software05:19
Bigfreedomand are therefore not listed under system settings keyboard shortcuts05:20
drose379Got it05:20
drose379What else would have a shortcut to put the computer into suspend05:22
=== sins-_z is now known as sins-
newguy123hey doggies05:29
_pingump3splt install error: followed these instructions http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/mp3splt_page/debian_downloads.php?version=Trusty&ubuntu=true but got: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e0c52b15bd511bd8a95105:31
UllarahSo, 15.04 tomorrow? :P05:32
codemagicianUllarah: What time with it be available?05:33
codemagician*will it be05:33
MonkeyDustdepends on the timezone you're in05:33
codemagicianI'm in Asia Bangkok05:33
codemagicianICT – Indochina Time (Standard Time)05:34
newguy123i am a silly goose05:34
codemagicianMonkeyDust: What time does it usually become available from?05:35
somsipcodemagician: it varies, but it is often *around* early afternoon EST05:35
codemagicianThat would be around midnight for me05:36
codemagicianDo the main ubuntu.com website pages change at that time too?05:37
QuakronTHat whole screen of "last login was at ... kernel version ... welcome to ..." that you get when you start your login session in bash or wahtever other shell, where do you change that?05:37
QuakronI assume it's just some shell script that outputs that some-where/05:37
somsipcodemagician: when it's released, the mirrors are taken down for a short time, then when they come up propogation starts05:37
codemagicianDo you think it's best to get it using bittorrent?05:38
gingermouseQuakron: That's just the MOTD (Message of the Day; like the one on IRC). Here's a page that talks about it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/385072/how-set-the-message-of-the-day-motd-as-ubuntu-server05:38
somsipcodemagician: *I* think it's best to stick to LTS. Use whatever method is easiest for you.05:39
codemagiciansomsip: Unfortunately wont run on my hardware05:39
Quakrongingermouse, ah ytes, thank you05:40
QuakronI hav eit now05:40
somsipcodemagician: So someone else's best is not the same as your best. Anyway, just gran what you need when you can. But you will have to wait until it is released05:40
codemagiciansomsip: I bought a NUC5i5RYH without doing my homework first, so now I need a newer kernel than 3.16 in 14.04.2 LTS05:41
codemagiciansomsip: My plan is to live with 15.04 as a stepping stone to either 14.04.3 or 1605:42
newguy123ubuntu: great OS, or the greatest OS?05:44
=== norm is now known as Guest38649
newguy123_hey doggies05:45
somsipnewguy123: please ask questions like that in #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is for support05:45
rockstar_I'm having issue for a few days now. Why can't I ping/browse any google websites?05:45
newguy123gingermouse: how are you today good sir05:45
lotuspsychjerockstar_: wifi or network card chipset?05:50
rockstar_lotuspsychje: it works now, it has been happening frequently. it was wifi.05:51
lotuspsychjerockstar_: on what wifi chipset?05:52
c_smithsoooo.... is there any working messaging indicator that works with Mate?05:52
newguy123_if anyone on here has a problem, yo i'll solve it right now05:52
_pingump3splt install error: followed these instructions http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/mp3splt_page/debian_downloads.php?version=Trusty&ubuntu=true but got: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/278d3c04404b97bb631c05:53
rockstar_lotuspsychje: Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor05:53
newguy123_pingu: can you set your LANG to english and paste again05:54
newguy123i dont speakazie deutschesie05:54
c_smithnewguy123, he's speaking English, dude...05:55
somsipc_smith: see the gist paste05:56
newguy123c_smith: i just got finished a huge problem right now, you got a problem for me to solve?05:56
c_smithnewguy123, only if either A. you have a psychology degree or B. you know if there's a way to install indicator-messages-gtk2 in 15.04 XD05:57
c_smithin other words, nope05:57
_pingunewguy123 fired export LANG="en_US.UTF-8" and did the commands again, but that does not change it's language05:59
c_smith_pingu, don't you have to export it then restart the terminal? been a while since I've done something like that, so forgive me if I'm wrong (it's entirely possible I'm mixing that up with changing the .bashrc file)06:00
newguy123_pingu: try LANG=C06:01
jj995what is a good old cheap laptop to buy on ebay to install ubuntu for ssh and basic browsing?  I'm thinking an IBM T40.  any other classic models?06:01
MonkeyDust!ot| jj99506:02
ubottujj995: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:02
_pingunewguy123 works. one moment, please06:02
_pingunewguy123 https://gist.github.com/anonymous/43dc960706fd2666334006:04
_pingunewguy123 look at line 18+06:05
somsip_pingu: try clearing the cache and doing a forced install of libxerces2-java06:07
jasabellaanyone familiar with ntfsclone? :)06:08
_pingusomsip: that worked. thanks! and thanks to newguy123, too. :-)06:12
somsip_pingu: good news :)06:12
ANJ7hey anyone who believes in God can join me at ##Godhelps06:30
=== rahul__ is now known as RahulAN
auztyanyone know why i cant access my mounted device after changing my uid?06:34
cogitationHello room06:35
cogitationI'm trying to mount one of my ntfs windows hard drives and it won't mount, anyone able to help?06:35
cogitationI tried to reboot into windows 7 which is installed on the drive and the disk potentially has failed.  I need to at least backup what I can, if possible.06:36
cfhowlettcogitation, boot a live ubuntu usb.  backup your data06:38
cogitationI don't have one, and I don't know where my usb stick big enough to hold ubuntu would be... any option within ubuntu itself?06:39
cfhowlettcogitation, for the record, disk failure = stop using the disk completely until you have completed your bckup06:39
cogitationUnderstood....other than trying to boot into windows, I havent' used it.  Been using ubuntu since06:39
cfhowlettcogitation, if it's a disk failure, every EVERY read/write action brings you closer to unannounced catastrophic failure06:39
cogitationdo you mean even on a separate hard drive, with ubuntu installed?06:40
cogitationand the non-functioning drive not mounted?06:40
cogitation(in fact, it won't mount)06:40
cfhowlettcogitation, separate HDD or USB, but you should leave the suspect HDD alone starting immediately06:41
cogitationcan I do anything from within installed ubuntu?06:43
cogitationI mean, it's a separate drive.  I just want to back it up direction.06:43
cogitationdirectly* rather06:43
cfhowlettcogitation, if you can mount the suspect HDD, yes06:43
cogitationOkay.  It won't mount though.06:43
cfhowlettcogitation, error messages?06:43
cogitationwell, when I click on the drive in the list of drives, it says:  "Failed to mount WDC <serial number"06:44
cogitation<serial number>06:45
cogitationthanks for your help.06:45
cfhowlettcogitation, not familiar with that one.  ask again in channel.  best of luck.06:45
cogitationcan someone help me back up a failing/failed ntfs hard drive?06:45
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BarnaSzalaiwhich one channel is where everyone wait the final release of 15.04?06:57
DJones!party | BarnaSzalai06:58
ubottuBarnaSzalai: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/06:58
BarnaSzalaithank you DJones06:58
nextboxWhat does it mean to check the checksum when downloading a file from the web?07:00
cfhowlett!md5sum | nextbox, bad downloads happen.07:00
ubottunextbox, bad downloads happen.: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:00
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sopparusis 15.04 out yet?07:10
murchathere are processes with D status prompted by htop. Should i delete them?07:11
steve15.04 is out today, right? what time? :)07:12
Ben64!party | steve07:12
ubottusteve: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/07:12
steveBen64: do you know what time it is released?07:14
=== kristhia1 is now known as kris
Ben64steve: approximately 1 minute after it is released07:14
steveBen64: thanks!07:16
krisis there a gui vpn for ubuntu?07:17
somsip!info vpnc-gui | kris07:19
ubottukris: Package vpnc-gui does not exist in utopic07:19
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
kris!info vpn-gui07:20
ubottuPackage vpn-gui does not exist in utopic07:20
somsipkris: ah - more limited than I thought http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/01/vpnc-gui-tool-connect-to-cisco-vpn-ubuntu/07:20
somsip!info network-manager-vpnc | kris (maybe better - no idea myself I use cli)07:22
ubottukris (maybe better - no idea myself I use cli): network-manager-vpnc (source: network-manager-vpnc): network management framework (VPNC plugin core). In component universe, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 14 kB, installed size 92 kB (Only available for linux-any)07:22
somsipkris: though that might be Cisco only too. So I give up07:22
reiseihi, all! I have I strange issue with my ubuntu 12.04 desktop: It hangs on boot on the "Starting configure network device"... Any suggestions how can I fix it?07:22
krisill just try to explore and thanks for the help somsip07:23
somsipreisei: make sure it is using the right settings for the network device07:23
reiseisomsip: I just did the upgrade of some packages, I didn't change the network configuration (07:34
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BobbyJenkinsI personally know I will receive biased responses on this question, but do you think it is worth it to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 15.04?07:42
cfhowlettBobbyJenkins, so why even waste time/resources asking???  your box, your choice.07:42
Artemis3BobbyJenkins, no.07:43
DJonesBobbyJenkins: 14.04 is LTS, so you get the benefit of not needing to upgrade every 6 months, if you did want to go to 15.04, you'd have to upgrade to 14.10 first, then 15.04, or do a fresh install07:43
BobbyJenkinsI am not exactly wasting time or resources asking the question, I just want to hear different opinions, it is healthy to leave the normalities once in a while :)07:44
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OerHeksCan somebody help me ? because some key is missing, we wait 5 days for Firefox 37.0.2 https://launchpadlibrarian.net/203615172/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-arm64.firefox_37.0.2%2Bbuild1-0ubuntu0.14.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz07:58
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cem_hello guys , i downloaded Ubuntu Mate 15.04 dailybuild of April 22 , in 23 ubuntu will be released and should i install it again with 23 version ?08:30
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amaricem_: Just update and you will have the final already08:31
cem_so its okey08:31
cfhowlettcem_, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:31
cem_thank you08:31
cuihaoHey, what's the exact time to release 14.10? Already 23 Apr here :)08:32
cfhowlettcuihao, "when it's done"08:32
amaricuihao: It was already released (14.10 :) ). I think they will release 15.04 ASAP, i.e. when it's ready08:32
cuihaoooo, typo08:32
amaricuihao: A considerable one :D08:32
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cem_what do you think about Ubuntu 15.04 ? is is good to use ? how many years it will be supported ?08:36
cfhowlettcem_, 9 months support08:36
k1lcem_: you need to upgrade every 6 months until you reach the next LTS (16.04) that got 5 years support then08:38
geirhaRegular releases have 9 month support. LTS releases have 5 year support. Next LTS will be 16.04 (april 2016)08:38
ChunkzZwhat time is 15.04 out? GMT?08:38
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/08:38
cfhowlettChunkzZ, 233908:38
k1lChunkzZ: plan with afternoon.08:39
cfhowlettChunkzZ, it will be released - today - when it's ready - we release no distro before its time08:39
rahulprodevHello everyone, :) haven't installed ubuntu on my laptop, waiting from 3 days. when will ubuntu 15.04 going to release?08:42
cfhowlettChunkzZ, it will be released - today - when it's ready - we release no distro before its time08:42
cfhowlettrahulprodev, see above08:42
ChunkzZyes, I saW.08:42
cfhowlettChunkzZ, sorry for the double :)08:43
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mantys89is there any good cli password manager for ubuntu?08:43
rahulprodevcfhowlett, thanks, I think I need to wait!!! :) :) :)08:43
mehdip2007is there limitation to add repository or not?08:44
cfhowlettrahulprodev, see !isitout08:44
codemagicianpush that release button dude.  I've got a brick here that wont run with it :)08:44
Edu-JHi all! Is it possible to avoid minimized windows when switching with ATL+TAB?08:44
ubottuDid I SAY it was out?  Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.08:44
mantys89no limitation, but i like privacy and security :D08:44
chotaz`wWHO's EXCITED? I'm excited!08:45
rahulprodevme too08:45
ChunkzZyeah same here chotaz`w08:45
k1lmehdip2007: no.08:46
k1lif you want to be the first to know its releases, join #ubuntu-release-party08:46
ChunkzZthanks k1l08:47
mehdip2007k1l, becuz sometimes i get the error check the PPA name is correct08:47
rahulprodevthanks k1l08:47
k1lmehdip2007: if you add wrong repos/ppas its of course an error.08:47
mehdip2007k1l, bu once i enter the samething it says to process press enter or ctrl+c to cancel08:48
=== rahulprodev is now known as rabaprodev
k1lmehdip2007: please pastebin the errors and the repos you entered08:48
mehdip2007k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10870215/08:50
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=== quark is now known as Guest28660
k1lmehdip2007: maybe the internet was down at that time and it could not look up the ppa name08:52
mehdip2007well i am downloading something maybe notsure08:54
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t4nk509Hi all. IS anyone here very familiar with kvm/qemu/ovmf/win8/vga-passthru?08:57
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
Rene_not me :D08:59
t4nk509I'm stuck building ovmf that saves settings on reboot.09:00
tdnI have a bunch of shellscripts and python programs that I maintain in subversion and use on various systems. I would like a central way of distributing these. What would you recommend? Make /usr/local/bin an SVN working copy? Or make a debian package to distribute them?09:01
Rene_hello, so many intresting questions i feel like a noob, -hands the waiting questioners a hot cup of coffee-09:02
Rene_thats all i can do :D09:03
WoLFMaNi am having some problems running ubuntu on my mac can anyone help09:03
Rene_it's not installing at all ?09:03
zzarrVivid :D09:03
cfhowlett!mac | WoLFMaN09:03
ubottuWoLFMaN: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:03
WoLFMaNI have it installed i am running it now09:04
WoLFMaNthe last 2 updates stopped it working i have to select advanced and run the first version i installed09:05
zzarrI have an nVidia graphics card in my machine, will mir work with the driver? (does it matter what hw I have)09:05
OerHekszzarr, current / next ubuntu does not have MIR.09:05
k1lzzarr: 15.04 will not have mir as default09:06
LuyinWoLFMaN: where did you select "advanced"?09:07
zzarrtoo bad, will I be able to install it in an easy way?09:07
bojanCan anyone guide me how to set authentication for NFS??09:07
bojanI have configured NFS and it is working fine..BUt whoever are trying to mount the shaing point from my server are accessing the shared directories...I want to set authentication for that09:08
k1lzzarr: you can test it with the desktop next isos09:09
zzarrbojan: you can limit what ip address a nfs share is available from09:10
zzarr(in the export file, /etc/export)09:10
mantys89Some settings for disabling unity scopes and lences, for better privacy on ubuntu... :) http://pastebin.com/P6GckjFQ09:12
WoLFMaNi have a boot menu that has unbuntu-ubuntu (advanced)-mac 32bit09:12
WoLFMaNmac 64bit09:13
auztywhy i cant' access my /media/auzty after changing my uid?09:13
auztyit' says permissiond enied09:13
cfhowlettauzty, changed the UID?  must remount09:13
Rene_mantys is that for 14.04 ?09:13
Rene_i will safe it for future updates , as im in 12.04 im suposing my data is not send anywhere to canonical in 12.04 not ?09:14
OerHeksmantys89, thy an other script, as privacy rules are already in systemsettings>privacy ?09:14
auztyremount what cfhowlett ? before i change the UID & GID , i can ls to /media/auzty , but after i change it, i didn't have any permission, my permission is right but i dont know why rejected09:15
auztydrwx------   1 auzty auzty 32768 Apr 23 14:52 Data09:15
mantys89I disable all scopes and lences except applications and home...09:15
cfhowlettauzty, a new UID should be read as new media ... as I understand it.  I could be wrong, though.09:15
ubottuDid I SAY it was out?  Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.09:16
Ben64auzty: ls -ld /media/auzty09:16
mantys89OerHeks: there are just few settings, not all...09:16
cfhowlettubottu with attitude.  perfect.09:16
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:16
bojanzzarr:For example if a guest are coming to my office and they want to access my NFS share folder...How to set permission for them to access only readonly for some users and permission for using for some users??09:16
codemagicianYeah you did say it was out on 23rd09:16
codemagicianAnd on the wiki says 29th09:16
k1lcodemagician: please join #ubuntu-release-party for that09:17
cfhowlettcodemagician, chillax.  it's out when it's out.09:17
bojanzzarr:I want to authenticate using username and password09:17
auztythanks Ben64, i can LS it with ls -ld, but why that happened?09:17
bojanzzarr:Is there any way??09:17
Ben64auzty: paste the result of that command09:18
auztydrwx------   1 auzty auzty 32768 Apr 23 14:52 Data09:18
auztysorry wrong paste09:18
zzarrbojan: I don't think so, but I'll google it09:18
bojanzzarr:please tell09:18
auztydrwxr-x---+ 3 root root 4096 Apr 23 16:15 /media/auzty/09:18
codemagiciancfhowlett: I'm not using 15.04 for some party, I'm using it because 14.04.2 LTS wont run on the NUC5i5RYH09:18
Ben64auzty: doesn't look proper09:18
codemagicianSo I've been watching this useless brick on my desk for 1 week09:19
k1lcodemagician: please keep this channel here clear for support. the release will be announced in the party channel.09:19
Ben64codemagician: the party counts down to release time, its not on topic here until it releases09:19
mantys89bojan: you need change permisions to 755 >>  sudo chmod -R 755 /media/auzty09:19
bojanmantys89:thats not for me09:20
zzarrI guess you should use LDAP or Kerberos09:20
mantys89bojan: why ?09:20
bojanmantys89:because i dont ask that question09:20
mantys89sorry..., my mistake... :D09:21
Ben64auzty: please pastebin the output of "getfacl /media/auzty"09:21
bojanzzarr:i am using LTSP here...IS it possible to authenticate using LDAP or kerberos...Then what do you think about NIS??09:21
zzarrbojan: with the help of LDAP or Kerberos you can authenticate NFS (and many other services as well)09:21
zzarrbojan: it's possible with NIS/NIs+ too09:22
mantys89auzty: you need change permisions to 755 >>  sudo chmod -R 755 /media/auzty09:22
zzarrbojan: it's just a matter of configuration09:22
auztyhttp://pastebin.com/SfT8BBwm Ben6409:23
bojanzzarr:Yes i want that09:23
bojanzzarr:i want help to configure that09:23
arunpyasiguys, I am having problem with resizing my ntfs partition09:23
auztythis is weird, my new UID is 100109:23
arunpyasiplease help09:23
zzarrbojan: I have never configured NIS/NIS+09:23
k1lauzty: chown the mounting path to your user?09:23
cfhowlett!details | arunpyasi09:23
ubottuarunpyasi: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:23
Ben64auzty: why did you change uid anyway09:23
WoLFMaNmac 64bit!pastebin09:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:24
mantys89auzty: you can read, write, execute, group/others read and excecute...09:24
zzarrbojan: look at this http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/nfs-and-nis-security09:24
auztyactually i need my production app to run to the specific uid, so i change the UID according to the app uid :D09:24
Ben64auzty: use setfacl to change the 1000 to 100109:24
arunpyasiI am trying to shrink my ntfs parition but I cannot shrink it. Its not dragging. and I get a warning icon on the partition, when I double clicked it, it says "Unable to read the contents of this file system!09:25
arunpyasiBecause of this some operations may be unavailable.09:25
arunpyasiThe cause might be a missing software package.09:25
arunpyasiThe following list of software packages is required for ntfs file system support:  ntfsprogs / ntfs-3g."09:25
auztythanks for advice mantys89 and k1l :)09:25
Ben64auzty: that makes no sense, but whatever makes you feel happy :)09:25
zzarrit's lunch time for me bbl09:25
arunpyasihualet: hey buddy09:25
auztythanks you very much Ben64 , actually i never hear that, setfacl :(09:26
arunpyasiAnd now, I don't have an option to resize, its disabled.09:26
bojanzzarr:can u pls share a best configuration material for nis??09:26
k1larunpyasi: make sure ntfsprogs is installed09:28
arunpyasik1l: it says E: Package 'ntfsprogs' has no installation candidate09:29
k1larunpyasi: please show a "sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy ntfsprogs"09:29
k1larunpyasi: ah wait, try the ntfs-3g package09:30
arunpyasik1l: yeah, its installed.09:30
arunpyasik1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10870329/09:32
arunpyasik1l: http://picpaste.com/DeepinScreenshot20150423151834-EQ92GpcE.png09:34
cfhowlettarunpyasi, you have deepin?09:34
arunpyasicfhowlett: yeah09:34
=== Thelks is now known as zz_Thelks
cfhowlettarunpyasi, sorry, but deepin aint' ubuntu and is not supported here.  see deepin support09:35
arunpyasicfhowlett: ? u mean ?09:35
HempathyHi guys, I'm looking for help with a black screen on boot, think I messed up encryption upgrading, would appreciate any help09:35
cfhowlettarunpyasi, look in your "help" menu for help from deepin.  this is ubuntu.09:35
arunpyasicfhowlett: I think it doesn't matter whether deepin or ubuntu, cause its core system is ubuntu.09:35
k1larunpyasi: no. please see deepin support. we dont know what they changed. since it works on ubuntu09:36
cfhowlettarunpyasi, it does matter.   this channel supports ubuntu.  deepin isn't ubuntu09:36
cfhowlett!flavors | k1l09:36
ubottuk1l: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.09:36
tijnix*gets popcorn*09:36
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:36
ubottuThe GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. It is not ready for production use, as there are still many bugs and missing features. http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html09:36
penos!hurd !linux09:37
Saviqhappy release day! :)09:38
ecenkhappy release day :)09:39
HempathyGotta love it eh!09:39
HempathyIt's like a geek xmas every 6 months09:39
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases09:41
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penosu dun naw meee?09:44
k1lpenos: enough now09:44
cfhowlettpenos, please.  stop.  to send private ubottu: /msg ubottu !command09:44
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hamdroidi am using vim on a windows computer via ssh. how do i save/exit ?09:54
RoryMore questions need to be like that one09:55
zmurfjeProbably escape first09:55
hamdroidfile got saved as .swp09:59
hamdroidwhen i try to open via vim it shows as new file..09:59
zmurfjevi  <path-filename>10:01
zmurfjethen save10:01
Z3_Hi ! Can you install ubuntu on intel compute stick (windows version)? That's because the hardware of windows version has more RAM and internal storage10:05
daniele12457do they have usb on the intel compute stick?10:06
daniele12457you can put ubuntu on a usb stick then boot from the usb stick10:07
Z3_so is just like a standar desktop pc10:07
Z3_I was worried there were some limitations for install new operating systems10:07
=== arunpyasi is now known as arun-afk
daniele12457never tried10:09
daniele12457i just assume10:09
daniele12457do you have the intel compute stick?10:09
Z3_I am thinking in purchase one10:10
Z3_but ubuntu version has only 1 GB RAM10:10
Z3_not enough for me, I need 2 GB10:10
daniele12457i'm pretty sure they will allow to do so10:10
voozeWhat time (I'm in Denmark GMT +2) will 15.04 be released?10:11
Z3_ok, thank you ! :)10:11
codemagicianvooze: see #ubuntu-release-party10:11
voozecodemagician, thanks, Is it just a random time today?10:12
penosin 14.04 the repository don't have sccummvm10:13
penosin the earlier versions they had it :(10:13
penosin the past i played beneath the steel sky10:14
codemagicianvooze: apparently10:17
codemagicianvooze: I did hear the servers get overloaded so it may be best to use a torrent10:18
geirha!info scummvm10:24
ubottuscummvm (source: scummvm): engine for several graphical adventure games. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0+dfsg-3 (utopic), package size 5472 kB, installed size 18916 kB10:24
geirhapenos: perhaps you just haven't enabled universe?10:24
OerHeksgeirha +110:24
penosgeirha, ohh good10:28
penosgeirha, ill try that <310:28
OerHeksCan somebody help me ? because some key is missing, we wait 5 days for Firefox 37.0.2 https://launchpadlibrarian.net/203615172/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-arm64.firefox_37.0.2%2Bbuild1-0ubuntu0.14.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:28
PCatineanI have for some reason some slim and small font all over ubuntu and I have no idea why, how can I go back to the default of the installation?10:29
penosis there an IDE like microsoft visual studio on linux?10:30
OerHekspenos, not Vistual studio, but there are a lot of IDE's10:30
jpdspenos: Eclipse.10:30
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator10:30
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code10:30
k1lPCatinean: use unity-tweak-tool to set the proper fonts settings10:31
penoseclipse is decent10:31
chotaz`wOn my work computer I have 2 partitions./boot is on a small, 250MiB partition while everything else is ina  luks encrypted partition. My sysadm is not around and I need to create space on /boot to make sure I can make the upgrade later on. How do I go about cleaning /boot?10:31
Luyinalso there is sublime10:31
k1lchotaz`w: remove old kernel-packages10:31
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator10:32
chotaz`wk1l, I don't feel experienced enough to tackle this in the safest way, can you provide some tips, please?10:32
k1lchotaz`w: dont delete stuff in /boot manually!10:32
PCatineank1l, it shows them as default10:33
k1lchotaz`w: list all installed linux-image* packages. "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" in a pastebin10:33
=== parv_ is now known as IAMVIRGIN
