Captonjamason1 hdd00:00
Captonjamasonim on a laptop :\00:00
EriC^^could be ext hdd00:00
Captonjamasoni dont have any ext hdd00:00
Captonjamasoni ran through the installer, rebooted, and its gives me a screen with nothing on it00:00
Captonjamasonits been like that for about 30 min now00:01
MikeRLYay my bug report is going through. Just took some thinking to find the correct package.00:01
EriC^^is it the only os?00:01
EriC^^grub wont show thrn00:01
Captonjamasoni mean00:01
EriC^^!nomodeset | Cap00:01
ubottuCap: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:01
Captonjamasonits not giving me anything00:02
Captonjamasonit just has the little bar like its terminal00:02
Captonjamasonthats it00:02
Captonjamason'cant typoe00:02
wafflejockCaptonjamason, yeah when booting hold down shift to get grub to show up then hit e to edit your boot config00:02
Captonjamasonill try00:03
wafflejockCaptonjamason, in the boot params that show up add nomodeset where you see quiet and/or nosplash00:03
Captonjamasonthat doesnt work wafflejock00:03
wafflejockCaptonjamason, it'll load up with the vesa video drivers that are generic so the graphics performance/resolution may not be great but should allow you to get into the graphical interface to possibly update the drivers00:03
wafflejockCaptonjamason, which part exactly?00:03
MoonlightningI created a file in /tmp and set it world-readable, but the guest account gets a permission-denied error trying to `cat` it. What gives?00:04
Captonjamasonits just a black screen with the little white line like terminal00:04
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wafflejockCaptonjamason, you need to be specific to get help, couldn't get into grub?00:04
Captonjamasoncant type anything00:04
wafflejockCaptonjamason, you need to be holding shift as it's booting just after the BIOS/POST is done to get into grub00:04
Captonjamasonthat doesnt help00:05
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Captonjamasonive tried it 5 times now00:05
EriC^^Moonlightning: guest can't read anything in /tmp maybe00:05
dimitry7Hi Guys I am getting this: TLS Error: TLS handshake failed00:05
dimitry7and this: read UDPv4 [ECONNREFUSED]: Connection refused (code=111)00:05
Captonjamasoni dont even think it has grub installed wafflejock00:05
dimitry7but only when I set UDP as port, if I set TCP it works... what's wrong?00:05
Ben64Captonjamason: spam the shift button00:05
Captonjamasonive been doing that00:06
dimitry7In my firewall I have enabled UDP in both directions00:06
EriC^^Captonjamason: if grub wasn't installed then your bios would say no operating system detected or something00:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448351 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu) "Preserve job files (allow reprinting) causes UI freeze" [Undecided,New]00:06
MikeRLReport should be good now.00:06
MikeRLI miss anything?00:06
EriC^^Captonjamason: you're probably booting grub then booting ubuntu but have a graphics driver issue00:06
Captonjamasoni have no issues with graphics00:06
Bashing-omCaptonjamason: That condition indicates that bios can not hand off to the boot code . IF you can not boot to the grub boot menu, perhaps consider (RE-)installing grub ?00:07
Ben64except for the part where you don't have any graphics?00:07
wafflejockCaptonjamason, here are instructions on reinstalling grub from a live cd http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd00:07
MikeRLTry boot-repair.00:07
MikeRLFrom an Ubuntu Live CD. That works around GRUB issues for me.00:08
MoonlightningEriC^^: /tmp is a+rxt though00:08
Ben64grub is likely already installed, if it wasn't there would be an error message like "No boot disk found"00:08
CaptonjamasonBen64: all i have graphics wise is a white line like terminal00:08
EriC^^Moonlightning: guest is different, it can't even read home dirs even if they are set to read for everyone00:08
Captonjamasoni am trying to get a video to show you00:08
MoonlightningEriC^^: got a resource on this phenomenon for me?00:09
EriC^^Moonlightning: what are you trying to do?00:09
Ben64Captonjamason: we know what a black screen looks like. try harder to get grub to come up, spam the shift key during boot00:09
wafflejockCaptonjamason, yeah just get into the live CD you can check out if you have your grub configuration in place, if there is a problem with grub there you can get it installed if not you can change the config to have a timeout to show the menu00:09
MoonlightningEriC^^: Nothing; just curious as to why this is happening.00:10
wafflejockCaptonjamason, after getting in there you can get rid of the quiet flag so you see all the parts of the system coming up and can see if it fails at some point there, if it fails when it tries to start up and switch over the the X display then it's probably graphics driver issues in which case you want to use the nomodeset flag00:10
EriC^^Moonlightning: oh ok00:13
MikeRLI'm not asking to expedite the bug, if anyone is wondering, but when yuu guys are done helping who your are currently, look at the URL I gave out and see if the report looks complete.00:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448351 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu) "Preserve job files (allow reprinting) causes UI freeze" [Undecided,New]00:13
Captonjamasonim trying live cd00:14
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Captonjamasonif there are any what are the big changes in 15.0400:17
EriC^^nautilus looks like crap, imho00:18
Captonjamasonthanks ben00:19
jeffreylevesquedoes ubuntu 14.04 come with the puppet client?00:19
jeffreylevesqueI spun up ubuntu 14.04 server - https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ubuntu/boxes/trusty6400:20
tim_hy all.. need some help setting up assaultcube .. got no servers :-S00:20
jeffreylevesqueand when i start the VM, and do `ps -e`, i notice '1049  ?    00:00:00 puppet'00:21
jeffreylevesquehow did i manage to get a puppet client on ubuntu, unless it comes with ubuntu by default00:21
EriC^^Captonjamason: did you boot the live usb?00:21
Captonjamasonim working on it now00:21
Ben64jeffreylevesque: it doesn't come installed by default00:21
jeffreylevesquehow did i get a puppet process when i did `ps -e`00:22
Ben64jeffreylevesque: no way for me to know that00:23
hd1the ec2 box from the other day is out of process memory00:24
hd1can I fix this short of a reboot?00:24
tim_hy all.. need some help setting up assaultcube .. got no servers :-S00:29
daftykinssounds like a game00:31
Seven_Six_Twoif I have A record of abc.com at, and CNAME of sub1.abc.com at abc.com, can I do CNAME of sub1alias.abc.com at sub1.abc.com, so that the alias just forwards to the proper subdomain? I'm thinking for common mistypes, but don't want all non-existant subdomains to default to abc.com, as it's not the main domain on the server. I'm using Ubuntu.00:32
daftykinsnot an ubuntu query00:32
royalaxeruns on ubuntu...00:34
Captonjamasonthanks you for helping me00:34
Captonjamasonim talking on the computer i was fixing now00:34
tim_it shell run.. :-S00:34
Ben64Captonjamason: on the live cd or did you get the install working00:34
Captonjamasonlive cd00:34
Ben64Captonjamason: ok, then you're not done yet :)00:35
Captonjamasoni (not kidding) would not have thought to use a live cd to fix my computer00:35
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Captonjamasonwhat Ban6400:35
royalaxea live usb is better i reckon00:35
Ben64its not fixed, you're just running a live version of ubuntu00:35
Captonjamasoni meant i fixed my computer on the live version00:36
Captonjamasonim right now on my fixed version Ben6400:36
tim_aa.. i see.. i misstyped..00:36
Ben64how did you fix it00:36
tim_preety please00:36
Captonjamasonim already done fixing it00:36
Ben64Captonjamason: right, how00:36
hans7665... i just got here - is this discussion related somehow to 15.04 ?00:36
Ben64hans7665: this is the ubuntu support channel00:36
hans7665yes.. but are ppl having trouble with upgrading ?00:37
Ben64hans7665: nope00:37
hans7665:) good00:37
Captonjamasonben64: the guy who gave me the link (sorry that i forgot your username) helped me00:37
Captonjamasonthe link was a bunch of commands that saved my computer00:37
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Ben64Captonjamason: oh ok, cause last i saw you were trying to get the live cd booting, then you come back and you said its fixed, seemed weird00:38
Captonjamasonand thanks to whoever gave me that link00:38
Captonjamasoni got the live cd booted, then ran the commands and then restarted my computer and now im in 15.04 non live cd running fine00:39
CaptonjamasonBen64: wafflejock (i think) gave me the link00:40
Ben64Captonjamason: sounds good00:40
Captonjamasonwell ill be back on to help i bit later tonight00:40
EriC^^Captonjamason: so you reinstalled grub?00:41
wafflejockCaptonjamason, cool glad to hear it00:41
Captonjamasonit was you EriC that helped me00:41
EriC^^no wafflejock did00:41
Captonjamasoni cant remeber who gave me the link00:41
Captonjamasonbut whoever helped me out00:42
Captonjamasonyou get a hug00:42
wafflejockyeah no big deal I'm sure EriC^^ has helped me before too :) glad you got it sorted out though00:42
* Captonjamason hugs everbody who helped him out00:42
Captonjamasonwell il be back later tonight00:43
tim_hy all.. please help.. i need some help setting up assaultcube .. got no servers..  PLEASE :-(00:43
nomicanyone know why a virtualbox mount of nfs (from ubuntu) is "read only"00:46
Captonjamasoni think this counts as later tonight00:47
Captonjamasoni have a question00:47
daftykinsask it and press enter less00:47
Captonjamasonwhat is that app that comes prebuilt on lubuntu that lets you set up im's00:48
Captonjamasoni cant remeber what its called00:48
Fleettim_: can you explain the problem a little more specifically?00:49
amnesiakCaptonjamason: pidgin?00:51
Captonjamasonthank you00:51
JinjaNinjaWhere and how could I install the driver to use the function keys on my keyboard? (For example: I'd like to turn up/down brightness, doing FN > F5 / F600:52
tim_Fleet, i have downloaded the game from net, unpacked, tryed to run.. there was no *.exe :-) ok.. so i push file assaultcube.sh  in terminal and the game started.. but when trying to play mutlyple did not find any servers :-S00:53
Ben64tim_: the game is in the ubuntu repositories00:53
kostkon!find assaultcube00:54
ubottuFound: assaultcube, assaultcube-data00:54
Fleettim_: did you try the bottom option "Force master server update" ?00:54
Fleetalso, make sure whatever you downloaded is the current/correct version00:54
tim_both versions, one from ubuntu server.. and online -- no go00:55
tim_as well forcing00:55
Fleetdo you use any sort of firewall application?  or iptables?00:55
Ben64tim_: maybe there just aren't any servers up00:56
laurentidemy server is running ubuntu. i'm building a website for a person on a subdomain, i want them to have an ftp account with read permissions for *only* that subdomain's directory. currently the user can edit everything although they have their own home directory.00:56
kostkontim_, there's assaultcube-ng, try that00:56
JinjaNinjaIs there any way I could get the function keys to work by installing a driver or something?00:56
laurentide*ubuntu 12.0400:56
FleetBen64: there are servers, I see a whole list00:57
Ben64i see none00:57
Fleetversion 1.2?00:57
tim_am .. shell i put this in terminal?00:58
Ben64the version on 14.04 is 1.100:58
Fleetput what in the terminal?00:58
FleetBen64: the current version (at least the one I have) is 1.200:58
Ben64well only the versions in the ubuntu repositories are supported00:59
Fleettim_: check your version perhaps?  Although if you downloaded it from the web, you should have the current one00:59
tim_yes.. latest..00:59
Ben64tim_: contact the developer for support00:59
Captonjamasonin pidgen how would i set up freenode00:59
MikeRLAnyone? I feel forgotten...01:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448351 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu) "Preserve job files (allow reprinting) causes UI freeze" [Undecided,New]01:00
tim_i thought this are u guys01:00
Ben64MikeRL: can you stop posting that here...01:00
Fleettim_: what's it say when you choose "Multiplayer > Join a Server" ?01:00
MikeRLWhere to post it? All I want to know is if I did the report correctly.01:00
Ben64Captonjamason: add account -> irc -> irc.freenode.net01:00
daftykinstim_: er, nice english01:00
Ben64MikeRL: you'll find out when someone responds to it01:00
MikeRLFine then. I mean if the report is complete.01:00
laurentidetim_: tri #pidgin01:00
MikeRLNot if it's going to be solved.01:01
Fleetlaurentide: you mean Captonjamason01:01
Ben64MikeRL: if it requires more information, it will be asked of you01:01
Captonjamasonthanks Ben6401:01
tim_it says.. connecting to assaultcubers.net.. and than a square shows up and green ping/ ...01:03
Fleetwell, I have no notes....it's working fine for me :-\01:04
Ben64tim_: http://assault.cubers.net/irc.html ask them, its not on topic here01:04
Fleettheir channel is #assaultcube on Gamesurge iirc01:05
Ben64nope, quake net01:05
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Fleetah, so it is01:06
Fleetguess I could've looked at my channel window :-\01:06
ubuntu199instalei o ubuntu 15.04, mas ao fazer login volta a tela para o login e não inicia a área de trabalho. Ja tentei pelo terminal, porem não resolveu. Alguém pode me ajudar?01:16
SuperLagno do-release-upgrade yet?01:16
kostkon!br | ubuntu19901:18
ubottuubuntu199: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:18
gioansi am a new ubuntu01:18
gioansi uses ubuntu 15.0401:19
Bashing-omgioans: Great ! and your support qiestion is ?01:20
gioanssometime my ubuntu is crashes01:20
cocoonyhow do i install wine 1.7.30 on xubuntu01:20
cocoonyalwazs get error01:20
gioansif i changed wifi, i didn't know anythings01:20
daftykinscocoony: which is?01:20
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ubotterhi is it possible to hide or block dctp requests in pidgin messenger likes /dctp user version or finger?01:21
cocoonywhat zou mean01:21
cocoonyyou mean01:21
cocoonyi want to install older wine version,because i want to install ableton live901:21
ubotterbitwig cocoony :)01:22
cocoonydont like bitwig01:22
daftykinscocoony: not wise.01:22
cocoonyone mioment01:22
gioanshelp me please!01:22
TiKwith what?01:23
promethi, upgraded to 15.04 and can't seem to reach a lightdm login, seems like an nvidia stumbling block, "system is operating in low graphic mode"01:23
prometthe error log review seems pretty inconclusive, any thoughts?01:23
gioanssometime my ubuntu is crashes, ìf i change Wifi netwwork01:23
ubotterhi is it possible to hide or block dctp requests like /dctp user version or finger?01:23
ubotterin pidgin messenger01:24
prometI've tried switching between nouveau and proprietary, but no dice...01:24
prometdrivers that is...01:24
Bashing-ompromet: A proprietary graphics driver in use prior to the upgrade, and now that driver is broke ?01:24
gioanssometime my ubuntu is crashes, ìf i swtch Wifi netwwork01:24
ubotternobooty use this messenger? cant believe :/01:25
cpt_yossarianubotter: you can't block *requests*, you can block your responses01:25
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gioansubuntu version 15.0401:25
ubotterhow cpt_yossarian?01:25
cpt_yossariani don't know how pidgin does it, but in hexchat i can delete my CTCP replies01:25
ubotteroh cant i see :/01:25
cpt_yossariani still see CTCP requests, but they don't get responded to automatically01:25
prometBashing-om, I've uninstalled and reinstalled two separate prop. versions, and their uninstalls and reinstalls seemed to go cleanly01:26
prometSo, maybe not01:26
prometThanks very much for the reply though01:26
cpt_yossarianubotter: a cursory search shows me that pidgin doesn't let you disable CTCP replies. maybe try another client?01:26
prometI few releases ago I had similar troubles and the culprit turned out to be Plymouth01:27
prometNo one would know how to "safely" disable Plymouth in 15.04 by any chance?01:27
prometI searched for it's files and it seems like it's grown into a bit of a rat's nest...01:28
cocoonydaftzkins> did someone have tested ableton in linux _ i see youtube video about it01:28
Bashing-ompromet: I am not nuch help in that case, all I can suggest is to read the log files and see what you see for system reported errors .01:28
cocoonysorry mz keyboard is in us but i have german01:28
prometBashing-om, no worries, thanks for your suggestions01:29
gioansI use version LTS 15:04 or 14:04?01:29
gioansI should be used 14.04 LTS or 15.04 ?01:30
gioansplease give me some advice! thanks!01:30
Bashing-ompromet: "low graphics mode" I generally think of as a graphics issue, Is the releated module loaded ( sudo lshw -C display) . and look at the log file " /vat/log/Xorg.0.log " see where these lead.01:31
nixnoobHello Everyone!01:31
cocoonywhat about bitwig studio. ? windows has more vst plugins then linux01:32
cocoonywhere i get all the vsts in linux01:33
SuperLagshould do-release-upgrade show a new distro yet/01:33
ubotterthere is a plugin pack in the standard repo from can/ubuntu. why the devs have delete the spamprotect plugin? :|01:34
ubotterfor pidgin01:34
Captonjamasonwill someone give me a link to edit a ubuntu iso without programs01:35
wafflejockSuperLag, if you set to upgrade to non-lts versions then yes01:35
daftykinsCaptonjamason: that's not possible01:36
ubotternoboddy ist online in the pidgin chat :( hope any can help me here in the official chat01:36
wafflejockCaptonjamason, don't think there is really a bare install, you could install ubuntu server that doesn't have GUI tools by default but on a desktop that doesn't typically make much sense01:36
Captonjamasoni need a program like UCK to customise?01:36
nixnoobIf any of you have some time to spare and wouldn't mind, I'm setting up a home lab using ubuntu for the first time right now using Ubuntu documentation and I'm streaming it to twitch. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. If you'd like the link, let me know.01:37
daftykinsmini.iso installs the bare essentials01:37
Captonjamasonive been planning on making a fork of ubuntu but to do so i need to customise the .iso01:37
gioansi want chose ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 15.04, please sent me advice!01:37
daftykinsCaptonjamason: sounds like the totally wrong way to approach that, to me.01:38
Captonjamasonbut uck and ubuntu builder doesnt work01:38
daftykins"doesn't work" is sadly not a very detailed description01:39
wafflejockSuperLag, you can change the settings in the "Software and Updates" panel in the Upgrades tab01:39
mchelenis there any way to adjust the monitor backlight brightness on a standard desktop monitor using only software?01:39
Captonjamasonuck gives me a error that says that it cant find some isolinux program or something01:40
daftykinsmchelen: no only special models support that01:40
Captonjamasonand ubuntu builder just flat out after i customize wont boot01:40
petrvsmchelen: you can fake it on a software level01:40
mchelendaftykins: ah too bad, it would be a nice feature to have01:40
wafflejockgioans, LTS is good if you don't care about bleeding edge updates otherwise you need to upgrade every 6 months, for work machines and servers I stick with LTS personally, usually try out the in between versions from extra drives or in VMs01:40
mchelenpetrvs: yeah i know, but the contrast or bleedthrough is always an issue01:40
mchelenpetrvs: maybe if i could find an amoled desktop monitor :D01:41
Ben64Captonjamason: this is not the right channel for what you're doing, and there probably are enough ubuntu derivatives out there already01:41
petrvs<five years old is bleeding edge now?01:41
petrvsmchelen: mmm01:41
petrvsmchelen: try xcalib -i -a01:41
petrvsmchelen: or xcalib -a -green 1.0 0.0 75.0 -blue 1.0 0.0 50.001:41
mchelenpetrvs: its not installed, what does it do?01:42
mchelenoh gamma adjustment01:42
petrvsand -i inverts01:43
gioansi want to used only os for my laptop and i chosen Ubuntu, because ís friendly, easy suse and some application!01:43
petrvsgioans: gj01:44
gioansI am confused between versions01:44
wafflejockgioans, yeah from what I've seen in 15.04 it was mostly about the update to systemd, some small user interface changes but nothing major01:44
wafflejock!lts | gioans01:44
ubottugioans: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)01:44
wafflejockgioans, oh thought that had the link with the charts too but long story short would recommend the LTS if you aren't using/needing anything in the absolute latest version01:45
petrvsgioans: the latest version is 15.0401:45
gioansyeah! now i used version 15.04. it is unstable trouble when switching wireless networks01:47
gioanssometimes crashes and must be restarted01:48
wafflejockgioans, mostly there were just some version bumps for things like LibreOffice and things for developers, from a regular user perspective you'll have generally more stability in 14.04 for now at least http://www.zdnet.com/article/hands-on-with-ubuntu-15-04/01:48
mcheleni heard there was going to be some improvement for touchscreen laptops, but idk if that actually happened?01:49
wafflejockmchelen, I believe the focus is currently on making Unity 8 being the "convergence" version that works across their phone and the desktop (and any tablets that may come out) haven't really tried linux with a touchscreen (not counting Android)01:50
gioansthanks! and i a question!01:50
wafflejockmchelen, but it's Unity 7.3 for 15.04 apparently01:50
wafflejockI did hear some exciting news about insanely good battery life with that recently though which does make me curious to try it01:51
mchelenwafflejock: ah ok, id really like to have multitouch work for browser zooming on my laptop01:51
gioansI lived in Vietnam and my proxy locked if i want access to foreign web, i am locking for application auto changing proxy, do you know it ?01:53
wafflejockmchelen, yeah I imagine that's going to have to be some combination of browser support and then the OS working with whatever the browsers provide01:53
wafflejockmchelen, I'm kind of surprised it wouldn't work in Chrome though they do have touch events in the browser I believe (that is distinguished from mouse events)01:54
Craigwellany thoughts out there on the best way to clone to a larger HDD? I have a USB enclosure for the new drive I can use until swap in.01:55
CraigwellI have 14.04(Ext4), Win7 (NTFS), Ubuntu Swap, and a Common FAT32 Partition. I expect to re-size them all after cloning or ghosting01:56
wafflejockgioans, not sure about that, you can change the proxy settings in the network settings manually but not sure what an automatic version of that would be doing exactly?01:56
wafflejockCraigwell, you end up trying clonezilla or just looking for suggestions still?01:56
Craigwellwafflejock: still just fishing01:56
Craigwellwafflejock: I probably wont try anything for a week or two01:57
rahulprodevHi, I got 20 gb for /(*root), 400 gb from /home and 60 gb free, If I want to create extra partition in ubuntu Is it possible to create partition?01:57
wafflejockCraigwell, yeah good to get your bearings before doing something like that01:57
mchelenwafflejock: yeah i can swipe to scroll, but i dont think it can see more than 1 cursor point at a time01:58
wafflejockrahulprodev, yeah Gparted is the graphical utility for modifying your partitions, many times you end up running it from a LiveCD though so nothing is mounted while you're modifying it01:58
