zequenceOvenWerks: 32bit OS can not be booted with UEFI10:02
zequenceOvenWerks: I'll add a comment about the startup usb creator10:02
zequenceUEFI is strictly 64bit only10:02
zequenceWe should see about changing the screensaver. Seems it's old and not well maintained10:03
zequenceMay even be a security risc10:03
zequenceSorry, I had no time to do testing yesterday10:03
zequenceWill test the 32bit ISO now10:06
astraljavazequence: Is it the xscreensaver? It's easily changed as Xubuntu sports light-locker.12:07
astraljavaJust change the seeds.12:07
OvenWerkselfy: marking test cases for vivid final shows up as daily. That is I went to the final page, then selected our ISO and the page it goes to says daily.13:06
OvenWerksIs this normal/ok?13:06
elfysame for us 13:07
elfyas long as you start in the right place - result will be in the right place13:07
OvenWerksok thanks13:07
elfyyea - the one I reported yesterday is there13:08
* elfy is already thinking about wibbly whinocewos 13:09
OvenWerksNot the x-ray?13:10
elfynot yet - need to try and increase testing for that one 13:11
OvenWerkselfy: I have not heard anything about MIR for a long time... whatever happened to that?13:12
elfyit's still there afaik13:12
elfyas it's not affecting us yet I've not taken much notice13:13
* OvenWerks is off to work...13:13
elfycya 13:13
elfyzequence: you about to mark images ready if they ping ? 13:39
zequenceelfy: Just did13:44
elfygood, they'll not ask me then :p13:54
zequenceelfy: Seems like our images were released already though13:58
elfyseems so13:59
zequenceI've prepared release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio14:14
zequenceIf someone wants to change or add something, please go ahead14:14
zequenceAlso, there's a draft for the release announcement at our web page14:14
zequenceOur download page is already updated14:15
zequenceI'll send out the announcement as soon as we get the go ahead14:15
zequence(or as soon as I'm aware of it)14:16
astraljavaWhee! Congrats on the release!14:42
zequencePlaced an order on the bq Ubuntu phone. Should arrive within the week19:27
OvenWerkszequence: keep us posted on the phone. Android does not have usable latency for audio work.20:07
DalekSeczequence: Would you like the honors of #ubuntustudio's topic update?20:07
zequenceDalekSec: I don't remember how to do that, so if someone else has the rights I'd rather not just now20:20
OvenWerksholstein: ^^^20:21
zequenceOvenWerks: From what I understand, bq does the kernel for that phone. Will be interesting to see how it performs20:21
zequenceAnd, also - how easy is it to make changes?20:21
OvenWerksI would guess they have to do at least some.20:21
OvenWerksto the topic? Rewrite the whole topic with /topic after giving oneself rights20:22
OvenWerksUsing copy paste from the old to new could save some of the work.20:23
zequenceI'll forget the details by the time I need to do it again.20:24
DalekSeczequence: With irssi, /topic <tab>  Op yourself first, or after doing the aforementioned, prefix the topic with /msg chanserv topic #ubuntustudio TOPIC HERE20:30
DalekSecOvenWerks: Already snagged it.20:30
OvenWerkszequence: I am going to try starting with a xubuntu-core ISO and see how much work it is to make Studio out of it.23:22

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