chotaz`wk1l, sure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10870537/10:35
k1lchotaz`w: "sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.16.0-23-generic linux-image-3.16.0-33-generic"  after that do a "sudo apt-get autoremove"10:37
chotaz`wk1l, care to explain why I'm keeping specific builds behind, that are not currentl in use? even between those 2 you suggested to remove10:38
chotaz`wthose buings "builds"(?) 31 and 3410:39
geirha31 is not installed10:40
k1lchotaz`w: ii is installed10:40
thmsI have an exact clone of my debian system10:40
thmswhat do I do first, (ho k1l hi)10:40
chotaz`wI just want to make sure I understand the procedure so I can redo it in the future10:40
k1lthms: ask #debian :)10:41
thmsxarg -a apt-get install and then rescue mode to rsync -avPH10:41
chotaz`wthanks for the tip, I've ran both commands10:41
thmsubuntu I meant10:41
k1lthms: come on :/10:41
thmsor reverse10:41
thmsI guess reverse.10:41
k1lchotaz`w: usually ubuntu should have removed the old kernels. you only need 2 actual kernels. the older one is used for booting into recovery. so like something is bad with the new kenrel you can still boot into recovery with a working one.10:42
codemagicianIs there a fixed date for 14.04.3 LTS and if so what kernel version will it upgrade to?10:43
k1lcodemagician: yes. see its release schedule10:44
OerHekscodemagician, it is all on the release page10:44
OerHeksnot sure about the kernel, too far away i guess10:44
k1lcodemagician: the kernel should be the 15.04 backports kernel.10:45
codemagicianWhat's the offical release page?10:45
PCatineanThis thread says to locate the xorg file http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185568910:46
chotaz`wk1l, thanks a bunch for sharing the knowledge, so checking for (ii)nstalled ones, keeping a previous version for a possible recovery need ands off with the remaining ones, I hope this created enough room in /boot for the upgrade, orelse I'll have to go about learning how to resize an encrypted partition, which I already tried by running gparted, but the encrypted partition has a flag saying luks encrypted partitions are not yet supports, so I tried10:46
chotaz`wa more "manual" approach10:46
PCatineanI did but it specifically say to not edit directly10:46
PCatineanwhat do I do?10:46
RoryPCatinean: That thread's from 2011, are you sure the version is relevent?10:47
codemagiciank1l: Thanks10:47
PCatineanRory, I have ubuntu 14.04, what is the appropriate way of doing this in this version?10:48
codemagicianWill it be possible to downgrade from 15.04 to 14.04.3 LTS?10:48
mcphailcodemagician: no10:48
RoryPCatinean: You can edit the file, you should just make a copy of it first, so you can revert to the old version later if you need to10:48
mcphailcodemagician: downgrades require a full reinstall10:48
k1lcodemagician: no downgrades with ubuntu10:48
PCatineanRory, so after each dist-upgrade I have to re-paste it??10:48
codemagicianthat's a shame10:48
codemagicianI got unlucky timing with my hardware10:48
RoryPCatinean: I'm not sure what you're asking10:48
RoryPCatinean: Re-paste what? You only need to edit the file once, you should just make a backup of it first10:49
PCatinean# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE, your distribution will likely overwrite10:49
PCatineanthat's what it says10:49
mcphailcodemagician: you can always install a newer kernel with an older release10:49
codemagiciank1l, mcphail I'd liked to have stayed on the LTS line but I needed a later kernel for the Intel HD Graphics 6000 support10:49
mcphail!mainline | codemagician10:49
RoryPCatinean: "To make changes permanent I used instructions from this site " did you follow that link in the thread?10:49
ubottucodemagician: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds10:49
k1lcodemagician: you could use mainline kernels10:49
codemagicianmcphail: problem I have is that I can't install 14.04.2 LTS as the GUI is broken10:49
PCatineanRory, which one?10:50
RoryPCatinean: before I carry on can you summarise what you're trying to do?10:50
codemagicianUnless I installed the 14.04 server edition and then the GUI manually10:50
RoryPCatinean: I don't want to give you incorrect advice10:50
mcphailcodemagician: you can't fall beack to vesa graphics and install? Use "nomodeset" as a boot parameter?10:50
RoryPCatinean: If you edit /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-synaptics.conf you will be fine10:50
PCatineanRory, just keep my settings regrding the touchpad "AreaRightEdge, left edge etc"10:50
codemagicianI tried the nomodeset and nothing seemed to happen.  (I did this using F-<something> which brought up the grub menu10:51
PCatineanRory, I have no such file theere10:51
codemagicianThis was using the 15.04-beta-210:51
RoryNo, it would be a new file10:51
codemagician*sorry ignore last line10:51
OerHeksPCatinean, that file does not exist, it is in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf.10:51
BluesKajHowdy all10:51
PCatineanOerHeks, yes but the message inside it says not to edit drectly10:51
mcphailcodemagician: how broken is the gui?10:52
PCatineanIf I create a new conf file there's a automated system that takes the conf?10:52
=== Tin_man is now known as Tin_man_driving
codemagicianmcphail: unreadable10:52
RoryPCatinean: If there's an update to xorg through apt, I assume the config files might be overwritten?10:52
OerHeksPCatinean, " Users can copy this file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and edit it to configure the various driver options available." from the arch wiki, works for ubuntu too >> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics10:52
RoryPCatinean: That is probably what it means10:52
PCatineanSo I just copy it, name it with 10, add the sections and should work?10:53
mcphailcodemagician: installing from the server edition is fine anyway. No major problems when doing that, particularly as you're going to swap out th kernel10:53
codemagicianmcphail: I felt like by changing out the kernel on 14.04.2 LTS kinda negates the positive reasons for me using it, since I do web development it's nice to have a matching system to my live server10:54
codemagicianMy current plan is stick with 15.04 until 14.04.3 LTS becomes available and then re-instanll10:54
mcphailcodemagician: fair enough. Not sure if therre will be a further kernel version bump, though10:55
codemagicianmcphail: Right, that's what I was wondering if that was predecided on the release pages10:55
chotaz`wk1l, went from 60MiB unused to 150MiB, hopw it's enough for the update :)10:55
PCatineanOerHeks, I have did that it says and placed /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d with settings, nothing happened10:56
* mcphail can't remember if previous LTS releases had more than 1 kernel version bump10:56
k1lmcphail: there is the enablement stack since 12.04.2 (because of the samsung brick kernel bug htingy)10:57
mcphailk1l: aah10:57
codemagicianI'm thinking that most of my web development work revolves around PHP and MySQL so I doubt there will be any major significant differences between web development stacks on 15 vs 1410:58
amrX2KHow do I get vhost on freenode server ?10:59
OerHeksPCatinean, then restart xorg, or logout/login again10:59
k1lamrX2K: ask in #freenode10:59
PCatineanOerHeks, I've had that for weeks10:59
PCatineanstill does not work11:00
codemagicianI've had no experience of trying the latest releases vs a LTS release so I don't know how stable things are going to be11:00
PCatineanit's a symlink to /usr/share but still should work11:00
codemagicianOne thing that would be useful (and I'm not sure if this exists or not) would be a page with Ubuntu versions and the Intel Graphics version supported under that version11:01
mcphailcodemagician: the only dreadfully unstable Ubuntu release was Edgy Eft11:01
k1lcodemagician: for non-LTS you need to upgrade every 6 months11:01
codemagicianIf there a path from 15.04 to 16 LTS?11:01
mcphailcodemagician: yes11:02
k1lcodemagician: no11:02
mcphailcodemagician: via 15.1011:02
k1lcodemagician: only 15.04 -> 15.10 -> 16.0411:02
codemagicianDoes any cruft from 15.04 and 15.10 get left laying around the system11:03
k1ljust the stuff you do yourself11:03
mcphailcodemagician: not really, unless you've installed PPAs11:03
codemagicianWould that include custom made PHP executable… would I have to recompile with the new kernel?11:03
mcphailcodemagician: not unless the new kernel has come with a new major version of libc11:04
jpdscodemagician: A PHP compile has nothing to do with the kernel.11:04
mcphailcodemagician: if you keep your self-compiled binaries under /usr/local rather than /usr, they won't be touched by the distro11:05
codemagicianjpds: I wondered if it would rely on shared object libraries which depend on the kernel11:06
codemagicianmcphail: that's good as that's where I usually put them11:07
mcphailcodemagician: the only11:07
mcphailcodemagician: the only library you have to worry about is libc, and that rarely gets a major version bump11:08
codemagicianI can't tell you how happy I am to be returning to Linux after many years of using a Mac11:08
Rene_welcome back ^.^11:09
Rene_i got a multi boot with win, but i try not to go there if possible, only for games i can;t get to run in Linux or run very poorly, which makes win have 2 games and linux 30+ :D11:11
codemagicianI hated fiddling around trying to get things like xdebug installed for PHP11:11
codemagicianI never quite got to grips with the brew installer vs the sudo apt-get install11:12
Rene_i have never used a mac11:12
Rene_all my pc's are self build11:13
Rene_For me as a gamer, it's great how more and more games on steam have Linux support, i dont buy any game anymore that doesn't have linux support, hopefully they keep on supporting future ubuntu versions, im wondering when stuff will break when its an older game in the future11:16
codemagicianI wish I had time for games11:18
codemagicianRene_: The last game I played was populus 211:19
Rene_i can try to do ur work for an hour and u can go play a game then :P11:19
kdenewbie__Hi! I have two questions, I use to scroll a lot on the desktop for switching between them (KDE here) but the srcoll is like too quick (just in this situation, in others like okular and so on is ok) and i cant find the way to set it slower11:19
Rene_haha lol11:19
codemagicianRene_: And before that Chuckie Egg11:20
Rene_i play world of tanks most of the time with wine 1.7.4 csmt11:21
Rene_mm i cant find scrolling settings in mouse or compiz11:22
Rene_not sure where u need to set scroll speed11:23
BornToFlyBertHello Everybody!11:23
Rene_in one article it says, a user removed an usb dongle and plugged in the mouse directly or other usb port and it fixed scroll issues11:24
l9have i gone compeletly numb or ??? mv file ../. shouldnt that move file one folder back ?11:24
Rene_maybe trying other usb ports might change something ?11:25
BornToFlyBertWhat is the topic in here if I may ask, i have got questions concering cups, if I am allowed to ask.11:25
Rene_i guess if its in ubuntu u can ask :D11:26
EriC^^l9: yeah, do you have write access one dir back?11:26
l9EriC^^: mmhm i have weird part is that it says the file aint there11:26
BornToFlyBertIs anybody familiar with CUPS and Lexmark printers/scanner multifunctional devices i mean?11:27
TinSoldiersup guys11:27
TinSoldierdoes anyone know if the AMD bug still esists?11:27
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, what lexmark model exactly?11:27
Rene_amd bug cpu gpu ?.?11:27
Rene_the unity color problem ?11:28
l9EriC^^: hehe whoops i have gone dumb :P haha long time no see btw11:28
TinSoldiermaybe ^^11:28
BornToFlyBert@Oerheks: It is an lexmark x1180 printer/scanner.11:28
=== h is now known as Guest1252
TinSoldierhad to swap over to fedora11:28
TinSoldierthink i should just go ahead and give it a try?11:29
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, it does not show up on http://www.openprinting.org/printers/manufacturer/Lexmark/11:29
Rene_u could try with an cd/dvd running without installing it i huess11:30
metric_chickenhello, I could really uses some assistance. Im trying to install Linux Mint over PXE. I can get mint to mount on a client over the network but the installer fails. I've looked at /var/log/installer/debug and the first error is "Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"11:30
TinSoldieror just test in in a VB11:30
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, found this old tutor, that uses the 600 driver > http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Lexmark+driver+pack+for+ubuntu?content=9864811:30
Rene_i mean i would not trow a worjking os away, incase the bug is still there11:30
BornToFlyBertOerHeks, it's on http://support.lexmark.com/index?locale=de&page=product&productCode=LEXMARK_X1180&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=DE_DE&frompage=null#111:31
OerHeksmetric_chicken, mint issues ..11:31
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:31
TinSoldieraight thx11:31
TinSoldieri might be back soon ^^11:31
Rene_good luck11:31
metric_chickenIve tried and there isnt anyone there11:31
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, i always check openprinting, to see if cups can handle it.11:31
DazPettymetric_chicken, installing over a network? that sounds pretty tricky11:31
metric_chickenim really just asking about the ubiquity installer11:31
BornToFlyBertOerHeks, i see, thank you for the advice11:31
metric_chickenDazPetty i figured out how to boot over the network11:32
OerHeksmetric_chicken,  that makes asking here not valid.11:32
metric_chickencombo of using tftp and nfs11:32
DazPettymetric_chicken, how?11:32
DazPettymetric_chicken, if you don't mind me asking11:32
metric_chicken<DazPetty> not a problem11:32
Rene_not sure if testing in a vm is good testing of a gpu/driver bug though , as normaly the vm doesnt see the propper 3d card as that is emulated11:33
BornToFlyBertOerHeks, what shall i do if i cannot find it on openprinting, does it necessarily mean, that it won't work with ubuntu?11:33
aceruserhi guys i have a huge problem I bought the Acer Aspire E 11 and it has an eMMC. gparted is stuck on Scanning all devices and I cannot instal Ubuntu11:33
kdenewbie__another question, i enabled kde beta ppa for getting kde 5.3 and now i don't know if i should disable that ppa11:34
l9anyone has a easy way too test if dir has *.mkv and if not rm -rf11:34
DazPettykdenewbie_ there is a program called ppa-purge11:34
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, openprinting does not support this model, only with the 600 driver, it is just a hack/workaround.11:34
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, oh that url ends up 404...11:35
AdvoWorkHi there, i know its an older version 13.04 (and im trying to upgrade) but im backing my stuff up first. The problem is, ive put the usb hd into the laptop, its picked it up but it wont let me paste, or make new folders, read only maybe?11:35
BornToFlyBertOerHeks, i see, so what can i do?11:35
kdenewbie__DazPetty: but it deletes the packages installed from the given ppa ?11:36
OerHeksBornToFlyBert, nothing i guess, i am looking for an other way ..11:36
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:37
OerHeksit reverts back to the original packages11:37
Rene_<AdvoWork> yes maybe its mounted read only or your user has no permissions to acces it and its mounted as root11:37
BornToFlyBertOerHeks, I find it quite interessesting, because the printjob appears in the printing queue and then it disappears without printing anything ...11:37
DazPettykdenewbie_ it tries to downgrade it, it is usually safe to remove it, what do you want to do? downgrade it or just remove it for something else like xfce?11:38
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
kdenewbie__DazPetty: actually i want to keep the version i have right now but i don't know if it's sure having the kde beta ppa just in case it breaks something now11:40
KeithWeissharwhen is ubuntu 15.04 for desktop coming out11:41
k1lKeithWeisshar: some time today11:42
k1lKeithWeisshar: see #ubuntu-release-party for the announcement11:42
codemagicianKeithWeisshar: #ubuntu-release-party11:43
pavlosl9, find <starting dir> -f -not -name *.mkv -exec rm -rf {} \;11:43
Rene_ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about party_time , at least it awnsered something back in a pm :D11:44
ubottuRene_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:44
pavlosl9, the -f should be -type f11:45
DazPettyI guess all you can do it try it and then fix it if it breaks kdenewbie_11:46
Laurenceb__hi, i have a problem with a samaba drive11:53
Laurenceb__can anyone help?11:53
Laurenceb__sudo mount -a11:53
Laurenceb__mount error(13): Permission denied11:53
cfhowlett!samba | Laurenceb__11:53
ubottuLaurenceb__: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html11:53
Laurenceb__yeah im following that guide11:54
WoLFMaNHi , Can someone help I have a problem with ubuntu on my mac i have put some screenshots onimgur11:54
WoLFMaNHi , Can someone help I have a problem with ubuntu on my mac i have put some screenshots onimg ur11:54
WoLFMaNHi , Can someone help I have a problem with ubuntu on my mac i have put some screenshots on imgur11:54
EriC^^WoLFMaN: you missed the space after Hi11:55
l9please correct and repost11:55
AdvoWorkRene_, i have root access though, any idea how to mount it with full access?11:55
Happy_LarryWhen mounting your drive you need the domain name11:55
Rene_<AdvoWork> normaly u need to set the uid on moubting it like: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o discard,defaults,auto,noexec,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002 UUID=1D0A24CC2EAEF9C9 /mnt/SSD11:56
=== Tin_man_driving is now known as Tin_man
Rene_where uid=1000,gid=1000 makes sure ur normal user can get to it11:56
Rene_umask needed too i guess11:57
EriC^^WoLFMaN: post the url and somebody might know11:57
AdvoWorkRene_, ahh and you can't just mount by plugging it in, plug/play?11:57
Rene_im not sure, im not plugin in stuff all the time11:57
Rene_what does mount say ?11:57
Rene_how is the volume now mounted ?11:58
Ben64AdvoWork: usually can, you've not given any details of what you mounted, how its mounted or anything like that11:58
l9EriC^^: he has an horrible ping11:58
WoLFMaNthe bottom version works the others dont.11:58
EriC^^WoLFMaN: does ubuntu work?11:59
AdvoWorkRene_, how can i get the UUID of the USB HD?11:59
l9what did you change between them ?11:59
Rene_uhm not sure, i took it over from some auto script that  mounted it like that11:59
AdvoWorkBen64, to be fair, i literally just plugged it into the laptop by usb, nothing else, it detects it, i can see files on it, but no access to copy to it11:59
Ben64AdvoWork: pastebin the output of "mount"11:59
[n0mad]Advowork, can you create a new folder on the root of the drive?12:00
Rene_i think you should just be able to give up the directory12:00
Rene_oione sec12:00
murchashould i use in the shell script (sudo reboot -f) or (reboot -f)?12:00
Rene_in dev/disk12:00
EriC^^!nomodeset | WoLFMaN try booting with this12:00
ubottuWoLFMaN try booting with this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:00
AdvoWork[n0mad], no i cant, let me just pastebin12:01
Rene_you can look by id or label or path12:01
l9EriC^^: 30 - 36 that is a big jump tho, what changed in 36 that made 34 and 33 crash also12:01
EriC^^WoLFMaN: also remove the quiet splash part and see what it says12:01
Rene_i think you should be able to use those things with  mounting12:01
AdvoWorkBen64, its http://pastebin.com/3s3k4Zi912:02
l9oooh maybe i can get my gpu working on the desktop12:02
EriC^^l9: that's an odd splash screen O.o12:02
=== jacky is now known as Guest90048
Ben64AdvoWork: and where are you trying to make files/folders12:02
Rene_but if you do mount in a console, one of the lines should relate to the drive you want to acces, i would suggest aletering that line or copying it and ad in the uid etc12:02
ahopppWhat does Ubuntu use for automounting USB sticks?12:03
EriC^^ahoppp: gvfs12:03
ahopppIt works very well, but I don't know what it is12:03
AdvoWorkBen64, its made it on, /media/user/BACKUP2  so im trying to make a new folder within their12:03
l9EriC^^: the fishes that is swiming on the screen is reflecktions from his cam12:03
EriC^^ahoppp: udisksctl12:03
k1lahoppp: gfvs12:03
[n0mad]AdvoWork: it's mounting read only12:03
ahopppudisks or gfvs ?12:04
Ben64[n0mad]: no12:04
l9EriC^^: has the newest LTS gotten released ?12:04
EriC^^if you want to use the terminal to mount using it12:04
k1lahoppp: gvfs12:04
Ben64AdvoWork: try "sudo touch /media/user/BACKUP2/test"12:04
ahopppI want to install the same on my RaspPi : automounting of USB key12:04
k1l(sorry had a typo before)12:04
ahopppand I'm struggling with "autofs" since 2 hours :(12:04
ahopppbut on Ubuntu it works perfect :)12:05
AdvoWorkBen64, that worked12:05
Ben64ahoppp: you should be asking #raspberrypi then12:05
ahopppBen64: I did on #archlinux-arm12:05
Ben64AdvoWork: then you need to use sudo to copy/move stuff, or make your user the owner of it12:05
l9ahoppp: whats the problem ?12:05
k1lahoppp: then ask the OS you use there for help with it. ubuntu desktop uses gvfs. we cant help you on other OS12:05
Ben64ahoppp: ok, good. you should not be asking #ubuntu about non-ubuntu issues12:05
EriC^^l9: it's being released today, it's not a lts though12:05
ahopppBen64: kll:  I ask here because I wanted to know the name of what Ubuntu uses for this12:06
Rene_touch makes a read only drive writable ?12:06
AdvoWorkBen64, for this exercise it would be so much easier if i can have gui access due to the amount of files/folders im trying to backup, how do i make my user the owner of it?12:06
Ben64Rene_: no12:06
l9WoLFMaN: you alived or did the computer eat you ?12:07
Ben64AdvoWork: probably "sudo chown $USER /media/rich/BACKUP2"12:07
Garo_Hello. It seems that us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com is partially broken. Not sure where to fill a bug report. proof: curl -I http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/w/watershed/watershed_6_amd64.deb gives 503 error.12:07
AdvoWorkBen64, got it, thanks, and thanks Rene_12:08
l9EriC^^: was certain that this release was an LTS, you tried upgrading too it ? +12:08
Ben64AdvoWork: protip - you can use rsync in the terminal for backing stuff up12:08
Rene_im just a noob :D12:08
Ben64l9: LTS is every 2 years12:08
EriC^^l9: nope, i'm running 14.04, i'll probably install it to a vm though12:08
k1ll9: its not LTS. LTS is only every 2 years. 12.04, 14.04, .....12:09
ajkerrHi there - we are having severe problems in AWS us-east-1 this morning.12:09
ajkerrE: Failed to fetch http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/autogen/autogen_5.18-2ubuntu2_amd64.deb  503  Service Unavailable [IP: 80]12:09
Rene_when an lts comes out it has 5 years support or is it more ?12:09
Garo_ajkerr: you aren't the only one12:09
EriC^^Rene_: yeah 5 years12:09
k1lajkerr: Garo_ change mirror?12:09
Garo_k1l: yeah. us-west-1 mirror works12:10
l9k1l yeah i know but normally i dont even check what version ubuntu are on cause i am down under doing bsd stuff12:10
ajkerrIs anyone looking into the issue?12:10
mcphailajkerr: I suspect the mirrors will be melting today12:10
mistralolajkerr works find for me12:11
KartagisI'm running 14.04 atm and alt+tab is not working even though I set it in keyboard shortcuts. this is annoying12:11
Laurenceb__hi, can anyone help me with samba?12:11
Laurenceb__sudo mount -a    mount error(13): Permission denied12:11
Ben64Laurenceb__: ask your question to find out12:11
graingerthmm the ISOs are out but update-manage doesn't suggest an upgrade12:12
KartagisLaurenceb__: no access12:12
Laurenceb__i dont know why im getting an error12:12
Laurenceb__i recently changed the password, so ive edited the credentials file12:12
Laurenceb__and restarted smbd12:12
Ben64Laurenceb__: permission appears to be denied. make sure you have the right username,password,ip,share name, etc12:12
Laurenceb__is there anything else i need to restart?12:12
WoLFMaNNo luck12:13
WoLFMaNNo luck12:13
k1lLaurenceb__: change the password on the samba server with smbpasswd -a USER12:13
k1lWoLFMaN: stop spamming the channel.12:13
ajkerr@mcphail why would the mirrors be melting?  because of new release?12:15
iBurleyHappy 15.04 day, everybody!12:15
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
ajkerrI guess that answers my question...12:15
mcphailajkerr: :)12:15
l9WoLFMaN: no the computer shall not light on fire when booted, so if that is what you are trying todo you had success. if not please share why and what errors you get12:16
Rene_i have a fire extinguiser ready next to the pc on boot o.O12:17
ioriaajkerr, the mirro is ok12:17
NoOovaHow to disable line breaks for less or for more?12:17
NoOovaI want to view logs12:17
NoOovawith long lines12:17
ajkerr@ioria - it must be load related then.  seems to be intermittent.12:17
Rene_copy file and/or remove line breaks ?.?12:18
=== norm is now known as Guest92005
l9i have better luck cause i have an lighter next too my keyboard12:19
Laurenceb__ok I just checked with the BOFH12:19
Laurenceb__password works fine12:19
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
Laurenceb__something is wrong with my samba config12:19
k1lLaurenceb__: did you set the smbpassword like i told you on the smb server?12:20
l9Laurenceb__ config check ?12:20
Laurenceb__i dont realylfollow12:20
ioriaLaurenceb__, why -a flag ?12:20
Laurenceb__i am trying to connect to a server12:20
Laurenceb__ill pastebin my config, as i dont understand12:20
ioriaLaurenceb__, it mounts all12:20
k1lLaurenceb__: scroll up and re read what is worte12:20
Laurenceb__ change the password on the samba server with smbpasswd -a USER12:21
Laurenceb__im using a credentials file12:21
k1lLaurenceb__: yes, and that is broken12:21
l9WoLFMaN: i know your answer, you should boot into rescue mode :D12:21
Rene_<WoLFMaN> wow is the last screen space invaders starting ?12:23
Laurenceb__Failed to add entry for user <foo>12:23
Laurenceb__I'll see if BOFH can help me12:23
fufulamehow do i keep software up-to-date? some programs via apt-get are older than the ones on their githubs. installing via github is fine, but how do i keep that up to date?12:23
l9they always catches on fire when i do that, wtf?12:23
Rene_but yeh rescue mode sounds like a good idea12:24
MonkeyDust!latest | fufulame12:24
ubottufufulame: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:24
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:25
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates12:25
l9WoLFMaN: have you tried rescue mode12:25
l9WoLFMaN: what does mv file ../. do ?12:25
