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Mirvsil2100: read up my latest comment at 1421009 so you're up-to-date08:27
sil2100Mirv: on it!08:28
sil2100pete-woods1: ping09:04
pete-woods1sil2100: hi09:14
sil2100pete-woods1: as per the poke on -unity ;)09:14
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* sil2100 jumps out to the grocery store for a moment11:19
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Mirvsil2100: btw funny CI Train at the silo 007 since the PPA previously contained my self built revert, now it bumped on that.. but it should be ok for testing12:01
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Mirvvila: do you have a free device (arale the best, others fine too) to run the bootloop test on with a specific PPA added/upgraded?12:51
vilaMirv: I've got an arale I can use for that yes12:52
vilaMirv: adding a PPA shouldn't be an issue, which one is it ?12:52
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Mirvvila: messaging12:56
Mirvsil2100: ^ I'm getting vila to do sort of parallel testing with another set of changes. me and you would be testing the current "system bus only" libusermetrics change from pete-woods, while vila would be testing also my additional "do the same for session bus"12:57
sil2100Mirv: ACK! Just doing one test for caio and then I'll switch to testing13:28
chrisccoulsonDo we get proper crash reports from the packages in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/ ?13:37
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sil2100Mirv: btw. don't we need the unity8 binaries built as well?13:59
Mirvsil2100: in another PPA, but since it failed to build I started testing with libusermetrics only13:59
Mirvsil2100: I've three PPA:s for now, but I'd like you to start testing the same 007 I'm testing14:00
sil2100Mirv: the testcase as in the bug description?14:00
Mirvsil2100: yeah, except you don't install the libusermetrics debug symbols as they are wrong version14:00
sil2100Mirv: testing14:08
pmcgowanjibel, sil2100 I assume you guys are able to check some rtm hotfixes now, seems so14:10
sil2100pmcgowan: yes, that was our plan today - QA is signing off RTM silos today14:10
sil2100We also have a few new clicks that need sign-off14:11
sil2100Mirv: were you able to reproduce the issue on your side? Looks fine so far here, but I'm only past 14 loops14:20
Mirvsil2100: just a sec14:21
Mirvsil2100: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1421009/comments/72 <- 3 PPA:s at the moment. we're testing 007, vila is testing qt5-proper, no-one is yet testing 010 but it'd be ready for testing14:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1421009 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "unity8 sometimes hangs on boot" [Critical,In progress]14:23
Mirvsil2100: and then, yes, I'm currently at 105 reboots without hangs on 007 only14:23
sil2100Mirv: wooohoo! Ok, let me check if I can get to around 50 loops without a hang14:24
Mirvsil2100: yes this is sounding good but I'm more pessimistic this time since I was too optimistic on Friday :)14:25
Mirvsil2100: so 1. validate 007, 2. reconfigure + rebuild 007 to pick pete's other changes that are probably for the good. also, fix CI Train / silo to not pick up "is.really." version number 3. revalidate 007, 4. ship!14:33
rvrsil2100: A card for Vivid has appeared, silo 2914:34
Mirvsil2100: if we can do with libusermetrics change only, we probably want just that, since changing unity8 broke some of its tests and even though the tests can be fixed (probably the tests themselves are now slightly wrong), it's a bigger shipment than just upgrading libusermetrics14:34
rvrpmcgowan: We have been/are checking RTM silos today.14:40
sil2100rvr: I'll look into that in a moment14:41
pmcgowanrvr, good, did you work out the nuntium one, seems that fixes the mms not working race on startup14:42
rvrpmcgowan: I'll take it after I finish the one I'm testing at the moment14:42
rvrbfiller: Silo 5 (rtm) approved.14:44
rvrHmm.. that one requires MMS14:45
sil2100Mirv: I'm really optimistic about this fix now ;)14:50
bfillerrvr: thanks14:53
vilaMirv, sil2100 : Reboot with reboot_mark-32, next target: 100 ;)15:03
sil2100Mirv, vila: 84 loops passed and NO HANG! :O15:05
sil2100pmcgowan: tvoss's proposition seems to help with the unity8 blocker ;)15:06