Stanley00rahulprodev: you can use gparted to do that, but sometime you can't because of your current mount point, try using live ubuntu cd/usb then01:58
Craigwellwafflejock: I'm not overly concerned about following the guides / resources you pointed out, I'm just in no rush, and curious about preferred methods of anyone who's been there.01:58
rahulprodevthanks wafflejock , Stanley0001:59
wafflejockmchelen, hmm appears it's hidden away in the labs settings in chrome maybe try this out http://www.itworld.com/article/2693355/how-to-make-google-chrome-work-better-with-touchscreen-pcs.html01:59
wafflejockCraigwell, yup makes sense, just haven't done it myself02:00
Captonjamasonhey somebody on here02:02
Captonjamasonmy spotify wont launch02:03
Captonjamasonand i just installed it02:03
wafflejockCaptonjamason, try running it from the command line see if you get any error output in the terminal02:03
mchelenwafflejock: huh i just tried chromium w/o changing any settings, and pinch zoom worked!02:03
wafflejockmchelen, ah nice02:03
mchelenwafflejock: maybe it was included in a recent version02:03
gioanswafflejock : afflejock> gioans, not sure about that, you can change the proxy settings in the network settings manually but not sure what an automatic version of that would be doing exactly?02:04
Captonjamasonhow can i run it from the command line wafflejock02:04
wafflejockmchelen, yeah could easily be, I'm surprised they weren't more progressive about that with android and all though02:04
Captonjamasoni tried typing spotify-client but it wouldnt work02:04
gioanswafflejock: i am sory02:04
wafflejockCaptonjamason, can check what the Exec= is set as in /usr/share/applications there should be a spotify.desktop file somewhere in there02:05
gioanswafflejock: For me fickle, so the network manually convert complex02:05
ubuntu199não deu certo.   :(02:05
wafflejockCaptonjamason, can probably run, updatedb, then locate spotify.desktop (not positive about this name just a guess)02:05
rahulprodevwafflejock, Stanley00 , if i use gparted can i create another partition from /home partition, which is already created? or I need to use to free space.02:05
Captonjamasonim not familiar with those commands wafflejock02:05
mchelenwafflejock: yeah i thought it would be farther along, i just ordered a touchscreen laptop w/o testing because it was the same price as w/o touchscreen02:06
mkHow can I reset my display settings? I failed to install an ati driver for my HD5450 (my kernel is too new), and I've lost dualscreen and have the wrong resolution on my current monitor.02:06
mchelenwafflejock: but the support is a little uneven02:06
gioanswafflejock: i want edit one file on system, the same host of window02:06
wafflejockCaptonjamason, updatedb just updates a local db for searching for files by name without knowing their path and locate will show you the path to the file02:06
gioanswhat i to do ?02:06
Stanley00rahulprodev: you'll need live ubuntu to do that02:06
wafflejockCaptonjamason, once you have the .desktop file that's what Ubuntu uses to generate the listings for launching apps so if we can find the spotify one we can see what command it executes02:07
rahulprodevStanley00, ok thanks.02:07
Captonjamasonwafflejock: ok well then how do i use that command, im so sorry if it seems like im new to linux02:07
wafflejockCaptonjamason, if we knew the path we can do "cat /usr/share/applications/spotify.desktop" and we would see the command it executes02:07
ubuntu199instalei o ubuntu 15.04, mas não faz login. Não consigo acessar a área de trabalho. Alguém pode me ajudar?02:07
wafflejockCaptonjamason, no worries, do updatedb first in a terminal02:08
Captonjamasonnot there02:08
Captonjamasonfound it02:08
Captonjamasona quick search in file manager found it02:08
wafflejockCaptonjamason, ah cool k so if you can just open that .desktop file in a text editor it'll have a line that says Exec = something here02:08
wafflejockCaptonjamason, whatever is something here is the executable name just run that from a terminal and see if you get any error output02:09
Captonjamasoni cant open it02:09
wafflejockCaptonjamason, k you know the path from what you see?02:09
wafflejockCaptonjamason, just type, cat /path/to/file/here.desktop02:09
wafflejockin a terminal and it'll show you the contents02:09
wafflejockmight really want      cat /path/to/file/here.desktop | grep Exec02:10
wafflejockthat way it outputs the file contents and finds the line with Exec in case it's a  big desktop file02:10
CaptonjamasonExec=spotify %U02:11
Captonjamasonwhat do i do with this02:11
wafflejockCaptonjamason, k yah so the command should just be spotify, %U I'm not sure about my guess off hand would be username but not sure02:12
wafflejockcan try "man spotify", to see if it has a manual page to explain what the arguments are that it takes02:12
Captonjamasoncaptonjamason@captonjamason-X551MA:~$ spotify02:12
Captonjamasonspotify: error while loading shared libraries: libgcrypt.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:12
wafflejockCaptonjamason, okay looks like missing dependency02:12
Captonjamasonthats what it gave me02:12
Captonjamasoni installed it from there rep so it shouldnt have one02:13
wafflejockCaptonjamason, http://www.webupd8.org/2015/04/fix-missing-libgcrypt11-causing-spotify.html02:13
wafflejockCaptonjamason, generally not good to install PPAs but this does look like your problem probably02:13
Captonjamasonand the only way to install spotify is through there ppa02:14
wafflejockCaptonjamason, it looks like that might be the case right now, if this is something critical it'll probably get patched in 15.04 soon but I'm not privvy to any of that detail02:15
Captonjamasoni think it is02:15
Captonjamasonim installing what it needs02:15
Captonjamasonthen we should be all set02:15
Captonjamasonit fired right up02:16
Captonjamasonthanks wafflejock02:16
Captonjamasonnow i have my music02:16
mkHow can I reset my display settings to defaults? I failed to install an ati driver for my HD5450 (my kernel is too new), and I've lost dualscreen and have the wrong resolution on my current monitor.02:17
wafflejockmk, if you installed the drivers manually there probably isn't a totally trivial way to go back, you can remove the kernel modules that are loaded, did you use the GUI (jockey) for adding additional drivers or manually install?02:18
=== badon_ is now known as badon
SwitchesIf you used the installer from the ATI site you should be able to do the same command in terminal as you did to install it but add a "-u" to uninstall, that should also remove the "radeon" driver from the blacklist02:20
mkwafflejock: I used the additional drivers tool, switching from xorg xserver to proprietary amd graphics02:21
wafflejockmk, you should be able to just switch back in the same interface in that case02:22
mkI also tried a couple of installers from ati, but I think they both failed.02:22
mkwafflejock: I've switched back (and back again), but my screen is stuck on 1 monitor 1400x105002:23
wafflejockmk do lspci -k, and show the lines for your graphics card specifically the kernel module loaded is the important part02:24
rahulprodevIs totem got new look :)02:25
rahulprodevI like it :)02:26
mk02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Park [Mobility Radeon HD 5430] Subsystem: Hightech Information System Ltd. Caicos [Radeon HD 5450]02:26
mkIs that sufficient?02:27
=== rahulprodev is now known as rabaprodev
wafflejockmk, think a few lines below that if you have the -k flag it should show the module name that's loaded too like Kernel drive in use: something here02:28
mkI see nothing relevant http://pastebin.com/gekEq6mL02:32
wafflejockmk okay well you aren't crazy but I must be wrong here, it does show for my intel graphics chipset that it's using i915 but not seeing it here either02:35
=== tmro is now known as keroberros
wafflejockmk you can try lsmod, to list the modules loaded but it's going to be a big list and not sure what the ati drivers would be called in there, perhaps Switches er someone else can chime in02:36
=== swordsmanz is now known as swordsberry
mkwafflejock: http://pastebin.com/hBntmrT702:38
Switchesthe kernel module for AMD cards is fglrx02:39
rockstar_anybody knows how to highlight pdf in Ubuntu, then make it visible in Windows too?02:40
SwitchesIt looks to me like the radeon driver is still blacklisted so it can't or won't load it. If you tryed the drivers from the amd site try the command you used to install them (should be able to get to it from using the up/down keys in terminal) with a -u at the end.02:41
administradorHello. Is Ubuntu 15.04 a LTS?02:42
Switchesmk: the command should be something like "./amd-<driver version>.sh"02:42
administradorWhen is another LTS coming out?02:43
Switchesmk: You said the kernel was too new right? so im guessing you're using 15.04?02:43
wafflejockadministrador, 16.04 should be LTS, every 2 yrs typically02:43
rkingAnybody watching the game?02:43
rking@administrador, Is there a new package or something you want? or just a question?02:44
administradorrking, I was trying to compile UE4 and it didnt work, I just wanted to try the latest02:45
mkSwitches: uname -r returns 3.13.0-44-generic02:46
rkingAh I gotcha.02:46
Switcheshmm 14.04 then02:46
Switchesmk: not sure why its telling you the kernel is to new, the driver from AMD supports upto kernel 3.16 without patchs and 3.19 (ubuntus latest) with a patch. This isn't a switchable GPU like the Nvidia optimus?02:48
=== victor is now known as Guest92396
mkSwitches: it's an ati HD 5450. I downloaded and ran `./amd-driver-installer-14.501.1003-x86.x86_64.run`, popup said "install required pre-reqs, see log", log said fglrx installation requires that the system has kernel headers for 3.7 release.  /lib/modules/3.13.0-44-generic/build/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h cannot be found on this system.02:53
mkInstall kernel headers using the command apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-44-generic.02:53
Switchesmk: Try doing "./amd-driver-installer-14.501.1003-x86.x86_64.run -u" see if it throws an error saying fglrx not found02:55
MrPenguin_Could someone tell me the overall differences between xubuntu and ubuntu?02:56
SwitchesMrPenguin_: Basically the user interface, xubuntu uses XFCE, ubuntu uses Unity02:57
deadmundMrPenguin_: Only the default packages that are installed.  xubuntu has XFCE DE installed by default, ubuntu has unity.  That is all.02:57
MrPenguin_Which one runs better on high performance hardware?02:57
rking@MrPenguin_ any DE will run great on high performance machines.02:58
rkingUnless your running really low end machines, DE's are entirely preference.02:59
deadmundMrPenguin_: They run the same on "high performance" hardware.03:00
mkSwitches: "The AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Linux(R) graphics driver cannot be uninstalled using the above command for the current Linux distribution. If you installed the driver using the Debian package management system, you must uninstall it using the command dpkg -r fglrx-dev fglrx-amdcccle fglrx."03:00
mkI did try installing it using the software centre earlier03:00
MrPenguin_i like the xubuntu interface, just didn't know that it performed well on high performance hardware thanks for the info03:01
mkI don't recall the outcome, but fglrx has an "install" button in the software centre now, so it looks like it's not installed...03:01
Switchesmk: hmm so you didn't do a manual install, try the dpkg commands it gives see if it clears anything out03:02
mkdpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove fglrx-dev which isn't installed [...] fglrx-amdcccle which isn't installed [...] dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove fglrx, only the config03:03
mk files of which are on the system; use --purge to remove them too03:03
mkSwitches: all the manual installs appeared to fail, so that seems correct03:04
mojtabaHi, I have multiple ssh keys and I want to manage my keys. I create the file ~/.ssh/config containing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10883175/03:05
mojtaba But when I try to ssh, it gives this error: line 3: Bad configuration option: identifyfile.03:05
mkmight this be an issue with one of my standard graphics config files being messed up?03:05
mojtabaI am sure about the private key, though.03:05
mkwhere are the screen resolutions usually stored?03:05
Switchesmk: Thats what I'm thinking, the resolutions are normally stored in /etc/X11/Xorg.conf03:06
zero_coderhello, how can i install this package http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/lib32bz2-1.003:06
Switchesmk: Also have a look in the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist to see if the "radeon" module has been placed there.03:07
mkSwitches:  sudo gedit /etc/X11/Xorg.conf shows a blank file03:07
wafflejockmojtaba, you try with a full path instead of ~03:07
wafflejockmojtaba, have typically just use ssh -i keyname user@server to connect with a different private key myself03:07
deadmundzero_coder: sudo apt-get install lib32bz2-1.003:08
deadmundzero_coder: What are you looking for that package to do for you?03:08
mojtabawafflejock: thx03:09
ToxygeneI'm trying to get Windows 7/Ubuntu 15.04 dual boot working. I installed Windows 7, then installed Ubuntu 15.04, but I'm not getting the boot menu when I reset.03:09
mkblacklist also shows a blank file. Neither one exists. But, er, /etc/X11/xorg.conf exists (lowercase), as well as a .failsafe and .original-003:10
deadmundToxygene: What happens when you boot the computer?03:10
zero_coderdeadmund, nope its not available in vivid.03:10
zero_coderdeadmund, android studio needs it.03:10
Toxygenedeadmund, it goes straight to windows 703:10
=== DoweedhY_ is now known as DoweedhYaa3qob
Switchesmk: hmm try reading the xorg.conf see what that says03:10
deadmundzero_coder: Oh, sorry didn't realize you're trying to install something from a different repo.03:10
deadmundzero_coder: mmmm, let me see about that....03:10
mkSwitches: http://pastebin.com/ydvutUSh xorg.conf contents03:11
zero_coderdeadmund, can  i just download it and install using package manager? it wont break anything , right?03:12
deadmundzero_coder: I don't know if it will break anything.  I suspect it will "work" though.03:12
Switchesmk: Ok theres half the problem, thats still the xorg.conf for the ATI card. You could try doing "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"03:13
deadmundzero_coder: But I really don't know.  There may be a more prudent way to do it, by adding the previous release's repos to your sources.lst   Also this: http://www.howtogeek.com/117929/how-to-downgrade-packages-on-ubuntu/03:13
mkDone, no output. Should I reboot?03:13
deadmundToxygene: When you installed Ubuntu, do you remember any choice to install the bootloader?  Do you have more than one HDD on this machine?03:13
Switchesmk: You may need to reboot for it to settle it03:13
mkxorg.conf appears unchanged03:14
deadmundToxygene: I suggest you re-launch the ubuntu installer and just try it again.  But, you'll have to be more careful with the partitioning this time.   I would choose manual "do something else" and make sure the partitioning makes sense.03:14
ToxygeneIt didn't mention anything about a bootloader, there was just a visual buide to resize the HD to make an Ubuntu partition. There are multiple hard drives.03:14
Switchesmk: hmm03:14
zero_coderdeadmund, thanks mate :)03:14
deadmundToxygene: ok, pause on that re-trying the installer.  Which HDD has ubuntu on and which has windows?03:15
Toxygenedeadmund, they're both on the same HD03:15
mkMy former card was an nvidea, it died. I installed this ATI HD5450. Dualscreen, resolution fine. Decided to try upgrading the driver (or something?) yesterday, it's been one-screen weird resolution since then.03:16
ToxygeneIt was definitely installling onto the right hard drive; it mentioned windows specifically and wanted me to resize the main partition so they was room for ubuntu.03:16
ToxygeneMaybe I need to get a terminal window open and manually setup grub?03:17
Switchesmk: Try deleting the xorg.conf you found, restart the computer (should for the Xserver to create a new one).03:17
deadmundToxygene: How can you get a terminal open if you boot straight to windows?03:17
deadmundToxygene: I guess we can install grub manually (but it's not the easiest thing to do).03:18
SwitchesThat was meant to be "force the Xserver" man i need to sleep03:18
Toxygeneyea, I think I'd have to boot off the ISO, mount the drive, chroot, ect03:18
deadmundToxygene: Here are some instructions: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd03:18
Toxygenehaha, yup, we're on the same wavelength03:19
deadmundToxygene: Didn't realize you were so well versed! (chroot no less!)  I'm very surprised the installer did not properly set up grub.  usually, at the partition step, there is an option and by default it will install grub.  Maybe it was pointing to the wrong HDD (since you have several)03:19
ToxygeneYea, I use to do this all the time back when I used Gentoo a decade ago.03:19
ToxygeneBut the hassle is exactly why I switched to Ubuntu :)03:20
ToxygeneAlright, thanks for you help!03:20
deadmundToxygene: things have changed a lot since then, we have compiz now ;)03:20
deadmundToxygene: Also, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 were all "the year of linux on the desktop" so things are OBVIOUSLY a lot different now.03:21
deadmundCause 2015 is the REAL year of linux on the desktop.03:21
mkSwitches: still the same...03:21
ToxygeneI love telling the mac people at work that it's the year of linux on the desktop03:21
Toxygenethe look i get03:21
mkup arrow does not show command history from last terminal session, how can I reenable?03:21
mkxorg.conf was not recreated, that file does not exist03:22
Switchesmk: Bah, it's got me at a loss then, never had an AMD card be this bad..03:23
wafflejockmk, bash stores your history of commands in ~/.bash_history pretty sure when you up arrow it's just using that list03:24
Switchesmk: Worst part is mine actually runs the same HD5450 with no issues, has done for the last 6 or more years lol03:24
mkSwitches: haha03:24
deadmundmk: does the "fc" command work??03:25
mk"bash: fc: history specification out of range"03:25
Switchesmk: I've had issues like this with the legacy cards (older non HD ones) but never had this with a HD.. even the new R285 I have works ok with the AMD drivers03:25
mkis there any way to install some sort of safe driver?03:26
mkor instead of trying to revert, what new driver can I try to install to make it all work?03:26
SwitchesWell thats what all this we been doing should have done :p, I guess you could try opening up "jockey" and telling it to use the fglrx-upgrades" and see if that works03:27
wafflejockmk if you boot with nomodeset in the boot params it uses the vesa driver which is basically the fallback/safety driver if things go wrong but doesn't give you any hardware specific features/acceleration03:27
mkSwitches: "Unable to locate package jockey" ?03:27
Switchesmk: meh it should be the Additional Drivers  in the menu03:28
mkSwitches: I did try -upgrades before03:28
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mkok, 1 prop driver in use, closing this thing and... rebooting?03:29
Switchesmk: yep and fingers, toes and whatever else you can cross, crossed03:30
deadmundranga: hello03:37
mkSwitches: video still broken03:37
ranga-> deadmund hi03:38
ranga<deadmund> hi03:38
Switchesmk: Sorry then matey, I ain't got a clue what its doing.03:38
mkthe card worked fine before, even without the drivers... I suspect that simply reinstalling ubuntu will fix everything, so it seems there should be a way to reset to default03:39
mkSwitches: ok, I'll keep at it for a bit. Thanks a ton for your help :)03:39
Switchesmk: well thats what dpkg--reconfigure is meant to do03:39
luaboywhy can not I connect to remote server at 445 port?03:40
luaboywhy can not I connect to remote server at 445 port?03:40
Switchesmk: No worries, just shame we couldn't get it totally fixed03:40
luaboythe server is listening at 44503:40
wafflejockluaboy, you can try nmap to see what ports are open from a client perspective, perhaps firewall problems03:50
wafflejockluaboy, on the server can run sudo netstat -tulnp, to verify the process is using that port that you expect03:51
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asarchHow can I know the list of loaded modules in lighttpd?04:04
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HaxxaHey does anyone know whether you can change the position of the Minimize-Maximize-Close Buttons in Ubuntu 15.04 to the left or if thy are locked, if I can't move them I will not install 15.04 unfortunatley...04:21
whallzis there a channel for the awesome wm?04:23
luaboywafflejock:the 445 port is running04:27
wafflejockHaxxa, pretty sure there is an option in the appearance panel that lets you change the position of the buttons but I tried on a liveUSB and it didn't seem to pay attention to me changing the setting and couldn't cleanly restart the interface without things blowing up in the live USB environment, so guess yes it's there, but I'm not sure if it's working04:30
Haxxawafflejock, just checked apparently no - As I wrote in technical details, Canonical hardcoded buttons position in their Unity plugin. Changing of this needs this plugin to be patched by some third-party programmers. As for now such a patch is not available04:31
HaxxaThey deliberately hardcoded buttons position on the left side and do not expose any position switch to the user, in order to maintain "consistent user experience", as they call it04:31
rabaprodevubuntu 15.04 youtube videos working more smoothly.. :D :)04:32
wafflejockHaxxa, hmm yeah that's a bummer, as little as it is that and the menus being hidden and in the top bar got me looking at and using KDE for a while and now using Gnome, still happy with the Ubuntu base though04:36
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skierpageMy Kubuntu dist-upgrade to 15.04 has hung during configuration step. The install dialog window isn't updating, the last thing in it was "Configuring libgtk-3-0 (amd64)"04:45
skierpagethe log /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log has a Python traceback from DistUpgradeViewKDE.py,04:46
shubhamHow to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to 15.04?04:46
skierpage, line 339, in conffile self.confDialogue.show_difference_button.clicked.connect(self.showConffile())04:46
cfhowlettshubham, clean install 15.0404:47
cfhowlettshubham, o04r 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04:47
shubhamcfhowlett, Should I write clean install 15.04 in terminal?04:48
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
skierpageand apt-term.log indicates it's trying to ask me what to do about "Configuration file '/etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini"04:48
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cfhowlettshubham, no.  get 15.04 .iso.  make a boot usb.  boot and install04:48
shubhamThanks :)04:49
cfhowlettshubham, happy2help!04:49
skierpageshubham or if you want to do two upgrades in a row, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UtopicUpgrades04:49
skierpageSo I wonder how I can repeat the 15.04 upgrade configuration step from the command-line04:50
jedininjaRobhey guys in ubuntu how to do i bin a hot key to run a script file?04:52