k1lfufulame: ubuntu only updates most program version once on the release date. so it stays the same. but ubuntu patches that version with security and heavy bug patches.12:25
l9and WoLFMaN is vi a word or a command ?12:26
WoLFMaNWhere is vi?12:27
l9a place in italy12:28
Rene_is that now like vim ? the text editor ?12:28
MonkeyDustRene_  vim mean vi improved12:28
WoLFMaNrescue mode loads to menu12:28
Rene_^.^ yeh thats what i ment, they r the same thingy sort of12:29
WoLFMaNrecovery mode12:29
MonkeyDusttehe same but different12:29
WoLFMaNwhat is rescue mode12:29
Rene_in rescue mode you can get to a text promt, to fix stuff like graphics drivers or other issius12:29
Rene_or fix other stuff12:30
guest-VCIqzmhow do i change my username to connect on undernet in irssi?12:36
KartagisI'm running 14.04 atm and alt+tab is not working even though I set it in keyboard shortcuts. this is annoying. can you help?12:36
guest-VCIqzmi could not connect to undernet because of bad username12:37
k1lguest-VCIqzm: /nick newnick12:37
k1lKartagis: what desktop are you on?12:38
Kartagisk1l: gnome12:38
k1lhmm., alt+tab works on unity12:39
Rene_what keyboard lay out are you using, is it the correct one for the keyboard ?12:40
Rene_system settings -> layout settings -> there are some extra choices maybe its the wrong layout ?12:42
Rene_system settings -> keyboard -->  layout settings -> there are some extra choices maybe its the wrong layout ?12:43
l9did wolfman fix it dont see him12:43
Rene_he didnt say anything anymore, maybe he is in text mode atm doing stuff12:44
BlueByte-Is there a set of instructions to update openssl. I am having a hell of a time getting Ubuntu to patch.12:46
k1lBlueByte-: patch for what? a cve?12:46
cfhowlettBlueByte-, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should do it12:46
OerHeksBlueByte-, if you updated, you are patched12:47
BlueByte-It doesn't, it stays at version 1.0.1f. Looking to patch fallback12:47
OerHeksTHat 1.0.1f isn't equal to the ssl numbering12:47
ubottuA fix for the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2014-0076 & 0160) has been pushed to the Ubuntu repositories. See http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2165-1/ and http://heartbleed.com/ for more information.12:48
thmsold news is old12:48
cfhowlett"recent ..."12:48
BlueByte-Ok, when I test for fallback it's still not enabled. And I can't seem to find a config somewhere to turn it on12:48
k1lBlueByte-: fallback?12:49
BlueByte-TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV is not enabled12:49
rmariottiHi, i've just built a new kernel, looking in /boot i notaiced that the initrd of the custom kernel is 5 times bigger than generic's initrd (~100 mb vs ~20 mb). it is normal?12:50
MonkeyDustrmariotti  #ubuntu-kernel12:51
ioriaprevent hack attack, i think12:51
rmariottiMonkeyDust: thx12:52
k1lBlueByte-: please show a "apt-cache policy openssl"12:53
BlueByte-Ok will hop on, thx12:54
k1lwell, http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2385-1/ says its included since 10.2014. so there is something wrong on that system anyway.12:55
jayjohow do I split my terminal window with screen?12:56
jayjothe screen command seemed to put me in a new windows12:56
vltjayjo: Ctrl+A, S12:57
vltjayjo: Ctrl+a, S <==12:57
OerHeksjayjo, there is a 'new tab'  function in terminal12:59
jayjovlt: that's exactly what I wanted!13:00
kanupatarhi guys13:00
BlueByte-Sorry had to jump on. Installed 1.0.1f-ubuntu2.1113:01
kanupatarunfortuantely I removed the initrd.img from /13:01
kanupatarhow can i recover?13:01
rahulprodevis ubuntu 15.04 released?13:01
kanupatarI have created softlink again but not coming up the GUI login13:01
k1lrahulprodev: see in #ubuntu-release-party13:01
kanupatarcan see commandline login but not ready to use13:01
rahulprodevk1l thanks\13:02
Rene_<kanupatar>: isnt there an old back up file in the root dir ?13:02
kanupatarRene_: cannot see13:03
Rene_with me there is an initrd.img.old try to cp initrd.img.old initrd.img ?13:03
kanupatarnot I have initrd.img->/boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-32-generic13:03
chotaz`wI'm trying to use sed and a regex to replace some occurencies of customization on my .desktop files. I'm having a bit of trouble understand why the error happens. If anyone doesn't mind taking a peak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871206/13:03
kanupatarRene_: dont have that file man13:04
kanupatarplease help13:04
kanupatarI am screwed13:04
pbxanyone using an apple cinema display?  i've been using 'acdcontrol' to set brightness and it just stopped working13:05
Rene_you dont have older boot files in the boot folder from earlier kernels, iaw can you boot with an earlier kernel ?13:05
kanupatarRene_: no13:06
kanupatarnow am at logged in commandline13:06
kanupatarand at root13:06
kanupatarRene_: ^^13:07
pbxoh never mind, it's working again13:07
Rene_we need more profesional aid for this :) im out of ideas for the moment13:07
kanupatarRene_: okay. can someone from this channel help me?13:08
kanupatarI am using ubuntu 14.04.113:08
Rene_maybe you need to reinstall the kernel or something ?.? or what ever makes those files for booting so it gets recreated ?13:10
Rene_not sure how those images work13:10
batden15.04 is here13:10
Rene_\o/ party time13:11
k1l_batden: dont do that. wait for the official announcment13:11
k1l_!party | batden13:11
ubottubatden: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/13:11
Rene_i didnt know there was a party channel :D13:12
ht3kWhere's the party channel for the new release? :D13:12
k1l_dont post links before announce to let the servers and mirrors sync the right iso first13:13
kanupatarRene_: no man...i need the same one13:13
Rene_maybe there is some undelete tool ?13:14
OerHeksRene_, nope, when removed on comandline, there is no trashbin13:15
Rene_awww Q.Q13:15
OerHekstime to backup your data, and reinstall. valuable lesson not to remove things.13:15
Rene_http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/ is named13:16
Rene_with command line stuff13:16
kanupatarOerHeks: my God13:16
kanupatarno other ways?13:16
Rene_i mean in win u could on dos also try to undelete files as they where still in the file system only marked as deleted idk if this works like that13:16
blzHi guys... I just did something stupid and nuked my $PATH ... what is it's default value?13:16
blzthanks Rory!13:17
Rorynp blz we've all been there13:17
k1l_kanupatar: dont you have an old kernel installed?13:17
blzRory, haha kicking myself so hard right now ^^13:17
kanupatark1l_: no13:17
kanupatarI have logged into the kernel commandline13:18
kanupatarcan see all files13:18
kanupatarbut GUI login is failed13:18
kanupatarcan boot13:18
k1l_kanupatar: well. load a live-dvd/usb and chroot into there and reinstall the linux-generic13:18
kanupatark1l_: ok...what is the steps?13:18
kanupatark1l_: any links?13:18
kanupatark1l_: I have same usb bootable13:19
kanupatark1l_: how to do this?13:19
kanupatarI only deleted, /initrd.img13:19
kanupatarand which is given in grub.cfg13:19
Rene_normaly it's only a link to the generic_pea img13:20
blzPhew, back in business! :)13:20
kanupatarRene_: yes, I created the link13:20
kanupatarln -s - -13:20
Rene_well you have booted also, so is it not a graphics problem then atm ?13:21
Rene_as you have recreated the file13:21
Dev_I have installed ubuntu 14.04 but everything getting crash like eclipse juno, chrome also not working13:22
kanupatarRene_: yes, recreated the file immediately after deleting it13:22
kanupatarRene_: k1l_ X11 is not running13:23
Rene_yeh so u need to get x11 back running basicly13:23
Dev_I have installed ubuntu 14.04 but everything getting crash like eclipse juno, chrome also not working13:23
k1l_kanupatar: sorry, cant find a good howto in english13:23
ilyasHow can I kill X ? I want to do an X11 forwarding but I have already an X11 in the distant computer which is on ubuntu ?13:23
Rene_sudo service lightdm stop13:23
kanupatarRene_: the error I am getting when startx is xinit: connection to x server lost13:23
kanupatark1l_: sorry, I am in hurry13:24
kanupatark1l_: dont mis understand13:24
kanupatarRene_: unknown instance13:25
Rene_maybe the x11.conf file is wrong in /etc/X1113:26
Rene_can you boot in rescue mode with safe graphics ?13:26
Rene_if it works you can rest the graphics settings in the gui13:26
kanupatarRene_: how?13:27
Rene_if you boot in grub you can chose on boot to go in to resque mode13:27
Rene_after that you can say to boot with safemode graphics13:27
kanupatarRene_: let me check..you mean recovery mode?13:28
TekkkzHello, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and want to use the ATMEGA32u4 Breakout Board from Adafruit with the CDC Bootloader and the programmer type for that avr109. Here is my udev rule: http://pastebin.com/AbSM8X5v and when I want to flash with avrdude it is everytime: device busy; how t ofix this?13:28
Rene_another option = https://askubuntu.com/questions/21309/how-to-restore-xserver13:28
Rene_or you can run a driver script from nvidia (what i do for my pc)13:29
Rene_probely amd has them too13:29
Rene_as i like to have the latest driver13:29
kanupatarRene_: the failsafe graphix mode is not working13:30
Rene_you can either try to fix the problem like described in  https://askubuntu.com/questions/21309/how-to-restore-xserver iaw booting with a live cd and fixing it from there13:30
Rene_or you can download a driver for your card from nvidia or ati13:31
Rene_and run their script/driver-install from the command line13:31
Rene_i use nvidia and it always fixes any x11 problems i got13:31
Rene_it will make a fresh conf etc13:31
yossarianukUbuntu really needs to offer the latest nvidia driver - it would solve many issues13:31
Rene_yeh, i dont mind, the command line installer from nvidia is amazing13:32
Rene_just set it to build kms or what ever its named modules for the kernel and write a new x11.conf and ur up and running13:32
kanupatarRene_: brought up the network13:33
kanupatarand sudo apt-get updarte is working13:33
Rene_when ur back in the gui you can always fallback to the original ubuntu suplied drivers13:33
yossarianukrene_: yes thats what I do , however sometimes xorg updates require you to re-install rthe driver13:33
Rene_yeh, i made my own script to quickly reinstall the latest driver13:34
Rene_i just boot in to text mode from grub13:34
Rene_removing quiet splash with text13:34
Rene_and reinstall the driver and done13:34
Rene_when i get in to x11 problems13:34
nop_perubuntu isnt using X1113:35
kanupatarRene_: how to reinstall linux-generic from apt-get?13:36
Rene_sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic linux-image13:37
kanupatarRene_: will it install  my default 3.13 image?13:37
Rene_i guess it wil reinstall the latest kernel13:37
Rene_idk if thats 3.1313:38
kanupatarRene_: means?13:38
Rene_you had an old kernel installed ?13:38
Tekkkzcan someone help pls? Hello, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and want to use the ATMEGA32u4 Breakout Board from Adafruit with the CDC Bootloader and the programmer type for that avr109. Here is my udev rule: http://pastebin.com/AbSM8X5v and when I want to flash with avrdude it is everytime: device busy; how t ofix this?13:38
kanupatarHow can I reinatall 3.13.0-32-generic13:38
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
kanupatarI have 3.13.0-32-generic13:39
Rene_sudo update-initramfs -u -k 3.13.0-32-generic-pae13:39
Rene_sudo update-grub13:40
kanupatarPlease hold13:40
Rene_after that13:40
Dev__Can anybody help me13:40
cfhowlett!ask | Dev_,13:40
ubottuDev_,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:40
Kully3xf_how do I clear out sendmail cache13:41
Dev__i have installed Fresh Ubuntu 14.04 but everything getting crash like eclipse juno, google chrome. getting crash whenever am opening this.13:42
Youtube1How do I download a whole playlist in terminal off youtube with youtube-dl?13:42
cfhowlettYoutube1, see man youtube-dl      the video download options13:43
Rene_<Dev__>: sounds bad, try a re-install or if it just doesnt work try another ubuntu version ?13:43
Youtube1cfhowlett, do I type youtube-dl?13:44
EriC^^!checksum | Dev__13:44
ubottuDev__: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:44
FourFireso I'm using wine to run an old game TES IV: Oblivion and it just randomly freezes sometimes, I've been told this is an xserver issue13:44
cfhowlettYoutube1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10871418/13:44
FourFireso now it's happened again, what can I do to avoid restarting the whole computer?13:44
FourFireI have wine in windowed mode with a virtual desktop13:45
FourFirethe whole session is frozen13:45
Rene_<FourFire> do you have play on linux ? if you do or install it you could try to run the game with different wine flavours13:45
rkingShort of restarting X, not much.13:45
FourFireyes I'm using PoL, the latest umm special version13:45
FourFirethe one with the bugfixes13:46
Rene_ah k13:46
FourFirerking, how to?13:46
Rene_yeh i try out different wine version if stuff doesn't work properly, see if any other wines work better13:46
Youtube1 cfhowlett, Thanks!13:47
FourFireI tried with the initial wine in the ubuntu 14.10 repo13:47
cfhowlettYoutube1, happy2help!13:47
FourFirenow this is the latest version installable by PoL13:47
FourFireHow do I unfreeze the machine without hard restarting it?13:47
Rene_it's just an idea, i don't know about any x glitches sorry13:47
Rene_you can try to get to a terminal window13:48
Rene_like ctrl+alt+f113:48
rkingControl+Alt+Backspace if you enabled it. Or ^13:48
FourFireperhaps I should use a VM next time and run wine + my game inside it so I can just close the VM whenever it freezes13:48
Rene_and then do a sudo service lightdm stop13:48
Rene_to kill x13:48
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Rene_and then a sudo service lightdm start13:49
thmsHow do  I tell dpkg -i to install required dependencies ?13:49
zzarrOMG... Vivid is a speed monster13:49
thmsTrying to install bluej13:49
FourFirectr + alt + f1 - f6 doesn't do anything13:49
FourFiresame with backspace13:49
FourFireI'll try blind terminal13:49
rkingctrl+alt+bspace won't do anything unless you enable it. I would if you plan on to keep trying it to fix it.13:50
FourFirerking, yes13:50
theag3ntthms, IIRC apt-get install -f13:50
FourFirell reboot the machine now13:50
Kully3xf_where to look if my aws mail server has been ahcked on ubuntu13:50
Kully3xf_it's sending out thousands and thousands of emails a second13:50
Kully3xf_sendmail and postfix13:51
rkingplug the ethernet13:51
rkingyou're domain will get blacklisted13:51
Rene_if your hacked, best do a format & reinstall13:51
rkingin a heartbeat13:51
zzarrI found a new driver "microcode firmware for intel cpus" what dose it do?13:51
FourFiregood thing I've got an SSD, no worries about data corrupting or dead drives13:51
Kully3xf_it's aws there's no ethernet13:51
Kully3xf_I stopped the services and it's stopped13:51
rkingyou're amazon hosted server got hacked? 0.o13:52
rkingIT woulda flagged your system by now. Unless it literally just happened.13:52
FourFireok it's back up13:53
BlackHornCan anyone help me? I'm trying to log in to my ubuntu session and it keeps showing a black screen and then going back to the login page. I recently edited my PATH so I thought it could be that, so commented out the lines in my .bashrc file that edited my PATH and my PATH is normal, but I still can't log in. I've deleted my XAuthority file too and also checked .profile to see if there is anything wrong with that. Anyone got any sug13:53
rkingDid you backup before you edited that?13:54
FourFirehow to enable this alt + backspace13:55
johnvit's April 23 where is 15.04?13:55
EriC^^BlackHorn: does the guest account right?13:55
rking@johnv Depends on your time zone for release13:55
OerHeksjohnv, yes, good question.13:56
BlackHornguest doesn't work either.13:56
johnvUSA Kansas13:56
EriC^^BlackHorn: it might be a graphics driver issue, did you do any updates recently?13:56
BlackHorn....Damn it....Yeah, I installed CUDA...13:56
BlackHornI just needed the nvcc compiler, but it did try to install a graphics driver. It must have done that.13:57
rking@johnv Release is this evening.13:57
EriC^^purge and reinstall what you were using BlackHorn13:57
BlackHornI installed it with a .deb, do you know how i could uninstall it?13:57
TaZeRcomon 15.04 come to us baby13:58
rkingget the package and then a normal apt-get remove13:58
johnvok thanks13:58
BlackHornok. one sec.13:58
BlackHornWill try it.13:58
EriC^^BlackHorn: did you download the .deb or it made it itself?13:58
apxcrrking: how do you know release is this evening? :O13:58
rking@apxcr Best friend works for canonical.13:58
rkingJust called him. ha13:58
TaZeRubuntu-mate devs said 6 hours 4 hours ago13:59
TaZeRso maybe soon13:59
TaZeRthey all release at same time13:59
EriC^^BlackHorn: if a script made the .deb it might have an uninstall feature, or maybe it created an uninstall script in /usr/share/something13:59
yossarianukThe isos are already in the mirrors btw13:59
EriC^^BlackHorn: otherwise try sudo apt-get purge <package> and reinstall the old driver13:59
yossarianuk(not sending any links as previously got banned.)13:59
rking@tazer, Yeah. My buddy told me the release will be this evening. Which means mid afternoon for us cst users.14:00
Rene_this evening gmt ?14:00
apxcrrking: CST here as well, sweet.14:00
=== apxcr is now known as ht3k
=== rax-Y is now known as rax-
BlackHornI think you might be right about it being graphical. It's came up with a message about low graphics now. Now i've uninstalled the stuff.14:02
BlackHorncan you tell me how to install the default graphics driver? I think that might have uninstalled somehow.14:03
BlackHornor been overwritten14:03
BlackHornwait! i'm in!14:04
BlackHornIt's working. Thanks for the help.14:04
BlackHorn....word of advice to everyone here....Don't install CUDA14:04
MonkeyDustBlackHorn  never heard of it, before you mentioned it, thanks, i'll try it soon14:05
Rene_i have had no problem with CUDA, but im using nvidia's own drivers not ubuntu, depends on also how new your card is14:05
ht3kBlackHorn: I think that goes without saying lol14:05
=== anthony is now known as Guest6359
FourFireRene_, oh yes worth mentioning: I have installed cuda 7.0 and used the propritary driver therein14:13
ht3kNVIDIA proprietary drivers are point point. AMD on the other hand...14:13
rockstar_How can I annotate(highlight) pdf with Okular, such that it is also visible in windows?14:14
raojinhello  everyone14:14
ht3kraojin: hi14:15
Rene_i had problems with cuda when my card was new, later it worked good14:15
rockstar_I know this is Ubuntu application specific question, but enlighten me if anybody knows the answer. :)14:15
Rene_42 ?14:15
raojinhow  do we speak with voice?14:15
Piciraojin: on IRC?  You don't.14:16
kanupatarRene_: hello14:17
kanupatarinstalled another kernel14:18
kanupatarbut same issues persists14:18
kanupatarany file system corruption?14:18
kanupatarnow I have 3.13..0-3214:18
Rene_your problem is to start x right , that you do not get in to the gui ?14:18
kanupatarand 4914:18
kanupatarRene_: yes14:18
OerHeksstartx is depreciated, use sudo service lightdm start.14:18
Rene_what graphics card are you using ?14:18
kanupatarRene_: how can I check?14:19
Rene_yeh i think he can not start x at all, but does a sudo service lightdm start do anything ?14:19
OerHeksmaybe worth a !factoid14:19
Rene_try glxinfo14:21
Rene_it should give a vendor name etc14:21
chotaz`wanyone fluent in sed? I'm been trying to replace any occurrences of 'Icon=/some/path/here.png' to 'Icon=here' on all my .desktop files. I used the following regexp https://regex101.com/r/jX4vA7/1 and it /should/ work, but the result I'm having is none of the like. I ran sudo sed -i -r -e 's:(Icon=).*/(.*)(.png):&&:g' *.desktop14:21
kanupatarlightdm -> cannot start14:21
kanupatarglxinfo-> not installed14:21
kanupatargoing to install that now14:22
Rene_in the lines there is your card name like with me14:22
kanupatarRene_: ?14:22
Rene_OpenGL renderer string: GeForce GTX 660/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW!14:22
Rene_do glxinfo in a console14:22
Rene_search for the crad name14:22
kanupatarRene_: oing to install that14:22
kanupatarRene_: hold on14:23
wafflejockkanupatar, you can find your graphics card using, lspci -k, or sudo lshw, as well14:23
kanupatarwafflejock: wait14:23
OerHekskanupatar, did you manage to put that initrd.img back ?14:24
kanupatarOerHeks: installed kernel14:24
kanupatarand I can see it14:24
kanupatarsudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic***14:25
kanupatarsudo update-grub14:25
kanupatarnow I see three kernels14:25
OerHekskanupatar, so you have initrd.img in / ?14:26
kanupatarOerHeks: yes14:26
kanupatarboth old and14:27
kanupatarRene_: unable to locate glxinfo14:28
kanupatarwafflejock: lspci -k, or sudo lshw , what is the exat grep string?14:28
Rene_you need to know your gpu, because then you can simply download and install the driver from ati or nvidia, and it will repair x, if you then want to use the ubuntu suplied driver you can set it again from the gui14:28
zombyradtry lspci | grep VGA14:29
kanupatarzombyrad: Rene_ wafflejock OerHeks Intel second gen core family integrated controller rev 0914:30
TJ-kanupatar: "lspci -nn | grep '\[030'  "14:30
Rene_or intel :')14:30
kanupatarTJ-: Rene_ Intel Intel Intel :(14:30
zombyradIntel *should* be supported in the kernel, no?14:30
Rene_idk if they suply drivers for linux lets search14:30
kanupatarRene_: my machine was working for the last one year14:31
kanupatartoday only the issue came14:31
TJ-kanupatar: Silly question. Tell us the precise PCI ID of the device that the command I gave you reports, its at the end of the line and surrounded by square brackets, e.g. [10de:06f8]14:31
Rene_im told to do a14:31
Rene_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y14:31
OerHeksIntel is supported in the kernel, if you want glxinfo, READ the error, it gives you a hint what package you need.14:31
Rene_mm wait14:31
Rene_thats a distro update14:31
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
kanupatarRene_: ?14:32
zombyradyeah, hold off on upgrades...14:32
Rene_sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel14:32
TJ-kanupatar: That PCI ID is what device drivers use to uniquely identify the hardware they support, and we can check which driver supports that ID very easily14:32
ronalHello!¿Skepak in spanish?14:32
Rene_sounds better14:32
Amm0niirc intel dropped support for new drivers in 14.0414:32
kanupatarTJ-:  not clear man14:33
Rene_The Intel graphics driver is part of the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver package, which is installed on all Ubuntu systems by default. And since it isn't a proprietary driver package, it doesn't show up in jockey (aka the Hardware Drivers application).14:33
OerHeksAmm0n, wrong14:33
zombyradSo, Intel should be working without any extra stuff, hmm14:33
Rene_sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel should reinstall it if its lost14:33
ronalProblem games run dirver grafcis [No GPU]14:33
TJ-!es | ronal14:33
ubotturonal: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:33
OerHeks!es | ronal14:33
kanupatarsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel --> installinh14:34
ronalGracias ubottu14:34
ronalYes!!! kanupatar14:34
kanupatarronal: ?14:34
ronalno funcion14:34
kanupatarRene_: installed14:34
kanupatar sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel14:34
kanupatarwhat I should do next?14:35
zombyradtry rebooting now to load the driver14:35
Rene_try to boot see if it fixed anything14:35
SlowLightguys, anyone knows how many hours till the 15.10 final is released?14:35
kanupatarRene_: startx failed14:35
Rene_you booted ?14:35
kanupatarRene_: no14:35
zombyradkanupatar: did you reboot?14:35
OerHeksSlowLight, less than 24 hrs, join #ubuntu-release-party for the announcement14:35
kanupatarjust tried startx14:35
=== Rory is now known as Rory_
Rene_reboot the system for the drivers to load14:36
TJ-Rene_: No need to reboot for an xorg driver change14:36
OerHeksLoLz, again: startx is depreciated, use sudo service lightdm start.14:36
kanupatarrebooting ......14:36
ronalSuper tuxkart message: "driver grafics lost" Alienarena: NO OK resolution my machine: 1440x90014:36
* kanupatar is very excited with the channel support14:36
TJ-Rene_: restarting the X server is sufficient for that. Only need to restart the system if a kernel level driver already has control of the device and an alternative kernel driver needs to be used, such as switching between Nouveau and Nvidia14:36
Rene_im sorry :)14:37
kanupatarseems stuck14:37
kanupatarubuntu bubbles!!!14:37
kanupatar8 th time14:37
kanupatarneed to wait?14:37
kanupatar10th time14:37
Rene_is there an back up x11.conf file14:37
Rene_in etc/x1114:37
kanupatarRene_: wait14:38
OerHekskanupatar, easy on the enter please14:38
Rene_maybe its corrupted the one ur using14:38
ronalGoodbye, i bad english!14:38
Rene_try to copy x11.conf for backup and replace it with x11.conf.old14:38
TJ-kanupatar: read the log file for clues: /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:38
kanupataris there an back up x11.conf file ?14:38
skkkkyhi all14:38
Rene_yes normaly there is14:38
Rene_in etc/x11/14:38
Caleb--how does the 14.10 -> 15.04 update procedure work? i just did apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade but i don't see anything14:39
skkkkyubuntu 15.04 released or not?14:39
somsipskkkky: yes14:39
OerHeksCaleb--, just wait for the release14:39
TJ-kanupatar: Rene_ In most systems the X server autoconfigures and no "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" exists. There is only such a file if the system needs non-automatic settings14:39
somsipOerHeks: my bad - still not announced?14:39
Caleb--OerHeks, ah, woops, i saw it on phoronix14:39
Rene_or from x11.conf~14:39
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
OerHeks9 minutes ago not, as i can read in #ubuntu-release-party14:40
Rene_ubuntu doesnt have an x11.conf ?14:40
Caleb--OerHeks, any idea if i need to manually remove PPA i've added?14:40
Rene_this is from the nvidia driver ?14:40
zombyradnon-free nvidia still uses xorg.conf I believe14:41
kanupatar[20:07] <Rene_> in etc/x1114:41
schwingCaleb--: i just joined to asked that same question!  :)14:41
Rene_TJ can you help kanupatar> then :) ?14:41
OerHeksCaleb--, that would be a good thing to do, before upgrading. upgrade disables ppa's but i can imagine that it would mess up14:41
skkkkythere's nothing in its web page http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop14:41
Amm0nOerHeks, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2015/intelr-graphics-installer-linux-1.0.814:41
Rene_as then i dont know i dont got an intel gpu14:41
OerHeksAmm0n, known site, bad driver for ubuntu.14:42
