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Kilospieter2627  as jy hier terug kyk  na 23.20 het sy gese dis reg08:21
Kilosdis die 32bit08:21
pieter2627ok sal kyk08:22
pieter2627Kilos: wats reg by 23.20?08:36
Kilosdaai link wat ek jou gegee het08:37
Kilossy het gese dis die een vitr ou pcs08:37
pieter2627oh, hy download al08:37
Kilos500 meg dink ek08:37
Kiloslekker die uncapped ding ne08:42
Kilosek moes wag vir middernag08:42
pieter2627yip, gelukkig is die ander in die huis nie nou op net anderse moes ek manager ook sit vir middernag08:43
Kilosmaar wget -c werk goed08:44
Kilosvinniger as browser download08:44
pieter2627ja dit is08:45
Kiloso het jy gesien die epos van william08:45
Kilosskryf neer hoe julle booktype instaleer op ec2 asb08:45
pieter2627nee, my setting is om een n dag te kry08:46
Kiloso een digest08:46
pieter2627het jacque nie reg gekom nie?08:47
Kilosek weet nie08:47
Kiloshy het net verdwyn08:47
Kilosen sal seker eers weer dinsdag by wees08:47
pieter2627oh, check net gou goed oor lxc sal laat vermiddag kan kyk as ek dan tyd het08:49
Kilosok maar geen haas nie dink ek , miskien het jacques dit al reg08:50
pieter2627ek wil in elk geval ec2 uit check08:51
Kilosvry goed is altyd lekker08:51
pieter2627speel goed is altyd lekker08:52
stickyboyKilos: Going to meet Ethiopian Linux peeps soon.08:56
Kilosenjoy stickyboy  and tell them about our site and this channel hey09:00
Kilosotherwise ill put the mafia on you09:00
* Kilos waits for stickyboy to answer11:28
ubuntiste-msakni! spotty14:07
ubuntiste-msaknispotty !14:07
ubuntiste-msaknihey Kilos :D14:07
Kiloshi ubuntiste-msakni14:07
ubuntiste-msakniHow to wake him? :p14:07
Kiloslemme try14:07
Kilosspotty  ping14:08
spottyKilos: Excuse me?14:08
ubuntiste-msaknispotty help14:08
spottyubuntiste-msakni: I can help you with: administrative functions, bot accounts and permissions, debugging me, looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.14:08
spottyAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.14:08
Kiloshe is awake what do you want to know14:08
ubuntiste-msakniCan I write a msg for a user and when he'll be online spotty tell him that msg?14:09
Kilosits a python bot so common bot commands dont work14:09
Kilos say spotty tell nick message14:09
ubuntiste-msakniCool.. how to do that x)14:09
Kilosas in spotty  tell elacheche wake up lad14:10
Kilosspotty  tell elacheche wake up lad14:10
spottyKilos: Got it, I'll tell elacheche on freenode14:10
ubuntiste-msaknispotty tell melodie thank you very much for the ipSec link :)14:11
spottyubuntiste-msakni: Righto, I'll tell melodie on freenode14:11
ubuntiste-msaknicool x)14:11
Kiloscool bot hey14:11
Kiloswritten by the za guys14:11
ubuntiste-msakniBTW, is it based on an Open License?14:12
ubuntiste-msakniCool :)14:12
Kiloslook in repos at ibid14:12
ubuntiste-msakniok thx :)14:12
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Kilosstickyboy  you speak french?19:28
spotty_melodie: By the way, ubuntiste-msakni on freenode told me "tell melodie thank you very much for the ipSec link :)" 5 hours, 18 minutes and 27 seconds ago19:29
melodiethanks spotty_19:30
Kilosspotty_  is our bot19:31
melodieKilos can't I thank a bot?19:31
melodiedo you think bots don't have a soul? XD19:32
Kilosyes spotty_  thanks19:32
Kilosspotty_  thanks19:32
spotty_Kilos: not at all19:32
Kilosthis one makes coffee too19:32
Kilosspotty_  coffee on19:32
* spotty_ starts grinding coffee19:32
melodieKilos see? the bot program isn't that stupid19:32
Kilosthis is an ibid bot in the repos19:33
Kiloswritten by za peeps19:33
Kiloscan do meeting minutes and lots more19:33
Kilosspotty_  help19:33
spotty_Kilos: I can help you with: administrative functions, bot accounts and permissions, debugging me, looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.19:33
spotty_Ask me "help me with ..." for more details.19:33
spotty_Coffee's ready for Kilos!19:36
Kilosspotty_  ty19:37
spotty_My pleasure Kilos19:37
melodiefor the French speaking Africa Linux users: https://aful.org/gul/liste#afrique19:38
melodieperhaps would you want to use it to make a full list of Africa LUG's, no matter the country?19:39
melodie* no matter the language I meant19:39
