LinDolhi all :)00:44
LinDoli got ready for USB bootable disk :)04:20
LinDolinstalling :)04:20
lindolinstalling is finished , wow,04:57
lindoli think VV is very fast and sensitive :)04:57
lindolwow. Thank you for all ;)04:58
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lindolHeloo :)09:15
lindolso, I translated release note to Korean for ReleaseNote09:16
lindolwhere could i send link to by email?09:16
darkxsthi lindol09:31
darkxstemail list?09:31
darkxstlindol, you seen bug 144027509:32
ubot5bug 1440275 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME only allows regional format setting for US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144027509:32
lindoli sent email already09:33
darkxstok, good09:33
lindoldarkxst, bug? i am not yet09:34
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lindoli am checking now about bug (1440275)09:34
darkxstlindol, using vivid?09:34
lindolI installed it before 2 hour :)09:34
darkxstlindol, fresh install? can you comment on the bug with whatever is on your system, (working or not)09:36
lindoldarkxst, yeha, I installed by fresh install.09:36
lindolso, bug 1440275 works fine.09:36
ubot5bug 1440275 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME only allows regional format setting for US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144027509:36
lindolLanguage: Korean, format: Korean.09:37
darkxstlindol, thanks for confirming, can you add those comments to the bug if you havent already!09:38
lindolin launch pad?09:39
darkxstlindol, yes please09:40
lindoldarkxst, Tim, i wrote comment now :)09:47
lindolso, sorry, i am still learnning english.09:47
darkxstlindol, its ok, Ive told you before your english is pretty good, for was it 1 year learning?09:56
lindolyes. :)09:58
lindolThank you for your help and teaching. :)09:58
lindolhaha. time to go for a waching movie10:07
lindolSee again, Thank you for all :)10:07
Athos-xHi there people...12:16
Athos-xI am having quite the difficulty getting plymouth splash to work again, i have tried every fix out there and absolutely nothing seems to work.12:17
Athos-xUbuntu Gnome 15.0412:17
Athos-xIs anyone familiar with this problem? It happened after installing the propietary Nvidia drivers.12:19
Athos-xWhich is quite normal... But the fixes do not seem to work...12:19
Athos-xWell thanks anyways... Seems like a Ghost IRC town here lol. God bless...12:19
TommyBrunnHi guys. Is there anything like the "alternate cd" for Ubuntu Gnome? I'm having issues getting Ubuntu Gnome installed (ubiquity crashing).13:29
TommyBrunnAlso, which logs should I be looking at to get an idea of what's going wrong? Basically, Ubiquity gets to the "who are you" part, and then when I click continue, it just closes itself and then nothing happens, except my cursor spins for a while.13:30
TommyBrunnAlright, found the log at least.13:34
fishearsHi guys. Quick question... if I add the gnome staging ppa to 15.04 do I just refresh and do the partial upgrade that is offered to get 3.16 installed?14:21
fishearsi'll try again later, thanks14:27
f1she4rsHi, I'm on 15.04 and want to get Gnome Shell 3.16 installed. I've added the staging PPA and updater now offers me a Partial Upgrade. Is that what I need to do? Thanks, I haven't used Gnome for years now.14:37
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Kiel182Hi everyone19:32
Kiel182I'm kind of having a problem : I'm trying to mount a cdrom (audio, store-bought). I can access it via rhythmbox, amarok and everything, but I need to mount it so i can access it on another computer via ssh. When I try I get the following error : mount: /dev/cdrom: can't read superblock19:34
Kiel182Any idea how to 'fix' that ?19:34
arthurfiggishello :) i've been using ubuntu gnome 15.04 for the past few days and aside from one problem i've come across it's been great...i use a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, and with full hard disk encryption enabled, you can't type in the password to decrypt the hard drive :( i had to connect up a wired usb keyboard, at which point i could type it in...and the wireless keyboard/mouse both work fine once it boots, as well as if hard19:48
arthurfiggisdrive encryption is disabled...has anyone else come across this?19:48
pirivanHello, need help installing 15.04. My laptop boots OK from USB stick, I then click the launcher "Install Ubuntu Gnome 15.04," a new window pops up (I can't see what that really is, language selector maybe?), and then it exits. Nothing else happens. What command can I use on the CLI to launch the installer (maybe I can see some error messages there)?19:49
pirivanany idea how to launch the 15.04 installer from the command line?20:16

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