Kiloshi SDCDev  06:23
Kilosinetpro  ping06:23
Kiloshi Tonberry  06:32
Kiloshi pieter2627  07:57
pieter2627morning Kilos 07:58
Kiloshoe gaan dit vandag07:58
pieter2627goed goed, en self?07:59
Kilosgoed dankie07:59
Kilosas jy klaar is met daai site goed propose a merge laat pro kan kyk08:00
Kiloso ja het jy gelees van die tale ding?08:00
pieter2627wou net kyk of nog spel goed opkom om dit saam te sit - niemand het nog spel gesien nie?08:02
Kilosas nikola dit automaties kan doen met die hele site wonderlik anders moet hulle maar engels leer dink ek08:02
pieter2627yip ek hey08:02
Kiloshet jy net die een pc seun?08:03
Kilosdis lekker met 2 dan kan een net wees vir ander goed probeer08:04
Kilossoos ek het nou net n remix op ander een instaleer08:05
Kilosdie tannie het testers nodig08:05
pieter2627ek sien, hier is n ou pc wat ek goed kan op test08:05
Kilosstel jy belang08:06
Kilosdit is n ligte os08:06
Kilosopenbox ding08:06
pieter2627bento wat jul gister van gepraat het08:06
Kiloslyk my daai tannie probeer dit aleen doen08:07
Kiloslyk vir my baie na 10.10 ek dink08:07
pieter2627kan kyk om n tydjie daarvoor te maak08:08
Kilosnet as jy lus is08:08
Kilosmoenie ander goed afskeep nie08:08
* pieter2627 thinks Kilos wants to make sure he has help when stuck :P08:09
Kilosit works here man08:09
Kilosi just have no idea what to test08:09
pieter2627ek kan dit in 'fit' in daai tye waaneer ek niks het om te doen of vir iets wag08:10
Kilosmooi dankie08:11
pieter2627vir testing dink ek n mens moet stupid act en die dink probeer breek08:11
Kilossies man ek het al als behalwe kde gebreek08:12
pieter2627nog nie hard genoeg geact nie? :P08:13
pieter2627waar download ek dit08:13
Kiloswag ek kry die ding08:17
Kilosskuus ek moes gaan hekke oopmaak08:17
Kiloshi Squirm  08:17
Kilosek sien nie test daar nie08:18
Kilosthats the one i got08:20
Kilosand she dont come on till avy08:20
Kiloswhats new Squirm  08:23
inetprogood mornings08:57
stickyboyinetpro: Good morning08:59
Kiloslo my pro09:01
Kilosyou didnt pong me inetpro  09:01
inetprogive me a chance to read oom09:01
inetproKilos: pong09:02
inetprosee I ponged you09:02
Kilosgreetings inetpro  do you also see colour changes to some cards in trello09:02
inetproKilos: it's called Card Aging09:03
Kilosoh my09:03
inetproCards will visibly “age” as time passes without any activity. Regular mode will cause old cards to become progressively more transparent. Pirate mode will cause old cards to crack and tear like an old treasure map. Once cards have new activity on them, their age counter is reset and they appear new again. Age thresholds are 1, 2, and 4 weeks.09:03
Kerberoi've never seen that on trello09:04
Kerberobut normally our cards aren't around much longer than a couple of days09:04
Kilosyou use trello on your own Kerbero  09:04
Kilosours last months09:05
inetproKerbero: it's part of Power-Ups09:05
KerberoKilos, no, our company09:05
Kilosoh also inetpro  , another person joined our launchpad but i dunno who09:05
Kilosi like to keep up to date with things man09:06
Kiloswhats with the and? you should tell me who rather09:07
inetproKilos: can you not see who?09:07
Kilosno i gotta go down the list one for one but dont recognise lotsa names there09:09
* inetpro not understanding the problem09:09
Kilosas usual09:09
Kiloswhere does it say this guy joined last09:09
inetpro1st of all, what team are you talking about and where are you looking?09:10
Kilosza i think09:10
Kilosoh i found a last thingie09:11
Kilosim still not any the wiser09:12
inetproexplain to us your real concern09:13
Kilosnono never mind09:13
Kilosas long as the list grows that is good too09:14
inetproyou can always talk to him via email09:14
inetprodo the greeting thigy et al09:14
inetprothingy as well09:14