melodiehi elacheche_anis19:39
Kiloselacheche_anis  that link is for you19:41
elacheche_anisHey melodie Kilos actually all the Tunisian LUGs are no more actifs.. They are all dead..19:56
elacheche_anisMaybe I'll add Ubuntu Tunisia to that list.. Didn't knew that AFUL have a list19:56
Kilosthats no good, pull them into your loco19:57
Kilosdont leave any linux users out there in the dark if you can19:57
Kiloselacheche_anis  do you think you can invite them to ur channel and site19:59
Kilosin french of course19:59
Kilosget your brother involved as well19:59
Kilosinetpro  idea!20:00
Kiloswhat you think of us adding the lugs to our wiki page as well20:00
Kiloselacheche_anis  ask neo if you get a chance20:00
melodieon #linuxvillage we are talking in both en and fr, depending who we talk with, you can do it too here of course20:01
Kilosyes i agree but easier to first contact them in french20:01
Kilosthis channel is not tied to english either20:02
elacheche_anisUnfortunately, I don't know those guys! They are inactif for a long time before I join the community.. BTW.. Not all Linux Users like Ubuntu here.. We have many who are against Ubuntu :D20:03
elacheche_anisbonsoir alphad20:03
Kiloshi alphad  welcome to ubuntu-africa20:04
Kilosoh well elacheche_anis  we can only try20:05
Kilosthere is no where else that all the continents users can become one community20:05
Kiloslike stickyboy  isnt an ubuntu user20:06
Kilosbut he has become a friend20:07
melodiealphad elacheche_anis is in Tunisia, Kilos in South Africa - elacheche_anis Kilos alphad is in Ivoria20:09
* melodie knows ^^20:09
Kilosaha ty for that20:10
melodieelacheche_anis tell them all ubuntu users and devs are not ok with Canonical's lens leading to amazon and don't do that20:10
melodieas far as I know gnomeubuntu doesn't and same for xubuntu, and for lubuntu20:11
Kilosmelodie  do they have a ubuntu loco there20:11
elacheche_anishahaha.. Last time I was in the second row for RMS talk, just 1.5 meter way from him.. With my Ubuntu-tn T-shirt and he was staring to me and my boys and giving the talk how ubuntu is a spy x)20:11
melodiealphad do you have a LoCo in your country Kilos asks?20:12
* elacheche_anis GTG.. BRB..20:12
Kilosoh melodie  there has been lots of comment about that lens, you can remove or disable it20:12
melodieelacheche_anis we need to tell him all Ubuntu are not, and that the improvements made on the code globally are worth it20:12
melodieand the word spread about foss too20:12
melodieKilos I know, but personally Unity itself is also a horror20:13
Kilosyes thats why they have added ubuntu-mate as official now20:13
melodieI spread Xubuntu and Lubuntu along with my own Bento, never will I for Unity20:14
Kilosand i use kubuntu20:14
Kilosubuntu-mate is much like gnome220:17
Kilosand faster than unity20:17
melodieKilos my philosophy is that less is more20:23
melodiehurra for Openbox ! :D20:23
Kiloslol yes i like it20:23
melodiealong with openbox-menu and obsession of course20:23
melodieKilos you are the ambassador of Bento in South Africa then!20:23
Kilosfor older machines its great20:24
melodieperhaps the first there to try it ^^20:24
melodieKilos in newer machines it works a treat too! I can tell20:24
Kilosi will tell the guys with old machines to try it yes20:24
Kilosi wont change from kde20:24
melodiewell, I'll have to do something special to make it up to date with the Ubuntu officials though, because of uefi20:25
melodieKilos you can have all the kde apps you want in Bento, it plays fine with gtk apps too20:25
Kiloslol you dont give up hey20:25
melodieI am using that to migrate outlook addressbooks from windows xp to ubuntu20:25
melodieto Evolution/thunderbird or else20:26
melodieKilos I don't, this is what Openbox can do, be used with Gnome, (there is a bug lately, which needs attention, we will see) with Kde, with nothing, with lxde, and used to work with Xfce but doesn't anymore since a pair of years.20:27
Kilosi just did evolution to thunderbird, too much work for old peeps. inetpro  had to help20:27
melodieyou export, import to kaddressbook and from there re export to whatever format you need20:27
Kiloscouple of years20:28