skierpagethis particular bug is https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=345579 but the resolution there is "Please report installer issues to the bug tracker of your distribution"04:52
ubottuKDE bug 345579 in general "Kubuntu version 15.04 installer bug." [Grave,Resolved: downstream]04:52
MneuroIs there a way to reduce screen tearing in Ubuntu Mate 15.04?04:56
MneuroI have tried both marco and compiz compositors04:56
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skierpageso I'll report the bug, but how do I recover from a partly completed upgrade?  Can I run a command-line tool?05:02
skierpageanswering myself, guess I can run `sudo apt-get upgrade` and maybe it'll figure out what was left to do05:04
Mneuroskierpage yea you should be able to do apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade05:07
Mneuroit should finish the update05:07
Bashing-omskierpage: How far did you get in the upgrade process ? Is 15.05 partitially installed  ? ' cat /etc/apt/sources.list ' is "utopic" the topic ?05:08
skierpageMneuro: thanks, I'll try it.  It was sooo close, "About 4 minutes remaining" in the dialog :-/05:08
skierpageBashing-om: I'm not sure what "topic" is, but the lines mention vivid, e.g. "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid main restricted"05:09
skierpagethe upgrade had downloaded everything, reported all the packages it was going to configure, and was about 90+% through it05:10
Bashing-omskierpage: Then maybe . Try ' sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ; sudo apt-get -f install ; dpkg --configure ' .05:12
darthanubisubuntu installer crashes in virtualbox05:13
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mdvlIs there a way to pin a link to the launcher so I can easily access folders?05:42
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
jedininjaRobhey how to do set a hot key to a scrip file in ubuntu?05:47
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HighElfHello anyone?05:50
cfhowlett!ask | HighElf05:51
ubottuHighElf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:51
HighElfI have installed Ubuntu MATE and would like to get some working themes. I downloaded themes and installed from given link but installed themes wont sow up05:52
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Fingelliking 15.04 very much, thanks devs05:56
HighElfNo Answer?05:58
raphusive never used mate, mate .. sorry05:59
raphusbut if you think mate is ugly (like i think most of the people do), why did you choose it=05:59
HighElfI never said it is ugly, Unity is so attached to the left side and dosent even allow me to shift the launcher to bottom or anywhere. It is so bad not allowing customization06:01
Fingelare you a HighElf as in not a Dark Elf or a Wood Elf or are you a Weed Elf?06:01
HighElfI am not from Valen Wood06:02
HighElfNeither dark marshy lands.06:02
HighElfAlso I don't smoke Marijuana06:03
HighElfHighElves keep their natives secret. Although we have strong connection to Magicka06:04
FingelFelwithe or Faydwer for sure06:04
HighElfDwemers are extinct06:06
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myndzii'm getting spammed with ssh login attempts; i tried blocking the address with 'ufw deny from a.b.c.0/24'06:20
myndzibut they're still coming through06:20
myndziany idea why this would be?06:20
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somsipmyndzi: ssh is on 2206:20
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DF3D2hey I set up a new ubuntu 15.04 install (in a VM) and I cant seem to mount my samba share, works fine on the windows host though. it just says "bad" super block and dmesg says this: [ 3241.843184] Status code returned 0xc0000001 NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL06:24
DF3D2[ 3241.843193] CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -506:24
DF3D2[ 3241.843372] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -506:24
lotuspsychjeDF3D2: maybe this can help? https://github.com/gboudreau/Greyhole/issues/10706:27
DF3D2lotuspsychje, restarting the samba server process worked06:30
DF3D2some times it's the simplest answer06:30
lotuspsychje!yay | DF3D206:30
ubottuDF3D2: Glad you made it! :-)06:30
BBLLCCdo you recommend to upgrade to 15.04?06:38
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: depends if you wanna upgrade every 9 months06:39
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: you can also stick on LTS for more stable enviroment06:40
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vonsyd0wyou can type "lsblk" to list partitions and just use the mount command as root to mount it. You don't need /etc/fstab to mount anything06:57
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keevitajaIn the Land of Linux: during the silent nights we can hear windwos machines rebooting07:00
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linuxuz3rhi whats a good way to back up home directory07:04
zotherstupidguydoes anyone knows what's linus favourite terminal emulator??? it is an interview question which i failed to answer!07:06
skierpageLeeenDah: if the partition you want to access is /dev/sdXX, then `mkdir /tmp/tempmount; mount /dev/sdXX /tmp/tempmount`07:08
skierpageI mean `sudo mount ...`07:09
raphus@zotherstupidguy i thing terminator. its slim customizable and you have as many terminals as you like07:09
weakcamelhello, all07:10
LeeenDahskierpage: cool.  thanks.07:10
prashant_Hello all have you tried anyone ubuntu 15.0407:11
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LeeenDahskierpage: but then how do I tell "mount -a" to use "/tmp/tmpmount/etc/fstab" to mount the rest of the partitions?07:12
weakcamelI'm looking for tips on ralink drivers; after upgrade to 15.04 the rt61pci driver keeps losing connection07:12
vonsyd0wdont use fstab at all. mount them manually07:12
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weakcameldo you guys/gals have any advice other than ndiswrapper?07:13
LeeenDahvonsyd0w: why manually?  it's at least 12 partitions!07:15
skierpageLeeenDah: well, you could `sudo ln -s /tmp/tmpmount/etc/fstab /etc/fstab` so that mount -a "works", but that *isn't* what you want. You already have a root on the live USB.  You can only mount the partitions that don't conflict with the live USB.07:16
wub_wubdoes anyone have any idea what could be wrong here during the startup: http://i.imgur.com/lIHz9ns.jpg ?07:16
LeeenDahi'm not gonna mount 12 partitions manually on every reboot.  I could reboot 10 times a day if i'm testing something.07:17
weakcamelprashant_ I've upgraded to 15.04 and I have issues with my wifi driver07:17
raphus@LeeenDah why dont you write an alis for mounting in $HOME/.bashrc07:18
skierpageLeeenDah: I dunno if the live USB has an /etc/fstab that you can modify that will survive a reboot. If it does, then you can append lines from your hard drive's /etc/fstab to it. Otherwise, what raphus says.07:19
vonsyd0wraphus, thats a good idea or just a separate bash script. write once, run whenever you need it07:19
mehdihey guys  why terminator crashes alot in ubuntu but not in debian?07:19
raphus@mehdi i use terminator every day in ubuntu 14.04 and it NEVER crashed07:20
LeeenDahok; raphus' makes sense.07:20
LeeenDahThanks guys.  'preciate it.07:20
mehdiraphus, then why mine crashes? at the beginning it happened many time but after some updates it becomes less but today i was in the middle of something important and it crashes, BTW how many tabs do you open?07:21
lotuspsychjewub_wub: maybe try a no_acpi boot or nomodeset07:22
cristianjoin /pyar07:22
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | wub_wub07:22
ubottuwub_wub: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:22
raphus@mehdi not more than 4 ... for quick operations i use guake-terminal07:22
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stomanataOn my ubuntu i want to cut video. In Vlc i click on record. Where goes video as default when i click again on record?07:23
wub_wublotuspsychje, you think it's graphic card related?07:23
mehdiraphus,  well i open more than 4 and all of them are atleast splited in 207:23
lotuspsychjewub_wub: not sure, that light error sounds more an acpi.. you can try both07:23
raphus@mehdi wtf what do you do with all those terminals? ^^07:24
lotuspsychjestomanata: you can set your own dir in options07:24
lotuspsychjestomanata: use whereis filename from terminal07:24
weakcamelI'm looking for tips on ralink drivers; after upgrade to 15.04 the rt61pci driver keeps losing connection - can you advise?07:24
raphus@mehdi back-on-topic: i would suggest talking either to the devs of terminator or run multiple instances with max 4 terminals each07:24
stomanataWhere is this in options?07:25
lotuspsychje!ralink | weakcamel07:25
mehdiraphus, tanx07:25
stomanataI don`t know filename07:25
ubottuweakcamel: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:25
vonsyd0wmehdi, tmux is an option as well07:25
lotuspsychjestomanata: options, where screenshots and video's are stored07:25
vonsyd0wor byobu which is somewhat easier07:25
vonsyd0wand built on tmux07:26
lotuspsychjestomanata: you can try the #videolan guys also07:26
vonsyd0wthats what i use07:26
weakcamelthanks :) will have a look07:26
mehdivonsyd0w, that's really nerdish terminal :D terminator is very easy to use07:26
stomanataThank you07:26
stomanataYes. I`m there :)07:26
lotuspsychjeweakcamel: it might need a firmware update, did you install ubuntu with cable+ updates?07:26
weakcamellotuspsychje: sorry, I'm Ubuntu newbie :) just switched from Fedora ... cable+ ?07:28
lotuspsychjeweakcamel: did you set an eth0 cable in your machine to install ubuntu and updates enabled during setup?07:28
weakcamelI ran full update from universe/multiverse/restricted07:28
weakcameloh :) nope, upgraded over wifi, issues started after the reboot - I get connection for a few minutes and then lose it07:29
weakcamelI need to rmmod + modprobe to get it back for a while07:29
weakcamellotuspsychje: saw my problem on 15.04 beta and guys solved it with ndiswrapper... not really what I'd love to do though :-/ https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/solved-ralink-rt2561-rt61-wifi-problem-15-04-beta2/82807:33
cihatHi, I made clean install 15.04 64bit and now at every boot filesystem checking works. I tried tune2fs to set 20 mount but still it works at every boot. ant idea?07:37
skierpageBTW folks, regarding my Kubuntu 15.04 upgrade hang: I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/144838007:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448380 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "15.04 installer hung in configure step with exception in DistUpgradeViewKDE.py" [Undecided,New]07:38
weakcamelouch, got disconnected again07:39
* weakcamel grumpy07:39
skierpageand when I manually ran `sudo apt-get update`, it detected "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.", and when I ran that the command-line completed configuring the 15.04 packages \o/07:40
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Jack64hey guys, I'm trying to get the .deb for libtins1 and libtins-dev. compiling from source breaks the program that depends on it, so I need to grab the .deb for those 2 libs. how can I do that?07:45
Jack64btw, I've checked, and if I apt-get the packages it all runs smoothly07:46
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Ben64Jack64: so apt-get them?07:46
* skierpage reboots07:46
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Jack64yea I know but I need to send those .debs to kali07:46
Ben64kali isn't supported here07:47
Jack64I understand but I asked an ubuntu question, I need the .deb packages.07:47
Jack64.deb files07:47
bazhangpackages.ubuntu.com Jack6407:47
Ben64you're asking a kali question, they have their own support, you should ask there. using packages made for other distributions is not a great idea07:47
Jack64yea I know but there is currently no other way07:48
Jack64bazhang: thank you I'll check if they have it there07:48
bazhangthey do07:48
Jack64found it :) thanks so much07:48
weakcamellotuspsychje: browsing from the URL you gave me, I found an advice to disable fwlps for the network driver... I did and so far, so good07:54
lotuspsychje!yay | weakcamel07:55
ubottuweakcamel: Glad you made it! :-)07:55
madjoeMy new Ubuntu 15.04 suddenly throws TER environment not set error for the .profile file... How could I fix it?07:55
madjoewhen I 'echo $TERM' it outputs xterm.07:55
weakcamellotuspsychje: I wouldn't without you :) thx a lot07:56
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cihatHi, I made clean install 15.04 64bit and now at every boot filesystem checking works. I tried tune2fs to set 20 mount but still it works at every boot. ant idea?08:23
brainwashcihat: check journalctl for related log messages08:24
mac33hi to all08:26
phionai was able to open the cdrom drive manually  but now that ive put in the cd it wont read . it doesnt even spin. when i try to eject it it wont . ive also tried ejecting it from terminal, still nothing. it seems to me that it just died. what happened?08:27
mac33does someone know when MIR will be ready......I've just tried 15.04 but still runs on Xserver08:28
somsip!mir | mac3308:29
ubottumac33: Mir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir08:29
PinchiukasAs it seems it's not possible to debootstrap Ubuntu from an installation/live CD, what would be to best candidate to debootstrap from?08:31
vltPinchiukas: Why not possible? What error message do you get when trying it?08:32
Pinchiukasvlt: the problem is with installing grub. It cannot find /boot for some reason. And I believe the reason is that the root fs is not a block device.08:32
PinchiukasLet me get the exact error.08:32
PinchiukasCould not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.08:33
vltPinchiukas: Debootstrapping does not install grub by default.08:33
PinchiukasI'm executing grub-install from the chroot environment.08:33
Pinchiukasvlt: well I install the package in the chroot.08:33
PinchiukasI do need a bootloader don't I? :)08:33
PinchiukasI think this used to work with Debian...08:34
vltPinchiukas: Depends on what you want to do with your debootstrapped system.08:34
PinchiukasWell... I'd like to boot it. :)08:34
vltPinchiukas: Did you mount /proc /sys /dev inti the chroot environment=08:34
PinchiukasI did mount --bind /proc and /dev into the chroot.08:35
TruthSo here i am08:35
TruthCompletely new to ubuntu08:35
TruthMy question is, should I download this?08:36
PinchiukasTruth: most definitely.08:36
phionai was able to open the cdrom drive manually  but now that ive put in the cd it wont read . it doesnt even spin. when i try to eject it it wont . ive also tried ejecting it from terminal, still nothing. it seems to me that it just died. what happened?08:36
Truthok reason?08:36
vltPinchiukas: Hmmm ... Is there a reason not to use the installer once you managed to boot it?08:36
Truthit's like Windows?08:36
Pinchiukasvlt: you mean using the installer and not debootstrapping?08:37
Truthor just a small launchable software08:37
Soul-Singare there files in ubuntu to store txpower values on wifo ath9 acer?08:37
SienteHello guys, do I need that autorun.inf file to boot and install ubuntu from a flash drive?08:37
vltPinchiukas: Yes. I know that was not your question. I was just interested.08:37
Soul-Singiwconfig doesn't do anything config txpower08:37
phionayes truth, its like windows.08:38
TruthSo it's a completely different OS08:38
Truthwhat about for gaming etc08:38
phionatruth you can also install games.08:39
TruthWhat if ubuntu isn't compatible with the game08:39
TruthI mean, it's not common as windows08:39
TruthWill I face any problems?08:40
cfhowlettTruth, get linux games.  no issues.08:40
TruthGTA V for example08:40
Truthcfhowlett: I can't miss GTA V08:40
cfhowlett!steam | trueneu08:40
ubottutrueneu: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.08:40
cfhowletttruth ^^08:41
TruthGood :)08:41
TruthSo about this operating system08:41
Truthwhat's the requirements?08:41
TruthI saw four options tho08:42
TruthUbuntu for developers, how's that ?08:42
TruthWhich suites me more08:42
cfhowlett"suites" ?08:42
Pinchiukasvlt: I'm doing the 'minbase' variant. I find that results in the smallest possible installation.08:42
phionaanything that can run win xp should be good. Truth08:42
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Soul-SingQualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter08:43
phionai was able to open the cdrom drive manually  but now that ive put in the cd it wont read . it doesnt even spin. when i try to eject it it wont . ive also tried ejecting it from terminal, still nothing. it seems to me that it just died. what happened?08:44
cfhowlettphiona, they do fail ... try a music CD08:45
phionai cant open the cdrom drive cfhowlett08:46
cfhowlettphiona, paperclip08:46
kwar5how to install kde plasma 5.2 on ubuntu 15.04 ?08:46
Pinchiukasvlt: I can't even think up a "fake" mtab file that'd fool grub-install into finding the correct devices.08:46
TruthWhat if i install ubuntu on a VM ?08:47
Truthwill it work?08:47
TruthVMware workstation for example08:47
cfhowlett!vbox | Truth, people do it ll the time08:47
ubottuTruth, people do it ll the time: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:47
phionaive never tried that before cfhowlett. wont this damage my pc.08:48
cfhowlettphiona, the paperclip ejection hole is there for exactly this situation08:49
phionaLOL. ok cfhowlett08:50
kwar5is it possible?08:50
Pinchiukaskwar5: have you tried googling it?08:51
kwar5Pinchiukas i found solution only for 14.04 and 14.1008:51
kwar5and doesnt work for me08:51
PinchiukasWell 15.04 is only a couple days old. :)08:52
Pinchiukaskwar5: you could just install kubuntu.08:52
BluekingI've experienced drop out of net 5 times this week  every day at 19.50  am not sure how to check why it's disconnecting  at same time once a day few sec later net are back08:53
kwar5i know08:53
rainbowwarriorhello , I am running Ubuntu 15.04 how do I play dvd's please ?09:12
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Chuck_Norrisrainbowwarrior: http://www.noobslab.com/2015/04/tweaksthings-to-do-after-install-of.html09:13
rainbowwarriorChuck_Norris , Thank You09:14
Chuck_Norrisrainbowwarrior: np:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10884716/09:14
bishopsAnyone can help with a Rhythmbox issue?09:18
bishopsRhythmbox does not memorize anymore artwork I manually add to specific tracks or artists09:18
bishopsNot a huge problem but in case anyone can help would be nice09:18
vonsyd0wbishops, i use easytag to add the artwork directly to the mp3 file09:19
cfhowlettbishops, pretty specific to rhythmbox not ubuntu.  see R's help options.09:19
bishopsvonsyd0w: how to do this?09:19
vonsyd0winstall easytag09:20
bishopscfhowlett: Ok thanks I'll check this09:20
bishopsvonsyd0w: Ok great thanks!09:20
zakariahii room09:21
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machdohvahIs it OK to ask a g++ question here?09:23
bishopsvonsyd0w: Oh why didn't I hear about easytag before saves my life! have a huge collection to sort!09:23
cfhowlettmachdohvah, better to ask the g++ channel09:23
vonsyd0wbishops, yea easytag is pretty handy09:23
bergai'm trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04. i've disabled all ppas but do-release-upgrade says no upgrade found (i've tried with and without -d). anyone know what i should do? i'm fairly new at this.09:31
bishopsvonsyd0w: thanks again for this!09:31
cfhowlettberga, you likely told your update settings to look for LTS only09:31
bergaoh i see09:31
vonsyd0wbishops, np09:31
bergait's downloading utopic files now09:32
bergais that right?09:32
cfhowlettberga, see?  It's all in the wrist ...09:32
bergathanks man09:32
cfhowlettberga, happy2help09:32
sennnwhat is new?09:32
k1l_berga: you cant upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 without going to 14.1009:32
bergaah gotcha, k1l_09:33
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bergahmm, i think my /boot partition is too small. total size is 81.7 MB and the upgrade needs 74.8 MB09:35
bergathink i need to reinstall completely or can I use gparted to resize it?09:36
cfhowlettberga, first you'd have to boot an ubuntu USB.  then you can "safely" repartition09:36
bergai have a boot cd with gparted on, iirc it's ubcd09:37
sennnboring day09:37
blaaaIs it possible to use LVM-encryption with tpm-based authentication similar to Microsofts biltocker?09:43
blurkis_what is baloo_file and how come it takes 100% cpu? How can i fix it?10:04
MonkeyDustblurkis_  start from the beginning, what brings you here, how and where did you find the file etc10:07
blurkis_MonkeyDust: my cpu takes 100% cpu. As seen with top.  Searching google gave that its a problem running kubuntu.. and something about scheduler, and that ubuntu changed it?10:08
MonkeyDustblurkis_  ok, so you're using kubuntu... which ubuntu release?10:09
MonkeyDustblurkis_  idd, plenty other users seem to have the same issue10:14
MonkeyDustblurkis_  the channels #kubuntu and #kde are quite populated, better ask there, i guess10:17
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irgendwer4711hi, I have a strange problem with a few newer self-build kernels. The Kernel crashed after loading the initrd. The screen show  colored lines; no text. The working kernels show this lines for a second too, but then the desktop. I am using ubuntu 14.10 and Intel i915.10:24
irgendwer4711working kernel now is 3.13. tried kernels were 3.16, 3.18. and 3.1910:25
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venucDebian 8 Jessie releasing in a few hours from now. Follow progress on irc.debian.org -> #debian-release10:28
Chuck_Norrisirgendwer4711: if you picked up modules one by one, may be one or more must be missing or somthing, just install .debs kernels from:  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:28
irgendwer4711the ubuntu selfbuild kernel 3.16 didnt work too10:29
AJH101Hi I have just upgraded to 15.04 but am told there is some sort of repository error - how do I renstall that part please10:30
Chuck_Norrisirgendwer4711: you need "linux-headers-all", "linux-header" and "linux-image" install first "header-all" then "header" and last "linux-image"10:30
irgendwer4711Chuck_Norris: older kernels like 3.13 buildt well10:31
venucDebian 8 Jessie releasing in a few hours from now. Follow progress on irc.debian.org -> #debian-release10:33
Chuck_Norrisirgendwer4711: even though isn't recommended, becouse peopel here don't helps when you are using a kernel that is not the one that comes with ubuntu installed10:33
irgendwer4711Chuck_Norris: no problem. I saw, that I had forgotten --initrd at the last testing kernels. Now I try to boot the last testing kernel with initrd. brb10:34
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DietDrKWhere's Ubuntu-servers?10:49
cfhowlett!server | DietDrK10:50
ubottuDietDrK: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server10:50
BluesKajHey folks10:56
irgendwer4711Chuck_Norris: I am back10:59
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mehdi__how can i use 15.04 repo to update gedit and libreoffice?11:05
jattupgrade to 15.0411:07
mehdi__i wanna have LTS version11:07
jattif you use backports is not lts anymore. hence upgrade11:08
mehdi__i really disappointed when hear 15.04 is not LTS11:09
jattis not supposed to be11:10
mehdi__isnt the versions with 04 supposed to be LTS?11:10
brainwashmehdi__: is there any benefit in upgrading gedit? 15.04 still has version 3.1011:10
