schnoodlesI know its not really xubuntu's thing. But if I wanted to add desktop effects what would be the best package to install ?01:24
xanguadepends on what kind of efects01:26
xanguaI would just enable compositing for shadows01:27
xanguacompton for shadows and fade01:27
xanguaor compiz and have fun with the efects01:28
schnoodlesA friend is coming from windows and they want all the wobbly windows and what not.01:28
xanguathen install compiz in xfce, don't know if the proces is still  the same but instead of using xfwm you will need gtk window decorator Or emerald (broken and unmantained)01:31
xubuntu06oAnyone have directions on how to either burn or image a USB drive with xubuntu so it boots on a mac?01:43
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages perhaps?  I've never done it.01:43
xubuntu06oActually I think this just worked: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209407501:44
xubuntu56wAnybody know the time of 15.04 release?   Eastern Daylight Time04:41
Unit193"When it's ready"04:43
JeZxLeethinking to switch to Xubuntu 15.04 64Bit - Plasma 5 seems to be not great04:46
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freiformHi, is it possible to make the entries of XFCE's task-switcher <alt+tab> clickable?06:51
freiformwell, never mind. 4.12 to the rescue: http://www.xfce.org/about/tour06:57
Unit193Yeeep, it's niiice.06:57
Unit193vivid ships with it, release date tomororow.06:58
Unit193Only, spelled correctly.06:58
elfyis it out yet06:58
ubottuDid I SAY it was out?  Maybe if you would LISTEN once in a while this relationship would be healthier.06:58
freiformjust installed the 4.12 packages from the dev-team on 14.1006:58
amariHow do I have tearfree video with vlc in xubuntu? Using intel graphics..08:16
cfhowlettamari, install intel graphics drivers08:18
amaricfhowlett: I have the drivers installed (they are already included in the default installation)08:18
knomeKW4HK, no, and please do not start flooding; you can use #ubuntu-release-party for talking the release.09:32
* KW4HK stares at knome09:34
knomeKW4HK, yes dear?09:34
decentral1seguys, anyone had a problem with the Tab key not working? I followed a bunch of links from: http://bit.ly/1EuJJdi11:03
decentral1seI installed xubuntu on my Thinkpad T6011:03
decentral1seI get no terminal tab completion, I can't tab through fields on a browser ...11:04
decentral1seBUT it does work when I hit the AltGr + Tab, then I get completion. But I just want a plain 'ol tab11:04
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knobGood morning everyone! o/13:24
knobhey TimeVirus14:24
internetmanwill light locker make my home directory become encrypted if I have an encrypted home dir install of course?14:45
Macan3tHello to everyone! Is it posible upgrade to 15.04 trough the DVD live?16:21
holsteinMacan3t: AFAIK, from the alternate, if there is still an alternate image, yes.. you can set that as the source, and do the upgrade that way16:23
holsteini say, the fresh install will be much faster, and preferred..16:23
elfyholstein: depending on what's installed, it is possible to upgrade via the livesession16:24
holsteinhandy.. well, Macan3t is still here :)16:25
elfyI'd be wary of ppa's though16:25
holsteini only know how to change the sources to use the iso16:25
Macan3tso, I have to indicate where to upgrade from in "Sources packages"16:26
elfyMacan3t: it is possible to upgrade with a live dvd - depending on what you have installed16:28
elfyand I would be wary of ppa's too16:28
Macan3tI'm downloading the iso from torrent, then I will add it in the source packages and let see what happen16:29
holsteini suggest having backups, regardless..16:30
Macan3tof course16:30
Macan3tthat is done16:30
holsteinsure. then, just keep in mind, a fresh install usually takes 10 minutes or so16:31
Macan3tand, in xubuntu works with systemd?16:31
holsteini would have to refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers for information16:32
Macan3tthank you16:33
oddman2236Hello room17:26
MrNumber3ismeHello room17:28
MrNumber3ismeI need help with a permissions issue involving my SD card. any thoughts?17:29
holsteinMrNumber3isme: just ask, and a volunteer may assist17:32
holsteinyou are likely just trying to read/write a filesystem that needs permission to do so17:32
MrNumber3ismeEven though the physical lock switch is in the unlocked position, ALL my SD cards mount as read only. using chmod does nothing. the only command I've used with success is mount --options remount,rwx /dev/sdb117:32
MrNumber3ismethe cards are all fat3217:32
MrNumber3ismeI have a dual boot system with windoze 7, and they open just fine there.17:33
holsteinMrNumber3isme: so, they dont open at all? in ubuntu?17:33
holsteinor, you dont have write access?17:33
MrNumber3ismeNo, the cards open, and I can access the files, but it is read only17:33
MrNumber3ismeas I said, using the remount command, I can remount as read/write, but as soon as I change to a different folder within the card, permissions reset to read only17:34
holsteinMrNumber3isme: sounds like, your user doenst have access17:35
holsteinMrNumber3isme: you can ask in #ubuntu if its slow here, and i get disconnected...17:35
MrNumber3ismethe thing that really gets me is I was copying a movie to the card, and halfway through copying, that's when the issue started. it cancelled the copy, and said I do not have the needed permissions.17:35
MrNumber3ismeYeah .... I already tried #ubuntu. no go17:36
holsteinMrNumber3isme: well, its quite odd what yo uask, and challenging to work out what happened17:36
MrNumber3ismeagreed. that's why I'm on IRC haha17:37
holsteinMrNumber3isme: if you have a way to mount read/write, i would just do that.. and i would make certain you are up to date with upgrades, and booted into the current kernel17:37
holsteinMrNumber3isme: did you make a new user? since the install?17:37
MrNumber3ismeNope. I'm running the same user I made on a 14.04 install I put on back in may 2014.17:38
