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moreatiDoes http://www.engadget.com/ kill the browser tab in Chrome(ium) for any of you?05:06
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* zmoylan-pi fires up chromium...05:39
zmoylan-pihe's dead jim...05:42
zmoylan-pia 1gb netbook so closing down almost every other program and repeating...05:44
zmoylan-piand still dead as a dodo05:47
zmoylan-piworks fine in my normal browser which on this old slow system is qupzilla a lite browser05:49
knightwisegood morning everyone06:05
knightwi1ewhois Knightmare06:26
knightwi1emor'ning Knightmare06:26
knightwi1ehey  Chl06:31
knightwi1ehey Knightmare , how are you doin over there in TX06:33
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Knightwisearent you in the us ?06:35
KnightwiseSorry , you are on the TX freenode server :) my bad06:35
Knightwiseread the whois wrong06:35
Knightwisewhere are you from ?06:38
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diddledanmorning all07:40
diddledanso my WD RED discs arrived nice and early07:40
diddledanbusy inserting them right now07:40
diddledanzfs raidz is now rebuilding after the first replacement (I'm doing two replacements and one addition)07:47
diddledanshould give me 9TB usable spaces07:47
diddledan(12 total)07:47
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:14
brobostigonmorning diddledan08:15
diddledanI love how when you're playing with hard disc swapping and you leave them all lying on the floor attached to the computer while you power-up to do the first step in rebuilding an array (replacing one disc offline at a time) it looks like the computer is spilling it's guts as though it's been critically injured08:16
diddledan(there's a nice thought for your morning :-p)08:16
diddledanin other news: I've run-out of sata ports :-D08:17
diddledangot all six used for 4hdds and 2ssds08:17
diddledan30% rebuilt08:19
* diddledan twiddles someone's thumbs08:19
diddledanhe's excited08:28
diddledanhmm, 1 more hour for the FIRST resilvering of my array08:31
diddledangot another two to go08:32
diddledanallo bashrc08:32
bashrcg'day peeps08:33
* diddledan stands by his original statement08:33
bashrcyesterday I battled with emacs, and I think I won08:34
diddledanI'm not sure you can ever win that fight can you?08:34
bashrcI think what's happening between 14.10 and 15.04 is that some of the stuff which used to come with emacs by default now no longer does08:35
bashrcmaking the core app leaner08:35
diddledanit's like falling into a black hole - it warps itself so the more you think you've learned the more it decides to show you that's an incorrect assumption08:35
bashrcemacs is not so much a black hole as like falling down the rabbit hole08:36
bashrcinto a world of hatters and dormice08:36
diddledanweirdness ensues!08:37
diddledanyou: "what's this?" devs: "we don't talk about that. just ignore it."08:38
bashrcis today Debian release day?08:39
diddledanI am out of touch with debian release cycles08:39
diddledanI tend to only really take note of ubuntu's08:39
bashrcI don't think debian has cycles as such, they just release when they're ready08:40
diddledancome-on raid08:41
* diddledan gets impatient08:41
diddledan45 minutes to go apparently08:42
diddledanI wonder if it would have been quicker to leave the old disc plugged-in and do an online-replace08:43
diddledanstep two initiated. says it's gonna take 7 hours this time10:11
bashrc7 hours is enough time to make coffee10:31
zmoylan-pienough time to perfect cold fusion :-P10:33
diddledanadobe tried that10:33
diddledanit's an evil thing now10:33
zmoylan-piwell... adobe...10:33
diddledanok, should I do a raid5 or a raid10 (raid 10 only loses me 1TB currently over raid5 but in the future if I upgrade to bigger discs then that will increase)10:41
diddledan.. I'm gonna recreate the array10:41
diddledansave doing the whole rebuild10:41
diddledanluckily I've not got too much data yet so I can put it on a usb while I redo the array10:42
diddledanpoor daddy. he sounds very poorly on the phone10:46
diddledankiller manflu I believe10:46
penguin42there seems to be an error in the weather, it was lovely and warm and sunny, and now I've got a week off it's pouring down10:47
diddledanit's fine here. cloudy but the sun is shining10:47
diddledanbashrc: don't forget to close the door10:48
TheProphet[S]Hi all16:04
TheProphet[S]I thought 15.04 had been released officially. When I do-release-upgrade it loads utopic packages, why is that? The same applies to do-release-upgrade - d!16:06
daftykinswhat version are you on now?16:06
daftykinsyou should never use do-release-upgrade -d16:06
daftykinsyeah, so you have to update to 14.10 before you can go to 15.0416:07
daftykinsyou can't bypass 14.10 :)16:07
zmoylan-pido not pass go, do not collect #200.... :-P16:07
daftykinswhich also gives you plenty of time to backup \o/16:08