Kilosman then i have to choose out of 7 which one was last09:15
inetprowhere do you see 7?09:15
Kiloswhen i ticked last i see 709:16
Kilosno 1109:16
Kilosforget that09:16
inetproyou really want us to read your mind?09:16
Kilosdid you read confluency  s comments about ibid yesterday09:17
Kiloswhat mind09:17
inetpromind reading requires serious hacking09:17
Kilosno mind to read, i run on fumes09:17
Kiloskde fumes09:18
inetprotell me about confluency and ibid09:18
Kilosread the logs09:19
Kilosshe said something about library somethings or other09:19
inetprowho said it can no longer run?09:19
Kilosin 14.04 and later not in vm with old release09:20
inetprorephrase: who said it can no longer run on the latest release?09:20
Kiloswe all tried remember09:21
inetproag kom nou09:21
Kilosyou even made a virtual thing to run it in09:22
inetproone day when I have time I will show you that it can run on the latest realse09:23
inetprosimply not priority right now09:23
Kiloswhy didnt you tell me when we were sukkeling09:23
Kilosnow that poor simon is rewriting it in python309:24
inetpronothing wrong with that09:24
confluencyI have no idea why someone said that it wouldn't run on 14.04.09:24
confluencyOr that it was necessary to port it to python3.09:24
confluencyYou don't need a VM; you just need a virtualenv.09:25
confluencyYou can fix pretty much any dependency problem with that.09:26
confluencyI can't comment further without knowing what was actually claimed.09:26
inetproconfluency: exactly, maybe what we need more than anything is updated documentation and instructions09:26
inetprobut having said that, the bot needs a bit of love as well09:27
confluencySure. But porting the whole thing unnecessarily takes time away from fixing things.09:27
Kilosi started the whole thing i think because i used to run ibid directly from cli with no other stuff needed09:27
confluencyYou can do that with virtualenv.09:28
Kilosthen it didnt work on 14.04 anymore that way09:28
confluencyIf you need to.09:28
confluencyBut why? What was the problem?09:28
Kilosyou ran ibid in terminal and it didnt do anything09:29
Kilosbefore it use to join allocated channels09:29
confluencyDo you remember when this was discussed? Logs are public, so there should be a record somewhere.  Did someone narrow the issue down to a root cause?09:30
KilosSquirm  when did you leave your old host09:30
Kilosi remeber even gremble tried to fix it and when he gave up the weed said ya its a major job09:34
Kilosthe pro is supposed to remember all these small issues09:35
Kilosbut he is good at finding correct logs09:35
confluencyI'm searching them now.09:36
Kilosit all came about when Squirm  left his host and QA died09:38
confluencyI can't find anything useful. I'll ask tumbleweed if I see him online.09:50
Kiloscool ty confluency  hows the studies going?09:50
confluencyHopefully they won't be going for much longer.09:51
Kilosthen you will be done?09:51
Kilosgood luck09:51
confluencyThe only thing I can think of is adding support for sqlalchemy 0.6 and above. But 1) this has nothing to do with python3 and 2) you can install whatever exact package versions you need in a virtualenv.09:54
Kilosthe weed will have to say whats needed, i just use things09:55
Kilosbut he is 9 hours behing us so we only get him at night09:56
inetproconfluency: actually what we need to focus on is to get ibid packaged properly so it can be part of the repositories again10:44
inetproother people would say it is outdated and we should just use something else but I haven't really seen another bot with all the features you find in ibid just yet10:47
inetpronot that I have searched much though10:47
Kilosya ibid be kiff for us10:47
inetproinstalling from source is not the right way to go10:48
