stormchaser3000i have used 15.0400:00
stormchaser3000but i find 15.04 verry buiggy sometimes00:00
stormchaser3000(i am using 15.04)00:00
Taggnostr4Now kscreenloc is eating CPU00:00
rosco_yWhen I drag an application's window from one panel to another, it wants to get stuck in between the two panels.  Does anyone know of a tweak to make it easy to drag things back and forth between the panels?00:00
tuv0kTaggnostr4: you get logged in?00:01
Taggnostr4It gets stuck on the loading window just after the login00:01
tuv0kare you using nouvea or nvidias binary?00:01
Taggnostr4With failsafe it just becomes black for a few seconds and kicks me back to the login screen00:02
Taggnostr4I have nvidia, maybe also their drivers00:02
Taggnostr4How can I check?00:02
tuv0klspci -v00:04
Taggnostr4I see some nvidia stuff in the output00:05
Taggnostr4VGA compatible controller: nvidia corporation00:06
tuv0ksudo dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia00:07
Taggnostr4I see 8 results00:08
Taggnostr45 with install, 3 with deinstall00:09
Taggnostr4tuv0k, should I remove/uninstall them?00:11
tuv0ktry that00:11
Taggnostr4Using apt-get remove?00:12
stormchaser3000nvidia is a pain the rear00:14
Taggnostr4Now I don't even get to the login screen...00:15
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Taggnostr4The nvidia drivers?00:17
darthanubismuon is terrible00:18
Taggnostr4The terminal looks better without nvidia drivers :)00:19
Taggnostr4Got the login screen00:24
Taggnostr4Still stuck at the loading screen00:25
Taggnostr4Are there non nvidia drivers that I can use instead?00:25
darthanubisbut they were supposed to work once the nvidia ones were removed00:26
Taggnostr4I saw that in some error message earlier00:26
Taggnostr4What is the difference between all the nvidia drivers I see from apt?00:27
Taggnostr4 I had nvidia-304, but I also see 310, 319, 331 etc00:28
darthanubisyou want the newest one00:30
Taggnostr4The most recent seems to be 34600:41
Taggnostr4I'm installing that now00:41
gunndawgconfirmed 34600:41
|aaronjust upgraded from 14.10 to 1504. is there any way to restore my old kde configuration? i backed up my ~/.kde before upgrade but restoring seems to have zero effect00:46
gunndawg|aaron: as far as I know your KDE settings will not carry over00:49
Taggnostr4Even with 346 I get no login screen00:51
Taggnostr4The good thing is that no one is eating CPU now00:51
|aarongunndawg: thanks i can just reconfigure them i guess00:52
Taggnostr4Anything else I could try?00:52
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Taggnostr4With nouveau I get nouveau failed to idle channel01:10
Taggnostr4Also GPU lockup switching to fbcon01:11
wheelzzzhey just wondering do i need to re install to get latest 15.04 or can i just upgrade i did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade no lux01:17
wheelzzznever mind durr list latest version already updated i guess01:22
WirelessIs there a way to not check for automatic updates with muon?01:30
Taggnostr4I managed to login and it's still all black, but I got some windows to pop up01:32
Taggnostr4The windows have no windows decorations01:32
Taggnostr4I got access to the settings page, any thing I try from there?01:35
Taggnostr4How can I revert back to 14.10?01:45
Unit193You can only re-install.01:46
Unit193I'd also go with 14.04, the LTS.  You grab the ISO, install.01:47
Taggnostr4I can't make 15.04 work01:47
Taggnostr4Do I need to reformat everything?01:48
Unit193I believe there is a way to keep /home, but you can't "downgrade"01:48
QuantumCAT5CableHey Tagg, whats the problem? I had something similar from the sounds of it01:48
QuantumCAT5Cableand I managed to fix it.01:49
QuantumCAT5Cableor at least put a bandaid on it.01:49
Taggnostr4I get to the login screen, I login then either it's all black, or it gets stuck to the loading screen01:49
QuantumCAT5CableHas it ever worked?01:50
Taggnostr4I had 14.10 before and had no problems01:50
Taggnostr4I have nvidia graphics01:50
Taggnostr4Spent 3 hours trying different combinations of drivers to no avail01:51
QuantumCAT5CableHave you tried restarting X in a virtual terminal? Always seems to be a first step in comp stuff. "Have you tried turning it back on and off?"01:52
Taggnostr4How do I restart it?01:52
Taggnostr4kwin_x11 is eating all the CPU btw01:53
QuantumCAT5CableSo in full disclosure, I'm actually just a noob right, but I did fix a similar problem. So when I tell you 'restart' im not entirely sure whether this will actually RESTART. But while you are in the black screen, press ctrl+alt+F1 and stype startx01:54
Taggnostr4I tried that already, I get to another black screen01:55
Taggnostr4I can see the cursor but nothing else01:55
gunndawganyone know why I have to adjust my openGL vertical sync settings every time I log in to fix screen tearing?01:56
Taggnostr4So basically the same I get after login01:56
gunndawgTaggnostr4: I had that problem last night01:56
QuantumCAT5CableHave you tried going to the other x-sessions (I think thats the name of them) on the F6-F9?01:56
gunndawgTaggnostr4: it happened after I added a paramer to fix screen tearing. I had to re install01:56
Taggnostr4If I kill kwin_x11 go back to f7, and do alt+f1 I get the menu01:58
Taggnostr4Everything else is still black01:58
QuantumCAT5CableHave you tried removing cache?01:58
gunndawgTaggnostr4: it's as if Plasma is not starting01:58
Taggnostr4I can open windows from the menu, but they have no borders01:58
QuantumCAT5Cableso go back in the virtual terminal and type:01:59
QuantumCAT5Cablesudo service sddm stop01:59
QuantumCAT5Cablerm -rf ~/.cache01:59
QuantumCAT5Cablerm ~/.config/kwinrc01:59
QuantumCAT5Cablethen type startx01:59
QuantumCAT5CableIs what finnally fixed my issue with the black screen on login02:00
Taggnostr4Still black :/02:01
QuantumCAT5CableWell damn02:01
Taggnostr4I can try a reboot02:01
gunndawganyone know why I have to adjust my openGL vertical sync settings every time I log in to fix screen tearing?02:01
QuantumCAT5CableAlways worth it I guess Tagg.02:01
Taggnostr4I think the problem is kwin_x11 getting stuck at 100% CPU02:02
Taggnostr4Now it started again and nothing works02:02
QuantumCAT5CableWell, if it that were truely the case, would you be able to go into a virtual terminal? Because if it was truely 100% then Im not sure it would respond.02:03
QuantumCAT5CableBut maybe there is some kind of safety net for that.02:03
Taggnostr4I can, and if I kill it I can see the undecorated windows02:03
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QuantumCAT5CableDid it ever work on a live USB or have you only tried it on an installation?02:06
Taggnostr4I upgraded directly from 14.1002:06
Taggnostr4I'm trying a different nvidia driver02:07
QuantumCAT5CableAh. Try it on a live USB, if it doesn't work there, I would suspsect driver issues. If it works there, but not on the upgrade then I would suspect something went wrong on the upgrade.02:07
QuantumCAT5CableRather than a driver02:07
Taggnostr4During upgrade I got a prompt that asked me to pick between lightdm and sddm and initially picked lightdm02:08
Taggnostr4Now I switched to sddm, but maybe something is not set correctly?02:09
QuantumCAT5CableI'm unfamilliar with the technicalities behind the display managers. Noob afterall.02:09
Taggnostr4Do you have a plasma process running?02:10
Taggnostr4Maybe gunndawg is right02:10
Taggnostr4I could try to start that02:11
QuantumCAT5CableGive it a shot02:11
QuantumCAT5CableWell hmm.02:15
QuantumCAT5Cablewrong tab.02:17
MrPenguin_Is there an option to make the kubuntu start menu look like xubuntus with the columns?02:18