MonkeyDustmehdi__  even numbers with 0411:10
Fleetmehdi__: every fourth major release is LTS iirc11:12
mehdi__brainwash, my bad i misstook nautilus with gedit11:13
mehdi__anyway is there any possible way that i can upgrade my gedit to 3.14 the interface is awesome11:18
Stanley00!info gedit11:19
ubottugedit (source: gedit): official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 3.10.4-0ubuntu6 (utopic), package size 505 kB, installed size 2760 kB11:19
MonkeyDustmehdi__  you'd need a .debor a ppa, but at your own risk, it's not supported here11:20
MonkeyDustmehdi__  you'd need a .deb or a ppa, but at your own risk, it's not supported here11:20
mehdi__MonkeyDust, there was a PPA on askubuntu the that seems to be wrong11:22
mehdi__i use it at my own risk just donno how11:22
mehdi__to upgrade11:22
rebsis there a way to disable loginscreen oin startup 14.0411:30
voozeWhat version of Windows and MS-Office do you use for virtualbox? I have plenty of ram and 4 cores if thats a factor :)11:33
AJH101Hi I have just upgraded to 15.04 but am told there is some sort of repository error - do I reinstall that part? If so how do I do that please?11:33
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Chuck_Norrisvooze: are you using windows on virtualbox just for "ms office"?11:35
raphusms office 2010 works great under playonlinux11:36
HalfEatenPieCan the next version of Ubuntu be 3.14 please?11:37
HalfEatenPieHell I'll accept Ubuntu 1.57 too11:37
voozeChuck_Norris, yes11:38
raphus@HalfEatenPie i think you have to wait until 54th of May 17811:38
HalfEatenPiewell I'll wait for it11:39
HalfEatenPiei'm sure if I wait long enough it'll come around11:39
raphus'til then you can use ubuntus most used feature... mahjongg11:39
Chuck_Norrisvooze: try this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/07/run-microsoft-office-web-apps-ubuntu-desktop11:39
Chuck_Norrisvooze: it's online web apps, libreoffice can do pretty much everything though11:41
HalfEatenPieNah just use TeX11:41
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luckybunnyhi folks... a thought I've had is that I'd like to replace update manager/software updater with Synaptic... except for 2 things. a) I don't know exactly whether that'll be a good move in terms of feature (i.e what can i expect?) and b) I have no idea whether I can actually switch them out like that11:55
chotaz`droidEach has its purpose.11:56
luckybunnybut I like using synaptic more than I like using the ubuntu default. I can explore the packages it's recommending to be installed, rather than just look at a list and install them all11:56
OerHeksluckybunny, that is the 1st thing i install: synaptic, but you still need softwarecenter.11:56
luckybunnythen again, I like that update manager notifies me about updates, and checks regularly11:57
luckybunnyno idea if I can get synaptic to do that11:57
kristhia1hello, how do i change a theme in irssi?11:57
kristhia1i have typed /set theme <example theme> but nothing happened11:57
rebsis there a way to disable loginscreen oin startup 14.0411:58
* luckybunny is currently doing a distupgrade11:58
luckybunny14.10 -> 15.0411:58
OerHeksrebs, enable automatic login11:59
rebsOerHeks, i dont see that option in user settings11:59
rebsI thought it shoudl be under user accounts but the toggle switch is afm11:59
chotaz`droidkristhia1, #ircssi11:59
kristhia1or is it irssi12:00
OerHeksrebs, i do > https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6885560/login.png12:00
OerHeksrebs switch it on, maybe?12:00
rebsOerHeks, https://www.dropbox.com/s/01jhr7t0xmczypg/Screenshot%20from%202015-04-25%2008%3A02%3A33.png?dl=012:03
rebsim on 14.04...12:04
ioriarebs : do you have Users and Group ?12:05
rebsim only one on this machine. how would i check12:06
rebsi supopse there is a guest session, but i dont ever use that12:07
OerHeksusers &  groups is not standard installed, sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools .. but you don't need that to make auto login12:07
rebsi dont have that12:08
rebsmaybe i should post on stack exchange12:08
dreamcat4^i must say, this upgrade to 15.04 is going pretty well so far... it is just remaining to reboot now and see what happens.12:09
ioriarebs did you press lock ?12:09
rebsyes, i unlocked it12:09
rebsim not sure, but could it have to do with disk encryption?12:11
rebsi dont *think* i have it enabled12:11
ioriarebs you got ubuntu-desktop ?12:11
dreamcat4^time to restart...12:12
ioriarebs weel, could be,12:12
ioriarebs weel, http://askubuntu.com/questions/11240/why-is-the-automatic-login-disabled-for-users-with-encrypted-home12:13
rebsoh lol12:13
rebsi suppose my next question is then how to decrypt home:p12:13
rebsbut i can google for that12:14
rebsthx ioria12:14
ioriarebs np12:14
noreasoncan someone help me with xargs12:14
noreasoni dont understand12:14
ioriai must remember this12:14
rebsyeah its quite an inconvenience on the desktop12:15
ioriarebs maybe there is a workaround...12:15
EriC^^i'm getting a corrupted package while upgrading, i tried removing the package and changing the mirror by commenting out some of the mirrors in pacman.d/mirrorlist is that how i can change the mirror for sure?12:16
ioriarebs you could  use a random encrypted folder instead of home encrypted12:16
EriC^^wrong window12:16
OerHekspacman is gonna get ya12:16
ioriarebs TrueCrypt or some12:17
mehdi__guys i have unity can i install gnome 3.16 DE next to it?12:18
k-stzmehdi__: yes, it will let you switch on login12:18
OerHeksmehdi on what ubuntu version ?12:19
rebsyeah thats what im checking out now ioria thx for the tip!12:19
ioriarebs np again12:19
OerHeksmehdi Vivid has gnome 3.14, so i guess you need a ppa, which are unsupported here ( use at own risc)12:21
mehdi__OerHeks, i use 14.0412:24
OerHeksmehdi__, i am not sure there is a ppa for that version.12:25
OerHeksLTS is conservative about new features12:25
OerHeks(which is a good thing)12:25
\\Mr_C\\what causes files to say not found when they are plainly there in sight?12:26
AsianWolverineHi there I am new to linux can someone guide me to help chat room?12:26
Athos-xHi guys... I am having a difficult time getting plymouth splash to work again, i have tried almost every fix out there... But it just will not work. I am running Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 and it happened after installing propietary Nvidia drivers... Gnome IRC is dead so i thought would come here.12:26
OerHeks\\Mr_C\\, tell us what command gives that error..12:26
OerHeks\\Mr_C\\, make it executable?12:27
\\Mr_C\\did the chown12:27
\\Mr_C\\it works in debian, but not ubuntu12:27
mehdi__OerHeks, well 3.14 seems to be the latest and i found  a page http://www.webupd8.org/2014/10/how-to-install-gnome-314-in-ubuntu.html  it seems there are some conflicts with unity12:28
OerHeks\\Mr_C\\, maybe chmod +x ...?12:28
brainwashAthos-x: revert to the open source driver12:28
OerHeksmehdi__, can't help you there.12:29
Athos-xThe open source driver is laggy for some reason... Especially with the app tray... I am using the latest Gnome.12:29
Athos-xIs there no way around this?12:29
OerHeksmehdi__, besides, that guide is for 14.1012:29
Athos-xIt is only a splashscreen i know lol but it does annoy me hahaha...12:29
mehdi__OerHeks, is there any application like system restore if such things happened so i can revert it?12:30
OerHeksmehdi__, not standard, no. this is not windows.12:30
blurkis_any one clever about apache? I want a subdomain for baten.z-sverige.nu,  which is added in the dns. it works.  I have added a config in apache in a seperate config file in availibel/enabled. http://pastebin.com/b19Yg9tA   and yet, going to baten.z-sverige.nu brings the content of z-sverige.nu ? how come..?12:30
SchrodingersScat!backup | mehdi__12:31
ubottumehdi__: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:31
brainwashAthos-x: well, this has been discussed quite often already, not sure if we can provide a ground breaking new solution. check askubuntu, ubuntuforums,..12:31
=== blurkis_ is now known as blurkis
Athos-xI know brain.. And i have probably done most fixes lol... That is why i am desperate lol.12:31
Athos-xThank you anyways...12:31
brainwashblame nvidia :)12:32
Athos-xIt´s just one of those small annoyances which has no real impact on the system.12:32
Athos-xBut for real Gnome 3.16 is just amazing... Everything is so smooth and fast.12:33
andybrineGood afternoon everyone12:33
Athos-xTried Antergos but i found it buggy as heck... Ubuntu gnome is also buggy here and there, but wayyyy more stable...12:34
andybrineDoes anyone know if it is possible to install gnome shell 3.16 in ubuntu 15.04?12:34
=== brian is now known as Guest18285
Athos-xYes andy it is possible.12:34
brainwashthe demand for gnome 3.16 is really high :D12:34
Athos-x sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging12:35
andybrineAthos, ok thanks12:35
OerHekscarefull with that ppa, lots of bugreports12:35
Athos-xsudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome312:35
andybrineIs that staging repository stable?12:36
Athos-xsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:36
gerihi, i have an issue with removing a folder... i get Read-only file system ... i cant change the permission :(12:36
andybrineOk thanks. I will give it a shot12:36
Athos-xWell andy i have no idea... But i have it up and running here on Ubuntu Gnome 15.0412:36
andybrineyou are using 3.16?12:37
andybrineI tested it with arch linux and thought it was great.12:37
Athos-xYup 3.16.112:38
andybrineAwesome!! I will see if I can get it working then.12:38
Athos-xIt works like a charm man... I love the notifications.12:38
andybrineSounds good12:38
andybrineI tried to install it earlier and I was not able to login12:39
Athos-xDo not know if i am allowed to post links here...12:39
andybrineand thought that was strange12:39
rahulprodevHello everyone, whazz up?12:39
Athos-xHmmmm strange...12:39
rahulprodevanyone pls tell me how can i stop suggestion in ubuntu from ubuntu panel :)12:39
andybrineluckily I was able to log back into unity12:39
OerHeksAthos-x, as long they are ontopic12:39
ioriageri usb device ?12:39
Athos-xDo not know how to fix that bro.12:40
Athos-xAndy how did you intall it?12:40
andybrineim going to try it again to see it was something I have done12:40
Athos-xThanks Oerheks!12:40
andybrineI installed it by adding that repo and doing a distro upgrade12:41
andybrinedo you need the testing repo as well?12:41
Athos-xHmmm strange... It worked just fine over...12:42
Athos-xSo your login screen is gone or something like that?12:42
andybrinemy login screen was there but as soon as I logged it. It seemed to start loading and then fail12:43
Athos-xCan anyone help Andy?12:43
andybrineim going to reboot quick, I will be back12:44
andybrinethanks Athos-x12:44
andybrineunforunately for me it has done the same again12:45
andybrinevery strange12:46
Athos-xHmmmm any error messages?12:46
geriioria: sd card12:46
geriwith ubuntu installed12:47
andybrinethere are no error messages12:47
geriid had some issue with the disk12:47
geriso i dd the image on to the sd card again :D12:47
Athos-xAndy did you install it on regular Ubuntu 15.04?12:47
andybrineI cant get a screenshot with is a shame but it literally goes to load and the comes back to login12:48
geriubuntu 14.0412:48
Athos-xYou can switch to Unity and login?12:48
ioriageri     df -Th and find your sd, umount it, the run dosfsck, remove it and replace12:48
Athos-xI suggest you purge the ppa and reinstall again...12:48
geriUbuntu 14.04.1 (amd64)12:48
Athos-xMaybe it will work then?12:49
geriioria: it was not able to boot the sd card corretly12:49
andybrinethats what I did just then12:49
andybrineI may have some broken packages12:49
Athos-xAnd still no luck?12:49
geriis gcc 4.8.2 shipped with ubuntu 14.04?12:50
somsip!info gcc trusty | geri12:50
ubottugeri: gcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.124ubuntu6)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 41 kB12:50
geriwhen i do apt-get install gcc it fetches this version..12:50
Athos-xCheck out this thread Andy... It is old but it might work. http://askubuntu.com/questions/65852/cannot-login-to-my-user-account12:50
andybrineNot at the moment12:50
geriwhy not gcc 4.9?12:50
cfhowlettgeri, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10886098/12:50
geriwhy not gcc 4.9?12:51
andybrineOk, I will try that12:51
andybrineI think it may have been logging into lightdm12:52
ioriageri     i'm lost, was your problem related to read-only fs ?12:52
OerHeksgeri, because it is LTS, long term support, if you want newer, upgrade to 14.10-15.0412:52
geriso ubuntu 14.04 is quiet old?12:52
somsipgeri: from month 04 in 201412:52
cfhowlettgeri, April 2014.  bear in mind; bleeding edge is often bloody.  choose wisely.12:52
dreamcat4^geri: but as LTS they continue to update it12:53
dreamcat4^geri: 14.04.2 updated now has a slightly newer kernel (3.16 vs 3.13)12:53
andybrineStill cant login to gnome shell12:53
geridreamcat4^: i might need to modify the kernel12:54
gerii only want to use 1 core for my ubuntu12:54
andybrineAthos-x did you install the testing repository as well?12:54
dreamcat4^geri: perhaps you should use 15.04 then, as it has 3.19 kernel now12:54
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
geridreamcat4^: would i be able to select only 1 kernel to be used?12:54
dreamcat4^geri: what do you want to use your other core(s) for then ?12:55
geridreamcat4^: bare metal12:55
dreamcat4^geri: i assume by that you mean vmware esxi or some other hypervisor12:56
dreamcat4^geri: well here's what i am doing: run ubuntu 15.04 desktop with 3.19 kernel. then run all my server stuff in docker contianers, or ubuntu minbase 14.04.212:58
geridreamcat4^: docker?13:02
geridreamcat4^: i dont do cloud computing :D13:02
geridreamcat4^: i need performance :)13:02
geriand not a virtual layer in between13:03
OerHeksperformance with single core, right.13:03
lushis it easily possible to install ubuntu 14.04 64 bit on a uefi system with MBR partitioning (dual booting with windows..)13:04
OerHekslush there is a uefi manual about it13:04
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:04
geriOerHeks: not each problem is parallelisable :D13:04
dreamcat4^geri: well docker is good for that... it's linux containers (namespace). it's for suitable local and cloud services (either)13:05
andybrineHowever much I like shell 3.16, I think im going to leave it13:05
dreamcat4^geri: also - it is more effecient sharing the memory than an HV and other resources (cpu, etc)13:07
gerihow can i see the free space on my linux?13:08
cfhowlettgeri, easy.  open terminal:  free13:08
nullbyte_how can i remove left default panel in desktop and to make a one in bottom/center tool menu bar?13:08
OerHeksnullbyte_, if you point at the unity bar, you can't.13:09
gerihm http://ideone.com/0KSjnR13:09
dreamcat4^geri: df -h, there are also other disk analyzer tools.13:09
OerHeksnullbyte_, you can hide it, and use an other dock13:09
gerihttp://ideone.com/0KSjnR ...bad !13:10
=== mathieu is now known as Guest82248
nullbyte_OerHeks: yes the docks, how ? from gnome.extensions.org or... ?13:10
geridreamcat4^: can i extend and get more space?13:10
dreamcat4^geri: i seem to have a gui program named 'Disk Usage Analyzer' installed. it does the job ok. but there are a couple of other ones too13:10
BluesKajgeri, free is for memory , df -h will give you disk details13:11
OerHeksnullbyte_, look in softwarecenter?13:11
geridreamcat4^: im worried about /dev/mmcblk0p2  474M  470M     0 100% /13:11
Guest82248Hi...  I'm trying to upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 15.04...  I have changed settings in my source manager so that it doesn't only fetch new upgrade from LTS...  However,  it's only prompting me 14.10 upgrade?  Do I need to upgrade to 14.10 before I upgrade to 15.04?13:11
OerHeksgeri that looks like a memorycard, did you boot from the iso ?13:11
cfhowlettGuest82248, correct.13:12
geriOerHeks: it is! i dd the image onto the sd card13:12
dreamcat4^geri: it's not hard. if you have a gui you can run gparted. else you may have been provided a script to do it for you. (or use fdisk etc.)13:12
OerHeksgeri,  no wonder that you have no diskspace, grinn13:12
geridreamcat4^: i dont have a gui13:12
cfhowlettGuest82248, 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04         OR torrent the 15.04 .iso, make a USB and clean install13:12
geriOerHeks: is there a quick fix? the sd card is 16GB13:13
Guest82248I'm kind of surprised that Ubuntu can't jump two versions, but that makes sense I guess.13:13
dreamcat4^geri: what is the hardware ?13:13
geridreamcat4^: embedded platform13:13
geriarm cortex a913:14
OerHeksgeri,  that is not how it works, you can make the rest of the card a filesystem, it should be an option during making of that bootdevice13:14
geriOerHeks: insert the card into my mac?13:14
ubuntu-matehow doing i leave Kernel Panic13:15
MonkeyDustubottu  15.04?13:16
ubottuMonkeyDust: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:16
MonkeyDustdang completion13:16
dreamcat4^geri: i have an odroid-C1 arm device. they provide a 'resizefs' shell script that can run on the cmdline after booting into ubuntu 14.04.13:17
geridreamcat4^: can you give it to me?13:17
dreamcat4^geri: but it just runs a few fdisk cmds and stuff like that13:18
geriwill i be able to see the rest of the space left on my card in my current ubuntu session?13:18
dreamcat4^geri: http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=294813:18
geridreamcat4^: http://ideone.com/KzMp1013:18
dreamcat4^geri: the guy who posted that script is one of the software maintainers in odroid OSS community, so he can be trusted13:19
geridreamcat4^: will i need to reboot or so?13:20
geriim in the command line13:20
=== logan_ is now known as Guest26356
dreamcat4^geri: you need to check or rename the partition in the script to match your device (if different) ---> https://gist.github.com/dreamcat4/853032af79d063f4ee3e13:22
dreamcat4^geri: and all other instructions are on the forum thread. ok?13:22
geridreamcat4^: my device name is also /dev/mmcblk0p213:22
=== percY is now known as percY-
dreamcat4^geri: then you don't need to worry about that bit. just follow the forum instructions.13:25
profus2hi everybody, this is probably not the right place to ask but could someone help me out with translation in launchpad?13:32
profus2my question: regards procedure13:33
profus2after having translated and saved, do I have to download translation in a *.po file and the uplaod this file to the project?13:33
lushubottu: If I install windows and ubuntu on seperate hard drives will grub still manage to create a windows menu-entry?13:35
ubottulush: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:35
lushaah xD13:36
domovoihas anyone seen an update fail because ttf-mscorefonts-installer13:36
lush@ OerHeks13:36
ubotterhow can i deativate the who and away message windows in pidgin? i see this windows every login, this anoying me :|13:36
cfhowlettdomovoi, no.  but unless you actually need the msoft fonts, you can skip them13:36
profus2@lush: yes, it will13:36
domovoithanks ,  i did but it keeps popping up , with an update box ,   failed to update data files13:37
ubottertwo little windows who and away every login and when i go afk or type who :|13:37
[n0mad]seems like someone asked the same question last night about pidgin and were told it's not possible but i may have stopped reading then13:37
cfhowlettdomovoi, hmm.  purge the mssft fonts, update, upgrade13:37
ubotterrealy? but i like pidgin i dont wanna change the irc client :(13:38
ubotteris ther a plugin? additional13:38
=== Silenced_v2 is now known as Silenced_afk
ubotter[n0mad]: i bet its possible with a plugin :P13:39
ubotterbut i dont now wich smile13:39
ubotter[n0mad]: can u give me a recommend for a good irc client?13:40
lushprofus2: ty13:40
cfhowlettubotter, hexchat13:40
[n0mad]ubotter, this web site says it's not possible, and everything else i see is people asking for plugins for it https://encrypteverything.ca/IRC_Anonymity_Guide13:40
ubotternice ty i try this chat. ist it very complicated to config this hex chat? i dont like irc clients wiht 1000 config possibilitys13:40
[n0mad]hexchat is pretty basic as far as irc configuration honestly13:41
cfhowlettubotter, very easy13:41
SchrodingersScatubotter: weechat? irssi?13:41
ubotternice i try this clients thx bye :) have a nice day ^^13:41
ubotterwth is hand crafted smile?13:43
[n0mad]hand crafted smile?13:44
ubotter domovoi hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client).13:44
marcshakeso. upgrading ubuntustudio to 15.04 is easy or should I wait. (user with "some" linux knowledge). I would do it without any fear but my backup-raid is broken ;)13:44
flareahello, who can help me with the Orca screen reader? I'm unable to open the settings panel even by oressing ins+spacebar13:44
jattsystemctl status says:13:46
jatt    State: degraded13:46
jattwhat does it mean?13:46
cfhowlett!help | runda13:47
ubotturunda: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:47
rundalol I'm an ass13:47
cfhowlettrunda, no profanity.13:48
cfhowlettand please play elsewhere13:48
rundaI was typing /msg nickserv13:48
rundasorry about nthat13:48
xanguait's NickServ , not nickserv13:50
cfhowlettxangua, actually either will work13:51
xanguaoh nice13:51
tijnixQuestion, what is the best alternative for photoshop, still gimp?13:52
rundaI just started IRC, so I am still working through some things13:52
cfhowletttijnix, "best" is subjective.  gimp seems to work for most13:52
tijnixNot many other choices either13:53
MonkeyDusttijnix  photoshop is the best alternative for gimp13:53
tijnixI just need to quick edit some png's and dont want to boot into osx again :D13:54
tijnixgimp will do, thnx13:54
MonkeyDusttijnix  try shotwell13:55
xanguapinta is nice and simple too13:56
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MonkeyDustnewbie_irc  let's hear it14:05
cfhowlett!help | newbie_irc14:05
ubottunewbie_irc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:05
jnnsdoes anyone run gnome 3.16 from the staging ppa successfully on vivid?14:05
newbie_irclol, first time on IRC, i don't know how to start14:06
=== leandro is now known as Guest27597
cfhowlettnewbie_irc, get to the point.  state your ubuntu problem with the relevant details.14:06
MonkeyDustnewbie_irc  not too hard: ask a question and wait14:06
newbie_ircwhat's the command to see who's on #ubuntu channel?14:07
darkfrogHey guys, I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 and installed the nvidia drivers (Additional Drivers) and everything is working great, but I have four monitors and I arrange them in nvidia-settings (run as root) and save it out to xorg.conf but it doesn't retain after I reboot. Anyone know how to solve this?14:08
oatssd1001: o/14:08
sd1001sd1001: o/14:08
GermainZsd1001: o/14:08
sd1001GermainZ: \o14:09
MneuroI am running Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and I'm getting a lot of screen tearing.  I have tried the marco and compiz compositors but i still get a lot of tearing.  I have Nvidia GPU.  Anyone have any ideas?14:09
GermainZMneuro: tried enabling vsync?14:09
Mneuroin compiz?14:09
MneuroYea, it was enabled14:09
GermainZor nvidia's settings14:09
MneuroI've had it enabled in nvidias settings since the drivers installed14:10
Mneurounless theres another way besides the opengl sync option in the nvidia tool14:10
MonkeyDustnewbie_irc  /list14:11
=== tonytt is now known as tonyt