vilasil2100: At worst, that bug felt Mirv's wrath and is now hiding... :)15:07
sil2100We're still testing, but Mirv has +100 loops without a hang and I have +8015:07
sil2100vila: hah ;) That cowardice bug!15:07
davmor2vila: hahaha Mirv has no wrath he is mr nice guy, more likely his cats started chasing it and the bug ran out of puff :)15:08
Mirvsil2100: vila \o/ sounds good15:08
viladavmor2: Praise to Mirv's cats still directed to Mirv who sees :)15:09
pmcgowansil2100, awesome, thanks for the schedule that looks good to me15:11
om26er_boiko, Hi!15:13
om26er_boiko, re: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/dialer-app/rtm-fix_call_hangup_and_test_multi_call/+merge/25653715:13
om26er_boiko, If I am not wrong, the real code change is only one line ? All rest is for testing ?15:13
sil2100Mirv: how much more runs do you think we need to triple-confirm it as working? ;)15:15
boikoom26er_: right, the fix is just the lines 8 and 9 on that diff, the rest is all testing15:16
boikoom26er_: I have backported the test changes I did to dialer to rtm, cause they make the tests more stable15:17
john-mcaleelysil2100, any news on the vivid krillin tarball from a couple of days ago? did it get QA time?15:19
john-mcaleely(it's not urgent, just curious)15:19
sil2100john-mcaleely: sadly :< I didn't hear it being tested yet, now QA is busy with RTM silo testing (for 14.09)15:19
jibeljohn-mcaleely, it's in the queue, but not tested yet15:19
john-mcaleelyjibel, sil2100 ack. thanks!15:20
vilaMirv, sil2100: Reboot with reboot_mark-60, twice as much as original test, still no hang15:22
sil2100vila: awesome :)15:22
sil2100vila: ...that's with the fix, right?15:22
vilasil2100: AFAIU, yes, setup as per Mirv instructions ;) i.e. tq5-proper PPA15:24
vilaqt5-proper even15:24
sil2100ogra_, popey, jibel, davmor2, rvr, robru: no evening meeting today, we all know what to do - I'll just give you guys a sign once we have a final confirmation the workaround for the unity8 bug works 100%15:33
rvrsil2100: Ack15:33
ogra_sil2100, well, i'm kind of out of touch this week anyway ...15:33
Mirvsil2100: I think it's starting to be ok. vila was testing the option 2. we don't need options 2 or 3 if option 1 (silo 007) is enough15:33
ogra_being in an awkward TZ for the LT meetings15:33
sil2100Mirv: I think I'm way past 100 boots and it's all good, I really love this thing15:34
Mirvsil2100: so do you think I should now reconfigure + recompile 007 to get pete-woods's other changes, so we can revalidate? or do you think you'd want to go ahead faster and use just his first version15:34
sil2100Mirv: hmmm15:34
sil2100We anyway need to rebuild the silo15:34
davmor2sil2100: is the answer to beat the cancelator into submission?15:34
charlesrenatu, I re-ran my silo 8 indicator tests on mako r183 & updated the spreadsheet15:35
Mirvsil2100: right. what needs to be done to get rid of the CI Train's .is.really version number?15:35
sil2100So I guess you can pull pete-woods's new changes and rebuild, I can re-test it15:35
sil2100Mirv: hmmm, I think you'd have to change the version number in the changelog15:35
charlesrenatu, also annotated the spreadsheet showing how to test the feature w/o client app support for it yet (eg clock-app)15:35
Mirvsil2100: or maybe simply switch to another PPA? I mean, the version number is there only because of my morning's manual upload the PPA when I was testing the revert option15:36
sil2100Mirv: I think it's actually a bug that it didn't modify it to a normal version15:36
Mirvyes it is probably15:36
sil2100I guess another PPA is fine too :)15:36
Mirvok, switching15:36
sil2100Mirv: if that's not too much of a problem for you of course15:37
sil2100Thanks! :)15:37
sil2100Ok, I temporarily finish testing and wait for the silo rebuild15:37
Mirvno, I've done it many times, just removing the id from spreadsheet, prepare-silo, manually free the old one15:37
sil2100Since the popping up nautilus windows start to piss me off ;)15:37
Mirvha ha, that's indeed annoying :)15:37
jibelsil2100, you can disable it with: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount-open false15:41
sil2100jibel: you're a life-saver15:41
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popeysil2100: okay, we have problems with the calculator fixes so that won't happen today.15:49