Kilosand ibids make the best coffee10:48
inetproKilos: I've changed your job card10:51
Kilosuh oh10:51
Kilosinetpro  what?10:59
inetproyou must focus on Current Activities not the others :-)10:59
Kilosi dont like the old colour11:00
Kilosoh btw the next new member app has rewritten lubuntu docs11:00
Kiloswith luck a can get him to look at some ubuntu ones that upset you most11:01
inetproKilos: send reminder to mailing list11:06
Kilosi just got it11:06
Kilosim sukkeling to keep up with mails too now, they coming from every which way11:07
Kiloslike when membeships expire or are renewed11:08
Kilosyour job is namibia11:09
Kiloshit them in german11:10
Kilospretty please11:10
Kilosi think some need you to join their locos before they pay attention11:11
Kilosi cant join them all i will lose my za identity11:12
Kilosor water it down too much11:12
Kilosand stickyboy  is supposed to be tuning the east coast lugs today11:13
SquirmKilos: it's about 2 months now11:45
Squirmand nothing new at all11:45
Kiloswe are just looking for the discussions at that time to pinpoint what needs doing to the ibid package to get it going right again ty Squirm  11:46
Kiloswe have hosting place11:47
Kilosyou can also look at ec2 you might be inetrested in free for a year hosting11:48
inetpronee oom Kilos, jy verstaan verkeerd 11:55
Kilosas usual11:55
inetpromy job is to simply survive, and the namib guys must find their own ways to survive 11:57
Kilosoh my12:36
* Squirm looks around13:43
SquirmGoing to set up WiFi in the Media Suite at the Athlone stadium later13:43
SquirmI doubt it14:12
* Squirm shrugs14:12
SquirmEasy money I suppose, chat a bit later14:13
Kiloswb pieter2627  14:21
pieter2627ty Kilos 14:21
grembleGood morning14:55
grembleOr afternoon actually14:55
grembleHello, once again15:01
grembleHey Squirm 15:07
SquirmYou guys should see my view ^^15:07
stickyboySquirm: Where are you?15:08
SquirmSitting on the top floor of athlone stadium in the media suite15:08
grembleWhat sportsball game are you watching/going to watch?15:10
Kiloshi gremble  15:10
Squirmgremble: set up the wifi for a friend at the stadium15:12
SquirmNot my thing though15:12
SquirmNedbank Cup Semi-Final15:12
stickyboysportsball ahahhaha15:14
grembleHey Kilos 15:16
grembleThat's nice15:16
grembleI think15:16
Kilosstickyboy  did you tell them15:17
Kilosstickyboy  you lug okes are so slack i even google messaged you15:19
Kiloshow can i ever win when surrounded by luggites15:19
stickyboyKilos: I saw your message. :P15:20
stickyboyI'm in the middle of writing a blog post about the event. :D15:20
stickyboyAnd cross posting on Nairobi and Addis mailing lists.15:21
stickyboyTwitter, etc.15:21
stickyboyWe talked about creating pan-African links.15:21
stickyboyI said I want to be able to road trip from Addis to Cape Town, sleeping on Linux users' couches the whole way. :D15:21
Kilosdont forget the irc channel and site link15:23
Kilosor else15:23
stickyboyI could never. :D15:24
Kilosyaya :D15:24
grembleJust skip Durban and JHB15:26
Kilosi surround myself with brains so i can smell clever but battling a bit atm15:31
grembleThat's quite creepy15:39
Kilosohi superfly  15:41
charlgood afternoon17:05
charlMaaz: coffee on17:05
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:05
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!17:09
charlMaaz: danke17:09
* Squirm yawns17:11
SquirmIs it home time yet?17:11
SquirmMy hunt for beer at a Football semi-final has returned unsiccessful :(17:14
SquirmThough someone is sounding a really, really loud horn17:15
grembleI think it is referred to as a vuvuzela17:15
SquirmNo. I know what a vuvuzela sounds like :P17:16
SquirmI think it was... Part of the song17:16
stickyboytmux is slightly maddening in that it doesn't use the user's default shell.17:44
