nomicanyone know why a virtualbox mount of nfs (from ubuntu) is "read only"00:45
nomicwas diff problem -fixed it00:48
nomicincorrect mount point ty00:48
Zach__Is it possible to install Xubuntu from commandline?03:44
Zach__Or would I need to do a clean install03:44
MrPenguin_do you already have an xubuntu version?03:45
Zach__I'm running Xubuntu 14.0.2 at the moment03:45
MrPenguin_you should be able to using a sudo command. I am not positive though03:46
Zach__Alright, well, I tried sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, but that didn't work.. Any ideas per chance?03:47
MrPenguin_No, sorry. I am fairly new to linux03:48
MrPenguin_Don't know too much03:48
Zach__Haha, I am also, was the reason I came here03:49
Zach__Alright, guess it's off to the Ubuntu forums with me, thanks for the answer :)03:49
MrPenguin_np, sorry i couldnt help03:53
pragomerhow can I change icon spacing in xfce -panel (xubuntu 14.04) (icons of self-made program starters...)06:59
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knomeicon spacing?07:00
liquidsnakeyou mean in the panel itself? Like putting the icons in a certain order?07:00
pragomericon spacing.. I made some program starters using drag and drop from menu..  e.g. firefox, terminal, .... I mean the spacing between the programm starters... (in my opinion there should be more space between them to look more nice..)07:02
pragomerI know  I can use seperators.. but I want to edit this via e.g. a config file to do it more "general"07:02
liquidsnakeyeah other than that idk either07:03
liquidsnakehave you checked the forums yet?07:03
pragomerjust used google.. though I ask it here.. perhaps someone just knows the file I have to edit07:04
pragomerthanks elfy.. but I think this is about the "notifications area".. what I mean is the program starters07:06
elfyyea - but I suspect the only way you'll do what you want is the same answer07:07
pragomermm. the answer there is that it would not be possible to do it via config files.. cant just believe it..07:12
knomepragomer, feel free to submit code to xfce4-panel to make it possible07:12
elfywell - if no-one is able to point you at it then find out and you can come and tell us :)07:12
pragomerIm just a user, sorry :-(07:13
elfyso are we all ;)07:13
pragomerfunny but true answer elfy ;)07:13
pragomeranother question: is it possible to use the super key to open whisker menu in xubuntu AND to use the super key for shortcuts (e.g. super+e) at SAME TIME ?07:14
elfypretty sure not - did that accidentally ...07:15
elfythough you could use the right Super button07:15
pragomerok.. not a drama.. but I would be cool if it worked (like in every other desktop)... its not for me but for me girlfriend who should switch to linux and who is used to her few shortcuts...07:19
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Jammerx2When I connect my bluetooth headset it's never set as the default in PulseAudio, is there an easy way to make it default each time?12:57
ohadiggerhello there...13:19
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ZdenekXUBUNTU is bettter than windows! My printer works perfectly on XUBUNTU but on windows not. THANKS!!!16:07
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TimeViruswhy is it Unetbootin cant see my flash drive nor does it automount16:43
Spasshi all, i'm new here, almost done configuring my fresh xubuntu 14.04 installation17:02
Spasscan anyone know if it is possible to change xchat icon in tray?17:03
JeZxLeeanyone get VirtualBox in software center working on Xubuntu 15.04 64Bit?17:05
TimeVirusfdisk -l lists none of my devices17:08
TimeVirus /o\17:08
TimeViruslsblk works17:08
Spass(nvmd, i finally was able to change it)17:17
Spassany gamers here? http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ratbuntu17:34
MrPenguin_what is the best way to back up your files when upgrading to the newest xubuntu?17:36
xanguaget a backup disk¿17:36
MrPenguin_would a usb work well?17:39