sil2100popey: ACK15:49
davmor2sil2100: or just right click the nautilus launcher every now and then and click on quit :)15:51
vilaMirv, sil2100: Reboot with reboot_mark-120. Is that enough ?16:03
Mirvvila: that's enough! if you have time, you could clean that up and next try PPA 017 what we need to revalidate next :)16:03
Mirvvila: but me and sil2100 are going to run the 017 now anyway on mako + arale16:03
vilaMirv: ack16:04
Mirvsil2100: silo 017 claims to be ready+published, start your engines! just make sure you get 1.1.1+15.04.20150427-0ubuntu116:08
sil2100Mirv: aye! In a moment I'll start testing :)16:08
* Mirv leaves mako running and goes to other duties, back later16:08
rvrboiko: Is there any way to test this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/dialer-app/+bug/143956616:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1439566 in Canonical System Image "Multiple telepathy accounts being created" [High,In progress]16:09
om26er_popey, Hi!16:19
sil2100Mirv: packages installed, starting the test suites after a reboot!16:19
om26er_popey, do you have the bug numbers for the fixed issues in reminders ?16:19
popeyhi om26er_16:21
popeyom26er_: you didn't file bugs, you left a note in trello, we based the fixes off that, and the feedback about translations from rvr https://trello.com/c/DUeVwfPn/1321-ubuntu-rtm-reminders-app-popey16:22
popeyom26er_: bug 144261416:23
ubot5bug 1442614 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Evernote sync startup dialog not fully localized" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144261416:23
popeythe others were known, not regressions16:23
om26er_popey, hmm, ok. Do you know if any progress was made on the hanging issue ?16:24
popeybug 1442034 ? - no, but it's been known for a while.16:25
ubot5bug 1442034 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Flight mode freezes app" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144203416:25
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om26er_popey, found another regression: bug 144913016:37
ubot5bug 1449130 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Cannot close a note after editing its title" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144913016:37
popeythanks for the bug.16:40
om26er_popey, sure. totally offtopic, who can I contact for reminders-app autopilot failures ?16:40
popeyom26er_: bugs should be filed for failures in ap tests16:41
om26er_popey, I did report a bug but got no response there16:41
popeywe have a lot of AP related bugs across the board, and few people working on them16:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1444690 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Autopilot failure: test_add_notebook_must_create_it_in_server" [Undecided,New]16:42
elopioping cihelp: have you seen something like this? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/2127/console16:45
elopiothe run times out after running one autopilot test.16:45
popeyconfirmed that bug with entering text om26er_ thanks :(16:46
popeysame bug as entering body text16:46
popeymzanetti__: ^16:46
elopiocihelp: unping, I think I was able to reproduce it.16:47
om26er_popey, well its click so its not really required to be in the image, we can provide an update later :)16:55
popeyit is in the image16:55
popeyoh you mean the tests aren't?16:55
sil2100Mirv: whoops, my boot-loop just broke, but not on the unity8 part ;p Simply my arale stopped on the loading screen and hanged ;p16:57
sil2100Doesn't seem related, adb didn't even start16:57
sil2100So seems unrelated16:57
rvrboiko doesn't want his silo to land16:57
Mirvsil2100: :P well, try to recover from it and continue. I'm at 37 now and will be checking back once again in 1h or so. mako is much slower than arale.16:57
boikorvr: at a sprint in austin, barely looking at the computer this morning, sorry16:58
om26er_popey, I am blocking the reminders silo.16:58
Mirvsil2100: then if it's still ok, let's put it to QA still today16:58
rvrboiko: Is there any way to test 1439566?16:58
rvrboiko: Or someone I can ask16:58
* boiko opens the bug16:59
boikorvr: so, this one is really really hard to reproduce in the real scenario, so we have been simulate some problems and making sure the script corrects them17:00