jnnsnewbie_irc & MonkeyDust: that's not quite right. /list lists all the channels in the network whereas /names <channel> gives all the users in the channel14:14
newbie_ircyeah, /name is correct. I tried and it worked14:15
oats$(base64 -d<<<H4sIAOOhO1UAA3Mp8C7xsswyyXIp1C/K18tIz0jK0de3Sk5PL1UoqMzkAgBUpjlpIAAAAA==|gzip -d|tr A-Za-z N-ZA-Mn-za-m|rev)14:18
thatllbeyouhey guys. having a bit of a problem with switching from 14.04 to 15.04. when i updated last night it wouldn't start so im installing from a .iso this time around. but i need to backup my .local files and i can't do it while running the livecd14:22
=== rika_ is now known as rika
KoslHeard that Ubuntu is planning to introduce Snappy. Can someone explain me the advatages/disadvantages and I thought .deb-packages are a good thing?14:25
SchrodingersScat!ot | Kosl: probably offtopic for here, since it's a future plan, I've seen talk about that in #ubuntu-offtopic though14:27
ubottuKosl: probably offtopic for here, since it's a future plan, I've seen talk about that in #ubuntu-offtopic though: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:27
webcheckhi all14:27
SchrodingersScatwebcheck: hello14:27
ObrienDaveGreetings & Welcome14:27
asidoI have a script setting environment variables in /etc/profile.d. when I open terminal I see the variable is set. when I do `sudo su root`, the variables is not set anymore. why is that?14:28
webchecki'm looking a way to implement the argv and argc on an existing code but i don't know how to do it, any help?14:28
pavlosasido, root uses a different PATH env14:29
pavlosasido, http://askubuntu.com/questions/128413/setting-the-path-so-it-applies-to-all-users-including-root-sudo14:30
HaloInReverseCan anyone tell me what the difference is between choosing "Lock/Switch User" from the unity menu and using Meta + L to lock a session?14:38
lushas nobody answers me in #elementary I'll try to ask here again as it seems to be a general ubuntu concern and not a elementary-specific one:14:39
=== alpha32 is now known as Guest29134
lush[16:34] <lush> I installed a dual boot with win7 and elementary freya on my uefi machine [16:34] <lush> I chose MBR and I booted in legacy mode (at least I hope so) [16:34] <lush> I've got a ssd (/dev/sda) with windows [16:35] <lush> And a hdd with elementary (dev/sdb), and I installed grub into /dev/sdb [16:35] <lush> After the installation finished I wasn't able to boot elementary (grub doesn't load, it always loads windows) and I don'14:39
lushah damn14:39
cfhowlettlush, nope.  doesn't work like that.  you're running elementary.  go to elementary for support.14:39
lushI installed a dual boot with win7 and elementary freya on my uefi machine14:39
cfhowlettlush, why?  because it's not ubuntu.14:40
lushcfhowlett: why? elementary is completely based on ubuntu and this is just a problem with booting it directly after the installation14:40
pavlosHaloInReverse, "lock" locks the current user and requires pw to unlock. "Switch" changes user14:40
HaloInReversePavlos: It's the same menu item.14:40
lushcfhowlett: so if somebody asks for kubuntu support here he won't get any tips?14:40
cfhowlett!flavors | these are supported.  if it's not on this list, it's not supported14:40
ubottuthese are supported.  if it's not on this list, it's not supported: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.14:40
=== Guest29134 is now known as mahalo
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:41
cfhowlettlush, please see !flavors14:41
MonkeyDustlush  elementary has it's own channel; there's no reason to come here14:41
HaloInReversePavlos: Choosing lock/switch user should (in theory) lock the session and take me to the lock screen.   Instead it crashes my session.14:41
=== rajesh is now known as Guest21579
HaloInReversePavlos: However, Meta +L, which in theory does the exact same thing, doesn't crash the session.14:41
lushMonkeyDust: there is, this one is far more active and I would have the exactly same problem with Ubuntu14:41
lushcfhowlett: I don't get it... I'm rly sure it's not a elementary-specific problem but a general problem14:42
MonkeyDustlush  i guess you're getting now, that you'll find no support here14:42
pavlosHaloInReverse, mt laptop runs 14.04, unity. I pressed lock, it asked for my pw. no crash14:43
cfhowlettlush, perhaps there's a cosmic message: when choosing an OS, select one that provides the support needed??14:43
HaloInReversepavlos: mine does that too... and did that too from "lock/switch user" until very recently.  Now it crashes my session.   Are there any log files I can look through to find a cause?14:43
lushcfhowlett: I just wanted to use an ubuntu with a pantheon desktop omg If I'd just have installed Ubuntu, removed unity and tehn added the elementary ppa it would still be a ubuntu with pantheon, as elementary is..14:44
oatslush: maybe when I have ubuntu problems, I should go to #debian because ubuntu is completely based off debian.14:44
tgm4883lush: have you tried setting you bios to bit the other drive first14:44
OerHekslush, elementary has its own issues14:44
Snarksteranyone have any issues with installing 15.04 over 14.10?14:45
cfhowlettlush, and yet and still: it's not an ubuntu flavor.  ask elementary for support.  It IS their distro and their responsibility.14:45
MonkeyDustSnarkster  this is the support channel, so ask your question14:45
Snarksterso upgrading is no problem?14:45
lushtgm4883: I don't know how but I guess that's the problem.. I only get the ssd displayed in my boot menu in uefi14:45
cfhowlettSnarkster, what exactly is the problem you're having?14:46
pavlosHaloInReverse, /var/log/auth.log ... it should have an entry about lock14:46
lushoats: maybe if it is a problem that concerns the deb-pkging system or so14:46
Snarkstermy problem is last time i upgraded, it broke.. will it break this time?14:46
lushOerHeks: I know but that's not the point :P14:46
cfhowlettSnarkster, back up your data, try it and see.  OR select a Long Term Support version.14:47
ObrienDaveLTS +114:47
tgm4883lush: why did you install in legacy mode14:47
HaloInReversehrm... how about this:  gnome-keyring-daemon[2389]: couldn't allocate secure memory to keep passwords and or keys from being written to the disk14:47
HaloInReverseIt seems to line up with the crashes.14:47
lushtgm4883: because I wanted to use MBR and not GPT, and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI recommended it this way14:48
cfhowletttgm4883, if you want to provide support to a non-ubuntu distro, perhaps you and lush can take it private, please?14:48
lushtgm4883: ... and windows is installed this way .. so to load windows UEFI/MBR I need to use UEFI/MBR in linux as well14:49
lushcfhowlett: how about thgis: I'm trying to install Kubuntu on my HDD machine dual booting to windows14:49
lushSSD: Windows MBR14:49
lushHDD Kubuntu MBR14:49
lushAfter the installtion I wasn't able to boot up Kubuntu as grub won't load14:49
lushmay you help me tgm4883 pls?14:49
ObrienDaveso, if we give you Kubuntu instructions for your ELEMENTARY machine and it breaks, you won't come back to complain, right?14:50
lushObrienDave: y14:51
tgm4883lush: I don't see MBR listed on that Page. What I do see is "f the other systems (Windows Vista/7/8, GNU/Linux...) of your computer are installed in UEFI mode, then you must install Ubuntu in UEFI mode too."14:51
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lushtgm4883: yeah but I installed windows in bios mode14:51
=== Guest65264 is now known as Guest88588
tgm4883lush: I don't believe you. But in any case, I would have installed grub to the primary drive14:52
lushtgm4883: it says that legacy is recommended.. I see that BootRepair tip but I'm not sure whether it will choose my drive on which it should repair grub14:53
lushtgm4883: You don't believe me that I installed windows in bios mode?14:53
lushtgm4883: SO you think my mb just recognizes the first bootloader on the ssd and then doesn't search for other ones?14:54
Dumle29Hmm I'm running xubuntu, with 3 monitors, and I don't see any option to change my rightmost monitor to the primary monitor. Any idea how to do that?14:55
tgm4883lush: the reason elementary is isn't supported here is because we don't know what they changed. This includes in the installations of grub14:55
lushtgm4883: I explicitly did boot in the non-uefi mode so it should be14:55
lushtgm4883: So if I'd install windows on /dev/sda and then ubuntu on /dev/sdb with grub on /dev/sdb, both MBR, bot legacy mode, ubuntu would just bboot?14:56
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someone12I am trying to install ubuntu 15 gnome edition, but the installer is total crap and  I cannot finish the install process14:57
tgm4883lush: possibly14:58
oatssomeone12: can you be a little more specific, please?14:58
oatswhat's happeningL14:58
MonkeyDustsomeone12  define total crap14:58
someone12example1:  if I choose "erase disk and install ubuntu" it attempts to install ubuntu on my usb flash drive (which I am booting from) instead of my ssd. It then says there is not enough space (duh)14:59
someone12example2: "swap creation failed"14:59
someone12example3: formatting ext4 failed14:59
someone12so I gparte'ed the ssd in another ubuntu, did not check format ext4, left out the swap partition, and the installation process starts15:00
ioriaencryption ?15:00
krlmrxHi, i have installed a Distibution that is based on Ubuntu (Trisquel 7.0). Is it possible to install AMD Catalyst™ 14.6 Beta for Linux which is made for Ubuntu 14.04 on that distibution?15:00
MonkeyDustkrlmrx  not supported here15:00
tgm4883lush: why would you want legacy mode over uefi mode anyway. Uefi is awesome15:00
ObrienDavekrlmrx, better to ask trisquel15:00
someone12but then: no progress bar, no information what is happening, I waited for 20min, then I stopped the process15:00
lushtgm4883: not at all if I don't get it to boot windows and linux15:01
krlmrxthey won't support it either15:01
someone12ioria: It's a samsung ssd, I activated hardware encryption via ata password15:01
MonkeyDustkrlmrx  then choose a distro that's better supported15:01
tgm4883lush: you can't boot either in uefi mode15:02
lushtgm4883: what do you mean?15:02
ioriasomeone12 so you didn't  choose encryption during installation ?15:02
someone12no I did not15:02
tgm4883lush: sorry that was a question15:02
someone12I chose "something" else and then assigned / and /home to the partitions I created before15:03
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Dumle29Danm. Installing XP in a VM. that old textbased interface :P15:03
someone12Has the progress bar been completely removed?15:03
Dumle29sorry wrong irc15:03
lushtgm4883: I can boot at least windows in uefi mode (didn't try Kubuntu) but I tried to install gentoo on my hdd and I wasn't able to get GPT/UEFI running so I'm not that more interested in UEFI mode..15:03
malebola /msg malebola identify amfeta15:04
penalvchHello everyone. I'm debugging an issue with saned network scanning ( LP#1442956 ) and was wondering if anyone has successfully set this up in either Utopic or Vivid? It's working for me in Trusty, so seems a regression.15:04
tgm4883malebola: you may want to change your password now15:04
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords15:05
tgm4883I don't remember the command for that15:05
ubottuYou can identify to NickServ automatically when connecting to freenode. See https://www.freenode.net/faq.shtml#identify for more information. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, as a typo will give away your password. If that happens, identify and then type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.15:05
tgm4883malebola: ^15:05
lushmalebola: hehe that was an evil one :D15:05
ioriasomeone12 well, i don't know much about hardware encryption... maybe that's the issue15:06
kokutHello, is there a way to create an exact copy of my boot partition to boot from it with the data on my home folder as well?15:07
douglasHow do i create a channel?15:07
someone12hm, samsung ssds always use hardware encryption, if no password is set, the password is ""...15:07
lushkrlmrx: according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trisquel and http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/11/download-trisquel-7-0-kernel-3-13 trisquel is based on ubuntu 14.0415:08
lushkrlmrx: so it should not be a problem to install that driver on trsiquel ;)15:08
tgm4883lush: so here's the deal. And this advise comes with zero warranty. Fire up a live cd and do the boot repair stuff. If it breaks everything, then you reinstall. If not, and it doesn't fix everything, contact your motherboard manufacture and see why it's not recognizing grub on the second hard drive15:08
ObrienDavehere's how to get **** for password feedback.     http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/08/ubuntu-display-asterisks-when-typing-password-terminal/15:08
=== norm is now known as Guest41825
lushtgm4883: do you know whether boot-repair will just execute some grub2-install --target=x86_64 /dev/sdX or whether there is more behind it?15:09
tgm4883lush: what I would have done is use UEFI. Short of that, I would have plugged in one hard drive, installed windows. Unplugged that hard drive and plugged in the other, installed Linux. Then once I verified I could boot each separately install both hard drives together and fix grub15:09
tgm4883lush: I don't know15:10
HaloInReverselush: did you install in legacy mode, not UEFI?15:10
lushtgm4883: I did it this way with gentoo, the problem seems to be that my mb will only recognize the EFI partition of my first drive15:10
ioriasomeone12 if you don't have specific need, try the default set up instead of 'something else'15:10
tgm4883lush: then install grub to your first drive. I'm assuming you can't just put your motherboard in bios only mode?15:11
lushHaloInReverse: I'm pretty sure. I've got a new mb so it took me a while but I configured to prefer booting legacy than in uefi15:11
lushtgm4883: don't think so15:11
tgm4883lush: what motherboard15:11
KartagisI'm running 14.04 with gnome atm and alt+tab is not working even though I set it in keyboard shortcuts. this is annoying. can you help?15:11
lushtgm4883: aus z97-p15:11
HaloInReverselush: you can't mix both legacy and UEFI.   It just won't work15:12
tgm4883lush: why not install grub to your first drive?15:12
lushHaloInReverse: I know I booted win7 in legacy and linux in legacy15:12
someone12ioria: when I chose the default method, it somehow tried to install ubuntu on my flash drive (which I am booting from) instead of my ssd, and then failed with an error saying there is not enough space15:12
lushthat's the point15:12
lushtgm4883: Will grub be able to boot windows if I override the windows boot loader`?15:12
HaloInReverseoh.   well, as mentioned earlier, your best bet is to roll the dice with boot-repair.15:13
someone12the flash drives gets mounted as /dev/sdb and the ssd as /dev/sda..15:13
tgm4883lush: I would say yes, how do you think it works on single drive dual boots15:13
Huliocan DirectX11 work on wineskin?15:13
tgm4883lush: or, just swap the drive cables15:13
daftykinsHulio: afaik Wine only offers lower levels of the directX API15:14
lushtgm4883: ahh good point I'll try switching that cables :)15:14
daftykinsHulio: check them out in their channel to confirm #winehq15:14
ioriasomeone12 uefi motherboard ?15:14
tgm4883lush: ok, I've broken enough rules in this channel today.15:14
lushtgm4883: ))15:14
lushty man ;)15:14
ObrienDavetgm4883, we're keeping score ;P15:15
someone12ioria: graphical with mouse support, so let's yes?15:15
tgm4883ObrienDave: if that is true, then I'm probably winning :)15:15
ioriasomeone12 dual boot ?15:16
someone12I have dual boot on another hdd, but now I want to install ubuntu on an empty ssd15:16
someone12I actually disconnected the hdd during the installtion to be sure..15:17
tgm4883someone12: that sounds like exactly what I did15:17
someone12and your installer freezes/bugs out too? :D15:18
ioriasomeone12 did you select correctly your uefi usb for boot ?15:18
someone12there were 2 options to boot from the usb flash drive. I chose the non-UEFI version. I read that you don't need to choose UEFI if you don't use dual boot.15:19
tgm4883someone12: why not choose UEFI?15:20
tgm4883UEFI is great!15:20
someone12what is the advantage15:20
tgm4883faster boot, better looking boot screen15:20
tgm4883I'm sure there are others15:20
ioriasomeone12 are you sure your ssd is ok , i mean not damaged ?15:20
lushtgm4883: that was a really nice tip!15:21
tgm4883someone12: what is the disadvantage?15:21
lushtgm4883: I'm at least able to manually say my uefi now that it should boot from my hdd15:21
tgm4883lush: so you can boot linux now?15:21
lushbut I don't see my hdd in my boot-priority order :<15:21
lushtgm4883: I can boot Windows and my 120% based Kubuntu now15:22
lushbut I can't change the boot order so that my hdd is preferred over the windows :D15:22
someone12It is a fresh new 850 pro and, gparted had no problems allocating partitions15:22
lushsomeone12: 850evo here :)15:22
gioankminhi am a new ubuntu15:22
ioriasomeone12 has been used in RAID ?15:22
gioankminhmy version 14.0415:22
lushyo gioankminh15:22
someone12I am not using RAID15:22
gioankminhi install Wine 1.715:23
lushtgm4883: aah and it works through chainloading, so it seems like grub just fires up the windows boot loader15:23
daftykinsgioankminh: you can type more words per sentence15:23
lushso reinstalling grub on /dev/sda may have faild it :)15:23
luckybunnymy menus in the title bar aren't serving me too well any more. Title bars are white and the fonts on them are white also. All I did was upgrade to 15.0415:23
gioankminhand i set EXE app, i didn't run with addmin15:24
ioriasomeone12 try swith sata connector15:24
luckybunnyI remember days when you could customise your theme15:24
tgm4883gioankminh: please don't use enter as punctuation15:24
luckybunnyI like adwaita, but I want to change a few things about it15:24
someone12ioria: I have the ssd mounted right now and can write to it (from my dual boot setup on the hdd)15:26
someone12although only as root :s15:27
ioriasomeone12 ' try Ubuntu' works ?15:28
someone12I will boot from the usb flash drive as uefi and try again15:28
someone12yes live booting works15:28
KartagisI'm running 14.04 with gnome atm and alt+tab is not working even though I set it in keyboard shortcuts. this is annoying. can you help?15:28
gioankminhi installed and i set EXE app, i didn't run with addmin15:28
ioriasomeone12 format the drive with ext4 from there15:29
daftykinsgioankminh: please stop repeating. you have to phrase a question to get a reply. try asking in #winehq15:29
someone12ioria: the entire ssd? I partitioned it as described here (http://askubuntu.com/questions/343268/how-to-use-manual-partitioning-during-installation) in my working setup15:30
ioriasomeone12 ah, ok15:31
SawHi, I just installed fresh ubuntu 14.04.01 server on a vm, and having some network issues. At first I had on network interface, and later (after boot) I added a second one. And although the first one is configured (and correctly, I have internet connection), I can't seem to any files in /etc/udev/rules.d/ . Also, sudo udevadm trigger ( with and without --action=add ) doesn't regenerate the net persistent rules file in there.15:31
SawSo first, how does ubuntu 'link' between the (working) eth0 and the mac address? And how do I generate the file?15:32
someone12I'll be back in 30min if it also does not work with UEFI15:32
dejavou42I'm having a very annoying problem with suspend. After resuming from suspend, the lock screen appears, and when I click on my account, I get an endless loop of blackscreen/desktop and back to the lock screen15:32
kokutHello, Is there a way to make a bootable partition out of my current installation to back it up in another HD?15:33
gioankminhin #winehq no body oinline15:33
dejavou42I have auto login enabled, and I'm assuming that the user account isn't being authenticated, so it kicks me back out to the lock screen15:33
fragtionLo all.. I hope someone can help? Since update to 15.04 (which now uses systemd by default), my shutdown/reboots are pausing for exactly 10 minutes before poweroff/reboot completes respectively. I can't seem to find any clear issues in syslog, and I've tried adding a dmesg on shutdown which is also void of anything seemingly useful.  I can ping the machine fine during these 10 minutes, but no15:34
fragtionssh. Monitor just shows a "_" character at top left of the screen during this pause and I cant seem to switch to another tty to debug ?15:34
luckybunnyis there any way I can change the colour of my title bars without changing the theme they're using?15:34
luckybunnywhite text on white bar really isn't working for my15:34
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tgm4883fragtion: looks like you can debug it a bit by doing http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/Debugging/#shutdowncompleteseventually15:38
RosieyJoyahora ?15:38
=== Guest68762 is now known as Guest88588
daftykinsRosieyJoy: do you have a support question?15:40
=== eduardobovolon is now known as duduhacker
RosieyJoyNot yet just started daftykins15:40
sarkyniin�DCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 015:41
OerHekssarkyniin, funny you15:41
sarkyniinlooks like it doesn't werk anymore15:41
OerHekssounds like a good thing, sarkyniin15:42
fragtiontgm4883: thanks for suggestion. I've tried that already, but the dmesg log it created was useless15:42
tgm4883fragtion: can you post teh logs?15:42
fragtiontgm4883: ya sure, gimme a sec, & thanks15:43
=== jd is now known as Guest58139
fragtionthats the shutdown-log.txt according to the debug instructions15:46
fragtionand here's syslog http://pastebin.com/VtVzK4tV15:46
tgm4883yea that first log really has nothing in it15:48
fragtionya lol15:48
dimitry7j #netfilter15:53
escargotdu25hi everybody15:54
escargotdu25can anybody help me ?15:54
daftykinsescargotdu25: not until we know your question15:55
escargotdu25I nedd help regarding the operation mode "paste" and a software : empathy15:55
daftykinscan you phrase those as questions?15:56
WilliamDotATcan ubuntu boot from NVMe with EFI?15:57
daftykinsNVMe is a bit new so not sure.15:57
daftykinsit's unlikely you even have hardware to support it15:58
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
escargotdu25daftykins, first i still don't know how to "paste" a result obtained in the command line into here for solve a problerm15:58
daftykinsescargotdu25: well first up you don't paste into IRC15:58
daftykins!paste | escargotdu2515:58
ubottuescargotdu25: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:58
WilliamDotATdaftykins, i do16:00
WilliamDotATa PCIe SSD16:00
OerHeksWilliamDotAT, i think so, see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man4/nvme.4freebsd.html16:00
OerHeksto load the driver as a module at boot, place the following line in  loader.conf(5):   nvme_load="YES"16:01
daftykinsWilliamDotAT: that is not all you require for NVMe. the drive firmware must support it, the motherboard chipset must - and the EFI must be capable of booting NVMe16:02
OerHeksthere is one way to ind out, no?16:02
MonkeyDusthavent followed, what's NVMe?16:03
WilliamDotATreplacement for AHCI16:03
OerHeksMonkeyDust, newer controller, that is build for ssd's. Apple has got it in its new mbp16:03
daftykinsnon volatile memory express, AHCI's successor16:03
WilliamDotATas AHCI has downsides with flash storage16:03
daftykinsit's not a controller, it's a protocol16:03