liquidsnake_yeah usb flash drive fine as long as it has enough space17:43
MrPenguin_:) 32gb is more than enough17:44
liquidsnake_oh  mos def17:44
elfyJeZxLee: what is the issue you have with it?17:45
JeZxLeeelfy - Windows 8 install crashes under current VirtualBox for 15.0417:46
elfyoh right - wouldn't have a clue about whether a win guest worked17:47
elfyvbox works in 15.04 for me for what I need it for17:48
liquidsnake_windblows 8 has bugs17:49
liquidsnake_i do not feel that it is very stable17:49
liquidsnake_it has numerous compatibility isuues17:50
liquidsnake_try W717:50
JeZxLeeI need Windows 817:50
liquidsnake_or W1017:50
liquidsnake_well have you checked the forums for a workaround?17:51
liquidsnake_there may already be a solution17:51
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JeZxLeeno workaround yet - I'll keep using old Linux Mint 17.1 KDE 64Bit with VMWare Player 7.1.017:54
liquidsnake_ahh well that blows17:54
GeekDudeI must've really  messed something up, because I can't log in anymore17:56
GeekDudeI hit login and it takes me back to the login screen17:56
GeekDudeNote that I can login as guest17:56
liquidsnake_oh ok was about to ask...17:56
liquidsnake_but not as admin?17:56
GeekDudeNot as the only user account17:56
liquidsnake_do you have it set with a password?17:57
GeekDudeI can log in over SSH and through a tty17:57
GeekDudeThe user on this machine is "media"17:57
GeekDude-rw-------  1 media media   101 Apr 25 13:56 .Xauthority17:57
GeekDudeHere's the contents of .xsession-errors https://gist.github.com/dc07329cd3ffefd405fc17:59
elfyand any that are apparently owned by root instead of media that shouldn't be?17:59
GeekDudeI was trying to get xvfb running the other day and managed to make .Xauthority be owned by root, but I've since chowned it back18:00
liquidsnake_have you checked the forums for a workaround?18:02
GeekDudeThey said to make sure that the permissions on .Xauthority and on /tmp were set correctly18:02
liquidsnake_the only other thing i know of is to backup your data if possible and reinstall OS18:02
liquidsnake_what did you mess with to cause this?18:02
GeekDudedrwxrwxrwt 4 root root 4096 Apr 25 13:58 /tmp18:02
liquidsnake_do you recall18:03
liquidsnake_you may have to do a reinstall as much as I'm sure you don't wanna do that unless you can find a practical workaround18:04
GeekDude> history | grep sudo18:05
GeekDudeline 12 is where the juicy bits start18:05
GeekDudeIt's a shame I didn't make separate home and root partitions18:12
GeekDudeWhen I try to log in Xorg.0.log says https://gist.github.com/ff9fc062d6c6a7dc95a718:20
GeekDudeauth.log says https://gist.github.com/cd24487756b27759253e18:21
GeekDudeauth.log is particularly interesting18:21
elfybug 1309535 perhaps -certainly a few hits for similar errors in auth.log18:28
ubottubug 1309535 in pam (Ubuntu) "Running without pam-kwallet installed issues a warning in auth.log" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130953518:28
GeekDudeperhaps I might purge and reinstall the xubuntu-desktop package18:28
elfywouldn't be a bad idea - see what that brings18:32
krytarikNil. :)18:33
elfyGeekDude: on the other hand - you're not running with a standard system - so who knows what's happened18:34
GeekDudeI don't suppose you'd like the output of dpkg -l18:35
krytarikGeekDude: So, you only have an "~/.Xauthority", right? Try deleting it and letting it recreate on the next login.18:41
GeekDuderemoving .Xauthority then restarting lightdm didn't have any effect18:44
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* GeekDude reinstalls xorg 18:45
krytarikGeekDude: So when did this start exactly?18:47
GeekDudehard to say for sure18:47
GeekDudeearlier today?18:47
krytarikAfter you did what?18:47
GeekDudeThe screen went black but I could still VNC in18:47
GeekDudeso I rebooted and now I can't log in18:47
krytarikGeekDude: Try clearing any saved sessions from "~/.cache/sessions".18:49