popeyom26er_: ok17:01
boikorvr: let me list some instructions for you on how to put the system into inconsistent states that should be fixed, just a sec17:01
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sil2100Mirv: yeah, restarted my phone and it's fine ;) I'm pretty sure it was unrelated, since otherwise I would at least have adb access17:09
boikorvr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10913729/17:09
boikorvr: please let me know if you need more clarification on the test cases17:09
rvrboiko: Reading17:10
boikorvr: so, for each of those test cases, rebooting the phone should get the accounts into the correct state again17:10
rvrboiko: Ack17:10
sil2100robru: hey! Do you know if we have the integration meeting today?17:12
sil2100pmcgowan: just do double confirm - we still want silo 6 in the RC image, right? ^17:19
mzanetti__popey, wat?17:20
robrusil2100: I don't think so, steve is in malta17:20
popeymzanetti__: i asked qa to look at reminders. we have a similar input / osk bug with the title :)17:20
mzanetti__oh come on :D17:20
popeymzanetti__: if you don't press space after a word, it swallows it17:20
mzanetti__can't be17:20
popeyconfirmed it17:21
mzanetti__with the new editor, that is?17:21
mzanetti__popey, confirmed... reading the code I see it happen now17:22
pmcgowansil2100, yes silo 6 fixes the race preventing mms working17:24
davmor2sil2100: silo006 was in the original list of silos to land it's just everyone in the US picked it up first and couldn't make their MMS config work so I just tested it :)17:25
sil2100Just wanted to double-confirm ;)17:25
sil2100robru: ok then, let's skip it for now then and just continue pushing on the replacement ;)17:28
mzanetti__popey, please test this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/that-darn-focus/+merge/25755417:29
popeylove your merge names17:30
robrusil2100: yep, working on it17:37
sil2100Mirv: it's still looping here, I suppose this might mean we can ask QA for help in signing it off17:47
sil2100Mirv: 127 successful loops, I officially say it's working17:56
sil2100Mirv: how is it on your end? Is it ok? Can we hand it off to QA?17:57
* sil2100 stops his tests17:57
Mirvsil2100: yeah, I'm at 82 with mako18:02
Mirvsil2100: I marked it now for QA sign-off. I earlier also tested some simple usermetrics in general (took a couple of photos, then checked the lock screen)18:03
Mirvupdated the test plan too (test case + libusermetrics general test plan)18:07
jibelops-team: ^ it's priority whenever someone is available.18:11
om26er_jibel, Mirv I'll take.18:12
* Mirv stops the test at 90 reboots18:13
* jibel thinks that Mirv should continue to 10018:13
* Mirv doable, while preparing to go to bed :)18:14
Mirv100 is a nice, round number18:14
sil2100I'd be soo happy if the fix passes QA18:23
jibelyay, 1 silo left for rtm :)18:25
sil2100Another reason to be happy ;)18:26
jibelsil2100, will you be around to kick a new build so we can start sanity tests during the night18:26
sil2100jibel: sure, I'll be around18:26
sil2100I mean, I'll AFK for a while and be back in a few hours18:26
* Mirv stops at >100 and shuts down18:27
sil2100Mirv: thanks for everything and good night! :)18:28
* sil2100 afks for a bit18:29
Mirvsil2100: thanks to you for test parallizing :)18:29
robrumterry: kenvandine_ anybody around for a packaging ack? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-007-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/indicator-location_packaging_changes.diff thx18:58
mterryrobru, looks fine18:59
robrumterry: thanks18:59
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pmcgowansil2100, cwayne should have a custom tarball for us soon19:35
sil2100pmcgowan: for the vivid RC?19:35
pmcgowansil2100, yes to include the wizard plugin19:39
sil2100Yeah, thought so - excellent news19:40
sil2100This would mean that in the best case QA can even start testing today19:40
pmcgowanjust media hub left19:40
cwayne_pmcgowan, sil2100 it's on capomastro :)19:52
sil2100cwayne_: \o/19:53
sil2100So we just wait for the remaining bits, kick a new rootfs and our RC image is ready19:53
pmcgowansil2100, not sure media hub will be ready today, will check rsalveti20:01
sil2100In the worst case, we can anyway build an image and then have media-tests re-ran if anything20:02