Taggnostr4I wonder if there's a way to disable all the graphic effects02:19
Taggnostr4gunndawg, I just found an option about tearing prevention02:20
darthanubisanyone use kamera02:21
darthanubisthe package installs with no binary02:22
darthanubiscome on!02:22
Taggnostr4Now I can't even access the shell anymore02:30
gunndawgTaggnostr4: yeah? where at?02:30
darthanubisjust keep home and reinstall fresh02:30
Taggnostr4gunndawg, try to go in settings and write vertical tearing or vsync at the top right02:31
Taggnostr4darthanubis, from a live CD?02:31
gunndawgoh... well thsi is interesting. Opened up Sytem Settings and it errors out saying "System sEttings was unable to find any views, and hence has nothing to display"02:32
gunndawgTaggnostr4: so I guess I cant even get to settings now :(02:33
Taggnostr4I can't get anywhere anymore02:34
gunndawgTaggnostr4: yeah I cant open system settings02:34
QuantumCAT5CableEven the virtual terminals?02:34
Taggnostr4I start the PC, everything is black, no login screen, no virtual terminals, and the CPU is running high02:35
QuantumCAT5CableYep, sounds like fresh reinstall time.02:35
gunndawgsounds like back to 14.04 for the time being.. heh02:35
Taggnostr4I can get to recovery mode02:37
darthanubisyes, from a livecd or usb stick02:37
Taggnostr4If I can get to a shell maybe I can fix something02:38
darthanubisif anything delete your .kde directory if you want to keep futzing around02:39
darthanubisbut I'd install clean02:39
darthanubisI just installed clean in 10 mins02:39
darthanubisbut I have a ssd02:39
Taggnostr4It took me about 4 hours between install and download02:40
darthanubisI had updated from beta and there was a bug that did not leave until I reinstalled02:40
darthanubisi was at 14.10, and just tried to upgraded kde02:40
Taggnostr4And I have to leave for the weekend in a couple of hours02:40
darthanubisit broke02:40
darthanubisstart your install now02:40
darthanubiswhy does it take 4 hours?02:41
darthanubisdownload via torrent02:41
Taggnostr4I have to download again, don't I?02:41
Taggnostr4I got the login back \o/02:41
darthanubisyou never download it to begin with right?02:41
Taggnostr4Nope, I did do-release-upgrade02:41
darthanubisyeah, well get the iso02:42
Taggnostr4The installation also took a couple of hours02:42
Taggnostr4Old PC02:42
QuantumCAT5CableDid you run into problems? Im not sure it took mine remotely that long, but that was from a liveUSB.02:42
darthanubiswhat specs?02:42
Taggnostr4Core 2, 2 GB of ram02:43
Taggnostr4It's from 8-9 years ago02:43
darthanubisthats plenty02:43
darthanubisshould not take 4 hours02:43
darthanubiswhat kind of HD?02:44
Taggnostr42 were from the download02:44
Taggnostr4The rest from the installation02:44
darthanubisstill, does not take two hours to install02:44
darthanubisthe install process is not that long02:44
Taggnostr4It could have been 2.5 and 1 for installation02:44
darthanubisno way two hours02:44
darthanubisor an hour02:44
Taggnostr4I could be wrong02:45
darthanubison a ssd02:45
EtriaphTook me 22 minutes on an SSD.02:45
EtriaphAnd I downloaded updates while I did it.02:45
Taggnostr4At what time I logged in?02:45
darthanubisdon't download the iso directly, download via torent02:45
darthanubisit'll be faster02:45
Taggnostr4I will have to find another PC first02:46
darthanubiswhat are you using to type this?02:46
QuantumCAT5CablePhone IRC? Ive never thought about that.02:48
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makuseruJust wondering if anyone knows a fix for not being able to add programs to the panel in 15.04 now?02:49
Taggnostr4Is there any way to reinstall/repair from the terminal?02:50
Taggnostr4If I try to remove nouveau I get an error02:52
darthanubisTaggnostr4: your upgrade is trashed02:52
darthanubismakuseru: what do you mean?02:52
darthanubisnot add to the panel? Add in what way?02:52
QuantumCAT5CableTaggnostr4: Im checking around, and Im not seeing anything for you to be able to do so from the terminal. I'm with darthanubis, its probably gone, and its better to just reinstall from an ISO.02:53
QuantumCAT5Cableand to be honest, if there is way, its proabbly more effort than its worth. If you make a liveUSB, you can retrieve whatever important files off of there and store it somewhere else.02:54
Taggnostr4I'm just not sure I have enough time to download it again02:55
QuantumCAT5CableMatter of fact, do you still have the ISO for the previous version? Use that to download the new ISO while you're gone.02:55
darthanubisyour wasting time now02:55
darthanubisit could have been half way done by now02:56
Taggnostr4I'm leaving for the weekend, so I won't need the PC anyway02:56
Taggnostr4I will probably try again once I come back02:56
makuserudarthanubis: In KDE 4 you could add programs from the KMenu to the panel, like firefox, or w/e else. But that feature seems to be missing now.02:57
darthanubisI just add them as favorites in the menu03:00
darthanubisrt-click an application in kmenu then select favorite03:00
darthanubisor alt-f2 and type the name03:00
makuseruRight, but you use to be able to add them directly to the panel as well, which is much easier to use IMO.03:00
darthanubisI suppose if you really wanted to, you could add a new panel03:01
rottingdeadIsn't KDE built of all widgets, or no? It's what it seems to me anyway.03:01
darthanubisnope, you still can do it!03:01
darthanubisI won't be doing it03:01
darthanubisbut it is as easy as drop and drop03:02
darthanubisjust unlock the panel first03:02
makuseruIts not as easy as drag and drop.03:02
makuseruIt will not accept that anymore.03:02
darthanubisI just did it03:03
makuseruReally? Mine wont allow a drag and drop at all.03:03
makuseruI figured they just got rid of that feature.03:03
darthanubisI just grabbed chromium from my favorites, and dragged i tto the panel, and dropped it03:03
makuseruHuh, might have to try a fresh reinstall instead of this upgrade from 14.10 then, maybe something broke.03:03
darthanubisit fell near the notification area03:04
darthanubisdoubt it03:04
makuseruDont know what the heck is going on then, because theres no way its letting me drag something into the panel.03:05
QuantumCAT5CableIm using two monitors, is it possible to have setup a panel to show only the applications on that monitor and have it automatically assign the applications to whatever panel its supposed to be on?03:17
BassFaceI need help please with an issue I'm having with Precise on a powerpc03:45
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QualityAddictCurious as to how many found 15.04 usable... sadly I ran into obvious instability and had to return to 14.10.04:06
darthanubisusing it04:07
QualityAddictdarthanubis: one of the lucky ones I suppose04:13
QualityAddictI don't consider my hardware and setup anything special04:13
QualityAddictIt certainly runs 14.10 just fine minus sound issues04:14
QualityAddictSeems it has something to do with the new Plasma look which I love04:14
darthanubisI only have sometime weird things happen. But I just clean installed, and all is well.04:14
darthanubisI keep /home and kept on rolling04:15
darthanubisI'm using plasma 5.3beta which is a little unstable04:16
QualityAddictWith the Plasma as part of 15.04 I would lose the panel, opening apps would freeze, and eventually I get nothing but a black screen and was frozen04:17
QualityAddictWas worse it seemed if I upgraded to nvidia-current driver04:18
darthanubisdid you upgrade or clean install?04:19
darthanubisI'm betting you upgraded04:19
QualityAddictNope, clean install04:20
QuantumCAT5CableSeems to be a theme tonight.04:20
Taggnostr4Welcome to the club04:20
darthanubiswhat kind of machine you have?04:20
