profus2hi everybody13:40
profus2first time user of launchpad translator13:40
profus2could somebody help me out13:41
profus2what i am supposed to do after finishing translation13:41
profus2download translation and save it in a *.po file13:41
profus2and after that upload po file to the project?13:41
profus2can someboy help me out or point me in the right direction?14:04
nik90profus2: I dont know much, but you just need to fill in the translation and just press the "save and continue" at the bottom. The app developer will be able to either import the po files himself or let launchpad merge it into his trunk automatically.16:24
nik90profus2: as a translator, you shouldn't have to worry about download the po file and uploading it. That's the app dev's job of ensuring it is merged into his trunk branch.16:25
profus2@nik: i was so entrenched in doing the translations, did not see your reply16:27
profus2after finishing I clicked on "download translation" and recieive a po file via email16:28
profus2out of curiosity i installed a po-editor and had a look at it16:28
profus2the editor gave me some more insights such as missing strings which seemed not to have been saved to the translation file16:29
profus2software is cross platform and called poedit16:30
profus2the nicest feature it had, was the ability to compare my translation to "machine translation" and to translation of others16:31
profus2which led me to to an update on several on my translations16:32
nik90profus2: I got to run, but it is not necessary to download the po afaik..may be someone might be able.16:32
nik90Happy translating ;)16:33
profus2after saving the po file i uploaded it16:33
profus2@nik90: anyway thanks for replying and trying to help me out16:33
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