Kilos-so stickyboy  did you have a good day18:08
stickyboyKilos-: Yah18:09
stickyboyCurrently writing about my meetup18:09
stickyboyDrank some awesome coffee here.18:09
stickyboytsega and I really fired these guys up.18:09
stickyboyThe blog post is fighting with my piece of steak.18:10
grembleYou should put that on video18:10
stickyboyKilos-: Writing, but I have to keep taking my laptop off my lap to cut my steak. :D18:12
stickyboySitting on a couch in the bar. :P18:12
stickyboyBut the post will be done in an hour. :D18:12
stickyboyThe bar has some fucking football game on. Fucking UEFA Champions League or somethin.18:12
Kilos-cool hpefully it brings some reaction18:12
stickyboyAnnoying as hell.18:12
Kilos-look the other way and dont swear here please we have ladies present18:13
gremblestickyboy: you don't like the sportsball?18:13
grembleNot swearing because someone has certain genitalia is really weird. Wouldn't it be better to simply say that it is impolite to swear in general?18:18
stickyboyMeh, it adds emphasis.18:23
grembleI have nothing against swearing. I just find it odd that a reason not to swear is that someone that 'might' read said profanities has genitalia different from mine, hence swearing is bad18:26
stickyboyWell, Kilos- is trying to create a different atmosphere than I am. :D18:26
Kilos-no man is manners not to swear in font of ladies18:26
stickyboyThat's fine hehe.18:26
Kilos-then say they have that obnoxiously stupid game on tv18:27
Kilos-you dont often swear anyway stickyboy  18:27
Kilos-so either you really dont like the game or your steak is tough18:28
Kilos-and swearing helps for toothache18:28
stickyboyKilos-: "Get off my lawn!!!"18:30
grembleHe shouts that at the sheep I bet18:30
Kilos-thats cute for a lugger18:30
Kilos-i kick them18:31
grembleChildren or sheep18:31
Kilos-children you take away their toys till the good again18:32
stickyboyKilos-: When did you decide to dedicate your life to uniting Africa's Linux users?18:32
Kilos-it was forced on me stickyboy  18:32
Kilos-by fly and pro18:32
Kilos-they thought it would keep me quiet18:33
stickyboyKilos-: lol18:33
Kilos-i think it was january or feb18:34
Kilos-and you were my first contact18:34
stickyboybrb... walking back to my hostel.18:38
stickyboyDid you miss me?18:44
stickyboyMan, I wish I had some chocolate.18:44
grembleI wish I had more tea18:44
stickyboygremble: Man, I have tea but no milk. Meh.18:45
Kilos-oh stickyboy  i actually found some of the old kenyan loco18:46
Kilos-cant remember who now18:47
grembleActually, I think I am going to get mango juice18:49
gremblemuch less effort18:49
Kilos-that be lekker stuff18:50
stickyboyWhere do you live, Kilos-?18:57
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
stickyboyHow is Pretoria?18:58
Kilosvery cold in winter and not enough rain in summer18:58
grembleRather chilly at the moment18:58
inetprogood evening19:02
inetproKilos: ai!19:02
* inetpro remembers Kilos taking on the Africa job all by his self19:03
Kilosuh oh19:03
inetproat first I didn't even want to join that channel :-)19:04
Kilosya well the channel was my idea but connecting was you and fly19:04
inetprohah, hah, hah... maybe if you tell yourself you'll start believing it Kilos :-)19:05
Kilosi do i do i do19:05
Kilosits been hard work for ballies19:06
inetproKilos: let's talk about trello for a mo19:07
Kilosuh oh19:07
inetproshould we not move that "Connect Ubuntu LoCo Teams in Africa" to the wishlist now?19:07
Kilosill keep trying anyway19:07
stickyboyPfft. Ubuntu.19:07
Kilosstickyboy  is was ubuntu peeps that brought you here19:08
Kilosubuntu is the leading linux system19:08
Kilosand you know it so eat your heart out19:09
Kilosoh too full of steak atm19:09