WilliamDotATye OSX supports it natively16:04
WilliamDotATsince 10.916:04
daftykinsdoesn't mean it can use it on all models.16:04
escargotdu25daftykins, i have pastebinit installed on my computer but i cannot find on my key board the "strait line"16:09
daftykinswell you might be in another part of the world on another keyboard layout, but mine is left shift + the \ key beside it16:10
daftykinsalso, it is called pipe :)16:10
ioriaescargotdu25, maybe yours is top left.. under ESC16:13
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pavlosescargotdu25, if you use a french keyboard, it could be AltGr "6", looks like a vertical line but it is 2 smaller lines16:18
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kokutwhy when i try to find out the file size of a bunch of folders in ubuntu it starts counting and counting again and counting again and it never finishes counting the files?16:26
SchrodingersScatkokut: how are you trying to do this?16:27
kokutSchrodingersScat: right click, properties16:27
SchrodingersScatkokut: du -sh /path/to/directory ?16:28
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest61598
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kokutSchrodingersScat: that works but i would have to add every folder, very annoying and time consuming16:29
=== Guest61598 is now known as NaStYdoG
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pavloskokut, I use 14.04, unity, nautilus and right click properties works w/o issue16:31
kokutpavlos try it in a bunch of folders with a really big amount of files? i'm using it on 400k files or more ~ 10GB16:32
pavloskokut, tried it on my backup ... 9,232 files, 130 GB16:32
kokutpavlos: well what the faq is wrong with my filesystem then? it used to happen with another HD as well so its not that16:33
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lushseems like I timed out16:38
fragtionyes, indeed, after 246 seconds16:38
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brando222anyone have any good tutorial videos for kdenlive video editing for a video editing noob? i want to start editing fishing videos for my brother. tia16:40
=== Isha is now known as ishanyx
lushfragtion: hehe16:40
abm2700hi guys, how to i can install Nvidia in ubuntu 13.1016:41
fragtionyou tried googling that one ?16:41
MonkeyDustabm2700  13.10 is dead, upgrade to a supported release, then ask again16:41
=== erry_ is now known as erry
brando222not sure if the google reply was for me, but i've youtubed a few on kdenlive, watched a couple, but just thought i'd check here for anyone who might have a "for beginners" tutorial16:42
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c9ae6fI'm trying to set up grub from a liveCD in a chroot environment.  Does anyone know how to do that?16:48
daftykinswhich part specifically?16:49
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:49
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot16:49
alberto_Hello everyone16:49
c9ae6fthe update-grub command.  I get "error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)16:49
daftykinsc9ae6f: follow the above chroot guide, you need to mount more than just the disks16:50
escargotdu25hi everybody16:50
daftykinshi again16:50
c9ae6fthanks daftykins, I will16:50
c9ae6fguest-CgyyGu: HI!16:51
escargotdu25daftykins, i have a question : i read the tuto but i still can't configure and use empathy could you help me to ?16:51
daftykinsescargotdu25: not since i don't use it myself, nope16:51
daftykinsescargotdu25: ask the channel though and someone might know16:51
escargotdu25daftykins, ok thanks16:52
Knight80I'm trying to tune channels with the "scan" utility, but when I type scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/es-Madrid >channels.conf, it tells me "Initial tuning failed"16:52
Knight80Any ideas?16:52
escargotdu25does someone use the instant messenger empathy ?16:52
ubottunavarro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:52
pavlosc9ae6f, you need this ... for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done16:53
sjoshiHello, pidgin is removed form Ubuntu15.04?16:54
xanguasudo apt-get install pidgin sjoshi16:54
MonkeyDust!find pidgin16:54
ubottuFound: pidgin, pidgin-data, pidgin-dbg, pidgin-dev, pidgin-libnotify, pidgin-skype, pidgin-skype-common, pidgin-skype-dbg, pidgin-audacious, pidgin-awayonlock (and 27 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pidgin&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all16:54
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MonkeyDustit's till there16:55
sjoshiIIRC, pidgin was part of Ubuntu by default16:55
xangualike half a decade before, yes16:55
xanguait came perinstalled16:55
MonkeyDustsjoshi  yes, some apps have been left out of the iso, to keep it small16:55
escargotdu25how to use pidgin please ?16:55
sjoshiMonkeyDust: ok, sounds good!16:55
sjoshithanks xangua MonkeyDust :)!16:55
MonkeyDustescargotdu25  open the app and use it, is the best way to learn16:56
escargotdu25i have it installed on my pc but i can't configure and use it16:56
c9ae6fpavlos: Thanks, I ran this command again.  The only thing is that because I'm using btrfs, I had to change /mnt$i to /mnt/@$i16:56
Guest56575pidgin is a messenger it's sims msn16:56
ubottunavarro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:56
sjoshiescargotdu25: what you protocol you want to configure?16:56
c9ae6fpavlos: this doesn't seem to work however..16:57
sjoshiDo we have any application in ubuntu like teamviewer?16:57
daftykinsyeah. teamviewer16:57
Knight80I'm trying to tune channels with the "scan" utility, but when I type scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/es-Madrid >channels.conf, it tells me "Initial tuning failed"16:57
Knight80Any ideas?16:57
MonkeyDustsjoshi  teamviewer works fine in ubuntu16:57
Knight80I'm on Ubuntu 15.0416:57
Knight80I like it so far, but I've got this little problem16:58
sjoshiMonkeyDust: But teamviwer can only be used for personal use, i am looking for any application which provide free commercial usage as well16:58
pavlosc9ae6f, that loop happens before you chroot ... you should be able to see the mount points ... the / you put is not needed, it picks it from the loop. $i=/dev, then /mnt$i becomes /mnt/dev17:01
escargotdu25MonkeyDust, that is what i'm trying to do :)17:01
gr33n7007hKnight80: I have more luck with w-scan17:01
=== krabador is now known as Guest85913
escargotdu25sjoshi, what do you mean ? i first have to create an account17:02
Knight80gr33n7007h I used to have more luck with "scan", but now it just doesn't work17:02
c9ae6fpavlos: when I created the btrfs filesystem, there are two 'folders?' inside of /mnt.  @ and @home.17:02
Knight80gr33n7007h However, when I created channels.conf with w-scan, it didn't work either, at least with vlc17:02
kokutanyone tried pigz?17:03
gr33n7007hinstall w-scan then type: w_scan -c ES -X > channels.conf17:03
gr33n7007hor something like that17:03
Knight80gr33n7007h Thank you17:03
pavlosc9ae6f, I'm not using btrfs ... sorry17:03
c9ae6fpavlos: the command executes fine, but I still get the error.17:03
gr33n7007hthen mplayer dvb://"channel_name"17:04
thmsWhy is ubuntu forcing his users to misuses sudo ?17:05
thmssudo was meant to allow only special command, especially not "sudo su"17:05
xangua!details | thms17:05
ubottuthms: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:05
sjoshiescargotdu25: I suggest reading -> https://pidgin.im17:05
sjoshiescargotdu25: this will help you to understand what pidgin is all about17:06
thmsxangua: I think it's just missleading. One should only set sudoers to be able to exec a certain set of command.17:06
escargotdu25sjoshi, ok thanks i will do that17:06
thmsAnd one user able to sudo su to disable root access.17:06
m4they for some reason my apt-get is saying 404 not found when running update - it's looking for Packages, but not Packages.gz or Packages.bz2 it seems17:09
m4tstarted doing this after i cancelled a do-release-upgrade17:09
LyzeHello :) When using "xsetwacom --set 10 MapToOutput DVI-D0" it gives me an error that it can't find the monitor; However as you see in this pastebin I have the monitor connected: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10888214/17:11
=== Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
Lyze* DVI-D-017:11
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
=== Isail is now known as Agent_Isai
Lyzeubuntu-mate: hi17:16
izikhow can I put a script that will run whenever the xorg system start in ubuntu?17:19
MonkeyDustizik  there's also #bash17:21
izikbut infact it should be xorg application...17:21
ioriaizik sometime i used /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart17:23
m4tgeh sudo find /var/lib/apt -type f -exec rm {} \+ fixed it17:24
izikioria: i see inside /etc/xdg/autostarts alot of files that end with .desktop...17:25
ioriaizik no, that ... the path is for Lubuntu, don't remember the equivalent in Ubu17:26
c9ae6fDoes anyone know how to use dm-crypt/plain on ubuntu?  I set it up on arch, but ubuntu is a little more challenging.17:27
ioriaizik try gnome session17:27
c9ae6fI couldn't find any similar guide for ubuntu.17:28
izikioria; yea i want wondering if there is a generic place so when someone will use kde/xfce it will still work17:28
ioriaizik http://en.kioskea.net/faq/3348-ubuntu-executing-a-script-at-startup-and-shutdown17:30
talanorHey everyone, I have an usb drive issue (I am currently on 15.04), whenever I plug my drive in the usb port, it is detected but not recognized. it is detected by lsusb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10888422/ but doesn't show up in /dev17:30
fragtiontgm4883: btw found the problem, was mysqld taking 10 minutes to shut down. was a stray process that I found through debug shell, reinstalled mysql-server and problem solved =D17:30
talanorplus, this message loops every 30 seconds in dmesg logs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10888428/17:30
talanorwhich is an improvement over 14.10 which just did a kernel panic (the drive is a Lacie drive)17:31
talanoranyone have a clue of how I could fix that?17:32
izikioria: i know /etc/local.d question is, if my app is need to access xorg, how can i make it useful if it would not be executed from the xorg context?17:33
ioriaizik it will be executed in xorg contest17:34
=== miceiken_ is now known as miceiken
ioriaizik but with rc.local17:35
ioriaizik sorry, not with the rc.local method17:35
ioriaizik the first i gave you...17:36
izikioria:ok thanks let me digg it a little bit17:36
ioriaizik right after login.... run locate autostart  and check them..17:37
php101ukCan anyone help with this? http://serverfault.com/questions/685575/route-traffic-for-specific-ip-range-through-specific-network-interface17:40
=== norm is now known as Guest50061
ioriaizik there are plenty.... http://askubuntu.com/questions/48321/how-do-i-start-applications-automatically-on-login17:41
st_ironis it confirmed that ThinkPad T440p can run 14.04 smoothly with "nomodeset" and legacy boot without any problems? does anyone have any experience with it?17:41
AJH101Hi what are people's first impressions of vv?17:43
SchrodingersScatAJH101: based on a statistical analysis of words said here and #ubuntu-offtopic, conclusion: ubuntu17:44
solarsail0rlooking for a free app that will allow me to create html5 flowcharts with tooltips on hover with working links.  Anybody heard of something like that?17:44
khildin_st_iron, I run 14.04 on an E540 without problems... I think T440 will have no problems either17:44
khildin_AJH101, haven' t installed vv yet17:44
khildin_and probaly stick with LTS17:44
st_ironkhildin_: thanks, I think it should not have problems with wifi as well17:44
khildin_what chipset does the t440 use? broadcom?17:45
AJH101I am planning that the LTS next year will be my last upgrade fr this machine.17:45
st_ironkhildin_: intel 726017:46
MneuroIn 15.04 if I install kubuntu-desktop will I get kde4 or plasma5?17:46
daftykins!info kubuntu-desktop17:48
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.313 (utopic), package size 3 kB, installed size 56 kB17:48
daftykinsah still utopic info.17:49
khildin_st_iron, why not just try it? get an image of your disk first for unexpected problems so you can revert to old17:49
elstudhi from sunny california17:49
khildin_Mneuro, see http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/10/kubuntu-15-04-vivid-plasma-5-desktop-default default is plasma 517:50
khildin_but changing DE is easy enough...17:50
=== BOHverkill_ is now known as BOHverkill
asarchHow do upgrade to the newest release in CLI?17:51
asarch*do you...17:51
daftykinswhat are you on now?17:51
asarchdist-upgrade and full-upgrade seems not to be working17:51
daftykinssudo do-release-upgrade should still work17:52
daftykinsthat's because dist-upgrade does not upgrade version.17:52
asarchThank you daftykins17:52
asarchThank you very much :-)17:52
daftykinsasarch: you must be on 14.10 for this17:52
terackushoe do I fix my cd rom it was burning a iso and got an error now the cd rom doesn't work17:54
st_ironkhildin_: still I don't have the machine, I am just making sure that it will be a good choice for work17:56
OerHeksterackus, once burned, nothing you can do to repair it.17:56
=== wolf is now known as Guest22133
OerHeksterackus, what is the size of that iso? ubuntu iso is bigger than a cd size17:56
inproblemhi, i'm unable to format a partition from gparted. It says "WARNING: Wiping physical label from /dev/sdaX of volume group 'groupname'. Can't open /dev/sdaX exclusively - not removing. Mounted filesystem? "17:56
inproblemI checked with the mount command, its not mounted. I tried removing it with pvremove --force but that didn't work either17:57
metotHi, how do I know the list of available pack after apt-get update? is it saved into a file ?17:58
inproblemany ideas? Looks like an lvm volume that refuses to delete17:58
terackusnot the CD its self i can put any disk in the play and ubuntu does not show theres any disk in the player now17:58
nszceta_ubuntu@ip-10-0-2-100:~$ update-rc.d uat-emperor defaults17:58
nszceta_error: unable to read /etc/init.d/uat-emperor at /usr/sbin/update-rc.d line 176.17:58
nszceta_what do17:58
=== digifiv5e is now known as Guest78038
MneuroWhere is the setting in Plasma 5 to disable effects in fullscreen applications?18:00
terackusits 7,6 gb I used a 8.5 DL DVD but now the Drive it slef does not work18:00
daftykinsMneuro: you may want #kubuntu18:01
OerHeksterackus, is it a movie? ubuntu should show an index anyway, else that iso is corrupted, or faulty disc18:02
terackusI've burnt the ISO before but this time i got an error and now the DVD Drive will not read any type of disk I put in \18:04
rebornhave a tried Gnome Disk?18:04
=== scrim is now known as scriminal
=== Guest41550 is now known as mfisch
nszceta_what does "echo $$ > /var/run/nodetest.pid" do18:09
nszceta_w.r.t. $$18:09
OerHeksnszceta_, you can try it yourself, maybe that number gives a clue> echo $$18:10
rkingI have a package installed "ibm-notes" everything works fine however once I close the application and try to re-open it won't re-open. I have looked and tried to kill all processes but nothing happens until I logout / reboot. Any ideas?18:10
nszceta_OerHeks makes sense but its all run in the context of upstart18:10
nszceta_so thats a problem18:10
OerHeksnszceta_, "$$ is the PID (process identifier) of the current shell (not subshell). Within a script, inside a subshell, $$ returns the PID of the script, not the subshell."18:11
nszceta_awesome, thanks!!18:11
orohi all, is there a way where I can extract wpa_supplicant conf values for a NetworkManager connection? I have a problem where setting up wpa2/leap with NM does not connect but with a 4linelong wpa_supplicant.conf it does. I wanna find out what's the difference between the two configurations18:11
OerHeksrking, didn't you ask yesterday too? anyway, did you install the 9.0.1 fix package? http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg2167131218:12
rking@OerHeks, No I never asked. and yes I have.18:13
OerHeksrking, then i have no clue, you could try to file a bugreport, but it is a 3th party app..18:15
rking@OerHeks, yeah I did file a bugreport. Support felt lost when it came to the issue. Ha18:16
=== zenix`` is now known as zenix`
skinuxHow do I fix this? Configuration file "/home/skinux/.kde/share/config/filelightrc" not writable. I tried chmod 775 but it didn't work.18:18
=== walter is now known as Guest42397
=== BOHverkill_ is now known as BOHverkill
daftykinsskinux: don't throw permissions commands at a task without understanding, pastebin the line of the file when you "ls -al" within its' path18:27
danuthello , i m begginer in linux, who is cmd for tar.gz file install ?18:27
OerHeksdanut double click on that file, and fileroller will open.18:28
hiexpodanut, you have to compile it18:28
OerHekshiexpo, sometimes yes, not sure what is inside that tar.18:29
OerHeksanyway a readme will tell.18:29
danut0erHeks thx18:29
hiexpoOerHeks, true could be a deb file in there18:30
Zerkalerkadanut: tar -xzvf filename.tar.gz then compile18:30
Goose_I installed kubuntu but all i get is a black screen with a cursor at the desktop18:31
Goose_I fellback to unity but now I just get a totally glitched out.unusable screen18:32
nszceta_I cannot figure out how to write a service for Ubuntu 14.0418:32
nszceta_Any suggestions appreciated18:32
nszceta_Google yields NOTHING useful18:32
Goose_What kind of service?18:32
nszceta_I just want to run a program18:32
Goose_run the program name from terminal?18:32
nszceta_nah, want it to be supervised and run on boot18:33
nszceta_like a systemd equivalent would be a systemd service18:33
Goose_Cron would be your answer18:33
nszceta_I'd write a sysv init script18:33
nszceta_but doesn't ubuntu use upstart?18:33
nszceta_and I can't figure out how to get a basic upstart script to install / start18:33
nszceta_so that's a problem...18:33
=== brian is now known as Guest1220
ejuannszceta_, why dont you use the scripts in /etc/rc2.d as an example?18:34
nszceta_because its all SysV init?18:34
nszceta_Is there no upstart in 14.0418:34
nszceta_theoretically I could just dump a sysv init script into /etc/init.d and use "update-rc.d <service> defaults" to install it?18:35
nszceta_because I keep looking for the upstart hookup but I cant find it18:35
nszceta_totally lost.....18:36
nszceta_can't wait for systemd in the next LTS18:36
skinuxdaftykins: Configuration file "/home/skinux/.kde/share/config/filelightrc" not writable.18:36
ejuannszceta_, im on 12.04 but it looks like all the scripts are sysv18:37
daftykinsskinux: no i want to see the permissions on it, so run "ls -al" inside that path18:37
skinuxThat is ls -al18:38
skinuxOh whoops.18:38
daftykinsi somewhat doubt it18:38
skinux-rwxrwxr-x 1 root root 561 Apr 12 15:26 filelightrc18:38
daftykinsskinux: right so it's currently owned by root, perhaps that's not going to work well given it's in your home folder18:39
daftykinsskinux: "sudo chown skinux: /home/skinux/.kde/share/config/filelightrc"18:40
anternathi, is teher only 1 my.cnf in ubuntu?18:42
daftykinsmysql config file? should be.18:43
Steven-My sound works, but trying to control volume with amixer it will only lists IEC958 (S/PDIF) when u user 'amixer scontrols' -- Any ideas where I might go to get amixer to see my sound device?18:43
anternatbut how come i dont see rules in my.cnf although phpmyadmin gets values for them???18:43
daftykinsthat would be a question for #php18:44
ejuanAnarchic, phpmyadmin might be setting  the values for the variables without writing them to the config file.18:45
ejuanAnarchic, i have no experience with phpmyadmin so that is just my guess.18:46
bekksathan: there is only one mysql config file, yes.18:46
anternatejuan>> SET GLOBAL ft_min_word_len = 3 results in an error, says they are read only18:46
vltSteven-: try F6 to select your card18:46
athanbekks: Wrong number, sorry :P18:46
ejuananternat, is mysqld running as the mysql user or some other user?18:47
Steven-vlt I'm using amixer not alsamixer18:47
bekksathan: You have to set that in the config file.18:47
ejuanand when you run that set global command are you using the root myslq user?18:47
anternatejuan>> that command i ran thru phpmyadmin18:49
anternatand got that error18:49
bekksanternat: You have to set that value in the mysql config file.18:49
anternatas for your first question i dont know if it is running as some other user or not,but normally i dont touch things in config files to keep them as they are set defaults18:50
bekksanternat: The value you want to modify cannot be set otherwise.18:50
bekksanternat: Which Ubuntu do you have?18:50
anternatbekks>> What i dont understand is,if thers no rule in my.cnf how come phpmyadmin gets them??18:50
bekksanternat: "Default values."18:51
anternatbekss>> where do those defaults exist other than own config files?18:51
andrew_i ma new to the ubuntu chats18:52
bekksanternat: No. Default values are default values, because they arent defined in a config file, but the program itself sets them BECAUSE they arent defined elsewhere.18:52
andrew_I love ubuntu18:52
andrew_just installed it 64bits is so fast18:52
andrew_i am getting used to all the apps18:53
SaucisseCocktailU find everything you need?18:53
andrew_i got the tor browser18:53
andrew_just looking for programs or apps to try18:53
anternatbekks>> then the only choice is to add them via my.cnf(per your suggestion)18:54
bekksanternat: Thats what I said, yes.18:54
andrew_any suggestions18:54
andrew_any good programs18:54
anternatok,will give it a try, still i dont get how come a value is default without having to exist in a config file in linux..18:54
bekksanternat: for what?18:54
andrew_is there a low orbit for ubuntu18:55
bekksanternat: The same way as on other operating systems - the programs itself define them.18:55
andrew_or an ion cannon?18:55
ejuanandrew_, lol you could user hping for that18:55
anternatokay,thanks bekks18:55
ejuanerr   hping318:56
SaucisseCocktailwhat is low orbit?18:56
Ademanis there a package containing something like /usr/share/dict/words but divided into parts of speech? adjectives, nouns etc18:56
ejuanddos tool18:56
andrew_downloading now18:57
daftykinsandrew_: try and keep the silly questions out thanks :)18:58
andrew_what do you mean dafty?18:58
andrew_just a question18:59
daftykinskeep your serious face on18:59
c9ae6fis there a simple way to do full disk encryption on ubuntu with a keyfile?18:59
=== Guegs is now known as Guegs[MTL]
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory19:00
daftykinslol 8.10+.19:00
thmsWhat's the use of /usr/share/dict/words oO19:00
thmsc9ae6f: LVM encryption maybe ? But I don't know if it works with a keyfile.19:01
bekksthms: LVM does not support encryption. Thats implemented by FDE.19:02
lungaroAnyone know where I should voice my opinion (i'm against it) with ubuntu switching from debs to snappy?19:02
AnnonMCOwhat's up?19:03
ejuanubuntu is switching away from debs?19:03
AnnonMCOanything new?19:03
c9ae6fthms: dm-crypt is what uses19:03
lungaroejuan, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-15.10-DEB-To-Snap19:03
bekksAh, a moronix link.19:03
lungarololz.. so i've never heard of this site. not too credible, I take it?19:04
bandit-ledlungaro, both will be available to install from.. with ubuntu moving to touch devices a way to install similar to a firmware is needed, seems like a good idea imho19:05