TheProphet[S]I have worked on alpha versions of Ubuntu before, but that's beside the point. I would like to revert my repositories to trusty now, is that possible?16:08
penguin42downgrading isn't possible generally16:09
TheProphet[S]my sources.list is correct, it mentions only trusty16:09
TheProphet[S]I haven't installed anything16:09
TheProphet[S]I did not proceed with the upgrade once I realised I was going to install utopic16:10
daftykinsyou might be safe as long as you closed out then16:10
TheProphet[S]But my repositories now are utopic, even though my sources.list is set on trusty16:10
TheProphet[S]I did close yes, I needed to confirm if I wanted to proceed and said no.16:11
TheProphet[S]If I try to update my packages now it says that I have to upgrade all of them because it's using utopic repos16:12
TheProphet[S]I might as well do the upgrade now, the reason why I wanted to do it in the first place is that it freezes, can't even reisub16:14
daftykinsthat might be unrelated16:15
TheProphet[S]It is, the freezing happens since way before this upgrade incident16:15
daftykinsmemtest + disk health ok? :)16:16
TheProphet[S]I'm not sure even if it's an hardware or software problem16:17
TheProphet[S]I keep thinking it's the video card16:17
TheProphet[S]But I can't pinpoint it16:17
TheProphet[S]Everytime I log in I get an error message about xserver-xorg-core, because it crashes16:22
directhex_Has anyone got Bioshock Infinite running on 1504?16:23
TheProphet[S]On 14.04 yes16:23
directhex_it wokrked for me on my old PC (14.04), not my new one (15.04)16:25
directhex_i'd like to see if someone else has a problem before wasting my time with an unneeded reinstall16:26
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AndChat|336756I updated my system to 14.10 in order to upgrade to 15.04, but now WiFi does not connect18:30
daftykinsgot a network cable handy?18:31
AndChat|336756The router is in another room, why?18:33
daftykinsuse wired?18:33
daftykinsno point fixing a version you're not even going to stay on18:33
AndChat|336756Not fiscally possible unfortunately, I would either need a 30 meter cable or to carry Pc and 42" TV to the other room18:35
AndChat|336756Is there a way to fix it though? I'm trying to modify modules.conf18:36
daftykinsgot another computer? like a laptop?18:36
AndChat|336756The one I'm typing from yes18:36
MartijnVdSFiscally? So it's not possible for tax reasons?18:36
daftykinsMartijnVdS: it's financially non-viable :D18:36
daftykinstime = money18:36
MartijnVdSdaftykins: network cables aren't THAT expensive are they? :P18:36
daftykinsAndChat|336756: android device though, hrmm probably can't bridge wired LAN through that18:37
daftykinsproper laptop, yes18:37
daftykinsAndChat|336756: we don't even know what your wireless adapter is right now18:37
AndChat|336756But the adapter works, it sees the 2.4 Ghz connection, the password is the same as always18:38
AndChat|336756It connects for a few seconds and then disconnects itself18:38
daftykinsah ok so the details are slowly adding up18:38
daftykinsperhaps if you pored over the system logs you might find an explanation as to why, but i really think it'd be more sensible to either clean install 15.04 at this point or drag the machine over to wired18:39
AndChat|336756There was a blatant syntax error in the iwlwifi.conf file18:41
daftykinsfine now then?18:41
AndChat|336756I corrected the error and saved the file, now it's connected18:42
AndChat|336756Thanks, regarding the fiscal cliff I mentioned earlier18:43
AndChat|336756Oh, forget it, I was gonna try and say something clever18:44
daftykinsnothing like an air of absolute pessimism to motivate one to find the real solution \o/18:44
ali1234can anyone make any sense of this? http://msscodefactory.sourceforge.net/19:44
ali1234i'm not sure if it's way over my head or the next templeOS19:44
ali1234it appears to be a tool that takes a database schema and generates a static java ORM on top of it19:49
ali1234apparently it takes "multi-hours" to run19:49
ali1234but maybe i am missing something19:49
ali1234also i dont understand how expert systems or genetic algorithms fit in19:51
ali1234but "genetic" might be a typo19:51
MAPczhi all20:44
MAPczso hard sleeping abroad in diff hotels and that;/20:44
directhex_it takes me a few days to get comfortable in a hotel bed20:45
MAPczyea i managed 4/5hrs a night and thats it20:46
MAPczwaking up all the time then tired at night20:46
directhex_i might stay up later if i enjoyed cartoon network's late night programming20:47
directhex_and CN is the only channel i watch when i'm in the US20:47
directhex_it's the only channel which isn't back-to-back lies20:47
daftykinscartoon network20:53
* penguin42 puts a pile of corn in one corner of the channel for daftykins and watches21:01
* daftykins scratches his head21:02
daftykinsMeep Meep21:02
MAPczwhats that bew show startiong on sky atlantic21:16
MAPczseen an ad for it..looked good but forgot;/21:16
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