darthanubisI don't know how you guys systems break in such spectacular fashion?04:21
darthanubisTaggnostr4: you upgraded04:21
QualityAddictIntel Core i7 3930K 3.20 with 32 GB ram04:21
QualityAddictand running three monitors04:22
QuantumCAT5CableQualityAddict: what are you doing with 32 gigs if you don't mind me asking?04:22
darthanubisI'm dual monitored no problem04:22
QualityAddictlmao, surfing the web04:22
QualityAddictI'm not using it to its potential, that's for sure04:22
darthanubisplasma crashes when I add widgets to the desktop, but starts back up. I suspect if I rolled back to 5.2 it'd be stable04:23
Headpool182Anyone have recommendations for system stability software?04:23
Headpool182planning on overclocking04:23
QualityAddicthow can I tell what graphics card I have installed? I know it's nvidia but want the model04:24
QualityAddictTried looking in KInfoCenter but don't see it04:24
Headpool182are you on a laptop?04:25
Guest31612You mean like running intelburntest to make sure any instability is caught?04:25
QualityAddictn/m found it, running a GeForce GTX 660 Ti04:26
Guest31612Haven't done that in a while, but it give it a pretty good torture test, and will likey be stable if it can survive a long run without crashing.04:27
QualityAddictrollin' a do-release-upgrade for the heck of it... see what happens lol04:35
darthanubisplasma 5.3 is wicked unstable04:37
darthanubissudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta04:39
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bassehi, is it normal that after upgrading to vivid, Dolphin filemanagers about box says it's 14.12.3 with KDE Developent Platform version 4.14.606:02
basseas other apps like Kate for example is KDE Frameworks 5.9.006:03
MoonUnit`yup it's normal, not everything has been completely ported to kf5 yet06:04
bassealright. thanks! making sure that i didn't mess up the update somehow.06:04
bassemy problem is that these not ported apps don't seem to respect all theme colors. dolphin has pure white font in menues and i dont seem to be able to change that anywhere..06:05
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ShadowHatesYouAnyone know what the name of the font used by Konsole was in Plasma 4? I just updated to Plasma 5 and it stomped all over my settings, I can barely read my terminals now06:14
ShadowHatesYouNM, found it. Dejavu06:16
madetihow to remove kwallet in plasma 5, kubuntu 15.0406:36
madetior how to disable it?06:36
donniemadeti: it save your password. Why do you want to remove it? You can just set an empty password and it will stop bothering you.06:38
madetidonnie: it's just annoying06:39
madetidonnie: I have set an empty password, now when I am connecting to a  wifi, it says "authorization supplicant timed out"06:46
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madetinvm sorted it out06:56
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lordievaderGood morning.07:31
Graf_WesterholtOi lordievader07:31
lordievaderHey Graf_Westerholt, MoonUnit`07:32
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lordievader!info plasma-desktop09:07
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: kde-workspace): KDE Plasma workspace for desktop and laptop computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.11.12-0ubuntu1.1 (utopic), package size 1202 kB, installed size 3099 kB09:08
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hyperion87Hi! I just installed Kubuntu 15.04. After sleep/screen-standby the login prompt appears. How can this switched off? The old checkbox (Power management > advanced > lock screen after resume) is not available anymore.09:36
MoonUnit`hyperion87: it's in settings/desktop behaviour/screen locking.09:46
hyperion87MoonUnit`: Thanks, found it! :)09:47
MoonUnit`wasn't obvious for me either09:48
naftilos76Hi i am trying Kubuntu 15.04 live dvd 64bit but, as lots of people have encountered, i get a blank display after some time. It is obviously a graphics card issue. My Graphics card is a GeForce 9600 GT which is old i know. I tried selecting nomodeset and no acpi modes but i get the same blank display. Does anybody have anything to suggest?09:57
PossibleInstallbHi all, sorry to barge in. I may have a bug in the install medium and wanted to check this before reporting it09:59
PossibleInstallbThe grub-install fails because a directory /boot/grub/i386 is missing from the installation medium, on the 64-bit version.10:00
PossibleInstallbcan anyone confirm or deny?10:00
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MoonUnit`i haven't had that problem10:02
PossibleInstallbit is the 64 bit version10:09
PossibleInstallband it installs on a non-efi system10:09
PossibleInstallbbasically when I boot from the installer-usb, the directory /boot/grub does not contain a dir 'i386' (or any other subdirs).10:09
PossibleInstallbI found the subdir somewhere on the drive, copied it to /boot/grub and then I got another error: Cannot find cannonical name for /cow .10:10
PossibleInstallbIt is so strange, it seems completely untested while this step is completely essential for any installation.   Weird.10:11
MoonUnit`do you have multiple drives?10:11
PossibleInstallbone drive, trying to install to /sda10:12
PossibleInstallbok, it has a windows partition but the error stems from a non-existing directory10:13
PossibleInstallbthat is what I find when I run 'grub-install'  manually:  '/boot/grub/i386' directory not found10:13
PossibleInstallbI am going to try the ubuntu-64 bit version in a couple of minutes, see if it has the same bug10:16
PossibleInstallbperhaps it is because I install 64-bit on a pre-EFI system?  I don't know10:16
MoonUnit`non efi would be easier to install on i would think, mine install is x64 and bios.10:17
PossibleInstallbI have the same then, 64 and bois10:19
PossibleInstallbHe!  Installation just succeeded!10:31
PossibleInstallbI was installing it with a btrfs root-partition.  This time I had the same but added a small  ext4 /boot partition10:31
PossibleInstallbI am going to reboot, bye!10:32
PossibleInstallbso it may have been trying to install a btrfs-system.10:32
murthyneed an onscreen keyboard10:37
BluesKajHey folks10:56
naftilos76Hi i am trying Kubuntu 15.04 live dvd 64bit but, as lots of people have encountered, i get a blank display after some time. It is obviously a graphics card issue. My Graphics card is a GeForce 9600 GT which is old i know. I tried selecting nomodeset and no acpi modes but i get the same blank display. I tried adding in the options before 'quite splash' one of the following: video=vga16fb:off , vga16fb.modeset=0 , nouveau.modeset=0 , nvidia.modeset=0 ,11:00
naftilos76nouveau.blacklist=1 and nomodeset after 'quite splash'. Nothing worked. Does anybody have anything to suggest?11:00
BluesKajnaftilos76, yes, install nvidia-340  atht the TTY/VT11:02
naftilos76BluesKaj: I am trying to install kubuntu now. I have not installed it. The problem appears while booting from the live dvd.11:04
BluesKajnaftilos76, which Kubuntu version do you have instlled on the HDD , if any ?11:05
Mike_Shi @all11:06
MoonUnit`does adding vesa from grub edit still work these days?11:06
naftilos76I am currently using Debian 7 (kubuntu)11:06
MoonUnit`i had to do that when i had nvidia cards11:06
naftilos76and kubuntu 14.04 in my laptop11:06
naftilos76both installed fine with no blank screens11:07
naftilos76and both have nvidia Graphics cards11:07
BluesKajnaftilos76, did you check md5sum of the dvd image?, I have to ask11:08
Mike_Sanyone here also having probs upgrading to 15.04 from 14.10? on my laptop the online-upgrade stopped at 92%. nothing more to do than reboot what ended in blinking leds (kernel panic?).  on my workstation it stays at 64% and there happens nothing anymore?!11:09
