TengokuNoIsanGood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!00:55
rmg51Morning JonathanD10:11
JonathanDHey rmg5110:12
JonathanDHow's it going?11:01
TengokuNoIsanrocking atm11:02
TengokuNoIsanmuch rack.  I need IKEA lack tables11:02
TengokuNoIsanThinking an end table, and the $20 coffee table11:03
JonathanDmy servers are in a pile starting at the floor on an old compaq that's true purpose at this point is to keep the rest from getting water damage if it floods.11:03
JonathanDWith a couple in a stereo rack (which is at least a 19in)11:03
TengokuNoIsandropping a Perc6 in the 860, and then giving it away to a guy from Reddit in FL11:06
TengokuNoIsanPent D 925, 2GB, 146GB 15K SAS11:07
JonathanDI need to get rid of my crap.11:10
JonathanDI'm only using the poweredge right now.11:10
JonathanDI just have tons of VMs on it.11:10
TengokuNoIsanwhat you have to sell?11:11
JonathanDI don't know if it's worthy of sale anymore.11:13
JonathanDThere's 4 IBM servers, but those are PIII11:13
JonathanDand a newer IBM, forget what it is, but it's a big light on resources.11:14
JonathanDand a dl36011:14
JonathanDneeds a part though.11:14
JonathanDI might have to scrap them at this point.11:14
JonathanDI have a second poweredge I'm using as a storage server. Forgot about that.11:14
TengokuNoIsanwhat part on the 360?11:14
JonathanDa fan assembly.11:14
JonathanDOne of the proc fans.11:14
JonathanDI'll have to check when I'm home.11:15
JonathanDSince I can't power it on without the fan :)11:15
TengokuNoIsanNeed a 2950 with 2 E5335s, 16GB, 3 146GB 15Ks and a Perc5?11:15
JonathanDThe poweredge is serving my needs pretty well.11:15
JonathanDRuns 3 asterisk boxes, zenoss, a couple webservers, owncloud, and a squid proxy for everything to sit behind.11:15
JonathanDand my firewall.11:16
TengokuNoIsanIn "Das Game Room" on Facebook, there is a gentleman by the name of Jason Griebau.11:16
JonathanD(on the flip side if that box dies my network dies with it)11:16
TengokuNoIsanHe's selling for $20011:16
JonathanDI shouldn't get any more hardware lol :)11:16
TengokuNoIsanU know u want it11:16
* TengokuNoIsan pushes like a dealer11:16
JonathanDShould have seen my wifes face when I brought home the storage server.11:16
JonathanDI was walking to my car and it was literally sitting on the sidewalk next to it... older 4 bay poweredge tower.11:17
JonathanDI had been thinking of buying a small NAS or sometihng.11:17
JonathanDBut it made such a sad little face I just had to take it in.11:17
JonathanDThe previous owner had smashed in the disks with a hammer so badly I had to hammer the disk trays back into workable shape myself.11:18
TengokuNoIsanI had a guy toss a bunch of Dual E5335 Xeon IBM servers in the skip at the local recycling place.  He SNAPPED the dimmes, drilled the CPUs, and smashed _47_ 146GB SAS 15Ks11:19
JonathanDI can see killing diksks11:20
JonathanDthat makes sense to me.11:20
JonathanDbut snapping the dimms?11:20
TengokuNoIsanhe even smashed the motherboards and QUAD GB intel NICs11:20
JonathanDThis proliant had a pair of FC cards in it.11:20
JonathanDIn working order.11:20
JonathanDIf I get around to it I'll wire it up to the vm server via those.11:21
JonathanDJust because.11:21
JonathanD(not like I need the throughput lol)11:21
JonathanDRight now it's all iscsi.11:21
TengokuNoIsanI need to get ready to head to $UNI and $TA11:22
JonathanDI'm at the office for some special weekend crap :P11:23
TengokuNoIsanI got a call this morning, DEMANDING I assist IT on Community day11:23
TengokuNoIsanat 9AM11:23
TengokuNoIsanThat's wshen I TA...11:23
JonathanDBut community day is fun!?11:28
JonathanDTengokuNoIsan: which uni?11:28
TengokuNoIsanOf course, IT has shot my application down three years in a row :P11:30
=== waltman_ is now known as waltman
waltmanJonathanD: nothing wrong with a little fixer-upper. I'm sure it just needed a little love.11:54
JonathanDwaltman: love by hammer.11:55
JonathanDand vise.11:55
waltmantough love11:55
waltmanStill, it could've been worse. It could've been this: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/04/22/man-puts-8-bullets-in-his-dell-tells-police-its-worth-the-ticket/11:57
JonathanDHah, I saw that.11:57
JonathanDPoor dell :P11:57
SamuraiAlbaMultiple nicks ;)12:00
SamuraiAlbaI need rack mounts12:10
waltmanpleia2: The Penn Band just adopted one of these at the Philadelphia Zoo. It really needs to have an Ubuntu version named after it!12:13
waltmancomely coquerel's sifaka?12:13

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