holsteinnot sure what variables are present here, but, as i read, you have a way to mount the card read/write, correct?17:38
MrNumber3ismeI didn't touch anything while I was copying the movie over.17:38
holsteinMrNumber3isme: you can elaborate about what chown or chmod commands you used17:39
MrNumber3ismeYes. I move to the folder I want to access, then remount the card as rwx17:39
holsteini will typically just make a folder, and recursively chown it17:39
MrNumber3ismechmod 777 -R /dev/sdb117:39
MrNumber3ismeI've never used chown17:39
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:40
holsteinyou can always test the usb stick or sd cards in a live iso, and see how a default system works with them17:40
MrNumber3ismeI'd imagine it should work with a live distro. I've been using 14.04 since just after it was released, and my problem just started about a month ago.17:41
MrNumber3ismeI'm not very good with reading man pages. how would one use chown?17:45
holsteinMrNumber3isme: i really dont think thats the issue, friend17:45
holsteinMrNumber3isme: i would go to windows with the drives, and see that they are not broken.. double check them.. maybe move the data off one, and reformat there, after testing17:46
MrNumber3ismeAh. well nevermind then hahaha17:46
holsteinyou'll want to have that data backed up, regardless, since those drives *will* fail..17:47
MrNumber3ismeThey DO open in windows. I suppose I could give it a shot. Next question. I haven't done any *behind the scenes* kinda work with windows since windows 98. any idea how to format a drive in win 7? or do you think I could just do the work here on Ubuntu, and use gparted?17:48
holsteinMrNumber3isme: you can.. i  only suggest windows since i  assumed you would be more comfortable there..17:49
holsteinMrNumber3isme: AFAIK, you can just use the disk utility, and do a test..17:49
holsteinif its literally *every* drive formatted fat32, then, its not likely all of them are failing..17:50
MrNumber3ismeOh no ... Windows is the devil's tool. I only use it for things that require a higher compatibility than wine can offer.17:50
MrNumber3ismeYeah, it is every drive. (I only have 3, but still)17:50
holsteinMrNumber3isme: sure.. but, did you format these in windows in the first place?17:50
holsteinor, are they just "as shipped" ?17:51
MrNumber3ismeNope. every one formatted using gparted17:51
holsteinanyways, it wont hurt to take a closer look.. and i would just be isolating as many variables as i can, from top to bottom..17:51
MrNumber3ismeRuh Roh ..... I tried to open one of them to copy files over, and I got this message17:56
MrNumber3ismeError mounting system-managed device /dev/sdb1: Command-line `mount "/mnt/sdb1"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,17:56
MrNumber3isme       missing codepage or helper program, or other error17:56
MrNumber3isme       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try17:56
MrNumber3isme       dmesg | tail  or so17:56
holsteinthose drives do fail17:56
holsteini would clean one off, reformat, and test..17:57
MrNumber3ismek. I've got it now ... it's copying files to my hdd, then I'll reformat.18:00
MrNumber3ismeHmmm ... after reformatting, the card seems to be fine ..... curious.18:09
McLeodhello people18:34
MrNumber3ismeHello McLeod18:35
McLeodto install AMD Catalyst drivers i use the option "Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package" or "Install Driver 14.501.1003 on X.Org 6.9 or later"?18:35
McLeodi have a lot of problem installing the privative drivers18:36
MrNumber3ismebeyond my expertise, sorry18:36
brainwash_McLeod: please ask in #ubuntu18:37
brainwash_it's a hardware/driver question18:37
drcMcLeod: You might have better luck on #ubuntu ... more eyes there.18:37
McLeodok, thanks18:38
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ubottuMagnets for Xubuntu 15.04 (i386) xubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8bc50171645e518b7008248336c2dec18d266490&tr=http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce (amd64) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1b5fad4d440f07546fdf9e519b1f254352cd4680&tr=http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce19:33
bazhangnice link knome !19:34
bazhangor magnet19:34
Unit193Thanks. :D19:34
Jammerx2Any vertical panels I place on monitors that aren't leftmost don't reserve space. Horizontal ones work fine, but vertical ones only work on the monitor on the left (which is not the primary monitor).19:55
Jammerx2Actually it seems it only works on the left/right sides of the edge monitors (e.g. left side of leftmost monitor, right side of rightmost monitor, neither of the 2 middle monitors work anywhere)19:57
amariHi, does anyone here know how to eliminate tearing video with VLC in xubuntu?21:52
bazhangamari does the same occur with smplayer21:55
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xubuntu85whi there, I'm trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04, but sudo update-manager -d is offering 14.10. would anybody have any idea why?23:50
Unit193Because you can only jump from release to release, or LTS to LTS, you can't normally skip.23:50
knomexubuntu85w, you can't upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 directly, you will need to go through 14.1023:50
xubuntu85wI was afraid to get this answer :)23:51
xubuntu85wso there is NO way to upgrade directly, I have to upgrade twice in row, right?23:52
knomexubuntu85w, no way to upgrade directly23:52
xubuntu85wokay, thank you23:52
bazhangfresh upgrade preserve /home23:52
bazhangotherwise take the steps23:52
xubuntu85wbazhang: by fresh upgrade you mean reinstall?23:53
xubuntu85wand copy backed up /home ?23:53
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bazhangreinstall would be the same version, so no23:56
xubuntu85wok, fresh install23:57
bazhangthe newer installers have th option to preserve home23:57
bazhangunless I am badly mistaken23:57
xubuntu85wok, thank you23:57

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