skkkkywhen is it gonna be released?14:42
Rene_i thought he might have nvidia or ati and could easily reinstall drivers14:42
Rene_from the ati or nvidia site14:42
Caleb--OerHeks, so after upgrade i would have to manually re-add all PPAs? or just re-enable them?14:42
=== Rory_ is now known as Rory
kanupatarany clues anyone?14:42
kanupataram stcuk14:42
Rene_yeh im unsure how to repair your setup, people r telling me its not in x11.conf if its not nvidia :(14:43
schwingCaleb--: looks like you can remove PPAs with the same add-apt-repository command by passing it -r <the PPA>14:44
Rene_it's weird as your gpu should be recognized automaticly14:44
skkkkywhy i can't upgrade my 14.10 to 15.04 ?14:44
kanupatarRene_: I am totally lost all14:44
Rene_oh wait intel does suply drivers14:44
Rene_can u read webpages ?14:44
kanupatarRene_: still I am confused if it is x11 issues14:45
OerHeksRene_, don't point him at webpages with intel drivers14:45
wafflejockSlowLight, 15.0414:45
kanupatarany file system related issue?14:45
zombyradRene_: the intel driver should work automatically too...14:45
OerHeksthat page is a bad driver for ubuntu14:45
kanupatarit was working last day14:45
OerHeksRene_, he messed up his system by removing initrd.img, so advise him to backup data and reinstall14:45
ChunkzZwhere is ubuntu based? what country?14:46
Rene_oke i dont know about intels drivers, but i do know that installing drivers also normaly fixes any iddues with the system settings automaticly14:46
wafflejockyeah Rene_ no need for any extra installs for Intel drivers that are built in to work something else is wrong14:46
ZeedoxI've had some apt issues lately. Either apt output stops or the computer crashes. This is the latest output. https://gist.github.com/strokirk/5d4810762105382cb8ce14:46
kanupatarOerHeks: :(14:47
kanupatarRene_: :(14:47
ZeedoxI'm a bit worried about corrupting something by ctrl-c:ing the update-grub step.14:47
Rene_he can alwyas go back to ubuntu's drivers if the drivers script would auto fix the problem to start the gui,  thats the idea behind it anyway14:47
kanupatarRene_: OerHeks I have internet working in the console14:47
gingermouseChunkzZ: Ubuntu is developed worldwide. There isn't really a single place that it's based.14:47
kanupatarI can do whatever to fix the issue...14:48
kanupatarplease suggest14:48
ChunkzZgingermouse, okay. just it's nearly 4pm and sitll no release..14:48
L0chl4nncan I completely purge dpkg and then reinstall it after? **Ubuntustudio 14.04.2**14:48
zombyradOerHeks: if he removed his initrd, can't he rebuild it?14:48
Rene_how does intel then read settings if it doesnt use x11.conf ?14:48
SlowLight@wafflejock yup, sorry my mistake, meant 15.0414:48
kanupatarTJ-: gone?14:49
zombyradRene_: Xorg uses autodetect for most of its settings now afaik14:49
wafflejockSlowLight, no big deal just figured I'd throw the correction out there, always year.month 2015.0414:49
johnvI need my 15.04.14:49
kanupatarRene_: also the network only works in recovery mode14:49
Zerkalerkajohnv: me too14:49
TaZeRjohnv: motion seconded14:49
kanupatarsomething happened to the fs?14:49
TaZeRits like waiting for crack14:50
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct14:50
wafflejockI think last year it came out on the 28th for my b-day14:51
wafflejocknice to get new Ubuntu on your b-day14:51
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/14:51
SlowLight@wafflejock thats interesting, I didn't know that!! thanks for sharing14:51
Rene_what ubuntu version are you using kanupatar ?14:53
L0chl4nndoes anyone know if I can I completely purge dpkg and then reinstall it after? **Ubuntustudio 14.04.2**14:53
=== theag3nt_ is now known as theag3nt
Rene_ah nvm only drivers anyway for 14.1014:54
wafflejockL0chl4nn, not sure but what would you be installing dpkg with? also what's wrong with your current dpkg?14:54
Rene_udo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri xserver-xorg-core14:55
Rene_sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:55
Rene_sudo update-alternatives --remove gl_conf /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf14:55
Rene_is suggested in one help topic14:55
kanupatarRene_: need to do all?14:56
L0chl4nnwafflejock: I'm getting all kinds of errors with dpkg. Countless hours on Google and trying "fixes" have not fixed the problems.14:56
kanupatarRene_: please hold14:56
Rene_first line udo = sudo14:56
kanupatarRene_:  I need to type14:56
=== administrator is now known as Guest96463
L0chl4nnwafflejock: according to what I can find dpkg is only "half installed" ... which doesn't make sense to me14:56
wafflejockL0chl4nn, well would suggest backing up before you try anything with dpkg but can reinstall dpkg using sudo apt-get install dpkg --reinstall, but with regard to purging it then installing I don't believe apt-get can operate without dpkg so you'd probably need to build it from source, have never tried though14:57
wafflejockL0chl4nn, is this a new install?14:58
L0chl4nnwafflejock: everything is already backed up as a "just-in-case" fail safe... Yes this is a fresh install, only 2 days old14:59
kanupatarRene_: unable to locate package libg11-mesa-glx14:59
wafflejockL0chl4nn, you still have the install media? would be worth checksumming it and verifying the hash from wherever you downloaded it from14:59
Rene_sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx15:01
L0chl4nnwafflejock: checksum was done before making the liveusb and then installed from there. It was downloaded from the ubuntu torrent *this is my first time ever using one of the torrents to download ubuntu*15:01
wafflejockL0chl4nn, dpkg itself wouldn't have a problem that's something that would be caught before release I'm sure, I imagine something got corrupted somewhere along the way though, could be something bad in the download or transfer to installation media which a checksum could tell you15:01
kanupatarsudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y15:01
=== tnkhanh_ is now known as tnkhanh
L0chl4nnwafflejock: I will do a fresh download and install again if it is the "best" option15:01
Rene_sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa15:01
Rene_maybe that one too15:01
faustL0chl4nn: maybe it is your usb key that is broken15:02
wafflejockL0chl4nn, should be able to checksum the usb device as well just to verify everything copied over correctly15:02
wafflejockL0chl4nn, if the checksum matches you can be sure the data is the same15:02
philip_command to install application like java15:02
Rene_sudo apt-get update15:02
L0chl4nnfaust: same usb key was used the day before to isntall Ubuntu Server onto another machine and all went well with that install. Only difference was that I didn't use torrent to download that image15:02
philip_please what is the command to install application like java15:02
OerHeksCan somebody help me ? because some key is missing, we wait 5 days for Firefox 37.0.2 https://launchpadlibrarian.net/203615172/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-arm64.firefox_37.0.2%2Bbuild1-0ubuntu0.14.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz15:02
kanupatarRene_: wait15:03
kanupatarI am doing this in recovery mode15:03
kanupatartaking time15:03
philip_command to install jre-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz15:03
philip_ file15:03
wafflejockL0chl4nn, okay if you checked it after download though I wouldn't suspect the torrent being a problem (really the torrents checksum everything too)15:03
faustL0chl4nn: if the checksum was correct it doesn't matter if you downloaded it via torrent15:03
L0chl4nnwafflejock, faust, checksum passed after downloading.15:04
* faust didn't know that there is someone who actually uses torrent for ubuntu's iso :P15:04
philip_ file15:04
philip_command to install jre-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz15:04
L0chl4nnfaust: this was my first time using torrent....15:04
wafflejockL0chl4nn, need more info on the exact errors you're getting15:05
RimesI'm messing around with Docker Containers and am trying to figure out how to get VI installed on a container.  The repository for VI is not on there, however, I have no idea how to add it given that I have no text editor to edit the repository list....15:05
faustL0chl4nn: anyway if you did a "fresh install" just a couple of days ago the "best" thing would be to reinstall the system, I don't knwo what exactly your problem is, but any solution that want you to remove you package manager is going to be messy. So, if you can, avoid it.15:06
L0chl4nnwafflejock: too many to list. which is why I was thinking a fresh install would maybe be the best option. especially since everything is already backed up15:06
philip_please command to install jre-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz15:06
L0chl4nnfaust: my thoughts exactly.15:07
wafflejockL0chl4nn, yeah agree with faust would be good to try and figure out what the problem is but give it at least one more try with a fresh install and if you have the same problem then come back and can try to find the issue and find or file a bug15:07
kanupatarRene_: done15:07
TripWireI'm looking for a way to automatically switch the sound to my HDMI device when I plug in the cable.  I found a solution online, but that's only for Ubunut 12.02 and I'm using 14.04.15:07
OerHeksphilip_, unpack that tar first, click on it, and it opens in fileroller15:07
L0chl4nnFresh install it is :) ... Thanks wafflejock & faust15:08
Rene_<kanupatar> u installed the drivers with ? sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri xserver-xorg-core15:08
Rene_sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:08
OerHeks!java |  better take a look at this page philip_15:08
ubottubetter take a look at this page philip_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:08
philip_oerHeksam using the terminal .15:08
Richard|Hi, I'm currently booting Ubuntu 14.10 with the kernel 3.16.0-33, as the latest kernel causes an overheating problem with my laptop. If I upgrade to 15.04 will this cause any problems? Should I set GRUB back to default first?15:08
MonkeyDustphilip_  it's a tar file, try tar xvf [package]15:08
alexandros_tabhi slacker, TripWire!15:08
NoOovaCould i name a my own package 'logging'?15:08
philip_done that.After that what next15:09
kanupatarRene_: I need to do this sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:09
somsip!packaging | NoOova15:09
ubottuNoOova: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring15:09
kanupatarRene_: done15:09
Rene_if all is done and it worked, do a sudo service lightdm start15:09
kanupatarRene_: now?15:09
kanupatarRene_: job failed to stary15:10
kanupatarI am in recovery mode15:10
kanupatardo i need to reboot ?15:10
Rene_you should not have to do that i was told, but you can try15:11
MonkeyDustphilip_  is there no README that tells you how to continue?15:11
Rene_i will search see if i can findother solutions15:11
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
Rene_is there no x11.conf in etc/x11 ?15:13
demahumIt says here https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/22/here-comes-kilo-15-05-containers-will-never-be-the-same-again/ that new Ubuntu is out, but when I go to the download page, there is no 15.04. Why is this?15:13
gingermousedemahum: takes a while to get it on the download page.15:14
Rene_yeh xorg.conf in etc/x1115:14
somsipdemahum: a few places are reporting it is out, but it's not. I got caught by one earlier. Look for official announcement on ubuntu.com15:14
Rene_i said it worng15:14
gingermouseRene_: no worries! ;)15:14
demahumsomsip: But this is from insights.ubuntu.com https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/22/here-comes-kilo-15-05-containers-will-never-be-the-same-again/15:14
TaZeR15.04 iso's are out grab em here http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/15:15
kanupatarRene_: wait15:15
PiciThe isos might be ready, but the repository contents are still being finalized, I would wait to install until the announcement is made.15:15
somsipdemahum: "today ...is released" not 'was' or 'has been'.15:15
kanupatarRene_: no man15:15
serenoadoes anyone know if 15.04 fixes the display bug with intermittently missing characters/letters15:16
Rene_no old xorg.conf ? like xorg.conf~ ?15:16
kanupatarRene_: instead xorg.conf.failsafe is present15:16
Rene_oke try to copy that to xorg.conf15:16
Rene_cp xorg.conf.failsafe xorg.conf15:16
demahumsomsip: And also it can be downloaded from here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/15:16
=== Dio is now known as Guest7358
kanupatarRene_: done15:17
Rene_and the try to start x again: sudo service lightdm start15:17
=== bernkastel is now known as rika
somsipdemahum: yes - see Pici's comments 2 mins ago15:17
kanupatarRene_: same15:17
mcphailserenoa: depends which display bug you're talking about. I think the bug with modern nvidia drivers and compiz is fixed15:17
demahumsomsip: I have seen it. So does not that means it is released?15:18
Rene_im not realy sure where the problem is :'(15:18
demahumgingermouse: So, from your experience, how long it will take for it to be at the official download page?15:18
Picidemahum: personally, I expect it to land in the next 3 hours. Probably sooner.15:19
MonkeyDustdemahum  any time now15:19
serenoamcphail: i've seen it mentioned on forums, not sure if it has a bug reference. sometimes i get missing characters all over the interface w/ intel hd 5500. at the moment i can't see any keyboard input into unity dash at all15:20
ig0r_is 15.04 fully baked yet?15:20
mcphailserenoa: don't know about that one. Sorry.15:20
gingermousedemahum: maybe noonish if you're in the US.15:20
Piciig0r_: yes15:21
Rene_it's strange as the intel gpu should be running standard15:21
ubottuYES! https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html15:21
faustIs there any way to get "https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/index.html" in english instead of my l10n?15:21
demahumPici, MonkeyDust, gingermouse: Thanks a lot. :D15:23
ubottuYES! https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html15:23
Rene_<kanupatar> no other solutions seem to pop up in the search as the drivers are normaly included in the kernel15:23
demahumChunkzZ: :D15:24
mcphailCongratulations on the release, to everyone involved15:24
ChunkzZI don't see a download link??15:24
=== pan is now known as Guest4922
demahumChunkzZ: You are not the only one. :D15:25
TaZeRall flavors are there15:25
compdocUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) released15:25
demahumChunkzZ: We just discussed it takes time to bring it to the download page. :D15:25
kanupatarRene_: when I see the boot log, I see starting LighDM display manager failed15:26
Rene_yeh you can also not start it from the command line, something is going wrong15:27
ChunkzZTaZeR, I don't do torrents.15:27
mantys89http://www.noobslab.com/2015/04/ubuntu-1504-vivid-vervet-has-been.html >> Download links in one place :)15:27
Rene_sudo service lightdm start , should start it otherwise15:27
kanupatarRene_: any issues with runlevels?15:27
OerHeksChunkzZ, then go to cdimage.ubuntu.com ?15:27
dhaval2712If I download ubuntu-server 15.04 and install kubuntu desktop, would I have driver issues as opposed to ubuntu desktop with Unity and everything?15:27
kanupatarhangs at boot sequence auditin15:27
Rene_i have no clue, im sort of at a loss what to do next15:27
ChunkzZOerHeks, I would if it was there.15:28
kanupatarRene_: its okay man15:28
OerHeksdhaval2712, do you have driver problems with the normal desktop 15.04 iso ?15:28
dhaval2712No I haven't tried it yet, however, I have had issues with Debian and Fedora with my Nvidia 750Ti15:28
Rene_it might simply be a wrong xorg.conf file, but idk how to get in the rigth one if all the apt-get updates etc didnt work15:28
AirtelFanManhello ubuntu fans15:29
dhaval2712I'm asking if it would be better if I download Ubuntu Desktop. Is there a major difference between the Server and Desktop editions?15:29
AirtelFanManwhen is ubuntu 15.04 releasing in GMT time ?15:29
mcphaildhaval2712: not major, no15:29
Richard|Hi, I'm currently booting Ubuntu 14.10 with the kernel 3.16.0-33, as the latest kernel causes an overheating problem with my laptop. If I upgrade to 15.04 will this cause any problems? Should I set GRUB back to default first?15:29
dhaval2712Cool. Thank you.15:29
TandyUKdhaval2712: the software installed by default is different, thats all15:29
TandyUKdesktop has loads of stuff youd never need on a server15:30
kanupatarhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1860612 Rene_15:30
coolstar-chromeI'm hosting a wifi network from my laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 but the devices on the network don't appear to be getting internet connection for some reason15:30
coolstar-chromethe devices are able to access my local apache2 server but are unable to connect to the internet15:30
AirtelFanManhas ubuntu 15.04 released officially ?15:30
ChunkzZanyone else still not see the download?15:31
coolstar-chromeon my laptop I have Internet access on wlan0 and I'm hosting the network on wlan115:31
OerHeksChunkzZ, read back, i gave the url15:31
gingermouseChunkzZ: few more hours, probably.15:31
AirtelFanManUbuntu 15.04 Launched or Not ?15:31
ChunkzZOerHeks, I don't see it?15:31
Rene_<kanupatar> yeh maybe reinstalling lightdm will fix some settings problem you could try it15:31
TandyUKAirtelFanMan: apparantly so http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/15:31
AirtelFanManTandyUK: Is that officially released link or beta version ?15:32
demahumAirtelFanMan: It's official15:32
ChunkzZno it's not lol -.-15:32
AirtelFanMandemahum: Ubuntu.com doesnt give any link , why ?15:33
mantys89 It's official, but not anounced... :)15:33
TandyUKmaybe waitign for it to distribute to mirrors before making the announcement?15:33
AirtelFanManWhen is the Ubuntu 15.04 launch party ?15:33
AirtelFanManAny IRC channel for Ubuntu 15.04 launch party ?15:33
demahumAirtelFanMan: The Ubuntu on the link you have just seen is ubuntu.com.15:33
SchrodingersScat!party | AirtelFanMan15:33
ubottuAirtelFanMan: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/15:33
TandyUKwhat launch party lol15:33
ChunkzZOerHeks, what's the link? the one on that page is saying it was uploaded yesterday (uk)15:33
gingermouseAirtelFanMan: it takes a few hours for everything to get fully released. It will be available later today.15:33
demahumAirtelFanMan: It is releases.ubuntu.com15:34
ChunkzZUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) (in development)15:34
demahumAirtelFanMan:  Her you can see that there are release notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes15:34
ChunkzZ22-Apr-2015 12:3115:34
Rene_<kanupatar> i found something new to try15:35
demahumAirtelFanMan: And here the news about release, again from ubuntu.com: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/22/here-comes-kilo-15-05-containers-will-never-be-the-same-again/15:35
OerHeksChunkzZ, then don't download it if you feel that is not alright15:35
coolstar-chromeanyone know which kernel version is in Ubuntu 15.04?15:35
mcphailcoolstar-chrome: 3.19.something15:35
brainwashcoolstar-chrome: 3.1915:35
ChunkzZOerHeks, I'm replacing windows so want to make sure. :)15:35
U1510nameseekerWhat will WW stand for?15:36
Rene_<kanupatar> sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg  ;  sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg ; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:36
Ekushey15.04 released already?15:36
coolstar-chromemcphail, brainwash: yay, now I don't have to upgrade the kernel manually to get my trackpad working :D15:36
emapaereis there any software i can use to read pdf and epub documents on xterminal15:36
coolstar-chrome(support for my laptop's trackpad was added in 3.17)15:36
mcphailha! :)15:36
demahumEkushey: Yes. It is.15:37
OerHeksemapaere, not that i know of, or think it would be usefull, reading epub/pdf in terminal ???15:39
kanupatarRene_: now installing lightdm15:39
kanupatarand also installed gdm15:39
ubottuYES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html15:39
Rene_<kanupatar> try reinstall of xserver if lightdm reinstall fails15:39
Rene_ <kanupatar> sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg  ;  sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg ; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:39
OerHeksuh oh, installing lightdm AND gdm ??15:39
demahumChunkzZ: How do you explain the existence of release notes, if it is not released?15:40
faustIs there any way to get <faust> Is there any way to get "https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/*" pages in english, regardless of my browser language?15:40
faustIs there any way to get "https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/*" pages in english, regardless of my browser language?15:40
AirtelFanManwhat is Snappy Core Image Install ?15:40
U1510nameseeker!ops topic needs updating15:40
ubottuU1510nameseeker: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:40
mcphailAirtelFanMan: if you have to ask, you don't need to know :) Seriously15:41
gp5sthttp://dpaste.com/2TAG37A is this a bug in tr or expected behavior?15:41
mcphailAirtelFanMan: it is a new framework for a minimal ubuntu installation with new package manager15:41
mcphailAirtelFanMan: suitable for "the internet of things" and similar15:42
Rene_"the internet of hackable things" ftfy15:42
AirtelFanManmcphail: okay15:42
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | IRC info: http://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: http://ubottu.com/y/dl | Currently supported: 10.04 LTS (server), 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 14.10, 15.04
AirtelFanManIm a Geek :P15:43
GatoLokois there an official code name for 15.10 already?15:43
mcphailRene_: hackable in a good way, if you're using ubuntu core :)15:43
Rene_15.04 \o/15:43
Rene_hehe :D15:43
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/15:43
crankharderdoes anyone know how I can connect to a headless vbox guest to install ubuntu-server?  assuming it has an IP assigned to it...15:43
TripWireHi.....does anybody know a way to automatically switch the sound to my HDMI device when I plug in the cable.  I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.15:43
AirtelFanManmcphail: Im geek, so i need one15:43
TandyUKcrankharder: install the rdp plugin for vbox?15:43
mcphailAirtelFanMan: then join #snappy and get hacking!15:44
crankharderTandyUK: is that in the Extension Pack?15:44
AirtelFanManmcphail: Are you a hacker ?15:44
U1510nameseekerCrankharder, I assume there's a way to do an unattended installation with some kind of answer file15:44
ubottuYES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html15:45
mcphailAirtelFanMan: not in the hollywood sense15:45
crankharderU1510nameseeker: let's just assume i dont want to muck with that15:45
mcphailAirtelFanMan: but this is offtopic here15:45
TandyUKcrankharder: yes15:45
TaZeRhey what do you guys think if i have ssd hardware encryption should i do software encryption with a password in ubuntu or will user and root password protect me enough?15:47
AirtelFanMancan we change root password in Ubuntu ?15:47
Rene_but not adviced15:47
TaZeRyou set it during install i think15:47
mcphailTaZeR: depends on whether you trust the hardware encryption15:48
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:48
deshymersso looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~sgringwe/+archive/ubuntu/rdio there doesnt seem to be a build for 14.0.4, anyone here build from source?15:48
TaZeRi think i trust it, its the samsung 850 evo15:48
Rene_the way root is set up it's best not to change the password yourself then it will be les safe15:48
AirtelFanManRene_: I dont think we have option to set it15:48
TaZeRfairly new drive15:48
TaZeRbut im a paranoid type i might go for the extra layer of software encryption15:48
Rene_i think i read somewhere it's posible but then you lose some protections from ubuntu15:48
TaZeRmaybe someone can somehow bruteforce my root password15:49
TaZeRits short because i have to keep entering it a lot15:49
TaZeRbut encryption password i make impossible15:49
TaZeRyea ill go for both15:49
AirtelFanManWhy do other linux version offer changing root password then ?15:49
TandyUK"sudo su -; passwd;"15:49
PiciAirtelFanMan: did you read the link ubottu posted?15:49
Rene_yeh you can change it, but you break some other protections that are there to safe guard your root aco8unt15:50
Rene_its adviced not to change it15:50
k1l_AirtelFanMan: the ubuntu is not to use root user account at all. that doesnt interfer with what other OS do.15:50
TandyUKtbh thats a good reaso nfor me to ditch ubuntu then15:50
TandyUKI decide what happens, i dont need nannying15:50
TandyUKif you want to be nannied, use winblows15:51
OerHeksTandyUK, thanks for the rant.15:51
TandyUKnp :)15:51
TaZeRwindows is a very fine piece of software as well15:51
Rene_it's a protection sceme, i forgot how it works , you can change the root password but then ubuntu cant use its build in protections anymore15:51
TaZeRhow else would we play all those great games!15:51
k1l_TandyUK: you can use the OS you want to. no problem. but that is just a false reason then. you can use sudo for all the tasks you want15:51
TandyUKcrossover ;)15:51
TaZeRbut windows 10 does look sucky, im sticking with 8 on my gaming rig15:51
TaZeRwin 8.1 has been my favourite ever15:52
Rene_just make multi boot i can boot to 3 os'es :D15:52
TaZeRill stick with it until support runs out15:52
boshx_oh dear15:52
TaZeRi would never boot into the other ones15:52
Rene_i stick with ubuntu for the steam support15:52
TaZeRwhat would the point be, id wanna be on my best os15:52
k1l_please put all the other talk to #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat and keep this channel for support. thanks15:52
Rene_o7 yes sir15:52
TaZeRim banned from offtopic because i went offtopic-offtopic15:53
=== erry is now known as Errietta
TaZeRanyway time to install, cheers yall!15:53
marianne_hey guys... remember a few days back when I came on and Firefox was being stupid and showing the browser in a different language? well now, the browser is fine, but StarzPlay says I'm in another country. I looked in the obvious places to check my location and it says I'm here stateside... any ideas on how to fix this?15:56
AirtelFanMananyone using Free Internet ?15:57
Rene_what is StarzPlay a program or a website ?15:57
petrvsit's a video on demand channel/feed, I believe15:57
marianne_Rene_: website to stream movies and such15:57
petrvsmarianne_: what says you're stateside?15:58
marianne_petrvs: I looked at the time setting ... and the location says Eastern...15:58