murthyBluesKaj: need an onscreen keyboard11:09
naftilos76No i did not. I seriously doubt that is the culprit. We are talking about an issue that has been around in the recent releases of 14.10 & 15.04 all tried out in both my desktop11:10
BluesKajnaftilos76, this may be a radical suggestion , but have you considered switching your graphics in the bios back to the onboard temporarily just for installation purposes?11:12
murthyBluesKaj: wont work11:13
naftilos76There is no on-board Graphics card. Good thought but not applicable in my case. :-)11:13
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murthyBluesKaj: the card needs to be removed11:13
naftilos76I just don't get. Is it so difficult to support Graphics cards 5-years old?11:14
murthyBluesKaj: can you suggest me an onscreen keyboard?11:14
murthynaftilos76: you should really ask this question to the nvidia people11:14
naftilos76probably! :-)11:15
BluesKajnaftilos76, you must havew an onboard gpu that resides on the motherboard ...it worked for me on an old pc with a nvidia 7600GT card with 12.04 install.11:15
BluesKajmurthy, some BIOSs have a switchable graphics option11:17
chencho9000hi there11:17
chencho9000Im having trouble with the display driver11:17
naftilos76BluesKaj: I was sure my MB did not have an onboard graphics card. I just confirm this is the case.11:17
BluesKajon older machines , murthy11:18
naftilos76... I just confirmed this is the case.11:18
chencho9000driver admin dont show installed driver11:18
BluesKajnaftilos76, not a card but a gpu , how else would it display to a monitor11:18
murthyBluesKaj: I do have that option, but I think we have to switch the vga cable to the onboad gpu output atleast11:19
BluesKajmurthy, well yeah, that's kind of understood is it not?11:20
naftilos76BluesKaj: I am aware how an onboard GPU would look. It would need a VGA output or another port right? Well, there are no ports for a display except for the nvidia card i have installed!11:20
murthyBluesKaj: i had this night mare of swithching graphics driver, when I didn't know how to handle the nvidia binary driver issues11:21
BluesKajyou must have a vga display on the mobo11:21
chencho9000how can I know the driver installed11:23
BluesKajok nm , I'm not going any further with this , I wanted to make an alternate suggestion that's all , but I guess it's too difficult for you naftilos7611:23
naftilos76BluesKaj: Seriously? I do not have an onboard GPU on my MB. I would have known if i had one.11:24
naftilos76What is so difficult for me? To accept that i have a GPU on my MB when i don't?11:24
BluesKajnaftilos76, when you received the the computer did it come with the nvidia pci 9600?11:24
naftilos76it was assembled and sent to me11:25
BluesKajit's a pci card?11:25
naftilos76i mean the tower box containing the mb, graphics cards , dvd-writer, power supply etc11:26
naftilos76What is so strange about it?11:26
naftilos76Isn't that the way shops sell products?11:27
BluesKajor is IT the onboard gpu ?11:27
BluesKajmost shops don't sell computers with added PCI graphics cards11:27
ZerkalerkaJust installed kubuntu for the first time, very beautiful.. only distro that works 840m nvidia out of box11:28
naftilos76BluesKaj: Do not inisist on the onboard GPU crap. The graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce GT9600 installed in a pcix port on a normal MB sold by normal shops bought by normal people!!!11:28
chencho9000Zerkalerka: did you have probles identifying graphic driver?11:29
fatnicAnyone managed to get Dropbox working with Ubuntu 15.04?11:29
MoonUnit`dropbox working fine for me.11:30
MoonUnit`have to install a tray app to see the dropbox tray icon though.11:30
naftilos76BluesKaj: thanks for your time man11:31
naftilos76i have to go11:31
Zerkalerkachencho9000: No, when I select it to install recommeneded nvidia driver it just works.  Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Arch all give me black screen when I have 2nd monitor plugged in... kubuntu.. just works :)11:31
BluesKajok naftilos76, it's very unusual to have no onboard gpu, that's all .11:32
MoonUnit`my i7 doesn't have onboard gpu11:32
BluesKajMoonUnit`, we're dealing with an older pc here, which to my knowledge all cane with gpus...I had 5 pcs over the yrs they all had them11:34
yossarianuk hi - I am running Plasma 5.2 (kubuntu 15.04) - I have nvidia, I have 2 issues11:37
yossarianuk Issue 1:  After installing Nvidia driver DPI is set to 102X102 - it makes the title bars on the windows look far too big and chunky (child like )- I need to set the DPI to 96x96 and the kwin windows looks normal again11:37
yossarianuk It is best to force the fonts using system-settings -> fonts or is it best to define the DPI in the device section of xorg.conf ?11:37
yossarianuk Issue 2 : screen tearing / jittery graphics -> I have heard enable triple buffering can help - how can I tell if its enabled or not?11:39
PhilippePyossarianuk: I did it in Fonts and it works like a charm11:39
yossarianukPhilippeP: cheers - it was more which way would be more effective - i.e if I add to xorg.conf is that done in a hardware way (as opposed to KDE / Software way?)11:40
BluesKajyossarianuk, suggest you check systemsettings>display&monitor>display config>DVI, there should be a resolution slider11:41
BluesKajthen the system fonts11:41
yossarianukBluesKaj: cheers11:41
yossarianukenabling it in fonts or xorg.conf does the trick,my question really was what is the better way...11:42
yossarianukregarding triple buffering though - how to tell if enabled?11:42
yossarianukI know I can add to xorg.conf or use a env variable 'export KWIN_TRIPLE_BUFFER=1'11:43
BluesKajwell, I never had the reolution problem so it's hard to know which method should be used first11:43
yossarianukBluesKaj: its not resolution issues - that is fine11:44
Zerkalerkawhere is locale located again? /etc/??/locale11:44
yossarianukits jerky/ screen tearing.11:44
MoonUnit`yossarianuk: tried tinkering with tearing preventions settings in compositor?11:45
yossarianukMoonUnit: no... - will do.11:46
linuxguyHi all, Ive just done a fresh installation of kubuntu 15.04, but after a reboot, I just get a black screen and two coloured lines on it, Im using a nvidia card.any helps would be great11:59
chindyhow do i stop kubuntus xServer?12:04
BluesKajchindy, why?12:06
chindyso that i can install nvidia driver12:06
BluesKajlinuxguy, do you get to the login screen?12:07
BluesKajchindy, no need to stop the xserver to install the driver , just use the driver manager in system settings12:08
PhilippePOh there's no more pastebin widget in plasma5 ?12:10
BluesKajchindy, or if you know which driver applies to your card ., most likely the nvidia-340, just use the terminal12:11
BluesKajPhilippeP, no12:11
BluesKajnot available ...yet12:11
chindyBluesKaj, yes i am installing with terminal but it tells me that xserver is running and i need to exit it12:12
PhilippePok will wait then , it is very usefull .. sad12:12
BluesKajthe transition to kde5 is goinf=g to take while so there are some widget casualties12:12
PhilippePBluesKaj: of course!12:13
BluesKajchindy, that's strange , then drop to the TTY/VT and install it there if possible , ctl+alt+F1-F12:13
BluesKajerr F1-F6 that is12:14
MoonUnit`you can install pastebinit and pipe from konsole.12:14
BluesKajyeah MoonUnit` that's a good alternative12:15
linuxguyBluesKaj, Sorry no login screen.just black screen12:15
chindyBluesKaj, yea thats what i am doing but it still says xserver is running12:15
