elkhow can control timing of process?00:32
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Guest2323hey guys im trying to get ubuntu studio and im getting a boot error something about cannot mount /dev/sda dev swquashfs19:42
Guest2323along side win8.119:42
Guest2323anyone here?19:46
Guest2323live usb wont boot at all19:46
doohdaahin ubuntustudio 14.10 getting a new soundcard still doesnt make sound on Audio Production devices. Where to start trouble shooting?23:12
doohdaah2ubuntustudio 14.10 ... having problems with Audio Production software sound output. where to start troubleshooting23:18
OvenWerksdoohdaah2: are you running jackd?23:34
OvenWerksdoohdaah2: on some audio cards you have to make sure the levels are up. Pulse does this sort of auto on many internal cards but not some of the pro/semipro cards like the ice1712 based cards23:36

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