xubuntu58winspiron 1764 wifi not functional after installing Xubuntu the latest18:59
xubuntu58wany tips18:59
xubuntu58wread the forums nut found no solution19:00
krytarik!patience | xubuntu58w19:00
ubottuxubuntu58w: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:00
xubuntu58wany drivers to add to it19:00
krytarik!details | xubuntu58w19:00
ubottuxubuntu58w: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:00
xubuntu58wI am able to go wired but wifi19:01
xubuntu58was long as I connect the internet cable I am able to c the internet19:01
xubuntu58wbut not wirelss wfifi19:01
koegswhich wifi card?19:03
xubuntu58wwhat is the command to find that out19:03
xubuntu58wI entered19:03
xubuntu58wiwlist wlan0 s19:04
xubuntu58wdid not worked19:04
xubuntu58w14.04 LTS19:04
brainwash"Linux was reported to run well with the Laptop's hardware, but requires proprietary Broadcom drivers for the wireless network interface card..."19:05
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:05
xubuntu58wsudo lshw19:08
xubuntu58wbut it does not c it19:08
xubuntu58wso it appears i have to get the drivers19:08
xubuntu58was per your your feedback19:09
xubuntu58wi will follow up the links u sent....u r the man!! thanks!19:09
brainwashgood luck19:09
xubuntu58wa silly questions19:18
xubuntu58wGo to: System->Administrator->Additional Drivers(Hardware drivers)  Then click to Broadcom STA wireless driver and enable it.  Restart19:19
xubuntu58wi do not find the system to administrator tab19:19
brainwashsettings manager > software sources > additional drivers19:20
brainwashI think that's how you do it in xubuntu19:21
xubuntu345hablan español???19:21
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:21
brainwashxubuntu58w: what do you mean "how"? I told you what to click19:22
xubuntu65w!es does not work19:24
ubottuxubuntu65w: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:24
TimeVirusbot abuse19:24
xubuntu65wno big deal nobody knows everything19:24
TimeVirussome dont know anything too19:25
xubuntu071as I can make a local network with xubuntu19:25
xubuntu65wmy kernel driver is  b43-pci-bridge19:25
TimeVirusyou need a switch for that19:25
TimeVirusand a router to NAT out to the rest of the world19:26
xubuntu65w<access denied>19:26
xubuntu65wok thanks19:26
TimeVirusno wait!19:26
TimeVirusok thanks for what?19:27
xubuntu071it's just a local network of 10 computers for primary school without internet, it is for primary school children conoscan linux19:28
GeekDudeWhat's the best file system for cross platform compatibility?19:29
TimeVirusfat32 but there is more to it than just that19:29
elfyhow cross-platformy?19:29
TimeViruslots more19:29
GeekDudeI want to put some movies on a hard drive so that they can be read from both linux and windows19:30
krytarikGeekDude: NTFS, rather than FAT32.19:30
TimeVirusntfs works fine19:30
GeekDudeThough I don't really need to, I can just go with standard ext4 if it's significantly better19:30
elfythen ntfs I would say19:30
xubuntu071I will use xubuntu only in the 10 netbook, what I do is work or home network .19:30
TimeVirusI'd say you need a switch to run best19:32
xubuntu071I have a Cisco 24-port19:33
xubuntu071como puedo configurar las maquinas para que esten en la misma red19:34
xubuntu071as I can configure the machines so they are on the same network19:34
TimeVirusyes I too used the google for that one19:34
TimeVirusaggregate and CPUs become the bottlenecks19:37
TimeViruswell, almost19:38
a1fai just downloaded 15.04 from US TX AUSTIN mirror, and md5sum does not match19:47
a1faeven the file size is wrong19:47
a1fa53c869eba8686007239a650d903847fd  ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso19:48
liquidsnake_so try a diff mirror perhaps or use a torrent instead?19:48
a1fadont know if anybody cares19:48
a1fai am using the official link now19:48
a1fathis one was also linked on xubuntu.org19:48
a1fajust giving you guys a heads up19:49
liquidsnake_torrents always seem to work better imho19:49