BluesKajchindy, which DM are you using , sudo service nameofdm stop12:18
chindywell i needed to run sudo service sddm stop12:18
MoonUnit`sudo systemctl stop sddm.service12:19
murthyI need an onscreen keyboard12:22
MoonUnit`think you'll have to switch to lightdm for that murthy12:23
murthyMoonUnit`: lightdm? why?12:24
MoonUnit`last time someone asked about it all i could find was about lightdm greeter12:24
BluesKajmurthy, in lok12:25
BluesKajnope sorry , wrong app , murthy unless you speak hindi12:26
murthyBluesKaj: nope12:26
BluesKajok :)12:26
murthyBluesKaj: I am tamil and dont know hindi12:26
murthyBluesKaj: Will the onscreen widget be ported in the future?12:27
murthyor is it droped ?12:27
BluesKajmurthy, Tamil is included in lok12:27
murthyBluesKaj: oh, ok. but I need one for english12:28
murthyBluesKaj: I also searched for an app something called kvkbd, I couldn't find it12:28
BluesKajyeah ,english can ber used with qwerty but it has to be keymapped12:30
andybrineGood afternon everyone12:30
andybrineJust upgraded to 15.04 and its working flawlessly!!12:31
andybrineGreat Job!12:31
andybrineOne question though, im using gnome shell and wonder if it is possible to install gnome shell 3.16?12:31
BluesKajandybrine, ask in ubuntu this is kubuntu support12:32
andybrineahh ok, thanks. I will check in there12:33
NicoleHello I would like to update to 15.04 but can't seem to get thunderbird and firetray to work, is this a plasma 5 kubuntu or firetray issue please?12:34
kStarLordHi. Currently trying to boot the live CD. After a while, screen goes black. Video card is Nvidia (this is an older laptop). Could this be related to the Nidia woes people are having left and right? (this is the live environment, mind you)12:35
MoonUnit`Nicole: might be this http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/12:35
NicoleThanks Moonunit I do hope it is fixed soon, I will upgrade then, it all looks fab apart from just that one little thing for me lol12:38
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murthyBluesKaj: iok keyboard works for me, english is also available. Thank you12:43
pibarnashi folks. where do I report a bug? In  fresh install, kubuntu doesn't install the correct keyboard from my language, even using setxkbmap...12:43
BluesKajNicole, plasma 5/KF5 are still in development so there are some missing widgets12:43
BluesKajmurthy, great, glad to hear that :)12:44
amundsendoes anybody know if future plasma releases will be upgraded from official repos or we'll have to update them through ppa ?12:56
BluesKajamundsen, now that 15.04 is officially released and your using that OS the answer is no, if you're still on 14.10 with plsama then the anwer is most likely yes.13:01
BluesKajplasma 5 that is13:01
amundseni'm using 15.0413:03
BluesKajamundsen, no more ppas here until I'm told I need them13:04
BluesKaj15.04 as well13:05
amundsenBluesKaj, so for those using 15.04, plasma 5.3 and 5.4 will upgrade from official ubuntu repos?13:05
BluesKajthe normal procedure is to put the upgrades in the backports13:05
BluesKajamundsen, similar to KDE upgrades13:07
amundsenBluesKaj, the "backport" option isn't activated by default in lts versions, is it?13:10
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BluesKajamundsen, check your /etc/apt/sources.list , to see if said deb backports are commented with a #13:13
devurandomWill the Kubuntu PPA für 14.04/Trusty still be updated? I'd love to see KDEPIM 4.14.7 on my system, since there were quite some bugfixes…13:14
BluesKajdevurandom, which ppa ? most LTS use the backports for officially supported upgrades since ppas aren't supported13:17
BluesKaj!ppa | devurandom13:18
ubottudevurandom: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:18
BluesKajbackports are usually for DE upgrades that is, otherwise the standard repos are used13:19
oldawgHello, I am unable to switch off the screen lock. In 14.10 it was OK, 15.04 has no option for that. What I am missing?13:47
mparilloNobody seems to file bugs against PPAs, do they? I added kubuntu-ppa/next-staging to test Plasma 5.2.95, and it works great on my HW, but not on VMWare. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=346467 kicked it back to Kubuntu, but do anybody know where the Kubuntu bug should be fined?13:50
ubottuKDE bug 346467 in general "Plasma 5.2.95 works on HW, but not in VMware Player" [Normal,Resolved: downstream]13:50
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Guest1942Hi guys. I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 and want to disable KOrganiser and KDE Connect (why is it even installed by default?). Cheers.13:55
MamarokGuest1942: why did you isntall KDE-PIM, then? these are part of the package, if you don't want it, don't use it13:58
hyper_chhow can I remove the entries in Dolphon for Recently Saved and Search For?13:59
hyper_chin the places thingy13:59
Guest1942Mamarok, it's default installation. Did not change anything while installing.14:00
saumyabratadutthey can you help me ????14:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:01
personalHi all . I have a 16gb usb drive . It is now 14gb . Whats happing , why it keep getting smaer ever time i format it with ubuntu ?14:07
lordievaderpersonal: What does parted say?14:08
MoonUnit`Guest1942: sudo apt-get remove korganizer kdeconnect kdeconnect-plasma14:10
personal<lordievader> KDE partition manger says 14.4414:10
lordievaderpersonal: Could you pastebin the output of 'sudo parted /dev/sdX print' where X is the letter of the usb stick.14:10
ejayIn latest kubuntu... is it me or sys tray is absolutely non functional? For example - can't add konversation to tray. Can't add firefox and thunderbird to tray. Steam is attacking me with some error about tray. What's goin on?14:14
personal<lordievader> It just gives me a lot of options . I typed in check , it gives : WARNING: you are attempting to use parted to operate on (check) a file system.14:15
lordievaderAre you giving it a filesystem? It should be something like /dev/sda (without any numbers at the end).14:16
MoonUnit`ejay:  http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/14:17
MoonUnit`ejay: konversation and steam should appear in the kde tray though, weird.14:17
ejayMoonUnit, thanks for this link. I just got some flashbacks from early KDE 4 days. Sys tray is broken in my case, what is super wierd bc it's a frash installation. Also KIOexec dont like me as well bc clikcing on this link is givin' me an error. Awesome.14:20
personal<lordievader> just does the same thing14:21
lordievaderpersonal: That is strange... How have you created your usb stick?14:21
ejayAnd when moving files from HDD to external flash drive plasma is eating 50% of my cpu (i3 intel).14:23
ejayAnd I was so hyped about new KDE. o_014:23
personalThrough KDE partition manger . I formated it to ntfs. But all my other usb's i used for live disks are bricked. So i'm down ot this one an cost me a fortune. Deleting files off it and then formattting , i opened up startup-disk creature and was like WTF !! what happened the my 16bg drive, it's now 14gb.14:25
lordievaderDid you create a raw filesystem on it? Without a partition table?14:26
personal<lordievader> I deleted the partition and created a new partition table. What's a raw file system ?14:28
lordievaderFilesystem on a disk without a partition table.14:28
personal<lordievader> Would that be some thing differnt to , fat, ntfs, ext, brfs14:29
MoonUnit`ext3/4 will reserve 5% of the disk, you can reclaim it if you need to.14:29
lordievaderNo, fat, ntfs, ext, btrfs are all filesystems.14:30
personal<MoonUnit'> How do i do that14:31
personal<lordievader> How do i make it raw ?14:31
