tkguess not00:10
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bzoltanzsombi: are you here?05:11
bzoltanzbenjamin: ping05:11
DanChapmanmorning all05:44
zbenjaminbzoltan: pong06:23
zbenjaminbzoltan: you still could not log in?06:24
bzoltanzbenjamin:  no luck06:24
zbenjaminbzoltan: works for me06:24
bzoltanzbenjamin:  my core is on an ancient Ubuntu ... might be that it does not support the the same crypto lib the server needs06:25
zbenjaminbzoltan: you downloaded your new creds from enigma?06:30
zbenjaminbzoltan: do yo get any specific errors?06:30
bzoltanzbenjamin: darn... server supports only tls106:33
zbenjaminbzoltan: uh oh , have fun upgrading :D06:36
zbenjaminbzoltan: you could alternatively download a precompiled quassel from the quassel homepage and use that06:37
zbenjaminbzoltan: "This core does not require Qt or SSL installed and should run out-of-the-box on most current Linux systems on x86 or x86_64"06:37
zbenjaminbzoltan: just hack you startup script to use the new binary06:38
bzoltanzbenjamin:  this one? quasselcore-static-0.10.1.bz206:41
zbenjaminbzoltan: yeah06:48
zbenjaminbzoltan: if you use any dbms instead of sqlite and get a dialog that you need to setup the database, do not panic all your stuff is still there06:51
zbenjaminbzoltan: there is a way to switch to the right db06:51
davidcalleGood morning06:55
zbenjaminbzoltan: still no luck?07:06
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ahayzenpopey, is there anyone I can talk to to raise priority/get a milestone of a bug in ms2 as we've had quite a few people affected by it and it causes the music-app to not work correctly :(10:54
ahayzenpopey, its bug 143611010:54
ubot5bug 1436110 in mediascanner2 "Music with invalid year field (-1) in metadata causes mediascanner to crash" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143611010:54
* popey looks10:54
popeyahayzen: jamesh is on UK time this week at a sprint in London.10:55
ahayzenpopey, should this sortof bug not be tracked on that canonical-system-image thing?10:57
popeywe can add a task for that, yes.10:57
popeybut that's for release critical ones I think.10:58
popeyhowever.. "Please add a bug task for the canonical-devices-system-image project if you want to escalate a bug"10:58
popeythere's your answer. add that as a task10:58
ahayzen..causing ms2 to loop/crash and render useless to any clients...sounds slightly critical ;)10:58
ahayzenthanks popey :)10:59
popeythey get regularly reviewed. np10:59
davmor2popey: okay interesting issue, in calendar the current view isn't updated.  So the meeting I was unsubscribed from, I was removed and readded, It shows up on next week but not this week till I went into month view and then back to week view11:06
popeyyup, you have to force sync11:07
q_刘老师在吗? Is teacher Liu here ?11:13
davmor2popey: when you say force sync you mean in the calendar view or with google?11:14
popeydavmor2: kebab menu, sync11:19
davmor2popey: yes I did that, that is when it showed up for future weeks, this weeks view however didn't update.  I had to change view to monthly then go back to weekly for this week to update11:20
popeyvivid or utopic?11:21
davmor2popey: vivid11:21
popeysounds like a bug11:22
davmor2popey: indeed I'll write it up11:22
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davmor2popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/144898811:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1448988 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Vivid: Current view not updated until view is changed" [Undecided,New]11:32
juzzlin_Is it now so that I have to package my desktop app as a Click package if I want it to be included in the software center?11:58
juzzlin_And this works only from 14.10 =>11:59
davmor2juzzlin_: is it a desktop app or mobile app?11:59
davmor2juzzlin_: currently click only works on mobile devices, the desktop store doesn't support 14.10 or greater.  So your .deb app will only work in 14.0412:01
juzzlin_davmor2: a desktop app12:08
juzzlin_so I guess PPA is still the way to go12:10
davmor2juzzlin_: possibly yes12:11
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ahayzent1mp, ping12:53
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renatucharles, can we get silo 8 released?14:47
charlesrenatu, I'm happy with it as is -- is W opened up yet?14:47
charlesafaik that's all we're waiting on14:48
renatubfiller, ^^^14:48
davmor2charles: you have the overlay ppa till w is open14:48
charlesdavmor2, dyk what the value of "till w is open" is?14:50
charlesI was holding off because I thought W was coming soon, and I didn't want to generate extra work14:51
davmor2charles: :)14:51
bfillercharles: just list the silo for vivid and it will automatically get put in overlay ppa14:53
charlesbfiller, ok, thanks14:54
charlesrenatu, in that case I'd say go ahead and aim it at vivid now14:55