marianne_petrvs: but the StarzPlay site doesn't think I'm here...15:59
petrvsin what way does it suggest it thinks you're in another country?15:59
marianne_petrvs: brought the page up and it has the following message: Sadly, fans of our shows and movies in other countries, other planets and distant galaxies cannot access STARZ Play. You must be in the United States or a US Territory to watch.16:00
k1l_AirtelFanMan: what is the issue behind that question?16:00
marianne_petrvs: I accessed it fine 2 days ago16:00
petrvsmarianne_: could just be a bad error msg that applies to more than what it's stated16:00
AirtelFanMank1l_: I want to know if free internet is really available16:00
k1l_marianne_: do you use a proxy with firefox?16:01
marianne_k1l_: no16:01
petrvsmarianne_: what're you using for starzplay, what plugin/s?16:01
daftykinsmarianne_: check your extensions and so on.16:01
Rene_you would think that geo-ip location is triggered on peoples ip adress16:01
k1l_AirtelFanMan: the internet is free. you just need an isp to take part. but what is the issue with ubuntu now?16:01
xrosnightk1l_: i dont agree with you. it's not free in China. :(16:02
Rene_i doubt it's free anywhere16:02
guadalinexmy name is gerard in mexico16:02
Picimarianne_: Typically these things use the ip that you are connecting to their website with, its likely nothing that you can change via Ubuntu itself.16:03
petrvsit's as free as you make it16:03
ObrienDavethe internet is free. you have to pay a provider for access16:03
Rene_my nbame is rene in the netherlands :D16:03
guadalinexalguien en español16:03
k1l_!es | guadalinex16:03
ubottuguadalinex: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:03
marianne_Pici: makes sense...16:03
Rene_you could email the website see if there is a problem with your ip that they have made a mistake16:04
marianne_Rene_: i think it's the site its self... POC provider validations too16:05
EriC^^check what your ip is maybe, whatismyip.com it says the geo location16:05
amarihttp://www.ubuntu.com/ updated16:05
Rene_yeh thats why you might need to ask that website to look why your ip is blocked if it is in the usa, maybe they are using wrong settngs or you can get your ip unbanned16:05
desperate_joehello...i've been here a few times already with the same problem, but up until now no help... so i hope today is different: HP laptop, dual boot (win7 and ubuntu 14) in win7 my homenetwork is ok, in ubuntu the same homenetwork for some reason is too slow to be workable almost every page is stopped loading due to timeout16:06
EriC^^Pici: why do you sometimes msg 70 randomly?16:06
daftykinsdesperate_joe: try alternate DNS servers such as Google's DNS service.16:06
petrvsdesperate_joe: laptop model16:06
PiciEriC^^: because I forget to type the slash in /70 which is an irssi alias to go to window 70 (where I play trivia on IRC)16:07
EriC^^oh ok :)16:07
daftykinsthat too, was trivia16:09
desperate_joehp pavilion16:09
petrvs70, holy16:09
petrvsdesperate_joe: how about the whole model #16:10
petrvsPici: oooh yeah... trivia16:10
rebornhas ubuntu mate release not yet?16:10
desperate_joe@daftykins? i'm a true noob... what do you mean with alternate dns servers?16:10
petrvsit's fairly unlikely your windows install is using different dns16:11
k1l_desperate_joe: you are talking baout wifi?16:11
setreWhy is there no conkeror package in Utopic? :(16:11
EriC^^!info konqueror16:11
desperate_joe@kil, yes, sorry, wifi16:11
ubottukonqueror (source: kde-baseapps): advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 1244 kB, installed size 3790 kB16:11
EriC^^setre: ^16:11
desperate_joe@petrvs... looking for the model16:11
k1l_desperate_joe: what wifi hardware is that?16:11
mojtabaHi, I am trying to set a shorcut for Move window to workspace 1 to Shift+Alt+ctrl+1, but it does not work. Do you know what is wrong?16:11
setreEriC^^: not that. conkeror with "c"16:11
setrelike i spelled it16:12
petrvssetre: because16:12
setreit's a keyboard focused web browser16:12
petrvsdesperate_joe: should be on the bottom, or just under the screen's edge on the front16:12
desperate_joethe model is HP pavilion DV6.... i don't seem to find a sticker with more precise numbers16:12
k1l_setre: there was in 10.04. maybe thats dropped because there is no dev or no maintainer16:13
desperate_joe@klL... what do you mean with wifi hardware? how to know?16:13
k1l_desperate_joe: "lspci" will list the line for the wifi card16:13
setrei demand a support representative for Mark Shuttleworth foundation teleport themselves (or fedex) here right now and install conkeror on my machine.16:13
mojtabaHi, I am trying to set a shorcut for Move window to workspace 1 to Shift+Alt+ctrl+1, but it does not work. Do you know what is wrong? I did not have any problem with setting of switch to workspace 1 to ctrl+alt+116:13
desperate_joeDV6 6130sb (model laptop)16:13
ObrienDavesetre, glwt16:14
k1l_setre: pay me one billion dollars and i will try to make that happen ;p16:14
petrvsdesperate_joe: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1962226 particularly the subsequent page/s16:14
mojtabaHi, I am trying to set a shorcut for Move window to workspace 1 to Shift+Alt+ctrl+1, but it does not work. Do you know what is wrong? I tried other combinations too, like ctrl+f1. But it does not work. Any idea?16:15
desperate_joe07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 06)16:15
desperate_joe0d:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1030 [Rainbow Peak] (rev 34)16:15
desperate_joeis that the correct lines?16:15
daftykinsmojtaba: you've come in here for years - you know NOT to repeat yourself.16:16
petrvsdesperate_joe: first should be your ethenet, second your wireless16:16
coolstar-chromedesperate_joe:you have the Intel 103016:16
k1l_setre: the conkeror project seemed dead from 2012 to 2014. so that seems like it got dropped because of that and no one started maintaining the package now16:16
mojtabadaftykins: I added some more info. :-P16:16
jattwas vivid released today?16:16
Picijatt: indeed :)16:17
Riddelljatt: yep http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.0416:17
jatton my machine sudo do-release-upgrade says:16:17
jattNo new release found16:17
coolstar-chromeI have 2 wifi adapters on my school laptop, just to bypass my school's wifi restrictions xD16:17
jattI'm using utopic16:17
setrek1l_: perhaps you can help getting it maintained?16:17
setreor know how/where to ask16:18
coolstar-chromejatt: I spoof mac address on one to join staff wifi. run hostapd on another to host a wifi network for my other devices16:18
OerHekssetre, iDue to the new Mozilla release schedule, Ubuntu kicked out Mozilla XULRunner and all its reverse dependencies (including Conkeror) in 11.04 Natty and later releases.16:18
petrvscoolstar-chrome: heh16:18
philip_please how can i install files which contains bin  COPYRIGHT  lib  LICENSE  man  plugin  README  release  THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME-JAVAFX.txt  THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt  Welcome.html16:18
petrvsdesperate_joe: should be iwlwifi driver16:18
k1l_setre: sorry, i cant help. but you could start with filing a bug on launchpad.net16:18
coolstar-chromeabout 2/3 of the students in my school run Ubuntu on the laptops16:18
Rorypetrvs: did you read the file called README ?16:18
coolstar-chrome(mainly because Chrome OS sucks so much xD)16:18
desperate_joe@petrvs... had a quick glance at your link, but the title says "no internet"... i have internet (the apps work ok), it is really my browser (i use firefox)16:18
Rorypetrvs: It's literally called "read me"16:18
setreOerHeks: can you elaborate?16:18
Roryphilip_: sorry my messages were intended for you, not petrvs16:18
k1l_setre: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages16:18
desperate_joe@petrvs... i have to type your command in my terminal then?16:19
setreOerHeks: I fail to see the problem, sorry16:19
petrvsdesperate_joe: too bad you didn't have a quick glance at my actual msg16:19
petrvsdesperate_joe: no16:19
OerHekssetre, xulrunner is removed, so is conkerer. see http://conkeror.org/InstallationDebian16:19
setrek1l_: thank you16:19
philip_please how can i install files which contains bin  COPYRIGHT  lib  LICENSE  man  plugin  README  release  THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME-JAVAFX.txt  THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt  Welcome.html16:20
setreOerHeks: yes, but I don't understand how Mozilla's release schedule warrants package removal16:20
petrvsphilip_: for what?16:20
Roryphilip_: What are you trying to install?16:20
setreOerHeks: do you?16:21
Tekkkzcan someh16:21
philip_i downloaded the application and trying to install the application16:21
Tekkkzcan someone help me configuring udev rules for an arduino clone16:21
Roryphilip_: What is the application? it may be available in the package manager16:21
setreOerHeks: thanks for the link though!16:21
Tekkkzthe udev rule which works on arch likux doesnt work on ubuntu, the device is marked as busy then16:21
OerHekssetre, well, that is the info i have, did you read that conkerer page ?16:21
ivan_on_tracI use some text GUI applications. What is the name of a font. You can make the best appearance. Ubuntu server.16:21
Rory!java | philip_16:22
ubottuphilip_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.16:22
setreOerHeks: Yes I have looked at it16:22
setreOerHeks: not having packages loses the whole point of having a distro though16:23
rebornSame system requirement, yes?16:23
philip_i have done that but still16:23
desperate_joe@petrvs let's start over, i'm at a loss... what is it you want me to do? i'm looking at your link, but don't understand which step to take, and the topic seems no internet, not "slow internet" ... i am at wifi now16:24
smallfoot-Thanks for 15.04, it is awesome! :)16:25
nalmicoreIs there a way to force ubuntu to run a script when shutdown gracefully?16:26
=== pat__ is now known as pmcgowan
k1l_desperate_joe: sorry, got distracted. it seems that this card you use is having issues with the n-draft thing and the linux driver16:26
asta22hello. what's it called that repository that has untested packages?16:26
MonkeyDustphilip_  wgaqt does the readme file tell you to do?16:26
philip_it talks about the license16:27
k1l_nalmicore: anacron ?16:27
MonkeyDustphilip_  then simply install java from the repos, no need to use the tar you are using16:27
desperate_joe@klL... i have no idea what is the n-draft ... but the one million dollar question: can you guide me through it? or ... would it be advisable to actually install the 15 and hoping that the problem won't arrise there?16:28
daftykinsboot a live session of 15.04 sure, but it's unlikely to solve your problems16:28
daftykinsno need to go all the way through an install to find out16:28
ubottuYES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000195.html16:28
k1l_desperate_joe: its the "fast" wifi connection band.16:29
zaggynlmy mouse stopped scrolling16:29
zaggynlxev doesn't show any input for scrolling up or down, rest of the keys work16:29
k1l_desperate_joe: try this one: http://askubuntu.com/a/533271/3126016:29
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
mac33is yet available 15.04?16:31
k1l_mac33: it is16:31
mac33thank you16:31
desperate_joeoptions iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 wd_disable=1 .... so i just type this in my terminal?16:31
k1l_desperate_joe: no. put that in the file mentioned16:32
k1l_desperate_joe: "sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf"16:32
mac33ubuntu 15.04 wayland or Xserver16:32
k1l_then drop that line into there. then ctrl+o for saving, ctrl+x for exit16:33
=== Thelks is now known as zz_Thelks
k1l_mac33: xserver16:33
k1l_mac33: wayland is not usable with desktops on daily business16:33
mac33I read something about wayland and I thought it was ready16:33
MonkeyDust!wayland | mac33 maybe you read this16:34
ubottumac33 maybe you read this: Wayland is a display server protocol that is intended to replace X. More information can be found at http://wayland.freedesktop.org/ . Ubuntu is instead focusing on development of !Mir; see its factoid for more information.16:34
k1l_mac33: wayland ist kind of ready. but the desktops that use wayland are not ready.16:34
petrvsit'll be ready when it's ready16:34
desperate_joei did the nano ... appeared a text... just at the line at the bottom? and then how to save?16:35
k1l_desperate_joe: at the bottom16:35
desperate_joe*just PUT the line at the bottom ...16:35
k1l_desperate_joe: re read what i wrote. is explained how to save in nano16:35
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest43603
desperate_joehow to exit/save?16:38
desperate_joei got disconnected... don't know if i missed some messages... i put the lines at the bottom... how to save/exit this screen?16:38
mac33bye to all.....I gonna try 15.0416:38
k1l_<k1l_> then drop that line into there. then ctrl+o for saving, ctrl+x for exit16:39
fxmulderI have a custom kernel installed, if I apt-get dist-upgrade will that override my custom kernel?16:39
k1l_fxmulder: remove the linux-generic package16:39
sundev70Anyone know a firewall/filter for internet traffic that would filter out windows viruses...wanted to pass through linux before going to windows virtual environment16:40
desperate_joethere are some commands at the bottom of the screen yes, ^x to exit, but it doesn't close16:40
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:40
wafflejockdesperate_joe, ctrl+o to save ctrl+x to exit16:40
desperate_joeok, done16:41
wafflejocksundev70, basically can use clamav to scan for windows viruses, can use fail2ban to block IPs that are attempting/failing auth and the like based on scanning logs for failures16:42
desperate_joenow basic restart?16:42
k1l_desperate_joe: yes16:42
admin3how can i give have access to create new folder on my htdocs?16:42
wafflejockadmin3, the user needs write permission or the group needs write permission and the user needs to be a part of the group, one of the two16:43
desperate_joeok.... i'll see what it does... if i don't come back is because it works or because my wifi does not work anymor ;) ... thanks already for your patience!16:43
admin3i  am admin16:43
wafflejockadmin3, if you are running as root then you can write anywhere and shouldn't have a problem using mkdir16:44
admin3in my htdocs how can i create coz i couldn't16:45
=== IAMVIRGIN is now known as bhabhaktalauda
wafflejockadmin3, need to see what command you ran and what error you got16:45
wafflejock!doesntwork | admin316:45
ubottuadmin3: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:45
MonkeyDustadmin3  what's the outcome of   groups16:46
phpcoderhow can i upgrade my ubuntu to 14.1016:46
phpcoderand then to 15.04 ?16:46
=== bhabhaktalauda is now known as SexKaSamrath
ht3kphpcoder: You can do sudo do-release-upgrade16:46
MonkeyDustphpcoder  fresh install is faster, easier, cleanier... stick to 14.04 LTS is better16:47
ht3kphpcoder: Make sure your sources manager has "search for any new version" instead of "long releases"16:47
phpcoderht3k, i am using 14.0416:47
admin3i have not the chance to make a folder in my htdocs (XAMP)16:47
phpcoderbut if i do do-release-upgrade16:47
phpcoderthere is nothing16:47
k1l_phpcoder: make sure the release-prompt is not set to "lts only"16:47
ht3kphpcoder: Check the option I just mentioned :)16:47
phpcoderht3k, can i pass from 14.04 to 15.04 directly?16:47
k1l_!xamp | admin316:47
k1l_!xampp | admin316:48
ubottuadmin3: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.16:48
MonkeyDustphpcoder  you can't, have to go via 14.1016:48
freak3how sudo restart systemd-logind on 14.10?16:48
admin3ya lampp16:48
freak3restart: Unknown job: systemd-logind16:48
freak3any idea?16:48
phpcoderpardon but16:48
phpcoder14.10 is using an older kernel then 14.0416:48
phpcoderis not a problem ?16:48
ht3kphpcoder: not if you're going to upgrade to 15.04 anyway16:49
phpcoderMonkeyDust, yeah i know but i have many programs configuration etc etc...i can not do a fresh install16:49
ht3kGotta go restart, my release-upgrade is done!16:49
phpcoderht3k, is it a big problem downloading new version in this way?16:49
phpcoderis a lot of better a fresh install ?16:49
=== SexKaSamrath is now known as ChotaLund
k1l_phpcoder: you need to upgrade to 14.10 then to 15.0416:50
phpcoderk1l_, yes sure... i will upgrade to 14.10 and then to 15.0416:50
k1l_phpcoder: look at the system settings -> software and updates and set the release prompt to every release and not "lts only"16:50
MrNumber3ismeHello room16:50
phpcoderbut is really bad do it ?16:50
MonkeyDustphpcoder  then it's safer to stick to your release16:51
phpcoderk1l_, ok16:51
phpcoderbut guys16:51
k1l_phpcoder: no its not bad to do.16:51
MrNumber3ismeI need help with a permissions issue with my SD card. anybody game?16:51
Caleb--upgrading ubuntu like a bawss!16:51
k1l_phpcoder: but you need to upgrade every 6 months then16:51
phpcoderk1l_, yes not a big problem but16:51
phpcoderupgrading the system will decrease the performances?16:52
=== apxcr is now known as pheelter
phpcoderis it better a fresh install ?16:52
phpcoderor does not change too much ?16:52
pheelterphpcoder: shouldn't be much of a difference16:52
daftykinsthose who have truly worked in IT don't believe in upgrades ;)16:52
wafflejockpersonally stick with LTS on my work machine and prefer doing clean installs when they release, backup my whole machine using Clonezilla and backup my /home folder to an external drive16:53
k1l_phpcoder: upgrading is fine.16:53
phpcoderk1l_, ok16:53
daftykinswafflejock: +1 to clonezilla's genius16:53
newuser789clonezilla or rsync ? for backup16:54
wafflejockdaftykins, yeah I configured a 1TB external HD enclosure to boot with clonezilla it's pretty sweet16:54
wafflejocknewuser789, rsync is better for regular file backups clonezilla is more like disk imaging saves it in tar.gz files that are harder to individually load16:54
admin3u can't help me for lampp?16:55
newuser789wafflejock: I mean in respect for backups of full encrypted disks16:55
phpcoderk1l_, do-release-upgrase is available for 15.04 ?16:55
phpcodernow i am upgrading to 14.1016:56
pheelterphpcoder: it is now16:56
k1l_phpcoder: yes. but you need to go to 14.10 first16:56
daftykinsadmin3: your first time administrating a web server?16:56
wafflejocknewuser789, yeah for full disk backups clonezilla is nice, it's basically dd plus tar.gz and runs lshw and a few other things to get a few reports on the state of the machine when it was backed up, rsync has the ability to recover though so better for network based backups16:56
phpcoderdo-release-upgrade will install it sequentially?16:56
phpcoderi mean 14.10  than 15.04 ?16:56
MrNumber3ismeI need help with a permissions issue with my SD card. anybody game?16:57
k1l_phpcoder: no. it will upgrade to 14.10 then stops. then you make a reboot. then you do it again to go to 15.0416:57
k1l_phpcoder: just give it a go. its not rocket science :)16:57
Z3_Hi. It's possible to install mir display server (a complete version for normal use) in Ubuntu 14.04 ? If not, will it be possible before Ubuntu 16.04?16:57
ki7mtpheelter, k1l_ FWIW - I would not recommend upgrading more that two stages e.g. 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.04 .. You'd be better off, in the long run, installing 15.04 directly.16:57
newuser789wafflejock: what I want is a backup of 1TB of internal HD backedup to an 1TB exteral enclosure, how to do it ? any pages or links ?16:57
daftykinsMrNumber3isme: details?16:57
phpcoderk1l_, eheh ok16:57
MrNumber3ismeWhen I plug my SD card in, it is automatically mounted as read only. happens with every SD card. the physical lock on the card is unlocked. using chmod does nothing for me. the only thing I've found with success is using mount --options remount,rwx /media/thomas/sdb116:58
wafflejocknewuser789, clonezilla is nice for the fact that it gives you a GUI and you can just boot it up on any machine and back it up/restore it even if it's not a linux machine16:58
ki7mtphpcoder, sri, that was for you not phee.. tab got me on that one.16:58
k1l_ki7mt: yes. if its about 3 updates you might be faster with a clean install. but on this case i think upgradeding twice is ok.16:59
freak3on 14.10, i did "sudo restart systemd-logind" but get error: "restart: Unknown job: systemd-logind" . How you fix this error?16:59
ki7mtphpcoder, k1l_, Only reason I say install 15.04 first, as that ill allow reaching 16.04 when it arrives.16:59
rektide_i've been using 3.19.0-10 and 3.19.0-14, and btrfs has corrupted my system such that it is unable to boot three times in three weeks17:00
ki7mt..will allow ..17:00
rektide_has anything happened between the RC and release w/r/t btrfs?17:00
JediMasterhi guys, how can I run a command as www-data on 14.04 where the default shell is /usr/sbin/no-login? for example: su www-data /usr/bin/whoami returns: "This account is currently not available."17:00
newuser789wafflejock: but then how to restore clonezilla image ? you said its hard for individual images, further more the requirment is for fully encrypted disk, its different (backiup and recovery) than normal systems17:00
wafflejocknewuser789, not really just the clonezilla site itself, which isn't anything to write home about http://clonezilla.org/ you just download the ISO though and burn it to a disk or google on how to setup a USB stick with clonezilla, personally I used Gparted to partition my external drive so I could have clonezilla on one partition it boots from and use the other partition for storing data from the internal drive, so I just have to17:00
wafflejock boot off the external USB device17:00
k1l_ki7mt: nope. its not lts17:01
wafflejocknewuser789, it gives you ncdu style menus for selecting if you want full disk or partition based backup or restore and then you select the target and destination and it pretty much handles the rest17:01
wafflejocknewuser789, regarding the data being encrypted I don't believe it should make a difference what's in the blocks it's copying17:02
newuser789wafflejock: sounds easy but is it reliable ?17:02
=== tnkhanh_ is now known as tnkhanh
wafflejocknewuser789, yeah it's been around for a while and I've been using it for at least a few years without ever having a problem17:02
OerHeksrektide, btrfs is unstable17:03
newuser789OerHeks: me ?17:03
wafflejocknewuser789, if something fails it lets you know and can do verification of everything if you so choose17:03
jgoguenI'm using network-manager-openconnect and network-manager-openconnect-gnome on Ubuntu 14.10. When connecting it pulls down a XML file that has, among other things, a list of what endpoints are available. Where does that file get stored?17:03
ki7mtk1l_, sorry I don't uderstand your meaning, what's not LTS ?17:03
Arun_guys, I needed to reinstall grub in my HD so that I can have dual boot my windos and linux, is there any small linux iso that I can use to update my grub fast ?17:04
k1l_ki7mt: 15.04 is not lts, so you need to upgrade to 15.10 and then to 16.04 when they are released17:04
newuser789wafflejock: ok, thnx. On second thoughts, what about about doing zsync on backups so that everything doesnt gets backed up everytime, just the changed/modified blocks17:04
pheelterArun_: Just run boot-repair. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:04
pheelterArun_: I mean, run boot repair on a Live CD after you installed/upgraded.17:05
ki7mtk1l_, Yes, of course, it would be 15.04 -> 15.10 -> 16.04 .. and all being on SysD.17:05
MrNumber3ismedaftykins, any thoughts?17:05
wafflejocknewuser789, haven't used that, for my regular backups I've just been using duplicity with the built in backup tool in Ubuntu Gnome, had used rsync before but never tried zsync17:05
Arun_pheelter, is it available for windows too? caiuse I have no linux iso available now.17:05
Arun_in my hdd, it was in ext4 partition17:05
daftykinsMrNumber3isme: nope, remount seems like no hassle to me but not something i understand why is occuring.17:05
pheelterArun_: Unfortunately, no. A CD/USB with a Live CD is required to automatically fix your dual boot for you after you installed the system.17:06
wafflejocknewuser789, the duplicity program I believe is just doing incremental backups as well, but I don't really rely on it just have it there just in case, most of my actual important stuff is saved in git repositories17:06
MrNumber3ismearrrrghhh. Thanks anyway17:06
ig0r_the Ubuntu installer says "no root file system is defined". How do I define a root file system ??17:06
Arun_pheelter, ok , then I think I shall mount the ext4 partition to retrieve my iso17:06
newuser789wafflejock: so clonezilla will backup everything each time or it'd check for modified/newer blocks ?17:06
freak3how can i do this (https://help.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-help/power-closelid.html ) by command line17:06
wafflejocknewuser789, also setup an owncloud instance on digital ocean as a shared backup basically in place of DropBox cause we outgrew it and I'd rather run my own17:06
k1l_ig0r_: what install is it?17:06
k1l_ig0r_: do you use manual partitioning?17:07
freak3k1l_: hi17:07
freak3k1l_:  how can i do this (https://help.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-help/power-closelid.html ) by command line17:07
wafflejocknewuser789, clonezilla is a straight full disk or full partition backup and the system can't be running, it's good for between big distro upgrades or right after getting a system stable17:07
ig0r_k1l_: yes I use manual partitioning17:07
newuser789wafflejock: throw some more light on it - owncloud, digital ocean17:07
k1l_ig0r_: then you forgot to mark one patition as be used for /17:08
altinWe've launched a #Kickstarter for a #Hackerspace in #Kosovo - would you guys mind taking a look at it and sharing it? http://kck.st/1CVFoK417:08
SchrodingersScatnewuser789: I just started using duplicity for my /owncloud/17:08
k1l_altin: please no adverts in here.17:08
ig0r_k1l_: how do I do that in the installer?17:08
pheelterArun_: It's worth the hassle. Better than trying to fix it yourself.17:08
k1l_ig0r_: its in the manual partioning process. just see the options you can sue there17:08
k1l_*can use17:09
wafflejocknewuser789, eh digital ocean is just a cloud hosting provider like amazon web services or google cloud or azure or whatever where you have some virtual server that you control, on DO they have 1 click installs and pretty cheap monthly servers like $5 or $10 OwnCloud is basically just an equivalent to DropBox except you run the server so your space is limited by how much server space you have17:09
altink1l_: it's not an advert, but rather something good for the community :017:09
altin:) *17:09
Arun_pheelter, yeah, I am gonna fix it now :D17:09
pheelterArun_: Cool, enjoy.17:09
