dobeyAzelphur: sure. you should create a chroot of ubuntu to instally any such packages like that. running x86 code under qemu on arm would be excruciatingly slow though00:46
Azelphurdobey, hopefully fast enough, I just wanna play FTL :P00:47
dobeyi doubt it will be fast enough :)00:47
Azelphurreally? have you seen FTL? It's not exactly crysis00:47
Azelphurbut that's interesting what you mentioned, can you create a full Ubuntu install inside Ubuntu touch but running natively on ARM? that'd be extremely useful to me00:48
dobeyAzelphur: eh, i have 10+ year old games that are even slow on my i7 with 16GB of RAM00:48
dobeysure, you can create a chroot of ubuntu, but it's not quite the same as running an ISO of ubuntu00:48
Azelphurdobey, any docs for that?00:49
Azelphurdobey, also, FTL is essentially a spreadsheet... http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/212680/ss_052d698926073e8d407a864f0e63a486af24ec0d.600x338.jpg?t=141697036100:49
dobeythe interaction model isn't what makes it fast or slow00:50
dobeyconverting floating point x86 operations to run on top of arm is going to be slow. heck, even running the ubuntu phone image in the emulator on my i7 is slow :)00:51
dobeyand that's running i386 on top of amd6400:52
dobeyi'm sure FTL uses some GL operations that the phone hardware might not support as well, so it might not even run. and i presume you acquired it via steam, which means it will probably need steam running as well00:54
Azelphurdobey, actually doesn't require steam, despite being acquired through steam it's drm free03:30
Azelphurbut yea, I've been wanting to get something x86 that has the size/battery life of my Nexus 7 for exactly these reasons, I'd love something ~7" that runs a full nix disto properly03:30
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EdwardMorbiusmorning, anyone knows if wifi tethering/hotspot planned for UT?06:56
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EdwardMorbiuseveryone asleep it seems :)06:59
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nhainesEdwardMorbius: You'll generaly have better luck during the workweek and during European business hours.  :)07:45
nhainesBut as it turns out, yes, tethering and hotspot are on the roadmap.  There's some terminal command you can use to enable tethering, I think.  But once it's all working well it'll end up in System Settings somewhere.07:46
EdwardMorbiusnhaines thanks, is that planned for 15.04?07:46
dadexix86Hello, I have some huge problems with the synced contacts from Google. Some of them are not correctly synced. Some show one or more phone numbers but some show nothing (and I don't see any pattern in why this some yes/some no). is it a known bug?08:31
dadexix86this is a problem because when someone calls me and this random "wrong sync" occured on her/his number I do not see the name08:35
EdwardMorbiustry deleting the account and readding it, I dont have such issues on my bq.08:40
dadexix86EdwardMorbius, done already. the same contacts have the same problem08:42
dadexix86mh... I may have found the "ratio". some of the wrong synced are merged from other contacts08:43
dadexix86merged on android but not on the google website08:43
EdwardMorbiusthen maybe you should edit your contacts on google and try again08:43
dadexix86if I merge them again then they are synced correctly08:44
dadexix86but the synced photos are now messed up, some are from the first contact, some from the second08:44
dadexix86I edit them on google website and try again08:45
dadexix86ok, manipulating them from google website solved the problem :)08:56
dadexix86do you know if there is a way to see the email of the contacts?08:56
EdwardMorbiusyou mean on the phone on the contact profile?09:07
dadexix86EdwardMorbius, yes on the phone. In the contact profile or anywhere else :)09:08
EdwardMorbiuscontacts-tap the contact then tap the icon on the right-it will open up contact details-there in the upper right corner there is a pencil like icon09:08
EdwardMorbiustap that and you will be able to see more details and "Add Field" for email09:09
dadexix86uuuuh! the icon on the right! that was definitely counter-intuitive for me! :)09:09
dadexix86I was tapping the photo, the name, long tapping, swiping... but the icon on the right was out of my mind :P09:10
EdwardMorbiuson Ubuntu Touch most such settings are on top right icon so you can keep that in mind ;) :)09:10
dadexix86yeah, I went in the top right also ;) I was hoping for a "Contact Details" label there :P09:12
dadexix86but that icon is not top right, it's just "right" :)09:13
EdwardMorbiuswell its sorted out now so its good :)09:18
sturmflut_popey, Elleo, mzanetti: If you have the time it would be nice if you had a look at http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/04/24/ubuntu-touch-app-wishlist-april-2015/ again10:59
popeysturmflut_: i was looking at it just yesterday with Robert Ancell :)11:06
popeyoh, this is a new list?11:06