renatucharles, I do not have permissions for that :D14:55
renatucharles, do you have?14:55
charlesrenatu, okay, I'll do it :-)14:56
renatucharles, thanks14:56
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oSoMoNnerochiaro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Oxide/BuildInstructions15:57
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mrqtrospopey ping17:05
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mrqtrosHi all17:43
mrqtrosSeems that LocalStorage isn't working under 15.04 on device17:44
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, so I see you updated the plugin a bit more18:43
akiva-thinkpadballoons, yah I'm reworking it quite a bit18:43
akiva-thinkpadso it looks much more like an API than a daisy chain of functions18:43
mrqtrosDoes someoe know why I can't use ".cache" location in UP?18:57
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balloonsakiva-thinkpad, my build fails though19:25
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10915146/19:26
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akiva-thinkpadballoons, thanks19:44
akiva-thinkpadis this revision 13, or the latest from trunk?19:45
akiva-thinkpadballoons, ^19:45
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, still need that readme. You can see I'm just building it like a normal package19:45
akiva-thinkpad(I havn't merged)19:45
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, ahh, rev 1919:45
balloonsI can rollback if needed19:46
akiva-thinkpadballoons, yah might want to avoid that. Also; I have not done debian packaging, bzoltan is handling that.19:46
akiva-thinkpadso the way I'm doing it is building the project in qt creator19:46
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, ohh.. see, that's why I asked :-019:46
akiva-thinkpadusing the .pro file19:46
balloonsstill need that readmde19:46
akiva-thinkpadwill do19:47
akiva-thinkpadin a few hours I should have a major revision...19:47
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, awesome. I'll be ready19:49
balloonsin the meantime, let me try building inside the sdk, with rev 1319:49
akiva-thinkpadballoons, that should work fine19:49
* akiva-thinkpad double checks19:49
akiva-thinkpadballoons, erm wait, not 1319:50
akiva-thinkpadballoons, 1619:50
akiva-thinkpador 1719:51
akiva-thinkpadyah 1719:51
balloonslol, 1719:51
akiva-thinkpadthat should be the most stable one19:51
akiva-thinkpadbecause I fixed that memory leak :P19:52
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, sweet, I see the plugin19:54
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, oddly though I can't select 'tools->autopilot'19:56
akiva-thinkpadballoons, thats fine; its supposed to be like that19:56
akiva-thinkpadballoons, once you open a project, it enables itself19:56
akiva-thinkpadassuming there is an autopilot suite there19:57
akiva-thinkpadso if you open up a core app, you should get its list of tests19:57
akiva-thinkpadAlso, if you go to Projects (The mode on the side) -> Run -> "Run Configuration:", you should be able to select one called "Autopilot", which should have a checklist.19:59
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, right I opened a core app, but I'm not seeing it enabled20:07
balloonsI do see autopilot in the run configuration. Anwyays, I'll wait for your update to try further I guess20:08
akiva-thinkpadballoons, interesting, did no tests show up in either?20:09
akiva-thinkpadactually this is better; what core app did you use?20:10
akiva-thinkpadI'll make sure it works. Many apps have autopilot configured differently20:10
balloonsI tried clock and calendar20:11
balloonsI'm happy to try the same as you20:11
akiva-thinkpadballoons, I'll deliver you something more stable before that. I'll just make sure clock and calendar are working with this branch20:19
kalikianahmmm I just realized the new section style looks incredibly sexy in the messaging app20:23
kalikiananow if only it could show my carriers' names instead of "SIM 1" and "SIM 2"20:24
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, thank you :-)20:32
akiva-thinkpadballoons, I pushed it, revision 20. It should have a stable menu system. No run configuration atm, until i reimpliment it, which should not be too tough.21:06
* balloons tries again21:06
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, sweet.. it works, and it's pretty slick21:10
akiva-thinkpadballoons, yes!21:11
akiva-thinkpadballoons, works with the HUD as well21:11
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, can I make a suggestion though? Can you run the tests inside a sandbox? perhaps by default, or give the option?21:12
akiva-thinkpadballoons, I should be able to get it working on a device too, if I can figure out how to do this in with command line21:12