wafflejocknewuser789, plus side is owncloud you can control the user accounts a little better from what I've seen and you don't have to trust DropBox with their 1 key thing17:09
SchrodingersScatnewuser789: oops, thought you were asking how to backup your owncloud, reading helped me here.  Note that owncloud is NOT a backup, just a sync.17:09
newuser789backing up to a cloud ? private, encrypted and secure ?17:10
rektide_OerHeks: no, Ubuntu is releasing a kernel with a known bad, non patched kernel17:10
wafflejocknewuser789, basically I got to the point on DropBox that I had to pay them so figured I'd rather pay for a server and run it myself, and with a 1 click install there was no barrier to entry17:10
wafflejocknewuser789, can be you need to get an SSL certificate if you don't have one though I already had one so just added the subdomain17:11
rektide_OerHeks: if this were a 3.19.5 release happening today, systems would not spontaneously self immolate themselves regularly17:11
k1l_rektide_: did you file a bug? what did the kernel team say about it?17:11
rektide_OerHeks: but thanks for chiming in17:11
wafflejocknewuser789, like SchrodingersScat said though more of a sync solution than a true backup service17:12
rektide_i'm banned from ubuntu forums because i complained that the SSO system was painfully bad for me to use17:12
wafflejocknewuser789, think Tarsnap is a pretty cheap offsite backup solution but haven't used it myself17:12
rektide_so i didn't get a chance to discuss this issue17:12
jmaradinreally tough to decide between mate and gnome at this point, both are nice.17:12
rektide_i suppose i could just straight file a bug but i was rather hoping to interact with people first to get my ducks in a row17:13
k1l_rektide_: if this is an issue then yu should file a bug on launchpad.net17:13
cperrin88I tried to use ubunut as a central rsyslog server but when I send syslog data of multiple servers ( like 10 or more) rsyslog repeates the messages while writing them to the disk.17:13
cperrin88Can anyone help with that?17:13
SchrodingersScatwafflejock: i like the idea of tarsnap, but I think it was going to be ~$50/month for me, just to store it :/17:13
wafflejockSchrodingersScat, hmm rough how much data is that?17:13
SchrodingersScatwafflejock: thought that was for ~200GB17:14
wafflejockactually Amazon glacier is super cheap but also haven't tried using it for anything yet17:14
=== IAMVIRGIN is now known as LaudaLassan
Ryans1230I am attempting to drag the iso file into Disk Utility on Yosemite and it won't drop and can't write to disk except through Finder. Any advice?17:14
OerHeksrektide_, found the bugreport https://lists.launchpad.net/kernel-packages/msg113945.html17:15
ParadoxHeartDoes any one know of a way to change screen resolutions in X from a terminal other than xrandr? I have a 4k display port 1.2 mst monitor and in order to get it to show up as one display, I needed to configure it with Xinerama and disable xrandr.17:15
rektide_"Bug Watcher Updater" says status went from Unknown -> Fix Released 3 hours ago for this btrfs bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1445252 . is there any way to see what was fixed?17:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1445252 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "[vivid] btrfs deadlock at mount/boot" [High,Triaged]17:16
rektide_i'd like to ahve a kernel that doesn't self immolate the system17:17
rektide_i'm not sure where i go to get the fix though17:17
wafflejockSchrodingersScat, yeah if it can't get anything out of compression or deduplication that does seem about right17:17
OerHeksrektide_, fixed for debian, vivid is triaged, so they are working on it17:18
cuddylierWould anyone say this is slow for a 7200RPM harddrive in a dedicated server? http://pastie.org/pastes/10110026/text?key=n9abpof6wql0pcs7hvg5dg17:18
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
wafflejockSchrodingersScat, http://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/ <-- looks like tarsnap is basically upselling for ~10x the underlying storage cost, wonder if the compression and deduplication saves you more than that17:23
oddman2236Hello room17:25
asta22hello. how to install the newer libcurl in ubuntu?17:25
asta22hello everyone. can someone please tell me, how do I install the newer libcurl in ubuntu?17:30
asta22or what's the name of those repositories that have the rolling release pakcages?17:30
EvilCreepWhat's the correct way to give www-data read/write access to a directory and a few files in a users home directory. I don't want web access to these files/folder just access to read and write to them via php scripts.17:31
overclocki7hi, i was wondering how one could overclock an i7 headless machine via software17:32
ivan_on_tracDoes anyone know of a font text for tty console?!  Which is looking good frames.17:32
overclocki7I'm having trouble finding any setfsb tools for ubuntu17:32
Guest1148hello i have  prb when i want to open rar file with password  i try with rarcrack but they give me the same password and it dosen't work  i need help in this case17:33
BluesKajoverclocki7, why would you want to? this isn't 199817:33
overclocki7@BluesKaj because I can't overclock via bios17:33
marco__ciao a tutti17:33
IronicBadgerhello, would anybody here be able to assist me in compiling mhddfs please?17:34
BluesKajoverclocki7, as if that's gonna make any difference in performance17:34
overclocki7@BluesKaj overclocking does make a difference in performance, which is why people do it17:35
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
BluesKajnot much anymore17:36
RoryGuest1148: unrar x -pPassword filename.rar17:36
RoryGuest1148: replace Password with the actual password17:36
wafflejockoverclocki7, only if you're doing something that's actually eating the entire CPU it's really rarely necessary or a good idea (unless you're overclocking your raspberry pi or something, even then without any cooling failures happen)17:37
ig0r_I just downloaded and installed the latest Ubuntu release and I'm sorry but Mint is superior to Ubuntu (no trolling intended)17:37
=== norm is now known as Guest22607
IronicBadgerig0r_: i'll take the bait.... why?17:37
ig0r_IronicBadger: no bait just wanted to express my opinion.17:38
overclocki7@wafflejock I do use my entire cpu on a lot of heavy compute tasks (current cpu load is 8.42/8) which is why I am asking17:38
wafflejockig0r_, better to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic if it isn't a support issue17:38
IronicBadgerhello, would anybody here be able to assist me in compiling mhddfs please?17:38
MonkeyDustIronicBadger  ask your question and wait17:39
wafflejockig0r_, sure your feedback if given in a reasonable way would be appreciated but try to keep this channel on support and less on opinions17:39
zzxcHey does anyone know a good alerting system for new CVE or just general vulnerabilities?17:39
=== sandeep is now known as Guest35404
ig0r_I hear you wafflejock :)17:40
overclocki7@wafflejock also my cpu is watercooled so cooling failure is unlikely to happen- i just need to know how to bump up the fsb slightly17:40
overclocki7if it is even possible in linux17:41
=== oldsk00l_ is now known as Oldsk00l
BluesKajoverclocki7, perhaps the ppl at ##linux can help you17:41
wafflejockoverclocki7, yeah have only done it in my bios I know there are some CPU governer things you can install but never really messed with it have just used the GUI tools for enabling power save mode and the like (can step down but not overclock)17:42
cperrin88If I send logs from more then about 10 servers to rsyslog it goes berzerk and repeats the last messages infinitily and writes them to the disk17:42
BlueProtomanHow can I look at the information for my webcam?17:42
BlueProtomanManufacturer, resolution, etc.17:42
wafflejockoverclocki7, the raspi debian image has some tools built in to overclock the ARM processor in there too but not sure if it's applicable or what exact program it's using17:42
wafflejockBlueProtoman, lspci for built in lsusb for usb devices then look up the device id or manufacturer/model17:43
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
overclocki7@wafflejock not sure if that applies to me- i'm using an x86 processor and not an Rpi SoC17:43
overclocki7@BluesKaj thanks, i'll check it out17:43
BlueProtomanwafflejock...is there a GUI tool?17:43
BlueProtomanI just want to figure out if my camera is 8 megapixels or not17:44
wafflejockBlueProtoman, built in there's Cheese usually I install guvcview for more detailed control of the camera doesn't give much info about the hardware though17:45
wafflejockactually just started it from the command line looks like it does show the supported resolutions and such there17:46
phpcoderi downloaded17:47
phpcoderubuntu 15.04 for a laptop17:47
daftykinsphpcoder: try and put it on one sentence please.17:47
phpcoderthen i have installed fusoiso, how can i start it '17:47
phpcoderi need to start it like a "cdrom"17:48
phpcoderi just mounted it...then ?17:48
daftykinsstill spamming.17:48
phpcoderdaftykins, pardon17:48
jmacdonaldI apt-get updated nginx a few days ago and it appears to have overwritten the index.html file i had on a server... seems a bit odd that it didn't make a copy of my original one. thoughts?17:48
daftykinsrestore from backup17:49
Guest1148rory : thanks but i don't have passward i have rar file when i want toopen it it ask me for passward i need help17:49
dbtidso, I can't get the right time to show up on my dual-boot (win7, ubuntu 14.04) system.17:49
jmacdonaldthis isn't an important server, so recreating said index file isn't a night more. i'm more curious about why it may have happened.17:50
wafflejockjmacdonald, typically upgrades just update the binaries but don't install new configuration even then they rarely would modify your www folder but as daftykins said nothing to do but restore17:50
dbtidit thinks the clock is UTC, because it's showing NYC time as 9:54.17:50
jmacdonaldahem.. *nighmare*17:50
dbtidnothing on the web seems to fix this issue.17:50
dbtidany suggestions?17:50
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
wafflejockjmacdonald, if you are doing development just use a git repo for storing your code and make sure you regularly backup your server but in most cases a server upgrade shouldn't replace your /var/www files that said the last major upgrade for apache they moved the default from /var/www to /var/www/html17:51
ki7mtdbtid, What have you tried in order to resolve the tz issue?17:52
jmacdonaldthis is nginx. so /usr/share/nginx17:52
jmacdonaldhonestly this is just a home server that hosted a landing page for a bunch of other services.17:52
jmacdonaldgit is a good  idea, cause i don't really feel like setting up a backup for it.17:53
wafflejockjmacdonald, yeah either way typically a reinstall or an upgrade shouldn't be moving around your config files unless they had to change the format and should just be updating binaries17:53
dbtidi updated the tzdata files, and checked that /etc/localtime said "UTC=no"17:53
dbtidthat's about it.17:53
jmacdonaldyeah, it wasn't even config files that changed. it was an index.html file sitting somewhere.17:53
dbtidthere's no adjustment in Unity's time/date settings.17:53
wafflejockjmacdonald, yup that's pretty shady, I typically still use Apache for most things, have played a bit with Ngnix but the small gains for me aren't worth changing over the configuration and replacing all the things done in Apache for redirects and compression and such17:54
jmacdonaldYeah, i sort of hucked it on the machine just as a taste test.17:55
jmacdonaldand i think i was drunk at th etime.17:55
ki7mtdbtid, Go into unity search, typ time, select time && date, then on the GUI, click on the zone. or in the command line: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata  .. select, save, reboot.17:55
dbtidok, i've done all that but the reboot.17:56
dbtidi forgot i'd done that.17:56
phpcoderhow can u start an .iso mounted via fuseiso ?17:56
dbtidthen i just have to reboot17:56
dbtidki7mt: i'll let you know17:56
dbtidi have a long build running17:56
jmacdonaldIn other news... i just installed a linux desktop for the first time in 10 years on a laptop my boss recycled to me for tinkering with.17:56
jmacdonaldcame a LONG way :)17:56
jmacdonaldwifi worked, all the werid touch volume buttons and youtube worked. i was smitten17:57
wafflejockjmacdonald, heh yeah it's been a good 10 years17:57
jmacdonaldwhat apt incantation will tell me all files modified by a deb?17:58
wafflejockjmacdonald, people still seem to have quite a few video problems but wifi seems to be mostly a solved problem and all the desktop environments (Unity, Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc.) are in pretty good shape17:58
wafflejockjmacdonald, dpkg -L packagename17:59
phpcodersomeone ?18:01
ki7mtjmacdonald, how do you mean "modified" dpkg -L will tell you the status of the package but not necessarily "modified files?"18:02
jmacdonaldwell, i'd like to find out which package insatlled /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html18:02
nullbyte_how can i upgrade from apt-get to 15.0418:02
EvilCreepwhat is the correct way to give www-data read/write access to /home/Minecraft/server/playerdata so I can make changes to player's data with php/webpage? The Minecraft server runs under it's own limited account.18:02
petrvsnullbyte_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade18:03
daftykinsEvilCreep: create a group, add both users to a group.18:03
daftykins*that group.18:03
=== Guest43603 is now known as NaStYdoG
EvilCreepI don't want www-data to have access to all of the Minecraft server account.. just that one folder.18:04
nullbyte_petris: i mean from console not with a GUI app18:04
daftykinsEvilCreep: yes thus you change the ownership on that single folder.18:04
jmacdonaldokay  it was nginx-common.18:05
petrvsnullbyte_: it says how from console as well18:05
ki7mtjmacdonald, That's not so easy actually, you can look at the packages here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/nginx  by clicking on the list-of-files .. but it is most likly the core or full and either the default index page or documentation.18:07
jmacdonaldyeah it was common18:08
ki7mtjmacdonald, and yes, it was / is nginx-common : http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-updates/all/nginx-common/filelist18:08
ki7mtjmacdonald, Im sure there's a devscript ( from the packaging tools ) that will pull apart the file-lists, I just dont knwo what it is off the top of my head, but would be good to know for CLI use.18:12
ki7mtjmacdonald, Ok, this may do it: sudo apt-get install apt-file ; apt-file list nginx-common  ... that should work.18:15
brunch87515.04 broke connecting to irc via account-plugin-irc :(18:16
EvilCreepdaftykins: Could you give an example? I'm a little lost on the whole groups thing. Won't putting two accounts in the same group give them access to each other files?18:16
brunch875can't select the server18:16
ki7mtjmacdonald, But you need to know the package .. lol .. so, it's a pandora's box I guess.18:16
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/18:17
ki7mtjmacdonald, dpkg --listfiles nginx-common .. but again .. need the package name ... a bugger this one is.18:17
daftykinsEvilCreep: no, because the files have to be set accordingly.18:18
jnhghyI'm running ubuntu 14.04 and I have apache and other services installed for while now but didn't used them, now I want to run a php file but it gets displayed in the browser rather then run (I actually see php code) what can cause this? apache is running...18:19
EriC^^jnhghy: did you install php?18:19
brunch875 ¿Does anyone know how to manually configure telepathy for IRC?18:20
jnhghyEriC^^: good question, I did it once but I might have unsintalled it at some point ??? how can I find that out? apt-get?18:20
EriC^^jnhghy: apt-cache policy php18:20
EriC^^jnhghy: apt-cache policy php-common18:21
jnhghyEriC: php and php-common was not found by policy but I also tried to install them and I get same not found...18:22
ki7mtjnhghy, You may want to install the LAMP stack .. it's pretty robust using tasksel, but does install MySQL also.18:22
EriC^^!lamp | jnhghy18:23
ubottujnhghy: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.18:23
EriC^^jnhghy: sorry it's php5-common18:23
jnhghyEriC^^, ki7mt: thanks for helping18:23
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petrvshi ghostly18:27
wafflejockjnhghy, did a walk through vid on setting up lamp and some extra tooling for various web dev stuff, jump points in the description since you don't need the vbox setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQNbsCTFrAA tasksel is nice too though18:27
Blkzer0anyone does server work?18:29
petrvsBlkzer0: #polls18:30
Blkzer0theres no one there18:32
daftykinsBlkzer0: yes plenty of people do server work, can you turn that into an Ubuntu question now? :)18:33
Blkzer0I need a recommendation for a crm server18:33
petrvsBlkzer0: you're there18:33
daftykinsBlkzer0: yeah that is not an ubuntu support question18:34
Blkzer0im the only one there18:34
Blkzer0whats a good channel to ask on?18:34
ki7mtBlkzer0, That's a huge topic .. the server itself, Ubuntu Server is fine, what you choose as the CRM application is up to you, there are many choices.18:35
Blkzer0ok than what kind of linux server is best to run it on18:35
OerHeksBlkzer0, how about Ubuntu-server?18:36
jmacdonaldBlkzer0 ask on reddit.18:36
Blkzer0i asked on reddit18:36
Blkzer0i have a time limit18:36
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petrvsas ki7mt said, it hardly matters18:37
petrvspick a distro you're familiar with18:37
Blkzer0this kind of stuff is not even my field of work18:37
petrvsif you're not familiar with one, pick one after researching a bit18:37
ki7mtBlkzer0, not being confrontational, but "best" is really a matter of need. A 1 man-band may not need much, 60K employees, may need allot of infrastructure. But this is all OT here.18:37
ioria/extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/source   ended18:38
Blkzer0i was asked by my friend who works for some insurance company18:38
McLeodhello people18:38
ioriaor what ?18:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest38623
petrvsBlkzer0: well18:38
McLeodIn Xubuntu to install AMD Catalyst drivers i use the option "Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package" or "Install Driver 14.501.1003 on X.Org 6.9 or later"?18:38
petrvsBlkzer0: if they want a good solution, they should probably _pay_ someone who knows what they're doing to set it up18:38
petrvsnot for nothin'18:39
jmacdonaldBlkzer0 you should tell your friend you don't know and that you have no experince in that field. just be honest18:39
Guest38623Hey peeps, if you want to convert a windows person what distro do you reccomend and why?18:39
McLeodi have a lot of problems intalling privative drivers18:39
jmacdonaldeven if you gave him one of our answers you'd be doing  him a disservice.18:39
petrvsGuest38623: depends on the windows version they're used to18:39
Blkzer0i know but money is tough to get these days18:39
OerHeksGuest38623, obvious, ubuntu18:39
daftykins!ati | McLeod follow the guides here18:39
ubottuMcLeod follow the guides here: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:39
Blkzer0im not doing this alone18:39
petrvsBlkzer0: educate yourself, then18:39
Blkzer0lol thats a good one18:39
petrvsoh dear18:39
Guest38623Because Ubuntu (with unity) can be kind of slow, even on good hardware.18:39
petrvsI can see why money is tough to get then :/18:40
petrvsGuest38623: depends on the windows version they're used to18:40
OerHeksBlkzer0, there are more lightweight desktops, try Xubuntu18:40
Guest38623What do you think of Mate?18:40
MonkeyDustGuest38623  it's realy nice to work with18:40
petrvsGuest38623: it's GNOME 218:40
OerHekserr Blkzer0 sorry, not for you18:40
petrvsGuest38623: it's more like Mac OS, but you can configure it to appear much like Windows 2000-ish18:40
petrvsor "Windows Classic"18:41
Guest38623Its pretty similar in terms of UX to Windows18:41
KeithWeissharWhy am I not able to see any paid apps in the Ubuntu Software Center in 15.0418:41
petrvsyou can also configure it to appear like 7 or 818:41
petrvsprobably with more effort (or more premade theme packs)18:41
KeithWeissharwhen i switch to the for purchase page it's blank18:41
ki7mtBlkzer0, Your best approach, given the potential scale, would be to work with a CRM consultant, not Ubuntu support :-)18:41
petrvsGuest38623: it is, yes18:41
MonkeyDustand look like openSuse18:41
Guest38623I am actually installing it right now! Using the hexchat built in.18:41
Blkzer0i honestly am studying netsec, i dont know much about building servers or databases18:41
Blkzer0only breacking into them18:41
petrvsGuest38623: neat-o18:41
KeithWeissharwhy are the for purchase apps not showing up18:41
awalGuys, there seems to be an issue with the trusty repositories.18:41
dbtidki7mt: it's fixed now18:42
dbtidthank you18:42
Guest38623petrvs: Indeed18:42
awalhttp://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.5/libmysqlclient18_5.5.41-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_i386.deb // is not accessible, though listed as a dependency for libmysqlclient18:42
Blkzer0i just thought that you guys might know something about this kind of deadl18:42
Guest38623What do you think of Arch.18:42
ki7mtdbtid, cool glad it's working.18:42
petrvsGuest38623: it's another distro18:42
KeithWeissharwhen i click on all software and then click for purchase it's blank18:42
KeithWeissharwhy is the ubuntu software center not displaying paid apps18:43
KeithWeissharor apps from partners18:43
ki7mtBlkzer0, I do, I've implemented several large scale CRM systems, my recommendation to you is, find a good CRM consultant :-)18:43
Guest38623petrvs: What if every distro is just based on windows running in a really good wine wrapper.18:43
KeithWeissharwhy is it only showing software provided by ubuntu18:43
petrvsGuest38623: that'd be a fancy matrix indeed18:43
daftykinsKeithWeisshar: you're going to want to stop repeating now.18:43
petrvsKeithWeisshar: what app are you looking for?18:43
awalumm, any ideas about my issue? I know I have just hopped in but the channel seems to be moving fast :P18:44
Guest38623Whats your problem Awal? Hang on.18:44
KeithWeissharare paid apps only available on ubuntu devices18:45
geniiawal: Did you do first: sudo apt-get update? The 5.5.41 version you are looking for which is not there has been superceded by version
awalGuest38623 trying to install libmysqlclient18:i386 on 14.04, and trusty repos return 404 :/18:45
awalah, lemme tryr18:45
ki7mtKeithWeisshar, mostly, yes, unless you buy a product from the vendor directly.18:45
Guest38623Okay, well try update your repo's on your system. sudo apt-get update.18:46
Guest38623Perhaps if that fails you could download the tarball and compile from source ?18:46
kostkonKeithWeisshar, what version of ubuntu?18:47
KeithWeisshar64-bit for pc18:47
ki7mt^^ not wise to compile from source, unless you know what your doing.18:47
ioriaawal http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libmysqlclient-dev18:47
awalioria: I installed it, but skype is too adamant and wants the .41 version18:48
DJonesKeithWeisshar: Have you enabled the partner repositories in Software & updates on the other software tab?18:48
kostkonKeithWeisshar, ok, probably because it's new. Click on Edit -> Software Sources and enable all the repos, except Proposed. Do the same in the 3d part software tab as well.  Then hit reload, close the software centre and then maybe  check for updates, just in case, then reopen the osftware centre and search again18:48
awalseems like doing `apt-get update` did the job!18:49
ioriaawal change the name and make it think that is .41 .. :P18:49
Guest38623Nice! It was that simple :P18:49
awalthanks a lot Guest38623!18:49
Guest38623Sometimes its the smallest things we overlook :) No problem.18:49
awalioria: haha I actually was about to proxy those files :P18:49
ioriaawal ^_^18:49
Guest38623I'm really starting to like Mate now.... Maybe too much. My only love has sprung from my only hate. :O18:50
spoownHello everyone, is there someone from scotland ?18:50
ki7mtkostkon, KeithWeisshar sorry, forgot about using the SW center .. my bad.18:51
Guest38623spoown: I'm in the South of England, if that makes a difference....18:51
Guest38623spoown: whats your problem/question.18:51
petrvsspoown: yes I think some ones are from Scotland18:54
ioriaspoown i love haggis, if it counts18:54
=== Guest2725 is now known as wmp
petrvsmmm haggis18:55
* petrvs ponders vegetarian haggis18:55
OerHeksStrange animal, only living in Scotland, that Haggis18:56
* EriC^^ googles haggis18:58
ioriawe'll see this 3.19.0-15-generic how it moves18:58
EriC^^it looks photoshopped http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/Wild_Haggis.jpg18:58
EriC^^best how i can describe it18:59
EriC^^is that for real?18:59
* daftykins chuckles18:59
brunch875that's hillarious18:59
ioriait's not an animal it's a meal !!!18:59
DJonesWhen did release date change to April 1st18:59
MonkeyDustit's mariah Carey19:00
ki7mtDJones,  rel-date for what?19:01
jabbottI'm getting black bars around my terminal window and some things like the drop downs in firefox when upgrading to Kernel 4.0 for Ubuntu 14.04.  Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?  http://screencloud.net/v/b5SQ19:02
DJoneski7mt: I was refering to the comments about haggis and the animal, made me think todays date was April fools day19:02
ki7mtLOL oh .. Ok19:02
petrvsno need for levity but once a year19:02
MonkeyDustjabbott  kernel 4.0 may be beyond the scope of this channel19:02
=== tnkhanh_ is now known as tnkhanh
ioria!info xchat19:05
geniispoown: For more casual discussion not directly related to Ubuntu support, #ubuntu-offtopic is the better channel19:05
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-7.1ubuntu7 (utopic), package size 311 kB, installed size 988 kB19:05
petrvs!info hexchat19:05
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.0-1build1 (utopic), package size 348 kB, installed size 1059 kB19:05
yxhuvudso, I'm getting 'could not calculate the upgrade'. Anyone know how to find info about exactly what it is that make it fail?19:07
MonkeyDustyxhuvud  what method did you try?19:08
ioriayxhuvud, gui ?19:08
yxhuvudboth gui and tui.19:08
MonkeyDustyxhuvud  did you get the iso from ubuntu.com?19:08
ki7mtmay want to state, upgrade from what --> to what also19:09
devicenullAm I doing something wrong with debconf? https://gist.githubusercontent.com/devicenull/40c80e71bf8ce21bff1f/raw/3e443af8e83848c4a9bc8990c764cf257b79255f/gistfile1.txt19:09