lordievaderYou don't want that. Make a partition table.14:31
MoonUnit`the drive will have to be unmounted sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sda1 <-change sda1 to your partition14:33
personal<lordievader> If i do that i'll loose more of the disk14:33
lordievaderFor a partition table? Not really. The first X sectors are ment for that anyways.14:33
personalWhere do i past a screen shot ?14:37
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.14:37
poeehi, where can I find the md5 hashes of kubuntu ISO's?14:38
MoonUnit`poee: you should be able to find them on the site you downloaded the iso from.14:40
lordievaderpersonal: 14.44 Gib is about right => 15.5Gb14:40
poeeMoonUnit`, googled the hash, and found it to be accurate. thanx14:40
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ejaycan I install kubuntu 15.04 with KDE4?14:44
personal<lordievader> The drive was over 16gb, when i brought it.14:45
lordievaderpersonal: Does parted give you usefull output now you've created a new partition table?14:47
personal<lordievader> partd is opened , what option do i pick and by the looks of it point it at14:52
lordievaderNo need to open parted, just use the command I gave earlier.14:56
personal(parted) check /dev/sdd1 WARNING: you are attempting to use parted to operate on (check) a file system. parted's file system manipulation code is not as robust as what you'll find in dedicated, file-system-specific packages like e2fsprogs. We recommend you use parted only to manipulate partition tables, whenever possible. Support for performing most operations on most types of file systems will be removed in an upcoming release.14:57
personal<lordievader> That is the command i put in and it opened .14:57
lordievaderHave I told you to do so?14:59
personal<lordievader> What next lord Vader. Show me the force.15:02
lordievaderAre you reading what I type?15:02
personalMy guess is its got to do with the usb starge devices firmware and block assigment, that it has some kind of operation  for speed perposes, it delays wipping them and locks those blocks.15:04
lordievaderSo, you are not. Okay.15:04
pkulasIs possible to minimalize to tray Konversation?15:06
personalLinux doesn't know this, and , hence the device ends up becomming complelty  locked and effectly bricked.15:06
personal<lordievader> No , i dont want this most expensive usb bricked liked all the others15:08
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personalIs that plausable theory ?15:10
personal<lordievader> Can gparted wipe the entire usb clear, except the usb software. I thin its supposed to be in the first sectors, but from experince , i'v found them to be in the lsat sectors of the usbs stick i have purchased. I buy a differnt brand everytime.15:14
ejaypkulas, it's not bc sys tray is broken. have fun.15:14
personal<ejay> are you guys talking about KDE5 ?15:15
pkulasejay : I found system tray at settings, gonna test it now, if it minimalize or close irc15:15
ejayi did found those options as well. problem is - it's not working.15:18
pkulasok works now, thought no icon , just in status & notifications, but it's better anyway.15:18
personalsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/X              . Blocksa device   . It may be becuase they need to be one's , not zero's .15:19
ejaypkulas, good for you. I want to get rid of it from my bottom panel and keep it in systray only but it's too much I guess.15:20
personalBut the firmware is going to be wipped anyway and brick it.15:22
pkulasejay : Did you try Settings Konversation - Behavior - General - Enable System Tray?15:22
ejaypkulas, yes I did. My systray is just broken. Steam is not working with systray. Dropbox is not working with systray. Nothing. Only this couple basic icons are there and that's it. This. Is. Not. Cool. I'm super salty right now.15:23
pkulaswow, crazy. Wonder how that happend, for me steam and other works fine15:24
ejayWell, it's not a big deal. I just need console and bunch of dev tools but after kde4 I got this feeling of downgrade not upgrade. And I don't like it.15:25
MoonUnit`steam tray is working for me in plasma515:26
MoonUnit`dropbox i had to use a tray app to see it15:27
personal<lordievader> I wasn't being smart arse. I just wonderig where your going with your theory. What was your next instruction ?15:27
lordievaderpersonal: I was trying to get information. But clearly you do not want to listen and try random stuff.15:28
personal<lordievader> I want to try everthing and anything. Please continue .15:29
lordievaderNo. I've lost interest.15:29
personal<lordievader> Obi one is looking for you. Lol . Thanks anyway :-) .15:31
ejayMoonUnit, what app? I mean dropbox tray.15:31
MoonUnit`ejay: martins blog suggests wmsystemtray but i prefer trayer http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/15:32
ejayMoonUnit, it's sad that I need to install some 3rd party apps to make such basic thing like systray make usable. Thanks, will check this out.15:38
MoonUnit`ejay: its the problem with living off another distro, ubuntu need to patch some of their packages to make kde work properly.15:42
personal<lordievader> This is stressful for me, just trying to lighten things up. Thank you for taking the time to help out.15:43
ejayCouple of questions: how to enable numlock on the start of the session? How to get rid of Konversation from bottom panel to have it only in systray? How to change color of bottom panel?15:45
pkulasI changed color of bottom panel and whole interface but forgot how :D15:47
pkulasDefault is very bad15:47
MoonUnit`numlock setting in settings/input devices/keyboard15:47
ejaypkulas, default is absolutely terrible.15:48
pkulasSystem Settings - Desktop Theme, there to change color15:48
ejaypkulas, I know where to change color. Problem is when I'm changing colors nothing happens.15:49
pkulasweird :(15:50
pkulasIs it fresh install or upgrade from 14.10?15:50
ejaypkulas, fresh. I tried to install it from 14.10 but Muon crashed and killed my whole system.15:51
ejayfree software FTW! ;)15:51
pkulasMaybe some additional package broken everything for you15:52
ejaypkulas, or, let's be honest, KDE5 is not ready.15:54
pkulasFor me everything works fine yet15:54
pkulaseven mobile modem15:54
pkulasOnly 1 thing is broken on every *buntu is brightness , every time reset to 100% on restart15:55
MoonUnit`added a xrandr command to run at startup to bring the brightness down on mine.15:59
alvinpkulas: It does? Can you check your font preview window? kcmshell5 fontinst16:00
ejayjesus, this new kde is just pure mess. fuck this.16:06
pkulasalvin : preview works16:06
pkulasalvin : but no idea about other things in there16:06
pkulasunistalling a font seems to be a long process or broken16:07
mparilloejay: Bugs or regressions?16:07
pkulasmparillo : stuck on updating font configuration, but maybe it's doing something that long16:08
ejaymparillo, regression. this new plasma is raw. it's working but there is nothing to work.16:09
rebornWhat's system requirement for kubuntu 15.04?16:09
ejayand this sytray is just shameless bitch slap for users of KDE416:10
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ejayand such little thing like changing color of panel is too much for new and shiny plasma 516:15
Riddellejay: no swearing please16:17
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mparilloI believe panel color is set by the overall desktop theme in System Settings. I am pretty sure I remember it changing when I went from Breeze to Breeze Dark with Plasma 5.2. With Plasma 5.2.95, I think something might be missing for Breeze Dark on my install, but that could be my fault.16:37