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, for the device, you can use adt21:12
akiva-thinkpadballoons, okay. I'll download the emulator (Still don't have a device ~)21:13
balloonsfor the sandbox, you should use autopilot3-sandbox-run21:13
akiva-thinkpadhummmmmm okay I'll have to play around with it21:13
balloonsthat should be a simple replace from autopilot321:13
akiva-thinkpadballoons, won't I have to get to the working directory on the device?21:14
balloonsautopilot3-sandbox-run -X, instead of autopilot3 run should have the sandbox workig21:14
balloonsfor the device, adt is the way to go. It's also pretty simply21:14
akiva-thinkpadOkay once I get an emulator setup, I'll give it a try21:14
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, don't need an emulator for sandbox21:15
balloonsit will run on your desktop, just inside a nested xserver21:15
akiva-thinkpadhmmmm ah21:15
balloonstry it locally right now ;-)21:15
akiva-thinkpadokay will ahve to try this then.21:15
balloonsfor adt, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing#Running_tests_with_autopkgtest21:16
akiva-thinkpadballoons, am I supposed to see anything?21:19
balloonsif you run with -X, yes you will see it in a window. By default you won't see anything21:20
akiva-thinkpadgot it21:20
balloonsthat means however you don't need to lock up the desktop while running the tests21:20
akiva-thinkpadE: Unable to locate package Xephyr21:20
balloonsyou can keep editing and watch them run21:21
balloonssudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr21:21
akiva-thinkpadballoons, ah this is great21:26
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, awesome. I think that will make the plugin nicer eh?21:26
akiva-thinkpadballoons, okay ubuntu dev, what do you think; Switch it over to sandbox running completely, or create a bool allowing you to choose?21:27
akiva-thinkpadway nicer21:27
akiva-thinkpadi'll push it right away21:27
balloonsI would set it to sandbox by default for now (with it showing you the output). It would be neat to have it run totally in the background and output the results in the messages log, just like a build21:27
akiva-thinkpadso should I bother giving a choice between autopilot3 and autopilot3-sandbox-run ?21:28
akiva-thinkpadokay well do21:28
balloonsat some point it makes sense to offer the choice I suppose, but not worth working on for 1.0 imho21:28
balloonspeople should just use the sandbox21:28
akiva-thinkpadballoons, works21:31
akiva-thinkpadwill push. Just need to remind bzoltan to put the two dependencies in21:31
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, ahh right indeed21:31
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, what's the status of merging on there end?21:31
balloonsthe emulator should work with adt btw.. the tests might fail, but you can check and ensure it sets things up and runs adt like you think it should21:32
akiva-thinkpadballoons, i just need to merge21:32
balloonsI can test that part properly for you21:32
akiva-thinkpadits just unstable so I'll merge now21:32
akiva-thinkpadwas unstable21:32
akiva-thinkpadballoons, branch is up. I proposed a merge, but you can grab my branch21:37
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, will do21:37
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, so what about the idea of putting the output into the messages log instead of a popup?21:37
akiva-thinkpadballoons, yep on the todo list21:38
akiva-thinkpadballoons, the run config does that21:38
balloonswhat do you mean?21:38
akiva-thinkpadwhat I took out. I'll have to check how I did it there. I think its easier with the run config, where in this case I may have to dive into the object pool21:39
balloonshmmm.. ok, so I'll watch for your adt changes then and plan to test them tomorrow21:39
balloonsthis thing looks awesome21:39
akiva-thinkpadthanks :)21:39
balloonsohh, one other thing. Can I run all the tests at once? DId I miss that option?21:39
akiva-thinkpadballoons, with the run config, yes21:39
akiva-thinkpadI can add an option in the menu, should be easy peasy21:40
balloonsIt would also be cool to run all tests under a certain type.  Also a run config setting?21:40
balloonsso everything under testscreen.test_menu.*.. make sense?21:40
akiva-thinkpadunder a certain type.... interesting21:40
balloonsyea, you can break at any point21:40
akiva-thinkpadballoons, the commandline doesn't support that by any chance does it?21:41
akiva-thinkpador will I have to do some trickery with QString?21:41
akiva-thinkpadhmmm it appears it does21:42
akiva-thinkpadhopefully that translates to qprocess21:42
akiva-thinkpadokay I have some errands I need to take care of, thanks for all of this21:42
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, right.. all native command line stuff21:44
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