devicenullI'm trying to update the cloud-init datasources, but dpkg-reconfigure seems to just reread what I have configured, and not actually update it19:09
yxhuvudmonkey: do I need to? I have never needed that for earlier upgrades.19:09
yxhuvudki7mt: from 14.10.19:09
=== Errietta is now known as erry
ioriayxhuvud, you are updating directly from Updater ...19:10
yxhuvudioria: yes, and I've also tried sudo do-release-upgrade19:11
ioriayxhuvud, i just upgraded 5 minutes ago in Lubuntu...19:12
ioriayxhuvud, but this is a test machine...19:12
yxhuvudmy guess would be that it is the third-party graphics drivers that is the issue, but it would be nice to have a smoking gun19:13
ki7mtyxhuvud, what were the exact commands you used in the terminal to try the upgrade.19:13
yxhuvudin the terminal? sudo do-release-upgrade, just as I stated.19:14
ioriayxhuvud, the command do-release-upgrade tells no rlease found , also after changing release-upgrades ?19:14
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
yxhuvudnot for me. it says "Could not calculate the upgrade " and gives some suggestions for where to look but without giving any advice for where to look19:15
Bashing-omyxhuvud: What returns ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ? And is all 3rd party PPAs disabled ?19:16
ioriayxhuvud, check /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log19:16
yxhuvudioria: ah, 2015-04-23 21:12:00,400 ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.'19:17
MonkeyDustioria  +119:18
ioriaMonkyDust i'm just an humble servant ....19:18
OerHeks""Could not calculate the upgrade, An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade. > This can be caused by:  * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu, Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu or Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu "19:18
yxhuvudthanks. that problem seems googleable. I'll return if I get further issues19:19
geniiyxhuvud: Sounds like you probably have stuff installed by PPAs or possibly manually19:19
EriC^yxhuvud: try sudo apt-get -f install19:19
ioriayxhuvud, in Synaptic Pac Man there is a tool to fix it ... i think19:19
ioriayxhuvud, and also in Grub19:19
MonkeyDustyxhuvud  are you using alot of ppa's?19:20
yxhuvudgenii: some of both. it was a real struggle getting the graphics card to work.19:20
yxhuvudmonkeydust: a few.. mostly for aurora and modernized graphics driver.19:20
ioriayxhuvud, right ... you should remove ppa (not the program) for do-r-up19:20
OerHeksuse the driver tool to reverse to the standard driver19:21
MonkeyDustyxhuvud  outcomment the ppa sources (not delete them), then apt-get update and retry to upgrade19:21
kostkonyxhuvud, you might need to purge the ppas as a last resort, not just disable them19:23
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:24
TheteThis purple has got to go19:25
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nokioHi all, quick question is someone already did something similar. Can i use wget to wget a page on my website that has some javascript. and in turn i would be able to grep and build a list of url that are hit/generated by hitting that page?19:29
nokioLike a wget --spider or -m of that page but that would be able to do the javascript part19:30
nokioif i make any sense19:30
ki7mtyxhuvud, y-ppa-manager .. a bit ironic, as it's also a PPA, is a good tool for manging PPA's : linky: https://launchpad.net/y-ppa-manager19:30
petrvsnokio: you can manage that, it's not quite as simple as wget alone though19:30
petrvsnokio: what is it you want from the JS?19:31
petrvs& a bottle of rum19:31
PooCocktailSupreabout how long does it take 15.04 to make it to the servers19:31
nokiopetrvs well when i call the page it's some generic php code which that part is fine. That call a leaflet to get a list of tile to show on the screen (im playing with tile server). I want to be able to get a list of tile that are asked on that page so that i can use those direct url to do some benching :p19:32
nokiothe leaflet thing is the .js thing19:32
petrvsPooCocktailSupre: not there already?19:33
petrvsnokio: you can probably just grep from wget for that19:33
codezombjust installed 15.04 my sounds cards are detected, and test buttons work. However, nothing else in the system will play sounds. Changing volume doesn't help, and I've checked to make sure it's not muted.19:34
codezombthe devide is Audio device: Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller19:34
MonkeyDustcodezomb  did you use alsamixer, in terminal?19:34
codezombanyone have any ideas?19:35
codezombMonkeyDust: I've checked it, I see automute is on but I cannot change it19:35
nokiopetrvs, i must be missing something. when i open the page and look at the source code it is exactly what i get from wget. But, if i open the develop consol i can see the png that are loaded and their url.19:36
ioriacodezomb, what you mean ?19:36
codezombMonkeyDust: disabled automute just now with no results. I've also restarted alsa19:37
PooCocktailSupresoftware updater has nothing for me19:37
yxhuvudyay. purging the mesa ppa seems to work. thanks again!19:37
codezombioria: by what?19:37
PooCocktailSupreahh never mind19:38
ioriacodezomb, 'I cannot change' ...19:38
codezombioria: I was able to change the automute. So that's not the issue :/19:38
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
codezombI thought maybe it was interfering19:38
codezombSystem Settings -> Sound -> Test Sound (I get sound here)19:39
codezombhowever I don't get sound anywhere else19:39
petrvsnokio: right.. wget is not a JS interpreter19:39
petrvsnokio: however one doesn't usually need a complete JS interpreter to extrapolate what ones want from a JS source19:39
nokiopetrvs would you know of a tool that could do that ?19:39
tehcerealhello im having trouble installing ubuntu on my laptop :S19:41
petrvsnokio: I could probably come up with one if I needed, but again, one rarely needs19:41
tehcereali tried 14.04 and after the installation when i reboot i get an compiz related issue19:41
tehcereali get to login and after i try to login it sits for few seconds only the background showing and returns me to the login19:42
tehcereali tried the newest 15.04 and the same thing happened but without the error pop up19:43
tehcereali never had any issues with ubuntu and kubuntu i installed yesterday worked without problems19:43
tehcerealwhat could the problem be ?19:44
maku_Hi! Where can I get the public PGP key to verify this? http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/SHA256SUMS.gpg19:45
codezombthis is interesting... When clicking test on either front-left or front-right I get sound playing from other sources... So for example, if I have a video playing in firefox, and hit from left I get sound.                                                                                                                                                                       │19:45
codezomb│                                                                                                                                                                                          │19:45
codezomb│                                                                                                                                                                                          │19:45
codezombbah, stupid terminal. sorry about the paste19:45
nokiopetrvs i will look into that thanks19:46
ioriatehcereal, you can't login ?19:46
tehcerealyes i tried multiple times with different tools to make a bootable usb and the md5sum matches19:47
ioriatehcereal, can you pass to a terminal alt+ctrl+f2 ?19:47
tehcerealioria, on 14.04 lts yesterday i got an error after the first reboot it was a compiz related error19:48
tehcerealtoday i tried with 15.04 and the same thing happens19:48
ioriatehcereal, can you pass to a terminal alt+ctrl+f2 ?19:48
tehcereali didnt try19:48
tehcerealwhat would you suggest?19:49
ioriatehcereal, if you don't have a shell  we can't check anything...19:49
ioriatehcereal, pass to terminal19:50
tehcerealioria, im in booted in windows right now19:51
tehcerealtell me what should i check for :D and ill restart and then report back19:51
ioriatehcereal, i think it's not the right place ... :)19:51
ioriatehcereal, boot in linux, i'd say19:52
tehcereallet me install an irc client on my other machine first :D19:53
tehcerealthen we will be good to go btw thx for the help ioria19:54
ioriatehcereal, but now i'm going away... check your .Xauthority file in home, should be owned by user, then restart lightdm or gdm with sudo service restart... and then lspci -v and check your video card19:54
=== len is now known as Guest148
ioriatehcereal, compiz is tied to video card19:56
tehcerealioria, thx will check19:56
ioriatehcereal, good luck mate19:56
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MENOTUanyone awake?20:03
MonkeyDustMENOTU  works, we see you20:03
xavi_Buenas, estoy intentando recuperar el Grub20:05
sjmikemso how long do you guys normally wait before updating your everyday machine to a new release20:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:05
MonkeyDustsjmikem  i wait two years (lrs only)20:05
InokiCongratulations to the Ubuntu team on the new release. :)20:06
sjmikemMonkeyDust: that's a long time :-)20:06
MENOTUI'm happy with ubuntu. working on going windowless. :)20:07
SchrodingersScatsjmikem: month or two20:07
brunch875I like how the webapps thingy with firefox works again20:09
Edir127I have a problem with 15.0420:09
brunch875and how lenses like grooveshark appear again20:09
Edir127It won't install on my laptop (but will on mY desktop)20:09
Edir127It freezes right before the OS detection.20:10
Edir127Totally frozen, can't even move mouse20:10
Edir127There's no partitions on the HDD20:10
Edir127Only grub20:10
Edir127Is there a help channel for Ubuntu?20:11
xavi_Hi all, i want to repair mi grub20:11
xavi_i have an SSD with W10, W7 and ubuntu and the W system erase mi grub, can i repair o i have to intall the ubuntu another time? also i have an mbr hd, th eSSD is an GPT, are compatibles?20:13
daftykins!grub | xavi_20:14
ubottuxavi_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:14
compyuserhello, please help no soun in ubuntu with via 1724 chip20:14
Edir127Is there anyone listening willing to help me?20:14
MonkeyDust!patience | Edir12720:14
ubottuEdir127: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:14
compyuserhello, please help no sound in ubuntu with via 1724 chip20:15
xavi_thx ubottu20:15
Edir127I *think* that's a bot20:15
Bashing-omEdir127: The laptop is it UEFI and is secure/fast boot disabled ?20:15
Edir127It is not UEFI20:15
xavi_thx daftykins20:15
chrisss123456hey guys, super simple question: i want to update to 15.04 (woo!) but the update manager says there's nothing new, and so i'm stuck on 14.04. anyone know how to deal with that?20:15
Edir127I used to have 14.04 installed perfect20:16
Edir127Go into system settings20:16
Edir127Then software and updates20:16
Edir127Go to updates tab20:16
Bashing-omEdir127: $ primary partitions maxed out ? as in dual booting Windows, and Windows using all the partitions ?20:16
chrisss123456Edir127: ok done, and then?20:16
Edir127I am not attempting a dual boot, and there are currently no partitions on the drive20:17
Edir127Change the bottom box to20:17
daftykinschrisss123456: you can't go 14.04 -> 15.0420:17
Edir127'Any release'20:17
daftykinschrisss123456: you must go to 14.10 first20:17
bazhangEdir127, dont use enter as punctuation20:17
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
chrisss123456daftykins: ok, i guess it'll do them in order? or do i have to do it manually?20:18
Edir127In order, chriss12345620:18
Edir127I tried upgrading from 14.04 to 14.10 (so I could go to 15.04) but it failed because power was lost during the process. I tried doing a clean install of 15.04, but it always crashes immediately before the prompt to overwrite existing OSs. The exact same media works on another PC. Deleting all partitions from the drive made no difference, but an old 12.04 disc I have does not crash at that point.20:21
chrisss123456ok great! thanks so much!20:22
Edir127No problem20:22
daftykinsEdir127: dd zero the first 100MB of the drive then try again perhaps20:23
chrisss123456also, another question: i have a porsche hard drive, and i can't write on it for some reason. i tried finding stuff online but maybe im just not understanding how to fix it. does anyone know how to make it writeable?20:23
Edir127How can I do that?20:23
k1l_chrisss123456: porsche harddrive?20:23
chrisss123456k1l_: sounds posher than it is: https://www.lacie.com/uk/products/product.htm?id=1055920:24
Edir127daftykins: How can I do so?20:24
daftykinsEdir127: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=2M count=5020:24
k1l_chrisss123456: ah, that is just a "designed" external hard drive. well, put it into usb port and see what dmesg tells you about it20:24
daftykinswhere sdX is the disk in question20:24
=== sysop is now known as Guest81870
Edir127daftykins: Thankyou20:24
=== Guest81870 is now known as sysop2
compyuserplease help no soun in ubuntu20:27
chrisss123456k1l_: dmesg gives out a lot.. what would i look for in particular20:28
k1l_!paste | chrisss12345620:28
ubottuchrisss123456: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:28
daftykinsthe bit at the end when you plug in the drive, chrisss12345620:28
Edir127daftykins: Your solution to my problem did not help (unless I need to reboot)20:29
_guest_hello folks, is unity 2D/unity fallback still in the repos?20:29
chrisss123456daftykins: k1l_: when running dmesg, i get more text than the terminal can show... am i doing something wrong?20:29
k1l__guest_: no20:29
Edir127_guest_: No,20:29
daftykinsEdir127: well what are you trying, installing 15.04 again?20:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.20:29
bazhang!info gnome-panel20:30
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.8.1-2ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 375 kB, installed size 1494 kB20:30
Edir127daftykins: yes20:30
k1l_chrisss123456: no. dmesg lists all messages from the system beginning from boot time. just schow us tha last 20 lines20:30
kjdrohello, can anyone help me with VSFTPD SFTP SSL configuration ???20:30
Edir127daftykins: what I find odd is that 12.04 works20:30
daftykinsEdir127: you'd have to at least restart the installer20:31
k1l__guest_: gnome (which is the base under unity7) uses llvmpipe for 2d rendering with cpu since some time. that is what gnome and unity uses20:31
Edir127daftykins: good point xD20:31
=== zz_`ar|elo` is now known as `ar|elo`
chrisss123456k1l_: ah i understand. here they are :http://pastebin.com/zZnzW78420:31
aaandersehi i can't seem to find a link to the alternate installer for the new ubuntu version... any help?20:31
kjdroi have been trying to configure svftpd on Unbuntu 14.04 LTS server  since weeks and i can't seem to find a fix anywhere20:31
kjdrosroyy it's vsftpd20:32
DJonesaaanderse: There hasn't been an alternate installer for quite a few releases, if you want a text based installer to can use the minimal installer20:32
k1l_chrisss123456: so its hfsplus on that external drive? the mac files system?20:32
bazhangaaanderse, there is mini only, no alternate20:32
DJones!minimal | aaanderse20:32
ubottuaaanderse: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:32
chrisss123456k1l_: that may be the case. i did use this for a mac computer before switching20:32
aaanderseDJones: if in documentation if i want to install raid i need alternate installer... that means mini now?20:33
chrisss123456k1l_: do you suggest formatting the drive then?>20:33
k1l_chrisss123456: well, hfsplus is a pain. i am not familiar with making that work.20:33
DJonesaaanderse: I don't know, I've not installed in a raid format20:33
aaanderseDJones: ok, thank you20:33
daftykinsaaanderse: yes it does, or server afaiui20:34
k1l_chrisss123456: yes.20:34
chrisss123456k1l_: bugger. alright, thanks so much for the help! :)20:34
k1l_chrisss123456: i would use ntfs on external drives anyway so you can use that drive on windows machines when needed.20:34
Edir127daftykins: I rebooted and the problem persists.20:35
chrisss123456k1l_: so between fat32 and ntfs you would suggest ntfs? howcome?20:35
k1l_chrisss123456: no 4gb limit :)20:36
Edir127Fat33 generally has better compatability with obscure devices but NTFS fragments less20:36
chrisss123456k1l_: very true. Edir127, fair. thanks :)20:36
petrvsntfs supports larger files20:36
timfox123Hello.  I am having a real problem installing the VMWare tools for the current Ubuntu LTS.  How do I get the Iso and mount it in a VMWare Esx environment ?20:36
k1l_and on usb2 the slower speed from ntfs doesnt matter anyway :)20:36
petrvsbut it's a lot worse in some ways, heh20:36
daftykinsEdir127: hrmm that's me out of ideas then. don't suppose you've got another disk to try in it? :)20:37
petrvsthere's also no proper fsck for ntfs in Unix land20:37
Edir127Well, the 12.04 disk works. The 15.04 USB drive I am using works flawlessly on my desktop.20:37
compyuserplease help no sound in ubuntu20:37
daftykinsEdir127: i refer to HDD/SSD.20:38
aaandersedaftykins: great! just grabbed it and looking good so far...20:38
Edir127daftykins: No, I do not. Perhaps I could remove the HDD and put another USB drive in, would it detect that instead (if it works I know the HDD is at fault)20:39
=== `ar|elo` is now known as zz_`ar|elo`
daftykinsEdir127: yep, or run driveless20:40
rebornanyone can tell me about this ? http://i.imgur.com/snmcnnq.png20:42
k1l_reborn: its a optimizing thingy for the cpu microcode. you need to enable it manually since its a prop. code.20:43
kjdroPls HELP i have been trying to configure svftpd on Unbuntu 14.04 LTS server  since weeks and i can't seem to find a fix anywhere20:44
kjdroPls HELP i have been trying to configure vsftpd on Unbuntu 14.04 LTS server  since weeks and i can't seem to find a fix anywhere, the connection says login OK but i can't actually log in to the sftp20:45
Edir127daftykins: With the HDD removed, the problem persists20:45
ikoniakjdro: whats the actual problem ?20:45
daftykinsEdir127: weird!20:45
bekkskjdro: sftp isnt configured by vsftpd, but by openssh.20:46
kostkonreborn, it's a good thing, install it20:48
rebornwhat's is exactly this?20:48
kjdroikonia: Trying to configure SFTP access to chrooter users, i'm trying to connect using wnscp and also total commander sftp connection. So far, the log in ubuntu shows that login OK for my IP, but on the other side, the connection is refused20:48
daftykinsreborn: a support chat channel20:49
kjdrobekks: i know, i think there might be a problem with pam ..... but i couldn't fix this... or find any hint to what's actually wrong20:50
ikoniakjdro: "on the other side" ?20:50
ikoniait either logs in - or it doesn't20:50
kjdrobekks: in total commander i get something like this: SSL_read returned -1, SSL_get_error=1 OFFLINE2, error=0 SSL_read returned 0, SSL_get_error=5, ERR_get_error=020:50
kostkonreborn, patches parts of you cpu on-the-fly at boot time with bug fixes, better performance etc20:50
bekkskjdro: Which port are you trying to connect to?20:51
kjdroikonia: windows, from where i try to connect to the sftp20:51
ikoniakjdro: so a.) ssh will act as an sftp server b.) are you sure you've configured vsftpd to listen on the right ports20:51
okrustyhey, i just updated to 15.04 and am seeing an undefined symbol error when starting pulseaudio... anyone have a solution to this?  pulseaudio: symbol lookup error: pulseaudio: undefined symbol: pa_inotify_start20:52
kjdroikonia: i followed all the guids, pl;us i had a configuration that was working on the previous ubuntu LTS, and it's not working on 14.0420:52
bekkskjdro: Which port are you trying to connect to?20:52
YvesLevierWouldnt be out of topic : My heart is yelling this : I hate windows20:52
Edir127daftykins: When I was updating to 14.10 and the power was lost, I rebooted and allowed dpkg to carry on where it left off; the only part of the upgrade that remained undone was 'cleaning up'. Upon a further reboot, grub went into grub rescue. I can't remember the error message. The even weirder thing is that the drives can be r/w'd to absolutely fine in 15.04's 'Try Ubuntu'20:52
kjdrobekks: port 20, and passive sftp connection20:52
daftykinsYvesLevier: yes it's childish and doesn't belong here.20:52
bekkskjdro: sftp uses port 22.20:53
kostkonokrusty, apt-get clean then  apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade20:53
reborndo i have to reboot after install that?20:53
YvesLevierdaftykins: in other words : Thx to hold our Ubuntu community :)  (sorry for the "hate")  will pay attention.20:53
kostkonokrusty, then if nou believe it is needed apt-get dist-upgrade20:54
kostkonreborn, reboot and it your cpu will get patched, and every time you reboot20:54
kostkonminus it820:55
Edir127daftykins: I just remembered that I had a password set in grub, and when grub updated, some settings were lost and I was unable to log into it. Then, trying to install 15.04 and failing, then a reboot, that is when I got to grub rescue20:55
kjdrobekks: i know, it's not port problem, on ubuntu /var/log/vsftpd.log i have confirmation of LOGIN OK20:56
bekkskjdro: You are constantly mixing things up. Either you are using SFTP (which uses ssh which uses port 22), or you are using ftp(s) which can be done by vsftpd, which uses port 20 and 21.20:56
bekkskjdro: sftp is not done by vsftpd.20:57
ikoniavsftpd can do it20:57
bekksikonia: Really?20:57
bekksikonia: TIL. :)20:57
ikoniabut why would you....20:57
bekksikonia: :D20:57
MonkeyDustwhat's "til" mean?20:57
bekksMonkeyDust: Things I Learned.20:58
MonkeyDustonigi (oh, now i get it) ;)20:58
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maku_Where can I obtain the public signing key of Canonical used to sign hashes?21:00
kjdrobekks: apparently ssh broke, now it de-connects me even from remote ssh  so i gues... will continue some other time... DAMN....21:00
kjdroso good night... and thx !21:00
kostkonokrusty, if you've upgraded, definitely do a dist-upgrade21:01
araaragotWhen I try to make a new bootable usb with startup disk creator is says Failed to install boatloader. What do I do?21:01
Edir127daftykins: I'm going to call it a night, I'm too tired to pursue this further today.21:02
okrustykostkon, thanks - i'll give that a try21:02
=== xnr is now known as RealJesusChrist
maku_araaragot: I get that if I don't type admin password soon enough after the creator prompts it21:03
araaragotNot really, I type the password and it still fails to install the bootloader.21:03
araaragotI tried doing it from root, but same deal.21:04
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escargotdu25hi ! are ioria and kll connected ?21:07
petrvsescargotdu25: /wii k1l_21:07
okrustykostkon, that fixed it.  thanks21:07
escargotdu25hi petrvs21:08
GR4its quite interesting, i didnt know, how big is this channel yet :D nice surprise21:08
escargotdu25i have now downloaded a new version of ubuntu (14.04) and can use libreoffice and vlc to read audio cds21:09
k1l_escargotdu25: alright then :)21:10
escargotdu25petrvs and kll thanks a lot for your help21:10
kostkonokrusty, np21:11
escargotdu25kll i am still a novice but i hope to learn more about ubuntu and how to use it21:12
k1l_escargotdu25: wich 14.04 you got 5 years support now. so you dont run in the problems like you did with 12.10. that is a good start now21:13
=== RealJesusChrist is now known as xnr
zerowaitstatedf -h21:15
JujeCan someone help me with a error regarding udev?21:15
escargotdu25kll thanks just a question : i can't use instant messageries yet like pingin or amsn or emesen i can't configure these apps21:15
myslitequelqu'un voit ce que j'écris?21:16
escargotdu25myslite oui21:16
bazhang!fr | myslite21:16
ubottumyslite: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:16
mysliteOkay thanks, I'm new and I wonder how can I join an other server/chat, somebody can help me?21:17
k1l_myslite: "/join #channelname"21:17
escargotdu25kll i'm in the same situation as mslite21:19
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EvilCreepUgh been at it for over an hour.. Google isn't helping... Can someone explain how the group permission systems works. How do I give user "www-data" read/write permission to folder /home/Minecraft/Minecraft/server/playerdata (and all files and future files) which is owned by user "Minecraft"?21:25
sigpipeis there a way to file bugs on apport without apport installed?  i was trying to file another bug on a headless server and it seems apport-cli is the recommended program, but it 'apt-get install apport' fails21:26
EvilCreepI get chmod... change the permission of a file for the current user but don't have a clue how to give access not ownership to a folder or file to another user.21:26
KottizenHi everyone! I'm trying to install Kubuntu 15.04 to my SSD disk, but the installation gets stuck at "Creating ext4 file system for / [...]". What should I do?21:26
AndrewMCEvilCreep: Check out chown... that'll let you change ownership and groups to a file/folder21:27
daftykinsKottizen: try partitioning manually first.21:27
Kottizendaftykins: I've tried both manual and guided partitioning in the installation guide. Should I try something else?21:27
EvilCreepI don't want to change ownership I need that folder and it's files to remain owned by "Minecraft" but I would like to access those files via apache/php.21:27
Kottizendaftykins: It might be worth noting that I am devoting my entire SSD to Kubuntu, so the setup isn't difficult.21:28
daftykinsKottizen: i'm getting at using gparted to make them, then simply use them21:28
EvilCreepMaybe the SSD is in RAID mode in the BIOS.21:28
Kottizendaftykins: I'll give it a try, thanks.21:28
KottizenEvilCreep: Thanks for the suggestion, but it isn't.21:28
AndrewMCEvilCreep: ... can you change the group safely? As in, get the users that need access into a group then give that group, group ownership21:28
Ben64EvilCreep: ACLs21:29
daftykinsEvilCreep: seriously you're still on this? give a pastebin of "ls -al /path/that/is/relevant/"21:29
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=== amir_ is now known as Guest26881
Guest26881when i install ubuntu 15.04 i have a problem i cant restart and shotdown my laptop21:31
Guest62075Wow! Hello everybody21:31
Guest26881pleas help me!21:31
Guest26881when i install ubuntu 15.04 i have a problem i cant restart and shotdown my laptop!!! yy???21:32
_Trullothen always keep it on!21:32
h00kGuest26881: you can't restart it, why? Are you getting any particular error?21:33
Kottizendaftykins: Looks like it's working! At least it is copying.21:33
Guest26881no no i just cant reastart when i want to restart my laptop hang21:34
gabe_does anyone here play minecraft21:34