ejayok, do anyone have any ideas how to change theme to breeze dark. I'm not asking for where I can find theme options but how to make breeze dark change color so my theme will be dark.16:43
ejayand how can I get rid of KDE connect from systray16:44
pkulasejay : Did you try install and set any other theme16:44
ejaypkulas, nope16:45
ejayI just want dark panel. dark ffs!16:46
alvinejay: Right click the system tray -> System Tray Options -> System Tray Settings -> untick KDE connect16:47
ejayalvin, god bless you!16:48
ejaypkulas, where can I find another themes?16:49
LyzeHello :) I have a problem with my tablet. It gets recognized and I can set the properties of it via xsetwacom. However inside the input devices settings gui (kubuntu 15.04) there is no entry for tablet. In the official Ubuntu Wiki they said that I need to install "kde-config-tablet" which is already installed16:50
evgeniyHi. DO you find error in alkonady?16:50
pkulaskcmshell5 desktoptheme and there is Get New Themes button. should work, if not should print any errors for you16:50
pkulasalso btw.16:51
pkulasif you can't set breeze-dark by Theme Panel16:51
pkulasyou can do it manually16:51
pkulas~/.config/plasmarc and  [Theme] name=breeze-dark16:52
pkulasIt should auto change on file change.16:54
ejaypkulas, it is breeze-dark already in this file. breeze dark is working everywhere but on bottom panel.16:54
pkulasejay : maybe your breeze-dark is somehow modified by Theme Panel16:54
ejaypkulas, and problem is - I just want this panel to be dark. I dont care about rest. This panel need to be dark.16:54
pkulasejay : Try install new theme, there are many darks themes16:55
ejaypkulas, it's not modified bc when I'm trying to modify it manually it just goes back to default settings.16:55
alvinHow can I remove the battery notification from SDDM? 0% battery sounds stupid when you have a desktop. Not everyone uses a notebook.16:55
ejaythemes from kde-look does not work with plasma 516:55
pkulasejay : doesn't it show only the 1 that works with plasma?16:56
pkulasI installed like 3 and works all16:56
ejaypkulas, give me names16:57
pkulasjust type Velours16:58
ejaypkulas, ok, it works but I dont want this theme. I want this black panel :D17:00
ejaypkulas, jesus, basic stuff and plasma 5 is like hurr durr. I'm terrified what will gonna happen when I'm gonna start to working on this.17:00
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rohancan someone help me, please? after upgrade to 15.04 from 14.10, my computer just gets stuck at the login screen: the mouse works, but the keyboard does not (although alt-sysrq works)17:05
rohanI have tried changing the display manager from SDDM to lightdm and also tried booting in upstart17:05
rohanbut neither helped17:05
ejayrohan, is your kb working in console?17:08
rohanejay: i can't even switch to console using Ctrl-Alt-F1 (to F7)17:08
rohanejay: but my keyboard is working fine in a livecd and in recovery mode boot17:09
ZerkalerkaAnyone know the default shortcut to open konsole or terminal?17:09
ejayrohan, but I mean text mode, when starting your system you can choose (you need to hit some button - f8 maybe?) to start in recovery mode, normal mode and such.17:10
rohanejay: yes, in text mode, it's work17:11
ejayrohan, and it's just normal, generic kb?17:12
rohanejay: a laptop keyboard, but otherwise just normal17:12
rohanworks everywhere else17:12
ejayrohan, sry but have no clue17:30
metotHi, how do I know the list of available pack after apt-get update?17:46
metotin which file are they saved ?17:46
alvinmetot: I dont't know, but check the output of
alvinwrong paste. There's something with the clipboard17:49
alvinsudo apt list --upgradable17:49
metoti ll check yhx17:50
alvin(You don't need the sudo here)17:50
Mneuroin Kubuntu 15.04 where is the setting to disable effects in fullscreen applications?18:01
alvinMneuro: System Settings -> Display and monitor -> Compositor18:03
Mneuroalvin, thanks so much!18:03
Mneuroso far I'm really liking plasma 5.  It is probably my favorite of hte "modern" desktops18:03
alvinA few sharp corners, but it's growing on me18:03
rebornis plasma 5 much improve in 15.04?18:04
alvinCompared to 14.10? Not really.18:04
reborni see.18:06
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pkulasKonversation setting are not user friendly for laptop users with 1366x768 resolution18:59
pkulasneed to move window with alt to see buttons to apply18:59
alvinI press Leave -> Restart.. and nothing happens19:00
alvinLet's try typing 'reboot'19:01
pkulasas sudo19:01
pkulaswhat is linux command to reboot or shutdown without sudo ?19:02
Zerkalerkashutdown -r now19:02
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
pkulasok it works :)19:08
pkulashad to restart 2 more times, first keyboard didnt respond, second time plasma crashed :D19:08
pkulasbtw. is any1 else missing network icon when connection is on?19:09
pkulasIt same problem I had on mate beta 2, when mobile connection is on icon goes invisible19:10
KottizenHi everyone! I installed fglrx and now everything gets black when I try to sign in. What should I do?19:14
KottizenThe login window still appears, though, so I am not entirely out of graphics.19:15
pkulasKottizen : How did you install it? By additional drivers?19:19
pkulasYou should propably remove fglrx and reinstall open drivers19:20
Kottizenpkulas: Via the terminal, but I figured out a way of getting everything to work. I removed .Xauthority.19:21
pkulasKottizen : so fglrx works now for you?19:21
Kottizenpkulas: It does! First I installed the drivers directly from AMD's website, but those didn't work at all. So I though I could remove them. Didn't work either. Then I installed the version in the repositories, and it worked after having removed .Xauthority.19:22
KottizenDo you, by any chance, know if the default wallpaper is available i a 4k version?19:23
pkulasKottizen : I don't19:24
Kottizenpkulas: Ok. Do you, by any another chance, know why the bookmarks I add in Dolphin disappear when I restart Dolphin?19:26
pkulasKottizen : I installed Kubuntu 15.04 I don't have much expierience with KDE apps19:27
Kottizenpkulas: Temporary solution: Add the bookmarks in another view, such as the Open File view.19:27
KottizenAh, I see...19:28
pkulasKottizen : but yeah same issue here, when add folder to places it's gone after restart19:29
pkulasSo it's probably a bug19:30
KottizenLikely. I'll stick to adding them via the Open File dialog.19:30
luc4Anyone who got “Welcome to emergency mode” after updating to 15.04?19:32
pkulasWhen you right click a folder and use Add to Places it does nothing either19:32
ZerkalerkaEverytime I restart, my start menu keeps getting bigger and bigger and it now takes up the entire screen vertically and aabout 40% width19:34
ZerkalerkaHow can I make it smaller again lol19:35
Zerkalerkahttp://gyazo.com/2b3bf50d28544bc02c06abf4894f9ce7 thats how big it is no wlol19:37
Zerkalerkahmm speak of the devil.. as soon as I paste that screenshot it now automatically reduced its size by about 20%19:38
Zerkalerkainteresting.. :P19:39
pkulasmy looks similar to screenshot19:39
Zerkalerkathats mine now.. after I literally pressed nothing but took that screenshot lol19:40
pkulasbut I have 1366x76819:40
Zerkalerkaah yeah I am 1920x128019:40
MoonUnit`Zerkalerka: tried the alternative menu?19:41
ZerkalerkaMoonUnit`: No I haven't where is that located.19:42
pkulasPress Menu by Right click and Alternatives19:42
Zerkalerkaah wow thats much better TY19:43
ejayCan I reinstall kde themes? I started to mess with breeze dark and it overwrittes default theme.19:57
