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SuperLagShould do-release-upgrade show a new distro yet?01:34
Unit193What version are you on?01:35
Unit193You'll have to change it to look for normal releases, then upgrade from that to utopic, then vivid.01:37
Ahmuckanybody missing power system tray managment icon?01:40
SuperLaghave to step the upgrades? Can't go from 14.04 to 15.04?01:41
Unit193SuperLag: You'll be able to go from 14.04 to 16.04.01:43
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KamilionAhmuck: yes05:40
AhmuckKamilion, ping06:45
KamilionMissing icon is known issue; last i heard, "will be fixed after release".06:47
Ahmucklubuntu used to be stable before it became "official"06:56
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checheIs there any lubuntu theme with the windows close button on red?12:13
checheI am trying to install for my users so lubuntu looks similar to windows12:14
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Novice201yHi. I'm not able to use Log Out button (inside Start menu) and Turn Off icon in lower right corner. What can I do with this?14:10
wxlcheche: did you try looking at boxlook.org?14:12
wxlcheche: that's where i'd start but honestly i have no idea14:12
wxlNovice201y: what version?14:12
wxlNovice201y: is this a fresh install?14:12
Novice201ywxl: No, it was installed as 14.10 Unity at first.14:13
wxlNovice201y: oh, so you've installed lubuntu-desktop within your ubuntu install then?14:13
Novice201ywxl: Yes14:14
wxlNovice201y: are you aiming for a pure lxde desktop environment?14:14
Novice201ywxl: What You mean by aiming?14:15
wxlNovice201y: is there a reason you still want unity?14:15
Novice201yNovice201y: I'm not the only one using this PC, so I think - yes.14:15
wxlNovice201y: look at you mentioning yourself ;)14:16
wxl!purelxde | try this, Novice201y14:16
ubottutry this, Novice201y: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »14:16
wxlif that doesn't fix it, head back over here and we'll try to help you out14:16
Novice201ywxl: But maybe is there another way to activate this button without touching 3rd parties?14:17
wxlNovice201y: perhaps there is but the more complex the system, the harder it is to diagnose14:18
wxlNovice201y: currently there is no official testing of lubuntu-desktop within a typical ubuntu. for that matter, no other flavor does that, either14:18
Novice201ywxl: Maybe there is the way to simulate this buttons actions in terminal and check what will be the response?14:18
Novice201ywxl: So, it's "nice" to hear it now ;)14:19
wxlNovice201y: i know, i know14:19
wxlNovice201y: i can diagnose lxde issues but unity is a whole different world to me :)14:19
Novice201ywxl: But it's LXDE that doesn't work here. Unity is fine.14:20
wxlNovice201y: i know, but they're not totally separate. open jup lxsession-default-apps and under core applications, what is your quit manager?14:21
Novice201ywxl: I prefer to do what is listed on this site from psycho cats.14:24
wxlNovice201y: heh, ok. well, your quit manager should be lxsession-logout. if it's not you might want to set it as such. that should fix you up. you can similate the action by running it in terminal.14:24
Novice201ywxl: Thank You.14:24
wxlNovice201y: np14:25
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chechewxl: yes I did have a look on boxlook.org. But none of the themes have the window close button with red colour. I16:57
checheFunny 3 hours ago someone publish a windows theme http://box-look.org/content/show.php/Windows+Classic?content=16981216:58
checheI though that maybe is a poblem with openbox that does not allow  ir.16:59
ianorlincheche: I also have had trouble finding a pink titlebar one that is light enough17:27
Steven-My sound works, but trying to control volume with amixer it will only lists IEC958 (S/PDIF) when I use 'amixer scontrols' -- Any ideas where I might go to get amixer to see my sound device?18:49
ianorlinSteven-: what happens when you use alsamixer?18:50
Steven-i can select the card thre18:50
Steven-but I need to control the volume via a command for my Fn keys18:50
ianorlinah so you are trying to keybind it18:51
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