sturmflut_popey: Yes, new and updated and now with even more lasers11:07
sturmflut_(lasers not included)11:07
popey\o/ lasers11:07
sturmflut_popey: Basically I went through a couple of Android magazines, looked at their app recommendations and completed my list11:10
peat-psuwitDo you have any tip for compiling gst-plugins-bad1.0?11:12
peat-psuwitIt says it cannot find mir_toolkit/mir_c11:12
sturmflut_peat-psuwit: Sorry, no11:14
popeysturmflut_: what would also be neat is a list of (or sub-list) of suggested scopes11:17
popeylike, online services which have known well-documented APIs11:17
popeywhich people could create scopes for11:17
sturmflut_popey: Oh, that is true. I'll think of something.11:17
BOHverkillsturmflut_: nice list :)11:35
* DanChapman is considering a simple scope to show the last 20-30 emails received in dekko. And let someone else aggregate that into a cool scope view11:37
sturmflut_BOHverkill: Thanks! It was quite a lot of work.11:43
BOHverkillsturmflut_: is this only your list or can I give you hints for missing apps?11:48
sturmflut_BOHverkill: Even better, you can clone https://github.com/Sturmflut/sturmflut.github.io, make changes to the article and send me a pull request ;)12:42
BOHverkillsturmflut_: k thx12:42
sturmflut_mandel: tvoss just changed "Affects" from location-service to qtubuntu-sensors in bug 1448180. I pulled the code and I think I see the problem, only core::GeoPositionInfoSource was implemented, but core::GeoSatelliteInfoSource wasn't, right?12:52
ubot5bug 1448180 in qtubuntu-sensors (Ubuntu) "QGeoSatelliteInfoSource::createDefaultSource() returns NULL on the bq phone" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144818012:52
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mzanettianyone has a hint on how to best connect the ubuntu phone to OSX? (mainly for music & pictures)13:15
popeymzanetti: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/106156/does-mavericks-support-mtp13:16
popeyneeds an app13:16
mzanettiyeah... obviously there's plenty of choice. hoped someone would tell me some app that is known to work13:16
mzanettiok. Android File Transfer for OSX seems to work fine with the Ubuntu Phone13:27
mzanettithe robot is a bit "in your face" though :D Would prefer an Ubuntu logo in there13:30
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Guest49411i got a question about the ubuntu phone update cycle13:47
Guest49411is ubuntu phone just some sort of GUI with the same ubuntu underneath?13:48
Guest49411like ubuntu desktop13:48
Guest49411cool. so if i buy the available ubuntu phone and it is buggy, i get free fixes und OS updates just like on ubuntu desktop?13:53
Guest49411like... forever?13:53
popeythats the plan13:53
Guest49411that sound awesome. i hate it that android phone run out of updates. thats just marketing13:53
Guest49411this should just suggest your phone is too old. but the developer make it look old13:54
Guest49411i dont think thats the right way :)13:55
Guest49411thanks for helping me out!13:56
sturmflut|afkmzanetti, popey: So Apple stuff doesn't support MTP out of the box?14:23
mzanettisturmflut|afk, no14:24
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ilarioHi! Maybe a bug in messaging-app, I didn't find it in the reported bug list: when I receive a SMS from my mobile operator (sender: "Orange") the messaging app doesn't show me the message. Here you are: from the homepage of the app I can see something https://i.imgur.com/Z2srX2A.png but then there's nothing in the conversation https://i.imgur.com/OZXoeQS.png . Should I report this bug? Someone experienced something like this?15:01
sturmflutilario: Looks like a bug you should report15:44
ilariook :)15:44
ilarioreported here :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/144849216:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1448492 in messaging-app (Ubuntu) "Can't open SMS from my operator" [Undecided,New]16:13
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dadexix86hello! does anyone know of a countdown app?16:29
dadexix86obviously with an alarm when the  time reaches zero16:30
DogsbodyIn there any way to install Ubuntu Touch on an old Nexus 7 (2012) or is it completely depreciated now?16:43
DogsbodyI've tried a number of things all day but not gotten anywhere :-/16:43
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sturmflutdadexix86: Hmmm, the standard "Clock" app had a timer, but I can't find it as well17:01
sturmflutdadexix86: It still says "A sophisticated clock app that provides timer, stopwatch, alarm and world clock functionality."17:02
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dadexix86sturmflut, yes indeed, but I cannot find it :P17:10
dadexix86probably it was removed at some point but no one changed the description.17:19
sturmflutdadexix86: Ah, there was a redesign once, the Clock App Reboot17:20
sturmflutIs there any documentation on how to manually cross-rebuild a package inside a chroot?17:26
