ScottKrbasak: OK.  Tried to copy it over again.01:08
ScottKrbasak: Fixed.03:07
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peat-psuwitDo you have any tip for compiling gst-plugins-bad1.0?11:06
peat-psuwitit says it cannot find mir_toolkit/mir_c11:06
pittiev: yes, to verify correct Depends:; but tests can have Restrictions: needs-recommends12:48
pitticjwatson_: thanks, will watch out! but I think wgrant disabled them again anyway, until we sort out the binary version issue, right?12:49
wgrantpitti: Yeah, disaled everywhere now, though there was one set of builds (clamav) in the primary archive that ddeb-retriever should have caught.14:21
wgrantI haven't checked if it did.14:21
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tewardthis may sound a little weird, but is it possible to force apt install failure / crash bugs to also include the systemd status command for the individual application that failed?  'Cause https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/1447294 shows that it failed to install with error 1, but not actual information about *why* it failed.17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447294 in nginx (Ubuntu Vivid) "package nginx-full 1.6.2-5ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Incomplete]17:12
tewardmy guess is it started nginx but it failed to bind, but apport didn't include that data.17:12
teward(it only put the DpkgTerminalHistory, which states there was an error and to run additional commands to get status or try and find the problem)17:12
tewardi think maybe its better asked as, "Is it possible to instruct Apport to include additional output from commands for a given package when a bug is filed for it?"17:38
tewardand if so how17:38
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cjwatson_teward: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport#Per-package_Apport_Hooks18:22
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tewardcjwatson: thanks18:40
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brendand_anyone might know how i ended up with two cursors on the scren after upgrading to the final cut of vivid?19:07
brendand_one of which doesn't do anything, and is making life extremely difficult right now19:08
brendand_also lost the ctrl+alt+t terminal short cut - can't remember how to restore that...19:08
brendand_it is set in keyboard settings...19:09
tnkhanhhi where do I download the latest ubuntu on dev branch19:11
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tewardtnkhanh: Ubuntu 15.04 was released as stable a couple days ago.  W-series isn't open yet, though, so it probably doesn't yet have anything for a 'dev branch'22:52
tewardunless i'm misunderstanding what you're asking22:52
tnkhanhteward: ok I see23:01
tnkhanhteward: I just want to be always up-to date ;)23:02
tnkhanhteward: I installed the dev branch one off 15.04 a month earlier, will it be the same as the released one now?23:03
tewardtnkhanh: you can either do a complete reinstall with the final images, or `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` and get all the updates since then23:03
tewardsince the repositories still exist, and they *do* change a lot during dev23:04
tnkhanhteward: I see, I justt did the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade thing23:04
tewardin either case the repositories are still the same 'location' - just doing a typical apt-get upgrade (or dist-upgrade to force all the updates) will get you to the current state of the repositories23:05
tewardi'd make sure thoug that you have -updates and -security repositories enabled as well in your sources.list as well23:05
tewards/will get you/should get you/23:05
tnkhanhthanks, I see23:06
tnkhanher what do you mean by "s/will get you"23:06
tewardtnkhanh: 'sed'23:06
tewardtnkhanh: IRC version of saying "Where I said 'will get you' i meant to say 'should get you'"23:06
tewardbut it's ultimately the same thing as I said before23:07
tnkhanhteward: ohh I see, weird IRC stuff23:07
tewardreally it's just shorthand but meh23:07
tewarda short way of saying "Find this in my last statement, and replace it with this because I mistyped"23:08
tewardirrelevant to the ultimate point though23:08
tnkhanhlol amazing23:08

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