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assurbanipalhi guys, is there a reason why i don't get gnome applications icon in the system tray with kubuntu 15.04? how can I fix it?20:09
assurbanipalMoonUnit`: i installed the libappindicator but still...20:21
MoonUnit`yeah, you need to install a tray tool, wmsystemtray or trayer.20:22
assurbanipalok I just did, I guess I hacve to login again?20:22
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assurbanipalMoonUnit`: i installed and tried bot trayer and wmsystemtray but the first overlaps with the kde taskbar and the second starts a new window... is there a way tos somehow nicely integrate them to kubuntu?20:28
MoonUnit`afraid not, best you can do is move them somewhere less annoying.20:30
assurbanipalMoonUnit`: really? there is no way to make gtk system tray work with kde5??? this is a huge let-down...20:31
assurbanipalMoonUnit`: that is a slap in the face!20:31
pkulaswhat version of plasma is inside 15.10?20:34
pkulas15.04 * sry20:38
chrissg_Hey folks! My Plasma 5 (kubuntu) is currently half-english, half-german. I want it all to be plain english :) Where did I screw up? I tripple checked Regional Settings -> Translations, to no avail. Any help/pointed would be awesome20:39
hyper_chchrissg_: having same issues here20:41
chrissg_Phhew, I thought I was too dumb here :) Glad to see others have this kind of problem (sorry) ;)20:42
hyper_ch(among other stuff though)20:43
chrissg_Indeed. I have an "todo/issues" file with all current plasma issues, fighting proudly :)20:43
hyper_chmost annoying for me is that konsole freezes upon window resize20:44
hyper_chand plasma desktop on main screen can't be set to folder view20:44
hyper_chand the spacing of mail folders in Kontact despite having oxygen theme and style20:44
pkulasI wonder if system stand up after upgrade plasma to 4.2.95 from 4.2.220:54
soeepkulas: what ?21:00
soeethere is not plasma 4.2.9521:00
pkulas5.2.95 sorry, I'm a bit sleepy21:02
soeepkulas: dont worry the upgrade is smooth21:04
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zefyrJust Installed Kubuntu. Have logged in several times. System always freezes a couple minutes after login. At that point, the mouse still moves fine, but you can not Ctrl+Esc or Alt+Tab. My googling hasn't come up with anything. some close ones, but not the same. Any ideas here?21:23
soeezefyr: is it fresh installation ?21:25
pkulasAfter install plasma 5.2.95 system is totally broken :D21:30
pkulasseems a need to reinstall Kubuntu21:30
zefyrwell, Ive win10 and ubu14.04 on thier own partitions. Kubuntu is fress on it own partition. Kubuntu installed a grub on /dev/sda21:30
zefyrit did the same thing even on the live boot usb a couple times will i was installing. secure boot is disabled, there are no keys for any of the other OSes21:32
pkulasI would probably be able to downgrade plasma but I'm on mobile connection and can't even set up it without working plasma21:32
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codebrainzhi. I just upgraded to 15.04 and it removed my KDE installation. previously I had installed kde-plasma-desktop to get just the basic KDE stuff, but it seems that package isn't available anymore. is there an alternative package to get just the minimal desktop without all the applications?22:14
sfurtawI know that kubuntu-desktop will install the whole bonanza, but I'm not sure about minimal22:15
codebrainzyeah, kubuntu-desktop wants to put 500MB of stuff, most of which I won't use22:15
codebrainzI actually interrupted installing it half-way through to ask here if there was an alternative that won't clog my little hard drive :)22:16
sfurtawthey seem to have updated it too22:16
sfurtawyou may be required to install all of that, but don't quote me22:16
codebrainzmeh, it's no biggie. I don't use KDE much, but when I write applications I like to test it on a lot of DEs22:17
danikvsnhas anyone experienced serious issues with configuring kde after the 15.04 update?22:17
sfurtawI have had a few22:17
codebrainzthe weird thing is, when I google for it, I find this: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+package/kde-plasma-desktop22:18
codebrainzhmm, there's a package called plasma-desktop, might that be it?22:22
sfurtawtry looking at it's dependencies or something22:22
sfurtawjust to confirm22:22
codebrainzyeah, it looks like it22:22
codebrainzit's even just installing from package cache, since the upgrade first upgraded those packages then uninstalled them22:23
codebrainzi think it worked22:26
codebrainzit looks like windows 8 though, not like what I was using before the upgrade22:26
danikvsnfor me my color scheme and window decoration became screwed up for things like systemsettings and kate22:31
danikvsnand my font became weird22:31
darthanubisdanikvsn: you upgraded?22:31
danikvsnworst part is they now refuse to follow systemsettings22:31
danikvsndarthanubis: yea from the beta to 15.0422:32
danikvsnI then did a fresh install22:32
danikvsnscrewed up again after an update22:33
Franksanyone knows the minimal requirentments to run kubuntu 15?22:33
darthanubisFranks: http://askubuntu.com/questions/521076/system-requirements-for-installing-kubuntu-14-0422:35
codebrainz_i just upgraded to 15.04 and I seem to have missed something. when I minimize XChat to the system tray, the icon doesn't show up and I can't get it back. does anyone know which package can bring back my system tray?22:55
codebrainz_codebrainz can confirm I'm sure :)22:56
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darthanubislook for the xchat systray23:29
darthanubisbut I'd scrape xchat for a better kde based irc client anyway23:30
codebrainz_I don't use KDE very much, so it's nice to use the same chat client across all the DEs I use23:31
codebrainz_I found a package called xchat-inidicator, but it doesn't work23:31
darthanubisI said systray23:31
codebrainz_it doesn't exist23:32
darthanubissure it does23:32
codebrainz_what is the package name?23:32
darthanubisI told you23:32
codebrainz_no, you said "xchat systray" which AFAIK isn't a valid package name23:33
codebrainz_and xchat-systray doesn't exist here23:33
codebrainz_(in repos)23:33
codebrainz_although i did hear references to it in my googlings23:34
darthanubisLooks like they finally dropped it23:34
darthanubisxchat is old anyway23:35
darthanubispeople have moved on to better irc cleints23:35
codebrainz_it's still maintained i think23:35
codebrainz_and it works well across DEs quite nice, and I'm used to it :)23:35
darthanubisif you are married to xchat you'll love hexchat23:35
darthanubisapparently it does not,  hence your current issue23:35
codebrainz_heh, not anymore I guess. although it's not xchat's fault the DEs break stuff23:36
codebrainz_does hexchat allow an icon in the system tray?23:37
codebrainz_guess not :(23:39
codebrainz__oh well, it works with the xfce4-panel... guess you'll have to run both :)23:40
dale_on 15.04 firefox and thunderbird have no scroll arrows, the bar alone is too fast23:42
darthanubismouse wheel?23:45
dale_works better for now, thanks, they don't have menus between the title bar and tabs either23:46
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apellizcoshola necesito ayuda con plasma 5.123:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:51
Hairocual es el problema?23:51
apellizcosno puedo actualizar a plasma 5.2 y los menus los tengo en ingles23:52
apellizcose seguido muchos tutoriales y en konsole me dice que tengo la version mas actual23:52
bazhang /join #ubuntu-es  apellizcos23:53
bazhangthis is english apellizcos23:53
apellizcosok, sorry23:54

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