ilariohi! I have the BQ Aquaris with the Ubuntu edition cover (this cover: https://static-bqreaders.s3.amazonaws.com/img/web/productView/aquaris-e4-5-ubuntu/accesorios/02_500.jpg ) and I would like to have the clock in the center of the welcome screen (lock screen) instead of on the top, so I can read the time without opening the cover. In my opinion this should be toggled by the option "Security&Privacy > Stats on welcome screen" that17:34
ilarioactually leaves in the circle a non useful message "No data sources available".17:34
dadexix86ilario, I already submitted something similar bug 144665417:37
ubot5bug 1446654 in Ubuntu UX "Clock in the center of lock screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144665417:37
dadexix86please say that it affects also yourself, so maybe some develor will have a look at it eventually :)17:37
ilario+1 :D17:39
dadexix86ilario, thanks!17:43
dadexix86have a nice evening!17:43
ilariothanks to you :)17:43
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ilariofor reporting a bug on telegram app: which is the name of the package? I can't find it...18:02
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cwayneilario, https://launchpad.net/libqtelegram18:09
ilariocwayne, thanks, but when I issue "apport-bug libqtelegram" on the phone I obtain "The problem cannot be reported: The report belongs to a package that is not installed."18:11
cwayneilario, it's not a deb package, but a click package18:12
cwayneso apport-bug won't do it18:12
ilariowut... ok18:12
cwayneilario, you'll have to log it the old fashioned way :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/libqtelegram/+filebug18:13
ilariook :)18:13
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sturmflutAny ideas on ubuntu-device-flash exiting with "Failed to enter Recovery", bug 1427359?19:43
ubot5bug 1427359 in android-tools (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-device-flash fails to flash image once it reboots into recovery mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142735919:43
sturmflutI made the system image writeable and now can't go back19:45
cwayne_mardy_, you around?21:37
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neon_squirrel Is there any word on Ubuntu Phone for the Nexus 6, or is there a way to run full Ubuntu on it because it's an ARM processor?22:27
beunoneon_squirrel, Ubuntu Phone runs on arm22:28
beunothe BQ device is arm22:28
beunohowever, there is no official port, nor is there one planned22:28
k1lubuntu-desktop can run on arm.22:29
neon_squirrelbeuno, That sucks...I was hoping for at least a community port. Why the discrepancy between the Nexus 5 and 6?22:29
beunoneon_squirrel, there is no official port for Nexus 5 either  :)22:29
k1lbut you dont want to use a "regular desktop" on a smartphone-display with touch. its just hell to click on all the stuff and not having a right click22:30
beunoneon_squirrel, there is no official port for Nexus 5 either  :)22:30
beunowe use Nexus 4 as a common device, and now also the BQ device22:30
beunowe won't aim to support devices ourselves, but rather support devices that will ship Ubuntu pre-installed22:30
beunothe rest will be in the hands of the community22:31
k1lthere is a community port for nexus5 iirc. but there was something about the nexus6. i think its just to expensive for the regular guys who do the porting.22:31
neon_squirrelk1l, If I can run desktop on an ARM, e.g. my Nexus 6, what image do I use? I found the links for ARM for server, but I don't know if that's the right link.22:32
beunoneon_squirrel, it's all about the drivers22:32
k1lneon_squirrel: there is no "one iso" for arm. we dont have generic drivers for ARM stuff like we do have on the desktop22:32
beunothey won't generally be available, or in the kernel22:32
beuno*vanilla kernel22:33
k1lso the ARM.iso for nexus6 will not run on the samsung galaxy s6. so you need to make a iso for every device.22:33
neon_squirrelk1l, that sounds way more complicated than I want to get, haha. I'll stick with flashing CM, I think :D22:34
k1lneon_squirrel: see the wiki linked or on xda if someone did a port with ubuntu-touch already.22:35
neon_squirrelI'll take a look.22:35
k1lbut believe me, you dont want a regular desktop os like (ubuntu desktop) on your smartphone, because they are not optimized for touch and that small displays.22:36
neon_squirrelYeah, I did the VNC/dual boot Debian thing once on a Kindle Fire. Huge pain in the ass.22:38
neon_squirrelThis is in the Nexus 5 thread, but if it works on Lollipop with the Nexus 5, is there a reason it won't work with the 6? Drivers, I assume.22:38
neon_squirrelDamn. Oh well :) I'll stick with CM. Thanks, guys. I can also forsee problems with installing those programs on Arch :)22:41
cwayne_nexus6 is also android 5, while the ports use 4.4 still22:43
spokCan I use voip with Ubuntu touch?23:36

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