ScottKwgrant, cjwatson, somebody: Rejected: clamav 0.98.6+dfsg-1ubuntu3 in vivid (Cannot copy DDEBs to a primary archive) - that makes releasing an SRU kind of tough01:31
ScottKOh, I think I get it.01:31
ScottKIt's still copying to the release pocket, not -updates01:32
ScottKWell no, same error using copy-package to updates.01:40
cjwatson19:33 <wgrant> We can fix the clamav situation by either a) reuploading it, b) fixing pkg-create-dbgsym before SRU verification completes, c) removing the primary archive ddebs check since it's obsolete now that publish_debug_symbols is a disableable thing.01:40
cjwatson(I'm sure wgrant won't mind me leaking that)01:41
cjwatsonBasically we turned on new-style ddebs and then had to revert because that broke gcc; unfortunately clamav was a temporary casualty of this.  If you can wait until Monday-ish then I believe William was intending to do c) then.  Otherwise do a).01:42
ScottKcjwatson: We're getting a fairly high rate of bug reports over this.  I guess I'll go a.02:18
cjwatsonScottK: Thanks.  Sorry for the inconvenience.02:21
cjwatsonToo much to hope that it would all go smoothly after all the planning ...02:21
ScottKWell the other frustrating part is we knew about this bug but thought almost no one would hit is, so didn't push uploading a fix.02:22
ScottKClearly that analysis was in error.02:22
ScottKOK.  Released again.  Let's see how that goes.02:51
ScottKSeems like that worked.03:02
ScottKThanks cjwatson and wgrant.03:02
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wgrantScottK: Sorry, meant to copy what Colin quoted here but got distracted by another crisis. I'll indeed be implementing c) on Monday, but clamav was the only package hit.08:29
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ScottKwgrant: At least we got it sorted.  Thanks.15:18
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wxlhey we going to turn dailies back on?20:40
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infinitywxl: Doesn't make much sense to do so until w-series is open.20:47
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Loganand/or named22:42
wxlinfinity: oh. that makes sense then :)23:33
UkikieAlso, the name issue.23:33
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