a1fahm.. ok this may have been a ubuntu vs xubuntu thing ;)19:50
a1fai just noticed their xubuntu link fetches ubuntu instead19:50
GeekDudeI'm backing up my ~ directory onto an external drive, and I'm gonna wipe and reinstall the main drive19:55
liquidsnake_oh you finally decided to do that huh19:57
liquidsnake_thats what I would do too19:57
liquidsnake_sux but it works19:57
GeekDudeI'm still not sure how I want my drives set up though. I have an 80G drive and a 250G drive. I think I might make the 80G one the boot drive and the 250G one the data drive19:58
liquidsnake_yep thats what I would recommend19:59
liquidsnake_makes sense19:59
elfyGeekDude: partition how you like - but in the last 8 years never touched more than 12Gb personally20:00
liquidsnake_i'm still trying to decide whether i like xubuntu better or puppy linux for the kids computer20:00
elfythe only time I have seen someone run out of room - they marked the repo for installation20:00
* GeekDude chuckles 20:00
GeekDude> sudo apt-get install *20:01
liquidsnake_xubuntu seems more user friendly esp for kids. puppy is a little more technical than i thought20:01
elfyif you are installing 15.04 - then you need to install in 9 months all of 80Gb20:01
elfybecause in 10 months it's out of support20:02
liquidsnake_thats why i always get the lts versions20:02
elfyyou might benefit from thinking about symlinks and external data sources and just having a small /20:02
elfyright so - maybe split /home and / and further split some of /home out to other partitions20:03
elfyanyway - the main thing is think a bit more long term20:04
GeekDudeIs copying files between different partitions any faster than copying files between different drives?20:05
elfynot that I noticed before I had usb3 and ssd's kicking about20:06
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talladambhi all, having a problwm with Xubuntu 14.04 on a Thinkpad T400. I have multiple workspaces, which I switch between with a workspace switcher applet in the panel. When I have chromium-browser open on one, switch to another, and switch back to browser, I get this display issue:22:11
talladambnot really sure where to begin. Might be an issue with chromium-browser. Everything is up to date, from repos only nothing built from source or manually installed.22:13
talladambit is always the top third or so of the window, regardless of where the window is placed on the screen22:14
talladambseen here: http://imgur.com/6m0ao1f22:15
krytariktalladamb: LP bug 1309801.22:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309801 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[xubuntu] chromium redraw issue after switching workspaces" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130980122:15
talladamboh wow my google skills really fail :(22:16
talladambthank you ubottu22:16
talladambalso just wanna say I really love this OS, by far the easiest to use and friendliest community I've come across yet. Thanks again!22:19
krytariktalladamb: Thanks for the kind words. :)22:20
krytarikAlso, ubottu is a bot.22:21
talladambyes I see that now, thank you instead krytarik :)22:23
talladambI was able to use a workaround from the bugtracker somments to fix my issue for now22:24
krytarikWhich one exactly?22:24
mignwhi guys23:16
mignwhow do we update bash?23:16
depthhola, alguien que hable español?23:29
Unit193!es | depth23:31
ubottudepth: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:31
mignwno hablo ingles23:31
depththanks. i don't speak english very well23:32
depthneed help with xubuntu 15.04. not working onboard the start of session23:33
depthsomeone goes something like?23:34
carreraGreetings!  :-)23:44
carreraare there any release images of the new 15.04 desktop?23:45
carreraI couldn't find them on the site  yesterday23:47
carreraI'll check again23:47
mignwhow do you update bash?23:47
depthneed help with xubuntu 15.04. not working onboard the start of session23:54

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