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StrvnMrvnwhen building deb/buntu packages as described at https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/tree/master/deb15:54
StrvnMrvnusing ./build-debs.sh master ~/mythtv my output ends up being http://pastebin.com/TpT1pfTY15:55
StrvnMrvnwas expecting mythtv_0.28.0~master....15:55
StrvnMrvnany tips on how to properly select the branch while trying to build 0.28/head?15:56
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karlsheaI’m having a hard time getting a Ceton Infinitv PCI card working… the cable card is paired, and I can get to the web interface just fine, but mythtv can’t seem to tune to any channel and the mplayer test is saying it’s running out of cache.21:43
karlsheaLogs show an error about the ringbuffer and “Taking too long to be allowed to read"21:44
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