bzoltan_balloons:  the normal process is that non-SDK people send MRs against the  project and we review them before integration.03:27
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christian_hi guys07:32
christian_someone can tell how to set download path for ubuntu-download-manager07:32
christian_i cant find it on the api docs07:33
akiva-thinkpadhello all09:41
bzoltan_vitimiti:  would you please check what SDK version do you have? apt-cache policy qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ubuntu-emulator10:04
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  hello there, how is going?10:05
bzoltan_vitimiti: The emulators are development enabled by default. You can also check from the terminal with `adb devices` if the emulator is visible.10:07
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan_, good. Just thinking about the plugin. BTW, I accidently took myself off as driver of the project, putting the sdk team in control. Mind either moving me to the sdk team or putting me back on as driver of the project, so I can actually merge to trunk?10:13
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  done10:14
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  after the project is integrated to the SDK we need to follow the same QA process as the other plugins, so you need to get each MR reviewed and tested before merging to the trunk :)10:15
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan_, well do10:51
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  of course the ultimate target is to upstream your plugin to the main QtC :) specially that in this cycle we are going to move to the QtSDK installation model10:52
akiva-thinkpadthe qtsdk installation model?10:54
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  it means that Ubuntu SDK will not depend on the distro Qt packages, but it will be a compact QtC with all the dependencies included.10:57
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  the problem is that with 15.10 the Qt will be on 5.5 or even newer... when the LTS what we still support is on 5.2  It is impossible to provide the same functionality and same UI from a single QtC what builds on both 5.6 and 5.2 Qt10:59
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan_, so the goal is to have the sdk up to snuff for all lts's?10:59
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  The developers wil hardly realize the difference :) The bonus is that the Ubuntu SDK will just work on Debian-Fedora-OSX too ... with certain limitations of course11:00
bzoltan_akiva-thinkpad:  Yes, LTS is LTS ... we must provide SDK bits to developers who are using LTS11:00
akiva-thinkpadbzoltan_, hmmmm, interesting.11:00
vitimitibzoltan_, sorry, I reformated the PC and I wasn't looking, let me check11:11
vitimitibzoltan_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10885445/11:12
bzoltan_vitimiti:  cool, so you have the latest stock stuff from 15.0411:25
bzoltan_vitimiti:  do you see the running emulator from adb devices?11:25
vitimitibzoltan_, my PC is really slow and it's still reinstalling the click targets, let me install the device again and test that in some time11:26
bzoltan_vitimiti:  OK In the UI you can follow how the emulatordevice boots up.11:29
vitimitibzoltan_, yes, but it keeps saying that it's loading with the activity indicator and the device is never ready to install the click build and test it, it's always showing activity in the does it have connection and does it have the developer mode enabled parts11:30
vitimitiI'll test it again with adb devices, too when I reinstall it, though11:30
bzoltan_vitimiti:  running an emulator is a processor and memory heavy operation. What PC do you use?11:31
vitimitibzoltan_, an AMD bobcat, ASUS K53U-A53U. I know it takes time, but with the devel it works, with the devel-proposed it doesn't. Maybe it's more resource wanting and my PC can't cope with it?11:36
vitimitiAlright, this time it didn't even install. I might wait until I have a better PC for the emulators11:38
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mrqtrosHi all13:14
mrqtrosUbuntu.Web module isn't working under 15.04 on device13:15
mrqtrosDid anyone meet the same issue?13:15
bzoltan_vitimiti:  your machine should be fine with the emulator. I am working with emulators with much weaker hw.  Would you trz the 14.09 proposed?13:28
vitimitibzoltan_, I will try it13:34
vitimitibzoltan_, I just had my terminal open while opening the SDK and this appeared out of nowhere: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10886447/13:36
Esd_Hi all, I'm trying to get starting with making an app for ubuntu phone using qa creator.  I don't quite understand what a "kit" is though.  Could someone please explain that to me?13:36
popeyEsd_: mostly a chroot in which you build the app before deployment13:37
Esd_popey, are there details of how that works documented anywhere?13:37
