morpheus000hello, who speak french?11:54
lewis1711I've noticed that the keys to control the monitor no longer work, post upgrade to 15.04. But I tried them in kubuntu, and it's working, so thankfully it's not a kernel issue or anything11:59
lewis1711I checked in my core applications, and the power-manager is "auto"11:59
lewis1711I guess first things first... how can I change the brightness, if not with the media keys?12:00
gsilvamorpheus000, you can try to reach melodie when she's around or many other among #linuxvillage12:08
gsilvathey are the french community12:08
morpheus000gsilva: thank's i'm novice and my english isn't perfect :/12:10
gsilvaNo problem. Nevertheless, if you care to try and explain your situation here, I'm certain someone will help12:11
babadubuhi, please help.lubuntu14.04 resolution prbs. max1024x768 with tft1600x900 connected.what do?15:37
AnnaRookshow do you disable trackpad?16:55
AnnaRooksis it possible to disable trackpad?17:10
checheAnnaRooks:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187545917:24

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