bekkslungaro: Personally, I just ignore that site for the incredibly FUD that was published there in the past. If that changed meanwhile, I still dont read that site.19:06
ejuanlungaro, if ubuntu switches away from debs I will just use debian.19:06
bandit-ledlungaro, see https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/ why its a good idea19:06
bandit-ledthe name is meh but the idea seems sound19:06
lungaroYeah, me too (i'd switch the second they drop .deb)19:06
lungarothanks bandit-led19:07
bandit-ledlungaro, no problem i was reading about it this week and was like wait what..19:07
thmsregarding Snappy / .deb.19:07
lungaroI dont pay too close attention to what distro's are doing so I was pretty shocked to see this headline19:07
escargotdu25hi everybody !19:07
bandit-ledlungaro, it was an attention getting headline but i wouldnt worry about it yet19:08
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
lungarojust annoys me honestly I just started using aptly and its pretty amazing just to read that headline I was like awww crap19:08
escargotdu25can anyone help me with a problem with instant messenger pidgin ?19:08
bekks!ask | escargotdu2519:08
ubottuescargotdu25: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:08
thmsescargotdu25: what's your problem.19:09
thmsholopsia: #ubuntu.fr for french.19:09
SaucisseCocktailbonjour, its english :p19:09
SaucisseCocktailholopsia, correction #ubuntu-fr19:09
holopsiaok, thanks19:09
thmsho, sorry.19:10
escargotdu25thms, i have pidgin installed on my pc but i cannot create an account to use it19:10
bekksWhy not?19:11
tnkhanhhi where do I download the latest ubuntu on dev branch19:11
cocoonyhello,i have installed xubuntu and i want to install wine older version...i got always error and when i install playonlinux i cant instzall ableton live..there is always error POL19:11
thmsescargotdu25: It supports multiple protocoles, what are you trying to use, XMPP (Jabber ?)19:11
thmsescargotdu25: ask the person you want to chat with what protocole they are using..19:12
bekkscocoony: And we have to guess the error? Pastebin it please and provide the URL.19:12
thmsand where they got their account from.19:12
escargotdu25thms, that is just the problem i don't know which protocol i should use19:12
cocoonynekks..i am newbie19:12
cocoonydont know that all19:12
thmsescargotdu25: XMPP / Jabber is nice.19:13
=== hxm is now known as Guest13888
cocoonybekks iam newbie19:13
escargotdu25thms, so how can i do ?19:13
thmsescargotdu25: http://register.jabber.org19:13
bekks!pastebin | cocoony19:13
ubottucocoony: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:13
thmsescargotdu25: http://www.jabber.org/19:13
SaucisseCocktailpidgin? can use the protocol you want don't you ?19:13
thmsescargotdu25: there also is pidgin-otr plugin whivh allows off the record messaging (encrypted)19:14
bekksSaucisseCocktail: No. I can use supported protocols only ;)19:14
cocoonythx..i must check it out now19:14
cocoonypuuuhhhh :)19:14
theOptimizedCodehello, how exactly should I dist-upgrade from trusty to vivid?19:15
SaucisseCocktaillol pidgin support almost all of them19:15
bekkstheOptimizedCode: From trusty to utopic to vivid.19:15
SaucisseCocktailyou amust activate it in the update manager19:15
daftykinstheOptimizedCode: that is not dist-upgrade :)19:15
bekksSaucisseCocktail: You cannotupdate directly.19:15
KottizenHi everyone! I installed fglrx and now everything gets black when I try to sign in. What should I do? I am still getting graphics though, at the login screen. Running Kubuntu.19:15
theOptimizedCodedaftykins: okay, how exactly is the upgrade done (preferably via apt)?19:16
daftykinstheOptimizedCode: to utopic first.19:16
cocoonyburt did someone of you have experience with ableton,cubase or fruity loops in wine ???19:16
daftykinstheOptimizedCode: you're going to want to backup first :)19:16
daftykins!appdb | cocoony19:16
ubottucocoony: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help19:16
escargotdu25thms, the site is temporarily closed to register account (because of a migration)19:17
brainwashcocoony: also, join #winehq and/or #playonlinux19:17
escargotdu25thms, concerning pidgin-otr plugin, what should i do ?19:17
cocoonythx so much19:18
cocoony!appdb | cocoony19:20
ubottucocoony, please see my private message19:20
SaucisseCocktailhey all I ve got some troubles19:20
SaucisseCocktailusing usb key on HTPC19:20
luc4Hello! I just upgraded to 15.04 but unfortunately my system won’t boot anymore. I’m stuck at a point where I’m told “Welcome to emergency mode”.  I got a root prompt and I used journalctl -xb but… not sure what I should look for…19:21
daftykinsSaucisseCocktail: can you phrase that as a question on one line?19:21
SaucisseCocktailjust working on it 1 sec plz ^^19:21
luc4Immediately before that, I see a couple of “error: /dev/sdb: No medium found”…19:21
luc4But I don’t know what sdb is on this pc…19:22
daftykinsoptical drive most likely19:22
luc4yes, likely, so probably not related to the system not booting...19:23
cocoonyubottu ??? bot ?19:23
ubottucocoony: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:23
luc4I see a couple of errors of nouveau, but I think I saw those before. Maybe not related either.19:23
=== viddy_ is now known as viddy
malgorathIs it possible and reasonable to run ubuntu off a 16GB Usb stick for normal operations? or is that to small?19:25
daftykinsmalgorath: using a flash drive permanently isn't wise at all, no19:25
malgorathWhat about an external usb3 hard drive?19:26
D2eeGood evening. I have just tried to update from 14.10 to 15.04. whatever I tried, I end up with UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xae in position 337: invalid start byte19:26
D2eeused do-release-upgrade. any ideea would be be appreciated.19:27
malgorathI have limited room on my laptop and I'd like to have the option of booting a ubuntu install but I only have about 90gs free and I'm really not wanting to share that with ubuntu on this system. Plus everytime I've instealled ubuntu to dual boot with windows 8.1 it goes all crashy on me and I end up reformating the drive19:27
TinkertonHi folks. Just upgraded to 15.04 (clean install) How do I get back to a 'normal' desktop? Never been a fan of Unity19:28
Mioninstall whatever de you want19:30
malgorathTinkerton: believe you have to install what ever normal desktop you where using, like gnome3 or KDE19:30
MionTinkerton: unity is the "normal" desktop now btw19:30
Tinkertonmalgorath: ahh, ok. thanks.19:30
mchelenTinkerton: try gnome flashback19:30
mchelenyeah or gnome319:30
Mionsadly ubuntu doesn't ship a plain gnome 3.16 :/19:30
TinkertonI'm sure unity works great when you've got a touch screen, but for me it's just cumbersome19:30
bekksIt works fine without a touchscreen, too.19:30
GrimsleyIf you're not a fan of Unity why not try lxde, xfce, mate or even cinnamon ?19:31
TinkertonAnyone here use cinnamon?19:31
malgorathTinkerton: np. I prefer xfde4 but I'm old fashion19:31
TinkertonGrimsley: just seen cinnamon. looks promising19:31
bekksTinkerton: How do pools help you? :)19:31
Tinkertonbekks: sorry, I don't understand?19:31
SOLIDPIZZAis ubuntu 10.04 too old to use?19:31
SaucisseCocktailfive years?19:31
Grimsleythere's no official spin for cinnamon so a min. install + cinnamon should do the trick19:32
SaucisseCocktailten releases?19:32
SOLIDPIZZAI mean, will it cause problems with packages and become unusable19:32
SOLIDPIZZASaucisseCocktail, :) I guess it is PRETTY old haha19:32
bekksTinkerton: "does anyone..." is a poll :)19:32
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:32
SOLIDPIZZAoh no, that's right. security updates are necessary19:33
SOLIDPIZZAI'll use something newer, thanks19:33
SaucisseCocktailbut if you just need it for a while, it will do the job without any trouble (live cd use)19:33
bekksSOLIDPIZZA: Just use 14.0419:33
pavlosmalgorath, consider xubuntu and a usb3.0 drive ... take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick19:33
SOLIDPIZZASaucisseCocktail, it's for my mom's ancient laptop19:33
bekksSOLIDPIZZA: thats the current LTS with support up to 2019.19:33
SOLIDPIZZAI think I'll try xfce19:33
Grimsleyxfce, mate or lxde would work fine on older hardware.19:33
=== digifiv5e_ is now known as daynaskully
malgorathpavlos: thank you, I'll loke at that but I'm not wanting to install from a usb3 drive, I want to install to that drive and only run ubuntu from there without touching my laptops internal drives19:34
=== daynaskully is now known as digifiv5e
D2eeanyone? if its of reference, i'm connecting via ssh19:34
soonAny ideas where to go for osX support? I'm helping out a mac user friend...19:34
Grimsleysoon, #osx would be the right starting place19:35
malgorathsoon: #mac also is a good place.19:35
Goose_So i need some help19:35
pavlosmalgorath, usb2 performance is bad, usb3 is better. But still, consider a base install19:35
soonTried osx .. All quiet .. I'll try Mac19:35
Goose_I have lightdm installed but it wont ever load it.19:35
Goose_It just loads into KDE with a black screen and cursor, not lightdm19:36
malgorathpavlos: I am not going to go through a wipe and reinstall of my laptop because ubuntu and windows 8.1 don't play nice, I have a usb3 hard drive I can hook up and I just need to install to it I guess19:36
daftykins!alis | soon there's also..19:36
ubottusoon there's also..: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:36
Grimsleyone of the other irc networks like dalnet or efnet may give you better results for osx or mac support19:36
bekkssoon: #MacOSX19:36
Goose_I really dont wanna reinstall because kubuntu is fucked19:37
malgorathGoose_: install a different desktop from CLI19:37
daftykinsdon't use that language please, Goose_19:37
OerHekstried nomodeset?19:37
Grimsleyit's not so bad unless you customize a lot and use older widgets, etc.19:37
Goose_No matter what I install it loads through the broken KDE loading screen and brings me there19:37
brainwashthis is a family friendly channel19:37
Goose_I have installed and uninstalled kubuntu and plasma nothing19:38
Goose_reinstalled ubuntu-desktop nothing19:38
Grimsleywhat of #kubuntu are they helping you at all?19:38
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:38
Goose_uninstalled sddm and only have lightdm but lightdm wont evenload19:38
=== argoneus is now known as Maruinslun
EriC^^Goose_: try to reconfigure lightdm, or purge and reinstall lightdm19:38
=== Maruinslun is now known as argoneus
EriC^^dpkg-reconfigure lightdm maybe19:39
Guest1220all my sound is gone how do i get it back---bryan19:39
Grimsleypulseaudio or alsa ?19:39
pavlosmalgorath, you can install from a usb to another usb. Nothing touches your laptop. You need to identify the install usb (sdb), target usb (sdc) and go with a base install.19:39
=== Guest1220 is now known as bryan
bryanall my sound is gone how can i get it back?19:41
luc4Hello! What display service is kubuntu supposed to use? Lightdm?19:41
Tinkertonis it muted?19:41
Goose_How can I remove kubuntu? I've purged it and removed it twice but it still loads into broken plasma and gives me the kubuntu splash screen19:41
EriC^^Goose_: try to reconfigure lightdm, or purge and reinstall lightdm19:43
EriC^^dpkg-reconfigure lightdm19:43
flipapyGoose_, have you tried just running a live disk and reinstalling? or maybe using gparted to reformat with all zeros?19:44
skinuxIf most of my disk space is used up by /usr/share, that means that it's due to too much software and/or documentation installed, right?19:44
Goose_I just dont want to have to reinstall just because I tried kubuntu. Like I put plasma 5 on here just to try it and it just wrecked my system19:45
Goose_turned it on and have berely been able to use it since19:45
Cristian_Hi, i need a help, i use ubuntu gnome 15, and when i put my mouse in top left the windows show the activit, how i can turn of this shortcut? (sorry my enlish)19:45
flipapydid you go into bios and remove that formated patition form the boot shedule?19:45
Goose_I didn;t know it made a whole new partititon19:46
EriC^^Goose_: it doesn't19:46
Goose_this is just insane. All I get a black screen for no reason19:47
Goose_I didn't change anything.19:47
flipapyGoose_, maybe it doesnt have the ability to run with your graphics?19:47
bryancould someone tell me how to get sound back on my laptop?19:48
flipapyidk, if i installed an os on a partitioned drive, i would just go into another os and remove that partition19:48
deadmund_Is there any equivalent of "aptitude search" using only apt-get ?19:48
deadmund_Is there any equivalent of "aptitude search" using only apt-get ?19:48
Goose_I just image removing kubuntu, plasma, and sddm would leave me with unity and lightdm like before. But all I get is broken kubuntu session, even though it's suppsoed to be removed19:49
daftykinsdeadmund_: apt-cache search...19:49
ejuandeadmund,  apt-cache search19:49
malgorathis 60GB enjoy for ubuntu 15.04 for doing just app development? no large media files or anything of that nature.19:50
malgorather s/enjoy/enough/19:50
flipapysorry Goose_ i dont know how to do that, i would just remove partition, delete, and reinstall with the os i want. good luck19:50
ejuandeadmund_  you can also see what packages are installed with dpkg --get-selections19:50
deadmundejuan: thanks19:50
Goose_That'd be the second time I'd have to do that because a dm destroted my system'19:51
flipapywhats a dm?19:52
Cristian_Hi, i need a help, i use ubuntu gnome 15, and when i put my mouse in top left the windows show the activit, how i can turn of this shortcut? (sorry my enlish)19:52
flipapydownload manager?19:52
Goose_Just weird. How can kubuntu still load if it is removed?19:52
flipapythe boot loader19:52
Goose_display mananger19:52
Goose_like lightdm, sddm, et19:52
daftykinsGoose_: because you probably removed kubuntu-desktop which is a meta package, not all the *actual* packages that make up the kubuntu desktop.19:52
Goose_Then how would I do that?19:52
flipapyi had an issue with a linux boot loader, i just set a different drive to load on start up and hit f12 to choose which drive after each restart19:53
flipapyif i shut down, the system goes to the chosen drive in the bios19:53
daftykinsGoose_: i have no answer for you but know the answer exists online19:53
Kiel182Hi everyone, I'm using ubuntu gnome 1419:54
bekksKiel182: Which 14?19:55
Kiel182Hi everyone, I'm using ubuntu gnome 14.04, sorry, I hit enter too fast19:55
hiexpo!ask Kiel18219:56
Kiel182So, what I want to do is, I'd like to read a cdrom on my laptop, only it doesn't have a cd reader. So I'd like to read it via ssh while the cd is in another computer, only I can't find it. I've tried to mount it but it then says : mount: /dev/cdrom: can't read superblock19:59
Kiel182Any clue on how I should do ?19:59
malgorathIs there anything I should watch out for if I install 15.04 desktop along side windows 8.1?20:00
Kiel182Sorry if I'm not clear, English isn't my native language :p20:00
SpeccyManbackup first20:00
malgorathSpeccyMan: I have that already but I guess another current one today wont hurt20:00
SpeccyManbetter safe than sorry :)20:01
Kiel182hiexpo, what did you mean ? (I'm new to irc btw)20:02
malgorathIS there a way to backup my entire drive(hidden files and everything) from the ubuntu installer USB or should I find a windows based app to do it20:05
geriwhat can i do about this error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:06
gerii copied the .so to /lib ... is that not enough?20:06
gerihere the error: http://ideone.com/kYUsbS20:07
=== soee_ is now known as soee
jeffreylevesqueanyone know how to install C++ compiler in ubuntu20:08
jeffreylevesqueis it - sudo apt-get install build-essential?20:08
jeffreylevesquewell, is gcc contained within build-essential?20:08
Pocajeffreylevesque, yup20:09
Kiel182jeffreylevesque: yes it is20:09
gerihere the error: http://ideone.com/kYUsbS ... how can i fix this error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ?? i copied the .so to /lib20:09
Pocageri, copy it to /usr/lib20:10
geridid you see im on root now?20:10
cocoonysome other question...i have installed renoise tracker demo20:11
cocoonysynaptic didnt show that,where can io find it to uninstall now ?20:12
Kiel182I have to go, I'll ask again later20:14
=== Guest13888 is now known as hxm
nith1210geri: What are you trying to do more generally?20:18
gerinith1210: you see i run the executable and it needs .so ?20:18
gerinith1210: and get the error  error while loading shared libraries: ... : cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:18
nith1210geri: Any chance you can use paste.ubuntu.com. A lot of us don't trust other links.20:18
geritrust? :D20:19
Miongeri: why are you not using the package manager?20:19
geriMion: i cant20:19
Mionwhy not?20:19
deamosreaposGood evening20:20
Mionif you want to just run it from $HOME then use LD_PRELOAD etc20:20
Mionsee the man page for details20:20
geriMion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10890098/20:20
gerithere we go20:20
deamosreaposI was wondering if someone could assist me, I am trying to share a folder in Samba and I get a very weird error message20:21
Mionbut *never* run make nor make install as root *ever*20:21
deamosreaposquote: "'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running."20:21
geriMion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10890114/20:22
geriMion: i know :D20:22
gerii test some code on my embedded linux20:22
geriso dont worry20:22
gerihere the new paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10890114/20:22
geriMion: any idea???20:23
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=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukki
=== Yukki is now known as Yukkii
=== stuff1 is now known as bruxC
Bashing-omk3asd`: I am on .. have you got your graphics situation under control ?20:27
k3asd`Bashing-om: hey, I've solved the situation this morning20:28
nith1210geri: is librp.so also compiled for arm?20:28
nith1210geri: "file librp.so"20:28
gerinith1210: yes20:28
k3asd`Bashing-om: I've reinstalled fglrx the video driver and it works fine now20:28
gerinith1210: im currenlty on ARM20:29
k3asd`Bashing-om: I often have the fan running like crazy20:29
nith1210geri: I gathered from the ldd output and your previous info... I'm not sure why your LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't work.20:29
gerinith1210: do you think it depends on my api_test  excutable .... i build it!20:30
Bashing-omk3asd`: :) .. Have you verified the recommended driver and/or tried a different graphics driver ? What was the result with running with the open source driver ?20:31
cocoonywhere did i find my installed programs which are not shown with synaptic20:33
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
deamosreaposNoone has an answer to my Samba issue? (seen its a bug but no clear fix hopefully someone has a solution)20:34
=== floatingpoint is now known as grill
nith1210geri: I agree with Mion that working on this as root is a bad idea unless root is the only thing available on your arm device. LD_LIBRARY_PATH should work regardless of your compilation choices.20:35
Bashing-omcocoony: Maybe look in "/opt" ?// ' ls -al /opt ' .20:35
nith1210geri: Any chance you could run "ldd" and "file" on librp.so and pastebin the results?20:35
Mionreadelf is usually better than ldd20:36
shareJessie, where are you?20:36
graceabelGood morning everyone.. its 4.34am and I have problem loading my ubuntu 14.04 after running apt-get dist-upgrade....20:36
nith1210graceabel: Do you have grub installed?20:36
=== Aginaridan_ is now known as Aginaridan
graceabelshould have... I can log in recovery mode20:37
gerinith1210: its in the paste!!!!!!!20:37
nith1210graceabel: if you load the previous kernel, does it work?20:37
gerinith1210 ldd ../../SDK/include/librp.so         not a dynamic executable20:38
cocoonyBashing-om...do i have to install it manualy ? only delete folder then ? why did synaptic not show that programm renoise20:38
gerildd ../../SDK/include/librp.so         not a dynamic executable20:38
gerinith1210: ldd only works for a executable!!!!!???20:38
SchrodingersScatcocoony: how did you install it?  Synaptic will only know about things installed through the package manager.20:39
Bashing-omcocoony: IF you did not install from the package management system, then the package management system is not tracking the application . How did you install it ?20:39
k3asd`Bashing-om: yes, I've tried the open source driver and the situation seems the same20:39
nith1210geri: Your paste has api_test, not librp.so. ldd should run on both. Would you please run "file librp.so"20:39
nith1210geri: I think your librp.so is of the wrong arch20:40
Bashing-omk3asd`: "situation seems the same" may I infer that the only problem is the speed of the cooling fans ?20:41
cocoonyi dont know how i have installed it..it was the program renoise20:42
cocoonyits a music ctracker20:42
cocoonydo i only have to delete the folders then ?20:42
Ben64cocoony: might sort of work20:43
Ben64cocoony: ask them20:43
cocoonyBen64 what you mean20:43
Ben64they made the software, i'm sure they know how to uninstall it20:44
cocoonyi cant write to every factory lol20:44
Ben64we only support software in the ubuntu repositories, everything else is up to you20:44
graceabelnith1210: i tried choosing kernel 3.13.0-24-generic (older kernel) and its still displaying same error message "Missing modules (cat /proc/modules/; ls /dev)20:46
tnkhanhhi where do I get the latest ubuntu version on dev branch20:47
cocoonyBen64....its ok that you support software , but i cant get renoise for free20:47
cocoonyi want to test the demo20:47
cocoonyand perhaps i buy it20:48
Ben64cocoony: that has nothing to do with this channel though20:48
SchrodingersScatthat's all the more reason for them to be giving support20:48
kostkoncocoony, did you compile it20:49
cocoonyi dont write to support the program,i only write how to uninstall software which are not shown in manager20:49
cocoonyi think i must install windows...nothing works with linux. i need a systzem for good programs20:51
cocoonyno good program is written for linux20:51
OerHeks " run ./install.sh to install the program system-wide. That's it, Renoise is now completely installed. To uninstall the program, simply run the uninstall shell script in the same way.20:51
cocoonythx oerheks20:51
k3asd`Bashing-om: right now yes20:52
dimitry7Hey there, somebody has a trick to get files created between a range of dates? find . -mtime $(date +%s -d"Mar 31, 2015 23:59:59") -mtime $(date +%s -d"Apr 25, 2015 23:59:59")20:52
dimitry7I used that but mtime only sees 24 hours before20:53
Bashing-omk3asd`: A thought .. overheating ? Have you cleaned the machine lately ?20:53
k3asd`Bashing-om: the laptop is cleaned20:53
k3asd`Bashing-om: I've overheating when I done a bit of multitasking operations20:54
k3asd`Bashing-om: like some video on youtube, client email, some terminal opened20:54
k3asd`Bashing-om: for me are normal operations20:54
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
Bashing-omk3asd`: I run a similar card .. and yes I do overheat ( desktop) to the point my system shuts down sometimes with graphically intensive operations. The better solution I think is to get a better graphics card . What I do now-a-days is non-critical, so shutting down is but a nuisanse .20:59
k3asd`Bashing-om: I think so but I can't not able to do that because this is a laptop21:04
Captonjamasonis there any irc channel that i can talk about hardware21:05
Bashing-omk3asd`: Regret, but I am unable to advise further ... I have not paid a lot of attention to ACPI power management in laptops .21:06