akiva-thinkpadi'll have to thank zbenjamin for correcting my coding style. I was making local variables into members of my class.13:38
popeyEsd_: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-sdk/using-device-kits/13:38
akiva-thinkpadhuh, glad I know how silly that is now.13:39
Esd_popey, thanks!13:39
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vitimitibzoltan_, I could install the rtm-14.09 proposed one, I'm going to see now if it can recognize a connection and the developer mode15:04
vitimitiIt'll take some time15:04
vitimitibzoltan_, now that one works but it seems my project's libraries are too new: "file:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/youtube-dl-ubutouch.vitimiti/1.0/YouTube-DL-UbuTouch/Main.qml:25 plugin cannot be loaded for module "YouTube_DL_UbuTouch": The plugin '/opt/click.ubuntu.com/youtube-dl-ubutouch.vitimiti/1.0/lib/i386-linux-gnu/YouTube_DL_UbuTouch/libYouTube_DL_UbuTouchbackend.so' uses incompatible Qt library. (5.4.1) [debug]"15:21
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bzoltan_vitimiti:  You need to use 14.10 Kit for that emulator16:38
bzoltan_vitimiti:  your qml plugin was built on 15.04 Kit what has newer and so incompatible Qt than the 14.0916:39
christian_hi guys16:44
christian_someone can help me?... iam using ubuntu-download manager for ubuntu phone qml app16:44
christian_but i cant set download path16:45
peterMXHi guys17:44
peterMXHow are you @christian_ ?17:52
mzanettisturmflut, ping17:52
sturmflutmzanetti: Pong!17:52
mzanettisturmflut, reading your app whishlist17:52
sturmflutmzanetti: Yay!17:52
mzanettisturmflut, re WiFi scanner: http://notyetthere.org/openstore/v1/wifiscanner.mzanetti_0.1_armhf.click (currently crashes on rtm - works on vivid)17:52
mzanettisturmflut, re Bluetooth scanner: QtBluetooth should allow scanning already today17:52
peterMXSome one has a nice app to share?17:53
mzanettisturmflut, re tasker: I've got this running on my phone, still needs a ui to add rules, and some phone related plugins: https://github.com/guh/guh/wiki17:53
sturmflutmzanetti: I talked over it with Wellark_ and my last information was that the connectivity-api is the API to ask for WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Direct access to some services (e.g. NetworkManager) will apparently be restricted later, I don't know which API QtBluetooth talks to17:54
sturmflutmzanetti: Keep 'em coming ;)17:54
mzanettisturmflut, I'm afraid that's it for now17:55
mzanettisturmflut, yeah... no chance to do a wifi scanner confined atm... this one only runs unconfined... so make sure to read the source before installing :P17:55
sturmflutmzanetti: This is just great! I wish I had the time to do more stuff, but that thing called "my actual job" keeps interfering17:56
mzanettisturmflut, QtBluetooth talks to Bluez...  actually I haven't tried if it runs confined.17:56
mzanettisturmflut, ah right, one more17:58
sturmflutmzanetti: I think the most important thing for now would be a GPS Status app. I've started to build one, but promptly ran into a non-working API again :/ mandel ist about to fix it17:58
mzanettisturmflut, I had success in packaging up nmap with an app and do a network scanner - confined17:58
sturmflutmzanetti: I didn't know that nmap supported unprivileged ICMP17:58
mzanettilet me push the code17:59
mzanettisturmflut, lp:~mzanetti/+junk/netscan18:00
mzanettisturmflut, you need to apt-get install nmap:armhf in the chroot18:00
mzanettisturmflut, then this should run (probably only tested on vivid), scan your local net, list hosts and allow opening each open port in the browser18:01
sturmflutI'll have a look at it after wrangling with libSDL2 yet again :)18:01
mzanettithe terminal would require support for ssh:// and telnet:// to make it really cool :D18:01
sturmflutmzanetti: Adding all of this to the list right now18:03
christian_someone have experience using ubuntu-download-manager or ubuntu-content?18:12
sturmflutAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I did it18:13
sturmflutpopey: It might not look like much, but http://i.imgur.com/luUYWCk.png is libSDL2 drawing random pixels18:13
sturmflutmzanetti: ^^18:14
vitimitibzoltan_, yes, I supposed so. Thank you for all the help :)18:34
vitimitiI'll try compiling with the other kit18:34
mzanettisturmflut, this one might be worth linking too, in case someone wants to pick up a port: https://github.com/rogora/hangish18:46
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sturmflutmzanetti: Added!19:03
sturmflutmzanetti: Looks quite interesting, I didn't know that the Hangouts API is open enough.19:03
cimmWhat should I listen to to know a page was pushed on top of the stack? Is there an onVisible style handler on PageStack? Can't find anything in the documentation.20:37
cimmanswering my own question: onVisibleChanged seems to work20:51
parnstermia|2how can i built an visual interface for my c++ ap?22:00
parnstermia|2parnstermia|2: any tips of where to start?22:00

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