rsalvetisil2100: it needs to be20:12
rsalvetiwe're working on it20:12
robrusil2100: Mirv: ^ what's the scoop there? I thought vivid was closed?20:50
sil2100robru: that's a blocker fix :)20:51
robrusil2100: want me to publish it then?20:51
sil2100robru: you can publish that - it's the fix for the Unity8 hang-on-boot that was blocking the RC20:51
sil2100We were finally able to find a fix thanks to tvoss :)20:51
robrusil2100: ugh, I published it to vivid20:53
sil2100Ouch, Timo didn't set the overlay PPA20:53
sil2100No worries ;) Happens all the time ;p20:53
ogra_vivid is closed ... it will jjust hit a wall :)20:53
sil2100robru: just ./copy-package from the silo PPA to the overlay PPA and merge and free the silo20:53
sil2100robru: then we can poke the release team to drop the package from -proposed20:54
robrusil2100: ok it's in the overlay now. Not sure, maybe I was quick enough that it didn't get copied to -proposed yet20:55
robruhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cicopy.log apparently not20:56
ogra_sil2100, will you do interim image builds once the silos fully landed ?21:17
cwayne_sil2100, btw, what happened with that scope-favoriting bugfix, was it ever landed?21:19
rsalvetiogra_: sil2100: would nice to have a silo-changes mailing list or similar21:22
rsalvetiis that even possible?21:22
ogra_well, at least a ML for the overlay-ppa21:22
ogra_but i guess that would have to be an externnal watcher or some such21:23
ogra_if you look at the top right at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay ... there is such a list21:25
ogra_probably we could ask it to be extended to like 10-20 lines21:25
sil2100rsalveti: how's the media-hub fix going?22:39
rsalvetisil2100: silo just finished building, we're testing it as we speak22:39
sil2100rsalveti: excellent22:39
rsalvetisil2100: should have more news in <30min22:39
sil2100Ok, then I should still be around to hear those, AFK now for ~30 mins then22:40
ogra_sil2100, yo23:10
ogra_sil2100, we might need to seed network-manager-openvpn additionally to the openvpn i added on friday ...23:11
sil2100ogra_: hm, is that required to actually setup a VPN connection?23:28
sil2100rsalveti: I suppose testing might take some more time, right? + QA would have to sign it off anyway23:29
rsalvetisil2100: yeah, we should be done soon, but then we indeed need to sync with QA23:29
rsalvetimaybe ToyKeeper can help us23:29
rsalvetisil2100: once that is in, should we just trigger a new image?23:30
sil2100rsalveti: will you be around for that to happen? :)23:30
rsalvetiToyKeeper: we have just one pending silo before we trigger the RC image for arale23:30
ToyKeeperI'm just trying out the idea of putting the vpn on my router so that all internal devices can access it.23:30
sil2100rsalveti: since if not, I could kick a new image now and QA would just re-do media tests once the media-hub silo lands and a new image is built23:30
sil2100But if you'll be around so late, I guess we can wait with kicking the image until the media stuff is in :)23:31
sil2100I just don't want any of us staying late just because of that23:31
rsalvetisil2100: yeah, I can wait23:32
rsalvetiit's still 6:30 pm here23:32
ToyKeeperrsalveti: BTW, image 24 had some issues...  camera flash doesn't work, location isn't getting a fix closer than a mile, wizard crashes if a different language is selected, ...23:32
sil2100Oh, ok, then it should be cool23:32
sil2100rsalveti: it's 1:30 AM here so I need to go to sleep soonish23:32
sil2100rsalveti: if you could kick a new image once your silo lands it would be awesome23:33
ToyKeeperUnidentified weirdness with network-manager too.  And highly-variable power usage when wifi is on, even in suspend.23:33
rsalvetihm, weird, guess we can take a deeper looking in the other issues tomorrow23:33
sil2100Good night everyone o/23:36
sil2100rsalveti, ToyKeeper: thanks :)23:36
* ToyKeeper *big sigh* ... my router is too old and its openvpn isn't compatible.23:45
robruToyKeeper: don't forget the other trick of wiring your laptop to the router, then making your laptop be a wireless network. phone connects to the laptop wirelessly and gets the VPN that way23:51
ToyKeeperYeah, it's just a pain to set up.23:52

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