daftykinsk3asd`: if you already disassembled and cleaned it out, perhaps you reduced the effectiveness of the thermal interface material (thermal paste) however that would be off topic here21:08
wafflejockk3asd`, this may be helpful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagement/ThermalIssues21:08
Captonjamasonhey daftykins21:09
Captonjamasonwhen i join i cant say anything21:09
daftykinsperhaps you aren't registered and identified21:09
Captonjamasondo i need to be21:09
daftykinsthe things you are asking are not Ubuntu related, go and ask #freenode please21:09
k1l!register | Captonjamason21:09
ubottuCaptonjamason: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:09
k3asd`daftykins: yes, I know that. the problem was different, now it's solved21:10
k3asd`Bashing-om: yes, thanks again21:10
k3asd`wafflejock: I'm looking at your link21:10
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dss666anybody know the damn pword for !wepcrack-ubuntu?21:18
dss666im getting nowhere following the directions21:18
k1ldss666: we dont support wifi cracking in here21:18
dss666its not cracking...its testing21:18
meisth0ththey used to say the same for trojans in 90s21:19
k1lif you really need to test your setup then you want to dig into the docs anyway. so your turn21:19
daftykinsdss666: doesn't matter what you want to call it, it's off topic21:19
dss666well......yer no damned fun....ciao21:19
zefyrJust Installed Kubuntu. Have logged in several times. System always freezes a couple minutes after login. At that point, the mouse still moves fine, but you can not Ctrl+Esc or Alt+Tab. My googling hasn't come up with anything. some close ones, but not the same. Any ideas here?21:21
cromagiAnyone know why kubuntu 15.04 is freaking out all of the time?? It's like the windows keep having seizures when I open and close them21:22
daftykins#kubuntu might know21:22
pantatoi upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 and now my mouse hertz is stuck at 125. The usbhid module still says the parameter is 2 so it shoudl be running at 500 hz21:31
pantatoi'm lost.21:31
kostkonpantato, Hz or DPI?21:32
joshh20What is the proper way to modify what DNS servers you use now that resolv.conf is autogenerated21:40
=== len is now known as Guest70702
kostkonjoshh20, network-manager21:41
burnerjoshh20, right click network manager and edit connections21:41
joshh20I am using Ubuntu server21:41
joshh20So headless21:41
=== test is now known as Guest90309
joshh20Ok thanks mate OerHeks21:47
OerHeksjoshh20, so edit /etc/network/interfaces and restart networking21:47
joshh20Got it thanks :D21:47
graceabelI got an error ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exis, Dropping to a shell21:48
arulmagihi every one. i am new to ubuntu. is there any open source alternatives for skype?21:48
graceabeleven after choosing different boot options21:48
daftykinsgraceabel: you might want to boot a live session and see what's left, assuming this just happened to a working system21:48
MonkeyDustarulmagi  none that use the skype protocol21:48
arulmagiany good viop for ubuntu?21:49
graceabeldaftykins: all i did was running apt-get dist-upgrade and then reboot21:49
=== zaggynl_ is now known as zaggynl
graceabeldaftykins: i got 4 boot options, selecting anyone of them results in same error message21:50
daftykinstwo different kernels and their recovery options?21:51
graceabelsame error message21:51
MonkeyDustarulmagi  sflphone, yape, ekiga and others21:51
graceabeldaftykins: yes 2 different kernels and their recovery options. Selecting either option will result in same error message21:52
MonkeyDustarulmagi  open the software center and find voip21:52
=== ph is now known as Guest9535
arulmagithanks monkeydust. i'll give them a try.21:52
daftykinsgraceabel: what version is this?21:52
nith1210graceabel: do you also see the words "busybox" somewhere?21:52
graceabelLatest kernel is 14.04.2 LTS, kernel 3.13.0-49-generic21:52
joshh20What is the proper way to reboot networking21:53
daftykinsso, are you typing from a live session?21:53
daftykinsjoshh20: bringing interfaces down and up, or a full reboot21:53
graceabelnith1210: yes "Busybox v1.21.1...."21:53
daftykins(yes, seriously)21:53
joshh20Why is it so backwards?21:53
daftykinsi just know it's the way it is21:53
ubottuVoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.21:55
graceabeli would like to know, the prompt "Security updates available" when we ssh into our servers at hosting provider.... are those updates message set by hosting provider?21:56
daftykinssounds like the ubuntu MOTD21:57
penthiefAfter a seemingly successful dist upgrade, I have booted into 14.10, rather than 15.04.21:57
nith1210graceabel: I think your grub-update failed and/or the UUID's decided to change (should be impossible, have seen it on my own systems) and you need to do a grub recovery.21:57
nith1210graceabel: or, you lost a hd21:57
daftykinsdist-upgrade does not upgrade distribution version21:57
graceabelnith1210: i don't think i lost a hd21:58
penthiefOh. It was followed by "sudo do-release-upgrade -d".21:58
penthiefIt took several hours.21:58
daftykinspenthief: that's unwise to ever run.21:58
daftykinswere you on 14.04 to start with?21:58
k1lpenthief: "lsb_release -d"?21:58
graceabelI got the message immediate after rebooting from apt-get dist-upgrade21:58
penthiefDescription:Ubuntu 14.1021:59
k1lpenthief: and the -d switch is for development release. that is very unwise to use blindly.21:59
nith1210graceabel: right, which is why I think the UUID's decided to change.21:59
nith1210graceabel: Once it can't figure out where to boot to, it drops to busybox21:59
k1lpenthief: what version is named in "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"?21:59
k1lpenthief: then run a "sudo do-release-upgrade"22:00
nith1210graceabel: And recovery from there gets complicated. I'm not sure if daftykins has a link or ubuntu magic to give you instructions on how to fix it or not...22:00
k1lpenthief: so you started on a 14.0422:00
penthiefsounds right22:00
daftykinsnith1210: oh i see you're done helping and passing it back now? :)22:00
graceabelnith1210: i'm wondering if this is part of my hosting provider's scope, I've contacted them but they only do a reboot for me22:01
nith1210daftykins: My way of fixing this is messy and involves chroots from a liveUSB. I'm sure there's a more user friendly method - and you are one of the best helpers I've ever seen.22:01
penthiefdamn, if only i hadn't put Ethat -d switch in there.22:01
k1lpenthief: what is now?22:02
daftykinsgraceabel seemed to give up when i mentioned booting a live session so i don't know what you guys are up to.22:02
graceabeldaftykinds: i don't understand what is booting a live session22:02
k1lpenthief: what gives you in the last line of "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"?22:02
daftykinsputtin a flash drive in and booting from it... but you made it sound like this is a VPS22:02
graceabeldaftykins: yes its a vps, physically server is miles away from me22:03
k1lpenthief: ok. so the 14.10 to 15.04 upgrade should work22:03
daftykinsgraceabel: then you will need to contact your provider.22:03
penthiefYes, thank you.22:03
penthiefwell, after i get around the "Not enough free disk space" !22:04
k1lpenthief: see "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"22:04
daftykinstime for an auto-remove ;)22:05
graceabeldaftykinds: ok22:05
k1lpenthief: then remove old kernel packages that are still installed with "sudo apt-get remove ....." and then a "sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean"22:05
k1lpenthief: uh, yes. all the 3.5 kernels can be uninstalled.22:07
k1lpenthief: after that you can see what linux-headers are insatlled, too. and remove the old ones22:07
penthiefok, will remove the headers when this command completes.22:08
k1l"dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"  will show what is still installed22:09
Mdxxxdoes anyone here play dungeon fighter online?22:10
m4tis kvm/virt-manager working for anyone in 15.04?22:12
SCHAAP137lemme check22:13
m4tafter 30s i get22:13
SCHAAP137yeah worx22:13
m4tActivation of org.freedesktop.machine1 timed out22:13
m4tyou can actually start a VM up?22:13
tux__Any recommendation for me on the player to use for FLAC files? Thx22:17
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OerHeksIs unrar really needed in restricted-extras?22:23
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MionOerHeks: as oposed to not package it at all?22:24
NegativeFlareOerHeks: Use 7zip22:24
OerHeksMion yes, is it required to install restricted extras22:25
Cukenam I able to use fdisk to reformat a disk if it has a GPT header?22:26
neon_squirrelIs there any word on Ubuntu Phone for the Nexus 6, or is there a way to run full Ubuntu on it because it's an ARM processor?22:26
Mionyou don't have to install everything in there, you can cherrypick22:26
OerHeksneon_squirrel, join #ubuntu-touch they have a list of devices and info22:27
neon_squirrelOerHeks, Thanks.22:27
OerHekssee the topic *22:27
CukenI just setup a new Ubuntu server in place of a windows box I was running, I have 3x 3TB drives that still have a GPT partition on them, do I need to use parted to clean them up?22:27
CukenI'm trying to extend my LVM across all 4 hard drives22:28
OerHeks!info gdisk22:29
ubottugdisk (source: gdisk): GPT fdisk text-mode partitioning tool. In component main, is extra. Version 0.8.8-1build1 (utopic), package size 184 kB, installed size 771 kB22:29
MionCuken: delete existing partitions, create a single partition on each disk, mark it as part of a lvm vg22:29
Miondon't pv the disk directly, that can lead to epic pebcaks in the future22:29
terratomai upgraded to latest ubuntu.  should my mind be blown now?  is it all systemd?  should my startup time be 15 seconds22:30
Cukenand should I used gdisk to delete the partitions?22:30
Mionterratoma: you are doing it wrong, you are suposed to complain about how it impregnated your sister, killed your dog and tied all the cables behind the computer into a knot22:30
Cukenparted dosn't seen any partitions on the device22:30
MionCuken: gdisk works22:30
Mionparted too22:30
Mionunless you have a horribly outdated version of parted22:31
faultyjohnMion, wtf?22:31
Mionfaultyjohn: just making fun all all the systemd haters22:31
faultyjohncool cool22:32
terratomai see lots of scripts in /etc/init.d/ still22:32
terratomai actually like systemd ( i run a lot of centos 7 systems )22:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:33
terratomai was discussing systemd. which latest ubuntu uses. totally on topic22:33
rizwanwhy this room is quite22:34
rizwanhi faultyjohn how you dong22:34
rizwaniam good thanks. where are you from faulyjohn22:35
k1lrizwan: this channel is support only. for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic to keep this channel clear to not distract beginners22:35
Bashing-omCuken: http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/ The Bible on gdisk .22:36
treeloolHi. Running 12.04.5. Have a broken package libc6-dev. Paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/10890836/. How serious is it and can anything be done for it?22:39
huigwhere are python library files installed in ubuntu?22:40
faultyjohndoes ubuntu come with any python IDE's built in?22:41
EriC^^huig: dpkg -L <package> | grep ".so"22:41
Umeaboyfaultyjohn: sudo apt-cache search python22:42
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gr33n7007hhuig: generally in /usr/lib/python*22:43
huigthanks both of you!22:43
cribbageSTARSHIPi want to auto backup some partitions. does this rsync crontab look ok to you? I want to do mon midnights. 0 0 * * Mon rsync -avucz --update --progress --human-readable /media/osstorage/ /media/osbunker/22:45
Mionhuig: what is the real problem?22:46
huigMion, ubuntu ppa aren't up to date and need a method from a python library not in the current ubuntu ppa. i already installed the library so i am downloading the code for the file it's missing and copying it to /usr/lib/python2.7/...22:48
Mionhuig: pip install --user22:48
Mionor use a virtualenv22:48
Mionor make your own .deb if you want it installed system wide22:48
Mion*NEVER* run pip/make/similar as root *ever*22:48
huigMion, i use sudo apt-get install python-whatever instead of pip22:49
huigbut statsmodels (the library) from the ppa repository is not updated22:49
Mionas said, if you want it installed system wide then make your own .deb22:49
Mionyou can grab the existing build files, bump the version etc and then build it22:49
gerihi guys22:53
huigMion, if i get the code from github using git clone..do i have to move it to /usr/lib/python.. and thats it?22:53
geriis ubuntu available for ARMv5t (armel)  ??22:53
Mionhuig: *never* do that22:53
Mionhuig: again Mion ╡ as said, if you want it installed system wide then make your own .deb22:54
Mionhuig: and I bet it comes with a setup.py22:54
gerihi guys.... is ubuntu available for ARMv5t (armel) ??22:54
geriMion: ?22:54
Miongeri: nani?22:55
Mionthat is what I asked22:55
gerii read: Ubuntu no longer provides pre-built images of new Ubuntu versions for armel. It only provides images for armhf (Hard Float, instead of floating-point emulation).22:55
k1lgeri: #ubuntu-arm22:56
Hanz_ZimmerHello everyone, I'm having some difficulty installing Ubuntu 15.04 on my machine. It's a P55-USB3.0 machine with an ATI 5850 graphics card, i5 processor, and 12gb of memory. I'm trying to install it on my 120GB Samsung SSD. I created the installer using "Startup Disk Creator" on Ubuntu on my laptop successfully and I can't boot into the installer without specifying both vga=normal and nomodeset kernel flags. Near the very end of the ins22:56
faultyjohnwhy does everyone want 15.0422:56
faultyjohn14.10 is great22:56
Hanz_ZimmerBecause I want to try out systemd.22:57
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tewardfaultyjohn: that's a better question for #ubuntu-offtopic or a general discussion question - but the latest release is 15.04.22:57
MionHanz_Zimmer: your irc client is silly and didn't split your message, nor warn you, so you got cut off at "Near the very end of the ins"22:57
tewardfaultyjohn: many people want the 'newest' stuff.  (I personally use 14.04, but have VMs for 14.10 and 15.04, as a packager/bug triager/developer)22:57
Hanz_ZimmerSorry, using pidgin. Here's the rest: I get the following error: "Apt configuration problem. An attempt to configure apt to install additional packages from the CD failed” After choosing to continue, and my computer reboots, I'm greeted with Grub Rescue and the following error: "error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found"22:57
Mionfaultyjohn: because 15.04 is 1. better  2. lts22:57
Hanz_ZimmerSo I tried to boot off a live disc and reinstall Grub2 but after successfully installing grub2, and rebooting, just a grub prompt appears with no boot options.22:57
tewardMion: 15.04 is not LTS22:58
k1lfaultyjohn: support for 14.10 droppes in 3 months. so be prepared22:58
faultyjohnok sorry22:58
Mionhmm tought it was22:58
tewardMion: 14.04 is LTS, 16.04 is the next LTS22:58
faultyjohni will be22:58
k1lMion: 15.04 is not LTS.22:58
tewardMion: LTS is every 2 years, with a 5 year support cycle for those.  15.04 is NOT LTS.22:58
Hanz_ZimmerAny ideas why this is happening though?22:58
teward!es | ernesto_22:59
ubottuernesto_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:59
teward(i think)22:59
Hanz_ZimmerI have a timeshift backup of my ubuntu 14.10 install. I'm going to try and upgrade from that I guess.23:00
Guest9535are you shure you have uploade the good version of ubuntu I386 or amd 6423:00
rkingWhat does everyone around here use for their music streaming services?23:00
RNevillegetting message that boot partition full, once Xserver is up and running. ubuntu 14.0423:00
Guest9535maibe the ptroblem is hear23:00
Guest9535yes i use radio on rithmbox23:01
k1lRNeville: remove old kernel packages23:01
RNevillehave several initrd.img versions in my boot partition23:01
k1l(why does everyone use too small /boot partitions when they use /boot partitions at all)23:01
daftykinsk1l: lots use encryption and it had an installer bug making a small size a while back, don't think it explains them all but it covers a lot23:02
RNevillenot sure which are  kernel packages k1l23:02
daftykinsRNeville: 14.04+ ? run "sudo apt-get autoremove"23:02
k1lRNeville: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"23:02
RNevillethx k1l23:02
Guest9535maibe you must reinstall the distrib ubuntu23:02
Guest9535but you must be shure you have the good version of kernel23:03
Guest9535to verify you must access to the bios and verify what is the kernel of your computer23:04
Cuken@Mion : I used fdisk but it shows the partition table as GPT still23:04
daftykinsGuest9535: you are speaking false information, please stop that.23:04
Cukenthen when I try to use the sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb it fails saying device not found23:04
MionCuken: use gpt23:05
Guest9535to enter in the bios at start up fonction F8 or fonction F1023:05
Mionthere is no reason not to23:05
Guest9535maibe but it's possible23:05
MionCuken: bonus point is that you can use partition labels to mark it23:05
k1lGuest9535: stop it23:05
Guest9535ok thank you very much23:06
Guest9535good by23:06
faultyjohnI'm installing ParrotSec OS on a virtual machine23:10
huigi installed the latest version using a way they recommend in their web page (http://statsmodels.sourceforge.net/stable/install.html)..now it doesn't give me an error importing the class i want to import but it gives me this error: X13NotFoundError: x12a and x13as not found on path. Give the path, put them on PATH, or set the X12PATH or X13PATH environmental variable.23:12
[n0mad]i just upgraded to 15.04 this morning and honestly everything is fine, just wondering if anyone is actually able to change their launcher color with unity tweak tool?23:15
kostkon[n0mad], maybe it's not compatible with 15.04 yet23:15
[n0mad]maybe but in omgubuntu screenshots it looks like they could change it23:16
[n0mad]that's why i was curious23:16
kostkon[n0mad], it changes according to the average colour of your wallpaper anyway23:16
[n0mad]yeah, i know,  and that's how i normally have it set23:17
[n0mad]just sometimes when i'm doing gksudo stuff it changes it to root color *purple*23:17
[n0mad]and i'm kinda wanting something like that23:17
[n0mad]for it all to be some other color23:17
[n0mad]that's all23:17
faultyjohnanyone know how to change terminal color?23:17
faultyjohnpreferably to look like the matrix23:18
[n0mad]faultyjohn: yes, just right click on terminal and then profiles change profile defaults or something23:18
RNevillekl1 ran sudo apt-get autoremove, didn't seem to work23:18
k1lfaultyjohn: see the terminal settings23:18
k1lRNeville: see again what i said23:18
cem_in python, i want to find a word and replace its line with new entry, how can i do this ?23:19
k1lRNeville: see what linux-image packages are installed and remove the old ones23:19
Cukenfor sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb, does the device need to be blank?23:19
CukenOr do I need to put a ext4 partition on it?23:19
RNevillecan I just use "rm" and package name k1l23:19
k1lRNeville: no23:20
k1lRNeville: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"23:20
gr33n7007hRNeville: dpkg -l | grep "linux-image" find the one you want to remove then dpkg -r <image>23:20
RNevillek,sorry, u already wrote this23:20
k1lRNeville: see what packages are installed (ii) and remove the old ones.23:20
k1lremove them with "sudo apt-get remove packagename"23:21
kostkoncem_, http://docs.python.org/23:22
gr33n7007hcem_: /j #python # need to be registered23:23
Duggydoes anyone use ps3 media server by any chance?23:24
darthanubislong time ago23:24
Duggydarthhanubis was that in response to me?23:24
darthanubisits inferior and seems like development stopped23:24
kostkoncem_, if you mean replace the word, https://docs.python.org/2.7/library/stdtypes.html#str.replace23:24
nogoodnamesleftI have some questions about LVM. First, the LVM installer wants to use the entire drive, erasing other operating systems. Is there any way to work around this?23:24
Duggydarthanubis - did you get it to work?23:25
Tundrawhat's the best way to install gnome shell?23:25
Duggydarthanubis, may I PM you?23:25
darthanubisinstall gnome-shell23:25
k1lTundra: use ubuntu gnome editon or install "gnome-shell"23:25
cem_i want to find that word and then delete that line and put new text at same line23:25
darthanubisI'd use the gnome edition23:26
RNevillewhat to use pastebin, what is best way to get error message to post automatically to pastebin?23:26
Tundrak1l:darthanubis, thanks fellas23:26
k1l!pastebinit | RNeville23:26
ubottuRNeville: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:26
RNevillethx bot ubottu23:28
kostkoncem_, use str.find()23:28
nogoodnamesleftHow do I install with LVM alongside Windows?23:29
daftykinsi don't think LVM is for you23:32
nogoodnamesleftdaftykins: I need full disk encryption on a dual boot machine. Would you therefore say putting a second drive in it would be a better idea?23:33
nogoodnamesleftdaftykins: Full disk enc for the Linux only23:33
daftykinspartial disk encryption ;)23:33
nogoodnamesleftdaftykins: What if it was a laptop with only a single drive?23:34
daftykinswell i kinda laugh at encryption in general so, i'm not the best to ask23:34
Cukenwhat partition table should I use for LVM disks that are 3tb?23:35
RNevillek1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/10891656/23:36
nogoodnamesleftWith 2 drives I could just use the installer. With a single drive I'd have to setup the lvm manually and it looks to be a pain. -Lots- of docs!23:36
k1lRNeville: :/23:37
k1lRNeville: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | pastebinit23:37
k1lRNeville: dont use dpkg to remove.23:37
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Tinkereri have put a Live Ubuntu 15.04 on a USB stick today23:47
Tinkereri used UUI to make this baby23:48
daftykinsUUI works fine in my experience23:48
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Tinkereri chose to have a 4 GB permanent file23:49
Tinkererso that whenever i restart the live session, I don't lose the settings, my custom desktop wallpaper and so on23:50
Tinkererthen i did something that totally broke my live session23:51
Tinkereri installed proprietary drivers for intel.microcode (or something like that)23:52
Tinkereri restarted my live session and now when i choose "Try Ubuntu without installing" I get a kernel panic text all over my screen and am doomed23:53
daftykinsoh persistence.23:53
daftykinsattempting to install anything else for intel graphics is a colossal waste of time23:54
Tinkereryes, persistence file, not permanent23:54
Tinkerercan you like help me to get back to the live session but without the use of the proprietary drivers?23:55
Tinkererlike in a secure mode of a sort23:55
daftykinstry pressing 'e' to edit the 'try ubuntu' then change 'quiet splash' for 'text' , then once it boots up purge whatever packages you installed / undo whatever command you ran23:56
daftykinsTinkerer: i replied.23:57
Tinkereri don't know what was the package name for the proprietary driver i installed23:57
Tinkereri installed it via the GUI23:58
daftykinsyou could just wipe your drive and start again23:58

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