melodiethis is a wonderful trick20:28
melodiewhatever you name it20:28
Kilostip is right yes20:28
Kilosi will help you with english20:31
melodiethank you!20:33
Kilosyoure welcome20:33
melodiewith English. In French we use low case, in English high case. ;)20:33
melodiewe will help each other (-:20:34
melodiewelcome you are20:34
Kilosi cant learn french20:34
melodieok I don't mind20:34
Kilostoo much linux to work out20:35
melodieyou can learn "hello". simple, just say "bonjour"20:35
Kilosoh yes20:35
Kilosand salut20:35
melodiewhich really means good day (bon jour"20:35
melodieyes: salut!20:35
Kilosi can learn a few words like that yes20:35
melodiewhen you leave for lunch or dinner they tell you "bon appétit" (or bon appetit)20:35
melodiesure! :D20:36
Kilosoh yes20:36
melodienice !20:36
stickyboyДобър ден! (Good day!)20:37
stickyboyBulgarian :D20:38
stickyboyGod it looks slick on the Mac.20:38
stickyboyTypography like whaaaaaat.20:39
melodiestickyboy can you provide the pronunciation please?20:42
Kilosoh melody i have some french blood in me20:44
Kilosdu preez20:44
melodieKilos great!20:44
melodieI don't;20:44
melodieI might have some blood issued from the ancien Huns, not sure exactly20:45
melodiewell Duprez is a family which spread in several continents, including America I heard20:45
stickyboymelodie: Ah, yes! Добър ден == Dobur den.20:46
melodiestickyboy thanks!20:46
melodieDubur den!20:46
melodiedobur den20:46
melodiesorry, my accent isn't quite right yet! :D20:46
melodieI see "p" is a "r" in Bulgarian20:47
melodieI new a miles from Bulgaria20:47
melodiewonder what he becomes?20:47
melodieBento Sushi now has a pic online: http://linuxvillage.org/en/2015/04/sushi-trusty-in-test/20:49
melodiein English20:49
melodieand in French too: http://linuxvillage.org/blog/2015/04/24/sushi-trusty-a-tester/20:49
melodiethen the big work is starting with packages to create and docs20:49
melodieKilos I will provide it with all the sound packages next time, in both versions 32 and 6420:50
Kilosthat is lots of work20:50
melodiein the meanwhile if you want the list of needed packages I can post that somewhere20:50
Kilosits only in xchat that they left out bell.ogg and added bell.oga as default20:51
melodieyes lots of work, and some help would be welcome, if some in African communities want to help get the best Openbox Ubuntu spin ever, they are welcome!20:51
Kilosand it makes a small sound20:51
melodieyou say you need the sound, right?20:51
Kilosyes when im in kitchen or watching tv the bell.ogg akert calls me20:52
Kilosi will check pidgin for sound tomorrow20:52
melodieI don't use sounds, I just come and have a look here and there when I do something else, and if I'm to leave it a long time I make myself away20:53
Kilosmost people do that but i have only one eye left that works and it isnt very good20:53
Kilosso t look all over is hard work20:54
Kiloseasier when sound tells me xchat or pidgin message20:54
melodieI understand20:54
Kilosi need to go sleep20:57
Kilosnight everybody20:57
melodiesure, good night Kilos20:57
Kilossleep tight20:57
melodiejust a question Kilos20:57
melodiedid the meditation work yesterday night? did it bring ideas this morning?20:57
Kilosno i dont think so. all i wanted to do was install bento20:58
melodiecan you try again please?20:58
Kiloswill do20:58
melodiethen do it, thanks20:58
Kilosok sleep tight melodie  , dont stay awake so late20:59
Kilosthen come online earlier20:59
melodieKilos not sure, but just do the meditation, it helps improving the world :D20:59
melodieespecially the world of foss ! ^^20:59
melodieI can't come online earlier, have to work on the project before coming21:00
melodiegood night!21:00
melodieelacheche_anis j'ai eu un message du bot où tu me remerciais pour des infos sur IPSec ?21:08
elacheche_anismelodie, hier soir tu m'as passé un lien à propos de strongSwan :) j'ai pas lu ton message que ce matin :)22:06
melodieelacheche_anis ça t'a aidé ce lien vers strongSwan ?22:33
melodiej'ai vu qu'il y a bien des infos sur IPSec sur wikipedia aussi, juste je me souviens pas si wikipedia fr ou en est le plus fourni22:33

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