lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:55
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: hi :p04:55
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lordievaderGood morning.07:32
BluesKajHey folks10:56
MonkeyDustaccording to reviews, 15.04 is not much different from 14.1013:22
cfhowlettas expected, no?13:23
BluesKajexcept for the plasma5 desktop13:23
OerHeksexcept for systemD, i guess13:24
BluesKajon kubuntu13:24
MonkeyDustkubuntu has some baloo_file bug, that eats cpu13:25
BluesKajwhat's ubuntu look like, same as 14.10 ?13:25
MonkeyDustplenty complaints in fora, no solution13:25
BluesKajalways have baloo disabled with akonadi turned off in ~/.config13:26
MonkeyDustlike many others, i like MATE13:32
daftykinsooh my those naughty liars claiming to be running OSs they're not ^_^14:54
lordievaderdaftykins: But Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu! I demand support :P14:58
* daftykins sharpens a penguin for lordievader 15:03
* lordievader runs to safety behind a large stuffed Tux15:04
OerHeksMe still runs 14.10 :-)18:28
daftykinsnon-LTS!? you beast!18:31
OerHeksliving on the edge18:42
daftykinsi wonder why we're getting this influx of people that like installing newer kernels18:43
OerHeksThey hear about it, i wonder why they don't want 4.0.118:43
OerHeksand gnome 3.1618:44
OerHeksand a picture of me ...18:44
daftykinsOerHeks: but a picture might be scary as i believe your name means some form of witch?18:45
OerHeks"daftykins is not an active member of any Launchpad teams." ... really?18:45
daftykinsi don't even use desktop18:45
daftykinsthe only bugs i've ever submitted were ignored for over 6+ years18:46
daftykinsin fact i tried to get my accounts deleted but was told that they cannot be.18:46
OerHeksThey can be made inactive, but your input not, that would mess up timelines.18:47
daftykinsmight've had a handful of forum posts18:47
OerHeksSame when someone passes away, what to do with an account.18:47
daftykinsat some point i need to discover if i can stop showing my email address to the world, via googling my nickname18:47
OerHekswell, here in holland you can ask google.nl to forget about you, but you will be tracable tru google.com :-D18:49
OerHeksfunny EU silly technocrats18:49
daftykinsmaybe it's a profile option on launchpad18:50
daftykinsOerHeks: what would a launchpad team do though? :)18:52
OerHeksThere are several teams, some for a softwareproject, or communitystuff, translate, etc18:53
OerHeksThe Dutch team is a low activity team, we like to do more, but it allways ends up on the shoulders of one person18:54
OerHeksand good people come and go..18:54
OerHeks* good with knowledge18:54
daftykinsi certainly have no dev skills18:54
OerHeksYes you do. you are the link between the devs and user.18:55
OerHeksbeiing a dev does not nessaseraly mean you can code18:55
daftykinshrmm, well i stick to server and don't do all that much there18:55
OerHeksI still need to fire up a server, playing around with those new features, docker, snappy core18:56
daftykinstransactional updates could be quite interesting18:57
daftykinsdist-upgrade wins the prize for most misleading command ever19:15
daftykinsso many suckers are made :D19:16
OerHekswow nice overview what IDE can do > http://stackoverflow.com/a/8160922:45

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