petrvsprobably someone21:35
EvilCreepI do..21:35
=== Pupeno_ is now known as Pupeno
Ben64machdohvah: please test things elsewhere21:35
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )21:36
Guest26881I've just installed ubuntu 15.04 on my laptop (Asus N56JR).21:36
Guest26881I noticed that when i click on reset/shutdown my computer freezes and it wont turn off. I waited for too long, But nothing happened. I also install nvidia-340 [propreitary] driver on my system alongside nvidia-settings-server for switching between Nvidia and Intel, but after rebooting, It went to low graphics mode and after loging into my account it went to black screen and everything freezed. I even couldn't go to tty mode.21:36
Guest26881My laptop has no such problems with kernel 3.13, but in 3.19, it seems like it can not use my laptop's nvidia graphics card and just works on Nouveau display driver.21:36
Guest26881I really need a fix for this issue, cause my laptop is much faster and smoother on kernel 3.19.x but it lags on 3.13 .21:36
cheusHi. I upgraded to 15.04 today and now cannot join wireless networks. This looks like some kind of permissions issue with network manager since the frontend is available but I'm not allowed to save changes to it or input a network password.21:37
maku_Ok, I ran a /dev/zero on a USB device, succesfully created a startup disk, yet I get this error during boot:21:37
maku_"gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image"21:37
EvilCreepdaftykins: So you want a pastbin of the output of ls on the desired directory?21:37
TiKGuest26881: so use the old kernel21:37
maku_oh, the USB drive was FAT32 formatted21:37
machdohvahSo, am I to understand that 15.04 is available and the users who install it already having problems with it?21:37
Guest26881I've just installed ubuntu 15.04 on my laptop (Asus N56JR).21:38
Guest26881I noticed that when i click on reset/shutdown my computer freezes and it wont turn off. I waited for too long, But nothing happened. I also install nvidia-340 [propreitary] driver on my system alongside nvidia-settings-server for switching between Nvidia and Intel, but after rebooting, It went to low graphics mode and after loging into my account it went to black screen and everything freezed. I even couldn't go to tty mode.21:38
Guest26881My laptop has no such problems with kernel 3.13, but in 3.19, it seems like it can not use my laptop's nvidia graphics card and just works on Nouveau display driver.21:38
Guest26881I really need a fix for this issue, cause my laptop is much faster and smoother on kernel 3.19.x but it lags on 3.13 .21:38
daftykinsEvilCreep: yep, though if we continue at this rate i will likely be asleep before we can find a solution.21:38
Ben64Guest26881: don't paste so many lines at once, and wait like 15+ minutes before repeating21:38
daftykinsGuest26881: did you include nvidia-prime ?21:39
daftykinsGuest26881: also what model nvidia graphics...21:39
Guest26881 I also install nvidia-340 [propreitary] driver21:39
daftykinsGuest26881: i didn't ask for that part because i read it the first time.21:39
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maku_ok, looks like I solved the COM32R image error, (hit tab + enter 'live' and press enter)21:40
Guest26881y i cant restart my system on ubuntu 15.04?21:40
daftykinsGuest26881: fair enough if you can't answer my questions i can't help :)21:41
machdohvahIs Guest26881 a bot?21:41
Guest26881im not bot21:42
EvilCreepdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10874401/21:42
Guest26881i use intel grafic driver :(21:42
machdohvahI just installed 14.04 and I have no problems. I have a baby tower21:42
Guest26881can u help me pleas i use intel default grafic driver on ubuntu 15.04 and i cant reastart and power off my system :(21:43
machdohvah14.10 was giving me a hassle21:44
Ben64machdohvah: if you just want to chat and stuff, you should do that in #ubuntu-offtopic ... this channel is for support only21:44
daftykinsEvilCreep: right so create a group, add www-data and Minecraft to it, then change that folders ownership with "sudo chown  Minecraft:groupname /path/* "21:45
galiganI just have an issue with my usb3 ports and an usb3 hdd... can someone help me?21:45
daftykinsEvilCreep: sudo addgroup groupname ; sudo adduser www-data groupname ; sudo adduser Minecraft groupname21:46
Guest26881daftykins can u help me? i asked ur quastion21:46
Guest26881i answerd*21:46
daftykinsGuest26881: no because you have two separate questions and still haven't provided the information i asked for.21:46
Guest26881daftykins but my quastion is only about restart problem on ubuntu 15.0421:47
daftykinsGuest26881: trying to nag me for assistance is a great way to get ignored.21:47
Guest26881daftykins madaret jendast?21:48
daftykinsGuest26881: attempting to insult someone in another language is not a clever move. goodbye!21:49
galiganI just have an issue with my usb3 ports and an usb3 hdd... can someone help me?21:53
bekksgaligan: That depends on the issue...21:53
galiganit doesn't work21:53
galiganif i plug an usb2 hdd it works... but not for usb321:54
bekksgaligan: Are you using a USB3 cable, too?21:54
pr0tlogicI am trying to install ubuntu and I have raid 10 setup, but the installer does not recognize the logical drive, I am using the alternative installer.21:56
bekkspr0tlogic: Which RAID controller do you have?21:57
pr0tlogicNot raid controller, it's on the motherboard, I am trying to look up the board now.21:58
daftykinspr0tlogic: are you talking about mini.iso when you say 'alternate installer' ?22:01
petrvscellis: hi22:02
maku_damn, the FDE password prompt of 15.04 is still black occasionally after boot22:05
bekksmaku_: Whats the "FDE password prompt"?22:06
daftykinsfull disk encryption22:06
sigpipemaku_:  i had the same problem.  on my system if i remove "splash" from the kernel command line i can see the prompt22:06
EvilCreepdaftykins: Ran the commands and it looks like it works but I can't get a peep out of php when trying to access files in that directory.. no errors or output..22:07
daftykinsrest might be down to learning PHP / web server admin22:07
daftykinsi gotta go, nn22:07
EvilCreepthanks for the help22:07
* petrvs wins!22:09
maku_sigpipe: thanks, I'll look into it22:09
pr0tlogicI am trying to install ubuntu and I have raid 10 setup, but the installer does not recognize the logical drive, I am using the alternative installer.22:10
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pr0tlogicThe machine im using is http://sellout.woot.com/offers/hp-quad-core-desktop-w-12gb-ram-2tb-hd-122:10
nillawaferpr0tlogic: By alternative installer, do you mean you are using the mini.iso?22:10
pr0tlogicNo, I mean alternative as in the debian installer and not the unity one.22:10
pr0tlogicThe ubuntu site calls it "alternate installer"22:11
petrvspr0tlogic: might want to use debootstrap for a real special setup22:11
MichaelTiebeslhey hello, will the spec from 15.04 also move to 14.04?22:11
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, spec?22:12
petrvsbrainwash_: classic22:13
MichaelTiebeslkostkon: i mean in 14.04 there is a combination from gnome 3.10 3.12 right and in 15.04 there is 3.1422:13
petrvspr0tlogic: how much was that?22:13
pr0tlogicit was super cheap, I bought it a while ago22:13
nillawaferpr0tlogic: So what version of Ubuntu are you trying to install? I could be wrong, but I don't believe that an "alternate install cd" has been created since Ubuntu 12.04.22:13
pr0tlogicI tried 12.10 and LTS22:14
MichaelTiebeslkostkon: so will 14.04 also get gnome 3.14 after a while?22:14
bekkspr0tlogic: Which LTS?22:14
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, no22:14
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, if you want 3.14 the only option is 15.0422:14
pr0tlogic14.04.2 LTS22:15
MichaelTiebeslkostkon: same as with kernel?22:15
MichaelTiebeslkostkon: okay thanks22:15
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, no22:15
pr0tlogicwhen was 15.04 released?22:15
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, the situation with the kernel is different  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:16
k1l_pr0tlogic: today22:16
pr0tlogicthought so.22:16
nillawaferpr0tlogic: I don't believe an "alternate install cd" exists for Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS.22:16
pr0tlogiccool I am going to give it a try22:16
pr0tlogicmaybe it will solve my issue22:16
pr0tlogicnill: no it does it22:16
pr0tlogicdoes not.22:17
pr0tlogici was using 14.04 for that22:17
pr0tlogicnot 12.10 my mistake22:17
nillawaferpr0tlogic: Definitely the 3.19 kernel included in 15.04 is going to support more hardware. Give 15.04 a shot and see what happens.22:18
petrvspr0tlogic: yeah but in dollars, heh22:18
MichaelTiebeslkostkon: thanks for the link22:18
kostkonMichaelTiebesl, np22:18
talsamonhallo: 15.04/i386: /dev/zram0: Swap-Header konnte nicht gelesen werden (Swap header could not read); mkswap: error: swap area needs to be at least 40 KiB - whats to do?22:19
pr0tlogicthanks all for the help22:19
pr0tlogicsexy as usual :)22:19
wafflejockMichaelTiebesl, have had moderate success updating to newer versions of gnome using PPAs but no one really can support your system with custom PPAs if you have problems22:19
Tin_manso, is this 15.04 supposed to show up in the {Software Updater}? or ??? i've downloaded the 64bit ISO to test. I was under the impression that it was going to be in the updater..22:20
MichaelTiebeslwafflejock: i tried to avoid ppa22:20
MichaelTiebeslwafflejock: i use ppa only for kodi and picard22:20
wafflejockMichaelTiebesl, as you should just throwing it out there22:20
MichaelTiebeslwafflejock: im downloading it now...lol22:21
* [n0mad] refuses to add gnome ppas to this install22:21
MichaelTiebeslwafflejock: but i thought when it will move to 14.04 i better can stay with the 14.04 then22:21
wafflejockMichaelTiebesl, yeah I have my laptop I use for work stuff so I don't mess around with PPAs unless I absolutely need something (rare if ever) and tinker around on my desktop I use for gaming here or there22:22
wafflejockso think I install 3.16 on there for Gnome to see some of the fancy animations but looking forward to the changes to the bottom drawer thing being moved into the notifications panel and some other things coming down the pipeline22:23
MichaelTiebeslwafflejock: i have a xbox for gaming, pc is more other things. but same with me that i dont mess around with ppa22:23
sigpipeTin_man: if you originally installed a LTS release, you may not be prompted to upgrade to 15.04 unless you change the settings to suggest non-LTS versions22:24
Tin_manjust read it on the website, just changed it. Thanks..22:25
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jack_guruI am trying to run spotify on 15.04, but it complaints that libgcrypt.so.11 is missing. I tried installing libgcrypt11 but apparently it's not there. Any ideas? I'd like to avoid installing the deb from another release/distro22:34
DragostiniI JUST DID THIS jack_guru22:34
Dragostinidownload and install this; one sec22:34
DragostiniThat'll solve your issue right away.22:35
DragostiniIm running 15.04 myself.22:35
jack_guruthanks Dragostini! No way to get it from the repos? That's sad.. I will install this :) Thanks!22:36
DragostiniYou probably could from here deb http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu utopic-updates main22:36
talcitehi guys. I'm trying to debug something in a docker instance but I don't have access to a native ubuntu install. Can someone check for me whether buildbot-slave exists in the vivid repos?22:36
talciteIt's listed on packages.ubuntu.com but I can't find it with apt-cache search22:37
bazhang!find buildbot-slave22:37
ubottuFound: buildbot-slave22:37
Dragostinijack_guru: http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic-updates/amd64/libgcrypt11/download22:37
jack_guruDragostini, I just wanted to avoid it, but whatever :) I got spotify working again! Thanks!22:37
DragostiniThat has links to other mirrors, and the info for the repo22:37
talcitehmmm. Thanks. I guess it's the docker image that has an issue22:38
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Tin_manI'm gathering that in order to upgrade to 15.04, you have to have 14.10 upgrade 1st..22:41
bekksTin_man: When having 14.04, you are right.22:41
Rex_why is it am64?22:43
nillawaferRex_: amd64 means that the binary packages have been compiled to run on 64-bit systems22:43
Rex_oh thanks22:43
jnoob22just think x86_6422:44
jnoob22same thing really.22:44
jnoob22hmm does anyone compile all of their linux packages anymore? I haven't seen anyone do that in ages.22:44
Tin_manthats what i just figured out , cause my first upgrade came up 14.10.. so this will take some time.. :)22:44
wafflejockjnoob22, typically people who are building most everything from source I believe use arch22:45
phpcoderso fist opinions? how this 15.4 is going? :D22:45
jnoob22ok, didn't know arch did that either (like the old LFS or gentoo, etc)22:45
wafflejockjnoob22, I still end up compiling things here or there to check out the latest or to work around a bug but no reason to be compiling things all day when canonical distributes debs already built and tested22:46
wafflejockjnoob22, yeah pretty sure the AUR is for source to build from, not positive on that but that's the gist I got, still haven't done a full arch install myself22:46
jnoob22wafflejock, exactly. i do the same usually to test out some features with Python and our software here at work.22:46
jnoob22sadly, i am no longer interested in that stuff.22:47
nogoodnamesleftAbout to install Vivid - anything to be aware of?22:47
jnoob22kernel hacking and that like.22:47
brainwash_nogoodnamesleft: read the release notes which should point you to the "known issues" section22:47
jnoob22i wish urls like http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ would auto-complete on the right end for available uri's ... i almost started typing release... there.22:48
jnoob22kinda defeats the purpose of security by obscurity.22:49
jnoob22nogoodnamesleft, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes#Known_issues22:50
orakarChecking IRC client. Can people read this?22:51
nogoodnamesleftjnoob22: brainwash_ Thanks.22:51
petrvsorakar: nope, it's all in greek22:51
orakarpetrvs: ;-) thanks22:51
nogoodnamesleftI have a multi-gpu & multi-monitor system and installation is never smooth for me. We'll see!22:52
XposWinUHow can I generate a Freenode room list text file, from terminal?23:01
tr3ntonIs there any pros cons to installing packages in a one command vs installing packages in a line for each package. e.g. apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 vs apt-get install pkg1 apt-get install pkg223:02
acz32XposWinU: i don't think that's possible23:04
XposWinUacz32: I think you're mistaken.23:06
skinuxIs EHCP a good control panel to install on Ubuntu??23:11
petrvsthere are no good hosting control panels23:12
petrvsthey're all unmaintained and full of security problems23:12
petrvs(only slightly) sad, but true23:12
talsamonsecond try: mkswap: error: swap area needs to be at least 40 KiB;zram-config.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a;Failed to start Initializes zram swaping - something to do , ignore - what is to do23:13
talsamonon 15.0423:14
nogoodnamesleftboot time hasn't changed23:15
XposWinUHow do I generate a Freenode room list text file, from terminal?23:16
petrvsXposWinU: you could run '/list' while logging is on23:16
petrvsbut you'll regert it23:16
petrvsand even regret it23:16
nogoodnamesleftWhen I install with LVM, it always automatically partitions the entire disk. How do I leave some space unallocated?23:18
XposWinUpetrvs: Why would I regret it? and how does that result in me having a text file?23:19
petrvsyou'll just have to try it and see =)23:20
petrvsyou won't regret it more than 5 minutes, it's not like it's an implementation of stab-over-ip23:20
skinuxpetrvs: Well, there are commercial cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk which are obviously maintained.23:21
petrvsdoesn't make them secure =)23:21
petrvsif you're going to use something insecure, I recommend not paying for it23:21
Bashing-omXposWinU: In your status window do ' /help list ' . For what will result if/when you do .23:22
skinuxWell, I'm not going to pay for any control panel, except ones that come with hosting I purchase.23:22
petrvsthat's um... okay then23:22
EriC^^XposWinU: do you have xchat?23:22
XposWinUpetrvs: What a trollish thing to say.23:23
skinuxHowever, I meant if EHCP is a good control panel, since i know that WebMin totally doesn't go with Ubuntu.23:23
XposWinUEriC^^: Yes I have xchat23:23
skinuxI use HexChat since XChat isn't maintained.23:24
urvinkAny word on Google Drive integration into Ubuntu?23:24
eshiffobGuys, I need help23:24
Bashing-om!ask | eshiffob23:25
ubottueshiffob: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:25
nogoodnamesleftOh great. In Legacy BIOS mode, the Vivid live installer won't boot. In UEFI mode it boots but won't see other operating systems.23:25
EriC^^xchat makes a nice list23:25
petrvsurvink: there are apps for it here and there23:25
bleeif i have multiple interfaces set using different dns_nameservers23:25
bleehow does ubuntu figure out which one to use?23:25
rex_i need help23:26
rex_installing ubuntu server in vmware for ssh23:26
rex_i dont know how to install it as simple..23:26
petrvsrex_: as what?23:26
rex_for ssh23:26
eshiffobI have compiled Scilab 5.52 from source an Ubuntu 14.4. It compiles successfully, but I cannot run the binary. It gives me: /usr/local/bin/scilab-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpcreposix.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.23:26
petrvsblee: what're their names now?23:26
eshiffobI have compiled Scilab 5.52 from source an Ubuntu 14.4. It compiles successfully, but I cannot run the binary. It gives me: /usr/local/bin/scilab-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpcreposix.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".23:26
rex_its complicated23:26
rex_ubuntu desktop is easier23:26
eshiffobWhat do I do? I am a noob, so don't bite, please.23:27
talsamonno answer to the zram-error ?23:27
urvink__petrvs: But nothing official from Google itself? They have promised the client some time ago NO?23:27
petrvsurvink__: did they? I'd not heard anything like that23:28
rex_Ay help?23:28
petrvsI'm sure their client would be inferior to a wholly open source derived one, anyway23:28
eshiffobI have compiled Scilab 5.52 from source an Ubuntu 14.4. It compiles successfully, but I cannot run the binary. It gives me: /usr/local/bin/scilab-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpcreposix.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".23:29
eshiffobAny ideas?23:29
urvink__petrvs: Yea I believe so too, but the community have yet to get anything halfway decently working, if im not mistaken.23:29
petrvseshiffob: use apt-file to see what package provides that23:29
[n0mad]grive works fine for me for google drive23:29
petrvseshiffob: if it's on your system, make sure you've told scilib where to look for it23:29
[n0mad]not seen any issues23:29
petrvseshiffob: or cheat and use a symlink23:29
petrvsyeah grive worked fine for me23:30
petrvswant to try https://github.com/astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse sometime23:30
petrvs'cause fuse is wonderfulness23:30
petrvsalso we need one for google music, because that allows a lot more than a measly 15GB23:30
petrvson the order of TB or PB, IIRC23:30
rex_boot loader is required?23:31
eshiffobpetrvs Thank you. Doing it now ;p23:31
EriC^^XposWinU: hold on i'll give you a list in a min it's still counting but it's almost done i think23:31
rex_grub boot loader23:31
petrvsrex_: pretty much, yes23:31
rex_it shout me; install grub boot loaoder to the master boot record?23:31
EriC^^XposWinU: do you want it sorted by alphabetical order or user's joined?23:31
petrvsrex_: yup23:32
netametaAnyone knows how can you create a virtualBox instanse on ssd for ubuntu ?23:32
petrvsnetameta: same as on any other disk23:32
[n0mad]dang, that reminds me i need to setup my virtualbox sometime23:33
petrvsor do you mean booting a bare-metal install from inside a VM?23:33
cuddylierAnyone know how I find the RPM of a drive if a smart test doesn't show it?23:33
cuddylierOn some of my drives a smartr test shows it23:34
petrvsI wonder if lshw/hdparm/sdparm say23:34
rex_i dont know my localhost login23:34
rex_i fucked23:34
nogoodnameslefti get "Missing parameter in configuration file. Keyword: path; gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image" when using a vivid-64 live USB on a machine with BIOS instead of UEFI23:34
rex_Please help23:34
petrvsrex_: your what?23:34
rex_it login23:34
petrvsrex_: it what?23:35
rex_and i need details23:35
rex_in terminal23:35
nogoodnamesleftAh you have to open the menu and use the menu to boot it. Tht's lame.23:35
rex_im restarting23:35
petrvsrex_: what's it asking for?23:35
rex_user and pass23:35
rex_localhost :/23:35
rex_thats a server23:35
rex_probably dint setup it correct?23:36
rex_i hate server23:36
eshiffobpetrvs Still nothing23:37
eshiffobWhere do I find this library?23:37
rex_u dont23:38
Wugrex_: localhost is the computer you're currently using.23:38
Wugyou should be able to login to it with your own username and password23:38
bazhangrex_, thats not helpful23:38
eshiffobThen what do I do to start Scilab?23:38
rex_im in vmware with ubuntu 64 bit23:38
petrvseshiffob: apt-file23:39
eshiffobFinds nothing23:39
petrvsrex_: you can just accept almost all of the defaults23:39
petrvsrex_: moreso if you're using a VM, there is no risk23:39
rex_i will reinstall23:39
rex_it on start open a menu and i had to configure it :(23:39
rex_coudlnt find a tutorial in google23:40
eshiffobI did "sudo apt-file search libpcreposix.so" on it and it only finds "libpcre3: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpcreposix.so.323:40
eshiffoblibpcre3: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpcreposix.so.3.13.123:40
eshiffoblibpcre3-dbg: /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpcreposix.so.3.13.123:40
eshiffoblibpcre3-dev: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpcreposix.so23:40
[n0mad]cuddylier: what about this cat /sys/class/block/sda/device/{model,vendor}23:40
cuddylierI found: hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep Rotation23:40
[n0mad]you may have to change the drive but then you have the model and can see. if you're trying to see what it performs at, then maybe something else23:40
eshiffobpetrvs Ever faced the issue before?23:40
rex_he did23:40
petrvseshiffob: sure23:41
[n0mad]oh, yeah that shows me what mine is23:41
petrvseshiffob: try symlinking where it's looking to one of those23:41
rex_i have like execute a shell/ detect and mount cd room/ choose language23:42
MichaelTiebeslhi there, where to find the md5sum from iso 15.04?23:42
MichaelTiebeslsorry i got it:http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/MD5SUMS23:43
UmeaboyI had to switch to a different mirror to see the release of Vivid.23:44
UmeaboyHow come=23:44
rex_any idiea23:45
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cxdvtyHey I need help someone. I upgraded to ubuntu 14.10 and now ubuntu wont boot. What do I do?23:46
rex_tell me abouut choose mirror23:46
rex_how do i know23:46
Wugrex_: to be honest, I'm having trouble understanding your issue23:46
Wugif you're doing an installation, most of the defaults are fine23:46
rex_iso-scan, fdisk-deb, download-installer, load installer components from cd23:46
deadmundcxdvty: Do you mean 15.10?23:47
Wugman what's with all these bots23:47
deadmundcxdvty: What happens when you try to boot?  How far do you get?  do you see any information?23:47
skinuxIs Ubuntu Touch an over-lay to Linux or is it a linux derivative of it's own?23:47
cxdvtyno just black screen23:47
rex_download-installer or choose mirror  for install ?23:48
cxdvtyand I had to go to 14.10 before I could get to 15.0423:48
Bashing-om!nompdeset | cxdvty23:48
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142523:48
Bashing-om!nomodeset | cxdvty23:48
ubottucxdvty: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:49
petrvsskinux: well, first23:49
rex_please "D23:49
petrvsskinux: you have to distinguish between Linux and GNU/Linux23:49
deadmundcxdvty: I agree, seems like a nomodeset problem23:49
Wugrex_: you're just choosing the default download location for package updates?23:49
petrvsskinux: IIRC Ubuntu Touch does consist of an actual GNU/Linux you can put on many phones & tablets23:49
petrvsskinux: see #ubuntu-touch23:50
WugI haven't had to run the installer in a while and I don't know what version you're installing, so I have no idea what you're seeing23:50
Wugyour vm has an internet connection right23:50
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes23:50
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes23:51
bleepetrvs: they are br1, and bond023:51
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.23:51
bleepetrvs: you still there? sorry i was afk23:51
cxdvtyHow do i do this without reinstallation23:51
petrvsblee: sure, but I forgot the problem23:51
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.23:51
petrvscxdvty: do what, upgrade to 15.04?23:51
bleepetrvs: multiple interfaces setup on my network/interfaces file23:51
bleepetrvs: each one uses a different dns server23:52
cxdvtyNo the nomodset23:52
bleepetrvs: to make it simple, lets just say 2 interfaces, "br1" and "bond0"23:52
bleehow do i make resolvconf use one over the other?23:52
petrvscxdvty: how to apply nomodeset?23:52
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:52
cxdvtyI seen that23:52
Bashing-omcxdvty: If you can get the grub boot menu edit in "nomodeset" as a boot parameter per the link .23:53
cxdvtyCan I do it without reinstall23:53
Bashing-omcxdvty: Yes, if you can get grub .23:53
PazoozaWhy does Cryptkeeper 0.9.5 has such a hard time starting up in Ubuntu 14.04. Usually crashes the first time and have to start it 4 or 5 times before it starts.23:54
epx998Where is the grub.conf on ubuntu?23:54
EriC^^Pazooza: run it from the terminal and check for errors23:55
EriC^^epx998: /boot/grub/grub.cfg why?23:55
petrvsepx998: mostly the same place23:55
epx998EriC^^: need to reduce the phy mem on the server23:56
EriC^^epx998: you mean add bad memory locations?23:56
epx998EriC^^: I need to reduce how much phy mem is being used23:57
EriC^^epx998: ok, well anything you do in grub.cfg won't live across kernel updates and update-grub23:57
EriC^^epx998: you should edit /etc/default/grub or /etc/grub.d/23:58
epx998EriC^^: Yeah saw the comments in the file on that23:58

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