mark06is it possible to clone all branches from a project into a single repository?00:06
mark06for example if you want to mirror your bazaar project into github, you need to keep track of each branch manually00:07
jelmermark06: bzrtools has a command for that00:29
jelmermark06: oh, hmm, perhaps it was a separate plugin00:30
mark06hmm I guess git-bzr-ng will not understand a multi-branch bzr repo anyway00:31
jelmermark06: I think that's more of a git-bzr-ng than a bzr question00:32
mark06the use I would make of that is irrelevant00:34
mark06I still was curious to know if bzr was capable of doing that00:34
mark06but thanks anyway!00:35
jelmermark06: if you use colocated branches, cloning a bzr directory somewhere should clone all branches00:36
mark06I asked because I saw some other extension for git with syntax like git clone bzr::lp:project00:36
mark06docs saying that it would clone all branches, but the example was actually with bzr:// protocol and not from launchpad00:37
mark06I tried same url style but got a really weird error on windows00:37
mark06anyway, next question, is bzr code ready to be compiled under 64-bit?00:38
mark06I was thinking about building bzr 2.6 for windows, but it needs to compile on both 32 and 64-bit00:39
jelmermark06: Yeah, it has worked on 64-bit for a long time - for as long as we've been running it on 64-bit Linux machines00:39
mark06I saw one windows installer/build project somewhere but can't remember, anyone knows this?00:39
mark06why no 64-bit release then jelmer?00:40
jelmermark06: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/33134200:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 331342 in Bazaar Windows Installers "bzr python-based installer requires 32-bit python on windows; unclear message" [Medium,Confirmed]00:40
mark06so the fix is as easy as making the installer like 64-bit python?00:42
mark06what is the installer built with, nsis by any chance?00:42
* jelmer doesn't have a clue00:43
jelmer(was never involved with the Windows side of things)00:45
* mark06 hopes at least 64-bit compiation is not an issue if he ever tries to compile bzr on windows00:46
mark06should 2.6 bring reasobable bug fixes and performance on windows as compared to current release 2.5?00:48
jelmermark06: I'm pretty sure it won't be an issue, bzr itself doesn't have anything problematic wrt 64 bit00:48
mark06one thing I experience is small display bug with qbzr that I fix by updating the plugin separately.... another issue is that it's really ugly on windows 8... I needed to use compatibility mode00:49
jelmermark06: I'm sure other people would appreciate it if you made a 64bit build and put it out there :)00:50
mark06ok I will maybe give it a try if I have time00:50
mark06thanks all!01:16
mark06good night01:16
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