Kilosand it is ubuntu thats going to connect all linux users in africa19:10
Kilosif you did you job properly19:10
stickyboyKilos: Now now!19:11
Kilosbecause lugs cant even keep track of their members19:11
gremble"ubuntu is the leading linux system" wow19:11
Kilosso we are healping you19:11
grembleI'll remember to tell redhat 19:11
stickyboyKilos: Just don't forget what Ubuntu is.19:12
stickyboyUbuntu GNU/Linux.19:12
stickyboyRemember that from time to time.19:12
Kilosi think there is a link to what is the favoured linux distro19:12
* stickyboy is typing from a Mac.19:12
Kilosyes man i know that19:12
grembleAccording to distrowatch its Mint19:13
Kilosthats fine we accept you too19:13
Kilosoh has mint passed us19:13
grembleBy more than double19:13
stickyboyThose metrics are only based on clicks.19:13
stickyboyAnd I don't care for metrics.19:13
* stickyboy is listening to gangster rap.19:14
Kilosah its unity that weakened us19:14
Kilosbut mate will pull them back19:14
stickyboyKilos: LOL "us".19:14
* gremble is listening to Tchaikovsky19:14
inetprogremble: http://w3techs.com/technologies/details/os-linux/all/all19:14
stickyboyYou're as bad as the people who say "We won the cup" and they're talking about Manchester United.19:14
Kilosyeah man i am ubuntu rooted19:14
stickyboyKilos: Don't drink and root.19:15
grembleinetpro: it doesn't surprise me that Debian is so high on that list19:15
gremblenot even in the least bit19:15
stickyboyLinus Torvalds trashed Debian in his DebConf 14 Q&A...19:16
stickyboyI slightly LOL'd...19:16
grembleCentOS is Redhat so they're just behind ubuntu 19:16
grembleWhy did he trash debian stickyboy? Because of them splitting?19:16
grembleHmm, I knew that mac had darwin as a BSD derivative, but I didn't know that it was a registered UNIX product19:19
Wrazthat is in-acurate as they are counting BSD as UNIX, BSD is not unix.19:21
grembleWraz: Yosamite is registered as UNIX on the Opengroup's website19:21
gremblethey own the UNIX brand19:22
grembleSo, I am fairly sure they can call it UNIX :P19:22
WrazBSD is NOT UNIX.19:22
Wrazlast bit of my sentance, says it all.19:22
grembleThen Yosamite is not BSD19:23
inetproheh wb Wraz19:24
stickyboyBSD is UNIX-like.19:25
stickyboyNot sure what Mac OS X's UNIX certification means in practice.19:27
stickyboyPOSIX compliance or what?19:27
WrazFreeBSD = my all time favorite OS, BSD 3.1 was living Large when Windows 98 was the commercial product at large.19:27
Wraz3.1 after being rewritten from the ground up from the Novel court battle19:28
stickyboyThe first UNIX-like OS I used was Mac OS X in 1999. :D19:29
stickyboyThen Linux a few years later.19:29
WrazI started on BSD :P19:29
Wrazback when i was finishing my MCSE when i was 16 ;019:30
Wraz16 Years ago now o019:30
SquirmYou're getting old Wraz19:30
WrazI am getting too old ;<19:31
SquirmThough I 'spose I'm not *that* far behind19:31
SquirmSomeone around me farted :/19:31
stickyboyMCSE ugh.19:35
WrazI was the youngest in the southern hemishphere at the time to do A+ MCSE and MCSD :P19:35
WrazNow I dont even work with computers :p19:36
WrazI am a railway signals Engineer o019:36
melodiethen don't work with computers, just have fun with them? :D19:40
stickyboyDat gangster rap doe19:41
stickyboyKilos: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!members/nairobi-gnu20:07
stickyboy171 members! Holy crap. :D20:07
SquirmHome time20:19
Kiloskinda late20:20
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:00
melodiehi Squirm 21:13
melodiehello gremble 21:14
grembleHello melodie 21:14
stickyboyLMFAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUuAU0fG0Vk21:19
=== smile is now known as smile|afk
smile|afkSlaapwel :)23:05

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